Saturday, July 25, 2009

I gotta watch ORPHAN! / 45 degrees in Palm Springs?!

This thing restarted AGAIN, and redrum has FINALLY made its appearance! Henry picked me up in a courtesy car, which was all right - we listened to News 1130, and I made a mental note to watch ORPHAN when it comes out. Twist endings, mystery, and peculiar deaths... oh my! When they said that it was 45 degrees in Florida, neither of us wanted to imagine it! It was 33 degrees out in the afternoon, and that was plenty warm enough! Parked on the grass and went inside to help set up - I started MORTAL DANGER, but thought I'd leave it alone to actually help. Talked to Chrystal, William, Prima, Melia, Angus (lighters?), Joey, Sam, Joshua, Anne, David, Andrew, Lanie, Hilary, Sarah, Mike, Ian x2, Gabriel, Amanda, Rosenda, Ada, Rachel, Sean, and others. (I heard the church picnic was hot, despite shade) The kids' performances went pretty well, and the awards were given out after dinner. Fruit, chicken wings, skewers, Jello, tri-color Jello, juice, strawberries, grapes, cherries, hot dogs, potato salad, and more were all good! Signed cards for Melia and Chris, as well.

Ian M. and his cousin Anne were playing on the stairs under the watchful eye of David, and it was a good thing that Anne would answer me when I asked what she was doing. Angus discovered the joy of the air vents, and Anne hid in the storage spaces behind them. (Made up my mind to call Eric when I got home - when I did, he said he could give me a ride to church tomorrow pending some other stuff he might have to do. YAY FOR RESCUES! Said it was orange outside, and that there was a rainbow... NICE!) I said hi to Joshua, and noticed Keenan looking out the door when the downpour started - poor Joey, Sam, and Angus who were barbecuing! (or the people going to the fireworks tonight...) I let Gabriel look at my Awana picture - he'll be in Awana in September! Left with John, his mom, and the kids - Ian and Sean played a weird question game for most of the ride. It was punctuated by bizarre pronouncements from Sean: "I want to go back to the restaurant!" "I want to go to jail!" "Dinosaurs eat POO!" "Daddy, Ian, and Leslie scream like girls!" "I'm not uglier than you!" Hahaha, I like that amusement!

Leslie's just got their Toy Story Character Name from Name Generators. I just got my Toy Story Character Name. It's Molly.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane and Billie:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Church Denomination Are You?" with the result Baptist. You are a Baptist. You believe in a very personal faith which should be declared through public baptism. For you, the Great Commission and evangelism is critical. You also (might) believe that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years after 7 years of Apocalypse.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Famous Literary Character Are You?" with the result Dorian Gray from The Picture of Dorian Gray! You are Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's suspenseful classic. On the surface, you seem like a perfectly likable person. You're dashing, witty, charming, and fun. People are naturally drawn to you. You become the center of attention wherever you go. Yet, underneath that handsome surface lies your true, ugly nature. At your core, you're a vain, self-absorbed, wicked person. You have no real friends, and, to make matters worse, you're gullible. That's why you'll do anything, even sell your soul, to stay on top of the world. But the joke's on you. Some day, you're going to have to take a long hard look in the mirror and see your reflection for what it truly is. And when that day comes, you're going to find out for yourself just how feeble and hideous you really are.

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Blueberries, being early, and AVATAR

I showered when I got out of bed, and that turned out to be a good thing. Ate some organic blueberries for breakfast, and then was surprised to receive a phone call from Henry earlier than I was expecting. (he sounded like he was calling me from an echoing metallic room - haven't had that experience in quite a while!) He hadn't been sure if I was going to the church picnic today, but I explained to him that I knew he'd be working and such. Apparently, we need to be at the church early since things need to be set up for the Awana BBQ and award ceremony. Makes sense, and I guess I'll be jetting out of here at around 3. Then I thought that the computer wires weren't cooperating, but I restarted the computer and it turned on okay. Phew!

Which Avatar Character Thinks What Of You? by ZukosHotChick
Name / Username / Nickname:
Which character?:Zhoa
Thinks you are?:Great
You remind him / her of the song?:Metallica, Escape
You remind him / her of which celeb?:Katie Holmes
You remind him / her of the color?:Rainbow

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Possible Night Market, changing IP address, writing Friday Five

Jon's told us to be at Eric's on Sunday by 5:30 just in case we go to the Night Market afterwards - that will be cool, for sure! Corey and I were talking about Wikipedia earlier:

[22:04:57] Flami: learning about martyrs: hey, the Myspace Wiki article is locked! I can't edit the misspellings!
[22:47:30] Corey: do you need to?
[22:49:07] Flami: no, but they bug me :P
[22:51:32] Corey: well, some of those you can edit if you have an account
[22:54:13] Flami: learning about martyrs: yeah, but is it really worth getting an account?
[22:54:38] Corey: probably not, unless you have a good plan to vandalize it
[23:02:10] Flami: nah, I'll leave that up to you instead :P
[23:03:34] Corey: I got an edit in on Britney Spears's article for like a month once :P
[23:03:53] Flami: what did you say?
[23:04:25] Corey: I said her backing band was called the P-Funk All-Stars, in the caption of her main picture on that box o' stuff on the right hand side of all the Wikipedia articles... whatever that's called
[23:05:51] Corey: I did it like 4 times and had it change back almost instantly, so what I did was remote desktop into another computer and made the change, then on my computer, I said something like "BRITNEY IS A DUMB C***!!!" or something totally obvious. so two edits on two different IP addresses. they immediately fixed the stupid obnoxious one, and didn't check the previous edit :P
[23:05:57] Corey: so there's always that
[23:08:39] Flami: hahahaha... sounds reasonable enough to me ;)
[23:10:39] Corey: one of the Olsen twins has had "Mary-Kate (or whichever one it is) is also a known murderer" right in the main summary for quite a while. I didn't do that... maybe it was changed, but it was there for a long time
[23:11:52] Corey: sometimes the crazy subforum in SA (well, one of them) has Wikipedia vandalism contests :P
[23:19:41] Flami: not surprised :P
[23:24:29] Corey: so, you can try to get some funny edits in on some articles sometime.
[23:27:58] Flami: yeah, but they could trace it back to this IP
[23:29:52] Corey: yeah? so?
[23:32:04] Flami: could they report me for malicious activity or something?
[23:32:24] Corey: report you?
[23:32:37] Corey: they'll block you from editing stuff for a while if you go around messing up pages too often :P
[23:32:54] Corey: it's not illegal to edit Wikipedia, you know...
[23:48:04] Flami: yeah, but if I do it too much..
[23:59:04] Corey: then after they warn you a few times, you lay low for a while :P
[00:00:16] Corey: the worst thing they can do is ban your IP from editing Wikipedia articles.. then you open up Control Panel and do an ipconfig /release /renew, and you'll likely have a different IP anyway
[00:00:39] Flami: you can't do that!
[00:00:44] Corey: uh, yeah, you can... try it
[00:00:54] Flami: well, I guess you can since you're telling me about it... but...
[00:01:15] Corey: go to What Is My IP? so you can easily see what your current IP is... ipconfig will tell you too, but whatever, that's big and easy
[00:01:57] Corey: then open up a Command Prompt window and type "ipconfig /release" and hit enter, then "ipconfig /renew" and hit Enter
[00:02:06] Corey: check your IP before and after
[00:02:19] Corey: it might not change, you can't really control what you get, but it will likely be different
[00:02:35] Corey: unless you have a static IP from your Internet service, but you probably don't
[00:02:48] Flami: is it illegal?
[00:04:02] Corey: no, that is not illegal at all.... lets say your ISP owns the IP's 1-50 (simplified for ease of use in the example). the first guy signs on and nobody else is online, he gets 1. second guy gets 2... third gets 3, and so on until there's 50 people online
[00:04:24] Corey: well, the person that has 32 goes offline, then you sign on... the system gives you 32
[00:05:11] Corey: /release tells the system you don't need your IP anymore, and it goes back into the pool.. /renew tells it to get you a new one. maybe you'll get 32 again since you just freed that up, but it's more likely something else, like 14, will be free and it gives you that instead
[00:07:56] Flami: okay... so does your IP change every time you turn your computer on and log into the Internet?
[00:10:46] Corey: mine doesn't since it's on 24/7 (well, my router is, and that's what's connected to the internet), but yes, it might.
[00:11:42] Corey: you can also use a proxy server to get a different IP.. or just download Tor, which is a proxy network type thing... except Wikipedia bans known Tor nodes
[00:12:31] Flami: okay, I thought that said "Tornado" for a second :P
[00:14:37] Corey: Tor is an onion, not a Tornado
[00:17:26] Flami: are you sure? hang on while I try to get it as a word on Word Twist...
[00:22:45] Corey: get what as a word? Tor? :P
[00:25:28] Flami: yeah, but that might be too time-consuming
[00:31:28] Flami: "A free software implementation of second-generation onion routing"
[00:31:58] Flami: Here's the Wikipedia article.


1. Do you like your handwriting? Not really.
2. Do you prefer to print or write in cursive? Print.
3. Do you think handwriting should be graded in school? Yes, at least on legibility.
4. Do you prefer writing in pencil or pen? Pen.
5. When you write in ink, do you prefer a neutral color such as black or blue, or a fun color like purple or green? Blue.

Facebook quiz taken from Karla:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Calvin alter ego are you?" with the result Spaceman Spiff. The most famous hero of the Universe! Fighting horrible aliens through the galaxies, you often end up in trouble, but you always manage to escape somehow.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Body Packing - In 1973, a young man was admitted to a Toronto hospital with symptoms of an intestinal blockage. An initial abdominal X-ray revealed a most unexpected diagnosis: intestinal obstruction from dozens of hashish-packed condoms. This case introduced the medical establishment to the illegal practice of "body packing." By employing people to ingest up to a hundred cocaine- or heroin-filled latex balloons, drug traffickers utilize the intestinal tract to smuggle illicit substances past border security. Body packers, it appears, have taken their own course in gastrointestinal physiology, and have learned to manipulate the digestive tract for their benefit. They often go days without eating, and use antidiarrheal drugs like Imodium to avoid premature expulsion of their valuable contraband.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Liu's Taiwanese Restaurant with Billie, PANTIES ON HOOPS and Myspace, disgusting Myspace messages

This thing just restarted AGAIN! Had to wait forever for the buses to take me to the Richmond Sushi plaza (more properly called Union Square), but I got there eventually! Billie had been waiting for an hour, but she'd brought reading material and things along, so I definitely did not feel guilty over that! We were disappointed that Richmond Sushi was CLOSED, so we noted the hours - 11 to 2:30 for lunch, and 5:30 to 11:30 for dinner. Then we decided to try Liu's Taiwanese Restaurant next door since I was hungrier than I thought. I ordered beef satay chow mein, hot and sour soup, and pudding bubble tea (SO NOT UP TO STANDARDS!) - Billie ordered a combo with strawberry bubble tea.

After that, we went to Richmond Centre and looked around in Coles before sitting down in comfy chairs to talk some more. Discussed "sauce" rendered as "source" on the menu in several places, parents, venting, parties, cultures, misguided notions, her friends Austin and Rodrigo, exes, Patrick, plans, moving out, Persian people, places you don't want to go, awkward people, perverts, people who think you need professional help, Ryan, Jeremy, and many other subjects. Hugged her goodbye at the bus stop - we'll make August sleepover plans for sure!

When I got home and talked to Corey about Rock Band with country songs / sudden scratches on his neck, I saw that I had two unread Myspace messages (I'd only logged in earlier to check something), so I decided to check them out. While I was doing that, I saw that Panties on Hoops had added me as a friend - HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yay for joke bands started by my brother and Nathan! I also asked Jeremy S. if he has Facebook, then I got to the messages. Perhaps I should have left well enough alone... they were creepy and GROSS!

Leslie's just got their True Blood Character Name from Name Generators. I just got my True Blood Character Name. It's Maryann Forrester.

Leslie's just got their Rapper Name from Name Generators. I just got my Rapper Name. It's MC. Boo-yaa.

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren:

Leslie took the Which Pokemon are you? quiz and the result is #6 - Charizard. Tough, fierce, and having a fiery appetite for destruction! Your friends feel protected around you, but they wouldn't wanna cross you on a bad day!

Leslie just took the "Which weapon is the best for you?" quiz and the result is A Minigun. WOW! When this weapon fucks em' off, you'll only see body parts in the air! This weapon aims REALLY badly, so you must get real close to the fuckers!

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Bille got out early! / Vodka, Tic-Tacs, shirts, and more!

Billie called at 1:30 to say that class got out early, so I guess I'll adjust my own plans and leave NOW; luckily, she has things to do while getting lost. There was a time back in August 2006 when I had to bus to that area to meet Eric before Fellowship, but I've forgotten what buses I took. (I did get lots of noodles from Supermarket 2000, though!) I remembered that Pearl Castle is in the same plaza as Richmond Sushi, so we can do that if it's open before we head to Richmond Centre. Should be fun times!

Here's a survey to pass the time:

You have just downed a bottle of vodka. What are you doing? Being really goofy!

Whose bed were you last on? Mine.

Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night? Billie.

Do you like to cuddle? Sure.

If your last ex said they hated you, what would you say? "I hate you as well, so that's no surprise."

Are you happy with the choices you've made? Mostly.

Would you say that you are emotionally strong? Definitely.

What was the reason for you throwing up last time? I was rushed around too soon after eating.

Have you ever been so hurt that you wanted to stop feeling completely? Maybe, but I'd rather feel pain than be totally numb.

Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past three months? No.

What’s more important, trust or happiness? Trust comes from happiness.

What were you doing at 11 this morning? Checking email and Facebook, plus editing.

What color is the shirt you are wearing? Lavender.

Have you jumped in a pool with all your clothes on? No.

Your number 2 walks out of your life, do you go after them? I would certainly go after Candy!

What's your favorite flavor of Tic-Tacs? Mint.

Have you ever run into a parked car? No.

Have you ever had a panic attack? Possibly.

Are you dating the first person on your top? Well, Billie and I were "married" once... but no.

Has someone ever broken your heart? No.

When's the last time you wanted to physically hurt someone? Very recently.

Have you ever thrown a shoe at someone? Probably.

If your last ex had a child right now, what would your reaction be? "HAHAHAHA! He's not even ready for one! He'll be the worst father EVER!"

What are you doing tonight? Don't know.

Who was the last person to make you cry? No comment.

DoN'T yoU hAtE it whEn PeopLe TyPE liKE ThIS? Yes!

Do you shut down your computer when you leave, or just leave it on? Leave it on.

How long was the last shower you took? Fifteen minutes or so.

What is the longest relationship you've been in? Thirteen months.

Do you think long-distance relationships work out? Some do.

Where is the next place you will travel to? Dunno.

Have you ever worn the opposite sex's underwear? Yup.

Have you cried today at all? No.

What were you doing at 8 this morning? Sleeping.

When was the last time you cried? A while ago.

Do you say sexy a lot? No.

When was the last time you had a sleepover? Last August.

What is your favorite color? Blue, purple, black.

Where do you keep your money? Bank.

What was the weather like today? Sunny.

Where are your mom and dad? Somewhere.

Do you want to cut your hair? No.

Who was the last person of the opposite sex that you talked to? Corey.

Are you over the age of 25? Yes.

Are you typically a jealous person? Sometimes.

What was the best movie you have seen in the past two weeks? Coraline is the ONLY movie I've seen in the past two weeks, so I guess that has to qualify as the "best." :P

Are you going to have a good night? Potentially.

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Now Hester knows more about me... should I be scared?!

I have a new (albeit unseasonal) icon to replace my Halloween Pumpkin icon on LJ, since said icon won't show up anymore in posts or comments. :(

Halloween Pumpkin:
Nooboo Mary Witch Hunt:

I wondered why I was awake at 9:30, but decided to deal. A while ago, Hester knocked on the door since the handyman was actually there. I forgot about the bra I had lying on the floor till then, whoops. *blush* (he had to go into the bedroom later, which is messier... and then the bathroom, which had the PAD BUCKET!) While he fixed things, she asked me questions about school, my family, and my boyfriend since she hadn't seen him in a while. ("he always sits outside on the concrete bar") I told her that we weren't together: apparently, he'd told her last summer that he was working. That's a bunch of bull since he was NOT working - he stayed here a lot while I had to go do stuff for him! (and speaking of which, I should have dumped him at the first sign of his not showing me emotional support: trying to joke with my parents at the townhouse against me to "fit in") I told Hester simply that I didn't know where he was now, and that he used to work in Chilliwack - she can take that any way she likes!

Told her about college, Toronto, music, my brother (whom she says is very polite), my parents' jobs, and how long / why I'm here. She thinks I can teach her English since I had a fairly good education, and mine is much better than hers, haha. Since she was asking me questions, I decided to ask her a few of my own. Her daughter is twenty and studies at UBC - when Hester told me last year that her daughter was freaked out at midnight because of hearing mice in her room, I was thinking of a little kid for some reason. Of course, I'm twelve years older than the daughter and STILL get freaked out, so there's no real reason for my wrong thinking!

She doesn't go to church too much since she's not a Christian, but apparently there are a lot of Christians in the building who occasionally ask her to attend their services to hear the speakers! For me, that would be awkward, and a mixing / blurring of the relationship demarcations! (gotta keep it professional) But at least the heater COULD be fixed - we'll see. Closed the patio door since Hester had opened it to cool the room down. I mean, yeah... that makes sense, but having that and the fan going is a bit redundant. Says something about a board to keep the mice out from the open window - I remember that Korey and I were having problems with it last summer even if the mice WEREN'T coming in through a closed window! (although it was fine temperature-wise when Hester came in...)

Facebook quiz taken from Laura:

Leslie took the quiz How Many Kids Will You have? and the result is 2-3 Kids. You get kids. Quite a few.. Perhaps you just want kids. Either way, be prepared. Between college expenses, medical, and the cost of feeding the little buggers.... You could own a yacht instead. Rather, you will be pumping them out without regard to the population growth. Get your sleep now, you are going to need it!

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Anti-Hero and enemas!

Billie and I are certainly excited to see each other tomorrow for sushi and stuff! Says she wouldn't have been able to sleep over anyhow even if it weren't for the party her parents want her to attend, as she has a dentist appointment on Saturday. Ah, that happens.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kaitlin:

Leslie just took the "Which Anti-Hero Are You?" quiz and the result is Ghost Rider. You are Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance. You ride a sick motorcycle and have godlike powers, which you use to punish (if not destroy) the forces of evil.

Leslie took the What do people HATE most about you? quiz and got the result: Your Quirkiness! Sometimes you can be a little out there. Try blending in a little. (I happen to love mine, so SHUT UP!)

Poo nugget for Friday, July 24: Doo You Know? - Le Enema - In pre-revolutionary France, enemas were used to cure a variety of ills and were even performed on a daily basis after dinner. Lore has it that Louis XIV was a fan of this practice, with some historians intimating that he received upwards of two thousand enemas in his lifetime.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"I can't get drunk or stoned, but I'm a Healer!"

This computer restarted while I was in the bathroom briefly! So now I bring you a David Shaler message from May 2008. He had something to tell me: "I'm A Healer!"

You know healers... those people who can put their hand over someone's illness or injury and make it disappear? I am one of those people. This is why my wounds heal overnight and why I can't get drunk. People undergo Reiki training so that they can tap into their energy and help them heal quicker; whereas, I was born with the natural ability to harness it. As soon as I fall asleep, this energy restores my body, putting it back to an undamaged state. Drugs and alcohol don't work because... they're a toxin!!

As crazy as this sounds, it gets even crazier. This is an Ehlers-Danlos issue. People with EDS are starting to show up in the forums around the net claiming to be able to do "things" just like me. The only difference being I seem to be just so much more powerful than anyone else. Just think about the level of energy that would be required to allow someone to remember so much of their life with so much detail. In my early 20s, I discovered music to be a tuning fork for my body; the right songs would get rid of the pain and focus my thoughts. I would listen to the same songs over and over and over again as I paced the subdivision from midnight to 4am, night after night after night, year after year after year, tuning my body, focussing my thoughts, exercising the energy like a muscle, and unconsciously making it extremely powerful.

The good news is that I can learn to control this energy. I can't use it to cure myself from this disease; but, I'll be able to cure myself from the pain that it causes me. But, more importantly, I'll be able to tweak the energy to allow drugs in. I know it may sound silly; but, I want to get drunk. I want to get speech slurring, total loss of inhibitions, falling down smashed! And I want to smoke some pot, sit in front of the TV, pig out on junk food, and laugh my fuckin' ass off. JUST. LIKE. EVERYONE. ELSE!

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Understanding, sushi, being somewhat patient, and anime!

This thing apparently restarted right when Corey was going to tell me something last night. UGH! Talked to Billie last night, and she understands things - we rehashed the EPIC AWESOME night when she came over, and figured that she couldn't sleep over again tomorrow because of her parents' plans for her. At least we still can spend some time together! I finished Dallas' Hazelnut Fantasy ice cream from Safeway as well.

Also called the apartment manager Hester just now, who seemed surprised that the pest control company didn't "solve the problem" a couple weeks ago when they came by and put down traps. "There are still mice?!" She said that the handyman could come by tomorrow or next week to look at my suite; as long as that was brought up, I also mentioned the heater thermostat being way too warm. It's okay during the day (and definitely not a problem in winter!), but it tends to get too hot during summer nights. Actually, it was very hot during the day a couple Fridays ago too. Hester says the handyman could look at that, but it's usually the plumber who fixes such things. I really don't care who fixes it, haha.

You Are Patient Enough

In most cases, you are patient enough to keep it together.

You may feel impatient on the inside, but you don't usually let it show.

However, if you're made to wait for too long, you will usually crack.

You're only human, after all. You don't like for your patience to be tested.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kaitlin and Darren:

Leslie just took the "Which Annoying Anime Stereotype Are You?" quiz and the result is The annoyingly shy / quiet girl. Congrats! You are the annoying shy / quiet girl! You are usually lusting after some guy you think is hot, but don't have the guts to tell him. Under all that hair you usually hide under, you (like all other girls in anime) tend to actually be pretty hot in that weird way only anime men appreciate. You tend to fall a lot and end up in weird positions, blush constantly, run away if you get scared, have a ridiculously quiet voice, and put your hand by your face... showing that you are too shy to say anything. This is usually followed by, "ano.... eh... ano..." Grow some and speak up! You're usually right about most things!

Leslie took the quiz Which famous Serial Killer are you? and the result was Nannie Doss. You're Nannie Doss. Also known as "The Giggling Granny," Doss had the appearance of a normal housewife of the 1930s and 40s. As many hold the dream of having their own family, she was lucky to already obtain that. Unfortunately, she took advantage of it.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which book of the Bible are you?" with the result Revelation. More mystical than the average bear, you are not always easy to understand. Sometimes your eccentricity can be downright scary to more conventional minds. But life with you is never dull. For you, life is fraught with hidden meaning, and outward appearances are only the beginning of the path to wisdom. Intuitive and poetic, you don't feel compelled to lock down your entire world in concrete answers. For you, the future is full of promise, despite its uncertainty. If you can stay humble and avoid a love of mystery for its own sake, you will avoid pretension and realize your spiritual potential.

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Wardrobe malfunctions / RING OF FIRE

Some people should be forced to have the WHAT NOT TO WEAR hosts approve their outfits before they go out. Thanks for the link to these wardrobe malfunctions, Billie!

Poo nugget for Thursday, July 23: The Ring of Fire - Feel The Burn - This sensation is most often due to consumption of spicy foods. Spices such as chilies and cayenne pepper cause direct irritation to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. The exquisite pain felt upon defecating should come as no surprise because a similar burning sensation was surely experienced in the mouth during consumption of the spicy food. The similarity in sensation can be attributed to the fact that the inner layer of the mouth and the anus are lined by the same type of cell. These "sqamous" cells, unlike the "columnar" cells lining the majority of the gastrointestinal tract, are able to discriminate among multiple stimuli... none more dramatic than that of five-alarm chili. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salmon at the townhouse, Eric's BBQ, being OCD

Had dinner at the townhouse, which went all right. The salmon was very good, and we also had chicken, salad, Harmony's homemade guacamole, squash, 17th Anniversary Unibrew, and more. We amused ourselves by asking Grandma to drink beer, and also by measuring various people's parts with measuring tape. Talked about Megan's banquet, sage / mint / appreciation of plants / herbs, Erin's stagette, certain impossible strictures (nothing "hahaha funny or silly!"), cleaning, certain people, having fifteen kids, farting, Holly, Myles eating a lot, Jemima's dad being the head pastor of GCBC, Jemima herself being married now (!), Edwin, Karen, Alan, Tracy, Adela, Bryant, Shirley, Sean, and more.

I told Jon that I was coming to the BBQ at Eric's on Sunday, and let him know that I'd be bringing chips. He asked if I was doing anything next Thursday, since he and Harmony are taking out the families to say thank you for helping with all the wedding stuff. It's at Chen's, where Harmony once almost got launched across the room - haha, I will be there! Decided to bus home, and really made use of some hydrating lotion! Got emails about the Sunday Dinner from Steph, Randal, and Danielle... Danielle respects Randal (who is coming) even more now for quoting ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. I could tell her a few reasons NOT to do so, but won't. I'm just thanking the Good Lord that Randal isn't Raymond - way too fresh wounds, believe me!

Where do YOU Fit into Boy Meets World? by irvys_sefie
Favourite Character?
Best Friend?Rachel
Worst Friend?Cory
First Crush?Eric
True Love?Lauren
Strongest Parent Figure?Mr. Turner
Most Like a Sibling?Jack
Who Do You Miss the Most?Minkus
How You End Upmarried to Shawn in New York

Facebook quiz taken from Veronica:

Leslie took the How OCD are you? quiz and got the result: OCD. OCD: Plain and have full-on OCD issues. You are a clean freak... your house and workplace get dusted at least 3 times a week. If you see something that just isn't "right," you have to fix it, even if it's not yours. You count a lot, or like to repeat the same thing repeat the same thing a certain amount of times. People bother you... a lot. However, there is hope; you aren't completely messed up. You can go to work and live a fairly productive life, and quietly keep the counting to yourself.

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Sanity, cruises, breaking stuff, Marilyn Manson counterpart

This thing restarted AGAIN - Corey told me to stop breaking everything, ha ha ha. Mom sent me some email about a Holland America cruise ("1-5 Day Fall Cruises from only $59!"), which she says she'll treat me to. Of course, she also wants to know about my passport, so I'll bring that along tonight in case she wants proof that it hasn't expired yet. We'll see about the cruise, since my sanity is an important consideration. ;)

Your former Marilyn Manson member counterpart. by ragdoll
Favorite color
Former MemberSara Lee Lucas
How cool?2 out of 5.

Facebook quiz taken from Melanie:

Leslie took the What Type Of Girl Are you? quiz and the result is Nerdy. So, you are the "nerd" at school, but it's not the case. Really, you are just very good in your education, and have a passion for reading and learning. You are very beautiful behind all those books and A's on your report card.

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SIMPSONS, MASH, and being a foodie

THIS THING RESTARTED AGAIN! UGH UGH UGH! Decided to freeze my cherries - it can't be too bad, as I think I remember Mom doing the same when I was a kid. Not too sure how well it would work for grapes, though...

Facebook quizzes taken from Jono, Jasmine, and Veronica:

Leslie completed the quiz "So you think you can Simpsons quote?" with the result Simpsons Suck. Clearly, you're not a fan. You probably find more satisfaction in "more mature" shows. You are aware the Simpsons exists, but don't see what all the damn fuss is about. Its a cartoon, for God's sake!

Leslie just took the "Let's Play MASH!!!" quiz and the result is Home: Mansion; Salary: $15,000; Spouse: Business Executive; Car: You have a driver; Kids: 2. You live in a lavish estate, but only make little money since you're riding on the coattails of your rich partner. Your lover is never around, and you go and use their black car to fill your void of emptiness. Happiness seems to come when you surround yourself with lots of people, drugs, booze, and loud music... but you push your kids aside by sending them to boarding school. People think you're awesome and happy, but you're really dying on the inside.... sorry, buddy.

Leslie completed the quiz "Are You a Foodie?" with the result Advanced Foodie. You are a true foodie! Your level of knowledge makes you feel at home in any restaurant in the world. You probably read cookbooks for fun, and you swoon over foods labeled "artisanal" or "hand-crafted." Congratulations! Julia would be proud of you! (HAHAHAHA... this is SO not true!)

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Krista, Erik, Bubble Queen, Future Shop, CORALINE, and Bananas

Krista and Erik picked me up this evening, and I was relieved through the course of our hanging out that they didn't really try to kill each other. (hahaha... they actually seemed affectionate) Pulled over in the nearest parking lot to try deciding what to do - Kyle was at Erik's playing games (or something), and Vanessa couldn't make it out. We weren't really up for seeing movies at Silvercity, or at least it didn't really matter. Richmond Centre was closing in ten minutes, so we went to the Future Shop in Lansdowne instead. I don't think I've been there since that time I went with Eric after church ages ago! They bought Coraline (belated birthday present) and two cheap Nintendo Wii games - something to do with Mario Banana Blitz and dragons, but I could be wrong. Shared Jon's "walk like you're a homophobe!" line from a few years ago with them, haha. Discussed restaurants in Fort St. John, bad sushi, book clubs, games, pubs, falling asleep, forklifts, dissonance, and more.

Then we looked around for bubble tea places - someone spotted Bubble Queen, which is at the old Fair Bee location. Where have you gone, one-litre bubble tea?! I stepped over a bird, and it just stayed on the sidewalk without moving - Snow White could be a nickname, heh. To my surprise, Krista paid for my honeydew with coconut jelly and pearls, Erik's lychee with NO pearls (!), and her own rose with pearls. I listened as they talked about some girl named Sarah, Ren Fest, people who seem to be full of themselves, and volunteering. While Erik spaced out, Krista and I discussed my church. I go to church in Vancouver because my parents were two of the founders - yay for roots! We also discussed our grandmas - they're similar in some ways, for sure.

After that, we went to Erik's place to watch CORALINE. I made a comment about how he lived REALLY close to my parents, and Krista asked whether they were still together - yup, even if I don't seem to say much about Dad in my posts. The movie was pretty good - secret doors in walls can lead you into danger! Saw Lindsay briefly, and also talked to Erik's mom for a bit while Erik and Krista went upstairs to see her snake, which apparently has gotten a lot bigger. I also interacted with the dog Lucy, who seemed interested in sniffing me. Ah, dogs! Of course I'm her friend, haha. Discussed church, Awana, hot lunches, volunteering, Salvation Army, Ren Fest (she might go), mustard, mayonnaise, coffee at 5 AM for work, packing lunch, getting away by herself, the dog's sickness and special diet (Labs apparently are bottomless pits when it comes to eating), and living in Richmond... definitely not Surrey! Kyle drove me and Krista home afterwards - discussed ultrasounds as a display picture, Facebook, the fireworks, transit, and things in general. Good times!

Poo nugget for Wednesday, July 22: Dr. Stool Says - Hemorrhoids - There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. While both can bleed intermittently, the external variety accounts for the pain and irritation experienced by many. Most people with internal hemorrhoids do not know they have them unless they are seen on a colonoscopy.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinner at the townhouse is cheaper than a restaurant! / SEASON JOHNSON

Note: About Your LiveJournal Memegen, by Anabella.

DAMN, THIS THING JUST RESTARTED! Also got another phone call during a timed game, which I didn't have to answer. I looked at the Caller ID, and it said "250-***-****" from British Columbia... nice try, ex. :P Edit an hour later: Whoops, it was Krista and Erik.

Mom sent me, Jon, and Harmony an email stating that tomorrow's birthday dinner for Dad will be at the townhouse around 6. I assume Steph is working. There will be salmon, along with either chicken or beef. Maybe veggies, I hope... hahaha. Her email signature made me go "WHAT?!" - it's the default one with her email provider, and says "We are your photos. Free us." (the "free us" part is a link)

Just been reminded of the name Season Johnson - I remember she used to go to school with me. Not that I knew her too well, but I just saw her comment on Wendy's Facebook status. Wendy's having another baby!

Leslie's just got their Garbage Pail Kid Name from Name Generators. I just got my Garbage Pail Kid Name. It's Stinker Belle.

Leslie's just got their G.I. Joe Name from Name Generators. I just got my G.I. Joe Name. It's Blowtorch.

What punk lyrics are you? by mystikpunk
Your type of Punk is...
Are you:
Your lyric is:Let's amend the classic story, close it so beautifully, I'll let animosity unwind. / Steal away the darkened pages, hidden so shamefully. / I'll still feel the violence of the lines. / I can't stand my laughter as they cry. My soul brings tears to angelic eyes. -- A.F.I., God Called In Sick Today

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Dream: Terrence and Steph staying out, Harmony's necklace, Jon's blobby toys

I had a dream last night where my family all got together for some bonding time. However, Terrence showed up and convinced my sister to stay out somewhere all night with him. My mom was not very impressed, and demanded an explanation via voicemail message. Steph instead sent a long and rambling email saying that they'd merely stayed out to help various friends. Parents wanted them to COME HOME RIGHT NOW, or they'd make a special trip to pick them up... a special trip it was! Once the miscreants had been safely delivered (in the eyes of my parents only - Jon, Harmony, and I didn't care much for their treatment), they got a blistering lecture.

After that, we all went to different areas of the house. A little kid (very curly hair) wearing a very pink outfit came by, wanting to see my sister. Steph wasn't up for company, but graciously accepted a gift of a homemade bead necklace for Harmony! It was gold, had little stars and decorations, and had the letters of her name. Steph gave it to Jon, and then disappeared elsewhere with Terrence. I was with Jon when he gave it to Harmony - she LOVED it! We were admiring the necklace when someone else came by with a gift of some plastic toys that looked like blobs of male anatomy. Jon loved this one, and gave me some to play with. Harmony, Jon, and I were happily playing with our respective gifts when my dad came by to inform us that we were being too loud for his and Mom's taste. The dream ended when we were the ones getting lectured! No idea where that came from, to be honest!

Apparently, I'm seeing Brüno tonight with Krista, Erik, Kyle, and Vanessa. Should be interesting times, for sure. I remember when I saw BORAT with Nathan / Jen / Vivian S. / Eric / Steph / Jeremy, hahaha!

You Are Running Shorts

You are an energetic and hyper person. You are always on the go.

You are driven and motivated. You can always make it to the finish line.

You're confident and self-assured. You know you're not perfect, but you're pretty darn happy with who you are.

You are conscientious and responsible. You are able to do the right thing, even when it's not the easy thing.

HAHAHAHA, yeah right!

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Emma's Swedish pee and poo dolls win awards?!

Someone named Maria Paula Rodriguez Gonzales added me on Facebook. I have no idea who that is, so I'll ignore it. Got at least fifty entries done on the location project so far today, which is good. New High Score in Word Twist: 1109. YAY!

Poo nugget for Tuesday, July 21: Pee & Poo Dolls - These award-winning dolls (we're not sure which award) were designed by Swedish designer Emma Megitt as a thesis for her Masters of Design. Called "Kiss & Bajs" in their native language, they quickly captured the hearts and bowels of adults and kids alike.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cranberry turkey medallions, silicon protection for oven mitts, and more

Went grocery shopping with Teresa, whom I found easy to talk to. (birthdays, fans, traffic, butterflies, family things, being accommodating, mice, affordable housing, mothers-in-law, dads, flowers, cards, Kamloops, fires, etc.) It took fifteen minutes to get to the store because of construction, which is definitely NOT normal! Good thing she wasn't a paid cab company, haha. She readily agreed to put mouse traps behind the couch for me, so that's good. I got perogies, cereal, Swiss cheese, cherries, one Smart Ones microwaveable meal (cranberry turkey medallions), bottled water, on-sale brown bread (cheese sticks were too much if they expire in two days), on-sale Long English Cucumber, green apple / vanilla yogurt from Island Farms, strawberry / kiwi / cereal Activia yogurt (got a better expiry date), and some organic raspberry lemonade.

Also got on-sale toilet paper, on-sale Pizza Pops (Deluxe and Hawaiian), on-sale red grapes, on-sale frozen fruit blend (strawberries / blackberries / diced peaches / blueberries), on-sale blue oven mitts with a silicon protective cover, tangerine-lime-mandarin sparkling water, tropical mango sparkling water (the store brand was cheaper than Koala which was on sale), soy milk, an on-sale Sunkist orange cream smoothie juice, Carl Buddig honey ham in a tub, Carl Buddig chicken in a tub, on-sale Simple Pleasures digestive biscuits for Corey (who thinks "digestive biscuit" sounds like a laxative for old people :P), on-sale Simple Pleasures tea biscuits / Dad's oatmeal cookies for the toddler Sunday School, and some other stuff. Noticed a buttery flavor spread called Earth Balance, which is what certain vegans have been raving about - it's SO EXPENSIVE, at $6.50 a large tub! Give me my usual margarine for $3 in a little tub, hahaha. Although I'm using the rest of Dallas' tub right now, I'm sure it's less expensive! At home, I threw some stuff away - whee! Now I'll try to get some more things done around here. I'm happy since I saved $24.18!

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Baby powder, broccoli, and coffee... what a combo!

And another restart! Might as well give you Part 2 of that survey...

How many lamps are in the room you're in?: One.
What did you do on the last 4th of July?: Why should I do anything for it, since I'm a Canadian? :P
Do you have posters in your room?: Yes.
Is it hot out?: Yup... 30 degrees C.
Do you like Pink Floyd?: Yes.
Why?: Timeless and classic.
Do you like Mötley Crüe?: Yup.
Guns N' Roses?: Definitely!
W.A.S.P?: Never heard of them.
Do you wear deodorant?: Yes.
What's the last thing you ate?: Broccoli.
Drank?: Coffee.
How many windows are in your house?: A few?
Do you have a pool?: Nope.
When's the last time you went swimming?: Ages ago.
Have you heard of the band Foxy Shazam?: No.
Do you shop at Hot Topic?: No.
Pac Sun?: No.
Charlotte Russe?: No.
American Eagle?: I look, on the odd occasion.
Abercrombie & Fitch?: No.
Do you find anyone annoying?: Of course.
What's your favorite movie?: Not sure.
Have you ever seen I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry?: No.
The Happening?: No.
White Chicks?: No.
Who's your best friend?: Don't have one, really.
How old is your mom?: 61!
Dad?: He'll be 60 in two days!
Do you like Barack Obama?: Dunno.
Do you wear perfume / cologne?: Not really.
Did you like the movie Alvin And The Chipmunks?: No.
Do you think it should be called Simon And The Chipmunks instead?: No.
What's your least favorite color?: Puce or pink.
Do you like the band Sick Puppies?: Never heard of it.
Do you like the smell of baby powder?: No.
Do you have a fanny pack?: No.
Do you know who Mick Mars is?: No.
Do you play sports?: No.
Do you watch sports?: Occasionally.
What's your favorite basketball team?: None.
Baseball?: None.
Football?: None.
Do you find Bill Maher scary?: No.
Do you like One Republic?: No.
Pepsi or Coke?: Pepsi.
Have you ever seen the ocean?: Yes.
Are there any bodies of water near your house?: I guess so...
Do you use Lysol?: Yes.
Do you like chewing gum?: Yes. Doing it right now, in fact.
Do you like minty or fruity gum?: Both.
Are you bored?: I guess.
How many CDs do you own?: Over 125, I think.
Do you have trash in your bedroom?: Maybe.
Is your bedroom dirty?: It's messy.
What are you listening to right now?: Subwoofer's Fuzzy Logic.
What's on the TV?: It's off.
Have you ever been to England?: No.
Do you watch cartoons?: Occasionally.
Do you like getting shots?: No.
Shorts or jeans?: Jeans.
Do you ever wear hats?: Yes.
Do you like the taste of medicine?: No.
Do you like shopping?: It depends.
Where are you?: In front of the computer.
Stand up.: No.
Do 6 jumping jacks.: No.
Did you?: No.
Why?: I don't have to.
When is your birthday?: September 17th.
Are you a good speller?: You bet!
Do you like this survey?: No.
Why?: It's kinda boring.
Is it unique?: No.
Can you tell I'm running out of ideas?: Definitely.
Have you heard the song Tonight by FM Static?: No.
Do you read a lot?: Yes.
Do you believe in horoscopes?: Not really.
Have you ever farted in school and blamed it on someone else?: HAHAHA, no.
Do you use the bathroom in public places, or try to hold it?: Depends.
Do you shower daily?: Yup.
Don't be afraid to be honest on that question.: Sure thing...
Do you ever listen to the same song over and over and over again?: Of course!
Do you like Miley Cyrus?: No.
I don't.: Whatever.
What's a song you don't want anyone to know you like?: Can't think of one.
What's your ringtone?: N/A.
Do you have sheets on your bed?: Yes.
Do you paint your nails?: No.
Toenails?: No.
Are you a man?: No.
Do you like colorful clothing?: Depends.
Do you like zebra print?: No.
Do you like Andy Warhol?: He was a genius!
What do you think of when I say pickle?: Ball.
Shoes.: Yay.
Angelina Jolie.: Meh.
Start.: Me up!
Jesus.: I should NOT be putting "Christ Pose" for this, yet I am. :P
Do you like this survey now?: No.
Do you like sausage?: In moderation.
Are you German?: No.
What are you scared of?: Mice, insects, escalators...
Do you like David Cook?: No.
Did you want him to win American Idol?: I had no opinion, but wanted him to only because my ex was backing Archuleta at the time. ROCKERS RULE!
Why?: See above.
I voted for him 8923749 times.: I don't really care. I'm sure you didn't really vote for him that many times.
I know.: Whatever.
What kind of shoes do you wear?: Sneakers.
Do you have converse?: No.
Vans?: No.
Phat Pharms?: No.
Jordan's?: No.
Have you seen Scary Movie 3?: No.
Best one, right?: No.
Who's Chauncy Billups?: Football player.
Who's Bret Favre?: See above.
Vanilla or chocolate?: Chocolate.
Tape or glue?: No preference.
Do you smile a lot?: Depends.
Do you have short or long hair?: Medium.
Do you want a new hairstyle?: No.

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I've just been reminded of Tila Tequila and Buckcherry's SORRY again... ugh!

This computer restarted again, right after I got up! Billie and I made plans to meet at Richmond Sushi, so YAY for potentially killing a most significant memory dragon! Got the "weight loss spam" MSN message from Vanessa TWICE in the last two days!

Here's part of a survey:

How are you feeling?: Okay.
How old are you?: Older.
What's your name?: Leslie.
Do you like it?: Meh.
If you could change it, what would it be?: Too many choices.
If you were the opposite sex, what would it be?: According to my parents, the same. Yuck. :P
Do you get along with your mom?: Meh.
Do you get along with your dad?: Meh.
Any siblings?: Brother and sister.
Do you get along with them?: I guess.
What's your favorite color?: Blue, purple, black.
Food?: Noodles!
Band / artist?: Too many to list.
Type of music?: Rock or metal.
Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?: No.
Do you like being single?: It's okay.
Are you happy with your life?: Dunno.
Do you like the band KISS?: Yes.
Do you know any songs by them?: Of course. Steve would kill me if I didn't, haha. :P
Do you buy water bottles?: Yes, but I put the contents into my stainless steel one.
Do you have caution tape in your room?: No.
What color is your bedspread?: White.
Sheets?: Purple.
Pillowcases?: Beige.
Walls?: Taupe?
Have you ever done drugs?: No.
What have you done?: N/A.
Do you drink?: Yes.
What's your favorite drink?: I assume this is asking about alcoholic beverages, so beer! No really specific kind...
Who's your celebrity crush?: Don't really have one.
Do you like them cause they're hot?: Ha ha ha.
Do you want to know mine?: No, but you'll probably tell me anyways.
I love Johnny Knoxville. Do you?: No idea who that is.
Well, you better back off.: That's not a question.
Nah, I'm just kidding. But really.: See above.
Do you have a cell phone?: No.
What color is it?: N/A.
Do you have an iPod?: No.
What color is that?: N/A.
Do you like KFC?: Not really.
What does KFC stand for?: Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Do you like animals?: Sure.
Are you allergic to anything?: Nope!
When's the last time you went to the bathroom?: This morning.
Do you like Buckcherry?: Meh.
Do you like the song Sorry?: I used to, but not anymore.
I do.: Not a question.
Do you want to get married?: Maybe.
Do you want kids?: Maybe.
What boy names do you like?: Sebastian, James, and a bunch of others.
Girl names?: Tatiana, Nina, Gloria, Roanna, Josephine, Geraldine, Jacqueline, Alexandra...
Do you like macaroni and cheese?: It's okay.
How many pillows do you sleep with?: One.
Do you listen to music a lot?: You bet!
Do you use LimeWire?: No, but my ex did.
Do you use iTunes?: No.
What website were you on before this one?: Facebook.
What's your homepage?: Blogspot.
Yahoo, Google, or Ask?: Google.
Do you have braces?: No.
Did you ever have braces?: Yes.
Do you need braces?: No.
Do you have asthma?: No.
Do you use an inhaler?: No.
Do you have your own room?: Yes.
How big is the closet?: It's all right.
Do you have a garage?: No.
How many cars does your family have?: Three.
Do you drive?: No.
Have you ever stolen a street sign?: No.
Do you like Metro Station?: Never heard of them.
What's your favorite song of theirs: N/A.
Do you like their song Shake It?: No.
Do you like giraffes?: Meh.
What is your favorite animal at the zoo?: I dunno.
What kind of computer do you have?: Something which Vernon built. I do know the monitor is Compu-Partner.
Do you have AIM?: Yes.
Would you ever put your screen name on here?: Yes.
Do you look good in sunglasses?: I suppose.
What about hats?: Depends on the hat.
Do you like Woodale?: No idea who that is.
Have you ever heard of Woodale?: No.
Will you listen to Keep Driving by Woodale for me?: Definitely not!
Did you watch the first season of Tila Tequila?: Not really.
Did you want Bobby or Dani to win?: N/A.
Did you watch the second season?: Unfortunately, I did. My ex's online Calgary BlogTV friend Tyler got him into it last summer.
Did you want Bo or Kristy to win?: I tried hard not to form an opinion about the show beyond "reality TV is crap!" (that was ALL Korey would watch, seriously!) However, I wanted Bo to win.
Do you even know what I'm talking about?: Unfortunately.

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"I'm getting harassed for no reason!" - Adam Goldstein


[01:28:03] Corey: this is great :P this idiot on ebay didn't send someone on SA a $500 monitor for over two weeks... SA guy calls them and gets told not to call them anymore, emails are pretty much brushed off, so he calls them asshats and demands a refund.
[01:28:24] Corey: idiot replies demanding an apology for saying naughty words....
[01:29:02] Corey: he does give a refund, but then keeps emailing back to complain about SA guy using bad words, and even registers a domain... (I forget the company name)
[01:30:10] Corey: anyway, this guy is totally nuts and keeps threatening to sue over SA guy saying bad words... eventually people start calling his business that he runs, and now he's online threatening to sue everyone on the internet... he says he has lots of guns registered in his name, and he dares people to show up at his business in person :P
[01:30:36] Corey: he's also claiming he's baiting people to say illegal things so he can take them to court, because his whole family is full of lawyers or whatever
[01:32:10] Corey: so anyway, after proving himself to be a total douchebag on SA for many pages, 4chan took up the cause and is sending 8 billion various free items and services to his house, tying up his phone lines, etc. ... and this guy replies angrily to EVERYTHING, which is absolute fuel to /b/ on 4chan :P they love people like that, they won't stop harassing him forever if he keeps reacting that way :P
[01:32:19] Corey: oh, they also took his website offline :P
[01:36:27] Flami: learning about martyrs: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
[01:36:40] Flami: how the hell do you sue everyone on the Internet?!
[01:46:35] Corey: his lawyers are collecting information!!!!
[01:47:41] Corey: one of the SA mods told him to contact him so he could give him the personal information (not a chance of that really happening) of the hooligans bothering him, so he may think he has actual info on people :P oh, and he has the police tapping his phone line!!! so they'll push the trace button on their computer and find everyone bothering him :P
[01:49:58] Corey: adamlgoldstein posted:

I have done nothing wrong. My business was slow.
There is no reason for such harassment. I have 3 lawyers accumulating evidence and they will be calling ISPs tomorrow.
If you wish to keep your freedom, you will apologize
[01:50:09] Corey: that's what he's telling /b/ :P
[01:50:15] Flami: learning about martyrs: .... what the?! that is nuts
[01:50:46] Corey: there's a phone call someone on SA made where he's all pissed off because he gave the guy a refund, and now people are bothering him... he sees no reason for anyone to be upset with him
[01:52:00] Corey: yeah... he got upset after more than 2 weeks after spending money with you, and you threatened to sue him for harassment immediately, bought a domain name to notify the world that his company sucks, and were just horrible and nasty the entire time.... but yeah, he got his money back, so no foul :P
[01:52:16] Corey: what a dick
[01:53:10] Flami: that is terrible!
[01:53:15] Corey: he's probably getting a lot more than he deserves.... they're sending every possible sendable thing and service to his house, ruined his website and probably email account and phone number... but he's still being a dick and refusing to admit he did anything wrong, so I don't see it ending anytime soon :P
[01:53:32] Flami: haha, probably not
[01:58:09] Corey: if you listen to the phone call, he says "SHITTING ON MY FACE WOULD BE A CRIME!" at one point :P
[02:00:39] Corey:
[02:01:12] Corey: haha, now someone made a Craigslist ad saying his company is in the process of moving, and has a lot of free electronics and furniture to give away :P
[02:01:34] Flami: hahaha, nice.
[02:02:14] Corey: adamlgoldstein posted:

What is it you people want?

adamlgoldstein posted:

So there is no reasoning with you? You wish to harass for the sake of harassment?
[02:02:29] Flami: aiya
[02:04:02] Corey: oh, now he's suing tindeck for hosting the mp3 of the phone call (SA goon-run)
[02:08:35] Flami: why am I not surprised?
[02:13:38] Corey: "Watching /b/ do its "thing" is terrifying. They are currently Photoshopping a poster with this guy's face on it notifying neighbors that he is a convicted pedophile, is dangerous, and to notify police. I assume they are going to post it around the neighborhood."
[02:17:25] Flami: oh dear... that isn't something I'd want happening to me
[02:21:53] Corey: well, be nice :P
[02:32:47] Flami: I am
[02:33:06] Flami: and I need to go to bed... discovering multiple mistakes in a "corrected" status update is not a good thing
[02:34:56] Corey: the sex offender poster :P
[02:35:00] Corey: I need to go to bed, too

Poo nugget for Monday, July 20: Doo You Know? - Bird Poo - Bird poo is white because birds can't urinate. Their kidneys extract nitrogenous wastes from the bloodstream, but instead of excreting it as urea dissolved in urine as humans do, they excrete it in the form of uric acid. Uric acid has a very low solubility in water, so it emerges as a white paste.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sidekicks like Robin and serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.

Famous Sidekicks

Every parent wants the world for his or her child, but some settle for a child destined to be second best. Many sidekicks have done rather well for themselves; however, their success is entirely dependent upon the lifespan of the employer. Avoid the following names of sidekicks, as such.

Ed McMahon (The Tonight Show: Johnny Carson)
Robin (Batman)
Cato Fong (Pink Panther: Inspector Closeau)
Tonto (Lone Ranger)
Harpo (Marx Brothers: Groucho)
Chico (Marx Brothers: Groucho)
And The Other One
Minute Mouse (Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse)
Ed Norton (The Honeymooners: Ralph Kramden)
Gracie Allen (George Burns)
Sancho Panza (Don Quixote)
Art Garfunkel (Simon and Garfunkel: Paul Simon)

Death Row Inmates and Serial Killers

As annoying as the name Makenzeye is, naming your child after a serial killer is twice as dangerous. Many famous serial killers of the past have fallen by the wayside and are thus less familiar to parents of the next generation. As a result - and for your child's own protection - this list of the most well-known killers and infamous murderers is provided for you to avoid, both in name and otherwise.

Erzebet (Elizabeth) Bathory: The female record holder of murders.

David Berkowitz: AKA Son of Sam.

Albert DeSalvo: Allegedly the Boston Strangler.

Ted Bundy: Serial killer from the western states with the most made-for-TV movies produced about his travails.

Jeffrey Dahmer: Preferred meat.

Ed Gein: Inspired elements of The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Earle Nelson: AKA the Gorilla Man.

Harold Frederick Shipman: Convicted of at least fifteen murders, though allegedly responsible for nearly fifty times that many.

Charles Manson: Lest we forget.

Jack the Ripper: A legendary serial killer in the UK.

Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker.

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Vietnamese, Christmas Elf, Spongebob names

Note: Which one of your LJ friends will kill you Memegen, by Heidi.

Not another restart... UGH! Am doing the LOCATION project for Eric's journal, too. :D

Leslie's just got their Vietnamese Name from Name Generators. I just got my Vietnamese Name. It's Huong Ly.

Leslie's just got their Spongebob Character Name from Name Generators. I just got my Spongebob Character Name. It's Mr. Krabs.

Leslie's just got their Christmas Elf Name from Name Generators. I just got my Christmas Elf Name. It's Buttons Candy-Lips.

Leslie's just got their Harry Potter Name from Name Generators. I just got my Harry Potter Name. It's Lavender Brown. (Nice colorful name... reminds me of people named Rose White and such!)

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"Mushrooms taste like garbage!" "The apple juice turned to poison!"

This thing just restarted! As soon as my parents pulled into the parking space this morning, Mom gave me some jalapeno cheese slices that you can only get in the States, apparently. I ran in to put them in the fridge (and down half a thing of coffee) - the car ride to church only confirmed my mom's obsession with Chinese Eric. If only she knew what we discussed the time we hung out with Nathan, haha! (I also need to email him something, too...) I kept myself restricted to monosyllabic answers when she asked me stuff - don't give her anything to work with! Upon learning that I'd gone to a BBQ with friends last night, Dad wanted to know whether I'd chipped in. After I said I guessed I had (even though I hadn't), he said that I shouldn't take advantage of a free BBQ, and I should pay some money next time. I decided to ignore that because he didn't know the circumstances. Aside from that, the car ride was all right. (got disposable gloves and things) Learned that Grandma thinks her time is pretty soon, so she wants to see more of us, though.

Got to church, and had to sidestep little Clement when I refilled my water bottle before going into service. Chatted to Jonathan briefly, called my sister a weirdo, and sat with Harmony when I found her - Jon was miked when he prayed with the worship team before things began, which I found amusing. Danielle squeezed into our row a little later when she couldn't get into Vanessa's pew. When Tim came up for an announcement about the Walkathon, we all laughed when his son Keenan refused to say hi to everyone using the mic! Later, I introduced Harmony to Matt (for something to say) as my sister-in-law... I'm getting used to it, heh. We also said hi to Grandma, and discussed plans and JAPADOGS! Talked to baby Mattias for a bit, and admired baby Gavin who was quite good when Danielle was holding him. (probably because he could look at his mom Lily for most of the time) Gavin decided that he was interested in Jon and Harmony's shiny red coffee tumbler, but of course Harmony held onto it while he touched it. Babies are so cute!

Eventually, we all went out to the courtyard where a whole bunch of people were already. I looked for Mike T., who said that Vanessa had the ticket reserved - but she hadn't actually brought them, so next week it is! Got Steph to chip in for it, while Jon made a joking excuse. Said hi to Jeremy when he dropped by our table, and Jon mentioned the Sunday Dinner at Eric's next week. I asked if his parents were okay with it - they're actually out of town, so that works. After I got my Japadog, chips, and root beer, I sat down where my sister / Karen / Christon / Lincoln were. Turned out I just happened to be sitting next to Randal, but it was the only free chair at the table - it was fine. Steph entertained us all by doing various impersonations of Uncle Stephen as he taught "Science and Christianity" during last week's Sunday School class. I later got her to sign Dad's birthday card - she explained that she was quite proud of Dad turning 60 this week, haha. (the big "60!" had to be there!) We discussed various places in Steveston, and Steph thought there'd be only six of us - I was too sleepy to correct her to "seven." (me, Jon, Harmony, Steph, the parents, and Grandma)

It was a very amusing time, particularly when Nathan (at the table behind us) referred to Stanford as "his lover" after a pause for effect. Then he got random about Christon and yearning - Jon and Harmony had joined us by this time, so were very amused! (I got them to sign the card too) Found out from Calla that Andrea had gone, asked Chrystal where she'd been yesterday (resting for the wedding banquet), said hi to Auntie Kwai, and interacted with little Benjamin. Steph asked me about the names of various little kids (Noah [Benjamin's younger brother], Olivia, Anne, Micah [Olivia and Anne's cousin]) - there are SO MANY! Harmony herself asked me who Auntie Catherine was after that lady said hi to us, and about Lily's (Gavin's mom) name. I talked to Sophia about cruises and such (she prompted her older daughter Olivia to say hi, and prompted her younger daughter Anne to wave - Anne can WALK now!), and said hi to Stella and her younger son Noah. Yep, I am another Auntie Leslie / Lesley!

I knew I was losing track of time, but had to hear Randal's story of how he once literally broke / shattered a toilet bowl with a rock (and NOT an organic one!) when he was a kid, and Harmony's interesting cooking story where the firefighters were called in because of massive amounts of smoke! Stanford (a professional cook) told her that she couldn't just improvise a stovetop grill using a cookie sheet and a pot lid, even if the resulting meal turned out to be the best ever! He was open-mouthed at her story, and Jon said that he would have told her to pan-fry the chicken instead! (The firefighters to Harmony and her roommate: "Next time, you should just order takeout!" Hahahaha!)

Finally went upstairs to help with the toddlers far later than I should have - I explained to Auntie Fonda that I didn't know what time it was. Cori was back, and I refused to call her by her real name: CORONA makes me think of BEER, man! Asher's mom wants him to speak English during the Sunday School hour, so Auntie Fonda thinks I can help him with that. I also discussed medicine, Facebook, Canadian privacy laws and the news, pain, side-effects, cookies, and the Japanese hot dogs with her. Promptly went back to the courtyard (saying hi to Pat en route) after Sunday School, and talked a lot to Ian and Sean. Ian was saying that the seaweed on the hot dogs was interesting, and Sean was blurting out things like "NO NAME! NO MUSHROOMS!" (he's autistic) He was reading the drink box for apple juice and orange juice, heh. I saw Steph, who I thought had gone to her squash game - she was leaving right then, however.

Prompted by the "no mushrooms!" blurt, I asked Ian if he liked mushrooms - he said no, and neither did his brother. Apparently, mushrooms taste gross. Trying to figure out just what Ian didn't like about mushrooms, I asked whether they tasted slimy. "No... mushrooms taste like GARBAGE!" Then I asked him what he put on his pizza: he likes Hawaiian, he said. I told him about the pizzas at the Yaletown Brewery; he wasn't impressed with the BBQ pork, duck, or spinach pizzas, haha. Then I became aware that Sean was apparently saying something alarming about the apple juice: "The apple juice turned into POISON!" Turns out that he was reading the French side of the drink box, where the French word for "drink" (boisson) was prominently displayed. Since I refuse to talk to kids like they're mentally deficient, I told him that it was another language and meant "drink." Cindy came by to say hi, and I asked her how Megan and Andy's wedding was: BEAUTIFUL AT ECBC AND SOME HOTEL!

The kids were getting cheese and orange tongues / teeth from the nacho chips, heh. Told Pastor John's son Noah (yes, another one) that he had something in his hair - I got it out. Asked Pastor John himself about the meeting on Monday, which was indeed long. Waved to the kids' grandma, and fielded a question from Ada about whether I'd eaten a hot dog - definitely! Her shirt was interesting: "HIS PAIN - YOUR GAIN!" (Jesus dying on the cross) Told Dylan why my sister and I couldn't attend his wedding, but we did thank him for the invitation! Helped Grandma with a glass of water, and told her friend Eunice that Grandma didn't like hot dogs in general. Also got little Nathan to explain his wheeled shoes to Grandma after she wondered how he could coast so fast! Talked to his older sister Natalie for a bit - she's going to Burnett for Grade 8, and told me that Palmer and McNair were still there in Richmond. I knew that, haha!

Went to Tsui Woo with Alan and Polly for a relatively light dim sum lunch - I laughed when Alan took the lunch bill (over my mom's protests) and went up to the cashier to pay for it. Dad said I should have reached over Polly and grabbed for it - hahaha, Steph can do that next time with her training! On the way home, Grandma showed me her tongue bubble caused by yeet hai - "hot air" caused by eating spicy foods when it's hot outside, in this case... it's a CHINESE thing! Thanks, but I didn't need to see what looked like a purple growth! She wondered why a McDonalds billboard ad featured chopsticks, so I got Mom to tell her that it was for a teriyaki chicken burger! Good times today, with more to come. I have yet to figure out how I'll get to White Man's house next week, but there's PLENTY of time for that! Got home and promptly plugged the London Drugs fan IN, and also figured out who the chick was who added me to Facebook overnight. I had enough time this morning to glance at the email notification, but couldn't actually check it out till now. Yup, I did indeed meet her last night at Krista's!

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Odysseus, Orpheus, Peerless, and Philbert

Some chick named "Jazmin Linares" added me to Facebook overnight. No idea who that is, but it could be the Sunday morning fogginess as well...

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Octavius: Latin for the eighth-born. Exception to the rule: if you're headed for number eight, we salute you. Just think of the gladiatorial-themed birthday parties you could host!

Odo: Original version of the expression of surprise best voiced by Homer Simpson.

Odysseus: A Greek leader in the Trojan War, famed for his trickery. Prepare for a child who could lash himself to the bottom of a sheep to escape your clutches, or tie himself and his sailors to a mast to avoid the lure of the Sirens. And those are only two of the tricks up his sleeve...

Omari: Didn't your grandmother collect this type of Japanese porcelain?

Omen: A sign from the great beyond. Black cats and crows will flock to your child.

Orpheus: A mythological poet and a master of the lyre, who played so beautifully that objects (animate and inanimate) followed him wherever he went. Are you ready for a grunge band in the garage, complete with groupies?

Oscar: A golden statuette coveted by members of the Hollywood community. An unpleasant, green-haired Muppet, who chooses to make his home in a trash receptacle.

Osgood: If you're looking to raise an NFL linebacker, this is NOT the name to choose.

Osmond: Member of a talented family of Mormon performers. Your child will most likely be both a little bit "country" and a little bit "rock n' roll."

Oswald: A studious bookworm, remarkable for his political activism and accuracy with a high-powered rifle.

Otto: If you're looking for a palindromic name, this is a good pick.

Owen: The one with the crooked nose. Also, child may experience a lifetime of feeling indebted to others.


Packer: One who packs meat or cheese and serves as the namesake for a football dynasty whose followers are identified by their garish green-and-yellow attire and triangular headwear.

Parker: A valet. Also, a hearty boy. The one who doesn't sing.

Patrick / Pat: A sexually-ambiguous child.

Peerless: One whose ability to make fine faucets is beyond compare.

Pentium: A very fast, but occasionally unreliable processor used for completing multiple mathematics equations that generally leads to gamer's thumb.

Percival: A person born as dumb as a stump, whose childlike innocence and naivete will somehow allow him to stumble into a position of great responsibility.

Peter: Another phallic name. Also, one with severe marital problems and an obsession for pumpkin-flavored foods.

Pharoah: An ancient Egyptian ruler prone to draining the checking account to buy excessive jewelry and wrapping the household pets in toilet paper.

Philander: Greek lover of mankind. A command to cheat on one's spouse or significant other.

Philbert: A hard nut to crack, but tasty on casseroles.

Phillip: The swirl of whipped cream topping on a hot fudge sundae. Will get a giggle anytime the phrase "fill up" is used.

Pierre: A beret-wearing frog with a disagreeable demeanor.

Pleather: Inexpensive, non-breathable material often used for hooker ensembles. See also Vinyl.

Polo: The appropriate response to the call "Marco" when assisting a visually-impaired swimmer.

Prince: A nobleman who aspires to be king, but will most likely see all of his foibles printed for the whole world to see in newspapers best known for their coverage of UFOs.

Pucci: Italian designer of fabulous, mod-style prints. A common nickname for dogs of mixed breeding.

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Yay for seeing Krista in Tsawwassen!

This thing just restarted - way to make me lose more sleeping time! Henry picked me up after 3:30, and we chatted about the hot weather / his nieces / the beach / keeping cool in the ice rink / wanting to go somewhere nice. At Awana, I was surprised that Chrystal wasn't there; instead, Danny had been pressed into service. Martin figured that I'd want to sit where he currently was - good guy! He later took a group picture for us, right when Auntie Vivian and I were talking to little Hilary's mom. Since all the kids were practicing for next week's awards presentation ("WE ARE SPARKS" / the Gideon story), I didn't get much kid interaction in today - but did attempt to say hi to Sean, Hannah, and Julia! Auntie Rebecca talked to me about being active on Facebook, the way time passed in Awana (ten years already!), and the orientation on Sept. 6 with the first day being the 12th. I think I'll have to have an early celebration... yikes. This also means I can't make it to Dylan and Deb's wedding!

While I was scrambling to get some stuff done, Auntie Rebecca said that someone was waiting for me. Since I hadn't actually yet told Ada that I didn't need a ride home, I had to wait a couple minutes more for her to get back in the room. I interacted with a baby sibling about his vibrating colorful stroller toy instead! After I did tell Ada, I got out of there in due time - yup, it was Teunis! Met his friend Jasmine, AKA Wolfie - we didn't know our other names till we were sitting down in Tsawwassen with Krista's dad, grandma, brother, Vanessa, and others. Talked about green mustard (parsley / chives / something else), coleslaw, chips, cheeseburgers, salmon, stories, being distantly related to royalty, Jordan, swords, white Eric, dinners, RPG, email, and other stuff. Blew a few bubbles so I wouldn't have wasted bringing the solution along. Hugged Krista hello, updated Teunis on the latest DRAMA situation, corrected his mixing up R#1 and R#2, and talked a bit to Krista's grandma who did start repeating herself about Mushi (the cat) and not caring what other people thought about things. She apparently was in a Russian camp for a few years!

Properly met Krista's dad Os, and loved the entertainment - interesting music mix included the Ghostbusters! Moved inside after a while to discuss bugs, Brüno, phone numbers, getting lost, apple crumble, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, idiot exes and current people, history, poly, friends, and other interesting topics. I finally got to tell Teunis what someone had once told me to try justifying poly: "Christ had love for many people!" EWWWWWWWWW! It was an interesting time out, and I got to talk to Vanessa about stuff on the way home too. As a reminder to myself, I told her that I had to pack up some cookies for the kids tomorrow - I did that as soon as I got home!

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