Saturday, February 16, 2008

Maxim's cheesecake is a YUMMY SURPRISE!

Hey, Wendy T. added me to Facebook - nice, since we used to know each other at school. I should add more old schoolmates, heh. Awana today was back to the usual: Ada said that Ian had had a fever of 104 last Saturday morning; he and Sean were passing the sickness back and forth, yikes! "Oh no!" is what Sean said a lot in the car, while Ian showed me his cool visor and told me about a giant cloud which was bigger than the planet! I asked people why they were piling on each other, and Henry said that they were sacking each other - fair enough! Then I asked him what he did for his birthday: "Nothing!" Sabrina said this was because Henry's a loser with no friends - haha, nice joke! (Benedict brought the CSC Martin T. to the program today - interesting, and makes me wonder what would happen if I brought people!)

Joey hasn't seen the wedding MC book yet, but I told him that I'd borrowed it for Steph - they should get together and totally burn Melia and Angus with the suggestions within! Mike said that the kids were really hyper today, and Emily agreed. I asked Melia (who thinks my blue beret is really cute) how many people were coming to her bridal shower tomorrow, and even she doesn't know. She offered us some homemade Valentine's Day cookies with hearts on them, and that supplemented the Maxim's Bakery cheesecake slices from Uncle Adrian for the leaders. (Jordan wanted one, but he had his own snack consisting of MSG crackers!) Auntie Vivian thought that Hilary's name was "Natalie" - no wonder Lanie's sister didn't answer to her "name," haha. Andrew and I were both wondering who "Natalie Fung" was! I'll end with an amusing exchange:

Jordan: Ow... (he likes a lot of attention and is really talkative)
Joey: What's wrong, Jordan?
Jordan: I think I hurt my brain.
Joey: How did you do that?
Jordan: I walked into the wall.
Joey: So your brain hurts after walking into the wall.
Jordan: Yes... ow!
Joey: Obviously, your brain works if you can say "ow." Go back to playing SHIPWRECK.

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Sure it's hard, but we deal with it!

I waited in the rain for seven minutes; when Eric showed up, he expressed amazement that I was reading in the intense rain. Eh, the ink hopefully wouldn't run down the page! Discussed the traffic and what I supposedly did to make it stall on the entrance to the bridge - NOTHING, I TELL YOU! I told him a bit about yesterday's dinner, and sympathized as his radio went in and out. Asked what I should do about the birthday speeches - I thought it had to be perfect (darn my OCDL tendencies!), so he gave me a formula to use. He told me that he'd found his blue water bottle in his car - oh good, since I'd forgotten about it possibly being in the basement a while back! Discussed SIMPLY CRAP, imagination, MARIO music, Dylan and defenestration, exsanguination, plus more.

Said I was going to have Pho as dinner, while he said he'd have his lunch since he had breakfast at lunchtime. When I went to Pho, he called my name, wanting a spring roll. No problem - just give me the money, and I'll get you one! Good thing it was very quiet at Pho (unlike the last time I was there) - I found I needed the solitude so that I could collect my thoughts before Fellowship! The waitress even knew what I wanted for myself before I ordered it, and complimented me on the blue beret - sweet stuff, for sure!

Went to the basement, where I talked to Calla / Grace / Martin while reading about the Hillside Strangler. Discussed Lent and chocolate, Melia's bridal shower, the rain, the Sunday Dinner / Darfur documentary, and more. Wondered where Steph was once it got to be around 7:45 or so, and whispered to Cindy (during worship) that I'd call her - I got no answer! We had to resit because Dylan forgot about the birthday speeches, or I was too shy to go up by myself. (yes, I need to get over that fear / inhibition!) Hmm... I kinda wished that K were there, but knew it couldn't be.

I told Eric that my first official Committee duty in front of the Fellowship wouldn't be perfect after all, but he assured me that it was my sister's fault and not mine. He helped me to see the positive by saying that we got an extra impromptu speech courtesy of Chung. Dylan wasn't supposed to be here - he was supposed to be with his parents in California meeting his brother's Romanian girlfriend - but wanted to look for a new job instead. Good thing, since apparently some bad stuff went down on the first night they were there! At least we got some people to sign the Fellowship birthday cards too, by the end of the night!

Jeremy and Dylan's friend Teresa L. showed up again, and I got her email address / phone number just in case she wanted to hang out sometime. (she asked the group in general about this, way after the nursery sanitizing project had been discussed) The only thing is that she lives near the Broadway Skytrain Station, but even that would be fine. We talked about Capers and her job - it'll be good to get to know her. Cindy is now officially a staff member at her school; how nerve-wracking! At least she got some reassurance when she most needed it about fitting in and such! We wondered where Jeremy was - no idea here!

Eric was going to return my debit card receipt to me, but I told him to wait on that since I was going to the washroom! It doesn't matter that I told him about it; we're such good friends that he hardly blinks an eye at that! (we even very occasionally touch on redrum in the most casual fashion, haha) Told my group that my jacket would be cumbersome on my way to the washroom, but that's a bit different. Stanley was in the basement, and it was after 10:30 - primo time for kicking us out, but he didn't. We knew what was up, haha... Stanley and I got water from the kitchen; discussed my Snoopy bling shirt and dragon bling necklace! (gold and silver!) On my way to get some paper towels, Dianne stretched her arm out and I happened to walk right in it; it's fine and she apologized.

Talked to Connie for a bit; Dylan was definitely talking to the wrong person about stuff when he first got to the church via Erin in 2000 or so! He and I had been sitting on the steps leading down to the washroom, and he said something about how he didn't want his birthday broadcast or even generally known - you aren't going to get that with ME, haha! Eric gave me back my money for the Fellowship birthday cards - no, I most certainly did NOT have a $20 bill around. I might get ten more because four extra ones just don't seem like enough to cover additional people becoming members and such. He was certainly surprised when he heard I'd bought 30 - hey, I thought it would cover the entire year! Just before we left, I told Chuck and Andrea that Korey had thought they were married already - they got a laugh out of it, as I thought they would!

On our way home, Eric asked what I'd done for Valentine's. I said that I'd told him about the dinner! He meant in the romantic sense with Korey - eh, we had a couple of phone calls, which was fine. Wondered if he'd sent me an ecard; no, but then I hadn't sent him one either! I'm not sure if he's the type to do that sort of thing, and I don't know what Eric thinks of it, haha. After discussing Lent, Eric asked if it was hard having him away: yes, it is; but we do deal with it! Steph called Eric's phone to talk to me, saying that she'd lost track of time at a co-worker's farewell party. She looked at the clock to discover that it was 9! The main thing is that she's okay, and I just sent Cindy an email to that effect. Hey, Billie's started a Facebook Scrabble game with me - sweet! Mel and Frances' new baby is named Micah: that's one of the names they were considering originally, along with Melissa if it were a girl. Nice choice! :D

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Facebook settings - what a timesucker!

I've been spending a LOT of time on Facebook today: having SuperPoke wars with Natalie (missblack) as per the usual, exchanging wall posts with Billie, fielding a "hi, beautiful - I love you forever" message from Korey, joining the Facebook Scrabble group (I should have joined this active group LONG AGO), posting on their wall / discussion board, editing my profile to remove applications, adding water-snow globes, sending flowers and eggs, and configuring privacy settings. Eric called to see if I could be at #4 / Alderbridge - NO, that's in the middle of nowhere! (my running joke) Of course he meant Cambie / Jacombs by 6 - I hope so, although last time I was late! We'll see - gotta get ready!

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Dreaming of a ZILLION candy sticks!

I had a weird dream last night involving my dandling Nicholas on my knee while his mom Helen looked on. Then we were transported to a candy wonderland: my mom said we could only have a few candy sticks, but Jon and I went overboard. SO MANY CANDIES AND COLORS IN TINS! Blue, yellow, green, gold, silver... we eventually got Grandma to buy the entire place, haha. Mom was not impressed, but whatever. :P (no idea where this came from!)

Hmm. I have GOT to send Jeremy that list of things people have stuck up their butts! Don't ask me how we got onto that topic at dinner yesterday. I think it was a tangent discussion of how security would be better at a nudist airline or Wreck Beach, but people could always stick things up their butts... there ARE drug runners who swallow balloons full of cocaine, after all. Then I have to tell Jen, Karen, and Andrea some GOOD NEWS... and then tell Andrea how K thought she and Chuck were married already. (kinda reminds me of the "different woman" Teresa thinking that everyone was married to each other, hahaha)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long's Noodle House is SO FRIENDLY!

Jon picked me up shortly after 6, and told me that Ivan and Sam hadn't gotten back to him, but that it was okay since he sees them enough anyhow. He said that only a handful of people had actually confirmed that they were going: me, Steph, Nathan, Jeremy, and a "surprise contestant" in the form of Dallas! Needless to say, Jon was astonished that he'd be in for it, what with school and everything else! He asked whether Korey was coming this weekend; when I said no, he wondered whether he just changed his mind a lot / whether it got annoying! Haha, it does depend on the circumstances! He used me as his portable drum set while we listened to Pinback - CHEH!

We were actually on time, which was good. Looked at the menu for some ordering ideas, and figured that we didn't need such a big table! After Jeremy, Steph, and Nathan got there, we tried to signal to the waitress that we could dup-toy (get others to share the table with us), but the people waiting at the door didn't want to. Pity, since there was a party of nine that looked like they really wanted to sit down! ("We reserved the table!" "Are you sure?!") The waitress was still very cheerful, joking, and friendly after we took her big table! We noticed a couple of tables with a big clay pot of chicken and stuff - we wanted that, but it turned out that we'd have to deng (reserve) it in advance! Something to remember for next time! Discussed English class, reading, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, OUTSIDERS (Socs!), ANIMAL FARM, George Orwell, LORD OF THE FLIES, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE / TEN LITTLE INDIANS (death of ten guests!), class lists, and more. Yay for nerd conversation! :P

Poor Nate had the early stages of bronchitis, so we joked that he could hack his phlegm into the empty wine chicken "vase" with dragons on it, haha. When Dallas got there "just in time for the bill," he noted that we were staring at him. It wasn't HIM, but the wine chicken vase #2 with a clearer dragon on it! (we made many jokes about rice wine being the drink of choice for alcoholics who can't afford boxed wines!) We discussed Korea Town in Toronto, Gilbert's wedding ("Jon, be my groomsman - uh, when's my wedding again?!"), Melia's wedding conflicting with Jazz Festival dates (made me wonder when I myself have to go to other weddings this summer!), taking tablespoons of peanut butter / Nutella from the jar, SFU people getting stuck in the snow, UBC bomb scares (2001 and now), VCC scares, the Taco Del Mar explosion on Broadway / Ash, Brad K.'s last name (Steph has Natalie's anniversary randomly in her phone calendar), and the ROUNDHOUSE.

Talked about wrestling (Jimmy Hart as a manager / Taser finishing move / bad guys cheating to win / THE MOUNTIE / nightsticks), bacon rations when growing up (Mom doesn't make it anymore), Lawrence L. stressing about MCAT exams / his solos in Scotland on the orchestra trip ("he couldn't have fun!"), the tricky car situation on Sunday (work / bridal shower / dinner), and some cops thinking they're above the law. Dallas brought up Dave as "Tiffany's boyfriend"... then we discussed Ray trying to order turnip cake at that congee place, Chen's Noodle House and Dad almost launching Harmony across the restaurant when they both went for the bill at the same time, doctors / antibiotics, Fisherman's Friends (Jeremy didn't think Nate should have his since his bag had been in the rain a lot), St. Valentine the martyr, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, morbidity, sticking things up your butt (I gotta send Jer that list!), security, nudist airlines, Wreck Beach, and other topics.

Steph said that NOTHING said "Happy Valentine's Day" like a scalding mouth - for sure! The waitress introduced us to beef rolls - Steph later deemed them "the poor man's Peking Duck," and they were quite good. We had six steamers of SLB, hot and sour soup, two orders of wine chicken, surfboard noodles, fried green onion pancake, tan tan noodles (Moutai has them for $2!), and lots of tea. Approximately thirty seconds after we ordered the second portion of wine chicken and tan tan noodles, we noticed the waitress going out of the kitchen with just such an order! "What service!" we all breathed since we were impressed - it turned out to be another table's order! Darn!

While the guys were discussing Jeremy's beard only taking two days to grow in, my sister told Jeremy about an argument that my mom and grandma were having on the way home from church on Sunday. Apparently, my grandma thought Wu-So-Lo wasn't there, so my mom tried to tell her that he WAS! "So where's his beard? I didn't see him!" "Yes, he was there, Mother... he was talking to Jon!" "But I didn't see a beard! And was White Kid [Eric] there?" "Yes!" "Are you sure? I didn't see a yellow jacket!" "Trust me - he was there! I saw his beard!" ".... since when does White Kid have a beard?!" My sister wasn't about to butt into this argument, so decided to just keep driving, haha.

Jeremy joked that he and Eric should alternate having a beard / not having a beard! At least Jeremy's blue jacket is quite iconic, and he always wears black pants! Jer further joked that he should get a pair of glasses without the lenses, and then he could be known as Glasses Man to Grandma! Jon said that Eric was wearing a newish white / grey jacket, and I mentioned that he'd given the yellow one to Korey. Then Jeremy joked, "So THAT'S why Korey looks like Eric!" Hahaha, so true! Maybe Jeremy should wear ALL BLACK and be given a new nickname: BLACK MAN! Although if my grandma can't tell the difference between Korey and Eric, she's got more problems with confusion than we thought! (Eric and Jeremy are both skinny white guys with beards, sometimes...)

Later, Steph thought she saw Auntie Anna and Uncle Cho Kai - they said hi to us, and we were later described to the waitress as Auntie Anna's "little friends." (of course she had to translate for Jeremy!) Discussed Mandarin, the former Silver Palace (now Golden Harvest), Shanghai Wind getting too big for us when they tripled in size to become Shanghai Wonderful, STATUS at a restaurant, etc. The guys discussed Sunday Dinner: Dallas is making lamb curry, and Christon will make something else - maybe Jeremy will do so too. He'd made something with double the cumin that the recipe called for, so he tried to get it out of his mortar and pestle - that didn't work!

When the bill came, we gave them a HUGE tip - at least 30% or so! (we all put in at least $15 or so for $100!) Nathan said that the cheerfulness with which he was directed to the washroom via the kitchen sold him, heh. He later saw the waitress running out of the restaurant to catch someone who'd left a scarf behind - now THAT'S service!) Jeremy mentioned that he'd once been in a washroom with a bifold door that was about 4.5 feet off the ground (he almost literally had to go through the kitchen to get there!) - must have been an interesting experience! The waitress talked to us about our mom reserving a table for us and more - very friendly, for sure!

We drove Dallas to the 41st / Granville bus stop right in front of a bus (we were chasing it down 41st!), which reminded me of the time that Steph blocked a bus at the Nanaimo Skytrain station so Dawn could get on it. I don't think she received dirty looks from the passenger, although the driver didn't look happy! Steph gave me some candygrams from work, and then told me that she was trying to get to know Korey better. Sure, I'll give him that reassurance! Harmony called Jon, and this was the greeting she got: "You're short, stinky, and [some other adjective I don't remember]" - REAL nice, NOT! Caught up on the Minnesota hockey game... they eventually won 5-4 in a shootout, giving us one point. Told Jon that I could bring lots of Quality Street chocolate for Sunday - Mom always buys it on sale since it reminds her of childhood! Good times, indeed!

I got home to find this on my screen:

(06:05:01 PM) SpurnedSalmon: do I know you?

Nope, I don't! Must be Project Upstream again!

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That is another HUGE weight off our shoulders!


Korey called me at 3:40, but I was in the shower, so didn't hear the phone ring for obvious reasons. I checked my phone and Facebook afterwards, so called him back. He said that he had good news for me - I was cheerful as I said "Let's have it, then!" You can imagine the smile that spread across my face as he told me that my mom had emailed him back to say that she was okay with the idea of us marrying. We talked about a bunch of other stuff, which was important. So happy. :D

Also called Jon to see what the plans for tonight were. He'll pick me up at around 6, but of course will call me first. Sounds good! SLB, here we come! :D (he just buzzed me via Gmail chat - the courtyard at 6 sounds good to me!)

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Massacres on this day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, it makes me think of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre...

I've also put some Christmas stickers in some of my Christmas cards - and it's surreal writing your own birthday card for the Fellowship to sign at a later date! I'm looking forward to listening to some of Dean and Hatch's ROCK 101 Ambush Wedding later today - always good times. :D

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Trading up, devils on horseback, SLB plans

Hey, I got another random Facebook addition - Vicky S. has added me there! We have the same birthday, which I thought was SO COOL in Grade 8! I also made a BINGO move on Scrabble with PROFILER - 64 points, baby! :D

Hmm. Facts About Multiples doesn't seem to have the information for each individual birth anymore - disappointing. No wonder it hasn't been updated since mid-November 2007! Oh well, at least I have more time on Friday now! Haha.

I've just been reminded of the conversation where Eunice said she'd NEVER trade Eddie up for anyone! Called Jon to see what the plans for tomorrow were - guess I have to call him tomorrow afternoon since he might be out. Fair enough - I don't really mind taking the bus to Long's Noodle House, but we shall see what happens! (hmm... he actually just sent me, Ivan, and Sam an email to say that he's driving out to dinner, so we can let him know if we want to be picked up - I'm down with that!) He sent us an email about the latest Sunday Dinner and The Devil Came on Horseback. (Darfur!)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Survey / Assorted Quizzes


Notes to self: Quizlee is apparently off the Internet now, and Just Say Hi won't render HTML quiz results like it did before. It might, but I don't see any after some searching. Oh well.

Valentine's Day Survey, from Teunis

1. Are you single or taken? Taken.

2. Chocolate or flowers? Chocolate, I guess.

3. Will you do anything special for Valentine's Day? Consuming little dragon buns and other things at Long's Noodle House with an assortment of people. Other than that, no special plans. Keeping it lo-fi, haha.

4. Do you like anyone? Besides the person I'm dating now? No. *horror*

5. Were you dating anyone last Valentine's? No.

6. What would be your dream Valentine's date? Hmm... dinner, doing things together, and talking about all sorts of things until we fell asleep in each other's arms. :D

7. Do you make a big deal about Valentine's? Not really... it's interesting how media shapes our expectations!

8. Have you ever had a secret admirer? *thinks* Not that I know of... it would have been nice, but also kinda stalkerish!

9. Would you ever write someone a love letter? T's R.E.M. reference ROCKS! I might, if given the proper impetus. ;) (not sure how well it would translate, although I've had people say that I write well!)

10. Do you believe in Cupid? As the romantic ideal, maybe just a bit. (too much of the kid in me? Haha.)

11. Do your parents give you presents on Valentine's? No.

12. Do you still send out Valentine's cards? Haven't done that in a while. Maybe I'll go to the store and get some of the kiddy ones, but then I'll always leave people out, and that's no fun. :(

13. Do you like candy hearts? Somewhat.

15. Is Valentine's depressing? I do remember writing a rant five years ago now that still kinda stands the test of time. (ha ha) But I guess it's one of those "meh" kind of things... neither depressing nor jubilant. However, little Hannah's Valentine's card was the highlight of this week so far! (the SLB tomorrow will be even more so...)

16. How do you feel about PDA? I remember having this discussion with someone in a T&T supermarket aisle, and came out against them. They can be okay, if they're done tastefully...

17. How is your love life? It's getting better, I think.

18. Have you ever been dumped on Valentine's? No... that would be HORRIBLE! That would taint my memory forever!

19. How many roses would you want? As long as I don't have to carry them around with me all day, any number is fine by me! (yay!)

20. Will you have a boyfriend / girlfriend next Valentine's? Depends on time and circumstance, I suppose. Maybe it'll be an upgrade! :O

You are most like:

Selective Procrastinator

As a selective procrastinator, you know how to procrastinate, but only do it when you feel you can afford to. You're a faker!


Take this quiz: How Bad A Procrastinator Are You?

You are most like:

It's Definitely Coming

The good news - he will propose. The bad news - who knows when! Hopefully soon... but we don't know.


Take this quiz: Is your boyfriend likely to propose?

*snort* Hahaha. Interesting result!

You are most like:


#13 pop single - congratulations! You are a dreamer, seeing great things to come... and you whine. A lot.


Take this quiz: What Carly Simon Song Are You?

Haha. No comment.

You are most like:

Scrooge Shopper

Re-gifting is your middle name. If you don't like it, or found it somewhere really cheap, then it's a potential gift. Presents are determined by finances. Nothing more.


Take this quiz: What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

You are most like:

MySpace Blog

You are the heart of a person: the bared soul. At 3 AM, you are often known to be sharing random thoughts and personal rants. You like to think things through, and don't care if everyone else knows what is on your mind.


Take this quiz: What feature of Myspace are you?

You are most like:

Moderately Cool!

You are not the lowest form in the Myspace food chain, and that is reason to celebrate! I bet you even get friend requests once in a while. Keep connecting with new people, and you may actually take a few steps up the ladder of coolness.


Take this quiz: How MySpace Cool are you?

You are most like:

Bleary-Eyed Addict

Face It - you're addicted! You are probably so addicted that you don't even bother to share your results out of eagerness to do another blog quiz.


Take this quiz: The Quiz Addiction Quiz

Wrong. I usually do share my results / comment on them, if only in the interests of seeing what quizzes I've done through the years! :P

You are most like:


You are an apple! You have a smooth outer appearance, and your friends are never surprised when you walk in circles. It doesn't matter if you're green or red... you're still sweet!


Take this quiz: The worlds simplest fruit quiz

You are most like:

Fresh Picked Apple

You're the image of perfection - shiny and perfectly smooth on the outside, but crispy and clean on the inside. No wonder teachers' pets give them apples!


Take this quiz: Which Fruit Are You?

Well, at least the results are consistent. So is the stupid spelling, which I had to fix! :P (if you don't know the difference between "you're" and "your," YOU ARE STUPID!)

You are most like:


You just don't get Halton, do you? How you managed to score that low is just beyond me!


Take this quiz: Which Haltonite Are You?

Hmm. You'd think I'd score for at least one character, despite never having watched it!

You are most like:

Average Joe

You're pretty regular. Chances are you're still a little afraid of the other drivers, or your car just can't go fast enough to get away from other drivers.


Take this quiz: The Road Rage Meter

You are most like:

Nerd is a type of candy

You lack all things nerdy The closest you've ever come to being nerdy was the time you ate too many Nerd candies. Your favorite subjects probably include art, fashion, and makeup. Math, Science, and Algebra are words you've heard somewhere, but could care less about. After all - they don't make you look any better, do they?


Take this quiz: How Nerdy Are You?

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Tomato ramen chicken and shootings!

I had a weird dream last night. My friends and I were in a school / hotel setting, and Korey was in a classroom with me. We sat together, intertwining our fingers tightly. In the next class, R took exception to that and tried to put an arm around me. I balked at that, and got him sent to the concierge / principal, haha. Korey was wonderful in comforting me after that, and we held hands through the hotel portion of the building.

We met Sophia with her daughter Olivia, and she told us that we'd better keep any kids we had in front of us at all times. They'd be prone to running off and causing havoc otherwise, she added. After thanking her for the advice, we met Mike K. in a hoodie near a magazine stand: there were a few Dan Savage covers (purple / blue / green) which looked like the WEST ENDER, plus a few toys for sale. One of the hotel staff told us that she'd found a set of keys that belonged to the building in one of our rooms. We had no explanation for that, but knew it was Mike hoarding the keys in case of fire. (we loyally supported him and didn't say a thing, of course)

There was a part of the building which had been converted to a restaurant, so Korey and I decided to go check it out. A member of the hotel staff followed us there and returned "our" keys to us - we knew those were the ones that Mike had filched, but said nothing. The menu had ridiculous prices for bubble tea! Even with four sizes in their range, $11.50 for one sounded very extreme! A waitress misheard our desire for a simple meal to go with the bubble tea, and thought we wanted tomato chicken ramen! Then our attention was drawn to a middle-aged man making a phone call behind a partition. We knew this was a gang hangout sometimes, but didn't realize that they weren't above shooting someone from behind and obliterating his face! After some confusion, Korey took me in his arms and that was where the dream ended.

No idea why I had that one! I did see Mike in a hoodie recently, and of course handled the menus at Hon's. Maybe the tomatoes came from a recent meal, and the bubble tea came from seeing iPearl. As for the affection, perhaps that came from memories. Hmm... my brain is crazy, all right! Candy Heart
'What will your Valentine Heart say?' at

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hon's has bubble tea now?! Yay, birthday dinners!

I decided to debut my blue-green (turquoise?) beret from Auntie Catherine in September 2006 - it matched my sister's Helly Hansen jacket, heh. Went to the townhouse at around 4:30 or so, and arrived at the same time as Mom did. Thank goodness Grandma didn't lock the door! There was this time that she DID - my sister arrived home and tried to gain entry. Eventually, she went to the 7-11 since she had to hang out somewhere for half an hour or so - yes, she was very annoyed. :P

Did some email upkeep before we left again for Hon's and the family birthday dinner for my sister, and my eyes thanked me for the mini-break they're having from Korey's Netspeak, haha. Mom gave me some lucky money from Auntie Kwai - yes, I *know* enough to thank her even when she's not wealthy! *rolleyes* Got my sibs to sign Martin's birthday card; when my parents asked who it was, we said that he was kinda new-ish (known him over a year?) and that we quite liked him. He and Raymond are good additions, that's for sure. All of us are grateful for them!

Talked about Dylan, age, apologies, Yazmine, Evites and Eric ("does he have plans?!"), "should" vs. "should not," stupid assumptions, SLB on Thursday, last year's family birthday dinners for Steph and Grandma (Paterson Restaurant!), our great-grandma (she liked wrestling!) dying on Grandma's birthday (about three weeks from now), the old superstition where you don't celebrate after the birthday, and more. Grandma's way of showing she cares is kind of amusing: "Give the men some meat! Maybe I'll take my grandson to Bo Kong! Some of the dishes there are REALLY EXPENSIVE!" Also discussed duck, scallops, exercise, crunchy bird's nest, broccoli overkill, diabetes, clogging arteries, the messy twins at the next table, tall Chinese people, Chinese New Year food, lunches and dinners out, etc. Steph does have a busy week ahead, that's for sure! Gave her the wedding MC book so Joey can look at it too, which she thanked me for - Dad thought it was only for the best man, hahaha.

Saw iPearl, which is apparently Hon's new bubble tea place - it is SO small, and right by the frozen potstickers and other stuff for sale! Jon joked that we could go there after Long's on Thursday, but we might take up practically all the room with only three tables. Asked him if he'd received Eunice's reply - he had, and thought "how dare you hold SLB outing on your annual singles night?!" was funny. She can't make it since she's going to the Minnesota game, but at least my spamming people's inboxes got her to do the same! Got home at 7:25, and found out that Mel and Frances have had their baby boy - he's SO CUTE! :D

I just got a weird phone call from Hong Kong via a 604 number - how very bizarre. o_O

You are most like:

Laid Back

You are easy to please as long as your special someone is around. But don't forget that a touch of romance is always appreciated.


Take this quiz: What kind of boyfriend or girlfriend are you?

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Swapping tiles as a first move?! Oh my!

Somewhat Random...

1. Chris Hewitt's finally added me on Facebook - WOOHOO!

2. Let's just say that if you can't even spell "friends," I'm not going to answer your email! Also, I hate creeps!

3. If you have to swap your tiles as your FIRST move in a brand-new Scrabble game, that leaves your opponent to wonder exactly how bad those original tiles were! Unless you're just trying to psych me out, of course... o_O

4. I used Gmail chat to ask Kitty (dutch_kitty) whether she got my Christmas card yet - she did, about ten days ago. If she'd emailed me to say thanks as she thought she had, then I wouldn't have had to resort to that! Haha. :P Says she's been a bit forgetful since her ferret Ares died, and her other ferret Xena misses him very much. Understandable.

5. Thanks to yesterday's bus travels, I now have a renewed appreciation for guys with curly gelled hair. I also know now why people can find J-pop / J-Rock stars attractive. (Classic looks! Too bad I didn't see any long-haired guys around, oh my!)

6. You do NOT comment to tell me that I've been banned from a lot of communities, and then go on to ask whether I'd like the one I'm posting in to be next... at least, if you're not a mod. I hate it when people try to play Junior Mod. It's annoying as heck!

7. Two years exactly till the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!

8. Oh, North Carolina! Interesting personalized plate you let slip by... I gotta send this link to Corey!

9. Valentine's gifts guaranteed not to get you any action... I can see why!

10. People in pro-anorexia / bulimia communities just boggle my mind. IT IS A DISEASE, GIRLS. NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!

Edit: Aww, I just got a very sweet email which accomplished rollover. (if there are 100 messages in Gmail with the same subject between the same people, it "rolls over" the conversation to start a new one) Let's just say escalators / the MOVING STAIRS OF DEATH!!! could be less scary, and I wish someone were here with me too! (if you're reading this, Viv: sorry, it's not you even though I miss your snarkiness! :P)

Which rad old school 70's glam icon are you? (with pics)

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Humans should NOT be easily replaceable in love!

I've finally finished blogging about the busyness of the past 48 hours - quite the accomplishment! You have to consider that I made / took a few phone calls AND answered emails / checked stuff since I got home at 6 or so from the library. Currently talking to Dan about the usual topics - life just isn't fair, and we shouldn't be easily replaceable!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

YAY! Corey's CDs FINALLY got here - cute penguins!

YAY, I'M ALL KINDS OF CHEERFUL RIGHT NOW! I got a very welcome piece of mail today - COREY'S STUFF FINALLY GOT HERE! Emailed Corey as I said I'd do since I'm Lenting MSN: "COREY! Hey, I'm taking a tiny break from updating my blog to tell you that your stuff FINALLY got here while I was out! Aren't you thrilled to know that?! :P That pen and tiny stuffed toy are SO CUTE! I especially love the penguin! Very cool... thanks! (I'll have to anticipate listening to the music and prank calls later, probably...)"

He sent me a reply referencing Jane, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (a big Aquarium / sea place in the south end of Taiwan - I was supposed to get the pen and toy quite a while ago :P), Happy Feet, Taiwan, Linux and sounds, prank calls, the Phone Losers of America, and more. Also complained to say that he didn't know what was wrong with Canada's mail. Corey was talking to another eBay seller at the post office the other day - she can send stuff to tiny remote countries, and it gets there just fine. But even with Canada being right next to them, stuff STILL gets lost / delayed over here!

Man, I don't know what's wrong with the Canadian mail system either, since this also happened with the CDs / DVDs that got here in January 2005 after a few weeks of waiting. He was just going to send over another copy of that stuff too, until I told him that it finally got here. Yikes - makes me wonder if my mail to him (or indeed my other Stateside friends) is delayed. I don't think it is, but I can test it in about a month with his birthday card - must remember to do so, of course!

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Preparation in the library is good quiet!

Got to Oakridge early, so went to check out card prices at Safeway - it had to be under $2, and of course I didn't find any like that. It would have been fine if it was for my own personal use, but it was the Fellowship's budget money - oh well, I resolved to go to a dollar store later. Waited at White Spot for a bit, and then Karen called them to advise me that she'd be late. (three sausages!) We talked about a lot of stuff... Sheena, Dylan's inability to find the birthday cards for the Fellowship / sleeping during the AGM, Vivian in China, trust, etc. She said that Ken W. had eaten a 72-ounce steak and therefore got it for free - WOW! Told her about little kids / Tony / SLB / the dinner last night / Calla cooking for 80 people once / Steph / my busy week. It was a good lunch, for sure!

After that, I attempted to go to Marpole Library - it is CLOSED on Mondays! Went to the Amy's Loonie and Toonie Town nearby to get 30 Fellowship birthday cards, had some strawberry bubble tea at Big Orange, then stopped at the Richmond Library. Failed to get THE BELL JAR, but got the wedding MC book for Steph and Joey. Had some quiet time while I prepped the birthday cards, then went home. It's probably a good thing that I'll need to get some more tomorrow since I have to be at the townhouse before 5:30 or so for the Hon's dinner. (Steph's inviting Raymond and Martin to her birthday thing on the 23rd - YAY!)

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Anthony M., Ryan, Ethan, and old TV shows / Slaughter!

I had a weird dream last night involving Anthony Martella - he was a high school classmate of mine, whom I've not thought of since Grade 10. He and I looked after Ryan / Ethan / other kids, reading them kiddy books such as a prequel to ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. We also had to hide from various 90210 characters, including Brandon and Brenda. Shannen Doherty was especially vicious when she saw us huddling in a circle holding hands, and she knew we were hiding behind giant foam blocks with cutouts representing letters / numbers / animals. No, I haven't a clue why I had that dream. There was a newspaper article about a new book which describes Anne Shirley's early life before the start of the classic series, but that's the only trigger I can think of! (other than seeing Ryan and Ethan run to their mom Michelle yesterday... I haven't watched that TV show in AGES!)

Morbid word definition of the day: Pithing "is a slaughtering technique in which the brain of the animal is scrambled with a tool inserted through the hole in the skull created by captive bolt stunning. Pithing further immobilizes the animal after stunning and before exsanguination."

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We don't want to think about "KNOWING," Jeremy!

Highlights from the very first time I've been to Phil and Grace's:

Jeremy met me and Jon at the coffee shop, saying that all he and Ray talked about today was the price of almonds. Yeah, it's probably a good idea to eat them in moderation - otherwise, you'll get a lot of fat and not much energy / protein! Talked about Scrape (a heavy metal paradise near Kingsgate Mall), the meeting, our afternoon, the beer yesterday at the Whip (Fred's port and Scotch again?!), and much-needed naps. We figured he'd beat us to Phil and Grace's since we had to stop by the Broadway / Commercial Safeway to pick Tony up. (instead, we beat him by at least 5-10 minutes since he cycled on the hilliest route ever - ELEVATION MAP OF THE CITY, anyone?!)

Talked to Tony about the Darfur documentary (it covers genocide!) and letter-writing next week at Nate's after dinner, the bridal shower for Melia ("Phil's sister"), Warhammer (Dungeons and Dragons with tanks and ammunition!), Metrotown, and his NOT quitting since it's only till March. His parents and brother are coming in the summer, so it will be cool to see them! It's good to hear that his parents understand the dilemma he's facing about his relationship with God. Those work obligations he has to go through before school starts with a nursing practicum? Man, they just make life a bit harder... and they've offered to pay his tuition if that's the main issue with church and work.

At Phil and Grace's, Tony looked in the window and saw Martin / Raymond - that kinda works for letting people know we're here, but not really since we still had to knock on the door! Got a tour of the suite - it's certainly nice! Said hi to people, and settled down to discuss red / white wines, Old Ruffian barley wine, and buying birthday cards for the Fellowship - Dylan can't find them in his car?! (now I gotta go to the dollar store and buy 'em / give the receipt to Eric) Also talked about 24 and Season 7 (how can Tony Almeida come back from the dead?!), Christon's Lenting the Internet in general ("but I just HAVE to take this online class quiz!"), Dylan's resume and cover letters, submarines, and Szu-Wen's opera interest. Told Grace, Calla, and Szu-Wen that it was a refreshing change not being the only female, haha - they understood that I love the guys, but female company is nice too. (Like I said to Frances during a long-ago prayer meeting at Jason Y.'s: "Finally, my shot of estrogen is here!" Haha...)

Jon decided to put on some Southern rock (My Morning Jacket has a nine-minute song), using the desktop computer in the kitchen. "I love you! - Grace" is a cute Post-It note, and we discovered that Grace still has all the emails they exchanged during the course of their long-distance relationship. I myself used the computer for a few minutes to check my computer and friends page before dinner. Imagine my surprise when I found an email from someone calling me "[a] beautiful queen" and thanking me for "unconditional love and support." Aww, that's sweet! (we also checked the hockey score online... winning 3-2 in a shootout is good, even if I originally read the score wrong!)

Speaking of misreadings and such, Jeremy just realized that "medication" and "meditation" were only one letter off. We were looking at some list of healthy food on the fridge, which I originally thought was a grocery list. (I did have some prunes - discussed prune ice cream and Activia prune yogurt) Then we noticed a wedding thing on the fridge, and wondered if "Love" was this girl's real name. Puzzled, we asked Grace about it - it was short for some other long name, and caused Phil much confusion when he called her in Chicago once! "I was talking to Phil on the phone, and she walked by. So I said HI LOVE, and then Phil wondered who I was talking to! Haha." (I also saw something on the fridge representing "the Y___'s" when it should have been "the Y___s".... UGH!)

We also analyzed Daniel's leading worship this morning (high key on MY GLORIOUS - a new song), the ushers staying in the back for some reason after offering, repeating the chorus at least four times (Jeremy: "By the third time, I was like 'I don't care if he wants us to sing it again - I'm sitting down if we do!' "), Nathan sleeping in and missing church since he was sick, and more. Gave Nathan my Chili Lime sunflower seeds (Joe tried some), and he gave me a poster from an Aberdeen jewelry store in return. (Jeremy: "Jewelry store? Is there something you want to tell us, Nathan? [to me] You can use that as your kitchen god and burn it / burn incense to it!") Nathan also was true to form, and brought his laptop to do some work on his thesis: data collection, birthdays, emoticons, and hiring the teens for data entry!

Dylan (who brought two friends - one of whom looked familiar to me for some reason) said something dirty when Grace revealed that Melia and Angus would be going to the same place that she and Phil went on their honeymoon, and maybe even going to the same room. He said something about using the same mattress, which made us all think less-than-pristine thoughts... EW! Then Jeremy said something about a Biblical translation saying that "Adam knew his wife, and she bore him a son" - that gives the song "I want to know you [God] more" a whole new meaning! Since I was closest to him at the time, I playfully hit him on the shoulder while joining in the general "JEREMY! EW!" reaction. ("We don't want THOSE thoughts, so you can stop right now with that analogy!")

Harmony called Jon, so he was updating her on various things. Phil told him to say hi, so of course Jon said "Phil says you smell." Uh... very nice, NOT. Discussed her sleeping problem, insomnia, Saturdays killing her as far as a regular sleep schedule is concerned, the doctor, and more. When I got some more wine, Grace laughed and said that I sure could hold my liquor even if I turn red easily as Jon said! (I pointed a finger at Jeremy and told him not to say anything - he would know, all right!)

We spent a LOT of time reminiscing about our last two SLB outings: shattering the record with 35 steamers of six each, Tony still having the tally sheet somewhere, ordering vegetable dishes for our bowels' benefit (Jon: "Thanks for sharing, Sarne..." Hey, it's TRUE!), Shanghai Wind, Shanghai Wonderful, ordering too much food, making the waitresses think we're crazy because we order ten steamers to start off (Erin and Nathan are particularly guilty of this), and feeling like we were on drugs afterwards. Szu-Wen thought we were NUTS, while Tony appeared to waffle on whether he'd go on Valentine's Day or not! Martin and Raymond are in for it, I think - we emphasized that we would NOT go for breaking any records this time. That time last year was QUITE ENOUGH! Told Grace that I had to send her the pictures somehow - Facebook, it is!

Calla made eggplant with fish paste, winter melon soup with papaya and figs, tofu with fish paste, prawns, lots of BOK CHOY, and a custard dessert which took 90 minutes to set instead of ten. She said that it would be her treat, but after finding out that it cost her two weeks' worth of groceries, Grace and Jon were sneaky about collecting payment from everyone and then slipping it into her bag. As Jon told Nathan later, we'll see if she throws the money back in our faces on Friday! (the guys were also being geeky and discussing STAR TREK, the Klingon race, Blu-Ray discs, Nintendo Wii numbers, and more)

Joe told us how he was almost late for a sermon once, which prompted Calla to tell us about how she went first at her baptism - she got lovely warm water! I said that I'd gone first at mine, and got freezing cold water when I went down the stairs into the tub! Calla says that her eyes were full of water and she couldn't really see Pastor Glen or anything else afterwards - yup, that sounds about right. Tony says that a dog peed in the water at HIS baptism near a river in Hong Kong... yeah, that's good cause to relocate at the last minute!

Dylan apparently didn't believe Calla when she told him that there were posters of her and her brother's names at her house. I happened to overhear this snippet, and confirmed that they did exist since I was over once years ago and saw them. (Calla Lily, and Acer as a genus of maple - not the computer! - of course Uncle Cho Kai had a hand in naming them, as he did in my and my sibs' middle names) Calla says that there are more posters, and more feature her brother's name than hers - oh well, that's too bad. :(

We were talking about how an accountant has to be around when the financial statements from the church are being audited. (Dylan: "Martin can do it next year, since I don't want to do it ever again!") I brought up the time that we were driving home from Fellowship, and Steph sarcastically mentioned that her highlight of the next day would be auditing financial statements at Uncle Patrick's with him, Dad, Katherine, and others. Calla remembered my dad (Uncle Alan) nominating her dad as a financial reviewer back in October - maybe only because they were classmates, sure. ("I nominate Timothy S!" "I'm retired!" Jon: "Hey, my dad is ALSO retired..." Calla: "Yeah... maybe my dad will get payback in October!") Also discussed wine, Communion, restaurants, Quan, alcohol, Cordia, and more.

Since we were talking about AGM stuff, I told Calla (while Dylan was doing dishes) that Steph had taken a picture of Dylan sleeping during the AGM. Yup, he had a hymnbook open in front of him, but he wasn't really fooling anyone! She thought that was funny, then talked to Jon about some friend of theirs getting freaked out in the Downtown Eastside. At least she's grown up with Jon and Nathan, so trusts them - she's not as sure about Jeremy since she hasn't known HIM for years and years! We also discussed Joey and Steph doing MC duties for Melia and Angus' wedding: Joey told me this morning that they HAD to embarrass them REALLY GOOD. Calla would definitely want to be seated near the back at THIS wedding since Joey and Steph are both loud and hyper! (Jeremy: "The relatives and high-rollers get a seat near the front / head table, and the friends get shunted to the back near the corners!")

I told Jeremy that my grandma gets confused easily, especially since he alternates between having a beard and NOT having one... kinda like Eric! Typical exchange: "Where was Wu-So Lo at church today?" "He was just here talking to us!" "I didn't see him..." "... oh! He didn't have a beard today, Grandma!" Jer seemed amused by this, and asked me which part the "beard" was of his nickname. After I answered him, he said "Hey, I can just be Lo!" True, but there are too many of those around at church! At least Eric's nickname isn't dependent on a facial characteristic, haha. (he'll always be "White Little Brother" to her - just as Vivian S. will always be "White Little Sister"... gwai jai, gwei-mui)

Talked about setting boundaries with someone (Georgianna and "fine young men"), and changing the subject / leaving five minutes into the conversation. Joe, Phil, Jon, Grace, and I discussed reasons for being very tired (she NEEDED a nap before lunch or else she wouldn't have lasted!); Wells (a small BC town where people get drunk before they go to the bar); personalities; papers; Lord's Love; "romantic" board meetings on Valentine's Day (hopefully it's not an intervention about Pastor Joe's lack of a love life!); dishes; blogging (Phil deleted The Theological Toddler since he has no time - I still blog regularly); relationships; communication (text messages / phone / MSN / letters); etc.

It's good to see that Joe's still driving the white half-truck. Discussed plans for Reading Week with Jon on the way home: I almost forgot that he did have that, so maybe I won't have to bus to the SLB place on Thursday afternoon. We'll see what happens, of course. Said that I might spam everyone's inboxes to make my YES reply to Valentine's Day SLB official: there are pros and cons to doing that, but it'll get people thinking! :P He might not get a chance to pick up the wedding MC book for Steph and Joey, so I may as well do that tomorrow after lunch with Karen. When we got to my complex, he commented that the people there certainly threw out a lot of trash! True, and it's a good thing it was getting picked up on Monday! I asked if he remembered what happened during the Richmond prolonged garbage strike a few years ago: there was a LOT of trash around the big blue garbage bin! (strewn EVERYWHERE!)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mmm, arsenic... how yummy! :P

Discussed poison, Scrabble on Facebook (Q words / scoring / QUIZ / getting rid of the popular application?!), and weird music on the way to church with my siblings this morning. Forgot to give them Martin's birthday card to sign, but I'll do that later. Said hi to Raymond, who talked to me about the "Guess the Canuck from his Jersey Number" Facebook quiz - I rather liked his colorful sweater, but didn't say so. Maybe on Friday, heh... speaking of sweaters, I should wear my Snoopy gold bling one on Friday (maybe Thursday), with dragon necklace or not) Talked to Hannah, Priscilla, and Natalie - the girls seemed to be divided on whether Rich had promised them candy yesterday or not, haha. During the sermon, Pastor John referenced a hermit named Arsenius (monasteries, anyone?), and I laughed to myself since it made me think of arsenic. Since Jeremy was right behind me, I wouldn't turn around and say it to him: I'd already waved and shared general amusement! Turns out that he'd noticed me laughing and wondered why, because he told me so when I finally was able to share that connection with him after service had ended! ("so THAT'S why you were laughing!") [other than Cordia, he's the only other person I know well enough to BELIEVE that they'll appreciate the morbid humor!]

Greeted Tony (who had two hours of sleep!) as I came down the ramp, and he told me that he faced a job-related dilemma: if he has to work on Sundays too, that'll absolutely kill him! As it is, he works overnight on Saturdays and then comes to church where he struggles to stay awake. Christon asked why he wouldn't quit... that's what he might do if it continues! (Tony = low man on totem pole, and everyone's more senior than he is) While I was talking to various people about tonight's dinner (and giving Sheena / Billy / Benjamin their birthday cards), Lily said that her daughter had something for me. Aww... it was a cute kiddy Valentine's Day card! Thanked Hannah (who looked so cute in her New Year's clothing), and then went back to discussing stuff with Brian / Helen / Nicholas. Nicholas wanted to see Jon's guitar, so Helen and I advised him of that fact. She's seen kids' guitars without strings for about $78, which is okay for something like that, but still expensive. The real thing DOES look much better than a toy, haha! We also asked Benjamin how old he was (Jon: "Are you five? Six?") - got no answer (Calla couldn't hear him say "two"), but I *did* hear him say "thank you" for the birthday card I gave him! Peeked in at baby Allison - she was sleeping this time, heh.

Saw Grace with a healthy bowl of things all mixed up together - Mike thought it didn't look so great after Sunday School, but I told him that it would all look that way in her stomach anyhow! (walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, honey, and more) After Sunday School, Amanda's dad took a picture of us - Rachel's grandma gave me some lucky money, which I thanked her for; she certainly didn't have to! Talked to Olivia, Adam, William, Lawrence, Darren (Isabel's brother), Stanley, Hien, Ethan, and some of the other kids. William had slipped on ice earlier in the week, and now needs crutches for six weeks. Stanley wanted to show Hien the "hat flaps" in my red knitted hat (Karmie liked it!), and then bug her about being as flimsy as paper. Olivia and Adam just complained about Law and their teachers saying something unprofessional / racist. ("You don't say anything against Chinese people when 95% of the class is Chinese!")

Went to tell Mom that Jon and I had lunch and probably needed the car afterwards, then said hi to the guys even if it was raining. Steph expressed dismay, but at least I got to hear about the "real wine / Communion" story! They all ordered a bunch of noodles because it was cheapest... good move, since dim sum can get expensive really fast! Then I went next door for the Sunday School lunch / Danielle's talk - caught up with Cindy and Chrystal, did interesting "no talk" exercises, and learned a bunch about kids. Jon and I talked to Danielle afterwards about her uncle's funeral which is on Valentine's Day (there goes her and Citrus' whole day - no SLB for them!), and helped people pack up.

Andrea made squash soup, got sandwiches from somewhere, and supplemented that with tiny mandarins - I peeled one using only my teeth, since it's not as messy that way! Later, Jon fielded phone calls to / from Eric (who's not going tonight since he's tired), Nathan, and Jeremy after "borrowing" bowls / plates / utensils from the church kitchen for dinner tonight. (Phil and Grace do NOT have enough settings for 15 people!) Now we're hanging out at Our Town coffee shop near Jeremy's / Kingsgate Mall... I went here once with Yazmine during Fellowship time YEARS ago. Mint Records, Georgia Straight, reading, news, coffee, cookies, covering my part for dinner and beer, favors, and more - yay for quiet stretches!

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Dream of golden retrievers / Salmon connected to hatbots?

Dang, I missed a call since I actually went to bed early. Oh well, I'll get to it maybe tomorrow after my busy day and a half. :P

I had a weird dream that seemed to consist of Eric, Renee (radiatorcliffs), and me in a silver car trying to be all sneaky ninja-like. My grandma invited us over to watch TV on the big screen, so we accepted. Lo and behold, we saw HER on the screen, but we knew it was an actress made up to look and sound EXACTLY like her! There were these evil people who wanted to smite this grandma, and they decided that the best way to do it was to slip something into her arm - yes, a thin subtle needle was the trick. They did that, and then watched in glee as this grandma succumbed to the poison effects. But the ringleader had forgotten something: HE had been exposed to the poison for the short time it remained active outside the needle, so he died too. We were engaged in debating whether the grandma or the ringleader was older, and eventually concluded that the ringleader was a bit older since the actress playing the grandma was actually younger than he!

Then Eric, Renee, and I wanted to get gas - we somehow went into the States. We knew this because the signs were green / yellow, and all in Spanish with white text. There was a coat of arms on each of the signs that seemed to represent British / Scottish ancestry. When we finally found a gas station with a few bays, the price was a bit expensive, but we had to fill up or else risk causing an accident! After that, a large golden retriever jumped into the car - just as Eric was stretching his arms over the backseat headrests! (nice gray Roots sweatshirt!) So Renee panicked and wanted to steal a HUGE truck with monster wheels in order to deal with the dog - we let her, since we wanted no part of the dog in the car! Luckily, that seemed to work because the dog leaped into the truck - Renee locked it in the vehicle right before she jumped back into our silver car. Then we had something else to deal with - A NAKED BLACK MAN COVERED IN MUD?! We definitely didn't want HIM in the car, so we used the same trick that we did with the dog - fortunately, it worked!

That was where it ended. No, I don't wish for my grandma (or any) to die! Maybe the dog part was caused by Henry, Sabrina, and me seeing this lovely golden retriever last night just before they dropped me off at home. She's wanted one since was five, yay! I also had this weird conversation:

(12:35:20 AM) HygienicSalmon: Hi.
(12:35:33 AM) Flami: Do I know you?
(12:38:31 AM) HygienicSalmon: Uhm.. not that I'm aware of. Or at least your screen name isn't familiar, and I'd probably remember it, considering. :-P
(12:38:48 AM) Flami: So you decided to message me at random?
(12:38:57 AM) HygienicSalmon: .. I sent you a message?
(12:39:11 AM) Flami: "Hi."
(12:39:41 AM) HygienicSalmon: Hum. That's very strange. I'm pretty sure I didn't send it, especially since I almost always start conversations with 'moo' [don't ask]
(12:39:52 AM) HygienicSalmon: Or sometimes variations. Like 'moooooo!'
(12:40:35 AM) Flami: Hmm. Odd. Oh well, I'm going to bed. Night.
(12:40:43 AM) HygienicSalmon: night. good luck with the mystery!
(12:42:28 AM) Flami: Thanks.

I got hit by this chatbot yesterday, too... I didn't connect it at first to these bots that have been going around. Odd, indeed...

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