Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let's malign the greyhens! AKA Seven bingos in one day!

Despite what I told Diven yesterday, the computer IS restarting randomly on me now! Ugh! Thank goodness for autosaved drafts, Firefox Session Restore, and Semagic! Also, redrum has finally arrived!

Bingos of the day so far:

MALIGNED (76 points), OVERRATE (71 points) - against Pat K. [I should have played GENOISES for 72 points - then I'd have won our first game, but it was close and good nonetheless with plenty of shifting leads!]
GREYHENS (86 points), MIDSOLES (62 points) - against Barb A.
EULOGIAE (70 points) - against Karla M.
FANCIED (74 points) - against Korey
STEELING (63 points) - against Pam M.

Here are more things from Quizopolis!

What Is Your Love Heart Candy?

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What Color Easter Egg Is Yours?

What Color Easter Egg Is Yours?

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American Idol Quiz

American Idol Quiz

You sang London Calling in the style of rock

Simon Cowell says:
"You singing is like ordering a ferocious guard dog for your home, and getting delivered a poodle in a leather jacket instead."

Find out what Simon Cowell would say about your singing at

Hahaha... oh well. Based on what I've heard and seen of that show, you can't win 'em all. ;)

Should You Break Up With Your Partner?

Should You Break Up With Your Partner

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St. Patrick's Day Quiz

St. Patrick's Day Quiz

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How Sexy Are You

How Sexy Are You

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Job In Heaven Quiz

Job In Heaven Quiz

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Watching over newborn babies and keeping them safe

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Easter Trivia

Easter Trivia

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Naughty Leprechaun Quiz
Naughty Leprechaun Quiz

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Animal Love Style Quiz

Animal Love Style Quiz

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Yes, ROXANNE *is* about a lady of the evening!

Happy Pi Day!

Eric picked me up and definitely activated the Parisienne fart lever - ah, running jokes! We discussed "blue liquid," maxipad / vasectomy commercials, hockey, our past weeks, and various other things on the way to church. Thank goodness everyone was still in one big group in the basement so I could take attendance - I joked to Steph and Kevin later that I'd have to use my Committee power to intrude on the Bible Study groups otherwise! ("Don't you KNOW who I am?! I'm on the Committee, and I'm more important than you all... okay, not really." "You guys should have a badge - you take attendance every week!") I had a piece of birthday cake before my dinner, which Eric commented on - hey, Steph gave me an apple crisp granola bar, and some of her raw spinach plus some Thousand Island dressing she found in the fridge! (Jeremy: "You don't make friends with SALAD!") Apologized to Dylan since we'd run late: he'd figured it out. We got there at 8:15, and Steph thought we'd been in heavy traffic OR an accident! She also thought that I'd been in Chilliwack and had returned this afternoon: nope, my plans changed! Jen said that she liked my blue sweater which was kinda violet - too cool. Also gave Ivan his late birthday card - I should give Maxine hers on Sunday, for sure.

During Bible Study, we discussed sarcasm / marriage / folly (I laughed on my way to the kitchen to wash my used dishes when Jeremy brought up Elliot Spitzer and SCANDAL!) / dogs returning to vomit / learning / cows and four stomachs / rumination / regurgitation / Asians holding things in without necessarily holding grudges later on / wisdom / discipline / reconciliation / Bible verses / drugs and naivety ("Do you need anything?" "No, we're fine." "People in this neighborhood [downtown Vancouver] are SO NICE!" "Um...") / feather dusters / seeing riveted belts as a reminder of pain. Kids do need discipline, but you shouldn't yell at the kids because that'll only teach them to yell. (same with hitting them in anger or out of the wrong motives - "I don't want to do this..." is good, but "I'M SO ANGRY! *WHACK* " isn't!) Dylan said that he was 31, and didn't know if he'd ever find someone, so Jeremy said that the pool of younger girls increased with every year - Johnny added in something about the "half your age and seven" rule, haha. I couldn't help but notice Johnny's Blistex tub, which reminded me of K since he has the same thing! (I tried some of his last week - it certainly IS medicated, and easy to share if you want! Heh, I remember asking K whether he was sure that he wanted me to have some - he was, since it worked better than my natural beeswax stuff!) We also picked on Dylan for using a double negative / vernacular, haha.

Afterwards, Jeremy grinned as he took out his bike's red light and broke into song. I laughed and knew that he was singing the Police's ROXANNE. Johnny only knew the "you don't have to put on the red light" part, and asked us what it was about. Jer said it was about a call girl or something worse, while I added that a man had fallen in love with her. Yup, that's why he doesn't want her to pursue her dubious profession anymore! Raymond brought up AC/DC's HIGHWAY TO HELL - to him, the lead singer sounds like he has laryngitis! (I told him that he should listen to some of the music I know - those singers put that guy to SHAME! SO SCRATCHY!) We discussed karaoke, Guns & Roses' WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, 80s rock, and more also. Dylan brought up another word of wisdom: "Don't call down to the States if your cell phone plan is ridiculous - it costs me a buck or $1.50 a minute for roaming charges!" Talked about payments, cheques, deposits, company payment plans, Scotchgard, wet coverage, dry coverage, financing, chipboard, upholstering, ridiculous fees, going bankrupt, paying off creditors, mortgages / loans, and more.

Saw Sheena and talked about school / work, then went to the kitchen where Eric T. found a Styrofoam cup for me while warning against the flu. He's been sick, but had to get up at 8 for school, recording stuff in the studio for six hours, and then go to Fellowship - he did catch a nap for an hour and a half, though! While I was talking to Karen about lunch plans, Steph alerted me that we were going - we had to return since Eric was blocked by Lucas. I took the opportunity to give Martin and Johnny their Fellowship birthday cards, then we left for good. Yup, I was definitely in a good crazy mood since I was really random in a way I hadn't been in weeks! Talked about fluctuating gas prices (113 to 119), the gas stations near Dragon Ball, Mom's extremely amusing mispronunciations ("penis" does NOT have a short E like "penne" / "pajamas" isn't pronounced like "pajImas" / "testicles" and "tentacles" aren't the same thing :P), Vivian S., education, Spring Break, Stateside shopping, and weird chip flavors. We also discussed #4 / Alderbridge, butt jokes, the past, wireless farts, worship practice, Eric H. doing well in Hong Kong / his nicknames for "the crew back home," Korey, Sunrise Service in a week, iron, steak, and more. Good times, and I'm almost positive Eric activated the fart lever after I left the car!

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Crowds in dreams / Three bingos in one afternoon!

Had weird dreams about kids chasing me everywhere, people calling Jon, getting two missed calls, and slamming the door against a crowd of people at Phil's. Hmm. I got a 68-point bingo on the word DEBRIEFS against Laurence H., a 60-point bingo on the word DELAINES against Jane K., and a 72-point bingo on the word VASTIER against Karla M.; I think it's sweet! Connie sent us an update on her nephew, who's been named Christopher; at least he's doing better! I've been exchanging Facebook messages with people, listening to prank calls, and doing good stuff today. Eric's running late, but that's okay. :)

Thank goodness I had four spare Fellowship birthday cards, since I can use one of those for Johnny. Speaking of such, I need to mail Corey his card - no presents this time, but he understands. It's not like I can fulfill his most material desires, haha. (the last time I talked to him about it, I think they revolved around games which he now has - and lots of expensive gadgetry!)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cancun Unlimited and wrong suite interruptions

I had a weird phone call from Toronto, and one from New Jersey: 856-676-0951 is Cancun Unlimited. Hmm. Someone also interrupted my nap, which I don't take kindly to. This man had the wrong suite when he knocked on my door - thank goodness it wasn't the management again! Makes me think I'll be very sleep-deprived if I ever have a kid! Now I'm going to write a letter to Korey... gotta think carefully!

Connie emailed us pictures of her sister Winnie and Kenny's baby boy, who is going through some health problems (sepsis?) already. (he was born on Sunday) Then Frances emailed us pictures of her month-old son Micah born on Feb. 11... she's been going through childbirth-related problems herself! (infection relating from emergency C-section) His middle name is the same as his uncle's first name, yay! Of course we've all prayed for them! I'd have pictures, but saving pictures to my computer has proved very problematic recently... o_O

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't read the ECONOMIST for health!

Thank goodness I live near all these health-related buildings - I have no worries with a backup plan! SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is my idea of okay magazine reading; business magazines and the ECONOMIST? Not so much! The computer's started to restart randomly again - I'll try what the Microsoft person recommended, and see what happens. Jackie also added me on Facebook, so that's cool. :D

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

98-point bingo on PECULATE!

Got half-awoken this morning by inspection - darn you, Amacon! Oh well, I was almost ready to get out of bed, so it's all good since I got some good sleep and dreams which I don't really remember. I totally misread "superheroes" as "pheromones," haha. Trying to find an application that replaces "BALLOONS" on Facebook - it's still misleading since the app is there when I make a wall post... ugh! Calla told me when Johnny's birthday is (March 23) - I need to get a card for that and get reimbursed on Friday, and Raymond said he can do Martin's birthday speech.

I've decided to stay here till at least Friday night since it wouldn't be fair to Dylan or Eric for me to fob off my responsibility! K hopes we can see each other before two of his cousins get back early from Thailand: I hope so, too! Hey, I got a 64-point bingo (INVITED) against Debbie M.! Also got a 98-point bingo (PECULATE - the best bingo score for me so far) against Barb A.! Attempting to listen to AMERICAN IDOL - all that feedback could make the Beatles sound like death metal, haha. But it's all good - it's something we can do together! Now I'm mishearing things too... "a crazy Chinese girl" is NOT "a crayfish girl!"

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Let's nag him via Facebook!

Jeff Woods is doing a show on Spinal Tap - that rocks! :D

Eric picked me up earlier tonight, and I had to clap my hands and say YAY because I saw the BIG BOAT! Of course, Eric activated the Parisienne's fart lever as soon as I got in the car. After going back to his work since he forgot something, we talked about gas prices / serious stuff / weekend plans. Pastor John said that Winnie had had her baby boy on Sunday night - sweet! Talked about Bob the homeless guy, Dylan, nagging, Facebook, samosas, Martin / Raymond / Calla / Johnny, attendance, emails, and more. The minutes this time around will be pretty easy to do if Eric emails me something that I need, of course. We listened to the hockey game on the way home - no getting swept by the worst team in the league again! (St. Louis last year, Los Angeles this year) Dan Cloutier's actually good in net for the Kings; who knew? (Hindu deity, haha)

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Yay for Hong Kong updates from Chinese Eric!

Eric M. to me on the phone: "Why are you at my house? Why does it say ***-****?" Hahaha, I'm not at your house! At least we got things sorted out, kinda... Dan and Z rock, as per the usual.

Nathan forwarded us a cool email from Eric H. - we all miss him!

YO, bro!!

SORRY bro, for not replying to you sooner..... TODAY is my rare day off, so I am taking the time to reply you back, La.

I have been "MARRIED" to my job for the past 2 months, haha ........ the "REGULAR" day job as QC, and then the fun stuff(s)... nightly readings on manuals and procedures! (fun, fun, fun!!) I have to say that HAVING the opportunity to work in HK is one that I am very appreciative of, and I would recommend it to anyone in the future for TOUGHENING yourself!

Beside dealing with WORK stuff.... trying to get my Internet going has also been a chore (as you know, I am on Lantau Island), so I have to wait in line for them to have a technician to come and install the software for linkage. It was working fine for 1/2 day and then technical difficulties arose ..... I had to CALL / WAIT for help! And only recently, the service was FULLY restored and working fine...... so WHENEVER I have time, I can drop you a line and MSN.

I have been keeping up to date about a little "THING" called....... SPORTS!!!!!!!! hahaha

Speaking about that... during my CRAZY non-stop work schedule, 2 things kept me steady..... 1) the Rockets & 2) Canucks

I was feeling kinda tired with the HEAVY workload and work schedule, but the thing that kept me MOTORING during that difficult period was knowing the fact the BOYZ (Rockets) was also going thru a similar stretch. They have been ballin' at the rate of .929 to get back into the playoffs picture. Then the "TRAGEDY" struck with Yao done for the season with yet ANOTHER foot-related injury. I know injury is part of the game... BUT!! It is the timing that I am most UPSET with... 20+ games till the end of the season and 4 games to TOP spot in the conference!!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhh

I have NOT ignored the Canucks, as I know the Nucks traded away Cookie. We are fighting to stay alive for the Playoffs with Minnesota so far holding down top spot in the division.... I know the boyz will pull thru and not let me down, la ... yesyes

I am very much looking forward to your arrival in June as we can PAR-TY like back "HOME"! Be sure to give a shoutout to the "C" crew back home! LIL JON (Jon the MAD music genius in the 604), Fergie (aka Leslie the proud independent female), my other half of the Ying Yang twins (aka White Eric), & 1/4 cent (aka Corey the skilled Playa lucky enough to have hooked up with Leslie)..... OH, did I forget someone?? Haha... the Love Doc (my GOOD pal aka Nate)

Sincerely Yours,

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I had a good conversation with Candy yesterday about my visit to Chilliwack, her husband, and life in general. We should get together someday, for sure! Mel just told me that he can't believe my grandma made that baby blanket for Micah. "Tell your grandma that she's great! Thanks!" Haha, I definitely will since he's so amazed by it!

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Set a date so they know when the wedding is!

Kitty, Vanessa, and Henrik have responded to my "disgusting rice" email already - they didn't like it at all. (Jon, Steph, and Martin thought it was gross, heh... but Martin said he liked the "cute" disclaimer at the bottom!) I just showed my grandma the picture, and said it was K's cousin's place: "Aiya... very disgusting!" Went to church this morning and discussed the time change with Jon - he'd taken a shower after the time change, oh my! Jon called Nathan to see if he was up - nope! Mom seemed confused when I told her that I'd seen Mel and Frances' baby without visiting them: Jon explained that people put photos online nowadays. Micah IS a cute kid! Learned that Hansel is downsizing - not surprised! We prayed for Derek and his family - everyone was talking to them later! Noticed a glaring "your / you're" error in one of the songs today, and an amusing typo in a missions flyer... I didn't know there were inner-city youth a millennium ago! (1008 instead of 2008 - Grace laughed!) Talked to Raymond about an Easter egg hunt, said hi to Jeremy / learned about a soup party at Dilys' place, and admired his Christian seasonal calendar - who knew that Easter was really long? Ray had picked it up somewhere, heh.

Hannah complained about losing an hour of sleep, and Pastor John said that he'd give us all gold crowns in heaven if he could. One of the babies (a Marr?) was pretty fussy! (so was Abby when Lesley picked her up later in the parking lot) Said hi to Keenan, who had a cute panda shirt on. Maxine said that Tim had put an envelope from the mail in the form of a hat on Keenan's head once, so now he puts a hand to his head every time mail is opened - how cute! The sermon was about loving others: expanding horizons and loving people not of the community is good, and so is being in a church community where you can practice Christian love.

Talked to Grace, Sheena, Christon, Eric, Mike, Julie, Jeremy, and others: ingredients, dealing with people, taxes, counting offering, my week(end), Kirkland muffins in the kitchen (I had the equivalent of one), bouncing emails, too many unread emails (I'll try again later), skating, Awana conflicts, nagging Dylan about meetings, Eunice and Shanghai Wonderful, sushi being good despite it being raw fish, etc. At Sunday School, I alerted Auntie Fonda that I wouldn't be there next week - Rachel's grandma gave me back my pants since she wasn't sure if I'd be there yesterday at Awana. I loved the heart-shaped patch, and thanked her. Noticed that William was off his crutches, and Jonathan told me that he felt old: if he's old, I must be really ancient because I'm more than twice his age! (he's only 15!) Later, I interacted with Gwyneth: she wishes I'd go away, wants me to fall down the stairs if I don't hold on to the railing, and thinks that my beret should be green and not blue-green since she likes green. Interesting kid...

Went outside and talked to Clara about planning programs (get Dylan to email her!), where Steph cautioned Mike and Stanley against going too near the twin piles of vomit near shady Pho, especially if Ryan and Ethan were terrorizing them... there must have been some good times at that place last night! Stanley wished that we'd teach the kids to be peaceful and not violent, and wondered if we had any joints so they'd relax... they've been terrorizing Mike for a couple years! We weren't going to drug the kids up even if it WOULD calm them, so we took him literally instead! Muscle joints, sure... weed, not so much. :P The family went to Mui's for lunch, where Steph said that I shouldn't give her that shock again of having her think that I was pregnant - we were discussing girly TMI stuff and being "in sync."

Discussed being practical, money drains, family memories of broccoli / politeness / Mom yelling at me for taking 45 minutes to eat an apple, Moutai ($2 tan tan noodles!), vasectomies / commercials / March Madness, the proper pronunciation of "pajamas," the Vancouver Art Gallery's abbreviation, scanning whole books (ILLEGAL!), plans, dinner, lamb, rice / noodles, bread, scooping for myself, yin-yang. Also talked about Mr. Tee's cognac, naps, health, ambulance hits, Alan and Tracy's wedding in June 2009, setting a wedding date, pastors being free, Frances' problems, stopping at the townhouse (intersection decisions = very bad!), cool sweaters, tigers / cougars, etc. I should really pack more stuff for this week - maybe after dinner! I nagged Dylan via Facebook wall post (Karen can't), and expressed concern for Dallas too - tears aren't good as a status message! Grandma just gave me a blue glitter sweater, which Mom says is perfect for wedding wear - then Big G said something about my birthday. Maybe she meant her own birthday... Mom hopes she's not so cheap as to give it to me for MY birthday, which isn't till September!

Mom, on seeing a dark background for a website: "Why is it so black?!" Hahaha! (received a message from Eric about Skype / the K-Man, and talked briefly to Wilson about DEXTER / Doakes / his mom)

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