Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eric, Amanda, stupid idiots, "funny" rage

Eric got on MSN to ask whether I was going tomorrow since he isn't going to the Super Skills competition, so I updated him on Amanda and a certain stupid idiot who's supposedly depressed. I'm sure Eric told him that he shouldn't require anything from me after he passed on that email, but I'm not going to contact him OR forgive him! I'm going to stay cold and safe, thanks! In the other IM window, I had James thinking my rage was FUNNY... *shakes head*


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Twinges, brunch, frozen pasta sauce, Kefka

Woke up because I noticed certain twinges; yup, redrum has made its appearance again. Good thing Eric and I aren't hanging out till next weekend... and I hope it'll be normal THIS TIME! Called Steph, who was having brunch with Karen Grace, Margaret, and Jessica - good times, I'm sure! I was going to have some pasta sauce with this Emma Foods gnocchi, but it was FROZEN SOLID from the fridge! Guess it'll be Frank's Red Hot sauce instead! (which I am aware isn't a good substitute, but it'll have to do) Listened to a crazy 4-3 Canucks win over the Sharks, too!

Kefka, trying to discourage the party at the final battle: ("Bleh! You people make me sick! You all sound like lines from a self-help book!")

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Garages, CBC All-Star Game, debacles, scheduling life

Tried calling Chinese Eric, but his mom said he was in the garage. He got on MSN a while later; said he'd been out having dinner and visiting his sick grandma. Says we can hang out next weekend at my place (CBC!), which is probably better for me! The All-Star Game on Sunday at 1 definitely sounds like a good idea! If he did send me an MSN message earlier, I didn't get it! *sad face*

I had to laugh when he thought I was playing too many online games, hahahaha. I updated him on everything in regards to the K debacle, of course. We discussed feelings, jerks, 1 PM games, East Coast scheduling, scheduling your life, staying home, the cold / icy weather not making us want to go out much, MissionsFest (so we get to hang out TWICE next weekend... YAYNESS!), my concern for him about eating, his being tired, and chatting later. I know I can count on him, for sure!

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Patrick / Patricia / JERSEY SHORE / Pest control and good timing

Patricia Q. sent me a Facebook event invitation to a JERSEY SHORE party - HA HA HA. So not my thing! I had to decline it without giving a reason - she doesn't want or need to know my opinion on reality TV in general, man! Seriously, fake tans / bling / stupid dumbasses are not my idea of a good time!

Hester came by with pest control before 3:30, which was good timing considering my weekly tradition starts at 4. Wouldn't want to miss even a bit of that, for sure. At least I got mouse traps, although Hester thinks that I had less furniture than before. I think that's called "annoying housemate moving out," if you ask me!

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Gau meeting his father

Gau meeting his crazy old man father, who refuses to recognize "the demon child I left on the Veldt" as his son:

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taco beef penne, Damien, recalcitrant zippers, online support, and fare evaders

Damien had the worst timing ever when he wanted to start a FB chat conversation right before I had to leave to meet Chrystal, but he understood! Good thing he was still on when I got home, heh. It was pretty cold outside, but Chrystal made it to London Drugs before me; I blame the recalcitrant zippers on my winter coat! We talked about ice, her sister Emily, awkward family situations, Chinese Eric, Facebook, Richmond's power outage yesterday (which Echo told me about!), white Eric, books, hockey, New Year's doings, movies such as DRIVE, Chinese Eric, Uncle Hansel and Auntie Cathy buttonholing Steph, and my life updates.

Also talked about my online support network (which IS a form of communication!), Harmony STILL not looking pregnant, Steph and Lisa, taco beef penne, Sicilian thin crust pizza, Chocolate Explosion dessert, Teunis cutting off contact, Korey, calling people names, and more. I didn't mind if she just wanted to go home after dinner, since it IS cold outside! Had to go to London Drugs anyway to get on-sale orange Fanta x2, Kleenex x6, and pink Excel White gum. On the bus home, the driver gave fare evaders a massive guilt trip referencing tax dollars and bus frequency - love it!

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Cactuar and Gigantuar in Maranda desert

Had a much-needed nap, then checked my mail: that awkward moment when you get mail for someone to whom you're not currently speaking (Teunis) reared its ugly head. I'll keep it for now, only because I would want the same done for me. Called Chrystal at work to see if she was still up for hanging out and dinner tonight; she is, and 6:30 instead of 7 should be okay! Since it's cold, I'll definitely be waiting inside the London Drugs! She's concerned that I wouldn't be fine in the weather... hey, as long as it isn't actually snowing, then I'm up for it!

A Cactuar (Ellen C.'s favorite!) in the desert by Maranda:

Here's a Gigantuar boss, after you fight ten of the little ones!

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Zone Eater inhaling my party!

Woke up at 7 AM again, but I guess I'll have to get used to it from time to time.

A Zone Eater inhaling my party so they can go to the dungeon in its belly:

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Amanda Morrow, assoholics, Malachi Race, Zozo

Someone named Amanda Morrow tried adding me to Facebook - I DON'T THINK SO! Especially after she sent me a message... all I had to read was "I don't know you, but I don't know why you don't love Korey as much as he loves you...." (the preview snippet) DELETED AND BLOCKED! I knew the assoholic jerk was being manipulative on New Year's, AGAIN. This will make great fodder for my weekly tradition on Friday, at least... Sarah G. also helped! Yes, I know he's sick and twisted - but he doesn't win in my life.

I tried calling Jon to see whether he and Harmony are free to possibly hang out with me and Chinese Eric on the weekend. He didn't answer, but at least I can tell Eric that I tried, haha! Also had a good time talking to James about names and such; I had to laugh for about five straight minutes when I thought "Malachi Race" was an actual name, as opposed to two separate names! Still wouldn't name my kids either of those, but it's so much funnier as one!

The denizens of Zozo are all liars!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow overnight / Emma Gnocchi / Spring vegetable soup

Replied to Mandy's email last night, as I usually do when I get them. Got up to find that it had snowed overnight, but it wasn't TOO bad. Since I needed to get toilet paper at London Drugs anyway, I decided to brave the cold weather because it wasn't actually snowing. Good thing the roads were mostly cleared, and there were footprints in the sidewalk which hadn't been. (HEY, IT'S IMPORTANT FOR ME AND MY CP, OKAY?! :P) Also got some Emma Foods gnocchi since I'd never tried it before (I hope it turns out?), on-sale Dan-D-Pak rice crackers, and some on-sale spring vegetable soup. Thank goodness I'm home now; tomorrow should still be okay for hanging out with Chrystal if it doesn't snow more overnight or something! (but getting home in the dark? YIKES!)

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THE WORLD IS SQUARE (Darill's Tomb) / Another 3-2 shootout loss / Chinese Eric

Listened to a 3-2 shootout loss to the Kings, but at least the Canucks get their first three-day break in two months after that game. *sigh* Called Chinese Eric briefly: we discussed his cousin possibly coming; MSN; his mom being non-committal about that; hangouts this weekend if it doesn't happen; his being busy; his calling Harmony my sister-in-law (which has never happened, but I know who he means); my not being able to talk properly (WORK IT OUT, BRAIN!); Nathan; and Jon. We also talked about time with his grandma; his calling me on Friday (I don't do skating, so I'm not going anywhere then!); the snow impeding his going out (same here - and I wouldn't want him to go out in the snow and such if he doesn't have to!); and how it was good to hear from me again. Hey, I keep up with my good friends when I can, and I did need that!

THE WORLD IS SQUARE, in Darill's Tomb:

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Melanie, Pizza Hut, Burning Buffalo Wings, and creamy chicken Alfredo

While James and I were talking on YM tonight, he brought up hot wings - since I then wanted some, I put that out on Facebook. Melanie said that now SHE wanted some (despite having some REALLY hot wings at Boston Pizza last night), so I told her to blame Randal, who had said something about a subconscious desire for hot wings on that status. Then Scott waded into it, saying that he always knew I was a closet Wings fan - NOT THAT KIND OF WINGS FAN, DUDE! HAHAHAHA! Ordered some Burning Hot Buffalo wings, breadsticks with cheese, and huge creamy chicken Alfredo from Pizza Hut; thank goodness they take debit!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Killed to death! / POO ON PEACE! / 1337 gil Litwor Chickens / Don / Wyvern

Angela S. described someone as being "killed to death" - HAHAHAHAHA, no really?! :P

Might do laundry later on, too...

You fight this guard / sergeant (one of 24 soldiers you talk to in a timed four-minute quest) on a Vector toilet after Emperor Gestahl wants "peace" with the Returners in FINAL FANTASY VI:

A leet amount of money from fighting a Don, a Wyvern, and two Litwor Chickens:

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Celes, Maria, opera, Setzer, gambling, good money timing, and a 4-2 loss

Did some banking, and discovered that the cheque last week came at the right time to deposit in my account, so I had enough money to pay my phone bill and be responsible... PHEW! The Canucks lost 4-2 to the Ducks tonight, as well.

Celes, upon learning she'll be a decoy for Maria at the Opera House:

Setzer the gambler, after being hustled with a double-headed coin aboard his airship the Blackjack:

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SNOW! / Brian, Stella, orchids, dreaming, and drug counselling

Had a dream where a whole bunch of people were gathering in the old church balcony: Auntie Ying was holding a girl grandchild (no idea why my subconscious thinks Micah should be a girl!), and Andrea and I were entertaining said baby. Steph was talking to our group for the first time since 2002 about emotional stuff, Billy and Stella had orchids everywhere, Eric M. was trying to get my attention from the back of the room, and Brian got fired because he forgot to show up for his drug counselling psychology job. WEIRD! Got up to find out that there was SNOW outside - guess I'm not going out! Vanessa got on MSN to confirm that I knew Wayne's last name... yup, it's also Snow!

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Natalie, Siobhan, bacon, stranded, Phantom Train, FIRE!

Natalie requested through a FB message that I stop tagging her in these video game screen shots - fair enough! Siobhan asked (also via FB message) what the difference was between Canadian and American bacon, and what we called it up here; I had almost no idea, so she'll ask Billie N. instead! Eric bugged me about his meeting tomorrow; well then, I'm not going if I know I'll get stranded! Of course, I told him about the "standing Sunday lunch invite," heh. Thank goodness he knows about the "two to three weeks" thing; BS is too religious for me! (yes, I *know* it's BIBLE STUDY and supposed to be so, but still)

A reference to BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD in FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE, right after Kefka sets fire to Castle Figaro:

The Phantom Train dining car:

Kefka, with timeless "battle wisdom":

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