Monday, March 25, 2002

Major things happening my first day back, name dictionary definition, video game company creation

What major thing will happen your first day back???

You will be moved down a class
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Name Dictionary... How are you defined?

A lovesick puppy
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Congratulations! You are Nintendo.
Sweetness! You are one of the most dominant gaming companies out there. You really know what you're talking about.
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Awww man, the quiz said I'm Nebloof!
Nebloof. Fool Ben. This already doesn't say much about you, but yet it does; you hide the most obvious jokes in front of everyone's faces because you know that they won't get it. Intelligent to a fault, but you can't shoot lasers out of your eyes. Yet.
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What will you say just before you die?

This edible condom tastes like latex.
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What is your super awesome superpower?

You can cause people to fall in love with whoever you want.
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HA! Don't I WISH! That would be fun!

wow... yeah, you are yourself
You are yourself... you don't like to be pushed around!
You just want to be yourself and have fun.
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God, you need a psychologist!
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wee share things in common
I like things you are passionate about, and vice versa. If we ever meet, I'm sure we would be friends.
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what is your saying?

if you can't get someone out of your head, maybe they're supposed to be there
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Never heard that one before!

What's Your Motto

Are you saying something? All I'm hearing is "Blah, Blah, Blah"
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You're an Angel!
You are a quaint little darling that all old ladies and teachers will love!
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let's fly
Wow... how to explain yourself... you're really excited about everything, and loads of fun. You're just a "go go go" person! Whoopee... you like to be active.
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Not most of the time, but okay...

that's you,;-)
are you as "in" as he is?
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Andy Lau? Hmm... I have a feeling that my Honger friends will know who he is! At least, them or Nathan!

What sex toy are you?

Anal Beads
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Oh, dear...

Will you have a successful relationship?

Only if they have the same interests as you.
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You're not a whore! 3%
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Not for the sake of doing that, no!

He is soooo cool
Gerard Way is freakin sweet
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This quiz result is crazy, and not in a good way!

no, not really
hey, it's your life
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BAROMETER the Soothsayer
You are tuned to the intangible like HYGROMETER the meek, but you have the ability to see trends in the knowledge you gain and put that information into the hands of those who can use it. You don't worry about not being in the spotlight.

Your meter icon is used to measure atmospheric pressure.
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You have the mental age of a TEENAGER
Moody, sex-obsessed, alcoholic... all words that don't describe you, of course. You know everything now that you're a teenager.
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