Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panties Soakers, NOT diaper covers! / Tsui Woo, last times, Superstore no tax

Since I got up at 11:15, I decided to go to Tsui Woo for the last time with my parents and grandma for lunch. Of course, we went with Alan and Polly! Mom thought that "diaper cover" was an acceptable name for "Panties soaker," which is what it was in the knitting pattern catalog - NO! Of course, she's been knitting a lot of stuff for the new baby! At lunch (ha-gow / eggplant things / noodles / all the usual), they discussed travel / NEXUS passes / Vegas / GOLDEN PHOENIX / Russia / China / Hong Kong / the playoffs / Bellis Fair / hockey news like Raffi Torres' 25-game suspension / the Bible Society / chicken feet / siu-mai / Steph (who is NOT Auntie Ying as Polly thought since their Chinese names are the same) / TVs / how long Tsui Woo had been in existence / Superstore's "no tax day" / Alan's iPhone and iPad / smartphones and apps and games / Awana / the news / cruises / Zellers / Auntie Catherine and Uncle Y.C. traveling a LOT this summer. Some of it was pretty boring even if I understood more than half of the discussion, but we also stayed an hour after eating. Oh well, at least Alan paid for the meal! An Xmas Belgium chocolate bear melted in the car, too!

Then we went to Superstore; Grandma wanted to buy pistachios, 1.1 kg of chocolate-covered almonds (which she later put back), Bartlett pears, ham, seven-grain honey and flax crackers, and apples. She thought she had enough cash, but didn't - Mom bumped into us at the cash register! We discussed Mattias, Marcus, money, a new CRAWFISH KING restaurant opening soon (which made me think of Jennifer L. - tehgreenfairy), and more on the way home. While doing laundry now, I'm reading about inbred royals like Charles II of Spain! Very interesting, haha.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Jagermeister, confrontation, furry porn, and surprising offliners

Last night, Mom was complaining vociferously about Jagermeister: I don't think it smells THAT bad! I left one hockey group today; too much Netspeak! Never mind the person who thinks I should respect them just because they're my "elder and better" - I DON'T THINK SO! You KNOW what's coming when you say that! Too bad he's a mod (my least favorite) in the Puckheads. *sigh* [Jon B. agrees - too confrontational]

Also had to Adblock furry porn and such in the weekly tradition; YOU WANT TO BE BANNED?! Ugh. Good thing I couldn't see some pictures by default! Got a surprising offline YM message which actually made me smile, too.

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Tsui Woo CLOSING?! / $100, Israel, Rita, NEXUS and visa stuff

Steph and Lisa picked me up, and we were off to the townhouse while talking about money / gas prices / expenses / almost forgetting stuff because of the RUSH / alcohol-soaked gummy bears / Tumblr / odors. We had curry chicken, tender beef, oysters, crab, tomatoes, rice, Chinese soup, vegetables, and more while discussing Wayne Gretzky / the hockey playoffs / bubble gum Easter Eggs / doing dishes / flight timing / Uncle Keith on real estate / signing various cards / the May family dinner on Thursday the 10th (Stephen's birthday!) possibly impacted by Harmony's delivery / Grandma's "opinion" on the baby when asked if she's happy about it ("Your mom will be happy!") / the CBC feed freezing / news / chocolate and diets (South Beach) / Bryant and Shirley's wedding on June 30. Also discussed Las Vegas, Lisa's family (nephews), parental visa / NEXUS applications, Russia, respite, Paris, Egypt, Kleenex and being "sanitary," "hear ye!", Pat / Dropbox, baby Maddie, uploading videos of Chinese or Japanese metal ball exercises to Facebook, Mom's gay friends Tom and Tom (who of course live in San Francisco - she met them on a cruise), extensive travel, coffee, longan, pomelo (Chinese grapefruit), and Danielle moving.

Conversed about Michelle, Eunice and Eddie, my $100 payment being half the amount needed (Mom seems to understand about my money issues), Uncle Eric / Darren having to be a doctor / Derek in real estate, Tsui Woo CLOSING this Sunday (what the?! / Alan and Auntie Eva told Mom - of course they're going to go there on Saturday for old times' sake!), Rita / the thrift shop, baby things, national parks / the Grand Canyon, Grandma being quiet because Jon wasn't there, READER'S DIGEST, Chrystal, Cindy going to Israel with Becky / dogs / iPod stuff. Later, we looked at pictures of Edwin's new baby (Rebecca Grace Lee), and discussed Auntie Susan's criticism and Karen Grace moving to get away at the U of T / Jane / Harmony's appearance at the baby shower / the baby pool / drinking or sucking from a bottle. It's surprising that Auntie Susan would talk to DAD about Caesarean sections and childbirth! I talked to Grandma about her Chinese magazine, high heels, and more. Everyone got things to take home: peanuts, socks, leftovers, tomatoes, cucumbers, VCR to DVD technology, mixed seafood, muffins, tapes, maps and travel guides, juice, and more.

Grandma (92 years old, knowing little English) on the St. Louis-San Jose hockey game: "Oh, this looks hard. Can you do this? [upon seeing a scramble with plenty of traffic at the net] Aiya! Are they going to put it in?!" How cute!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kikwis, terror, spam, QUIRKY lost, debit card payments

I discussed Steph and Lisa complementing each other as a couple / Internet stories / wedding excitement with Chinese Eric, and odd ZELDA characters (Kikwis that pretend to be plants and shake with terror) / CRACKED articles on Easter Eggs / fetus in fetu / burned dumplings in the microwave at midnight / some spam email (which he dealt with) with white Eric on MSN last night. Called the library today because I think I lost the QUIRKYALONE library book; thank goodness I can use my debit card to pay the cost of the book! Cash is... not an option at the moment, thanks to that trip. *sigh* Thank goodness I have two bank cards!

Since I might not have time tomorrow in between sleep and catching up and the weekly tradition (and the C94 never shows up on Saturday when I want to take it!), I decided to go this afternoon. Better that than to ask Steph and Lisa after dinner! Went to the library, where I saw a kid going around on a scooter. Paid the cost with a savings account, then got a Mother's Day card / on-sale (expiring tomorrow) Lindt "Little Desserts" milk chocolate bar (which I've never had before) at Shoppers Drug Mart while I was out. Got home and organized some of my greeting cards.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Men's sweatshirts / Staving off elimination! / Money / Billie / Waiting rooms

Note to self: When buying sweatshirts from Sears in future, try the men's department. Thank goodness I got the last (dark grey) one which was on sale AND fit! (the women's department didn't have any more, although they used to carry them years ago according to a clerk)

When I got home, I threw away my stained sweatshirt and some unflattering brown pants from Mom. Also talked to Talia on AIM for a bit, while establishing that Billie and I can get together after she gets back from Jamaica. I assume Chinese Eric fell asleep or something, which is totally fine. Calling produced a beeping noise, so I guess it wasn't meant to be. I also had some idiot named Kyle block me on Facebook for correcting his spelling / typos; HAHAHAHA! Then again, I had to block an idiot named Patrick myself, who insisted he was a Canucks fan, but his wording and idiotic excuses for his stupid spelling (Facebook Mobile?) said otherwise.

The Pittsburgh and Philadelphia game was CRAZY: 10-3 for the Penguins, staving off their elimination! As for the Canucks game with the Kings, there was a penalty shot! Thank goodness the Canucks staved off their own elimination, winning 3-1! Chinese Eric just got on MSN to say that he'd tried calling me at 5 and 8:30 (yet my Caller ID shows no evidence of such - but does of a 10:08 call) because the hospital visit ran late and then he also had to do some testing! Yes, a sad emoticon was the best thing for those messages! Of course the mood was crappy in the hospital waiting room when it was 1-0 for Los Angeles. At least we tried calling each other! I'm not sure if Jeremy or my brother are doing anything for the game, but Eric and I can hang out at my place on Sunday for now. His phone went nuts this afternoon, and he's saving up for a new one; that COULD explain those beeping noises, haha. Now we're discussing the game, Roberto Luongo, the Florida Panthers, and more. Then white Eric got on MSN to ask about Friday's potluck - NOT GOING! :D

Called Mom to see when she'd meet with Steph and Lisa for dinner, but she said it was a Friday lunch before a wedding. Then Steph called me later to say that it was actually Thursday dinner, which led to my saying that someone should make up their minds over there! As long as I keep my phone on from 5:30 to 6-ish tomorrow, it should be fine if they pick me up! Probably a good thing that the plans got changed in view of my Friday tradition! With that in mind, I decided to put $100 (half of the $200 Vegas payment) in an envelope so I can at least give that to the lards tomorrow night.

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Water Flying Cloth Midenhall / Peeing all over my FOOT! / No Friday potluck!

Christon emailed us to say that Pastor Bob had double-booked himself for Friday, so we're back to our default location of the seniors lounge. In that case, I really don't have any motivation to go to the potluck / movie / sharing night as it won't be a true OUTING. The weekly tradition is far more important, anyway!

As the Prince of Midenhall Castle in DRAGON WARRIOR 2, you must go to Leftwyne to find your cousin the Prince of Cannock. (and later, the Princess of Moonbrooke) You come across this character who is easily scared!

I put in a code to get a Water Flying Cloth from the Midenhall Castle item shop for only 10 GP, and it glitched the graphics. The first item is supposed to be the said cloth, which sells for 53 GP. Yes, I took advantage of making money!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alefgard Roasted Chicken / Sponge cake, Israel, and dwindling commitment

Hung out with Chrystal, meeting her at London Drugs like usual. We went to White Spot for dinner after I gave her that bag of chocolate and mints; we also looked at the cereal and chocolate options at London Drugs. I had Tuscan chicken pasta and most of the dulce de leche gelato, while she had a salad. Talked about Vegas, the differing weather, busy work / restaurant, what I did with Steph, Melia, Angus, getting along with Emily in short doses (like at the new hot pot restaurant for Chrystal's birthday), Emily and Mike perhaps having kids in future, Harmony's pregnancy (I'd be worried if it DIDN'T show by now!), TV shows, DANCING WITH THE STARS, THE HUNGER GAMES, movies, MARIO KART / video games, her resort trip to Mexico, her parents going to Hong Kong / mine going to Russia, and books.

Discussed our "bad" behaviors in planning to skip church / sermons / Fellowship (dwindling commitment - I can look after the baby!), Cindy's trip to Israel, and more. Afterwards, we checked out the nearby Asian bakery; we got three Chinese buns ([chocolate] sponge cake) because of a "buy two, get one free" special. Then we went our separate ways: I went to London Drugs first to get two noodle packs for use in hot and sour soup noodles later, on-sale melatonin just for my Vegas trip (DO NOT OPEN), three on-sale Wunderbars since Chrystal's never had any, and an iced tea. Got home and cleaned the microwave a little, found a notebook for my trip, and relaxed. I put the new melatonin bottle in a Ziploc bag, just to be even more on the safer side... hopefully, this is fine!

After you restore peace to Alefgard in DRAGON WARRIOR 1, this character comes to a decision about what to make for dinner... her famous roasted chicken!

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Becca, no travel-size pills, Russia, CHINESE ERIC and Game 4

Becca (orangeandblack) says that I should get a new travel-size bottle of melatonin (which the pharmacy next door or London Drugs does NOT have!) to avoid problems at the airport if I won't remember to get it at the airport shops. Probably a good idea; that way, I can also hopefully avoid ONE maternal meltdown! Honestly, I want to NOT be stressed out, although I know I will be because of THAT. Ugh. At least I called Mom to say I'd go - I have a feeling I'm signing myself up for horror, but we'll see. She says that when they go to Russia in June (with or without Uncle Y.C. and Auntie Catherine on a cruise), I'm welcome to stay at the townhouse. Good thing she's cooking chicken breasts and putting them in the freezer!

Also called Chinese Eric, but Auntie told me to use the house number. He ended up sleeping till about midnight yesterday, and figured he couldn't call me back then. Considering I called at 10:35 PM, meh... HE could have called me back whenever! Oh well, we now have "safer" plans for tomorrow's Game 4 which don't involve going to Jeremy's since I haven't heard anything that way! (I still love Jer in a friendly way, of course!) If he calls when he's finished with his doctor's appointment at the hospital in the afternoon to see whether the timing will be okay, this should be fine!

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Cheap radishes in Cantlin! / 99,999 GP Flame Sword equipping

Cheap radishes in the DRAGON WARRIOR 1 fortress town of Cantlin! (not that you can buy them)

Glitch: I somehow have 99,999 GP (it's infinite!) after buying my Flame Sword in Cantlin... and I have no codes to account for that! Closely related: When I try depositing 99,000 GP into the Brecconary / Cantlin vaults, it says I'm depositing 33,464 GP. o_O

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Vodka-soaked gummi bears = SUCCESS! / Chinese Eric / DW1 and 2

I am pleased to announce that the alcohol-soaked gummi bears (looking pregnant) are a success! Next time (if the budget allows), more potent booze should be used. :D Despite what Eric thought yesterday, they aren't suudsu, which is a Homestar Runner thing: gummi bears and milk, which I've also tried once. Later, I tried calling Chinese Eric, but Auntie said he was sleeping at 7; the poor guy needs all the rest he can get, so that's perfectly understandable! Replayed DRAGON WARRIOR 1 and 2, as well.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Metal Zombies tagging, 0-3 deficit, Quick crotch ground

Talked to James for a while, which was pretty good. Unfortunately, Dustin Brown opened the scoring (third period) in tonight's hockey game. Jonathan Quick is a machine... but Los Angeles won the game 1-0 to take a stranglehold 3-0 series lead, which means Vancouver could get swept by the EIGHTH-SEED team on Wednesday. UGH, I KNOW SOME PEOPLE FEEL BADLY! (Facebook is really the best real-time sadness reaction zone... Mike R., Nathan, Denise, Julie C., Rachel, Angela S., Sylver, and everyone else)

A humorous Tweet: Danielle Benson ‏ @daniellebenson
Jon be nimble, Jon be Quick, Jon won't be jumping over no candle stick because his crotch is glued to the ground. #NHLPlayoffs #LAKings

Metal Zombie Tagging:

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$100 bill, jellybeans, vodka, transitions, Philadephia, Pittsburgh, and new babies

When Eric picked me up this morning (after I discovered a stain on my sweatshirt which won't launder out - NEW ONE AHOY!), he joked around about my being "drunk" as per the usual, but he didn't know that the "buzzed" interpretation was actually true! I vented about Paul, and he said that nobody said I had to date him - well, thank goodness for THAT! He also wondered whether there was any progress on a certain front, so I updated him on things there; Eric also asked whether I'd watched any hockey games with Eric Ho. HAVE NOT - WE SHOULD! (perhaps I should call him tomorrow evening?) Eric thinks that Paul being away now doesn't give me a chance to forgive him - trust me, I won't do it in front of him since that'll give him a reason to do similar shit again. We also discussed the Fox, Blur, 90s music, my sleep issues, Christian music, Vegas, escalaphobia, Julie C., Friday's potluck at Pastor Bob's definitely interfering with the weekly tradition because it starts at 6:30, his selling points as to the age gap between Fellowship groups, and more.

I saw Grace, Micah, Winnie, and her kids Megan / Connor / Cameron. I'm aware that Winnie goes to Tenth now, but misses everyone at VCEFC too. Good thing I saw her! Pastor Bob started out his sermon with the tired lighthouse joke, and the whole thing turned out to be on conflict. As I thought, Eric later asked me whether I could apply any of it to Paul - escape?! NOT DENIAL. I was distracted by the kids, but that's okay - I might be more so that way in a short while myself! The sound was a bit off; later, Mike K. was telling me and Jessica that we should have had some black gospel music as a backing tape ("we need Whoopi Goldberg!"), and I suggested that we should have vocals and singers' projection lessons! Melia told me that she and Angus might make it to Steph's wedding in Vegas. Heard that Wes and Esther had a baby boy on the 9th, and that Edwin and Jane had a baby girl just yesterday! (called my sister to update her - we forgot what we put in that baby pool!) After service, I exchanged laid-back greetings with my brother, who said that last week's dinner was pretty good, and the next one might be soon. Dad asked where Harmony was, but she had just woken up; Mom wondered about that, but even *I* know that late pregnancy makes you tired! (and my sister-in-law DOES like her sleep!)

Talked to Gino about the potluck; he thinks I'd cook something, which is definitely unlikely! Asked Quan and Julie S. if they'd seen Julie C. - "in the sanctuary during service" doesn't help, man! Discussed stuff with Eric for a bit, then said hi to Lily / Victor / Amanda / Karen I. / a sleepy baby Marcus before going upstairs for Toddler Sunday School. Saw Jessie, her kids Ramen and Shira, Anastasia, her dad Danny, baby Natalie, a new kid named Karen, Wesley, Ada (who went to the older class), Mattias, David, Evelyn, and Rachel's grandma. (I gave out a bunch of jellybeans, chocolate coins / eggs, and Easter bunnies - Jessie said I was always so thoughtful) Said hi to Frances, her sons Micah and Isaac, and her sister Sophia as well before they left. Frances hasn't seen my parents at church in a while; that's funny since I'd just talked to them a few minutes beforehand! She also wondered when I'd talked to her husband Mel about THE HUNGER GAMES: it was a FB status, hahaha. Talked to the kids about going to the bathroom (EVERYONE WENT - I even went into the men's room!), Lego, toys, noises, throwing things, and more.

Went downstairs, saw Grandma, talked to one of her friends in English, got change for my $100 bill from Uncle Adrian, and assumed Eric had left already. Geoffrey was waiting around for Uncle Hansel, anyway. Finally saw Julie C., and gave her the huge Ziploc bag of candy - I told her to share it with her mom or her friends at school after she hugged me twice. ("Oh my God - Mom, look!") Margaret was bugging Rachel about the Easter candy I'd given her, too. Said hi to Sean and Ian, as well. I was about to call Eric on the upstairs phone when he came out of a room and saw me. On our way out, I saw Auntie Grace and Uncle George. Auntie Grace asked me when the baby was due, so I told her. SO NICE!

We went to Pho and ate lunch with Jeremy, Lesley, Ivan, Alan, Tracy, and Kevin. Discussed paella, Sunday Dinners, Joe and Helen doing the Sun Run together today (someone has to look after their kids Nathaniel and Abby, though!), Billy and Stella, proposals, rings (Lily and Lesley thought Stella didn't have a great boyfriend if he was asking her to pay for everything = not knowing about the ring in his money belt), getting robbed while traveling in Thailand / Europe / other places, Prince George, school, staying up till 4 AM, Christon, Amy, Paul, Alberta, and more. They talked about transitions, Sarah C. / Emily L. / Sam / Quan / Vania / Jen / Connie / Vivian L. / Harmony, age gaps, an IRON CHEF program, planning, lawyers, Brian, and such at their meeting while I focused on the crazy Pittsburgh-Philadelphia hockey game on TV. Later, Jeremy waited for Eric to give him a cheque. On the way home, Eric and I discussed my accidentally blocking Vicky (it IS awkward like Scott says, and not easy like he thinks!) / Jason / Friday's potluck / #4 and Alderbridge / sleeping / stickers with a TELUS calendar / $5 and Jon at the Hog Shack / gum / Vivian S. / Danielle moving and other topics. Got home and blogged some of this up before taking a much-needed nap! Good thing I got up before the game started, although I still do need sleep.

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Josh, NO SLEEP, skin, G as Q, church reluctance

Josh buzzed me on AIM last night to say that he saw my postings in Random Thought. Then I got virtually no sleep, getting up at 5:30 and then 6:30 after going to bed at 1. If this is my subconscious getting under my skin to GO TO CHURCH, I GET IT. Now just shut up so the next couple of weeks can be quiet and free. :P (seriously, I think I'll need something stronger like orange vodka screwdrivers!)

Also talked to Chris W. and Chrissy about stupid idiots who type "g" as a "q" - it's damn fucking annoying, even if it IS black slang! Called Eric to make sure he knew I was (reluctantly) up for church, but got his mom Veronica on the phone instead. Said hi to her, and then got him on the phone. I made sure to ask whether he was doing anything after church that I should know about; apparently, he's having lunch with a bunch of Daniel people. Since I have a metric fuckton of candy in my fridge to give out (and I really should empty the fridge), I decided to go anyway. He said that I could get my own lunch... well, there goes that $100 bill!

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