Sunday, October 27, 2002

Yazmine and Aji Taro

Had a long day today - church, a meeting, and then getting together with Yazmine. My parents kindly gave us a ride to Richmond Centre after our church meeting, since Yazmine had to meet me at church. (they asked her a lot of questions, but it was still better than not taking the bus!) She claims she didn't get lost, but I don't know. At least she showed up on time, and not an hour late! (that bugged me, seriously) I went to Chapters and probably bored Yazmine a lot, but she knows what she's getting into with me! Bought a RIPLEY'S book - those things are awesome!

She wanted to go right to dinner at Aji Taro (which was cool), but I wanted to go home for a bit to unload the book and other heavy items. When we got there, she didn't like my "weird" music - I made her sign the blue guestbook, and of COURSE she said "Let's go for dinner!" Of course we did, right after I checked some stuff on this SLOW 486! Hahaha. That's what you get for bugging me - it's not like I wasn't going to go for Japanese food / sushi since I was also hungry!

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