Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rosemary, basil, Cheese Scream, Szechuan, General Tao Chicken, Neapolitan ice cream

Got to the usual place early, and it was SO HOT when I waited for Eric! Good thing I had my water (which I refilled at Subway - the ice melted in the two minutes it took me to walk to church) so I could hydrate myself! Discussed dinner options, bread at Mr. Sub, Monday's meeting, nightmares, library books, guessing, and more on the way over. Funny he should ask about Teunis ("I haven't seen him in a while") since I'm seeing him tomorrow - as I told him later, I suggested they become Facebook friends. Eric thinks I should wear my Joker socks since I was wearing a purple shirt and (to him) purple pants. I retorted that the pants were blue; later, Jon said that they were grape-ish. Can't win with these guys, man...

When we got to church, we discussed cash arrangements and Subway sandwiches. I went to Superstore and bought rosemary / basil Miss Vickie's chips, white chocolate chip cookies, General Tao Superstore brand (President's Choice) chips, Szechuan Superstore brand chips, and Doritos Cheese Scream chips. Later, Eric made much of these purchases, and joked that I'd eat half of it tonight when I got home - NO WAY! After I ate my dinner of a footlong steak and cheese sub at the store since I had time (and it was better than eating on the stairs or outside), I concluded that I should have eaten first - don't shop when hungry! Going in on one piece of sushi isn't good, heh. Went to the church and listened to the last of the Jon / Jonathan / Eric / Nathan / Isabel / Margaret / Darren worship practice. Vanessa waved at me later and asked if I were coming up - of course! Gave the STOLEN INNOCENCE book to Jon at the piano first, in case I forgot later.

Upstairs, I said hi to Danielle and Shally - Vivian said that they'd missed me at Monday's meeting, but quickly updated me on some stuff. Laughed at Dylan's keyboard fumbling, and applause was a running gag during the announcements. Jon mentioned that he'd bring durian to the church picnic next week: YOU EAT ALONE! Harmony managed to make it to Fellowship, which is good... she got Mom's email about Dad's 60th birthday, and they should be able to make it. During Bible Study, Nathan / Kevin / Dylan / Deb / Teresa / Vanessa / I talked about emotion, sweating, oozing (Nate liked my answer of "oozing blood from a gaping wound" - Danielle didn't expect that), perspiring, Andy and Megan's wedding, Steph oversleeping till 8 after the funeral lunch and dinner (Dad urged her to SKIP!), Nathan's checkbox shirt, Nate going to England, Cindy and Johnny being absent, and other things.

Dylan mixed up Vivian and Vanessa, while Eric said that it was a good thing that she wasn't Grace. Apparently, Grace has called him "Jeremy" a few times, and needs Phil to remind her about the names of her own friends! We had Neapolitan ice cream (which was given to Jon and Harmony, later given to me when they went to Sweet Revenge on Main), grapes, and cherries for a snack afterwards. I talked to Citrus about drugs and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, to Eric about the cards I got for Fellowship use, to Teresa about exchanging two $5 bills for a $10 bill (offering), to Harmony / Jon / Steph about family stuff (Mom sent them all the same message - REDUNDANT!), and more. Told Wesley that it was good to see him there - for sure! Teresa then asked Harmony and Danielle a bunch of questions... at least she knows that Harmony is Jon's wife, heh.

Stanley made a few attempts to get us out of the room, so I talked to Andrea about possible hanging out in future. Then I said hi to Stanford and Calla - they were talking about first dates, and wondered about Jon and Harmony, who both don't remember what their first official date was. Reading at Second Cup didn't really count, heh. Discussed CRU the restaurant, the Cannery, BORAT (first movie date!), satire, queen-size mattresses, boxsprings, frames, going outside, etudes, lists, Christon's piano exam, getting old, possible Sunday Dinner at Eric's next weekend, fireworks, memory, food, and more. After dropping off Jon and Harmony (talked about Rob and Ross / Recession Tour / free shows / Vanessa's apparent lack of nervousness), Eric and I had the usual random ride home. He had "creative hearing" when I said "getting change from the bank machine" - it is NOT "getting CHINESE from the bank machine," hahaha! When I was home, I cleaned the kitchen floor, which had somehow gotten very sticky. Don't know why that is... and then I noted that Eric called me from his cell phone later. Guess I'll figure that out on Sunday!

Leslie took the What's your Maturity Level? quiz and the result is 20+ ... Wow! You really have it together. You're organized and smart, and think that laughing at things and people is obnoxious.

Poo nugget for this weekend: It's Still Warm! - Do you hate the shock to the system that comes from your warm butt's initial contact with a cold toilet seat in a public restroom? Or do you find warm toilet seats even worse, as they force you to think about the hygienic practices of the stall's previous occupant? The Thermochronic toilet seat, designed by Peter Crookrak, is supposed to take away the uncertainty of the temperature of the toilet seat in a public restroom. The decision to sit or not is facilitated by the color change of the seat: orange = cool, yellow = hot. The object retains the heat memory of a previous user and displays it as a visual marker for the next user to assess.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dreaming of Mom yelling, colored towels, and black tans

Note: LJ Pirates of the Caribbean scenario and icon Memegen, by ladyoftheelfboy.

This thing just restarted! Corey is bad, man. He wanted me to dream of the giver again - no way! Even asked me this morning if I had - nope! I did dream of my mom being very mad at us while trying to pack from a boat trip we were on. She yanked a colorful towel out from underneath me, yelled at us to stop trying to find things in the duty-free shop (like OUST air freshener and lotion and baby wipes), and was generally a nuisance. My friends and I were trying to get to know this slightly chubby black person with a small tattoo better. It was good that he wanted to protect us, haha... he was trying to get an upper-body tan, too. It WAS nice and sunny outside, and we had a lot of pre-packaged chicken meals from the general store as well. The dream ended when Mom got thoroughly exasperated with us, and left our presence muttering maledictions under her breath! Hahaha... no idea why I had that one! It's also 30 degrees outside... *melts before she even leaves the apartment*

Dominic Monaghan Dressup by squints
Your name
His covered by a hat
His striped
His pants...are blue jeans
Accessories?scarf tie
Overall, he looks......interesting...

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Pineapples, LOCATION project, stool seepage

I got the same "weight loss spam as MSN message" from Mike K. that I did from Danielle. Was wondering who was associated with that email address, but Jessica and Amasiah cleared it up for me! Am busy working on the LOCATION project... if I'm curiously absent, that would be why!

Poo nugget for Friday, July 17: Dr. Stool Says - Stool Seepage - One of the most distressing complications of inflammatory bowel disease is the formation of fistulae, which are abnormal connections between the diseased intestines and surrounding abdominal organs. These atypical conduits are often discovered when stool is seen exiting the body from such unusual locations as the abdominal wall. If a connection forms between the intestines and the bladder, a patient may actually complain of "passing stool" while he urinates! Historically, fistula treatment required surgery, but aggressive medical therapy with immunosuppressive drugs can now lead to healing in a majority of patients.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tacos are spicy, and that's what I needed!

Went to the Flaming Wok (where I haven't been since last year maybe) to get a Combo A for later on - thank goodness I could substitute noodles for the rice with mixed veggies (carrot, broccoli, cauliflower) and Bourbon chicken! Had a two-taco platter from Taco Time while I was at the food court: rice, beans, salad, and tacos with lettuce and SPICY jalapenos rock! Spicier than the Buffalo Chicken Subway sandwich from last week, that's for sure! Also bought a strawberry-banana drink from Orange Julius, where I haven't been since last year either! Walked around the mall a bit, and saw a new store called Angela Fashions, right by Sakura Media - hahaha, oh dear. Got home and called Eric (but Ron initially answered) to see what was up for tomorrow: I'll confirm things in the afternoon if he has a worship practice after 6. Always a good thing to have money for dinner purposes, and time to go to Superstore if that's what ends up happening!

I then called Mom to at least inform her that I wasn't going to the funeral tomorrow for Edwin and Karen's dad because of said double-checking. Poor excuse, probably... but I need to be on my "up" game tomorrow for sure! It's not that I don't feel sorry or anything! She asked what I was doing on Saturday besides Megan and Andy's wedding: Awana, and then UNSPECIFIED plans later! (also known as getting together with a bunch of people to see Krista... must remember to bring bubble solution) Nor do I have a preference for Sunday family dinners yet... or about Dad's birthday dinner next Wednesday! (60!) Yes, I know Big G gets anxious when home alone, but that's why the four of us are bringing her along to grad banquet even if she won't understand anything since it's not in Chinese! She was at Jon's wedding and banquet after all... and THAT was conducted all in English! Candy says she got my birthday card - good!

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Bruises, blood, Othello and Desdemona, skid marks, LJ notes

Hey, LJ has a Notes feature now! Very nice! :D

Facebook quizzes taken from Jennifer L. and Veronica:

Leslie completed the quiz Which character are you from The Hangover? with the result Phil. You always look good, even in bruises and dried blood. You are a natural teacher, but don't get too close to your students. Your family means more to you than you let on. Your quick-thinking, smooth-talking, handsome-even-while-filthy charm often gets you out of "certain death" situations. Your friends see you as the leader of the pack, and you are devoted to them in a totally manly fashion. You. The Man.

What Should You Nickname Your Boobs? Leslie has found a nickname for her boobs.

Dear LESLIE NG, your sexy boobs number is 38, based on the below formula:

L + E + S + L + I + E + N + G
3 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 9 + 5 + 5 + 7 = 38

Below are your sexy boobs nickname for boobs number 38:

You Should Call Your Boobs "Othello & Desdemona."
Sooo Sexy...

Never underestimate the power of boobs!

Poo nugget for Thursday, July 16: The Streak - The appearance of a racing stripe at the bottom of the toilet is a most unwelcome sight for all would-be poopers, especially guests at a friend's dinner party. While one's first notion is to curse the streak's creator, it must be acknowledged that in a majority of cases, the rightful owner of this chocolate drizzle is oblivious to its existence. This ignorance is attributable solely to the fact that The Streak appears only after completion of the flush. To ensure you don't leave a poo trail that leads to you, always give the post-flush glance to make sure you don't need an encore. Synonyms: Skid Mark, Hershey Highway, Racing Stripe.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Major, Maverick, Narcissus, and Nestor

The computer just restarted, and Sylver added me on Facebook.

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Mack: Generic name that bartenders use for a Pall Mall-smoking, beer-guzzling customer. Note the K is silent. Also, a large five-ton semi.

Major: A really big recording company. An officer in the armed forces, but not high enough on the totem pole to qualify as a namesake.

Marcus: Request made by female fans of tattoo artists during MTV Spring Break in Florida. Exception to the rule: last name Oreallyus.

MarVel: Having run out of ideas for superheroes, a comic book company decides to create a superhero in its own image.

Mason: A glass receptacle used for canning. Also, a bricklayer extraordinaire.

Matthew / Matt: A dull child. Also, a piece of fabric used in front of a door for wiping one's shoes.

Maverick: A renegade. Also, an appallingly bad Western starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

Mavryck: Hideous, hideous variant of Maverick, which is bad enough in and of itself.

Max: The top. The most. This child will be teased with a feminine napkin nickname, or mimicked with a surfer / valley girl (like Moon Zappa) accent. This child will also likely wear glasses with thick black frames and a plaid sport coat to play the ponies.

Maxwell: A pseudointellectual coffeehouse regular who stirs his latte with a hammer.

Maynard: A failed condiment consisting of mayonnaise, ox testicle, and mustard.

Merlin: A mythical wizard of great prowess, but unfortunate naming.

Migdol: An analgesic that relieves menstrual cramps.

Milo: Southern expression of surprise.

Monroe: An unpopular and experimental hors d'oeuvre made from caviar. Also, a man of questionable sexuality living on TV in San Francisco in the '80s. His questionable sexuality is only questionable because the network at the time would not allow for clarity.

Montee: An icy cold dessert treat.


Nad: A testicle. "I fell off my bike and cracked my Nad!"

Narcissus: In Greek mythology, a young man who was so beautiful that he was pursued by men and women. He did not return their affections, and was cursed to spend his days staring at himself in a pond, where he fell in love with himself. Because the face in the pond could not love him back, Narcissus turned into a flower, wasted away, and died. But enough about me, what do YOU think of me?

Neon: Bright artificial light hated by all those subjected to its unflattering glow.

Nero: Though small in stature, will grow up to own an successful chain of pizza parlors. Will also have an unexplainable attachment to stringed instruments and fire.

Nestor: A Greek leader in the Trojan War. His military prowess gave him great respect, but his rambling storytelling and often irrelevant advice pained his friends.

Nicholas / Nick: Often called jolly and old, this kid will be prone to shaving cuts and tobacco addiction.

Nicodemus: Skin rash often seen as a side effect of smoking.

Nixon: The thirty-seventh president of the United States. Your child will most likely be prone to surreptitious behavior, including recording your conversations and having your room searched periodically by his friends.

Noah: A sea captain and animal breeder.

Noah-Lot: Maybe this is better than naming a child Know-It-All. Maybe.

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Dream: Native healing and blood disorders in the forest

This thing restarted overnight, and I got a "weight loss spam" MSN message from Danielle. No, I did not click on the link provided! I'm also playing two Word Twist games against people named Andrea (Neve and Wittenborn), and playing against two people whose last name is Howell (Abby and Dallas) - nice coincidences! Something else I find quirky: I'm playing against someone named Tim Keenan, and it's interesting because Tim's younger son is named Keenan. Cute kid when he's not running away from me, hahaha!

I had a weird dream last night: my friends and I were going to some Native healing ceremony in the forest by bus. The people who would benefit from this had some sort of blood disorder which was fast-moving. Unfortunately, it was TOO quick for us! By the time we got to the healing site, almost all the people were dead! We put the remaining survivors into hammocks, and wrote something in blood on another hammock: "BLOODY VIRGINIA" was the inscription. Performed the healing ceremony right after that, because we were afraid an old guy might die from the disease. He actually turned out to live all the way to 113 years old! That's all I remember... no idea why I had the dream!

Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence....
* Post that sentence AS YOUR STATUS. AND POST these instructions in a comment to the status.
* Don't go dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST BOOK......

"Was your bedroom door open or closed?" This is from Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder by Lawrence Schiller.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post-Awana doings, almond nougats, and enemas

Krista invited me to her barbecue (where I might see Kyle / Lindsay), but I faced the same problem as a few years ago when Jon and Christine had their recital in Tsawwassen - no ride! In 2004, this was solved by people already at Awana. This year, it was solved by a quick email to Teunis, who can indeed pick me up at the church around 6 after Awana. I'm glad I can go - I just need to remember to inform Ada at some point during the afternoon!

I just finished eating the almond nougats that Rachel and Lisa gave me in the little yellow dragon bag: they're pretty much the same kind as little Rachel's grandma gave me one time. Clear regular almond nougat, purple soft cranberry nougat x2, blue soft blueberry nougat, and yellow soft orange nougat definitely are good!

Poo nugget for Wednesday, July 15: Doo You Know? - 3500 Years of Enemas - The earliest documented use of enemas is found in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus from 1500 BC. Egyptians believed that all disease was caused by an excess of food, and looked to enemas as a way to cleanse the system.

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Being harmonically based, forcefields of mirrors, and Indigo / Crystal children

The computer restarted again, so this is a good time to bring you yet more craziness courtesy of David! I'd invited him to a Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's in June 2008, but little did I know what he would want to talk about... What are Indigo and Crystal children and adults?

That's awesome! I'll be there, and I'll have something cool to talk about. I finally got to the end of my mystery. Why I am the way I am. Why I can do things. I'm an Indigo. We make up 3% of the human population. We're a group of highly psychic people; born into the 4th level of consciousness. This allows us to directly interact with quantum energy; our thoughts are constantly reorganizing the universe so that we get our way. A normal human is born into the 3rd level of consciousness, and although your thoughts also interact with quantum energy, it's so minor that nothing happens. With us, able to use it as if it were a tangible thing, the impact is massive. I've already discovered I can control traffic lights, and I'm having a bit of luck getting the roulette wheel at RiverRock to stop on the right number. We're the next step in human evolution, here early, to prepare the world for the changes ahead. In several hundred years, everyone will be the new humans; but, right now society's structured institutions are preventing evolution from happening. Most of us end up getting medicated. None of this is hocus pocus; it's all just energy and how the mind works. Giving an Indigo Ritalin to drug the brain into submission because a doctor feels they have ADHD will stop their evolution. Since I've managed to avoid medication and conditioning, and since I somehow ended up being left alone to do my own thing, I'm currently evolving into the 6th level of consciousness, and will become even more psychic over time. I may someday develop such abilities like telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, and spiritual time travel. I'll be able to see the past with my eyes; but, I won't be able to materialize or interact with it. Quantum energy transcends time and space, so someday I may be able to open up portals into other eras and take a peak. As well, by manipulating the energy around objects, I'll be able to make them move with my mind.

We're here to become the teachers, lawyers, doctors, and scientists of tomorrow, so that the New Age Children will be nurtured properly in order to meet their full potential. We're the pioneers of a new society. The stuff we accomplish now, however insignificant, will get the ball rolling. I'm like Moses; leading the people to the Promised Land, but not allowed in. I'll be long gone before the results of our efforts are realized. On the one hand, it makes me sad; on the other, I get to know what's coming next for humanity, and that's something most people today will never know.

(He went to the dinner, but left presumably because Teresa wanted to read the Bible to end off the evening... and sent me a message to say he had fun. She wondered what he was muttering about at some point, and he told her that he was thinking out loud about his plans. Not sure if she believed him or not... I did notice she gave him Jon's Bible to read.)

When I left last night, it really was because I was exhausted. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I'm lucky to have this interesting way to fight a chronic and painful condition; but, I do get tired by the end of the day because I'm putting more strain on my body.

Up until now, humans have looked outside themselves for their spiritual beliefs; but, with the 5th level of consciousness comes the rejection of those beliefs and people will begin to look inside themselves to find their god. I thought this would ultimately offend Teresa, so I just played along, and I had a good time; but, I was a little baffled towards the end there. She seemed to be losing it. She gave me her bible, told me to open up to a page and start reading. Then, she took the bible away from me and said she'll read; but, she had trouble picking something to read and just kept sort of laughing and stumbling like she was nervous. That made me feel uncomfortable. I'm harmonic based; my body is more affected by negative energy than germs and she suddenly started giving off a weird vibe. It's weird this is all real, eh?

What did you notice about me using more energy? I'm curious now as to what others observe of me. I've been me all my life, so I don't see what others would see.

Actually, what I was doing was visualizing a forcefield of mirrors around me to reflect her negative energy. It does a couple of things. It protects me from being affected by her mood; but, then what happens is that she then experiences what I would have. So, she began to feel really uncomfortable, the way I would have, and that's why she probably got all weird. You see how this works, eh? It blows my mind that this is actually a real thing.

She's a lovely girl; just young and naive. She hasn't learned yet that it doesn't matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are because, when it comes down to it, we're all looking for the same thing, a purpose in life and our place in the universe. So, it really shouldn't matter how we find it.

For the record, I defended Teresa. She was definitely NOT putting out any "negative energy," and was just her usual charismatic self!

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Eyes, Harry Potter, George Washington, and snow cones

Food shopping is off because the person's sick - now I have more time to do laundry, read books, play Word Twist, and contend with sudden restarts!

Facebook quizzes taken from Jessica G., Jennifer B., Kaitlin, and Diane:

Leslie completed the quiz "What body part attracts you?" with the result Eyes. Looking into someone's eyes is the first thing you do when you meet them. When looking into someone's eyes, you can read a lot about that person. Someone with nice eyes turns you on!

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Harry Potter character are you most like?" with the result Harry Potter. You are the leading character. Okay, not really, but it turns out that you and Harry match up personality-wise. You are bold and fearless and probably put your friends before yourself. You are loyal and would do anything to protect them from harm. Like any person though, you get your mood swings and bad days. People count on you and sometimes you want a break.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which US President are you?" with the result George Washington. You are George Washington: a genuine leader, dedicated to the cause of liberty, and not a seeker of fame. You know your inner strengths, capitalize on your power of persuasion, are selfless, and will be remembered long after your time. You set the bar high and forge ahead!!

Leslie just took the "What kind of drunk are you?" quiz and the result is Barely Buzzed. You don't enjoy the feeling of being totally out of control, and you drink accordingly. While you may not be as much fun at parties (in the eyes of the drunken masses), you are the one who takes care of people, acts as the designated driver, and doesn't feel like absolute death the next morning. And you can actually remember what happened last night.

Leslie just took the "What's your fairy type??" quiz and the result is Ενυω. Meaning of name: the unknown. Type: unknown. Special Abilities: teleportation, invisibility, unknown. Good / Evil: unknown. This fairy has no name, no hometown, and no family. She is currently under investigation. (Is it just me, or does this sound all very mysterious? The last three questions were all the same, too!)

Leslie just took the "What mom are you?" quiz and the result is Casual. You like to deal with things if they happen.

You Are a Snow Cone

You are lighthearted, playful, and optimistic about the world.

You're always having fun, and you're not the type to turn down anything sweet.

People might be surprised to know that you're very sensitive.

Even though you put on a brave face, your feelings are easily wounded.

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Newsflash: REAL MEN tell a person when they're not interested!

Eric told me that Raymond didn't want to give me false hope that he was interested in me, so he wrote me a note which "perhaps was a bit harsh." While I don't care that Raymond presumably talked to Eric (as my good male friend) about this, what I *do* care about is the content of said note! He said that I was obsessed with him, which was NOT true!

If he wasn't interested in me, fine... but why not say so outright instead of trying to blame it on ME?! All I wanted was friendship if nothing else, and it wouldn't have been a problem with a REAL man! Sure, I'd have been disappointed had he told me that he wasn't interested in me, but at least it would have been better than avoiding me or whatever he was trying to do in the end. I told Eric in my email reply that Raymond was not a real man, and I stand by that opinion.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, July 14: Parisian Port-A-Potty... The Sanisette is a public, self-cleaning toilet widely used in Paris, France. There are 400 of these toilets in the city, all of which can be used free of charge. Because the clean cycle is triggered based on weight and height sensors, there have been unverified reports of children being injured when water jets and cleansing agents have been released with kids still inside.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Been ages since I read a CHICKEN SOUP book, plus misadventures in the Punjab

Read Twins: And What They Tell Us About Who We Are (Lawrence Wright) while here at the library. Will borrow The Broke Diaries: The Completely True and Hilarious Misadventures of a Good Girl Gone Broke (Angela Nissel), Poison: From Steeltown to the Punjab, The True Story of a Serial Killer (Jon Wells), Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder (Lawrence Schiller), Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson (Lois Simmie), JonBenet (Steve Thomas and Donald A. Davis), Duh! The Stupid History Of The Human Race (Bob Fenster), What I Meant to Say: The Private Lives of Men (Ian Brown), Deadly White Female (Clifford L. Linedecker), When the Fat Lady Sings: Opera History As It Ought To Be Taught (David W. Barber, Dave Donald, Maureen Forrester, Anna Russell), Chicken Soup for the Baseball Fan's Soul: Inspirational Stories of Baseball, Big-League Dreams, and the Game of Life (Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Mark Donnelly, Chrissy Donnelly, Tommy Lasorda), and Mortal Danger (Ann Rule's Crime Files) (Ann Rule) when I'm done here. Might be heavy on the way home, but this is gonna be totally worth it. Eric sent me an email - I'm not (nor was I ever) mad about his level of teasing about a certain subject! Might be his own job to annoy me, but still... I cannot focus at all if my anxiety reaches a certain point!

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Made any new regrets this year? Yes, ANXIETY!

I've decided that the prospect of tonight's meeting causes me way too much anxiety! Have sent short email out to this effect, only without the anxiety part - no apologies, even! I should go to the library and return a bunch of these books anyhow... and if you don't want to get hung up on, DO NOT ASK WHY! JUST DO NOT QUESTION!

Here's a short survey...

Have you ever showered with someone? No comment.

Do you love the last boy you were talking to? It was my brother, so I guess I do... but not in that way!

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? Other than the library, no.

What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Playing Word Twist.

What's the worst way to say "I love you" to someone? When you don't mean it.

Where is your mom right now? Working, maybe.

What are you doing tomorrow? Food shopping with a stranger... yes! (sarcasm)

Other than yours, whose bed were you on last? Um... perhaps Jeremy's.

Does that person mean something to you? Not in that way, no.

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Nothing! I hate that stupid "holiday."

Is there anyone you know that deserves to get punched? Oh yes, quite a few people are actually on that list!

Is there somebody in your life that you could not survive without? Quite possibly.

Were you single on your last birthday? I was trying to get out of an entanglement, so "sort of" might be the correct answer for this one!

Who was the last person to cook for you? My mom.

Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight? Probably not!

Are you anyone's first love? I don't think so...

Made any new regrets this year? Hahahaha, I love the way this question is phrased! Yes, I probably have...

Do you hate the last girl you were talking to? Since that was my sister, I don't think I hate her.

Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night? I went to BED in the middle of the night last night (2:15 AM), man! So no?

Think a lot before you fall asleep? You bet.

Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants? Regular pants, since I plan to go to the library right after this. While it is possible to do so in sweatpants, that prospect is not appealing right now. :P

Is there a person of the opposite gender on your mind? Unfortunately, yes.

Can you see a cat from where you're sitting? No cats allowed - if there were, I'd have a solution to this mouse problem already!

Who was the last person you were in the car with? Steph.

Who was driving the car? Steph.

Is there any meaning behind your profile song? Don't have one - those are annoying.

When was the last time you gave your number to someone? Last week.

Could you cry right now? No.

Are you ticklish? Maybe.

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Raymond is NOT making me look forward to Committee! / Nightmare Game

Dylan sent out the Committee Meeting reminder email - now I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow evening, since apparently Raymond (the perfidious blackguard) will be joining us. I briefly debated going to Erin's thing at Martini's instead, but Steph has it right: I should uphold my commitment, heh. Asked her if she was going to grad banquet - she is, so I reminded her about Grandma who might be home alone then! Guess we're taking her with us! Jon might have to pick her up now that he and Harmony have been given the Corolla, or I'll have to bus with her. After the last time I took the bus with Grandma to church, I'll have a challenge getting her out of the house on time! I'll have to remind myself to get her a ticket... we'll present it to her like "you're going with us," hahaha. Have actually sent Mike T. an email (piggybacking it on the Tsawwassen Paintball email of last week) to reserve a ticket, so hopefully he'll remember to get payment from us next weekend!

Corey told me about some old Amiga game called Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True... "I just went into a pharmacy and shot up with something to regain my memory! And I stocked up on truth serum for the bad guys. It won't let me inject anything with the urine sample on the counter, though. It will let you drink it......... it also lets you eat keys and bullets, and quarters. It won't let me eat my trenchcoat. I probably shouldn't have played this as a kid since it has dead people, a hooker (you can't do anything with her but punch her in the face and steal her purse :P), a mugger that keeps coming after you, injecting drugs... I never did finish it as a kid, but I got through the whole game pretty fast this afternoon with no outside help." Screenshots (56) from Abime and 22 more screenshots from MobyGames - click on the thumbnail preview for a bigger version, which you'll almost certainly need.

Poo nugget for Monday, July 13: The Ring of Fire - It Burns, Burns, Burns! - Sometimes, you sit down to do your business and a burning sensation rips through your anus. As each millimeter of poo passes through, the burning only gets more excruciating. It may feel as though someone is funneling hydrochloric acid through your sphincter, and you may scream out: "WHY?!?!?!" As you pray for the poo to end and the burning to dissipate, you think back on what you have done to deserve this agony. This phenomenon is sometimes termed Mexican Hot Ass or Indian Hot Ass, depending on which cuisine was responsible. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today is definitely Sunday - yay for nougats and ratatouille!

Parents picked me up late, but apparently Grandma forgot today was Sunday - aiya! Mom gave me some baited glue traps that Grandma had bought: nice! The ride to church wasn't very annoying, which was good. Got into church with my big yellow Bay bag, which Cordia commented on. When Steph gave me a small yellow dragon bag from Rachel and Lisa with some almond nougat inside, Cordia said now I had a little yellow bag! Oh yes, although the big one wasn't for me, as I told Connie. Shook hands with Gillis - nice to see him this weekend! Saw Jon and Harmony come in late - turned out they'd slept in till 9:07 or so! Harmony thanked me for the towel and the joke Febreze I'd thrown in - just get Jon to spray the bathroom himself so you don't have to do it, hahaha.

Talked to Brian, Steph, Denise, Andrew, Sarah, Jeremy, Jon, Harmony, and others about soccer / mice / problems / plans before Sunday School started. Saw James and Sanne, and met their two daughters Jenna and Saskia - they all look TANNED! Must be all the European living, haha. Cindy told Harmony who they were - I stuck around for a bit to soak up the vibe, and heard Steph tell Chris about her fake "tattoo." Apparently, her co-workers drew it on her (a heart with an arrow through it and the word "Mom")... she got home later, and fooled Mom into thinking it was real. Later, my dad came out and yelled to go into the fellowship hall - Steph had a facepalm moment when that happened! As I told Harmony, that's one thing which HASN'T mellowed over the years! Heard Jeremy talking about his former roommate Darryl, and the number of pans he himself had from former roommates. Said hi to baby Mattias, who liked staring at my hat - then he reached for my keys when I jangled them for him. Cute kid with big eyes!

Before I went upstairs to help with the kids, I said hi to baby Allison - she does seem to have inherited Jeff's quiet calmness! Got upstairs and saw a lot of kids: Adrian and Ella are back from Calgary for a month, and dumped their two kids plus a cousin on us. Never mind that the cousin (Asher?) and the older sister (Charissa) are both about six years old! The younger brother (Caleb) is about three years old or so. Charissa seemed to like poking me, so I gave her one good look inside my mouth - when she tried getting me to open it again later, I kept it firmly shut. I gave Auntie Fonda her "sympathy" card - she told her husband Kevin later that I was really sweet, and gave me a big hug! At first, I thought I made her cry in front of the kids! It was good, though...

Went downstairs just in time to hear Jeremy say that Jon's big yellow "How to Cook Everything" book was false advertising: no Pho, no mice, no raw dog, and no Chinese dishes! Christon wanted to plan a ramen night for a Sunday Dinner, and Sam said that the Japadogs next week would truly be an attempt! Jon remembered the homemade Pho night - I laughed when he recalled that Christon and Dallas were washing the fruit for shakes in Jeremy's bathroom! Eric, Dylan, and I observed their discussion about ratatouille this afternoon for Nathan's birthday - I can imagine that Jon and Harmony's place is a mess right now! Went to Mui's for lunch - Jon and I laughed at Grandma's thinking that parking a block away from the church (and then the restaurant) was "really far."

Talked to Pastor Fulton and Auntie Teresa about Vernon, Sarah, Serena, Uncle Simon, spareribs, cooking, rice, and more. Got back to the church, where Steph picked me and Grandma up. Discussed Angela's wedding (Steph will be back on the 13th of August - after the parents leave on their cruise), Dylan's wedding, Vegas, Erin's dinner at Martini's tomorrow, Committee meeting, Uncle Allan's death, the Interior bus tour, last Friday's program, and more. This week promises to be a bit quieter than last week, which is fine!

Facebook quiz taken from Steve:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Literary / Film Character Are You?" with the result Jo (Josephine) March. You are Jo of Little Women - You are a smart, curious, and creative person who seeks to pursue his / her own crafts or passions regardless of widespread opinions or inveterate social-traditions. Though not overtly rebellious, you do not readily conform to social standards and always question them. Your family is your world, and helps orientate you and your values.

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