Saturday, February 04, 2006

CD release parties, lanterns, food, jokes, dreams with needles and crying, and quizzes

Sam got here at the usual time: the heavy traffic, rain, and wind didn't help matters! Awana today was different than usual because we helped the kids make Chinese New Year lanterns. Eric T. stayed mostly away from the proceedings since he'd been sick for the past few days: he DOES have a CD out as per his MSN name, and gave me something about his CD release party on the 11th. (it's called AVENCHO, and the party will be at 8 at Café Deux Soleil) Too bad Jon's not in town, or he might be into this! He also thanked me again for the Bathroom Reader that I'd given him for his birthday last year: he'd finally finished it, and found it very interesting and fun indeed!

Mike got into making himself a lantern: some of the leaders laughed at him when he somehow managed to misspell SPARKS! Then we got into a discussion of TMNT and the Power Rangers: Shredder, Splinter, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Donatello were all pretty awesome back in the day! Later, he put it on his head and declared that he was a demented unicorn, haha. A bunch of us were sitting around after Awana and eating some old Twizzlers, Cheetos, Chinese cake and Dare crackers / biscuits. (the only thing that's old is the Twizzlers, no worries!) Mike wondered why the kids' "parties" weren't really parties: he wanted to blast MY HUMPS and make 'em all dance! *laugh*

Mike, Sam, Joey, Emily, Eric T., Julie, and Tina all tried the "Guung hey fat choy" thing on Anita since she's married now: it didn't work! (she just gave the kids candy in red envelopes: good thing she works at the bank!) Then Mike bugged me about my age, but it's all in good fun. Anita told them that before she and Jeff started going out, he'd just stand there with his arms folded in front of the church after service. No one would dare approach him, haha... and it's true! Good times, indeed!

Oh, and I dreamed (among other things) last night that Carol Jensen made me get shots in the "pericardal veins" in my leg and arms so I wouldn't be so hyper. Big needles and such... eeeep. Then I dreamed that Citrus was organizing a huge birthday party for his sister Cordia in some Chinese restaurant (complete with dragon), and that I made my mom cry at the party. Apparently, the 4L milk I'd bought for her earlier in the rainy day wasn't good enough. (I gave it to her on these grey concrete steps!) I think I have a weird subconscious.... o_O

Now thanks to Corey and his suggestion that I do a Google Image Search for "poop," I'm not that hungry. Good thing I had dinner (such as it was) earlier at church! He says it was someone's avatar on Something Awful, and that he's sure he found it like this. Fine, fine...

Edit: Found it!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Relevant snippets of conversation from yesterday and today:

[01:21:43] Corey: (poop)
[01:21:59] Corey: you can't see that, but that icon is awesome
[01:23:41] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: EWWWWWWWWW
[01:24:06] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: I don't think I'll get on real MSN anytime soon, thanks :P
[01:27:30] Corey: it's not gross :P the actual poop part of that icon is so tiny you can barely see it, and it's like 2 pixels.. all black... it's these sillhouettes of people jumping around and stuff... like gymnastic pooping
[01:31:04] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: .... a pixel is very tiny, isn't it?
[01:35:20] Corey: yes :P go see it! it's awesome
[01:38:33] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: if the "tiny poop" changes into a BIG HUGE CHUNK, I will go over there and KILL YOU!
[01:39:01] Corey: it doesn't, you wacko
[01:42:25] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: I am not a wacko!
[01:46:17] Corey: you are too :P now change to real MSN so you can see that, and then I'll go to bed pretty soon :P
[01:48:20] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: .... aiya
Session Close (Corey): Sat Feb 04 01:48:44 2006

(then I tried to copy and paste it from the MSN window, which didn't work...)

Session Start ( Sat Feb 04 19:58:36 2006
[19:58:58] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: where did you get that image?! I WANT!
[19:59:41] Corey: (boobs)?
[20:03:03] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: no, of course not :P
[20:03:18] Corey: poop
[20:03:55] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: YEAH!
[20:04:24] Corey: yeah, I got that on the internet
[20:04:35] Corey: do a google image search for poop and see what you get
[20:05:29] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: I did that... too many scat sites :P
[20:06:33] Corey: your favorite!
[20:08:14] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: cheh! :P
[20:13:02] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: you wish... EWWW
[20:16:49] Corey: it was someone's avatar on Something Awful
[20:17:38] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: um... are you SURE this is how you found this one?
[20:18:17] Corey: yes
[20:19:04] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: do I need to kill you once I find this thing?
[20:20:23] Corey: what are you talking about now?
[20:27:06] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: Stoll just scored..... DAMN
[20:27:20] Corey: uh.. sure
[20:33:40] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: YAY!
[20:33:55] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: WE SCORED!
[20:34:22] Corey: yay?
[20:43:26] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: yes... did you happen to Photobucket that image?
[20:44:22] Corey: nope
[20:45:29] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: I've looked through 17 pages of poop images... are you sure it's in here?
[20:45:46] Corey: I said it's someone's avatar on Something Awful!
[20:47:26] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: yeah... so I should check 42758394573894 pages of messages on Something Awful for that avatar instead of 284305339504 pages of Google Image Search stuff?!
[20:47:35] Corey: probably
[20:47:48] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: fine, fine..
[20:50:54] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: do you remember the username, at least?
[20:52:19] Corey: nope... I'm looking at stuff on there though, I'll keep my eye out for it. haven't seen it today though
[20:54:13] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: when did you see it?
[20:55:02] Corey: JUST FOUND IT! :P
[20:55:23] Corey: I almost scrolled past it without noticing
[20:55:28] Corey: here
[20:55:33] Corey: the user is GagReflex, most of the way down the page
[20:55:44] Corey: Custom Titles
[20:55:57] Corey: MSN scales it down.. it's cooler there :P
[20:55:59] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: COOL! THANKS!
[20:58:49] Corey: that'll be $6.50
[20:59:19] Flami: Who wants to help me pack?: I don't think so, but I'll send you something worth $6.50 instead :P
Session Close (Corey): Sat Feb 04 21:13:59 2006

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Cruel Intentions

"I'm the only girl you can't have, and it kills you."

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Food and poop icons / Quizzes on love

I now have two food-related icons, which were basically the first ones that appealed to me. (okay, they all did... but dialup IS a consideration!) If I look through all 25 food-related entries with multiple bases on my LJ icons community, I'll get WAY too hungry. ;)

Image hosting by Photobucket

I can't tell if it's cheesecake or pie... it looks like cheesecake, but the original photo title said "pie." *shrug*

Image hosting by Photobucket

Mmm, burgers. :D

I was talking to Corey earlier, and he told me to "go eat a bag of hell." He's said this to me before, so I Googled it and got one message board reference to the phrase. Not that it was much help, though. Then he sent me "(poop)" ... it's a custom MSN emoticon, which he told me was awesome and worth getting on real MSN for. (I use Trillian most of the time... he does, but Trillian MSN has issues with webcams)

So I got on real MSN ("hey, it's Mr. Burns!") after he convinced me that it wasn't just a big chunk of poop. "You can't see that, but that icon is awesome... it's not gross :P The actual poop part of that icon is so tiny you can barely see it, and it's like 2 pixels.. all black... it's these silhouettes of people jumping around and stuff... like gymnastic pooping" Now that I've seen it, I want it as an icon. Saving it as a GIF won't work, so maybe I'll ask him tomorrow where he got the icon. He's gone to bed now as he needs sleep, and I should do that too. But if anyone knows where I can get POOP as an icon, hit me with the information! (and no... NOT literal poop! :P)

You Are 51% Addicted to Love

Might as well face it, you're addicted to love.
You've been a fool for love many times - but are you the wiser for it?
Your needs should come first, both in and out of relationships.
Because you're the only one who can look out for yourself!

Yes, I thought of the Robert Palmer song too. :D

Your Love Song Is

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson

Maybe you've been through this before, but it's my first time.
So please ignore the next few lines, 'cause they're directed at you.
I can't always be waiting, waiting on you.
I can't always be playing, playing your fool.

You've been waiting for love, and you're not going to wait any longer!

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"Stop touching my calves!" / Questions 4351-4400 of 5000

Eric and I had to wait for his dad to come to the rescue since he locked his keys inside the car again. While we were doing that, I threw away some more things I wouldn't need / don't use so I wouldn't have to pack it when I move. Eric thought I was on a shopping excursion, haha! Then he fixed my knapsack loops for me, and insisted that my lip balm was crystal meth. Uh, I don't think so! He also inserted TV show references into the conversation, and told me that my mom loved it when Jack Bauer stabbed someone! (apparently, she was like "Yes!" haha)

As soon as we got into the car, the Canucks scored on the Flames in the hockey game! We discussed my week, weird impersonations, "icing" as "gyoza" (Eric's probably right when he says that I have food on the brain!), coupons (must use White Spot coupon for free appetizer by March 5), suudsu, insanity, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, and other things. Once we got to church, we talked very briefly to Jen / Frances / Steph before going to Bible Study... at least my group actually showed up this time! Stella gave me a card to thank me for my thoughtful baby shower gifts, heh. (she did say that she loved practical gifts, too!) Jason Y. thanked me for the birthday card I'd given Karen to hand to him: it HAS been some time since I've seen him, after all. ;)

After Bible Study, we hung around the guys' washroom (I *told* you that the church didn't have any space! :P) and discussed pregnancy and babies. Billy said he'd been in a car accident earlier today, and that Stella WAS moody and hormonal during pregnancy. He also expressed his fervent wishes that the baby wouldn't come while he was writing an exam to be relicensed as a pharmacist, or during the time that his relatives were scheduled to arrive next week. We got Ivan to explain the concept of calculating the due date for us, and figured that the baby had better arrive within the next few days!

Then we discussed Valentine's Day and the expensive roses / food, and wondered whether Karen would care if Ivan got her roses the day after because they were so cheap, haha! The only problem with drying flowers is that you have no time to enjoy them while they're fresh: Karen didn't know that her grandma had hung her engagement bouquet in the garage while she and Ivan went out after church the day he proposed till a few years later when she noticed some familiar-looking flowers! (proposing to your girlfriend during a church service when you're the worship leader = big no-no, kiddies! :P)

Afterwards, I talked to Jason L. and gave him Janette's birthday card: he can give it to his sister later! I also noticed a lot of new photos in the church basement while giving Sheena HER birthday card: nice touch! While Karen Grace, Steph, and Melia were busily dodging each other's calf touches (don't ask :P), I talked to Angus and Christon for a while about being sick and getting some rest. I also called Sam, who can give me a ride tomorrow. The idea of going out to eat was tossed around, but discarded. Eric, Steph, and I were listening to Sportstalk on the way home, trying to figure out whether we won or not... it sounded like we won, and that was confirmed when I heard the score (3-1) on a different radio station when I got home. :D (I also told Steph that I'd bought the curry-flavored chips, as well as the wasabi-flavored chips: good thing they're not durian-flavored, else I'd have to give them to my brother and Jeremy!)

Now Corey's bugging me about last night's adventures: he seems to think they involved buttsex, for some reason. *rolleyes*

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

4351. Courtney Love or Madonna:

musically? Madonna.
personality-wise? Madonna.
looks? Madonna.

4352. Do you have a negative attitude towards the opposite sex? Not at all.

4353. Can you imagine anything that would seriously improve the world? Lots of things... like maybe a respect for your fellow human beings.

4354. Have you read the book Venus in Furs? No.

Did it turn you on?

4355. Velvet Underground with or without Nico? Original answer: "Huh?" Aiya, haha. I'd say with.

4356. Is there any similarity between what Eminem is doing and what Manson is doing? Original answer: "Eminem is awesome." That may or may not be, but you have to answer that one with a yes or no! My answer: Not really... they're both out to shock people, but they go about it in different ways.

4357. Who wants to be your dog? No one.

4358. Are you SURE you aren't pretentious (I've been reading SOME surveys that sound pretentious to me)? Very sure.

4359. Can you understand and express subtle and complex ideas? Yes.

4360. Is writing akin to thinking for you? Yes.

4361. What do you imagine it feels like to be a member of the opposite sex? Original answer: "Umm, horny." HAHAHAHA. I can go with that! ;)

4362. Bowie's outside, can you tell who the murderer is? No.

4363. Are you a bad banana with a greasy black peel? No way, dude.

4364. What do you think of the Atkins diet? Probably not all that good for you!

4365. "If it bleeds, I will have sex with it."

How does that make you feel? Angry... and also "EWWWWWWW" to having sex while on your period, if that's what it means! I know I wouldn't want to, despite what the hormones say. ;) (sorry menfolk! :P)

4366. The greatest shock rocker of all time is: Too many choices.

The most pathetic shock rocker is: Too many choices.

4367. Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, or Red Dragon? Original answer: "Okay." Uh... aren't you supposed to CHOOSE an option?! My vote: Red Dragon.

4368. If Dr. Lecter were to visit you, what would you do? Original answer: "Who?" HAHA, aiya. My answer: "Run and cry like a baby!"

4369. Who is your favorite director of movies? Ed Wood is WEIRD!

4370. What is Kubrick's best film? Original answer: "Who?" Aiya. Me, I can't choose... maybe Clockwork Orange.

4371. Fill in the blank as if you were speaking: I don't want anybody else. When I think about ___, I touch myself. I'm not filling that out, dude. :P

4372. Are you overly confident and blinded to your own faults? No.

If you were, you probably wouldn't know the extent of it. What the heck is that supposed to mean?!

4373. Do you like:

King Crimson? Okay, I guess.

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer? Yes.

Taj Mahal? Not really.

Republic? No.

Thursday? No.

4374. Do you write your favorite bands on your clothing? No.

4375. Are you wild and crazy? Sometimes.

4376. Do you party like River Phoenix? No, thank goodness!

4377. What is it that you still are hiding? Nothing!

4378. How attractive is a girl in a suit? I wouldn't know since I'm not attracted to girls.

How attractive is a guy in a dress? Probably not very.

4379. Why is it more acceptable for a girl to dress like a guy than for a guy to dress like a girl? Probably because guys shouldn't be feminine.

4380. Why is being a girl seen as somehow something LESS than being a guy? Because of the patriarchal society that prevailed for MANY years!

4381. What are three things you value? Friends, Compassion, and Trust.

4382. What are three things you normally do that go against those values in some way? I can be non-sympathetic when presented with certain situations, I'll destory someone's trust in me, and I've been known to refuse to hang out with friends. (does that count?)

4383. Name three things society in general values? Laws, hard work, and manners.

4384. Name three behaviors that society accepts as normal that go against those values? Original answer: "Burping / farting." (what she put to the last question: "politeness, following laws... something else") Uh... yeah, sure. o_O My answer: "Corruption, being lazy at work, and getting away with being rude everywhere you go."

4385. Name three highly specific things you look for in a potential mate? Communication, trust, and a sense of humor.

4386. Who is the basis for your comparison when choosing a partner? I'm not sure I have one.

4387. Have you ever given someone multiple orgasms or received them yourself? Original answer: "I think Skyler was getting 'em..." This answer isn't about your little friend... it's about YOU! My answer: No, I've never been in THAT sort of situation! o_O

4388. The older generations thought the Beatles were hip. Now they think today's music is shocking. What could music evolve into that people might find more shocking ten years from now? I don't think I even want to know.... o_O

4389. Do you have any motives for your actions other than anger and lust? Uh, yeah... I am NOT a two-dimensional person! Some other motives I can think of right now are ego, compassion, wanting to help, and love.

4390. Would you be more likely to rape someone, or to kill someone? Kill.

4391. What have you read by James Baldwin? Nothing.

4392. Can you read Naked Lunch straight through in one sitting? Original answer: "O.o" HAHAHAHA! Reminds me of the time when my sister thought it was PORN! I've never even read that... but since it's only about 230 pages, I might be able to in a long sitting!

4393. Are you a snob? Sometimes.

If yes, in what regards? Original answer: "I guess I just talk back to my parents." Is that REALLY snobbery?! My answer: "Proud language / grammar / vocabulary snob here, yo!"

4394. Fill in the blank: ___ is all there is. Chaos.

4395. Is common sense dead? I'd hope not.

4396. Are you unapproachable? No way!

4397. Are you the kind of person strangers like to talk to? Maybe, but at least I'm not like a certain ex-friend of mine who would start conversations with strangers in the mall and such! When I'd tell her to stop that, she'd defend herself by saying that she was being nice to them! This is the same girl who once defined a family emergency as being the death of her hamster, hahahahaha! o_O

4398. Do social interactions energize or drain you (in general)? I used to think they energized me, but lately they've seemed to drain me. Although I guess it depends on the people with whom I'm interacting, and the quality of said interaction...

4399. What's the longest you have ever gone between sexual encounters? I've never had one, so forever! haha.

4400. Compare John Lennon and Kurt Cobain: I wish I could do so... but it wouldn't be my best piece of writing at all.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Sickness, Eric, misspelled tags, random photos meme

This morning, I woke up feeling awful with what seemed like the beginnings of a cold. At first, I blamed it on gallivanting about in the rain last night and thought that this wouldn't have happened if I'd been a hermit like usual. Then I realized that people are basically germ factories at this time of year ANYHOW.. it didn't help that there wasn't really adequate heat in the apartment building! (y'see, that's Reason #3 that I'm moving!) I managed to get back to sleep after several near-misses at the "morning thing" and kinda-sorta feeling I was gonna puke, but not really. You know, that feeling that you need to get something out of your throat, but it's not really puking? Yeah, that was what I had going on. (if you don't like reading about this, tough cookies! :P) But now I'm up and feeling more like my normal self, which is good. :D

Oh good, Eric's on MSN. I'll bug him later about tonight, haha. Always good times with him... heck, then I can laugh like crazy at HIS accents and singing. (except if it's a certain song by Big Sugar, hahaha) Heck, I've known him since he was five... there'd be something WRONG if I didn't do that, haha. :P

Blogger is being a pain... guess I'll have to backdate posts there if it ever works again! Also, I hate all the misspelled tags I have elsewhere... bleh! If I could edit them, I would... but then I get "invalid journal" errors and such! *grumble*

Leslie is mostly likely to say the out-of-date phrase:
That's whack!
Genghis Khan

Because they were trying to kill you with a tazer
Take this quiz at

Stolen from Sara:

1. Go into your Photobucket or online photo album.
2. Pick ten twelve RANDOM pictures. (I couldn't keep it down to just 10...)
3. Put them in your journal & explain what it's doing in your photo album.

1. Image hosting by Photobucket

How could I do one of these things and NOT include a picture from Rejected?! This head-blob guy is FUNNY, and that's why I included it in here! :D

2. Image hosting by Photobucket

Steph / Wilson sent this family picture to me. Awww, gotta love cute relatives of the kiddy persuasion! Ethan wants to give me a hug... awwww! I found this very cute. :D

3. Image hosting by Photobucket

This demonstrates Vivian S.'s MS Paint skills, haha. I think she was over at my sister's one day and created this masterpiece for my sister's desktop: Steph eats a LOT of grapes! I found this pretty funny, since it's so true!

4. Image hosting by Photobucket

This is posted in a local mall somewhere to tell you what NOT to do on the toilet, haha! I couldn't resist...

5. Image hosting by Photobucket

This is a reminder of our Maritimes bus tour... c'mon, it's FUNNY! (okay, maybe only if you're in the Richmond Crew, hahahaha) No, the toilet is NOT a recurring theme in my Photobucket album. :P

6. Image hosting by Photobucket

This is a mild version of what you'll look like after a GWAR concert! I think I even talked to Corey after that one and saw him over his webcam... and Aunt Janis STILL didn't think he was real after we used that rationale on her a year later, hahaha! Reminds me of good times that I wasn't there for, haha. (yeah, I know it sounds weird, but whatever!)

[19:36:07] Six Feet Under: hi Leslie's aunt!
[19:38:15] Hamsterette: she's in the other room now, but I'll show her this later
[19:40:49] Six Feet Under: darn, I wanted to say something to get you in trouble if she was watching :P
[19:42:22] Hamsterette: "but you don't know who he is!"
[19:50:05] Hamsterette: ... that's what she said when I let her read your message...
[19:55:15] Six Feet Under: well, you know my name, phone number, address... you've seen live video of me from my webcam... you've heard my voice... and you've talked to me for how many years now? :P
[20:01:02] Hamsterette: "well, all that is just for fun... you don't know if they're reliable... you don't know their heart.. "
[20:14:37] Six Feet Under: if you say so :P
[20:14:52] Hamsterette: that's not me, that's her! :P
[20:16:31] Six Feet Under: I know that :P
[20:19:43] Hamsterette: okay, good :P

7. Image hosting by Photobucket

This is from Sean's farewell at Earl's right before he went to New York last August. (I remember we went to La Casa Gelato afterwards, and he tried some of Jon's durian ice cream... he spat it out and complained that it tasted like gasoline, so Jon said that durian was like Christianity / Jesus Christ, because so many people violently reject both!) It reminds me of my good friends, so that's why it's here!

Front row: Daniel, Michelle, Adela, Eunice, Danielle, Erin, Denise.
Back row: Jonathan, me, Justin, Jon, Eddie, Eric H., Eric M., Nathan, Brian M., Sean, Brian Y., Katie, Vanessa, Jackie.

8. Image hosting by Photobucket

I stole this off my sister's hard drive (or was it my brother's?) years ago. It shows my sister pigging out on gelato at La Casa Gelato.. you can see my brother with the yellow Al Snow shirt right behind her. Megan and her cousin Justin are in the background, as well. I found this pretty funny... good times at the gelato place RULE! (like the time Jon, Eric, and I shared one litre of two sorts of ice cream in Phil's van... Megan had durian, haha!)

9. Image hosting by Photobucket

Ah, the infamous "chicken knees" picture. My sister's new Toronto friends didn't believe her that there was such a thing to eat, especially since the waiters at Chinese restaurants over there looked at her like she was from another planet when she tried ordering them! So when she came back here for Christmas break 2002, we went to Tsim Chai and she stole one of the menus so she could post it on her website. I think she managed to return it the following summer, so no worries!

10. Image hosting by Photobucket

Daddy singing to baby... everyone say "Awww!" :P There was a time when I didn't look as I do now... okay, I'd be worried if I was a blobby baby, but I was 10 weeks premature. I guess this is in here because I asked Steve B. to scan a bunch of pictures some time ago, haha. They survived being mailed to Wisconsin and back, after all.

11. Image hosting by Photobucket

Jon looking absolutely PETRIFIED of me in the cruise ship stateroom bathroom, haha. Those things are TINY, and the three of us JUST managed to fit in there, haha! Reminds me of very good times! If you want to see other cruise pictures including a LOT of food, go here.

12. Image hosting by Photobucket

Nathan looking absolutely READY to devour SLB at Shanghai Wind, haha. Siu long bao there is something NOT to be missed! It's in here because it reminds me of the good times there... except for Eddie's blasphemy, haha.

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Yakult, curry, wasabi, Pho, Jasmine, Teunis, stories / Questions 4301-4350 of 5000

This post would have come to you at 12:53 AM, except that Blogger wasn't working and gave me Page Load Errors instead of the shiny Blogger page when I tried accessing the site. GRRR... at least now I can finally go to bed after checking out a few other things elsewhere!

This afternoon, I decided to run some errands (such as getting some money) before meeting Jasmine and Teunis for something to eat. Since I wanted some bubs, I had some yakult bubble tea at Death By Chocolate because I also needed the caffeine. It kinda tasted like yogurt initially, but then didn't taste that great afterwards... at least I tried it like Jon suggested I should, haha! While I was in Shoppers, I remember Steph telling me about the new Lays curry / wasabi chips: since I actually found some, I bought 'em along with some Chips Ahoy triple chocolate chip cookies for Teunis. :D Maybe I'll bring a bag to her birthday party and ask her to hold that book for me tomorrow too.

I managed to meet the two of them right on time: they'd gone into Chapters earlier since I might be there instead. Nope, but we did go in there again since books needed to be bought. For some reason, most of the people I saw outside seemed to be smoking cigarettes: I don't know if I noticed it more since I dreamed last night that Lesley smoked (which she doesn't in real life), but that was WEIRD! o_O

We then walked all the way from Broadway / Granville to Broadway / Cambie-ish, looking for the perfect place to eat. This walk reminded me of the one Eric and I took on Nanaimo after going to the Thai House for my birthday with Maisie in 2004 ("The sermon said we can take 10,000 steps a day... come on!"), and also the one Jon and I took for the fireworks from some Skytrain station or other. That was manageable for me: I knew adrenaline would kick in, and I needed the exercise anyhow! ("one more block... I can do this!") Jasmine doesn't like pork / milk and such, and Teunis is allergic to tomatoes... me, I'm Asian and not so picky-ish. ;) Finally, we settled on that 24-hour Pho place. If you're picky about food, Asian places aren't where you should eat... but they managed to find stuff they could eat, especially at Death By Chocolate where we went later for dessert. *shrug*

I think we had an enjoyable time talking about friends, sword collections (someone he knows apparently has quite an impressive one!), interesting stories, music (I did burn him some GWAR / Children of Bodom / other things), "trendy" bisexuality ("we'll impress the guys because they think it looks hot!"), Canadian history, Fort St. John (do NOT get sick there because they suck! :P), severe allergies to peanuts / shellfish, old Norse court law (women weren't allowed IN court), knowing crime victims, hugs / touching, our journals, food, and a lot of other topics. Teunis did ask if I had any interesting stories to share, since he rambled on about stuff. That's what he does when he doesn't know a person that well, and I tend to ramble / open up when I *do* know a person relatively well. So I guess we'll see if we do this in future: he says we should, which I agree with. It was fun, heh. I got home at 10, but I wouldn't stake money that I was the first one home or anything! ;)

Hopefully, I can sleep early if a certain addictive game doesn't have me in its hold OR if the coffee I had doesn't kick in! I assume that Corey's already gone to bed, and I don't need any journal help tonight. At least I'll have an interesting story to tell Eric M. tomorrow when he asks me his usual question about whether I found anything interesting in blogs / forums. This "hangout time" (as Eric H. would say) was pretty chill. :D

Note: They DID do a lot of the talking, but then they've had time to open up to each other about certain things. Yeah, I talked as well... but maybe mostly to Jasmine because I obviously know her a bit better, heh. I was just taking in what Teunis had to say and apparently exhibiting weird speech patterns... no, not laughing like a maniac on crack. :P He *did* sing and do accents, but that elicited no more than smiles from me. Maybe later on if / when we meet again, I can figure what makes me laugh. (ya know, it's not like you want to be seen as a total nutcase! :P)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

4301. Suggest a question for the 5,000-question survey: How did you come to believe in your personal belief system?

Did you count? ... count what?!

4302. What's your preferred form of artistic expression (writing, drawing, musicianship, etc.)? Writing.

4303. Name one thing that's overrated: Reality shows.
Name one thing that's underrated: Metal music, heh.

4304. Are the Beatles overrated? No.

4305. Do you smoke? If so, what brand? No.

4306. Why do you choose to listen to the music you listen to? Because it has a good beat and it has the sound I like.

4307. Does music these days suck? Somewhat, especially pop / rock music that's derivative / formulaic.

4308. Are personal ads acts of desperation? Not necessarily.

4309. Have you ever been / are you a vegetarian? No to both.

4310. Who are the three most important musical artists in your life? The Doors, the Ramones, and GWAR. (that was hard!)

4311. Do you find it disrespectful when contemporary musicians cover older ones? Depends on the cover.

How about when people attribute the writing of these songs to the bands that only covered them? Yes, they're all idiots... like the people at my sister's high school dance who thought that Limp Bizkit did Faith. Luckily, my brother and I grounded her in music early on. :P

4312. Do you believe in arming civilians? Not necessarily.

4313. Do you find desolation and darkness sometimes beautiful? Yup. 'Tis my element... well, I'm just kidding there. But sometimes it IS!

4314. If you were drafted to fight in Afghanistan, would you willingly and proudly go? I'd be scared as heck, but possibly...

4315. What is people juice? ... bone marrow and blood! (haha, I don't know...)

4316. Aisle or window seat? Window seat, but then I better not have to go to the bathroom! :P

4317. What is your favorite Simpsons character? Lisa.

4318. Have you ever been to Mexico? No.

4319. Are people that wear glasses more or less attractive? Depends on the person.

4320. What sucks more, a minivan or SUV? Minivan.

4321. Are the days of writing and mailing letters lost? I certainly hope not...

4322. What do you think about right before you go to sleep? The events of the day, potential conversations, stuff like that...

4323. Do I ever cross your mind - anytime? No... why would you? Just because you wrote this survey which I'm mindlessly filling out? I don't THINK so! :P

4324. Have you ever solved a Rubik's Cube? No.

4325. Why is everyone so emotionally and spiritually dead? I have no idea... maybe it's the Internet's fault, haha.

Are YOU? Somewhat, probably.

4326. What can you feel BURNING UP inside your head? Nothing, since I don't have a fever or anything like that.

4327. What life experience do you have? Some, heh. Not posting the whole rigmarole, however!

4328. Have you ever hit rock bottom? Not quite yet, no...

What was that like for you?

4329. Are you self-destructive? No...

4330. Are you very extreme? No.

4331. Are you completely full or do you feel empty? Full.

4332. Can you turn the whole world inside out? No.

4333. Are you potentially a criminal? ... no...

4334. Where is your PASSION? It went out the window a few years ago.

4335. Why do we hide our souls? To avoid being vulnerable.

4336. How many times have you lied today? None.
Did you just lie to that question? Nope.

4337. Do you always notice when you are lying? No...

4338. Do you think that lying is so built into our culture that we can't help it? Sure, why not.

4339. What are you fighting against? The conflicting forces inside my head... stop that! Haha, no... nothing right now... should I be fighting?! o_O

What are you fighting for? Not sure.

Why aren't you fighting? Because I'm a wuss, haha.

4340. Give the following things a rating. One is completely normal, and ten is completely crazy / rebellious.

tattoos: 5 (depends what they are, haha)
no piercings or tattoos: 2
piercings: 4 (depends on where, haha)
pink hair: 6
openly discussing sex: 3 (depends of what sort, heh)
Bob Marley: 7
green hair: 9
extreme emotion: 8
a tie: 1
spiked bracelets: 10

4341. What'd you think of the Grammys? Boring.

4342. When you see the stars and the waves crash in, how do you feel? In awe of the majestic power of nature, heh.

4343. What do you think about under a midnight sky? I'm not outside by then most times, certainly! But probably my friends and life... also fantasies and such. No, not the perv kind either! :P

4344. Who are "they"? A mysterious group, much like the Illuminati. Oooh, spooky! (as Darren would say)

4345. Who cares what they think? I do sometimes, even though I shouldn't.

4346. Do you ever let them stop you? Yes.... *blush*

4347. What would you do if there were no limits? .... oh man, you wouldn't even want to know! A lot of shizzle!

There are no limits. Go do it. I'll let you know when I've landed a big-time jail term, shall I? Because then you'd be guilty of putting the ideas into my head, and have to pay bail money and stuff. :P

4348. Will you dance with me? No, I don't like dancing with people I haven't met.

4349. Will you drink yourself on the floor with me? Uh, probably not... sure, it wouldn't take much relatively. But that's not the point, is it?

4350. Will you sleep in the streets with me? Probably not... too dangerous / cold / dark / rainy / whatever other excuse I use on Eric for the #4 / Alderbridge thing. :P

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have medium extroversion.
You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party.
Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences.
But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time."


You have high conscientiousness.
Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.
Most things in your life are organized and planned well.
But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.


You have medium agreeableness.
You're generally a friendly and trusting person.
But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.
You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.


You have high neuroticism.
It's easy for you to feel shaken, worried, or depressed.
You often worry, and your worries prevent you from living life fully.
You tend to be emotionally reactive and moody. You're either flying very high or feeling very low.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.
You are generally broad-minded when it come to new things.
But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.
You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.

Most of this is true... except maybe the high neuroticism part. :P

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Journal Layout Help... thanks, Kunzite!

In November, I was looking for a good layout on LJ. I gave up on that wish after a while, and went on to other projects such as the 5000-Question Survey. But I was recently reminded of my layout criteria quest, and posted a question somewhere to see if anyone could help. Kunzite responded, and helped me over AIM (LJ comments would be too complicated) with what I wanted done. Mad props of gratitude to you! :D

Now I think I'm going to bed... I was aiming to go to bed two hours ago, but then this came up! *sigh* Oh well, it's all good... especially since I banned three people today for rudeness and such. (personal record) :P

Senior Editor
You scored 93 out of a possible 100 (minimum of -20).

If an error gets by you, it has to be pretty darn sneaky. If your career path has nothing to do with English, there's a good chance you've got a better grasp on this language than most of your coworkers ever will.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 93% on corrections
Link: The Proofreading Test written by standingwave on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

True Neutral
54% Good, 48% Chaotic
I'm starting a longer version of this test, and I would REALLY appreciate some suggestions for questions from members of all alignments. Please email me with a suggestion, along with the alignment you scored on this test. THANK YOU!! I will make it a separate test and will include tendencies, kinda like the "Long Scientific Personality Test vs. the Quick and Dirty Personality test.

Plane of Existence: The Outlands, "Plane of Concordant Opposition." Description: The plane between all other outer planes.

Examples of True Neutrals (Ethically Neutral, Morally Neutral)

Red XIII, "Nanaki" (FFVII)

Vincent Valentine (FFVII)

Cid Highwind (FFVII)

Mr. Spock

Linus Torvalds

Dr. Strangelove

Scott Evil


The Punisher



Not actively for or against anything. Has his or her own reasons for doing everything. Usually difficult to understand.

Will keep their word if in their best interest

May attack an unarmed foe

May use poison

May help those in need

May work with others

Indifferent to higher authority

Indifferent to organizations

True Neutral "Pure Neutral"


Some neutral [people] commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They are of the true neutral alignment as described in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

A true neutral [person] sees good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. He advocates the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run.

Some true neutral [people] actively support balance in the world, and seek to avoid having any one side, law or chaos, good or evil, become too powerful over them or anyone else, and will work against whichever side is the most powerful. They tend to side with the underdog in any situation, and are often opportunistic in their actions.

True neutral is committed to the avoidance of extremes, and is non-judgemental.

Side-Note from Xan81:

Due to your Neutrality, I would really, really LOVE your feedback. Not that I don't want feedback from members of the other alignments, but a True Neutral's feeback is typically NOT emotionally, morally, politically, or socially charged. Please send me an email! I have it set to automatically email me when someone gets this score, so I know who you are. ;) True Neutrals are the classic, "I just don't give a shit" alignment, and I fully understand if you don't feel that you have any responsibility or obligation to sending an email / comment. Even if you did, I'm sure you'd have some difficulty in deciding what to comment about. But, I guess that depends on your tendencies. :D

Other Alignments and Tendencies (Tendencies are what you would more often sway towards; esp. for Neutrals):

0-39% Good, 0-39% Chaotic:Lawful-Evil

0-39% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: Neutral-Evil

0-39% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Evil

40-60% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Neutral

40-60% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Neutral

61-100% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Good

61-100% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: Neutral-Good

61-100% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Good

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 31% on Good
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 43% on Chaotic
Link: The Alignment Test written by xan81 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Wow, you're a green cat. You love to cook and everybody loves the food that you make. Not only that, but you're also very kind and caring to others. Never lose what you already have.

What type of cat are you? (Really cute anime pictures!) Girls Only!
brought to you by Quizilla

I don't know about the "loving to cook" part, but the other part is right on most of the time!

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Meeting online peeps / Andy and Vania's emails / Nero Express / Questions 4251-4300 of 5000 / Quiz

I hope Sean's received my birthday card by now, since I know it'll mean a lot to him! Here's to a good year for my friend!

I've made plans with my online friend Jasmine to hang out with her tomorrow afternoon in the torrential rain... I must be insane! :P Actually, I made the plans with HER online friend Teunis (they've met before, and I've met her before... I just haven't met HIM yet except at Jasmine's birthday party in October!) since they were hanging out anyhow. No, I have almost no idea how to pronounce that Dutch name... although he HAS told me to pronounce it like "Tanis." (a girl's name?! ... okay...) I guess we'll see.... apparently, Jasmine's "friend" Dave (who I've met before) is coming along too. (read "friend" as "MORE than a friend, but not her boyfriend!") Should be interesting, in any event. Oh yeah, I have to burn a CD of GWAR / Children of Bodom for him... and maybe get him cookies, I dunno.

For my own reference: Start up Nero.exe in the Start Menu, choose Nero Express, then MP3 CD.

I just got an email from Vania urging me to click on some link so we could both get a free $50 Banana Republic gift card. Dude, I love you like a sister... but no. If I clicked on it, I'd probably get spam and auto-billing... not the gift card or whatever!

Andy also emailed a few people: I can't believe a brother in our Fellowship would go back on his word about putting him up when he needs it! That's why you have former friends, people... and that's also why I try not to promise anything to people if I can't deliver. (or get amnesia and make up suspectible excuses!)

This is what I ended up burning:

Children of Bodom

Follow The Reaper (3:47)
Warheart (4:06)
Bodom After Midnight (3:44)
Silent Night, Bodom Night (3:12)
Children of Decadence (5:34)
Bed of Razors (3:55)
Mask of Sanity (3:58)
Children of Bodom (5:13)
Northern Comfort (3:48)
Don't Stop At The Top (3:24)
Needled 24/7 (4:08)
Triple Corpse Hammerblow (4:06)
Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood (3:24)

Children of Bodom: Something Wild

Deadnight Warrior (3:21)
In The Shadows (6:01)
Red Light In My Eyes, Pt. 1 (4:28)
Red Light In My Eyes, Pt. 2 (3:50)
Lake Bodom (4:01)
The Nail (6:17)
Touch Like Angel of Death (7:49)

GWAR: This Toilet Earth (1994)

Saddam A Go-Go (2:31)
P*n*s I See (2:56)
Eat Steel (1:28)
Jack The World (2:24)
Sonderkommando (4:54)
Bad Bad Men (3:08)
Pepperoni (1:41)
The Insidious Soliloquy Of Skulhedface (5:17)
B.D.F. (2:23)
Fight (0:55)
The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake) (3:10)
Pocket Pool (2:27)
Slap U Around (2:39)
Krak Down (3:22)
Filthy Flow (2:15)
The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7 (2:41)

GWAR: Violence Has Arrived (2001)

Hell Intro (1:00)
Battle-Lust (3:02)
Abyss of Woe (3:38)
Anti-Anti-Cheat (3:14)
The Apes of Wrath (3:15)
Immortal Corrupter (5:35)
Beauteous Rot (2:55)
Licksore (1:41)
Bloody Mary (4:07)
Biledriver (2:41)
The Wheel (3:48)
The Song of Words (3:32)
Happy Death-Day (4:18)

GWAR: War Party (2004)

Bring Back The Bomb (4:23)
Krosstika (3:35)
Womb With A View (2:26)
Decay of Grandeur (4:05)
War Party (3:16)
Bonesnapper (The Faces of the Slain) (4:42)
Lost God (3:58)
The Reaganator (3:05)
The Bonus Plan (1:16)
You Can't Kill Terror (3:17)
Fistful of Teeth (4:00)

Dave Brockie Experience: Diarrhea of a Madman

40,000 Times (1:36)
2 Much Stuff (1:40)
You Want To Suck My D*ck (3:10)
Pants (1:04)
Faggot On Fire (1:52)
Helium Creed (1:09)
Beat Stall (1:11)
Dance of Europe (2:16)
Iranian M*sturb*tor (4:14)
Washing Yourself (4:25)
Servant of Deaths Head (1:57)
Two Smart Guys Fight (About Michelangelo) (1:25)
The Pennington Lark (0:50)
I Clean Up Real Good (1:26)
Great News (3:31)
M*sturb*te (1:07)
I Saw Three Forms (5:03)
Calling Dr. Fong (18:33)

Death Piggy: Smile Or Die!!!

G-O-D Spells GOD (0:50)
Spatter F*ck (0:54)
Eat The People (1:02)
Fatman (1:09)
Nympho (0:41)
Bathtub In Space (1:24)
No Prob, Dude (0:57)
Mangoes and Goats (1:15)
Welcome to the Record (0:27)
Boner (1:03)
Showbiz (1:18)
Dinner in the Morning (1:29)
Whippin' Round The Bay (3:36)
Ceramic Butt (0:57)
Poet (1:16)
Ground -B- Sound (1:58)
Joey Died Today (1:23)
Minute To Live (2:31)

GWAR: 3.17.91 (Sacramento, CA)

Sick of You (3:41)
Maggots (4:48)
Horror of Yig (4:28)
Have You Seen Me? (6:22)
Sexecutioner (4:01)
Vlad the Impaler (3:25)
The Morality Squad / U Ain't Shit (7:18)
GWAR Theme (4:23)
Slaughterama (6:54)
Late-Breaking Gor-Gor Report (0:54)
Gor-Gor (6:16)
Cool Place To Park (8:17)

GWAR: Miscellaneous

Damn That Money (2:13)
The Chinese Have No Cheese (2:37)
My Girly Ways [Live] (0:49)
B.D.F. (2:23)
Golden Showers [Mentors Cover] (5:00)
Gor-Gor [Live] (4:26)
Lovin' An Animal (3:07)
Mary Anne [Live] (2:44)
Nitro-Burning Funny Bong [Live] (2:11)
S.F.W. (2:17)
Zombie (5:13)
Cool Place To Park [demo 1989] (3:40)
Death Pod [demo 1989]
RAWGWAR Video: A Short History of the End of the World (5:11)
Drop Drawers (5:47)
Don's Bong Is Gone (4:34)
Ballad of Vincent Bologlenoni (5:10)
Private Pain of Techno Destructo [Star Trek Version] (5:59)
Poopie Britches (1:39)
SFW (2:16)
MC Rhythmless: White Boy Can't Dance (3:07)
MC Rhythmless: Stuck Us With A Sucka (3:06)
X-Cops: Beat You Down (2:37)
X-Cops: Junkie (2:59)
GWAR Theme [demo 1987] (2:33)
Time For Death [demo 1987] (3:06)
The Salaminizer [Live, Halloween 2000] (4:58)
Babyraper (2:43)
Jagermonsta (2:46)
Sleazy Sells The Earth [Live, Halloween 2000] (1:52)
War Toy (2:39)
Love Surgery [Live, Halloween 2000] (5:25)
Crush, Kill, Destroy (2:07)
Captain Crunch (4:26)
Crack In The Egg [Live] (4:25)
Kill Bob (1:01)
Oh Canada (1:09)
Babies Cartoon Theme (1:04)
Bad Bad Men [Live] (3:17)
Fishf*ck [Live] (1:50)
The Private Pain of Techno Destructo [Live] (6:12)
Death Pod (4:11)
B-Day Boy [Ween Cover] (5:13)
Every Little Thing She Does [Police Cover] (4:27)

GWAR: May 9, 2004 DNA Lounge San Francisco

Intro (1:53)
Ham on the Bone (2:03)
Battle Lust (3:17)
The Salamanizer (4:13)
Womb With A View (3:03)
Apes of Wrath (3:14)
Crack in the Egg (3:39)
Bush & Bin Laden (1:24)
Bring Back The Bomb (5:15)
Martyr Dumb (4:19)
Biledriver (3:19)
Lost God (4:09)
Blimey (3:19)
Licksore (1:38)
Decay of Grandeur (4:46)
Bonesnapper (4:10)
Pre-Encore, Oderus (3:55)
Immortal Corrupter (5:43)
Maggots (5:32)
As Pure as the Arctic Snow (4:25)

X-Cops: You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Interloper (4:43)
Barbells (3:42)
Cavity Search (1:59)
Zipper Pig (2:37)
Welcome To New Jersey (2:31)
Your Mother (4:38)
The Party's Over (2:27)
5-0 (1:50)
Tune Up Time (1:03)
Third Leg (2:07)
Paddy Wagon Rape (3:06)
Highway Star (6:40)
You F*cked Up (3:53)

The tracks are probably going to be out of order when he plays the CD, but whatever. Nothing to be done about that! Although I wonder how Jon felt when he received that MASSIVE tracklist email with the stuff I burned for him... o_O

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

4251. If you could make a new toothpaste flavor, what would it be? Strawberry or chocolate.

4252, Have you ever called the police or the fire department? No.

Why, and what happened?

4253. What's more important, freedom or security? Why? Security, because then we can have freedom... sorta? heh.

4254. Who pays most of the taxes: rich people, average people, or poor people? Rich people.

Who should pay the most? Rich people.

4255. You are on The Weakest Link with these contestants: a monkey, Simon Cowell, Hayden Christensen, Cher, a guy in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, and G.W. Bush. Who do you vote off as the weakest link, and why? G.W. Bush, ehehe.

4256. Do you like:

mint Skittles? I don't know if I've ever had those!
mint ice cream? Yes.
junior mints? They're okay, but not my first choice if I want minty stuff.

4257. Does protesting / demonstrating really have any effect? I don't know...

4258. After the world demonstrated against war with Iraq, Saddam was quoted as saying America was "weak and isolated." Do you believe this is so? Not at all.

4259. Have you ever wanted to be with someone who was off limits? ... yes...

4260. Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you would kiss your hand imagining it was them? ... no...

4261. Are there any situations when cheating on someone is okay? No.

4262. When you feel empty inside, what do you fill yourself up with? Food / beer.

Where does it come from? Restaurants, haha.

4263. Would you rather be loved or desired? ... tough choice. I'd think desire comes with love... but I'll say loved.

4264. When you remember something, do you remember yourself to be more or less graceful / positive / smooth than you actually were? Less.

4265. How can you tell the days of the week apart without using a calendar? Have a good memory for what you do on certain days of the week.

Are your days really different or all the same? Same.

4266. Who started punk rock? I don't know, but they're probably AWESOME!
Who started goth? I don't know, but they're probably sorta cool.
Who started hip hop? I don't know, but they're probably less than awesome.

4267. What 3 things about you have shaped your life the most? My CP, my churchgoing nature, and my friendly qualities.

4268. Is your mind awake? Not really. I should go to bed soon...
Is your soul? Possibly.
Were they always? Not sure.

If not, can you remember a moment or a few moments that helped you wake up? No.

4269. Have you ever misperceived what was going on, only to discover it when it was too late? Yeah.

4270. Do you understand the human heart? Sorta.

4271. How important is your weight? Somewhat.

How important is your partner's weight? Somewhat, haha.

4272. What color is the wind? Blue. (pun fully intended)

4273. Do you believe children or adults know more? Adults.

4274. Do you believe you are crazy? Yes.

4275. Did you predict the ending to Joe Millionaire? No.

Is there something you care about less than you care about Joe Millionaire? Yeah, all the rest of those reality shows.

4276. Snow blower or shovel? Snow blower. But shovels make less noise and therefore don't annoy your sleeping neighbors as much! ;)

4277. List everything you ate in the last 24 hours? Butterscotch pudding, Pringles cheese chips, Chinese New Year candy, an Oreo, suudsu, a banana, jalapeno smokehouse almonds, chicken noodles.

4278. Have you ever plagiarized? No.

If yes, what and why?
Did you get caught?


No one could act in that daredevil movie. The script sucked as well. This is not a question.


4279. Who specifically annoys you? Shannon Norman. STOP CALLING ME!

4280. What is your favorite blanket like? It's leopard print.

4281. How do you feel about teachers coming on to their students? EW!

Students coming on to their teachers? Not good.

4282. In what ways do you keep yourself entertained? Reading, writing, going online, listening to music, sleeping.

4283. Entertainers (musicians, sports players) are the highest-paid people in America. Why are we so obsessed with being entertained? Because then we don't have to bored out of our skulls... we can have distraction!

4284. Do you want a perfect body? ... sure...

4285. Do you want a perfect soul? Sure.

4286. Which do you want more? Soul.

4287. Do you want people to notice when you're not around? Yes. I know Randal does, heh. The little kids used to.

4288. Are you more of a creep, a weirdo, or special? A weirdo. (Yay for references to Radiohead's Creep!)

4289. Who wrote the Bible? God, with help from human authors.

4290. Who wrote the book of love? The Monotones, haha.

4291. Who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp? The Marcels did it before Barry Mann.

4292. Who rocks the party that rocks the party? Not sure!

4293. If you could pick 5 things to study with no limits, what 5 things would you pick? Original answer: "I don't really know what you mean by STUDY." Aiya. :P My answer: English, pop culture, music, anthropology, and books.

4294. Do you study any of them on your own? No.

4295. What's more important: learning or getting the hell out? Learning...

4296. What is your favorite highlighter color? Blue!

4297. Give everyone some advice: Original answer: "Chicken." Aiya. My answer: "Be weird at every opportunity!"

4298. Are you practically perfect in every way? HAHA, yeah right!

4299. Are you nasty and tricksy? No. (that reminds me of Nathan's Gollum imitation!)

4300. Where is the precious? It fell into the volcano and burned!

You Are Most Like Daniela Pestova

Gorgeous and chameleon-like.

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.

You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?

You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky.

In fights, you seek compromise and back down from conflict. You always try to smooth things out.

Getting over a break-up doesn't take long. Easy come, easy go.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Seven million points, blocking people, butterscotch pudding

I actually made some butterscotch pudding, from that Jello mix that Aunt Janis bought for me in Chemainus on that bus tour. It looks kinda dark, but whatever. As long as it's edible, I won't complain. :D

Finally blocked that person who was turning into Chris Sykes, muhahahaha. When I'm trying to concentrate on other things (like talking to Corey about his hardware-store version of the Formulator), I don't want you bugging me! :P (however, I did get plans made with Teunis while I was busy with that and a less-than-stellar mood... 4:45 tomorrow at Blenz it is, with burned CD and cookies... aiyoh!)

I got yet another high score in Bookworm: 7,232,970 / Level 46 / Bookworm Supreme Level 15 / 3:30:07 on Wednesday, 02.01.06! Wow! I beat my previous high score by more than two million points!

(I just noticed that all the Bookworm Supreme ranks have a number in a yellow star beside the worm to denote which Bookworm Supreme level it is... awesome stuff!)

I also did the Journal Demographics thing today, stolen from Erin and her boyfriend. :P (I've corresponded with 41 past and present LJ friends via parcel / mail, but have never met them!)

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Packing / Suudsu / Questions 4201-4250 of 5000

I shouldn't focus on packing only my books... but that's what I'm doing for now. Only some of them, of course.

*sigh* Why did I say I wanted to move, again? Oh yeah. The non-existent state of the heat, the 50% rent hike, and the dodgy management. *sigh*

Who wants to come help me pack? *crickets* Oh fine, I see how it is then! :(

Currently having some suudsu. It doesn't quite look like how it does in the Strong Bad email... all the gummi bears sink to the bottom of the milk! Oh well, Eric will have to come over with his digicam and take a picture so he can show Danielle! (my stomach is SO not going to like me later...)

Image hosted by

Note: LJ World Conquest / LJ Shootout / LJ Apocalypse Posse blogquizzes. (by Melvin)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

4201. Has your life lacked a miracle? If you count surviving a premature birth of at least ten weeks and weighing only 2.2 pounds at birth, then no. But if that doesn't count, then yes.

4202. Would you shoot a terrorist? I probably wouldn't have the guts.

4203. Were you an unlovely child? Yes.

4204. In the recent Michael Jackson documentary, was he treated fairly? Didn't see that one.

4205. New York City and other places along the East Coast have recently been said to be the next terrorist targets. What do you think about this? It's probably true.

4206. What should the last question in this survey be? "Was this a long survey or what?"

4207. Are you more likely to think so deeply about things that you forget to take out the garbage, OR be wrapped up in your life and forget to think deeply about things? The latter.

4208. In what ways are you destructive? Not sure...

4209. If you're not with the one you love, can you love the one you're with? Sure, if I have to settle.

4210. Why is it that when you hang upside down, the blood rushes to your head... but when you stand up, the blood doesn't rush to your feet? I wish I knew.

4211. Do you demand a better future? Yes!

4212. Does it make you uncomfortable to meet a person with a handicap or deformity (retarded, deaf, lacking a limb, etc.)? If it did, that would make me a hypocrite. However, it kinda does if we're talking more severe handicaps / deformities than mine... *eep*

4213. What did you think of the movie Vanilla Sky? Didn't see it, but my sister did.

4214. What is your favorite thing to dip into fondue? Fruit!

4215. Are you more like Wayne or Garth? Not sure...

4216. SNL or Mad TV? Mad TV

4217. Best three REM songs: Original answer: "Who?" Aiya. :P My answer: Stand, Everybody Hurts, and Shiny Happy People.

4218. Name something you do that might be considered eccentric: Keeping detailed lists of things that nobody else ever thinks of.

4219. Are you hard or easy to love? Easy, I'd hope...

4220. Could you be the next American Idol? No.

4221. If you were going on American Idol, what would you:

wear? Original answer: "Clothes." Well... NO DUH!!!!!!! My answer: "Something shiny and classic!"
sing? Original answer: "Songs." Well... WAY TO STATE THE OBVIOUS! My answer: "Something upbeat and light... or some dark stuff for a change of pace, but they probably won't like that because it's not radio-friendly."

4222. Is Simon Cowell sexy, or does he suck? He kinda sucks.

4223. What was the last thing you used a credit card for? I haven't ever used one... if you count my debit card, it would have to be dinner on Tuesday. (oh, so boring...)

4224. Do you like back or foot massages more? Back.

4225. If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I? Because we're too heavy to do that for long, haha.

4226. Why do teachers always want blue or black ink? Because that's the accepted norm, and it's the easiest to read.

4227. What do you keep your change in? A wallet.

4228. Do you read Playgirl or Playboy for the articles? I don't read those... but if I did, I'd probably have to say "no."

4229. Are you old-fashioned? In what ways? Not really.

4230. If you were going to get a mentor, who would your top three choices be (out of everyone alive)? Way too many choices!

4231. Would you rather visit France or Thailand? France.

4232. You love your partner, but they are a slob. They aren't likely to change. Your thoughts: "Eh, I'm a mild slob too... whatever..."

4233. Is anything brainwashing people? Sure.

How / in what ways? Kidnappers, hijackers, the media...

4234. If you were a Sex Pistols song, which one would you be (some choices in case you aren't familiar with them: Holidays in the Sun, Bodies, No Feelings, Liar, Problems, Seventeen, Pretty Vacant, New York, E.M.I. )? Hey, I have all of those... sweet! Let's see... I'm not sure! But probably Holidays in the Sun, heh.

4235. Are you more likely to drink moderately and often... or drink within an inch of your life, but only once in a while? Drink moderately and often. (but not THAT often... don't you be getting any ideas here! :P)

4236. What scares you most about war? Death.

4237. You find a man with wings (an angel?) half dead in your back yard. The first thing you do is: Scream and call the police / 911.

4238. Why do people go to faith healers when there is so much proof that they are fake? Reminds me of the discussion that Jen, Jon, Jeremy, Nathan, and I were having at Dragon Ball over much bubble tea the day before Jon left to go back to Toronto. We had absolutely NO idea! (except maybe that those people were lazy and wanted instant "results")

4239. When someone you care about is really angry with you, how do you feel and how do you deal with that feeling? I vent about it, find out ways that they've bugged me in the past, and focus on that. Yeah, I care... but I'm not going to give them that satisfaction, am I? :P

4240. There's a guy who sometimes get violent with his wife. He will scream "I LOVE you!" while he hurts her. Do you think there could be any love there? Oh, hell no! He's being abusive!

4241. Name at least three things that make you want to cry. Loss of a loved one, reminders about things I'd rather not think about, and injustice.

4242. Is John Malkovich sexy? Is Billy Corgan? No, and yes.

Is Michael Stipe? Is Moby? Is Sinead O'Connor? Sure, kinda, not really.

4243. Imagine there's a leper and he wants to be cured, but his sores sprout sunflowers instead of going away? Would that be a miracle? Would that tell you anything about anything? .... um, no. He wanted to be CURED!

4244. Do you watch people? Sometimes... people-watching can be good. *demonic laughter*

4245. Do you have anything that doesn't belong to you? Probably.

4246. What is normal? I wish I knew.

4247. You are given your own private island. What would you name it, and who is allowed to live there with you? Flamsterland. My friends and family, and nice people.

4248. How can you prevent war? There's no surefire way.

How can we all prevent it? Protests, I suppose...

4249. If something is wrong in society and you don't like it, but you do nothing about it... aren't you supporting it in a way? No, you're just not proactive.

4250. Do you like Leslie Nielsen? Original answer: "Who is that?" Aiya. My answer: "Yeah, he's a funny dude!"

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lar / Consumer Whore Icon / Eviction / Hockey Wins

I have this friend named Jamie, and her stepfather's name is Lar. While playing Bookworm, I remembered that "LAR" is a word in there with a definition! (if you make certain words, they come up with definitions as the worm eats the tiles) So I decided to see what it meant: LAR: A species of gibbon (Hylobates lar) found in Burma. Also called white-handed gibbon. I just thought I'd let you know, hehe. :D

I have yet another new icon... I've been looking for this Consumer Whore one for a long time. Saw it around once, and was sorry I didn't pick it up then. But now I have it, thanks to TQC. :D (Palmer tried, but of course poly people are no help, and I should remember that! :P)

Image hosting by Photobucket

I also JUST got my eviction notice through the mailslot today sometime. Since this is it, I think I should get started on packing SOME things which I know I probably won't be using between now and the end of March. At least I have two months to look for places... and I really should call someone tomorrow to apprise them of this development. (I *did* say I wanted to move...)

Note to self: Change address at these places (and more!) in the next few weeks!

Hey, at least the Canucks won 7-4 against Phoenix tonight! :D

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Dreams about crowded cruise ships / Farrah's belated package

I had a weird dream that involved a VERY crowded and bright cruise ship, where my friend Steve Wright was the food / ambience director. My friend Karen Lew was on this ship and was enjoying the trip with me, my parents, and my brother Jon. The elevators on this thing were very crowded, and two passengers in wheelchairs just reduced the already-cramped space by a lot: think people pressed against the walls during a regular load. I remember that we had to guess who would kill one of their fellow passengers: while I was flying about the ship, I went to one of the back passageways to look for something. There, I bumped into Willy Kump and Rebecca Henderson serving food: I haven't thought of them in YEARS! We talked and I looked at the new food services brochure, all very prettily designed by Steve... very eye-catching, too! Then I tried doing these MASSIVE word searches: think a list of at least 450 words (sometimes 800!), and a word search spread over at least a few book pages!

Afterwards, I tried to go back to find my parents / Jon / Karen / other people we'd gotten to know... suddenly, all the doors were locked and closed while a menacing figure with brown curly hair and a round freckled face blocked the way out. I managed to get out of there by killing him first, then hightailed it to an entirely different area of the ship. There, I saw Corey trying to charm this girl named Avita (I think I've taken too many of her Memegens in the past two weeks) into bed.. it all hinged on proving whether the kids in the NARNIA series knew the eventual outcome of all their adventures. The proof was found on page 76 or 78, in Lucy's words to Edmund. I looked in their white dresser drawers to avoid seeing the action on the bed, and then figured I'd go out of the room (they didn't notice me because I had mad stealth skills :P)... but then I was spooked when I heard footfall noises in the hallway, so ducked back in that room and closed the door. After that, I woke up.... strange dream. o_O

I got a (birthday / Christmas?) package from Farrah today! :D It contains a letter, a Christmas card, two random photos (homecoming / Cozumel), and the Book of Put Downs: A Collection of Acid Wit by Laura Ward. That book will go well with my Giant Book of Insults: Incorporating 2000 Insults for All Occasions and 2000 More Insults by Louis A. Safian that I got a few years ago, and reminds me that I need to get the book that Kyle recommended for me a while back: Heart Seizure: A Novel by Bill Fitzhugh.

"Quotidian" is a very simple word: heck, I learned it in French a LONG time ago! Let's just say that you KNOW you're smart when you're a freshman and you use a word that the teacher doesn't understand! ;)

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New grammar icon / FreeRam XP / The Aristocrats / Questions 4151-4200 of 5000

Note to self: Download FreeRam XP Pro from as per Corey's advice. His description reminds me of the Memory Cleaner app on my 486, but it's not. :P ("maybe you should get a program called FreeRAM XP Pro... it frees up memory that Windows really isn't using... I use that... Windows SUCKS at freeing up memory when it's done using it, so you set that thing to run whenever you get below 100 megs of RAM or whatever.. and it clears out stuff that doesn't need to be in memory anymore, and usually frees up a lot... virtual memory too.. just go search for that... it's free")

I have a new grammar-related icon... I love it. :D

Image hosting by Photobucket

I also caught up on blogs... gotta love crazy photos of Tokyo / Adelaide, reflections on life, and other things! ;)

You know The Aristocrats? I'm going to steal what Spoz wrote about it:

not much to report tonight.. just went off to NOVA, to see the movie, THE ARISTOCRATS.. a little documentary about a "secret handshake" amongst standup comedians.. a joke known simply as "THE ARISTOCRATS".. infamous for being one of the most FOUL, VILE, DISGUSTING, INSULTING and thus crudely hilarious jokes ever told.. and not to give away any secrets.. but the structure of the joke is as follows..

"this guy goes into a talent agent's office.. and says.. "DO I HAVE AN ACT FOR YOU!!"

(proceed to describe the most ridiculous and exaggerated act of obscenity.. involving wherever possible - sh*t, piss, grotesque sexual dysfunction, pets, family members alive and dead (incest wherever possible) and all sorts of ridiculous ultraviolence and anything that pushes the line of wot you could say without getting arrested..)

after all this insanity is described.. end with the line..

"so, what's the act called?"

apparently.. the more ridiculous the act.. the sillier the anticlimax punchline sounds.. eh.. comedians, aye? go figure.. still not a bad movie tho'..

This site contains a LOT of variations on that joke! (warning: VERY GROSS and probably NOT safe for work!)

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Leslie!

  1. Scientists have discovered that Leslie can smell the presence of autism in children.
  2. The Vikings believed that the Northern lights were caused by Leslie as she rode out to collect warriors slain in battle.
  3. You can tell if Leslie has been hard-boiled by spinning her. If she stands up, she is hard-boiled.
  4. Dolphins sleep at night just below the surface of Leslie, and frequently rise to the surface for air!
  5. Leslie can remain conscious for fifteen to twenty seconds after being decapitated.
  6. Fish travel in schools, but whales travel in Leslie!
  7. Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of Leslie!
  8. A rhinoceros horn is made from compacted Leslie.
  9. Leslie invented the wheel in the fourth millennium BC!
  10. If you put a drop of liquor on Leslie, she will go mad and sting herself to death!
I am interested in - do tell me about

HAHAHAHA! Not as hilarious as my sister's list (put "Stephanie" in the search box), but still good! :D

Note: LJ Trip In Canada Blogquiz, by CQ.

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

4151. Paraphrase (rewrite) this sentence without using any of the words currently in it that are more than 2 letters long (except THE... you can use THE). If anyone should steal this survey from you, they should paraphrase YOUR sentence and so on.

Deep in the heart of turn-of-the-century India, a young mongoose is adopted by a British family.

Far into the bloody thing in your body of the long time far away place, a little bird is re-owned by a cool accented couple.

Uh... I can't do anything with that... the paraphrase makes my brain explode. :P

4152. A baby is born with a terminal disease. She will suffer agonizing pain for 5 years, and then die. The mother gives the baby a sleeping medicine and it dies. Mom claims it was a mercy killing. Prosecution claims it was murder. You are on the jury. What is your vote? Mercy killing.

4153. Why doesn't poetry say outright what it means? Because it's symbolic.

4154. Read this sentence:

Now delete it. Done? Yeppers.

Now write any sentence you want there instead.

4155. What is your opinion of Orson Welles? Eh, he's okay.

4156. If you were a lotion, what would your label say? Smooth.

4157. What side is your good side? Right.

4158. Rewrite that sentence you deleted up there as best you can. Try to get the idea across even if you don't get the exact words right: I don't have a murderous heart.

4159. What is your favorite work by Edgar Allen Poe? The Tell-Tale Heart.

4160. Of the following short stories, which would you be most likely to read (based on titles alone if you aren't familiar with them: 1 is most likely, 9 is least likely)? (I've read most of them!)

Young Goodman Brown: 7
The Cask of Amontillado: 9
The Story of an Hour: 4
The Metamorphosis: 1
Barn Burning: 3
The Lottery: 5
A & P: 6
The Sandkings: 8
Minority Report: 2

4161. What is the difference between a norm and a value? A norm is what society usually does. A value is what you personally cherish and try to apply in your own life.

4162. Can you think of a norm in your own culture that is different from a value in your culture? Politeness.

4163. Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Don't have one.

4164. Why haven't we begun to colonize the moon? No idea.

4165. What did you think of the shuttle Columbia blowing up? It was kinda sad.

4166. What do you remember about the Challenger? I remember that teacher and reading about it in the paper the next day!

4167. Is the force with you? Sure... maybe... perhaps? haha

4168. What is your favorite spoof movie? This Is Spinal Tap is a mockumentary, so that doesn't really count. That said, I have no idea!

4169. Would you ever own a(n):

human slave? No.

robotic slave (where the robot is conscious of itself)? Maybe.

trained ape slave? No.

human clone slave? No.

4170. What can no one stop you from doing? Being myself.

4171. Who would you be bored without? Nathan or Eric M. in real life... online, probably Corey.

4172. What is your only hope? That I find someone who accepts me for who I am.

4173. Would you rather visit France or Puerto Rico, and why? France, because it sounds so romantic! (I'm sure Vivian could probably dissuade me, however... heh)

4174. Have you ever corrupted someone or dragged them down? No, but it's been done to me. =/

4175. If you could say / teach one thing to all the youth of America, what would it be? Proper grammar and spelling.

4176. Does any part of your body get in your way? My legs... stupid condition. :P

4177. Leia or Amidala? Leia.

4178. Do you trust your feelings? Most of the time.

4179. Do you feel empty or passionate most of the time? Empty.

4180. What was your moment of triumph? Haven't had one that I can recall.

4181. Explain what piety is: Here you go.

4182. In what ways are you a rebel? I'm not.

4183. In what ways are you a conformist? I'm not.

4184. Do you like movie endings that leave you wondering or tie up all the loose ends? Tie up loose ends.

4185. What movie has the best soundtrack? You asked this in questions 3421 and 3839. :P

4186. What adventure would you like to undertake? ROAD TRIP!

4187. Do you tip gas station attendants when you get full service? No.

4188. Do you own any souvenirs? What are they, and where are they from? Letters, postcards, rocks, soap, magnets, and all sorts of other stuff from England / Greece / the Maritimes / the States / etc.

4189. Does your age make you embarrassed? Not really.

4190. Are you the strong and silent type? No.

4191. What do your shoes look like? Clean-ish white and blue Spaldings.

4192. Do you ever admire yourself while naked? ... no.

4193. If you could make someone's clothes magically disappear, who would you do it to and where would you put their clothes? I can think of a lot of people, and I'd probably put them in another country, mwahahaha!

4194. Who is more foolish: the fool, or the fool that follows the first fool? The fool.

4195. A good website for the bored (not a diary one): Quizilla

4196. Did people REALLY land on the moon? Yes.

4197. Would you rather live for a month in India or Alaska? Alaska.

4198. What is one country you could NEVER visit, and why? Sri Lanka or Bhutan... the conditions there are absolutely deplorable!

4199. Who is the busiest person you can think of? Jon... or perhaps it only seems that way? ;)

4200. What is the average length of your relationships? Not that long, but I've never really had a tangible one.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Five million points and counting.... / MSN Names about Naked People

I got a new Bookworm high score: 5,195,850 / Level 44 / Bookworm Supreme / 2:44:24 on Monday, 01.30.06! :D (I beat my previous high score of 4,091,740 by more than a million points! o_O)

Thanks to Corey, I've decided to change my MSN name to "I do NOT have hang-ups about looking at naked people!" Trust me, you do NOT want to know. o_O

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Sun and THE GAME

It may be as sunny as heck today, but I'm probably not going out. I was out / away from home for quite enough time this past weekend, and I prefer to save my money. (besides, I don't have anyone to hang with right now!) Heck, I was awoken by the power-washing... I think it's a good thing I managed to go to bed at the time I did. Even if it was three hours after I told Corey that I'd most likely follow him to bed since that warm bath / shower made me sleepy... why must you be so addictive, Bookworm / MSN? Of course, that means a sleepy hamsterette since I didn't get enough sleep... ugh. :P

This article on something called "The Game" is weird... apparently, you're not supposed to remember you're playing it. :P

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Spicy Writing?! / Questions 4101-4150 of 5000 / Afterlife Quiz

Jasmine's friend Teunis (the same guy who she emailed me about a few days ago) just said that my writing was "spicy, intelligent, and fun." Eeepers, hahaha. o_O

Hmm... Karen Choo just emailed me three times. I wonder what's up... oh, two are Fellowship-related. The other one is personal, saying that she's not forgotten that she has something to make up to me. (see this post for more details) I know she hasn't, but the reminder of such is a good thing. Yeah, I can be patient when the mood strikes... and impatient at other times. But I'm being patient about this like I normally would be, haha. :D

I got $10 each in lucky money from Auntie Kwai and Auntie Cynthia: they're so very kind, even if the first woman IS my distant cousin Wilson's mom! (haha)

Exchange of the day:

Justin: "Hey guys, do you think we'd get money if we went up to every married person at this luncheon and said GUUNG HEY FAT CHOY?!"
Me and Clement: *look at him in wonder* "Hmm... I don't think it would work! Although it IS crowded down here with married folk... hehehe."

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

4101. What is the most difficult thing you have ever overcome? Certain realizations about certain people that I used to know. Enough said.

4102. What is more important: how much someone has achieved, or how far they have come to achieve it? How far they have come.

4103. Have you ever had anything published? Not really... I don't count church testimonials in anniversary booklets as something being "published."

4104. Of the following, what kind of person would you be more attracted to (1 is highest, 3 lowest):

less good-looking than you? 3
about as good-looking as you? 1
more good-looking than you? 2

How good-looking are you? I'm kinda average-ish.

4105. less intelligent than you? 2
about as intelligent as you? 1
more intelligent than you? 3

How intelligent are you? I'm kinda smart, heh.

4106. has less money than you? 3
has about as much money as you? 1
has more money than you? 2

How wealthy are you? I'm lower middle class.

4107. less wild and crazy than you? 3
about as wild and crazy as you? 1
more wild and crazy than you? 2

How wild and crazy are you? Pretty crazy, if you catch me in the right mood.

4108. Is your bathroom shelf stacked with numerous bottles of lotions and creams? No, not really...

4109. How do you maintain your body? Original answer: "What do you mean by maintain?" *thunk* My answer: "Try to eat right, get some exercise (though I'm failing miserably in that regard), etc."

4110. Did you ever imagine that objects have a life of their own? Hahaha, oh yes.

4111. What is it like to be an object, do ya think? I don't know... aren't they just kinda inert and sitting there? Sounds sucky to me.

4112. Do stones, rocks, trees, lamps, water, couches, etc. all have some sort of life energy running through them? Most times, sure... only I'm not so sure about the couches and such!

4113. Would you ever consider getting romantically involved with:

your teacher? Maybe, if we weren't in a teacher-student relationship at the time.
your doctor? No.

4114. If ____ asked me for sex, I could NOT refuse. Fill in the blank as if you were speaking. ..... I'm not answering this. Not that I'm a prude, but I do consider my readership, haha. Then again.... someone with a hot accent and the right combination of care and such would win out, heh.

4115. What is "nothing"? A state devoid of all matter.

4116. Would you rather read about how to get better abs or about how thousands of people across the globe are marching for peace? The global peace marches.

4117. Should America make love, not war? Yes.

4118. If you could nominate anyone for sainthood, who would you and why? Original answer: "Huh?" Eeepers. My answer: "Billy Graham since he's done so much for the world of Christianity!"

4119. Can you name one person who is purely good? .... no.

4120. How about one person who is completely evil? .... no.

4121. Is there a book inside of you? Yeah, and it's a long one.

If yes, what about? Life, friends, made-up stories, randomosity, etc.

4122. Do you call people more often, or get calls more often? It's about even, depending on whether I decide to leave the phone on or not... mwahahaha.

4123. What do you wake up to? Usually it's the light / noises around my building. Next week, they're apparently doing power washing... aiya!

4124. If you could get a free subscription to any magazine, what would it be? Any magazine about words.

4125. When you wrote letters to Santa, did you ever ask for stuff that didn't exist? No...

4126. Make up a new slogan for McDonald's: I'm hatin' it so much... we love the sound of puking! (hahaha)

4127. What kind of people do you like to be associated with (business, writers, dark, antisocial, spiritual, happy)? Happy, Kind, Empathetic Listeners, Understanding, Funny...

4128. How are you like a toaster? ... I'm not.

4129. Do you believe we are really in the Matrix? Not really.

4130. There are 2 dolls: a G.W. Bush doll and a Saddam Hussein doll. You can only afford one. Which do you buy? Original answer: "George Bush, because he's easier on the eyes and you can still stab him with a needle if you want." Hahaha, I'm stealing this one!

4131. What is a jabberwocky? Something most frightful with jaws and claws. o_O

4132. Finish the sentences:

I'm a speed racer and I drive real fast, I drive real fast: Original answer: "like a speed racer." Uh... ORIGINALITY CHECK ON AISLE 5! My answer: "because the thrill of the raceway is my drug."

I'm a big bird and I like to steal, I like to steal and I like to: Original answer: "steal." Uh... ORIGINALITY CHECK ON AISLE 7! My answer: "sell the stolen items for profit on Ebay." (note: I do not condone such actions... this construct is just for literary license purposes, mmkay?)

I'm a Barbie doll and I've got grace, I've got grace but: Original answer: "not really." Um... this really isn't that much better than the other ones, is it? *junks answer* My answer: "I'm really just molded plastic, so you can't personify me."

4133. What do you think aliens would think of life on earth? Very incomprehensible and technologically backwards!

4134. What image do you get from the words "urban decay"? Filth, sprawl, the stuff I read about in Adbusters and other such publications...

4135. Have a ___ day. Fill in the blank with anything but "nice." "Scrumptious."

4136. Do you own anything with a:

South Park character or logo on it? No.
Grateful Dead bear or logo on it? No.

4137. What is your impression of beatniks? Original answer: "Huh?" Eeep. My answer: "They were and are cool, dude!"

4138. What was the last thing you ordered (or watched) on pay-per-view? The Canucks-Wild game on NYE at Eric's place.

4139. Nails: long or short? Short.

4140. Do you prefer touch lamps, the clapper, or the old-fashioned light switch? The old-fashioned light switch.

4141. Can you "berry talk"? No.

4142. Do you like vines on old buildings? Depends if it adds character or not.

How about graffiti on old buildings? No!

4143. When someone says "it's been one of those days," what do they mean by "those days"? Crappy, stressful, tiring...

4144. Have you ever owned those magic markers that could change colors? I think so!

4145. It's not easy bein' ____. Fill in the blank as if you were speaking. "Me."

4146. Is there a song that has been stuck in your head since you were a child? No.

4147. Do you own anything plaid? No.

4148. Do you recycle? Yes.

4149. What is your strongest point? My caring kindness for other people. Most of the time, anyhow.

4150. What is your weakest point? I can be very critical.

What are you doing to work on that weakness? Trying to see the good in people.

After you die...
Parallel Universe

After death, you will continue to exist as if nothing has ever happened. You will continue to be yourself, but because you are in a parallel universe, some things will be different. You may not have married the same person, and you might live in a different spot... but you will be the same person underneath it all, and you will continue your life unaware that you ever died.

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