Saturday, July 26, 2008

Raspberry duck and weird salad dressings!

Eric picked me up at about 6:30 (a break from certain people!), and we were on our way to Jeremy's. It was a fun time, with a bunch of "you had to be there" jokes. Ray says that he's been making a bunch of interesting jokes lately (PENETRATION!), and Nathan came up with a line involving peasants and brilliance. We discussed Christon's roast for grad banquet, and the weird salad dressings Nathan made. The raspberry duck was pretty good, and Eric teased me about being anti-social. Talked about dense rye bread, blue cheese, cheddar, Dallas, business trips, Eric H., San Francisco, burning oil, Peggy, throwing up and test policies, Pringles chips in a BAG instead of a tube (bought with K's money), and Youtube / Google Video time limits. (Citrus Lemon Episodes, anyone?) We figured that we'd enjoy the Greek food at Trocadero's - yay for lamb! :D

Afterwards, we all congregated in Jeremy's room to watch videos like Iron Man and Batman, and Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. Too funny and hilarious! Brought back memories for some of us from last year - I remember Isabel thought it was cool, too. I think it was the infamous macaroni and cheese dinner, where there were four different types of expensive cheese! Haha, oh my!

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Watermelon and mint are sure refreshing!

Bingo of the day so far:

OUTERWEAR (63 points) - against Danny M.

I came across this in my Bizarre News subscription today:

NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zealand - A New Zealand Family Court judge has removed a 9-year-old girl from her parents' custody after her name was revealed as Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt ruled at the hearing in the city of New Plymouth for the child to be temporarily placed under the guardianship of the court to allow for a name to be chosen that doesn't give the girl a "social disability," the Taranaki Daily News reported Friday. "It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap," he said of the name. The court was told the girl, whose birth was not officially registered in New Zealand, refused to tell her name to her friends.

Very stupid parents!

Heh, all I can remember of my dream is someone cool grinning at me in reassurance - now there's something I can live with! ;)

Went to meet Jon at the townhouse, but he has to do something with Holly - Eric will pick me up at around 6, which sounds good to me. Apparently, duck is on the menu for tonight, and I'll probably see Ray also. SWEET! Mom made us some watermelon-mint smoothies while advising Jon about oregano: cool stuff! Saw some beer Pretz on the table, so I told her that it didn't contain real beer, haha. I'll take the Pringles Select chips with me as my contribution.

In my current game with George M., some of the words make passable sentences: "Rain taxing dry skies. Auto tempo sure foxier." That is quirky, haha. Also, Grandma just mistook some European licorice for chocolate - I had her eat a piece to prove it wasn't a derivative of cacao. ;)

Edit: Why the heck does my mom's computer postdate the entries I make on it in JULY to October?! Very stupid. Thank goodness for the "incorrect time value / error updating journal" alert in LJ! Oh, the computer clock is set to October - very crazy! And the wireless here at the townhouse is proving to be very much a source of FRUSTRATION since it constantly goes in and out! (100+ times this afternoon alone!)

Grandma, on my boyfriend: "Does your boyfriend ever visit?"
Me: "Not right now."
Grandma: "Why not?" [probably thinking he's the worst boyfriend in the world]
Me: "He's at his friend's house."
Grandma: "He doesn't have a HOUSE?!"
Me: "Yes... he's there for a wedding."
*she is very confused, haha!*

(a little later) "That person hasn't arrived yet to pick you up! What is wrong with gwei jie?" Eric is FINE, man... he's just late as usual! :D

"Will you be the only girl at Bearded Man's house? I guess so, since nobody has girlfriends yet!" HAHAHA!

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Friday, July 25, 2008


This is the sweetest and best news I've heard all day! Saturday dinner at Jeremy's, instead of the fireworks? Hahahaha, that is great! Whee! :D

Jaime L. added me to Facebook - it's been AGES since I've thought of him! Yay for old school friends? Haha.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

False alarm and new Ben and Jerry's!

While I was grocery shopping earlier, I noticed Ben and Jerry's BANANA SPLIT / BANANA ROYALE flavor. Yup, I had to get it - I'll try it later when I get home! Dave also told me about Pathways - it'll be good to meet new people. I always say I want to, but never really do anything about it.

There was just a false fire alarm at the library. People were confused because there were two contradicting announcements! We heard a noise that sounded as if someone had pulled the plug on something, which restarted a lot of the computers. Then a minute later, we heard the fire alarm. So everyone rushed to the stairs, but then it stopped. We all stood around in confusion, then decided to head back upstairs. Once we'd resettled ourselves at the computers, there was an announcement saying that there'd been a fire alarm, so we'd all have to gather outside until the coast was clear. Fair enough, except that some of us had logged out of the computers! So we went for the stairs again, only to be stopped by another announcement saying that it was a false fire alarm. Yikes, indeed! o_O

Edit at 1517: The false alarm just went off AGAIN. This time, nobody even stirred! EL SABROSO makes Salsita and Jalapenitos chips - I will try them at home! (same with the Pringles Select BOLD CRUNCH Jalapeno Ranch and Cheddar Jack flavors, and the Death Valley Chipotle kettle chips!)

Speaking of ice cream, I have just been reminded that Lucerne makes the Tiger flavor. I knew I should have asked that question yesterday, and gone to Safeway instead of Save-On today! Ugh... oh well. BAD timing, indeed! Maybe I'll do that when I'm done here, even if I do have to transport it by bus! (no cash here... or at least, not enough to justify other means of transportation :P)


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beijing Olympics and Chinese menus

I'm listening to a girl curse her boyfriend out via cellphone - oh my!

Just came across this in Slate. Reminds me of the translations in this entry, haha.

In preparation for this summer's Olympic Games, the Chinese government has recommended new English translations for more than 2,000 traditional Chinese dishes to appeal to Western tourists. The menu items in question include "bean curd made by a pockmarked woman," "ants climbing a tree," and "chicken without sexual life." Where did these unusual names come from?

Stories of a recipe's creation, its physical appearance, or a description of its ingredients. The same naming conventions are common in Western cuisine; the Chinese simply employ them more dramatically. The difficulties of direct translation contribute to the awkwardness.

"Bean curd made by a pockmarked woman," a combination of ground pork, tofu, and Sichuan chilies, is named for its legendary origin. In the most colorful version of the tale, a widow was forced to live on the outskirts of Chengdu on account of her dermatologic flaws. One evening, a pair of travelers who were caught in a rainstorm took shelter in her home. The dish she prepared for them was so delicious that her house became a regular stop for travelers to Chengdu. Other versions describe the woman as the wife of a restaurateur or a grandmother with a street-food stand.

"Ants climbing a tree" describes the classic Sichuan dish's appearance—the bits of minced pork clinging to bean thread noodles recall insects moving through a tree's branches. Similarly, a Huaiyang dish called "lion's head" comprises a large pork meatball stewed in a broth with cabbage and other vegetables. The meatball and cabbage appear as a lion's head and mane.

Even when the name of a dish simply describes the ingredients, the language is often much more vivid than a Western gourmand would expect. "Chicken without sexual life" (often translated as the far less awkward "virgin chicken") refers to a young bird weighing between 12 and 20 ounces. The French call it a "poussin;" in English, it's a "spring chicken." (The phrase "She's no spring chicken" appeared in the United States no later than 1906 to describe a woman past her prime.) The Chinese name makes explicit the chicken's raison d'être: It will be slaughtered for meat before it can lay eggs.

In fact, only a few of the 2,000 dishes on the government's translation list would raise a Western eyebrow. And Western fare has its own abstruse names. Hush puppies, or deep-fried cornbread batter, were used either by fisherman, Civil War soldiers, or runaway slaves to quiet barking dogs. In the English dish "toad-in-the-hole," sausages partially submerged in Yorkshire pudding resemble peeking amphibians. When Napoleon defeated the Austro-Hungarian army in Marengo, Italy, in 1800, his famished troops scavenged the town for ingredients. The fruits of their pillaging supposedly composed the original chicken Marengo.

Chinese cuisine does have more of these colorful names, but that may be a result of its focus on traditional dishes. Chinese-restaurant patrons don't need to be told the main ingredients for centuries-old specialties. In contrast, many Western restaurants formulate entirely new recipes, making explicit description more important. Some chic Asian eateries, however, do label modern recipes with pseudo-traditional metaphorical names. The Tung Lok Group, a Singapore-based chain, offers menu items such as "night is in the air" and "pillow talk."

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You are an important part of the computer!

Hey, Joyce added me to Facebook - sweet! It took me three tries, but I finally found a computer (MONTALE) which accepts online games... also very awesome to keep up on Scrabulous moves!

Quizzes all stolen from Janina:

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Murphy's Bauhaus epitomised a dark post-punk world. Suburban lost souls turned to the shadowy otherworld feel of the music that came from a mixture of flickering over-exposed '20s horror and glistening '80s sartorie. The single strobe lit live concerts, writhing with a feeling of going one step too far, capture a spirit that lives on quietly,even though the patent shine of the Shelley's shoes have long gone.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My mom to me, just now: "Let's make out together." Um... let's NOT! :(

Steph says that she was called "nidge" the other day - hahaha, I'm sure she loves our last name, particularly when others don't even bother to pronounce it!

Golden Ocean tonight for Dad's birthday - Mom says she'll pick up birthday cake, too. Should be good times! Also, she confused "tamarind" with "turmeric" while referring to some of the former which Vivian S. picked up from Mexico. Oh my. o_O

I've discovered that dungeons and space adventures don't work on my mom's computer. Too bad, since I have four of them to catch up on, plus my own! Every time I make a move, it boots me back to the first screen! But they do work on my dad's computer - AM SWITCHING COMPUTERS! :D

What type of dragon are you?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Interesting Greek Food

Well, maybe not. But at least it was a free dinner in Steveston, courtesy of Grandma! Shared a platter for two with my dad, and had lamb / Greek salad / rice pilaf from other people. Saw Auntie Christine and Uncle Reuben for the first time in ages; thank goodness the conversation was in Chinese, and they didn't ask me any questions! Yes, there are times when I feel like being quiet. :P (they talked about weddings, Jon, Harmony, Fellowship, Pastor Glen, cruises, church size, etc.) Now I'm going to go home!

I had to teach my mom how to pronounce "pomegranate" (NO idea what she meant when she first tried saying the word... :P) and "supremacy" today - she's hopeless when it comes to "souvlaki." "Supremacy" was in context of THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Thank goodness you can look that up on the Internet without dodgy sites being the first you see in the search results! (unlike "libido" / "debauchery" / "testicles")

EIGHTY requests from one freakin' Facebook application?! Time to block you, Lil Green Patch! I have nothing against global warming, but still. The number of applications on that site is mind-boggling! o_O

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

So that was my little brother's first sermon - AM PROUD! :P

Note to self: My tags page does NOT work in IE, and thus the "Manage Tags" page won't either. BOOURNS! :(

This morning, my brother was contemplating his first-ever sermon's notes. We discussed yesterday's hike - he seemed very amused that Auntie Bea (Jen's mom) was there. When Mom heard "Beatrice," she started wondering whether she were alive or dead! Since I'd just seen her yesterday, I said that she most certainly was alive - THEN we found out that she meant someone else! Dad referred to Maisie as "a lost spirit" - that seems to fit, given that she's had a history of such things. Eric and I didn't think she'd actually wander off while we were still in the car, though! Jon mentioned that Jeremy's in San Francisco - so THAT'S what Eric was talking about yesterday! Was going to talk to Karmie, but didn't... next time, maybe! (her daughter says they're going to Parksville for a family vacation once Pastor John gets back from Hong Kong - should be good times, then!)

Sat next to Raymond and talked to him about how Benjamin went yesterday, plus his finger healing - his splints look like metal and not wood, now! A bunch of us met Cindy's student Roy, heh. Jon's sermon went pretty well, so that was good. "The best piece of advice was given to me this morning by my mother, who said to repeat one thing over and over again so that the people who fall asleep will remember that one thing!" Hahaha, sounds like what Mom would say! Went to the back parking lot after saying hi to Joshua, Keenan, Grace's friends Jay and Christine, and a bunch more people. Jon and I signed up for the grad banquet at Trocadero's - YAY, NEIGHBORHOOD FOOD! We both nixed beef and chicken in favor of lamb, since it IS a Greek place! Talked for a while to Sonny (Tony's brother), who said that he liked my hat - the "Sunday look" is cool with me, haha. He's been eating out a lot with his dad and brother, since his mom has gone back to Hong Kong already. He's still a bit shy, but that's okay. Said hi to Hannah, who looked cute as usual with a ladybug bag! Paid Jon back, and also accosted Dylan to pay HIM back as well - good thing I can pay Grace back next week! (also talked to Auntie Catherine about Aberdeen, T&T, Chinese snacks, and other things)

Darren asked me how my boyfriend was, and said that Erin had gone back three weeks ago. Went to the toddler Sunday School after hearing Anita say that Frances' baby son Micah was busy exploring her baby girl Allison - not in that way, you perverts! Talked to Frances about Elaine's Hawaii wedding in September - I should get a card for that so Andrea can give it to Elaine, and include Steph's wishes on it. Auntie Fonda's daughter Vivian was helping, and it was good to catch up with her. It sucks that there's no maternity ward on the campus hospital, because what happens in an emergency if your co-worker is pregnant? Guess you gotta go across town to the general hospital - AIYOH! When I was outside talking to various people (Vanessa, Danielle, Jeremy K., Mike T., Emily, etc.), we all heard a loud CRACK! of glass. Everyone rushed to see what had happened: turns out Auntie Ruby had tripped on the two stairs leading to the staircase to the basement. Margaret K., Michelle C., and I all said that those stairs had been dangerous for YEARS!

Gave Ian L. a (Spongebob?) birthday card, which he thanked me for. Got to say hi to his brother Sean, and help him down the stairs. Their dad was using the shoehorns to prod them, which I found amusing. Went to Pho for lunch with my parents, where I said hi to Michelle / Ryan / Ethan / Joey / Mike K. / Joanna / Derek / Darren. Read a lot of THE LOST BOY while there, heh. My parents told their close friends to save a certain date next May - they certainly shall! Went to Langara to drop off thickener and oil, and Mei Lin kindly gave us some ice cream and lemonade. Attempted to freak Grandma out by putting coffee in our ice cream but she wouldn't give us a show. (when I said "videocamera," she thought I said "grandma" - "Grandma what?" NOTHING!) Turns out Jon was also in North Van (Deep Cove) yesterday, for a wedding gig - SWEET!

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Let's try not to wander off next time, hmm?

Eric called me at about 9:30 this morning, and reminded me to pack a lunch: sandwiches, yogurt, peanuts, bottled water, and pumpkin seeds it was! I brought some reading material (FOLLOWING FOO: THE ELECTRONIC ADVENTURES OF THE CHESTNUT MAN - twins!) along as well. We were both late in getting out of our respective abodes, and our timing wasn't helped by the fact that we had to pick up Maisie from the church, and then get lost on the way there! At least we discussed the usual crazy things on the way over! (such as DARK KNIGHT, my fault for everything, etc.)

When we finally got to the canyon (no Grand Boulevard!), Maisie wandered off without telling us where she was going - Eric and I hadn't even exited the car yet! So then we spent additional time looking for her and apprising Dylan of the situation. When she finally wandered up to us at the picnic area, we all went down again. Deb was kind enough to stay with me after I decided I'd had enough of hiking - no rails? You gotta be kidding me! Dylan later told me that I'd been very wise, since there was a very steep part later on in the path / trail that had no rails or anything. (and here I was afraid I'd get splinters!) Talked about Francine Rivers, Biblical characters, reading, phone calls, rudeness, quiet time, jackfruit chips, being in shape (so not me!), and other things before everyone else joined us for lunch. Dawn's boyfriend Eni said hi, so I talked to him for a while - Chuck is a big goofball, and lived up to that quite aptly, haha!

Eric and I left after I ate a sandwich with mayo, mustard, sub sauce, ham, and various veggies - we got to church just in time for worship practice. We saw Stanley pull in behind us, so I jokingly told his dad that he mustn't let his son drive ever again! Stanley: "Don't worry, things are all right - I didn't hit anything on the way over!" Well, I certainly hope not! While I was at the church, I decided to use the phone in order to call Teunis; I had to find out what was going on with this barbecue thing that Krista had mentioned. Thankfully, the time had been changed - good thing he could give me a ride! Going home, Eric thought I was going to contribute kegs to the party - I DON'T THINK SO, BUDDY! :P

Teunis picked me up at 6:30 (a break from my depressing visitor!), and we went to Steveston after stopping at Save-On Foods for some stuff. I got to meet a bunch of cool people (Robin / Vanessa / Erik), and watch SKY HIGH: superheroes to the rescue! Watched videos on Youtube, discussed geeky things, shared lightbulb jokes, had salmon / skewers / vanilla ice cream / berry pie / Ikea flavorings (linden berry?) / salad / ginger ale, and laughed a fair bit at various jokes. Thanks for the good time out!

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