Saturday, December 01, 2007

Joy to the world! An 18-wheeler has jack-knifed! (Quizzes)

These "BLOG WANTED POSTERS" are hilarious! :D



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"The Abnormal Killing of a Tricky Neighbor" - sweet! Just my style! Sorta-kinda...

And for Facebook...



What's Your Blog Wanted For?

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The tireless digestion of an eager ape? Hahaha, interesting! :P
Speaking of Facebook, Andrea L.'s removed me as a friend from that site. Oh well. :P

Vivian messaged me on Facebook about the winter wonderland outside - I worry how I'll get around, but it does look nice and white before it turns all grey and slushy! Eric got on MSN with "Answer your phone, woman! Church is cancelled." Thanks for letting me know about this RARE event, especially since I've been pretty much phone-avoidant all day. =/

I like this commercial which starts out with "Joy to the world! An 18-wheeler has jackknifed!" Heh, maybe it's just my morbid mind - yay for XM Radio! This somehow reminds me of the Pulp-Fiction-related tangent of last night's conversation at #9. Angus was discussing Epi-Pens, which Dylan THOUGHT had to be jabbed into the chest wall. After correcting this misconception (you'll die of a heart attack!), Angus said that it really had to be jabbed into the thigh - it's big, and you can't miss it unlike the heart! (that reminds me of how Lana Turner's daughter Cheryl killed her mom's mobster boyfriend Johnny Stompanato) There's this scene in the aforementioned movie where you can see a plunging knife - sweet!

Morbid Facts About My Birthday!

Unusual Deaths in 1976

* Keith Relf, former singer for British rhythm and blues band The Yardbirds, died while practicing his electric guitar. He was electrocuted because the guitar was not properly grounded.

Natural disasters in 1976

* Groundhog Day gale of 1976
* Hurricane Liza (1976)
* 1976 Tangshan earthquake

People who died on September 17 (various years)

* 2006 - Patricia Kennedy Lawford, American socialite
* 2005 - Alfred Reed, American composer
* 2003 - Erich Hallhuber, German actor
* 2000 - Paula Yates, English TV personality
* 2000 - Nicole Reinhart, American cyclist
* 1998 - Ted Binion, Las Vegas casino heir
* 1997 - Red Skelton, American actor and comedian
* 1996 - Spiro Agnew, Vice President of the United States
* 1993 - Christian Nyby, American film and television director
* 1991 - Zino Francescatti, French violinist
* 1987 - Harry Locke, British character actor
* 1984 - Richard Basehart, American actor
* 1982 - Manos Loïzos, Greek composer
* 1980 - Anastasio Somoza Debayle, President of Nicaragua
* 1973 - Hugo Winterhalter, American bandleader
* 1972 - Akim Tamiroff, Georgian actor
* 1966 - Fritz Wunderlich, German tenor
* 1951 - Jimmy Yancey, American pianist
* 1938 - Bruno Jasieński, Polish poet
* 1936 - Ettie Annie Rout, New Zealand activist
* 1933 - Joseph De Piro, Maltese missionary
* 1907 - Ignaz Brüll, Austrian pianist
* 1899 - Charles Alfred Pillsbury, American industrialist
* 1894 - Deng Shichang, Chinese admiral
* 1879 - Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, French architect
* 1873 - Alexander Berry, Scottish adventurer
* 1863 - Alfred de Vigny, French author
* 1836 - Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, French botanist
* 1808 - Benjamin Bourne, American politician
* 1803 - Franz Xaver Süssmayr, Austrian composer
* 1771 - Tobias Smollett, Scottish novelist
* 1762 - Francesco Geminiani, Italian violinist
* 1727 - Glückel of Hameln, German businesswoman
* 1679 - John of Austria the Younger, Spanish general
* 1665 - Philip IV of Spain
* 1630 - Thomas Lake, English statesman
* 1621 - Robert Bellarmine, Italian saint
* 1575 - Heinrich Bullinger, Swiss religious reformer
* 1574 - Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, first Spanish Governor of Florida
* 1563 - Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland, English soldier
* 1422 - Constantine II of Bulgaria
* 1322 - Robert III of Flanders
* 1179 - Hildegard of Bingen, German abbess and composer

Mingle2 is now Just Say Hi. Got it now. :P

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No comment. :P

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Thank goodness I don't consider myself proficient in Netspeak. :D

Just because I got two questions correct... CHEH! I tell you, CHEH!

Beliefnet quiz on Lost taken from Jaymi:

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White Spot, ping-pong, and #9... SO MUCH FUN!

Melia called to say that Awana is cancelled because of the snow. Why am I not surprised? More time to post stuff on Facebook walls and such! Then I expect I'll start on the word search book - distraction will rule, as does slaying memory dragons! (I really ought to post something on Dallas' wall, too... and do what I warned Jon I would: post something on Harmony's wall about his swerving in the middle of lanes!) There's a snowfall warning for the day, and we'll have 10 centimetres with a -12 windchill: I don't think I'm going anywhere soon! Thank goodness I'm fine with food and distraction - and hung out last night with friends! Ada also just called to see whether I knew Awana was cancelled - yup!

Steph picked me up last night, and we went to White Spot, where I was determined to have something without chicken! We had Pale Ale, Sleemans Honey Brown, calamari, and two fajita salads while talking about breaks / Korey / guys / behavior / stress / Melissa / Cecilia / Kate / Rachel / Dave / honesty / Christmas cards and plans / guy friends / alcohol tradition / frank thoughts / online people not being all bad / Corey being one of my close friends / irrationality / Jeremy / past stuff. The salads were definitely good value, since it was a huge plate with lots of beef and veggies and cheese - the shell was also good eating. In retrospect, I shouldn't have chosen White Spot since Karen and I are going there on Tuesday pending snow, but it's okay! Watched sports on TV, and heard about Evel Knievel's death. After that, she bugged me about LOVING THROUGH CARING, and then we decided to go to Ping-Pong to hang out. Good thing I have such a caring sister who'll always be there for me! When we got there, I accidentally wandered into the non-public washroom, but then I haven't been to the table tennis club in months, so that's understandable. :P

We hung out with Cindy, Karen, and Grace - Dylan joined us a bit later. Ivan came downstairs to see if Karen wanted something to drink, and offered something to all of us. We all declined, and he went away again. Karen said that we had to find sweet quality guys like this, since we all thought her husband was so sweet. He's always like this with everyone, not just his wife! His brother and her sister-in-law think there's something wrong with it, but everyone else seems fine. (never mind the "get a room!" joke my sister made a while back!) Talked about kids' teasing, names, Moo, "soaked in grace," the one-litre bubble tea place (SO MUCH CAFFEINE!), yin-yang, Hannah, Dorcas, Sarah, binding agreements / mortgages, opinions on my name / my same-name story, Asian teachers being the majority, Texas / California, Bible Study (Proverbs), "Dumb," sports, it being too cold, the COMPLICATED family trees (Phil / Melia and Chrystal / Emily being double cousins!), etc. I thought of telling Dylan that people are naming their little girls Dylan nowadays, but I'm sure he already knows! After a bit, we went upstairs to hang out with everyone else.

Said hi to Isabel, Mike x2, Phil, Emily x2, Benjamin, and Stella - Stella's baby is due in a few weeks, and she thinks it'll be a girl. Billy congratulated me on my Committee appointment - I think I'll get through this with the help of my friends, much like another thing! Benjamin (who was wearing a Canucks shirt) gave me a few blueberries, which I thanked him for. He had to be done with them after a bit when he started throwing them on the floor - dealing with a blue stinky mess tomorrow would be NO FUN for his parents, anyhow! Billy noticed Steph's Canucks jersey, so brought his son over to where she was joking with Joey / Melia / Angus. We all marveled over the similarity of the tops, heh. Afterwards, I decided to see what random stuff my grandma had given me along with fine bone china dishes: a religious booklet (according to Angus) all in Chinese (I'm throwing that away), a bar of soap (at least that's usable...), a very thin photo album, and some other random stuff. She's getting old, that's for sure!

Melia and Angus looked so cute sitting together - gives me some hope! People in the loony bin think Angus is Mexican, and that's not even close! Talked to Auntie Ying for a bit - she might as well enjoy her last day of her leave of absence! Saw Anthony, and waved to him - he was discussing the Spice Girls concert on Sunday with Emily and Mike. Ivan told me that my brother was being a bad influence on him, and I'm not surprised! We wondered what Quan was doing under a table, but she assured us that it was temporary. Jeremy and Eric were plying against each other at one point, which led to jokes about segregation. Greeted them when they came to rest for a bit, which was good. Joyce brought out her football, which led Steph to want some action. That resulted in her and Cordia knocking heads together - OUCH! They were all right after a bit, though. Eventually, the night ended - I said hi to Christon, Citrus, Sam, Lesley, and Raymond. Lesley says her dreams aren't remembered 99.99% of the time, but something haunts her from the last two weeks. Raymond has the whole month off since he saved his vacation days until now - might as well have time for shopping and reading and such!

Cindy called Becky to see how she was, then wanted to go out to eat with Anthony, Melia, and Angus. Joey declined since he was dropping Sam off at Garden City Hot Pot (a night with his lady friends, haha?), Steph declined because of her long week (working 12.5 hours on Wednesday because of month-end with all the big bosses away?!), but Jon and I were up for #9. Raymond has tickets to next Saturday's game against the Penguins - SIDNEY CROSBY! (he educated Lesley on why it was such a high-demand game, too!) Discussed hockey pools and three shutouts in a row before giving Dylan very simple directions to #9 since he doesn't know Richmond all that well. I reminded him that next year's Committee would be dominated by the Richmond contingent, so he'd better get used to meeting at Pastor John's house! Eric laughed at that, haha. Jeremy and Nathan declined to go out anywhere - turns out Jeremy arrived with Phil. (and had had two beers with Jon beforehand!) Grace gave me a Rice Krispies bar while we talked about food and how it was good to be with friends (for sure!), and Karen reassured me that our lunch date was still on. If I feel that I can't make it, I'll call her!

Once we got to #9 (slaying!), we wondered how many people would show up. We opted for a table instead of a booth, and eventually wondered where Dylan was - he was talking to Chung. Talked about Cindy's class wanting boundaries, her teaching, letters / warnings, and her trying to be more firm. Jon said that Dad could just take over the role of "father figure," but then he might just scare the kids! Too true... sometimes he's not the most kid-friendly person! I remember the time at Summer Conference when he told Julie that she was holding up the food line and being too slow, oops. Joked about durian, Kenny Rogers' THE GAMBLER being Melia's song when she walks down the aisle at her wedding ("he knows when to hold them, and he knows when to fold them... hide them!" YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK!), last Sunday at Jeremy's, Anthony being okay with eating a huge plate of fried rice by himself (he almost finished it!), and how we know we shouldn't do certain things anymore. No more fat camp, and veggie camp wouldn't be any fun! Jon and Dylan said they couldn't do what Anthony was doing then, but might have when they were 18.

At one point, Jon refilled our teacups by taking the teapot from a nearby dish repository, and then placed the teapot on our table. The waitresses noticed; one asked another if she'd given us permission to do that, and she said no. So then we were busted: "No problem, but you can't put the teapot on your table!" Haha, oops. Cindy asked for some hot water since she's extremely sensitive to caffeine, and was wide awake right then. Then she said she had to train all summer for her teaching work in the fall - bed at 11 and up at 6:30! She called her parents, and Melia joked that she should say that she was out finding a man, haha - apparently, her mom's hilarious! Jon added his own twist: "We're at the border / in Seattle, and won't be back ALL NIGHT!" Haha. Anthony said that he had some strong coffee after working a typical day (12 to 14 hours), and then slept right afterwards! Jon said that he'd had a red-eye (espresso with coffee shots, or something - like Americano?), which was good for being wired when he only had five hours of sleep. I should get into that, or maybe not - I get pretty wired at times!

Angus wanted fried goodness, which he got in the form of tofu with spicy peppers... when I ate a piece with a lot of peppers on it, Anthony wondered if it wasn't terribly hot. Not for me! Jon says that I have an iron stomach for that kind of thing, which is good. Maybe I'll have some hot and sour soup one of these days, haha. Dylan offered to scoop me some beef noodles - sure, why not? Friends like these are much appreciated! We knew they'd have huge portions, so we took that into account while ordering a few dishes to share. Melia jokingly asked Jon: "Would you like some vegetables, darling?" to which he replied in kind: "Of course I would, honey cup, or whatever..." I had to help him with "honeybunch," haha. After talking about teacher dignity and farting / stomach rumbling, we settled the bill and left - we said goodbye to everyone, wishing Angus a good Las Vegas trip. Jon called me a cougar - meh. Got home and pretty much went straight to bed after calling my sister to tell her that she was weird - she'd apparently called me three times WHILE I WAS WITH HER during the night! Must be her cellphone playing some weird tricks!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

I saw a Princess at the bookstore today...

Hey, I got a Christmas card from Ana (daphne486) and a card with various stickers from Julie (julie709) over the past few days! Gotta love the Easter stickers showing up at Christmas time, haha. Also got a penguin blood donor, a pink bear, and scratchy dog / fish stickers. You know, the ones where you can scratch them and they make noise while changing to another picture altogether. That's the best explanation I can come up with... :P

Speaking of Christmas cards and such, I finally got my ever-growing pile of 35 mailed out this afternoon! (Natalie, George / Candy, Yolande, Sheryll, Nyssa, Samara, Shauna, Kelli, Zack, Mandy, Jane, Charlotte, Kaitlin, Johnny, Brynn, John, Irene, Rebecca, Julie, Brian, Marie, Steve / Carol, Corey, Farrah, Janina, Marilynn, Jennifer H., Jennifer L., Chrissy, Frane, Savina, Ana, Katya, Alessandra, and Sara) I should stop being OCD about the "helpful" clerk not affixing stamps properly to envelopes. Oh well... I do feel better if the stamp doesn't look like it's going to come off the envelope at processing time! (I hope the coins in Brynn's card make it through...) Gotta work on cards for my real-life friends, too! Thank goodness they don't require postage... if they did, I'd have NO MONEY!

I got a big word search book from Coles as distraction from stuff, and the red-haired clerk serving me was named PRINCESS. I was trying to see whether her name tag read "Precious" or "Princess" - since my sight seems to be deteriorating, I asked her. "Yeah... what can you do?" she laughed it off. Oh well, at least she seems to have a sense of humor about it! Yay for the first use of my Chapters giftcard! I made a wise financial decision, and decided not to buy any Christmas seals from Hallmark till later - I don't NEED them now, after all. Saw a George Bush quotes 2008 calendar that Jeremy might like, but I've already linked him to the George Bush quote website which probably has more than 365 quotes on it! I'm sure that's more lasting, haha.

The mall was starting to get crowded, so I'm glad I got out of there before I wanted to seriously spork people. Christmas carols didn't get into my head either, which is all right by me. Had a mango bubble tea from Big Orange, as well. Dragon Ball is now open again, if I remember correctly - yay! I think my sister and I will go to Milestones or White Spot for dinner tonight, which is sweet. We should get Gwyneth and Evelyn to make instant decisions for us since we can never decide! I've also just heard on the news that it's going to be one of the coldest winters in fifteen years... this reminds me of what my brother said to me once: "If you don't like the cold here, you should never move out of Vancouver!" Too true! Poor Cindy, too - she's ALWAYS cold! :(

Also, I find this icon from Julie to be absolutely hilarious!

Your Score: Habanero Pepper

You scored 75% intoxication, 75% hotness, 50% complexity, and 75% craziness!

You are Habanero!

You're hot and very flavourful. Unlike most hot peppers, your fruity goodness really comes through. You're great in unexpected situations, and quite vibrant, to boot. You're fun, spontaneous, and have been known to cause intense giggle fits. Woot!

Link: The Which Spice Are You Test written by jodiesattva on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Not going to ping-pong, but dinner instead!

Steph unexpectedly invited me out to dinner tonight. Sure, I'll do it tomorrow! I know Korey called three times today, but I was frankly too upset to say anything. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day if it happens...

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Comics / Sadness / Dream of baby Byron and Laura Ingalls Wilder

Got a bunch of good advice and funny comic recommendations yesterday - thanks, Teunis! You know I need to laugh right now, and I appreciate that! :)

Biting teen advice. (no, not literal advice on how to bite teens... :P)
Ozy and Millie (a good comic to meander through)
Tales of Mu (and a funky rather adult fiction with some odd approaches; it's really quite good - as are the comments. But it's definitely not worksafe... and sometimes does cross over to full naughty stuff. It also involves a lot of bizarre alternative relationships and kinks.... but who knows - it could be funny reading.)
Something Positive (cute comic, which I have heard of... funny and snarky seems to suit me!)
Questionable Content (funny, even if less apropos)
Dominic Deegan (a rather more evil comic? LET ME AT IT!)
ROCR (this one's got a lot of nudity, but basically no sex... and it's flipping good! (the morality of it's decidedly medieval - and the fairies are all naked. Also note: people are all sizes and shapes in this one, too. Definitely not for those with hangups... he thinks I'm fine for that too, which is probably right. The real story's a complicated one involving witches, fairies and dealings with a powerful witch with low self-esteem...)
Schlock Mercenary (BOOM!)
WAPS is Square (weird and good - YAY!)
Chopping Block (a pretty one about a serial killer... it is JUST what my sibs and Eric need to hear me reading about, muhahaha!)
LFG Comic (very good art, with evil mixed in)
Exiern (a good art one, which gets close to being naughty sometimes - but is funny)
Venus Envy (Author is transgendered, as is main character. Based on real people. At least one of the characters has died in real life. It's not easy - especially as the current one is autobiographical. Possibly wait with this one - even Tales of Mu is easier than this particular one that's posted.)
Girl Genius Online (VERY funny. And lightly "evil," but most of the characters are good. The really evil ones get blown up. The art's rather good.)

"Some of those go back several years. (Something Positive for instance). Some are long reads (Tales of Mu - and she's got a bunch of other stories too). Should keep you busy a while. :)" Sounds like it - which is what I need. Or a word search book or two (or my other books) to keep me off the computer also!

Hester knocked on my door, and said that she couldn't read the note I left her because my handwriting is "too close together." Believe me, I'd print it out if I could! Says the fridge guy should be in to see about the fridge / freezer - I'd hope so! I'm keeping the milk and yogurt for now as evidence... actually, I'm not since that's just plain disgusting. I can handle the juice getting a tangy fizz taste to it, since I can think of it is as a fizzy drink. But not the milk fermenting... EWWWW!

I also reconnected with Dave C. / Chironex the other night. That was good! Turns out he's in a long-distance relationship with someone in Malaysia, and thinks the flight time from Australia and such is worth it. Good for him - I wish them both the very best of luck!

I hope I'm in reasonable shape to go out in a couple of hours. Let's just say I certainly hope I'm in the same kind of shape by Saturday! I know, I know... this takes time. Never said it was easy... :(

Had a weird dream last night when I finally got to sleep:

Korey called me, saying that he needed someone to talk to. I said I'd get there eventually, which I did. We talked and I just held him in my arms, having his hair touch my chin... that felt good, but I also knew there was something wrong with it. Then my friends and I went off to meet these people who had come from the past. One of them was a little Roger Lea McBride (a Laura Ingalls Wilder historian), who had somehow been transported to Laura's time. A grandfather got really mad at the kids for some reason (Laura looked like a girl I used to know), and wanted to whip them. Then he noticed the books by the older Roger Lea McBride, and asked how they'd gotten there. Nobody could tell him, so of course he wanted to whip the kids more. Someone took pity on Laura and said she should at least wear angel wings as a costume before receiving the unfair punishment. Then the kids all went to see various babies in the hospital, lying on tables with lights on them. One baby was named Byron, and had tubes all over him. The dream ended when little Byron had complications from an operation...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Note: What swear word are you Kwiz Biz, by Thy Beloved.

Note to self: Just put the names and authors of Kwiz Biz quizzes as a note like I do with LJ-based Blogquizzes and Memegens. Too much "bad" HTML to be edited otherwise!

Everclear lyrics that suit my mood right now:

Baby, go to bed and put out the light
We both know if we talk any more
We're gonna end up in a great big fight
You can have your way again
Yeah, you believe what you wanna believe
You can walk all over me tomorrow
But tonight, can we both just pretend to sleep

I think we're headed for a big fall
I think we're headed for a bad time
Ooh yeah you're gonna go downstairs
And sit in that chair you like
Gonna put a John Prine record on
I think we need to slow it down for a while

(Thrift Store Chair)

Now That It's Over also resonates in my head. Guess it's an angsty afternoon because of stupid Korey!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dream of reverse conditions, Veggie Tales, and Tim Horton's!

I had an interrupted nap when a blocked number called me - no lie, since that's what shows up on the Caller ID. ("------- BLOCKED CALL") If it's blocked, how does it get through in the first place?! Ugh. At least Lesley and I agree that naps are wonderful things! I'm also calmer about certain things - yay for learning and concerned friends! Karen emailed me about the Oakridge White Spot next Tuesday at 12:30... that sounds all right, if I can only remember! I'd better not buy TOO much stuff from the mall, except maybe a big word search book or two! As for lunch, food is bad since I eat whatever's in front of me: today, I've had about four chicken breasts / frozen veggies (should get CANNED next time) / noodles / juice / sauce. Aiya.

I've had another weird dream... no idea why:

* Ian and Sean were reversed as far as autism goes, so Sean was normal while Ian was not. My friends and I decided to cross a body of water by going on a ship with colorful flags, taking the kids along because we felt they deserved a nice outing. When we got on the ship, there were piles of condoms in brownish-gold packaging - people could pick those up and then skate all over the place to follow colored footprints on the floor. We learned that someone named Wendy was in charge of this, but she was going by Queen Wilhelmina's orders - fair enough, as long as the kids didn't know what they were. Someone took pity on our group and informed us that we could go into a castle (like in MARIO games) to have these exchanged for more appropriate items like Lego - we did, and it was awesome!

* We saw my grandma at our destination; when we said we'd give her a ride to a creepy black house, she wanted to do something with Veggie Tales. Dad came out of his lighted study, and gave us books and money to fund whatever we were going to do. I went to the creepy black house to meet Jon, Jeremy, and Nathan - we ate chicken and dessert out of trifle cups, and thought it was the best experience ever. To soothe our grandma, we purchased all the Veggie Tales stuff we could find, and downloaded some more. She didn't even complain when we all left the house to go pick Steph up at Melia and Angus' place! (normally, she'd have made a comment about how we were interrupting her by making her leave with us, even if we weren't going to leave her there by herself)

* We went to park our white car in a parking garage. There was a blue Tim Horton's sign proclaiming that they'd been the best provider of snacks and food "FOR YOU" from 1984-1989. Then there were the slow people who held up the line by taking pictures of these black cars which were on display in the underground parking lot for some reason. A friend of mine compared the traffic congestion to Ebola, and we all agreed with him. Finally, we managed to get the car parked and went to meet everyone without any further incident! The dream ended when Steph gave us all lots of cake!

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How do you translate THAT situation into Chinese?!

Managed to get my ride something yesterday: some cheaper chocolates (Willocrisp!) and two cute Christmas-themed mini stuffed toys will do for them, as well as a Disney-themed Christmas card. I kinda wanted to go to the mall today, but I don't think it's a good idea right now - maybe I'll wait till the mall's open late for Christmas hours or something. :P Instead, I cooked my chicken in the oven - Gloria was right when we were 12, since chicken IS easy! It's been some time since I used chicken seasoning mix, but it still is a good refresher! I also just got a call from Pathways - Thursday at 4 sounds good for a dinner and Wheel of Fortune game! Transitional Employment, indeed - not sure I've ever been invited to this monthly occurrence, but it sounds interesting!

Grandma called me earlier to say that she'd given me the wrong bag on Sunday - it didn't contain a photo album like she thought, but postcards and envelopes. She thought I could take the bus over to exchange the stuff, which could work if Jon didn't have it! I called him a few minutes later to explain the situation, and get HIM to give the bag to her instead since he's home. I'd left Dallas' dishes AND Grandma's bag of stuff in the car when we arrived at church, so didn't have either all day since Mom and Dad drove the other car to Mui's for lunch. Jon asked me how to translate / explain that: I have absolutely NO idea, so I told him to wait till Mom got home for help! Either one of us would probably falter right around the attempt to explain how the bag got left in the car!

I've been having fun reading the stories on My Miserable Christmas, Mother-in-Law Stories, and My Miserable Life. Some of them are funny in a twisted way, and I hope I never have to deal with any of that stuff! Guess I'll write my personal Christmas cards now - speaking of such: I got a Florida pelican postcard from Lindsay (yours_for_life), and cards from Irene (sweetkitty), and Jennifer Lynn. (poeticgoddss) I'll add them to my Christmas card list as well... good thing I'm not sending out packages this year! (or I'll wait till January to do those, haha)

Fortune Teller


You turn into a Leopluradon. (me - Cool. I can speak Leopluradon)

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

I do not put cigarette butts or litter on / near my patio, thanks!

Man, am I glad to be home - it's snowing now in certain places around here! Had a busy weekend, which kept me from missing people too much... but I still do love and miss them.

I managed to shop for a bunch today - Uncle John's Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader, birthday / Christmas presents, microwaveable sausage / meals / macaroni and cheese, frozen juice / broccoli / vegetables, pre-cooked beef burgers, canned food, boneless skinless chicken breasts, chicken mix, Disney cards, and more! Too bad I couldn't get a big word search book, but maybe later this week if / when I mail stuff out. Saved $45, as well... good chicken, soup, noodles, and more! I saw a recipe for NOODLE PUDDING on the side of an egg noodle package: probably not my thing! (neither is raw dog pudding!) When I got home, I noticed that K had called me: I'll return the call later. He left me a Facebook message, too - I know he loves and misses me, hence why he asks where I am. (November 2008 edit: He was probably just being possessive... stupid!)

The apartment manager Hester knocked on my window with her broom this morning, and said that I shouldn't put cigarette butts or assorted wrappers on the patio. I can understand her concern if I had been doing that, but I definitely don't! (maybe the dust from sweeping the floor, but that's about it) She said that she always has to sweep such stuff up - fair enough, but I don't smoke or litter! Then she said she noticed a guy in my suite, and wondered if he did that - no, since he doesn't smoke or litter either. (as far as I am aware) So she said that if I noticed people smoking on the step next to my patio, I should tell them not to put their litter or butts on my balcony! There's only so much I can do about that, honestly.

My fridge is disgusting. I know it has a problem with keeping milk of any kind past a week or so, but I never considered the effect that had on yogurt, which of course has milk in it. As I was putting away the groceries this afternoon, I decided to see what happened to the yogurt I bought last month: IT WAS ALL BLACK AND GROSS! I am buying evaporated milk from now on, plus jugs for its storage! Maybe I need to test that out first, and wonder just what the heck is wrong with the fridge!

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Pressing 6 is what YOU do, not the other person!

After an hour-long nap, I was good to go... or maybe not, since I kept yawning every so often on the ride over to Jeremy's. I said that Eric didn't want to imagine what I'd be like if I did NOT have that nap: he surmised I'd be really cranky. He knows me quite well, so that would probably be correct. Eric asked whether I'd talked to Korey last night, and I said no; I was just trying to sleep early since I knew I'd have a long-ish day with church and the dinner, which sorta worked. Did it again yesterday after I got home from the dinner, setting my alarm to ensure I wouldn't sleep in and miss my appointment. I think I'll have to do this "sleeping relatively early" thing on a consistent basis for it to have any measurable benefits, however. In the car, I held Eric's cutlery picnic knapsack - what a neat concept!

When we rang Jeremy's to get in, it sounded like quite the party was going on already! We navigated the "sea of shoes" (as Emily described it to me later), and I high-fived Lucas - it's good that he's back! Tony, Stanley, and some others were hanging out in Ray's room - I had to laugh at the makeshift table consisting of a closet door propped up by various liquor boxes and books! (we later said that calculus and prayer were the perfect balance!) Ray had to remind me that it wasn't a real table - thanks! I saw Julie and Dallas attempting to study, and told Julie that we were right about one thing: we could now tell her mom that she'd studied at Jeremy's, haha! (she was concerned about it) Told Dallas that his dishes were in Jon's backseat; he said he'd get them later, but they ended being used for Jon's leftovers... meh, Jon will give the dishes back then!

Talked to Sam, Andrea, Calla, Chuck, Isabel, Danielle, Christon, Nathan, Citrus, and Vanessa about Urbana / freezing weather / Sean in New York / outgrowing the Urbana campus (St. Louis?) / Summer or Winter Conference / bus arrangements / family birthdays. (Lesley and Vivian came later) Chuck's no longer at the Richmond Hospital - Andrea joked about getting him to knock on my door at 1 AM, but figured I wouldn't like it much. Haha, that is probably jokingly correct too! Andrea said that her Gmail sidebar said "Karen Choo" when she messaged me on Friday by accident - very weird! She, Chuck, and Danielle all asked about Korey and whether he was coming around now - I guess he's doing okay, even if he may miss me a lot. People will probably see him next at Christmas / New Years, which is cool enough. Chuck said that birthday and present ideas were always tough, especially if the person has everything you could think of - SO TRUE. Oh well, I'll see about any ideas I have! (and mail stuff out this week for sure - darned deadlines! :P)

Eric volunteered to say grace for everyone, and then we ate dinner. We all lined up around the table to get our food, then exited through the kitchen to sit. Isabel said that she needed the table otherwise she'd drop the plate, so I said that I also found that to be true! (and always have) Lesley asked about Committee stuff, which I had no idea on - we'll see about positions and such! Patience and deafness in interest, oh my! Dallas did a good job cutting up the roast, which actually didn't need the mushroom sauce; too bad Jeremy didn't really get any! Emily had already eaten, so just watched us all eat instead. Stanley wanted a little bit of beer, but Jon didn't think it was a good idea since he IS underage! (Julie is, too) Then he wanted to combine orange juice with Jeremy's good tea - Emily said that there WAS fruit juice tea (which she's never tried), but we didn't think it was a good idea anyhow. Told Calla that I'd have lunch with people next week - she thought I'd said LENT, which led to Jon telling her what he's given up for Lent so far. Bit early to be thinking of it, haha. (beer, Pho, etc.)

The apartment phone rang, so Tony answered it after a couple of rings. Some of us told him to press 6 in order to buzz the person in; he mistook the directive as a command, so told the person to press 6 instead! Everyone else burst into laughter and said "No... YOU press 6!" We were still laughing about it when Vivian joined us - Jon and Nathan said that the mistake was classic awesomeness! Then there was the presentation of colored Rice Krispie Squares in a "Jon" formation from Andrea and Chuck: when Isabel insisted that there were brown things around JON, my brother joked that he was cutting her off from alcohol right then! (she'd only had very little beer)

Turns out she was right, since there were chocolate squares around the Rice Krispie creation. Vanessa had brought cookies made with half wheat flour and decorated in blue icing sugar for the occasion: Stanley asked why there was a sad face on some of them. Sam looked at a sample cookie and declared that the "sad face" was a bass clef! ("Dude... you're in music! Shouldn't you KNOW this kind of thing?!") Everyone had a good laugh and said that they'd understood the bass clef, especially when Nathan thought he was the only person to get it! Lesley (who gets rashes whenever she has alcohol) noticed cookies with a "26" on them, and asked whether that meant a hockey player... we all told her that it was Jon's new age, and not a uniform number! She also said that baby Hannah LOVES meat, and will just simply eat it like a beast! Haha, that sounds great!

I had some black chocolate stout, some Christmas ale, and some other beer. Lucas and others wanted to dance around, so Nate recorded it on his cellphone camera for a Facebook video. After a bunch of people left, Harmony called Jon - Eric, Nathan, Lucas, Isabel, Vivian, and I all had fun with Nate's "Jon's crying in the fetal position since he misses you!" motif. Lucas even said that he had had to give Jon a baby bottle, haha! Christon called to say that he'd forgotten his laptop, so came back to rejoin us for freshly brewed tea: he'd dropped off Stanley at home and Tony at a Skytrain station, then had gone home himself and only remembered when his mom asked where the laptop was! Definitely a bulky machine, for sure! (as opposed to Steph's light one) We made jokes about turmeric, going commando, Nathan liking jailbait, baptism class, not washing clothes for months (the name tags were still on the back of Jon's Fellowship T-shirt when he wore it again a few months back!), Fred and switching underwear to wear it at least four different ways, etc. Isabel certainly didn't want to know about the last one! Nathan and I discussed THE ALCHEMIST / OUTLANDER - getting hooked in the first few pages is definitely a good sign! Eric and I left after his dishes were dry, and he thought that I was going to lose my marbles once I got home - you wish! I'm not attending Ping-Pong on Friday, so I guess I'll see him next Sunday barring anything unusual.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

We don't want to know if parents hit romantic home runs a lot, Mike!

Jon and Steph picked me up this morning, so I said something about his birthday - I knew his golden birthday was last year, but I definitely wasn't thinking. Steph's co-worker has just come back from Beijing, and developed a nasty smokers cough within a week from all the pollution: according to Lonely Planet, spending one day there is like smoking seven packs of cigarettes! No wonder the cough is so gross! ("I'm not EW-ing at YOU... I'm EW-ing at Beijing!") Her tour guide said the pollution was just fog (I don't think so), and Tiananmen Square was just "a small misunderstanding" - poor brainwashed people! Apparently, the plan to go green before the 2008 Olympics will be reducing car traffic for the three months prior to the events: we don't think that'll do much! Speaking of misconceptions, my grandma took her shoes off inside the car (before they picked me up) and claimed the resulting smell was just from the dust - my sibs were very dubious about that! The last time they checked, dust doesn't SMELL! Also talked about plans, Facebook bookshelves / album racks, time-sucks, etc. - good times!

At church, Natalie and Nathan bugged me for candy since I used to give it to them a long time ago. You don't get it every week, kids! I didn't greet a certain person, which is fine. Said hi to Karmie, Hannah, and Noah (I almost called him Luke, but caught myself in time) - Noah didn't say anything, but I expect that! Discussed shopping / cooking for tonight's dinner with Jeremy, who was able to find the curry ingredients so that could be done yesterday. Talked to Grace, who went to a wedding in Summerland yesterday - such a rushed trip and driving for four hours there and back! (Danielle has a wedding in Canmore that she needs to fly to - she'll fly there one day and fly back the next!) Nate had a very sad applause reaction to Juliana's cookbook reminder announcement, heh. After service, Eric said that my mittens were probably on the wrong way because of the sparkles - thanks, I think I noticed that too! Talked to Tony for a while about work and the dinner tonight - he can make it if someone drives him to Metrotown before he's supposed to show up for work!

Said hi to Keenan, who had a very cute pointy hat on: he wanted to touch my Santa hat, so of course I let him. Danielle noticed the hat and said "It's BACK!" Definitely is! Everyone clustered around Anita and her big wide load - it's her excuse to push past people, haha. She's due in two days! Talked to Calla about stuff like Green Village being closed for at least a month now (some other restaurant has taken over the space), and told Dallas that I had his dishes from August even if he bought extras - good for leftovers if there are any! People sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jon, and attempted to give him a lot of birthday beats - Ivan and Stanley started it, and Steph and I ended it. Isabel noted Jon walking away during the middle of the song, and jokingly observed: "He doesn't even care!" Eventually, we all decided to go to Sunday School - Steph told me, Mike, Joey, Emily, Vanessa, Melia, and others about ANOTHER disgusting remark that Dad had made! She'd gone home early on Friday at about 9 PM, and was greeted with "What are you doing home so early? You're interrupting my romantic time with my wife!" Everyone made disgusted noises at that, except Mike: "Hey, it could be Level 3 time! They could hit home runs a lot!" Yeah, that was pretty cringe-worthy as well... Emily told Mike to stand in the corner by the garbage bin, haha. Steph said that she'd just stay home all the time when her crazy month / year-end overtime hours were finished, which is probably the way to go to avoid hearing such remarks! We all had to move for a car - surprisingly, Alice wasn't driving this one! o_O

At Sunday School, the two brothers were crying like mad because their mom had gone upstairs to take in the service. Rachel's grandma, Uncle Patrick, Frances. Auntie Bessy, and I all tried to comfort them to no avail. Amanda seemed to be okay even with all the extra noise, and she knew her dad would come pick her up later! Auntie Fonda popped in later to say hi - her husband's back for good from Hong Kong, I hear. Almost everyone had cleared out of the basement by the time I left, so I teased Rosanna about knowing she was hiding under her dad's coat: "I know your dad isn't that fat, and I also know he doesn't have four legs!" Went outside and said hi to Gwyneth and Evelyn, and told Teresa that I'd heard she'd got into Trinity - it's going to be lots of work, but she seems excited about January!

Talked to Dylan, who wanted to go for lunch soon since he was pretty hungry. He went to throw around a football with Cordia and Joyce, once running not very far into the street to catch it. Nathan chased Brandon and Terence around when they weren't giving me five or dragging around tree branches! Jon teased Julie S. about her dishwashing ability, which might come in handy tonight, so I told Auntie Cynthia that her daughter had trouble finding a sponge which was right in front of her! Apparently, she helps with the dishes sometimes when she's not swamped with work! (she does have to study, for sure!) Julie C. asked Sam whether she was short for her age, but she's tall! Sam said that he was really short in elementary school, and even the fourth-graders were just as tall or taller than he! Henry said hi to Julie, who attempted to pull his hood over his head - then he employed his secret weapon: he told me that she was TICKLISH! That'll do it, all right!

Jon said that Sam or Ivan could get rides from Eric for tonight if they wanted to go. Dallas, Dylan, Jon, Tony, Jeremy, and others were going to Waa Zu Bee - I elected to go with the family for lunch at Mui's instead. Steph likes Dallas' reflective yellow jacket: very good for not getting run over, as he bikes now! Jon told Vivian that Ray wanted to know if she'd be there tonight - maybe, pending gift availability! Told her about our family thing of not really getting gifts for birthday and Christmas, which I think left her surprised. Eric talked to Vivian for a bit, and I laughed when I saw the kids still chasing each other. After lunch, we went to Shoppers and saved a bunch of money on things we needed to stock up on - Advent calendars are tradition, rainchecks for Quality Street are good, and expensive organic stuff isn't necessary for childhood comforts / memories!

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