Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grandma appetite, pork cheek, Nathan, happy Ayler, and chips

Mom complained that I was late, but they never called before leaving... then again, I had to post placeholders and such! Ran out of time to do everything that I wanted to, as well. However, I wouldn't have traded the lunch with baby Ayler and Grandma for that! Mom was nicer on the phone with Steph, OF COURSE. I tried helping with Grandma at Dogwood, but ended up pushing the surprisingly heavy wheelchair out the door; Steph said that I'd left the brakes on! Whoops! Went to the Grand Honour Restaurant for lunch - Jon, Harmony, Ayler, and Nathan were late as well, so it was FINE! Had pork cheek, noodles, HA-GOW, SIU MAI, duck, green beans, spicy sauce, soup, and more for lunch; Grandma had a very good appetite and just went for the beans like they were all hers! Steph found out that Neil Armstrong died, and it was great to see Nathan while he was in town! Talked about the happy baby Ayler (who seemed interested in Nathan, and grabbed my finger), Brian and Amy's wedding, yucca root tea, Uncle Eric, FLAMINGO restaurant, Havarti (the baby is older than the dog by two days), Thursday's dinner, Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie coming in two weeks on September 6, "nasty" emails, and more.

By the time I got home at 3 (after Island Farms ice cream from Langara), Mom had given me Doritos chips (Sweet Chili Heat / Nacho Cheese); Cheetos; jalapeno cheese slices; peanuts; candy; funeral home mints; blackberry jam; Safeway chocolate chip cookies. I was going to go out and get the cards for Julie C. and Jeremy Y., but figured I should finish up stuff first. Checked my email, where Randal had given me advice to BE A BITCH when asking for drugs to make the pain go away for Big G. Also checked my phone to discover that Eric had called; seems he has to be at church at 9 (?!) because he signed up to help Stanford for Phil's farewell lunch tomorrow. Aiya! Guess I'll have to live with it! Finally managed to get out the door so I could buy on-sale index cards, much-needed milk, and blank cards for Julie C. / Jeremy Y.'s baptism tomorrow. Since I'll be at church anyway, I might as well...

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Piranian, Infsnip, Zapangler, Necrodon... YOU ARE MINE!!!!

I was very surprised when I woke up this morning to find a reply from Gedowski to my DRAGON WARRIOR IV code thread on the hacker forums, complete with all the codes I needed! I had to test them out, and provide screenshot proof!

NEEOZXNN Master Necrodain
NOEOZXNY 2 King Healers
EXEOZXNN 2 King Metals
SXEOZXNN Traveling Merchant
KUEOZXNY 2 Balzacks
INEOZXNY 5 Metal Babbles
AUEOZXNY 2 King Slimes
LKEOZXNN Rabid Roover
GSEOZXNY Giant Octopod
ZNEOZXNY Zapangler
AXOPUGAO Random battle enemy mod for the cave leading to Izmit (Troubadour; doesn't work for every random battle)

Master Necrodain! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Two King Healers! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Two King Metals! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Traveling Merchants! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Two Balzacks! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Six Metal Babbles! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Two King Slimes! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Piranian! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Infsnip! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Rabid Roover! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Batodei! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Giant Octopod! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Sea Worm! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Sea Lion! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Zapangler! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Necrodon! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

Troubadour! [very rare; had to use a code to hack this one in]

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Zenithian Lucia, Zenithian Tower, appraisal, and Tower

Eric called to see whether I'd make it out to Bible Study tonight; nope, as I was busily trying to find a Master Necrodain. PRIORITIES, MAN! Since I hadn't found one after an hour of playing, I used a code to hack one in.

Here's Lucia, a Zenithian who became trapped in the Giant World Tree when she was injured by monsters who broke her wings:

Lucia the Zenithian: STATS MODE!

Taloon appraises the Zenithian Sword just outside of Elfville, and is disappointed! "So this is the Zenithian Sword! I was expecting something more spectacular..."

However, when Taloon appraises the Zenithian Sword after Master Dragon blesses the item, he says: "Look at it glow! This sword is something, after all!"

When you stay at the Izmit Village inn after defeating Necrosaro, your character can have a dream about Rosa's death and Ruby Teardrops. Necrosaro will say that he'll let humans suffer for his elfin girl's death!

If you try entering the Zenithian Tower without the Hero equipping the Zenithian Sword / Armor / Shield / Helm, a voice is heard: "This is the Zenithian Tower. Only those who are eligible can enter. Leave!"

The same goes for the Zenithian Castle in the clouds!

Hey, we can have TWO Dews of World Tree instead of just one! We got one from the Giant World Tree, stored it in the vault, and then got another one from a demon watering the plants in Zenithia!

Lucia is so grateful for our help earlier that she gives us Doran to help us through the remainder of our quest!

Doran, the Baby Dragon:

Here's Master Dragon!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Vanessa, Cora's crepes, Darren Morrison, CHOSEN ONES

Replied to Mandy's email this morning, heh. Vanessa got on MSN to say that I should try the HUGE crepes at Cora's in Ironwood... haha, maybe when I actually have money! She says she's back next week (which works), but Wayne's away for a while; got it. I checked my Yahoo account since she sent me a picture, and discovered that Darren M. had emailed me a spam HCG Ultra Drops link, like Farrah unwittingly did a couple weeks ago!

Candy showed me this Tumblr picture; someone get that guy a dictionary!

Upon a DRAGON WARRIOR IV party defeat, a voice is heard out of nowhere: "Chosen Ones. It's not the time to give up. I will revive you. Open your eyes..."

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Stancia rendezvous / Gardenbur / Traveling merchant armies

Just discovered the start of redrum... and I thought that smell was interesting, not the HARBINGER OF RED DOOM!

"La, di, la... your beautiful face, reflecting on [Stancia] water..."

"Excuse me... EXCUSE ME! We're having a rendezvous! Don't intrude!" HAHAHAHA! Oh, Stancia...

Taloon can call for reinforcements in battle, which consist of a traveling merchant army appearing out of nowhere and attacking the enemy!

Taloon can also sing a lullaby to try making the enemy sleep...

This is the only man living in Gardenbur Castle, in the House of Healing! "You envy me, don't you?"

The Gardenbur castle jail guard will miss us... what is she saying?!

We can make the Colossus south of Riverton move!

Hey, the Colossus can transport us across water so we can get to Dire Palace!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A&W Teen Burger Cruising / Ragnar and Izmit children fun

Vania reminded me about the A&W "Cruising for a Cause" promotion against Multiple Sclerosis by inviting me and others to the Facebook event, so I went to the one in Richmond Centre. TEEN BURGERS, AHOY! I also got Rainbow Chips Ahoy at Shoppers Drug Mart since they were on sale for $2 each, getting rid of a bunch of change in the process. Saw a cute curious baby on the bus, too. :D

Ragnar saves the Izmit children, and goes back to Burland. One of his fellow soldiers wants to take credit, and says the same thing whether you say YES or NO to his question: "I was only kidding. You're so naive!"

Then Ragnar goes to the King with the children in tow, who says: "You must take the children back to Izmit Village. I will hear your story later. Go now, Ragnar."

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Ragnar, Puff Puff, Panon, CHOSEN ONE!

Got an email from Jon about a possible lunch with Big G on Saturday before Brian and Amy's wedding, and one from Steph stating I should RSVP to a family dinner at their place next Thursday. Apparently, Ayler can meet his dog cousin Havarti - if it's anything like his seeing baby Rebecca again at the park last week, he'll cry!

Ragnar going for "Puff Puff therapy" in Monbaraba at night: "It's over. Now you'll be popular with girls! Be confident from now on, okay?"

Princess Alena alone in the Puff Puff room in Monbaraba at night, and being warned against working at this undesirable place: "You want to work here? Don't. Puff Puff is not easy to master."

Panon has joined the party! Hopefully, his jokes will make the King of Stancia laugh! That way, we can get the Zenithian Helm!

However, since Panon isn't one of the Chosen Ones, he doesn't know what to do with the wagon!

Panon, the Jester:

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jambalaya fettuccini, Kirin, Sabrina, LOTR, and birthdays

I got out on time to meet Chrystal at London Drugs, but I just missed both the 401 and 407! We talked about her having Chinese food tomorrow, Boston Pizza, salad, jambalaya fettuccini, paying for ourselves, Emily, Mike, barbecues, the park, Chinese Eric, baby Ayler, her seeing Nathan / Daniel / Michelle / Maddie at Kirin, Phil's farewell on Sunday, Facebook, LOTR not being a ripoff of HARRY POTTER, her parents going back to Hong Kong for a month in September, Harmony / Holly / Myles / Brittney, her seeing Sabrina at the Skytrain station twice this week, Cindy and her birthday, birthdays in general, Pastor Bob, Grandma, and other life stuff. It was good, even if I wanted to go home almost immediately afterwards!

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Hector, Mintos, Healie, Burland weeping

Hey, Hector is working at the only inn with castle doors, the one at Mintos! (when he leaves your party after the Padequia Seed events, he studies hotel management under Old Howden)

Wow! Healie the Kind Slime realized his dream of becoming human! He wants us to rescue Ragnar in Keeleon Castle.

Here's a kid in Burland who's too scared to go to the bathroom! "Weep... I want to go to the bathroom, but I'm too scared!"

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ice Wine Chocolates! / You should have babies after getting married...

Visited Grandma briefly (she was watching old English movies), and went to the People's Drug Mart across the street from Dogwood to get a new pencil case (since my old one got really wet) and those ice wine chocolates that I'd seen last week: one for me, one for Chinese Eric, and one for Harmony. I'm sure Harmony will like them, haha! FAVORITE HOS, indeed! Unfortunately, the Canucks pencil case I got was too small for my stuff, so I went to London Drugs instead. (the Oakridge Zellers didn't have what I was looking for) Good thing that their purses and such were on sale, as I managed to get one which wasn't ridiculously huge for a "wallet"! When I got home, I put the chocolates in the fridge - thank goodness I didn't have to worry about them melting like I would have last week in the heat! Eve May added me to Facebook, too - WHEE! Then again, Daniel Lawlor unfriended me... oh well?

Grandma, on life stages after I reminded her that my brother has an infant son (she seems not to remember meeting him EVER): "Of course your brother has a baby! He got married, so he should have one by now!" HAHAHAHA!

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Canucks at the Last Supper / Hector the Young Man

Angela S. had this SWEET "Canucks at the Last Supper" picture up on Facebook, so I had to have it! (Coach Vigneault, Roberto Luongo, and all the other people...)

Breaking stone doors in the Cave of Betrayal after losing Mara and Nara is NOT possible!

You can't cast Outside in the Cave of Betrayal, either - the strange force will work, and contain it!

Hector has joined the party at the front of the wagon (temporarily) in the desert with his horse, Primrose!

Hector, the Young Man:

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