Saturday, September 01, 2012

Weekly tradition! / Yvonne / SOMETHING AWFUL / Stone statues!

I've missed the weekly tradition, and now that I have peace and quiet, I'll go right back to it since it's been way too long from late May to August... and I also included Chinese Eric on the FAT DRAGON email thread! Replied to Mandy's emails this morning; yes, a certain person IS an idiot! (weekly tradition people seem to think much worse - but I'd agree; DOUCHE!) Vanessa got on MSN to tell me that she and Kim were looking at Cora's breakfast at around 9 or 10 on MONDAY; sounds good. I found a great LP thread on Something Awful for DRAGON QUEST V!

After the events of the Demon Tower, the Hero and his wife Bianca are turned into stone statues!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 BBT Tally / CHINESE ERIC / Panties!

I called Chinese Eric at 12:30 since I thought he'd called me, but "BLOCKED CALL" could mean anything! At least he answered the phone, and we had a good brief convo which made me feel better! I said that I'd seen Nathan TWICE already while he's been in town, and Eric wondered what was up with that guy since he never responded to his calls or emails! Nate IS a busy guy, with family dinners and work and who knows what else! I relayed the FAT DRAGON on MONDAY message from Jon to Eric, who said he'd have to see since the family friends STILL aren't out of town yet, but they DID just get back from the States! Says he'll call me on Saturday or Sunday to figure stuff out, which DEFINITELY sounds TERRIFIC! :D

Went to Sears at 2:05 to get some dark on-sale Jessica IMAGE panties, too. Also got Jessica knee socks, at three for $10. While I was at the mall, some East Indian kid smiled at me; he couldn't have been more than maybe nine or ten. Cute! Had to purchase some Always pads at Shoppers, and a watermelon bubble tea at Big Orange. I then thought of getting some cheap blank cards, but London Drugs / the dollar store / Shoppers didn't have them. Hallmark Cards had a 99ยข card section, but there were no blank cards. After scrounging through the "Thinking of You" subsection, I found one design that would be suitable for a baptism card application if ever I needed it, so I got the last eleven on the shelf. ("Sending you warm thoughts to brighten your day and lighten your heart" works! :P The "congratulations" cards almost never work if you want to use them for a non-Easter baptism!) I also found some seriously on-sale BUG 'EM! bees and ladybugs there (from $7.95 to $1.95?!), so got the last ladybug for myself, and a bee for white Eric's birthday which is next week. Yeah, they're more suitable for kids, but whatever works! Managed to cram everything into my purse (minus the garbage), and got home by 3:40!

Speaking of white Eric, he just called to see if I were going to the board games night: NO! I need my privacy! Also, I took the opportunity to rant to him about Randal's presumptuous emails. I don't want to hear anything more about SETTLERS OF CATAN or a guys' night out! JFC, people. I'm about to go back to the weekly tradition!


pudding @ Dragon Ball (Thursday, Aug. 16) [free, thanks to Chinese Eric!]
watermelon @ Big Orange (Friday, Aug. 31)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barb-Joyce, Havarti, baby concern, doughnuts, and screaming

Barb-Joyce added me to Facebook from the Puckheads - nice! The lards picked me up slightly late, and we were off to see Grandma briefly. For some reason, Mon's under the impression that I like candles, so she gave me two. She says she'll finish shortening a couple of my pants, so can give that to me if I go to church on Sunday. We'll see what the status of my own plans are first, haha. Saw Auntie Eva there, too. Got to Steph and Lisa's; when I met the French bulldog Havarti, she licked me a lot. Steph said that this was a good sign. Jon, Harmony, Ayler, and Nathan got there pretty much on time. When the baby cried (he was doing some pretty good screams at one point), the dog went over to investigate this new sound. Steph joked that their neighbors would react like this: "They just got a puppy, and now they have a baby?! What the?!"

We talked about Varley, the baby traveling to Victoria okay, the baby and dog sleeping / being spoiled by Mom, sex / dog breeding, joking dog recipes, being "hak-hai," TITUS ANDRONICUS, bombing, OTHELLO AND DESDEMONA, giving the baby alcohol to sleep, incest, RICHARD III, coffee, Skype / webcams, the hockey lockout possibility, couples, beers, H. Ross, Eric Ho being really Asian (Nate says I'm in better touch with him than he is!), Jeremy's band, interesting doughnut flavors from Lucky's (mango; peanut butter and jam; apple bacon; pistachio; etc.), the dog's eventual weight of twenty pounds, FAT DRAGON, quinoa, peas, cheesecake, coconut macaroons, and more. I caught myself calling the dog "baby" tonight, since that's what I usually call Ayler! ACK! Oh well, at least I threw in a "doggy" or two for flavor. I'm so not a dog person, but maybe I'll survive as the dog is relatively small. Nate also says he likes cats more than dogs, so I'm not alone!

It was good to see Lisa again - and to say hi to the baby, of course! He was wide awake when we wanted him to sleep, but I guess he was curious because of the new surroundings and the interesting lights. Harmony and Jon gave me a one-month baby card, I gave them the yellow baby booties (cute and good for winter), and Steph and Lisa gave me a wedding thank-you card along with FAZER Finland chocolate. On the way home, Mom tried talking to me about logistics and my next birthday dinner; if I want Big G there, it should probably be at the townhouse. Hey, then the dog can come too! I don't know of many restaurants that allow dogs, haha.

Now I'm getting slightly annoyed at all the emails about SETTLERS OF CATAN - Randal even saw fit to email me, Connie, Vicky, and Vivian separately since it seems like it'll be a guys' night out with him, Eric, Raymond, Kevin, Christon, and Albert. I don't really CARE for board games, and I really don't think much prayer or reflection will be done during such a night OR at dinner! The religious aspect aside, NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! I like doing my own thing / having solitude (Chinese Eric understands that!) - and if I wasn't at least halfway sure that Randal was coming at this from a somewhat caring perspective, I'd really rip into him!

Edit: And... nobody can make it, after all! HA, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, RANDAL! :P

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Christine, Scrabble, Itamar, perverts, dispelling RETURN!

Christine sent me a FB message, wondering if I ever played Scrabble. I used to with Scrabulous / Wordscraper / Lexulous, that's for sure! Eric sent us an email about the BBQ on the 7th (I gotta reply to the Evite), this Sunday's prayer time for the long-term viability of the group (I suspect I'll be at Cora's with Vanessa and Kim then), and there being NO OFFICIAL PROGRAM tomorrow - YES! Never mind the religious-based "gathering" stuff... it just means a free night to TRY getting Chinese Eric on the phone, hahahaha! Also, he mentioned SETTLERS OF CATAN, which now always makes me think of Itamar. :D

Old man in the Nameless Mountain Village tavern at night: "Just once, just once in my life, I'd like to know what's it like to take a bath. Fo fo fo."

People in the hot springs think we're perverts! "You came to this hot springs to do something perverted, didn't you?" If you say no, she replies: "Well, of course... hot springs are very good for the health." A "yes" answer gets you "Oh! You pervert!"

"Oh! You pervert!"

Perverted old man in the hot springs: "Oooh! B... Bianca! Are you here to bathe in the hot springs, too? *drown glug glug* "

We try casting RETURN in Port Selmi, but a magical force dispels it!

Soldier in Ruraphin: "Dammit! The roads in this city are so annoyingly complicated." (and they certainly ARE!)

The innkeeper in Oracle Valley: "Someone better take these folks to their comfy beds before I start handing out pink slips!"

The hero and Bianca on the way to their Salabona wedding, financed by Master Ludman. I didn't have the heart to choose his daughter Flora instead:

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NED KELLY, baby Declan grabbing my hat, and distractions!

I had to wait a while for the 407, but it took me to Deb and Dylan's with no problem at all. Got there and instantly started playing with baby Declan (who's 18 pounds - Ayler is fifteen pounds at three months!), while half-watching BEING ERICA. At nine months old, he tried stealing my hat multiple times - I didn't let him touch it too much, haha! He made a lot of spluttering noises, and tried to talk to us; cute! We talked about our days, whether it was hard work being a baby ("they don't share their food, and tell me when to sleep!"), reading baby books, baby Ayler, Steph, Lisa, Vegas (Dylan knows they got married from FB), work venting, toys, steak / salad / cheesecake / ice cream / veggies / kimchi, Grandma, exercise, life insurance, and more. Also watched NED KELLY and some of CENTER STAGE on Netflix... I think I needed the gunfire and violence to take my mind off certain personal things!

Interesting stories - haven't watched a dance movie in more than four years! Got home to find that my parents had called me about tomorrow - I guess 4:30 should be fine if they want to see Big G! We've told her that Uncle Michael is coming, but she doesn't seem enthusiastic about it; we do know she's tired a lot, though. I bet Mom doesn't want to bump into Uncle Michael, haha. Personally, I don't mind if I do! On another note, it's a good thing that Chinese Eric didn't call me; I got home at 10:15, which might be late. Won't be able to call him till maybe Friday, but if people are still in town, I might have to wait till Tuesday. Can I do that?! YIKES! I love him (not in that way!), and this is really bad. At least I know HE isn't like certain other people I could name! Jon also emailed us (me / Harmony / Steph / Nate) about some restaurant in the Downtown Eastside called FAT DRAGON which apparently is a Chinese BBQ / Southern BBQ fusion, and he thinks he's willing to make this an early birthday dinner for me. Hahaha, we'll see about that!

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Barry picked me up early for banking and food shopping, but we encountered much traffic on the way to the banks. We discussed crossword clues, Isaac Asimov, I ROBOT, a "swain," Shakespeare, life updates, and more. When I was finally at the store, I saw Deadly Masquerade: A True Story of Sexual Secrets, Illicit Passion, and Murder (Donita Woodruff) on sale for $5, so I bought it. Also got blackberry juice, on-sale Sunny D, replacement nail clippers, on-sale Palmolive replacement detergent (pomegranate / lavender / orange), replacement Nottingham bread, soy milk x3 (one in chocolate!), strawberry Olympic Greek yogurt, butter, wildberry juice, bananas, on-sale banana and chocolate oatmeal breakfast bars, and Motts Spicy Clamato. Went home and paid my Internet bill - there will be ANOTHER increase?! HOLY HELL. Now I gotta get ready to go to Deb and Dylan's pretty soon, so I can play with baby Declan!

After they find Papas' Sword and Borongo in the Western Cave, the DRAGON QUEST V party goes back to Kabochi to collect the other half of the 3000G reward. Borongo has been terrorizing the village crops, and this little kid says that he KNOWS the Hero is a jungle boy!

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Giggling, fooling people, capitalization, and assoholics

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, may you get eviscerated by a pack of wild boars! Mr. Texas Person has done it again. After telling me that he misses me, I then take a look on his FB wall a few days later only to find out that - surprise! - he's in a brand new relationship. I wasn't going to talk to him about it... seems she's the type who can't spell her own name and [judging from her posts on his wall] giggles a LOT and Capitalizes Every Single Word.

Sample posts: "My Man! *Giggles*" or "My Boyfriend! *Giggles* " BLAH.

REALLY?! Man, you LIED when you said you'd miss me OR said that you weren't ready for a relationship. I'm just not going to talk to him, anyway. Seems his computer has been down for a couple weeks, or so he says. Yeah, I don't know... *shakes head* At least I'm not feeling as badly about it as I was in Vegas when everything else happened!

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Pureed food, Grandma, Baby Dragon, Vanessa, and Deb

Visited Grandma for a bit: she said the food wasn't very good (but it's pureed!), and said I could order stuff if I was hungry. Once again, your residence is NOT a hotel, hahaha! I had to feed her some of her salmon / veggies dinner before she decided she could do it herself, but she said she wanted to sleep first since she was very tired. I asked if she had seen the baby, and she surprisingly acknowledged meeting Baby Dragon Ayler! Then I told her that Uncle Michael would be coming soon, but she didn't seem very excited. Oh well.

Got home to take a shower and do some laundry, then Vanessa said hi on MSN / YM. She wants to go to Ironwood on Sunday with her friend Kim, who's going on the ferry from Victoria just to eat at Cora's, hahaha! Good thing I don't have to be at church, eh? I called Deb about tomorrow, and she called me back - sure, I can get there after 4 and my food shopping. Should be doable from Gilbert, anyway... 407? She says I can stay for dinner, and then Dylan can take me home!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CONTACT WITH CHINESE ERIC! / Yes or no / Nuns / Handsome / Reinhart peace

Managed to finally make contact with Chinese Eric at 12:45, but he was heading out again since the uncles and such were in town. I said that if he called me at 4 AM, I would definitely not be answering the phone, haha! Yes, I can definitely understand his being tired and such after getting home from being out all day and taking a shower. MSN or a phone call would be good - just maybe not tomorrow evening since I have these tentative plans with Dylan and Deb! Tonight, maybe! Also called Barry about forty minutes later; tomorrow at 1:30 it is!

This Santa Rosa nun is overjoyed at seeing Papas again: "Ah, God must truly be watching over you to bring you back to us!"

Papas then tells her like it is: "Blah blah... save that talk for church! This is no time to be speaking like that!" (I'd say that to my friends, also!)

Papas going the wrong way through the tunnel leading to Reinhart!!!

A fellow slave is propositioning the hero! "It must have been so rough for you... if there's anything I can do to help you forget that pain, just ask..." OH MY. o_O

This old man in the Oracle Valley pub at night wants us to try the "disgusting" food, though he says the ale is good. "What? It was good?! That's unbelievable... what have your parents been feeding you?" Prince Henry and the hero have been slaves for ten years, so it's better than slave rations!

A nun at the nameless nunnery by the sea: "Oh? What an unexpected visitor we have. But... your face? What troubles you, Sire?" YES and NO are not answers to that! (we need Maria's help to open the door of the southern tower!)

After we restore peace to the land of Reinhart, we can go to the inn at night. This Bunny Girl offers us a puff puff since we're so handsome!

This old man in the tunnel to Reinhart has been watching the river currents for ten years, and says that Reinhart is back to normal because he wished it so! Hahaha!

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Object ONCE use / Slaves' toilets!

The DRAGON QUEST V hero can cast the spell Identify to see what items can do. "The object will disappear after ONCE use." o_O

Ten years after the hero's father dies, the hero and Prince Henry are slaves to the evil Order of Light, and are being forced to build a temple. When the hero checks this pot in the slave quarters, the game tells you that a horrible stench emanates from there! It seems to be the slaves' toilets!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Yazmine, Gold Orb, Borongo, older self, pink death

Barry called me, so I updated him on the past month as I was going to last week. He says it's horrible news - oh yes. Says I should call him tomorrow if I want to set up a shopping appointment, so I'll do that. Also emailed Chinese Eric, heh. I'm having sudden flashbacks to how that perfidious blackguard Yazmine Loquia ended our friendship in May 2005 over fifty cents at Kalamata Taverna! YIKES!

The DRAGON QUEST V little boy hero meets himself as an older man in Santa Rosa village, and his older version wants to see his Gold Orb!

Hey, it's Borongo and Bella in the Faerie Village!

Your hero doesn't know how to read the sign in Reinhart Castle town yet!

This is what it looks like when you're dead in DRAGON QUEST V, or "fainting." PINK! (this is against Gema in the Cave Northeast of Reinhart, before your father dies)

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Phil, Grace, and Micah will be missed...

When Eric picked me up this morning, he wondered if I'd spent time with Chinese Eric and Nathan yesterday. NO! IT WAS A FAMILY LUNCH! He complained about traffic while I found my lunch ticket, then he said that he should be at church by 9. That was currently not possible, as it was 8:55! I just hoped that Stanford isn't the type to yell at his minions, although I'm sure he can be quite intense at the restaurant! It was mainly a quiet ride over, but he did observe that I seemed to be in full DRAGON WARRIOR mode on Friday evening when he'd called - oh yes, and DRAGON QUEST V is next, which he's never played! He also wondered whether Steph and Lisa's wedding gift of pottery was all right, since my dad hadn't been driving too smoothly the night of the baby banquet. I guess I'll have to remember to ask them about it on Thursday!

Got to church, where I unloaded my extra Z-Grip pens on Priscilla and Joanna while waving to a VERY pregnant Alysia. I saw Jon, who said that Harmony and Ayler would come later... he was there to lead worship! Was going to sit in my usual spot, but I saw Darren C. and Jason - since I never see Jason more than once a year, I moved. He showed me lots of Calgary and Edmonton pictures on his phone, while asking me about Taiwan / my church / small groups and things like that. No, I don't have a phone - otherwise, I could keep in touch with him that way since he doesn't really use Facebook anymore! It's always good seeing him, though! (he said "God Bless" - that's totally fine!) Julie and Jeremy did indeed get baptized, so I gave them their cards later, for which they thanked me. Talked to Auntie Catherine, Sophia (her daughter Olivia is almost SEVEN already, and her mom told her about Grandma), Andrew L. (who's always tired - NOT NEWS!), and others before going upstairs.

At Toddler Sunday School, only David / Evelyn / Ashley / Anastasia were there! Lanie, Danny, and I had an easier time; James was clingy and crying too much, so he went with his mom. Priceless doctor advice from little Evelyn: "I'm going to check your head.... yes, there's something wrong. Your brain is playing tennis right now!" Talked about Lego, the panda and other animals on my BORN TO BE WILD shirt, elephants, fire engines, building a fort, climbing the door, cleaning up, and more. Went downstairs for lunch, where I was able to grab a seat in the crowded room. Stanford went all-out for the ten courses, and poor Christon was continually checking on things! The videos were good, but startled baby Ayler! Discussed Victoria, weddings, chow mein, drunken chicken, leftovers, curry noodles, tea, lemonade, sweet and sour pork, and much more with Alan / Tracy / Jon / Harmony / Edwin / Jane. When everything ended, I said hi to David M. while playing with Micah for about an hour. He's smart, and knows Jon Chan plays drums and Margaret plays guitar. I'm sure he liked his Uncle Angus scooping him up and playing with him!

Gave Grace a card and some stickers for Micah; it was just a little thing, but she thanked me anyway. I told Margaret that I was having issues with being a GOO-MAH and not a GOO-JEH, hahaha. Made plans with Deb and Dylan to go over on Wednesday to play with Declan, heh. Yes, he wanted my hat and glasses, but THAT WASN'T HAPPENING! I talked to Randal for a bit - YES, I WAS AT SERVICE TODAY! He says he believes me even if I wasn't in my usual spot, hahaha. When Eric finally got going, we said goodbye / see you soon to everyone, and got plenty of leftovers. He thought I was drunk, but that wasn't true at all. Then he wanted to drop me off at #4 / Alderbridge, but I didn't think that was a good idea. We discussed fight music, his latest FB display picture (not a WOW character, but himself with a shirt featuring Jon's head multiple times!), town music, how I should change mine since it's three months old (BOOTY LOGO!), and more. I'm sure he'll bug me on Friday!

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Impostors casting Transform / Metal Babbles, King Metal, and a SLIME?!


The Impostor enemy can cast Transform; here, two of them have assumed the shapes of Brey and Mara!

HAHAHA! A King Metal, Metal Babbles, and a SLIME down here in the Final Cave?!

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