Saturday, December 06, 2003

Late birthday gifts

my brother finally gave me my birthday present..
we were discussing This Is Spinal Tap: The Official Companion..
one of his friends gave it to him as a birthday present..
then he said: "speaking of birthday gifts, here's yours.."
it was a copy of THR3E by Ted Dekker..
he said it got good reviews on Amazon, and he hopes I like it..
actually, I do too.. nothing worse than reading a boring book!
(well, okay.. I can think of worse scenarios; work with me here!)
so now I'm happy I got a gift, even though it was late :P

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Wicked pleasure in Connecticut's weather!

I'm taking wicked pleasure in Connecticut's weather now..
it's snowing big-time there, with 12 inches (30 cm) of the stuff..
not that I want to see all the people there housebound coz of it..
only one person in particular.. and he WILL be, believe me ;)
thank goodness I don't have to make sympathetic noises now..
perhaps I shouldn't be feeling like this, but it's all good..
everyone else (like Pete and the Ferrett) has my compassion..
my sweet side is certainly being tempered by my evil side..
and that's how I like it, so beware! MUHAHAHAHA..

Choose Your Sexual Destiny: P.H.M.S. Inside by mongoloidxx
You would suck offMason L.
You would eat offDawn H.
You would fuckOscar R.
You would get babies fromTanner R.
You would get handjobs fromElise E.
You would get a STD fromJuan S.

Some of this gender assumption is hilariously wrong! :D

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Sean and Citrus are NOT together!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been fun knowing you at church.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It has been great serving with you in Awana.

Jon and I went out to eat and talk with the gang later..
Citrus, Danielle, Sean, Adela, Jason, Janette, and Justin went..
we discussed school / finals, MSN, Windows games, studying..
distractions, using Chinese or English at home with parents..
words that gays use.. ("lovely," "fabulous," "gorgeous," etc.)
Danielle and Citrus' digital camera pictures in general..
Sean and Citrus' "romantic" digicam pictures that we took..
(they appeared to be kissing in one, but weren't.. line drawn!)
Adela and Danielle appearing not to care in those pics..

Janette's eating preferences.. (no durian or grass jelly)
her misreading of "Netherlands" as "Neanderthal".. (beef strips)
food, typos and such on the menu.. ("pock hock," anyone?)
those "hot girl" pictures of Sean from College Night..
Burnaby church happenings from a LONG time ago..
the different fashion ideals of other cultures and times..
(foot-binding, neck rings, earlobe / lip plates, lead and arsenic..)
grinding teeth in your sleep being bad for you, mouthguards..
chewing ice wearing away at your tooth enamel, stress..

an "emotional intimate bond" that made us all go: "YUCK!"
(they know each other longer than they have their girlfriends..
so what significance is that supposed to have, eh?! :P)
Christmas plans, Justin being surprised that it was raining hard..
(like that NEVER happens in Vancouver?! :P)
Sean trying to lick his elbow.. (yes, he looked like an idiot)
being more social by becoming more involved in church..
Janette's dilemma of "team dinner or Jason's birthday dinner?"..
Ty's "raw dog" joke, dog tasting like very tender lamb, siblings..
bubble tea with raw dog chunks in it instead of tapioca pearls..

yup, it was certainly a very good time out with people..
makes me realize how much I've missed it lately..
too bad Eric's still not feeling well because of his head..
we certainly hope he gets better pretty soon.. we miss him!

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Friday, December 05, 2003

I have to go through your wallet if you can't do it yourself!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARGARET.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been great watching you grow up.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARMAINE.. I hope you have a really rocking one today! :) It was great knowing you at church.

I went to Capilano Mall today, and to the Wal-Mart there..
my first time inside a Wal-Mart, I do believe..
Shannon scolded me for going through her wallet..
well, I had to if she was buying $105.35 worth of stuff..
(she'd not be able to get the money out herself, aye?)
bought her some cranberry Body Shop soap..
(may get the same for Yazmine, who WILL get me something)
she didn't get me anything besides a card, but it's all right..
told me she felt bad about not buying me a present, haha ;)
once I got home, I received another SportsChek phone call..
that's it.. I swear I'm going to change my phone number!
but not now, as I'll see whether Jon will call me back..
one way or the other, it'll be all cool tonight indeed..
over and out for now, kiddies.. I'm better off without him!

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Papaya bubble tea in North Vancouver

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTIN.. I hope you have a really rocking one today! :) It was fun with you at church.. worms, anyone? ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHEYENNE.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It was good knowing your mom, Angela.

right now, I'm at Shannon's house for the night..
I had some papaya milk bubble tea earlier..
I've managed to get rid of more ghostly memories.. yay!
things are going to be really blazing now.. haha :)
might go to dinner with everyone tomorrow..
not sure, since it depends on what Jon's doing!
ah well, I shall definitely see what happens later on ;)

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Mediterranean food

I managed to get everything done today.. wooyeah!
included a photo of myself for a certain person..
definitely hope it gets through to him okay..
received encouraging words from PG and Lesley later..
got a ride to the all-day retreat in January from Lily..
(it's the last Committee meeting I will ever have to attend)
also called my brother to update him on a few things..
the ESC Christmas Dinner will feature Mediterranean food..
does anyone know what sort of cuisine that might be?
my new favorite word must be "whatever," since I overuse it..
in fact, I must have used it ten times in a few minutes!

talked to Spoz later on.. I am SO not obsessive-compulsive ;)
I don't comment on everything just to beat his post count..
at least I'm good for forums with chattering on endlessly..
tells me it's funny that I'll comment on anything posted..
it may not be entertaining / informative / useful stuff..
but it's all good.. let's draw more people in by being freaks ;)
he even gave me a new nickname, which (of course) I like..
the name in question would be "Ms. Robotica Flamsterina"..
yup, that was definitely an amusing end to the day! :)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Being Chinese at the mall

I've got a bunch of things to do today..
not sure I feel like doing most of it, either..
it's too cold outside, and there will be lots of crowds..
buying / mailing Christmas cards and gifts for people..
figuring out how to send a cheque in US funds..
going to Boston Pizza to eat and be Chinese..
getting the newest Bathroom Reader from Chapters..
to top it all off, I've got a Committee meeting at church..
maybe this last is the main drive of my apathy..
at least it's the second-last one I'll have to attend :)
and I *did* get mustard in the mail this morning ;)

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Assortment of spam

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LENI.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was good knowing you.. we lost touch, though.

I just checked my email, and got an assortment of spam..
like: "is good to self-pollute yourself at least once a day"..
that subject line barely has credible grammar, dude..
what makes you think I'm going to open the dodgy thing? :P
in fact, it serves as a bitter personal reminder for me..
of the time I could barely parse someone's sentences..
(mistakes that could have been avoided using thought :P)
rather thought those days were over, for the most part..
guess I was wrong.. but at least I don't care about him now ;)

all this leads me to wondering about things, though..
no, not about that incident.. we were both wrong, I can see :P
just about whether Spoz has any takers for his spam email..
he was complaining about it this morning in his blog writings..
it was something about 10,911 potential customers searching for English / German dictionaries in Google and Yahoo..
just junk, because he doesn't have a website devoted to selling the things at all..

yup, spam email is indeed a bitter funny beast sometimes..
(and so is your subconscious, but that's another story..)

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Monday, December 01, 2003

Where is my sweet friend?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOCELYN.. I hope you have a really rocking one today! :) It's been great knowing you.. come back!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELISSA.. I hope you have a fun one today! :) It was interesting when I knew you.

I wonder what has happened to my sweet friend lately..
since I'm paranoid, I think that certain Net people got to him..
or he's been doing some searching himself.. damning evidence..
maybe my last email freaked him out for some reason?
of course, there's probably a more rational explanation..
but I'm not worried overmuch.. just thinking it out, is all ;)
whatever it is, I'm still mailing out certain things for sure!

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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Worried about Arthur

now my brother says he's not coming home for dinner..
what does he think I waited here all afternoon for, dude?!
that in itself makes me a little irritated, but what can you do?
I'm also a bit worried as I haven't gotten what I expected..
maybe my words were too much, or something..
I do know I sent the email, though..
after six hours spent composing it, I'd better have!
ah well, perhaps he wasn't able to get on or something?
no idea here, but I sincerely hope it wasn't my weirdness..
guess I'll see what happens in a few days or so..
worrying isn't going to help, but I do care a lot about him..
so that's the way things are for now.. missing him, too ;)

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Engagements, Pocky / Pretz at a Japanese warehouse, lots of flavor selection

not a bad day at church, all things considered..
actually got to congratulate Ollie in person..
I also learned that Kenneth is now engaged..
(nobody tells me a thing around there :P)
talked to Nathan and Danielle about washroom spots..
hopefully, Jon figured out how to get to Maple Ridge..
(otherwise known as "WAY out in the boonie lands")

went to a Japanese warehouse, which had a Pocky special..
the only problem was that this Pocky was expired..
their Pretz wasn't expired, which was a good thing..
they had different flavors and a wide selection..
chocolate banana, pumpkin, milk, mousse Pocky..
pizza, salad, digestive, tomato, beer Pretz..
those things can be quite interesting to look at..
bought some wasabi-flavored shrimp chips, as well..
so now I'm awaiting Nando's Chicken for dinner in a bit..
nice spicy chicken can definitely be very good ;)

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Books as a foil

dear Eric's still sick with whatever he has.. (NOT depression!)
and just coz I don't know Dawn's going to Hong Kong..
does NOT make me dumb, I definitely don't think!
oh well, I just have to think comforting thoughts..
which will be very near at hand later on today..
and borrow one of Jon's books to use as a foil again..
mwahahahaha.. that's my strategy for today, kiddies! ;)

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I hope Eric feels better soon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZOE.. I hope you have a terrific one today! :) It's been cool watching you as a kid.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOAN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been good knowing you all these years.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARREN.. I hope you have a really rocking one today! :) You've been great to me, hon.. I appreciate it.

I hope and pray that Eric feels better so he can be with us..
I'll definitely miss him when he's no longer around..
spending time with my friends is definitely the best..
too bad I had / have to miss a lot of consecutive Fridays..
really wish I could be there with them, but can't do much..
just hope for comfort and camaraderie down the pipeline ;)

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