Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yuck! Pretty teacarts getting baptized! HUNKER DOWN AGAINST BITCHES!

Bingos of the evening:

LAYOVERS (61 points) - against Ardy C.
MEGALOPS (64 points) - against Sara W.

High-scoring words of the evening:

YUCK (256 points) - against Cheryl-Ann C. [two 4W]
PRETTIED (152 points) - against Jaime C. [4W, 2W]
JUTTED (928 points) - against Shannon D. [two 4W, 5L on J]
ANORAK (198 points; 2W, two 3W), EMBAR (5W, 4L on B), FJORD (164 points; 4W, 3L on J) - against Ardy C.
TEACART (240 points) - against Michelle D. [4W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
SAW (120 points) - against Sylvia C. [two 4W - one used twice, hook off ACE for a plural]
BAPTISM (310 points) - against Julie D. [two 4W, hook off EXIT for a plural]

Decided not to stop in at White Spot; Angel invited me to the weekly chat, but I wasn't really feeling it. Went back a little later, and Steve said he could go to bat for me against Mariah (the bitch mod) - it is appreciated, but I really don't know! Then I indirectly explained "hunker down" to Jane, via Corey. Andrea wished me a happy belated birthday, which is lovely! It's been FORTY YEARS since Jimi Hendrix died, too. :(

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You want burgers for breakfast?! Wow!

Henry and I discussed school and other things on the way to church. When we got there, Jessica wished me a happy belated birthday as I interacted with Auntie Kam (Golden's not here!), her daughter Zoe, Sabrina (the police record check is too far - parking's a pain!), Cynthia (my sister used to be her Awana leader!), Chrystal, Victor x2, Connie and her son Christian (last names!), Hannah, Amanda, Eunice, Emily, Nina, Jinny (toy swords!), Ian M., Rosenda, Sonya, Anne, Harrison, Martin, and others. I formally met Jason's brother Daniel with a handshake, since last week had been kind of chaotic. Using the same reasoning, I finally told Elaine that I was sorry to hear about her mom dying of cancer. Chris said he hadn't eaten anything all day, so the barbecue preparations made him starve, of course! Eric T. (PEE JOKES!) gave out expired Fruitsations candy to the leaders only, while Sean talked to me about the barbecue food and what they were going to do with it.

On the way home, I discussed history / pioneers / math / division / multiplication / dragons / STARCRAFT with the boys. Ian said that ghosts were able to kill the police because the police only had half the AP (Ability Points) of the ghosts, even if they had a lot of attack power - hahaha, okay! They also talked about characters, burgers for breakfast (wow!), the hospital close to my house, being born in different cities, taking off clothing layers, water bottles, and more. John thinks I should start playing STARCRAFT, hahaha. Little does he know that my computer probably wouldn't be able to handle it! The radio was ON when I got home, which was surprising! Teresa says that she's at White Spot celebrating her daughter Evelyn's eighth birthday... unsure if I'll stop by, haha. Cindy also says that RANDAL is our new group leader... I guess we did discuss that during Thursday's Committee Meeting, and he sent us a formal email about that. Should be okay, I guess...

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Sourdough rising, tuba covers of Britney Spears while fire-dancing, and evolution

When Teunis got up, he thought he should start sleeping earlier - 5 AM to bed isn't really tenable over the long term, no! Haha. Discussed getting his code to work, making sourdough bread yesterday while I was out (I see the evidence on top of the fridge!), waiting for said bread to rise (maybe after gaming if it doesn't end at 4 AM), my offer of the last bagel NOT being taken away (his precautions), and gaming.

Someone sounded like they were horking in the hallway - I DON'T WANT TO KNOW, man! Also discussed silly videos (pi? / a fire-dancing group covering Britney Spears' Oops! I Did It Again! on tuba), the Blue Man Group, Youtube and copyright, Nate's "holy mofo" video, allergic reactions, sniffling, access to storage / fixing records, echinacea (numbing in its pure form), human evolution and adaptation, Tibetans / Peruvians, "coming out of the bathroom just to say stuff" (not really - CUTE?!), Robin's, Tori Amos / Nirvana / cover songs / SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT / Emilie Simon, and more. My sister has a picture up of an EPIC COOKING FAIL - yup, whatever it was is all burnt!

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Jessica, simmering down, seasonal trees, Jewish calendars

Jessica G. (hellsings_home) also wished me a happy birthday overnight, which is cool. My inbox has simmered down to its usual level of activity, haha. I'm NOT complaining, as it's great to have all these wishes! :D

You Are a Spring Tree

You believe in fresh starts, and you're constantly reinventing yourself.

You'd like to think that people can change, and you know it's dangerous to become too stuck in your ways.

Every so often, you try to branch out and do something new. You love to play and experiment.

The world is full of possibilities, and you embrace them fully. Life is all about growth.

Trivia fact for Saturday, Sept. 18: What year is it on the Jewish calendar? 5771.

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New York performance art, annoying Luna, Dave Wong, and lots of wishes

Got home, where Teunis showed me some New York performance art - hey, if you use what's around you for instruments and a sense of rhythm, that's admirable! I believe he said it was called STOMP... interesting clips, that's for sure! Also discussed inside jokes in comics, DRAGONBALL Z / anime / Evanescence's BRING ME TO LIFE / the Backstreet Boys, Monty Python, context, Krista, tonight, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Kaili, videos, fun, amusing Facebook birthday comments, and more. Noticed that Leigh (Luna Lily) unfriended me on FB, but that's okay since we really didn't interact much. Besides, she very recently developed a very annoying habit of signing her status updates. Um, hello? We can tell it's you by the name at the start of the update! If she hadn't done so first, I might have been so annoyed by such habits that I'd have unfriended her in a week's time.

Birthday wishes: Auntie Tracy (in person), Christon (in person), Jen (in person), David Ho, Dawn, Sabrina L., Darren L., George M., Noel, Sean O., Sonya, Dave Wong, Andrew L., Hilary, Ellen C., Alicia, Julie M., Karen Chan, and Dianne. It's so nice to have a lot of wishes (22.7% of my FB friends) for a good day!

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Trogdor, the Cheat, Senses Fail, wisdom, birthday bubble tea, and Johnny

When Eric picked me up, we talked about my being "drunk" / Mr. Creep / the bad news of the sun growing larger in seven billion years or so (as posited on the Discovery Channel show Into The Universe) / back pain caused by playing hockey / stuff in French (NOT MY MOTHER!) / how I could learn coding from Teunis (I don't think he'd appreciate me screwing it up!) / the Cheat / Trogdor / Long Island iced tea / what had happened to Jeremy / forgetting to take an alternate route to avoid the construction. He went up the stairs as opposed to into the elevator when we got into the parkade, which was perhaps indicative of how late we were when he had to announce Uncle Stephen! I had to laugh when his notes said "When Our Senses Fail," only because I know there's an emo (?) band by the name of Senses Fail, haha! (Jacob / Isaac / Esau) Got a row of seats to myself in the chapel, which was pretty good.

After the talk and limited discussion, I saw Vania's mom come in, so talked to her for a while. Auntie Tracy had some interesting things to say about wisdom, looking young, feeling old, birthdays, Vania's grandpa spending his 90th birthday yesterday in the hospital (no cake or anything to eat for two days because of surgery!), love, and more. After a while, I went over to talk to Jen about bubble tea / birthdays / our weeks. Randal noticed my standing up, and wondered if I'd like to sit in his seat instead! Well, I asked him where HE would sit, to which he claimed that he didn't mind standing. Since that was nice of him, I thanked him as I sat down.

Jen, Dianne, Randal, Wesley, and I talked about old people auditing UBC classes / the mobility issues among the seniors that Randal volunteers with / spiders and worse in showers (COCKROACHES?! EWWWWW!) / India / bubble tea / my birthday celebrations. Cindy, Wesley, Dianne, Eric, Vivian, Carmen, Vania, Christon, Jen, Randal, and I went to a place called Tea Team near Metrotown later on. Had an interesting discussion about fellowship, Halloween / trick-or-treating, welcoming newcomers (as long as they're the right kind of people!), wanting different perspectives (I ignored Vania when she said that Mr. Creep talked all the time), what happened to Jeremy on Wednesday, Christon logging into Facebook and seeing all these birthday wishes yesterday for me (timezones - NOT belated!), BIG bowls of noodles being worth it, the ramen place on Rupert / 22nd (Sunday?), Uncle Edwin being really different on an Asia trip, insurance, and boring repetitive stories.

We also discussed Johnny possibly changing churches because of multiple issues (strip him of the Committee duties if he's so non-communicative!), Fellowship Committee Meetings, lunch, the AGM on Oct. 17, Sheena / Chalaine / Karen Lew / Anita / Martin / small group, the church carnival in June, busy lives, Sunday School, counseling the Timothy Fellowship, Priscilla / Joyce / gender disparity, Surrey, sermons, the Night Market, and other stuff. Jen will move back in with her mom; that is very understandable! Eric tried talking to me in French on the way home again; we also discussed my sister working, the MAN at my place, kids playing STARCRAFT, sound on Sunday, his overseeing the hockey pool this year, Uncle Hansel, new people, and more. When he broke into the DARKWING DUCK theme song ("I'm treating you in a special way because it's your birthday!"), he also asked if he'd communicated with me lately - I said no. Little did I know that Dave Wong had actually wished me a happy birthday via FB wall post...

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Unfair footing, shellfish, reducing wild mushrooms, bittorrent, and Sarah Rowlett

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

UNFAIR (160 points) - against Elizabeth S. [two 4W]
EMYDE (117 points) - against Elizabeth S. [two 3W] {different game}
FOOTING (468 points) - against Helga S. [two 2W, two 3W]
SHOO (244 points) - against Allie D. [2W used twice, 5W, 3W, hook off TONE to make ES]

Teunis and I discussed Victor Borge, oysters not tasting good to him, shellfish (prawns / scallops, etc.) being toxic to him, halal rules of eating, Chinese treats of banana cake with red bean, not eating pork as a rule, fish being awesome for him, mushrooms (which I had with yesterday's leftover rice), bowls, reducing mushrooms (I still remember Christon's doing that with wild ones at Jeremy's!), noodles, kimchi, stomachaches, Rhiannon, problems with a block of his code used for drawing pictures, using the server to find bittorrent users, and more. The whole seafood discussion reminds me of Eric telling me last night that tuna is chicken of the sea, haha. And he just called to say he's leaving now - EXCELLENT! :D

More birthday wishes: Ryan (eyeheartnewlife), ONTD stuff, Sarah Rowlett, Candy B. (xxcandypantsxx), Michael M., and Natalie H.

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Sabrina, Vanessa x2, Kaitlin, Myles, Dilys, Benedict, and funny booze statuses

YAY FOR ALL THE LOVELY BIRTHDAY WISHES! Vanessa H. said "happy birthday" via MSN, which I wasn't really expecting! There was also one here in LJ News, also unexpected! Of course, I wasn't expecting the FB message from the real Vanessa C. either, haha! I was expecting the messages from Rock 101 and OK Cupid, though. Elissa, Kelly L., and Steve B. added to the Our Place birthday thread. Sara (thegirlsheriff), Shelley, Jasmine (surrey_sucks), Kathy, Kaitlin (deformed_foetus), Karla, Alice, Jennifer A., Janina (mrshannibal), Becky, Mikaela (embryo_girl), Maxine, Michelle W., Itamar, Flora, Diane, Dilys, Myles, Charlotte (charshark), Denise, Marilynn (headless_maids), Steph, Rosenda, Leslie (sexnseafoam / purpleishboots), Sabrina C., Mary, Adam, and Nina all left me FB wall posts! This already surpasses my total from last year, haha.

Teunis and I discussed Pope Benedict's frightening appearance, mushrooms, the Australian Catholic church banning modern music from funerals, storage fees, file-sharing, 100 Mile House, and more. When I saw Alysha's "I NEED BOOZE - FEED ME ALCOHOL!" status, I had to laugh! If I posted that on mine and Eric saw it, he'd think that was sufficient "proof" that I do INDEED drink a lot before church functions!

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Sean O. being a bank with dollar coins and bills (dream) / Steph / Paint

I had a vague dream about Billie, her friend Sean O., grabbing $50 and $20 bills from their backs, taking loonies and toonies by the same method since Sean was getting mad that we never paid him for stuff, and my sister complaining about being a bank. No idea why I had that one! Speaking of my sister, she just called to wish me a happy birthday. She says Jeremy FORGOT his jacket (with keys and such!) at the townhouse on Wednesday, but didn't realize it till she'd driven him and Nathan home! So the poor guy had to take the Canada Line and arrange a meet-up with Dad!

I bet he was TIRED after that... I'll have to ask him what time he got home! She's working tonight, but promises me 34 butt-slaps in front of everyone on Sunday - yikes! Yes, people, we have a strange family! Also discussed Robin, Teunis living a life of adventure, South Surrey being WAY closer than up north (especially in terms of travel time when you need someone physically there!), it being better on Wednesday with people there, Jeremy's Labor Day sale at the furniture warehouse, and other things. Interesting stuff!

You Are Deep

You try to observe the world rather than judge it. You feel like you are here to learn.

You see every side to people. You know that things are complicated and nuanced.

You have trouble getting along with people who are flippant or silly. You crave substance.

You connect best with philosophical, thoughtful types. Your friends care about ideas.

After last night's conversation, I'd say this mostly sounds like me! But... *looks over at person on couch* I like SOME silliness! You can't be serious ALL the time!

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Gotta love these late-night talks about anything and everything!

Teunis and I stayed up late talking about personal things, perception, expectations, the past, terrorists, the Koran, communication, health, Jordan, mold, allergic reactions, Mr. Creep, unsafe people, stories, foggy heads, filters, respect, friendliness, information, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was quite an interesting conversation, and I hope I listened well enough for him to be comfortable! When I got back to the computer, I found that Quizopolis / Citrus / Vicky S. / Jess had left me birthday wishes... how nice! Of course, Corey had recommended strippers and booze: "I'm sure they'll come at 4 AM!" This only served to remind me that Eric had asked about the egg liqueur - none of that here this time, man!

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Interesting compliments, pants in space, mold, Veronica, and animals

Teunis got home at about 10:40, showed me a cute delicate hedgehog made of marzipan and chocolate (from the Granville Island fudge place), said that the weather was variable, and was generally exhausted. Hey, making an old lady happy is good! He told someone on Skype that I'm a good wonderful awesome person, hahaha. Nice! Once he was off the phone, we discussed phone calls / Jelly Belly candy / Nate's science parody book / Saturday gaming night / Facebook statuses and news feeds / Robin / Jordan and mold in lungs / health / New York Public Library and glowing phosphorescent books / Eric / homicide / suicide / black mold being very toxic (like, HAZMAT SUIT toxic!) / thinking clearly / code / drugs.

Also talked about some group which Rhiannon invited him to: WHITE ASS, indeed! I asked what he thought of my RAW EDGE pants, but he was reading some comic entitled "Jesus Monkey Pants in Space" - says Robin will laugh, though! (his sister's comic) Discussed LIKING stuff on Facebook and whether I'd see it (perhaps), Cirque Du Soleil and the Beatles, Youtube, computer crashes, dog soup, and more weird stuff. Danielle, Chrissy (argh4itchytasty) Alan, Kevin G., Billie (sianparis), Veronica, Phillip, Quan, Teunis, Karen Lew, Lucas, and Vania left me birthday wishes - nice! Julie H., Subena, and Candy also added stuff to the Our Place birthday thread.

Trivia fact for Friday, Sept. 17: When it comes to animals... what are the addax, bongo, puku, and lizard? Antelopes.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

He'll be in the MIDDLE of a CATEGORY 2 HURRICANE?!


[22:15:15] Corey: what's that?
[22:36:38] Corey: from where? I don't think you ever told me he was somewhere else
[22:38:50] Flami: Hong Kong
[22:40:51] Corey: so he'll only barely die from the typhoon that's about to go directly across Taiwan. it'll slow down while it's killing us here :P
[22:41:42] Corey: Jane says I shouldn't worry about that, but I haven't been in the middle of a Category 2 hurricane before, and I'm not really thrilled about it
[22:42:30] Flami: WHAT?!!!!!!! did she tell you that a hurricane was a risk factor BEFORE you came over there?!
[22:44:10] Corey: earthquakes, too! :P the Earth likes some places a lot better than others... like Colorado, where we don't have any natural disasters except for the occasional avalanche, but that'll kill an unfortunate hiker or something, not a city / country
[22:45:03] Corey: Tropical Storm Risk... click on the storm in Asia a couple times, and it'll zoom in, and you can track our destruction :P
[22:45:42] Corey: it was originally heading more north toward Okinawa, and I said "I bet it'll change and come kill us or something", then, the next day.... it did!
[22:46:02] Corey: it should hit at about Monday, when I have classes
[22:48:28] Flami: FANAPI?! What kind of name is that?
[22:49:55] Flami: doesn't look good
[23:01:09] Corey: so Hong Kong will just get the edge of it, and die a little
[23:01:27] Flami: looks like it

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Eric picked me up, and then ceased to talk to me. Instead, he tried communicating to me through gestures. I'm not sure how well that worked, because I kept on making these very wild guesses! ("It's 'Eric is being a poo' day! You're trying to predict my death by drowning? You killed off all your SIMS characters?! You did speed in the rain?! Did my mother enjoin you to keep quiet?!") At the church door, he told me to THINK SMALL - I don't really think I need to know something crazy, haha! We talked to Kevin, Jen, and Pastor John about planning / the games night which didn't go too well (competitiveness) / gift certificates / Martin / Albert / Connie / Raymond / Randal / Calla / Wesley / SERVANTS and Jon / Cindy and stress / Dylan being sick / Deb / Jen going to Hong Kong because her 41-year-old cousin died from a collapse / other things.

On the way home, Eric broke his "vow of silence" to say that he was trying to say that the speedbumps at my place had been painted! Discussed Teunis, communication, last night, tomorrow night, my being "drunk," mind-reading, #4 / Alderbridge, pneumonia, Raymond wearing purple a lot lately, Mr. Creep NOT ruining my birthday weekend, and other things. When I got home, I found that the Baby's Named A Bad Bad Thing forum / Julie S. (julie709) / Candy B. (Phoenix) / the Crime Library message board had all left birthday wishes for me! Teunis isn't home yet, but that's okay since he has spare keys!

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Bravely being near Joey's seat, CHINESE ERIC, Wrathchild, and Danielle

Interesting rack of the afternoon:

NEARSEAT (against Julie M.; read this as "near seat")

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

JOEYS (156 points) - against Kimberly S. [4W, hook off SOFA for a plural]
BRAVES (368 points) - against Anne M. [two 4W, 3L on B]

Steve L. (wrathchild) also left me a birthday wish on my wall... Adelaide is certainly a different timezone, too! Says he's going out tonight to help a friend celebrate a similar occasion, so he'll be thinking of me. Sounds good to me, haha! The Ubuntu Forums have also wished me a happy birthday "today" - interesting time zone difference, haha. Danielle left me a wall post to say she's sorry she couldn't make it out last night - that's okay!

Carol B. has started a birthday thread over at Our Place, and Debbie has responded to it. Chinese Eric got on MSN to say hi and wish me a happy one, too - "you're just wiser! hahaha!" Says he MAY be headed HOME in May or June at the earliest (with Gena) since his heart is still in Canada. TIED FOR BEST PRESENT EVER, with Teunis being around again of course! Also discussed his missing hockey, Nathan, my being a good friend, building his empire in Canada, seeing his family and good friends whom he misses, saying hi to everyone for him, and other stuff.

I also got a virtual gift from LiveJournal. The attached message reads: "I hear it's time to celebrate your big day with some double-stuffed Oreo cookies and milk. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and may all your wishes come true! Love always, Frank." That won't make me forget about the Facebook and Twitter privacy BS, but it is cute!

Seems I posted this entry and ate something just in time. White Eric called to say he's on his way for the Committee Meeting tonight - he sounds like a blood-sucking vampire, haha!

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The start of birthday wishes with timezones, farming, and iPods

The birthday wishes have already started: Marie left me a status comment saying Happy Birthday, and Mike B. said that he'd forgotten we were so close in terms of birthdays... yup, only two days apart! Of course, that may only be a day and a half apart due to the timezone difference (he's in New Zealand), but still. Chantelle (shanterusan) also left me a wall post, which makes sense since she's in Queensland with the time difference!

Before Teunis left to go spend some time with Alysha's soon-to-be mother-in-law (whom I always want to call her mom for some reason!), we discussed the HST and its BAD effect on Fort St. John: he lost his computer job, a local politician retired because more people voted against the HST than voted FOR him (or at all?), and all the businesses jumped ship and moved to Alberta! A sizable percentage of BC supplies are or were produced there, apparently! Also talked about farming, agriculture, Safeway / Superstore / Save-On Foods / T&T and local farming, North America starving because of "quantity over quality" (Wal-Mart), inheriting allergies and sensitivities from our parents / ancestors (lactose intolerance / soy and oats sensitivity / World War II), Disturbed making a good alarm, email cancellation of tomorrow's appointment, the money snafu at the storage locker place (processing charges two months ahead of the expected time for such things is NOT GOOD), CBC ideas, surviving last night, and other things. He apologized for the rambling, but I don't mind - it's INTERESTING stuff, like Jeremy and unlike certain others! Found out that Jono unfriended me on Facebook, but it's okay as we didn't interact much even in Scrabulous or Wordscraper!

You Are iPod nano

You are a modern person, and you find new technologies to be fascinating.

You are artistic and colorful. You love finding new ways to express yourself.

You love music, but you are a visual person as well. You can find an album cover as inspiring as a song.

You are very influential. Your friends tend to like bands you listen to, and you always like to show them your latest discovery.

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Rice, Alice Cooper, stories, Cirque du Soleil precision, and Yahtzee

When Teunis and I got home, we spent some time discussing the dinner and dessert. I offered him a bunch of rice for later use, and he didn't seem to mind taking it. Talked about the MUPPET SHOW, exes, birthday celebrations, SESAME STREET, Robin, "bad" stories, videos from a moon, Friday plans, R.E.M. / SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE, "quiet and cheerful" Cirque Du Soleil (respect for costumes / timing and precision on the musicians' part as well as the performers' part / clothes / clowns / juggling (balls / knives / fire / broadswords?) / mockery / Lady Gaga and Isabel's opinion of the visual effects), Jim Henson (Guinea!) and respect for reaching people, racism, learning, and more. Also discussed Google / Youtube / Eiffel 65 / Iron Maiden, TRUE punk music, Kate Bush / influence / musical experiments and styles / Peter Gabriel, Martha Stewart / the Cookie Monster, cool coding, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, running, pacing, history, neat facts about metal, castles, testosterone, beats, my somehow accidentally kicking the power supply / router which is as far back from me as you can get without hitting the wall, Man o' War, Metallica's WHISKEY IN THE JAR, and more.

Trivia fact for Thursday, Sept. 16: What was the original name of the popular dice game Yahtzee? The Yacht Game. It was invented by a Canadian couple who played it with guests aboard their yacht. In 1956, they asked toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe (who had developed Bingo) to manufacture copies to give as gifts for their friends. Lowe convinced them to sell him the rights to the game. The price - one thousand copies of the game.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hockey sticks, having my hypothesis proved RIGHT, MEMBERS, and random books

Eric picked us up pretty much on time, and we were off to SportsChek to look at a bunch of hockey sticks which were on sale. After he selected two plus some hockey tape (I saw some "Sex Wax"), we went to the Pho place. Saw Jeremy reading an accounting book on a bench outside, so got a story from him about how he'd rearranged his class sections / homework to go to this dinner - NICE! When Nathan entered the restaurant, he said Danielle had told him around midnight that she couldn't make it since something else had come up. We were talking about interesting things (the combos!) when my parents and grandma showed up, quickly followed by my sister. Thank goodness my parents didn't ask Teunis any "interesting" questions since I guess it was evident that he already knew everyone else at the table! (I agree with what he said later about my mom's behavior being BETTER) Talked about FRINGE, hockey, the Grouse Grind, interesting stories, new cameras with video recorders, money, Nathan leaving again on Sunday for the UK / coming back for Christmas, attempted taunting, Fort St. John, bar fights, cops, SCA stuff, Jordan, Robin, glutinous rice balls, flour, dumplings, drums, good subs, salad rolls, spring rolls, "sallad / appertizers / COCK / desert," soda with egg (Nate's favorite), durian, and more. It was pretty funny when Jeremy referred Steph to WANG ON BLINDS for her furniture / household needs, HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, we are twelve years old. :P

After making money / ride arrangements (of course I thanked Grandma!), we were off to the townhouse. (discussing UBC underwater hockey, Andrew's ex-wife who threw things at him, Teresa, tomorrow, and other stuff on the way) My previous hypothesis in terms of FAKE seemed to hold true, thank goodness. Talked about mooncake, the MUPPET SHOW, "Wakka-Wakka!" and Fozzie Bear, handbags, accents, more funny / interesting stories, Robert / Alicia / Kaili / Krista / being sweet, money, poor Grandma's panic attack when Mom and Dad took her to see the hospice (and its cost), Italy, Jon and Harmony / dessert / chocolate, Rachel Ray, Mom cooking a lot for Steph's party on Sunday, hot cops, RED DWARF, TWO FAT LADIES, cooking, and more. At least things seemed all right, haha. Apparently, Grandma was protesting my brother's absence by staying upstairs even though his friends were there! I took a pill up to her and said to remember to take it, heh. On the way home, we made MEMBER jokes / "strap-on" and "snap-off" jokes (my "snap-off sounds PAINFUL!" got a ton of laughs!) - it was a fun discussion. :D

TOTAL HAUL: Eric gave me a $25 Chapters gift card (I'll probably use it on THE EXILE); Grandma gave me $20; Mom and Dad gave me Cherry Berry Splash Icebreaker Sours, cheese twists, cheese chips, Cheese Nips, Frosted Cherry Toast 'Em Popups, whole smoked oysters in teriyaki sauce, pink salmon, light tuna, browned beans, fruit cocktail, two packages of miso, jalapeno cheese slices, a journal, coffee mug, pink pants, a leaf candle (promptly given indirectly to Kaili), Honey Nut Scooters (cereal), seaweed, fruit-flavored Mike & Ikes, four packages of Doublemint gum (to the kids!), Pho dinner, dessert with blueberry cheesecake / dragonfruit / biscotti / watermelon / coffee; and Nathan gave me This Book Warps Space and Time: Selections from The Journal of Irreproducible Results (Norman Sperling) / The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment (A.J. Jacobs) - pretty good for the most part!

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Vodka, quays, enjoyment of distortion, Therion, autism, maggots, and hockey sticks

High-scoring words of the late afternoon:

VODKA (272 points) - against Eric G. [4W, two 2W] {he played "CAKE" before this, so "mmm... vodka cake..." was what he said on his next turn!}
MAINTOP (140 points) - against Susan W. [5W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
QUAYSIDE (264 points) - against Angela V. [3W, 4W]

It's good that Teunis is enjoying himself with the distorted guitar and fiddle / silly music experiment - having FUN is a good thing! No need to apologize for that! Even if SCOTLAND THE BRAVE is out of time, he did post the mp3 to Facebook! We also discussed tonight's arrangements; I did ask Eric for a ride when I was over at his house on Sunday, and I highly doubt my mother puts tomatoes and peppers in her desserts! Of course, it's wise to be cautious about such things, even if Pho is awesome for him! Apparently, he also knows someone in New York who lives in a house with five moms / three dads / two kids. Not quite sure how that works, but okay then... o_O

Talked about psychiatrists, Therion, routers, my computer volume being DOWN inexplicably, interesting songs, his drums being right about the rainy weather, power bars, changing before dinner, notepads, the Muppets, Harry Belafonte, rice, code / programming / screensavers / laptops having internal monitors, and more. Also discussed his uncle and CROCODILE DUNDEE, Scott / Alicia / friendship / brothers / his mom / taking Scott's mom out for the day tomorrow (egg colors / violent chickens), Robin / autism and social cues (Sean and Gwyneth are the same), my Committee Meeting tomorrow, McDonalds and maggots in burgers, Kevin as a health inspector, and more. Might as well be courteous with the plans thing!

Thank goodness for the "Undo discard" in Gmail, since I pressed the wrong button when I meant to save it! Oh man, it would NOT have been pretty if I hadn't clued in! Eric called just now to say that he has to pick up some hockey sticks at SportsChek ahead of time, and surprisingly didn't call me on "turning plural," haha! Of course, I was very amused when he told me this, and he asked whether I was okay. What do I say EVERY TIME he asks me this question?! Silly boy... :D

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Holy Taoism, whiskey, RED PANDA, bagels, Risk, GOOD OMENS, and Josh

High-scoring words of the early afternoon:

BOWFINS (472 points) - against Callie S. [two 5W, hook off MILE to make SMILE]
HOLIEST (120 points) - against Kelly R. [4W]
TAO (154 points) - against Katy H. [4W used twice, two 2W both used twice, hook off MIGRATE to make TI / AG / OR] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ROBALOS (108 points) - against Lisa K. [3W, 2W]

Teunis and I discussed weird dreams, reactions, Robin, Cat, Brandy, sleeping in, the WHISKEY GALORE stuff being found and still drinkable (ocean making a great refrigerator!), and Finland banning underage tanning bed use / lowering blood-alcohol level. Also discussed GOOD OMENS / Neil Gaiman / Terry Pratchett / Jareth / comics / Risk / supernatural stuff, bagels, coffee, CROWLEY, recipes, glutinous rice flour, Nathan and butchered versions of his name, 62 episodes of THE RED PANDA radio show, silly experiments with the electronic pickup now that it's daytime, and more. Josh (joshua_e / aint_no_nothin) surprisingly messaged me on AIM - it's been a LONG time!

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Possible restarts and grilled cheese sandwiches

If I didn't know better, I'd swear this thing restarted overnight! No wonder I didn't hear any Trillian Astra sound effects! I think I'm losing it!

You Are Welcoming

You have a mysterious personality. It's hard for people to fully understand where you're coming from.

You are always looking to add a little more sophistication to your life. You get bored if things aren't complex enough for you.

People can count on you to be true to who you are. You don't change, and that's a good thing.

People don't realize that you're much more old-fashioned than you seem. Values are important to you.

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Awarding quarters, experimental pickup music, stealing classes, Oscars

High-scoring words of the night:

QUARTE (450 points) - against Kate E. [two 5W]
GAWPED (100 points) - against Sandra K. [4W, 3L on W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
AWARDING (664 points) - against Angela V. [3W, two 4W]

Teunis and I discussed fun musical software toys, anime, butter, pacing, Metallica on guitar, George Washington, pickups, violins / fiddles, experimental music, tea, mold, depression, thinking, hunger, noise, Alicia figuring out cryptic messages, boiling water, TWO FAT LADIES and cooking, RED DWARF, Cirque de Soleil, dragons, lions, WHISKEY GALORE, clips, being vague, Surrey / Richmond, and more. Interesting times once again!

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[22:03:33] Flami: hope the class hires you.
[22:04:50] Corey: they already did, I'm just there to see what it's like before I start
[22:05:05] Corey: that's the weird thing about this place... I didn't do a demo, and I didn't watch classes, and they really never even saw or talked to me before hiring me...
[22:09:42] Flami: so how did they hear about you before hiring you? other than you or Jane telling them...
[22:14:08] Corey: well, I was apparently recommended by a member of the family that owns the whole chain (friend of Jane's friend)
[22:15:34] Corey: we tried there in March, with the same recommendation, and didn't get anywhere. that got us an instant interview there, but then they said they had to send everything to Taipei to get approval from the head office, and we never heard back. this time, Jane just called the head office directly and talked with them :P so they were already interested
[22:15:56] Corey: then Jane got her friend's friend to put in a good word again, and I think that must have helped this time, since we were dealing with the right people from the start
[22:16:38] Flami: hey, that's pretty good then!
[22:20:02] Corey: yeah, I hope so :P the teacher I met last night was friendly, but the staff there didn't seem to want to have much to do with me... I don't know if they just don't speak English much, or if they don't really like me
[22:21:01] Corey: when Jane talks to them, they say stuff like "oh well, we can give you more information after we find out which classes they'll take away from other teachers to give to Corey..." like I'm going in there to steal everyone's work or something... but if we ask the main office in Taipei about that, it's "no, we're not taking anything from other teachers"
[22:24:28] Flami: you're not going in there to steal everyone's classes away!
[22:25:38] Corey: well, presumably they just need a new teacher so they're hiring one.... so I wouldn't think I'm stealing classes :P supposedly like two teachers are leaving, so I'll get a bunch of classes
[22:29:02] Flami: there you go, then
[22:34:47] Corey: well, maybe they are taking classes away from someone. it's not like people here will tell you the truth about anything, so I don't know. I figure that's not my problem... I'm not actively telling them to get rid of anyone for me
[22:42:54] Flami: that's true...
[23:03:26] Corey: but it's kind of strange... the people that work there almost never really talk to me or anything
[23:04:37] Flami: maybe they were told not to talk to the foreign teachers?
[23:06:40] Corey: I don't think so... I think only one of them can really speak English. I don't really understand why so many people here spend so much time learning English, they're all terrified of USING it
[23:07:15] Corey: in the class last night, there was a girl who had pretty decent English who said she went to Australia, but she didn't really ever speak English there because she was too nervous to try
[23:07:39] Corey: so learn English for years, go to a foreign country, don't use it.... well, that made lots of sense, didn't it? :P
[23:09:05] Flami: you said it yourself... they're afraid of making mistakes for some reason (years of conditioning?)
[23:13:34] Corey: because Chinese people are crazy, basically. If you make a mistake, it's a horrible offense and you're going to be yelled at and called an idiot... even if you're just learning it... so they spend just an insane amount of time studying things, then they're afraid to do anything because they might not be perfect, and mean people might yell at them
[23:13:56] Corey: it's like a whole society of abused scared people
[23:14:34] Flami: definitely sounds like what my mother thinks :P
[23:22:42] Corey: in the end you shouldn't make a lot of mistakes, but if you're just learning something, of course you'll make mistakes... that's how you learn things...
[23:23:38] Flami: I know that, and you know that...
[23:23:53] Corey: I had a psychology teacher that liked to ask the class tons of questions, because he hoped a lot of us would get them wrong, not to force us to study a lot for the class. if you get something wrong, you don't usually like that, and the right answer is pretty much burned into your memory because you don't want to repeat your mistake, so do it in class and learn it easily :P

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Sept. 15: What actor has won three Oscars - all of them for films for which his leading lady won Best Actress honors? Jack Nicholson. He won Best Actor for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in 1976, when Louise Fletcher won Best Actress; he won Best Supporting Actor for Terms of Endearment in 1984, when Shirley MacLaine won Best Actress; and he won Best Actor for As Good As It Gets in 1998, when Helen Hunt won Best Actress.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ranking the impure in galoshes / NINETY for 90! / Teunis and garlic

High-scoring words of the evening:

RANK (144 points) - against Annette E. [two 4W]
IMPURE (180 points) - against Andrea R. [5W, 3W]
AILERON (200 points) - against Serena B. [two 5W]
GALOSHE (196 points) - against Myrna W.-M. [3W, 4W]

I played the word NINETY for 90 points - gotta love those quirky coincidences! :D

Teunis got here at 8:40, just when I was dividing the poppyseed bagels into two bowls. Discussed slightly less efficient packing / hauling methods, banking and storage / selling things in the locker, keys, instruments, health, thinking more clearly, mold, Rhiannon, Robin, chairs, his accidentally restarting my computer, and beds. Also talked about garlic, emails and servers, mushrooms at T&T, sharing, an artsy German-Japanese movie called ENLIGHTENMENT GUARANTEED which Jon would like, food, tomorrow night (I did thank him for coming out - he said I was good company!), video cards, accounts, Alice Cooper's silliness, info, EI, scones, microphones, laptops, building a desk, my mother's knowledge of food, the Cheesecake Café, sticky rice balls, telling the imminent weather by the tone of the drums, and more.

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Angels and rosaries on the sofabed, plus believing hairdos! / Teunis here soon

Bingo of the afternoon:

ROSARIES (316 points) - against Julie D.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

HAIRDO (220 points) - against Lee U. [5W, 2W]
ROSARIES (316 points) - against Julie D. [two 4W, hook off HOOT to make SHOOT]
ANGEL (150 points) - against Lorelei M. [two 5W]
LIEVE (144 points) - against Rebecca H.-F. [two 4W]
SOFABED (158 points) - against Jamie H. [5W, 5L on B]

Teunis got online to ask whether tonight or tomorrow would be better for coming over... I picked tonight since it was what we'd originally agreed on (I don't have a problem with that), and hauling crap takes time, which we might better use for relaxing before THE DINNER OF DOOM tomorrow! When he said he'd be here later and then specified before 8 PM, I had to laugh because that is NOT late at all! (I know he said "later" and not "late," but STILL! :P) There was the time when Jon and Dallas dropped off a bunch of stuff at about 1:30 AM, when I thought they might not be coming an hour before! I had received a phone call at about 12:30... "Hey, Sarne! We're coming now if you're still up!" Hahahaha, OF COURSE! Teunis said something about stuffed mushrooms and storage billing... yeah, I'm sure they don't keep well AND that it gets complicated! YAY! At least this time around, he doesn't have to wait till 3 or 4 AM to cook stuff because of the hot weather!

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Phillip / Corey / Robin, red hair, and gardening / Cappuccino or Frappuccino?

I was woken up at 9:20 this morning by a new message; since I thought it might be Teunis, I went to the computer to check. The message window had disappeared, but I clicked on Corey's name: it was him instead, saying that he'd had to watch a class last night, and it seemed to have gone well. Someone had also apparently sent me a Facebook chat message, but THAT window had also disappeared! Phillip had told me a few days ago that I was on FB every time HE was, hahaha. Turned out to be him again, saying that he was sorry he didn't have a cure or solution for my being on FB too much (ADDICTION!), haha. Since he shorted my name to "Les," I felt free to do the same back to him as in "Phil." Well, at least it isn't like that perfidious blackguard Raymond back in May 2009 saying we had to pray about my FB usage, and that he was also blocking me! (I can tell Phillip has a humorous intent) Now Phillip's asking why I'm so quiet... "because the truth hurts?" NO, IT'S BECAUSE I AM BUSILY MULTITASKING AS USUAL! Ugh, these people... :(

Went back to sleep and had a vague dream of my helping to water these wilting pea shoots and other things in a garden; Robin also helped me with transporting bricks, then we effected the transformation of a drab red-haired brother and sister into a good-looking pair of thespians! At the end, they looked a LOT better and knew what (not) to say about various things! They had a lot of natural confidence, and that brought out their resemblance to others with red hair and green eyes - yes, like Anne of Green Gables!

There were also warm fleece vests in a variety of bright colors (red / yellow / blue / green) on sale at a local mall, and products designed to protect your elbow should it ever get bumped! You could also have your LJ name on everything from pen lids to Post-It notes to almost anything else you could think of! No real idea why I had this one, unless it's from seeing Kaili (who has red hair) sign in and out of Facebook courtesy of Trillian Astra! I'm unsure about the clothes bit, but it could be because of the back-to-school commercials which have been on recently... and LJ? Well, I *am* almost always on there AND Facebook, haha! (I'm always logged in here, on this computer...)

Took a shower and did some laundry when I got up, as well. Nate's emailed us to say that dinner is at 6:30 tomorrow, and that reservations for ten people are under some butchered version of his name. Apparently, it was a funny phone call - haha, I'll have to ask him about that, then!

You Are Green Tea

Surprise! You're not a coffee drink at all. You're way too mellow for that.

You are a homebody, and you love to cozy up with a blanket, a book, and a nice cup of tea.

You prefer the calmer side of life, and you refuse to participate in the rat race.

You treasure peace, quiet, and your sanity. There's no such thing as too much calm for you.

Just about right!

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He doesn't know if he's been to Yungho or not, haha!

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[02:24:01] Flami: hey, have you ever been to a city in Taipei County called Yungho?
[02:24:49] Corey: I don't know
[02:24:55] Corey: doesn't sound familiar. what do they have there?
[02:25:11] Flami: what do you mean, you don't know? :P it was a straightforward question!
[02:25:26] Flami: and I don't know what they have there - it was in a book I was reading
[02:27:25] Corey: I don't know if I've been there or not! I've been to lots of places... I never know the names of all this crap! Jane is a horrible translator, and never translates things unless I bug her enough
[02:27:49] Flami: oh, okay
[02:27:53] Corey: if there's something interesting, Taipei county is pretty close :P
[02:28:00] Corey: Taipei city is like 40 minutes away
[02:28:15] Flami: it's only interesting because of the name, I guess
[02:31:09] Corey: oh yeah? there's a place called LongDong
[02:31:25] Flami: oh, sure
[02:31:35] Corey: it's a beach area, I think
[02:37:10] Flami: haha, nice
[02:40:19] Corey: most people here are afraid of beaches, and the sun in general, though
[02:40:33] Flami: why?
[02:41:29] Corey: being white is awesome, darker skin is ugly. people ask me how I keep my skin so white... uh, well, it has something to do with my ancestors coming from farther north than yours, I think...
[02:42:41] Corey: white = awesome, black = ugly. it's actually really racist at times, not just a preference about what looks better, but there are so few non-Chinese people here that I guess it's not a big problem most of the time, and 99% of that crap works in my favor
[02:46:49] Flami: ha, no wonder we "white-washed" Korey before my grandma ever met him :P
[02:50:50] Flami: and now it's time for bed... 3 AM, almost :P

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Frisky spiffy oral, naps, Damon, Minerva, and California

Bingo of the night:

FRISKIER (300 points) - against Kelly W.

High-scoring words of the night:

FRISKIER (300 points) - against Kelly W. [5W, 2W, hook off TO to make TOR, bingo]
QAT (204 points) - against Fran R. [4W, 4L on Q]
ORALS (116 points) - against Jamie H. [4W - one used twice, hook off HORN for a plural]
SPIFFINESS (348 points) - against Ellen L. [two 4W - one used twice, hook off EWE for a plural]

I had another nap from 7:30 to 9 - what is wrong with me?! At least I'm taking the opportunities where I can get them, as this will likely be my last chance till next week sometime. Damon Mak also added me to Facebook; good times at Palmer, indeed.

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Sept. 14: What does Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, represent on California's state seal? The fact that California achieved statehood without going through a territorial period, just as Minerva sprang to life full-grown.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sir Joker outbeaming wealthy Apollo and Amir / Complicated stuff / Sanity!

Interesting rack of the afternoon:

SIRJOKER, against Monica Z.-N. (read this as "Sir Joker")

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

OUTBEAM (350 points) - against Rachael S. [two 5W]
ZOO (126 points) - against Sandra K. [two 3W]
APOLLOS (104 points) - against Rebecca H.-F. [5W, hook off MART to make SMART]
AMIR (175 points) - against Jamie H. [two 5W]
ORDAIN (132 points) - against Lisa S. [two 5W]
DITTANY (166 points) - against Geri S. [two 3W]
SPOON (128 points; two 4W), SQUAB (118 points; 5W, 2L on B, hook off SPOON for a plural) - against Wilhelmina H.
HORN (122 points) - against June F. [2W used twice, 5W used twice, hook off DEAF to make HA / OF]
ZONATE (162 points) - against Kelly W. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
RESIFTED (105 points) - against Janelle I. [5W]
WEALTHY (140 points) - against Kimberly S. [4W, 4L on H]
OOGAMY (172 points) - against Sharon W. [3W, two 2W - one used twice]

Got an email back from Nate, who says things shouldn't be so complicated - well, no, but when it comes to certain people? Ugh, yes! Jon also says he and Harmony are relaxing in Florence, and will talk to Connie on Sunday in the circus atmosphere of the church! On Wednesday, it'll be my turn to "turn plural" on people, haha. At least Rock 101 has now returned to sanity with the Alice Cooper show! :D

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Dream of elevators looking like gyms / Peggy and Ray / 1970 / Singing

Had a weird dream which featured a wedding banquet going on in a huge blue room; my sister was the MC, and highlighted "funny quotes" from various tables, like one from May Chung (Table #10), and lots from my mom! We had to go down a long hallway, and down several brown staircases to even reach the room, and were served frozen shrimp and other delicacies / dessert on paper plates. There was also a lot of chicken, sauce, rice, and other things in stainless steel containers. Later, we went to the nearby gift shop with cards / souvenirs / notebooks galore - there was quite a crowd when we had to leave because of curfew reasons! Karen Chan was with me until we got separated by the mass of people, but I was lucky since Eric stayed around. We discovered an elevator which was the size of a small room (and which also looked like a gym) - the official in charge of that elevator (wearing a red-and-gold uniform) didn't like the idea of me and Eric going on, unfortunately.

There was a sign stating that people with disabilities were entitled to use it, so we pointed at it while I waved my walking aid at him. He STILL didn't like it, especially not when he overheard my sister saying something about how I didn't REALLY have a disability! Eric and I glared at everyone involved, then we slowly went up the stairs where we encountered Elevator #181. This one was MUCH bigger, and we went on it with no problem. While waiting for it to get going, I took out a light blue book and began to read. The official in charge of THIS one (wearing a blue uniform) said that we had to read some Bible passage first, but I ignored it since I didn't have one. Eric did, which was fine by me. The lady next to me noticed that I was still reading my book, and called attention to it: "What are you reading?! BLASPHEMY!" I quickly put away my (perfectly acceptable) book, and called to Eric to come nearer to me so I could share his little brown Bible! No idea why I had that one!

Peggy and Ray have announced a venue for the "Beatdown" party on Sunday, but I'll likely skip it unless Teunis is doing something on Sunday night. Sent off an email to Nate, and have learned that Jeremy and Danielle are also coming to THE DINNER OF DOOM - Christon is not, since he has class. (Danielle: "Boourns, Christon! I was looking forward to seeing you! Who's [Jeremy's email address]?" Nate: "Class? What class?" Hahaha!) I don't really like the 1970 Day that Rock 101 is having right now; I get that it might be a fun idea, but I like the NOW! Hahaha... that's programming for you, I guess.

Edit ten minutes later: Bleh. I'll switch to the Fox for now, haha!

You Should Sing in the Car

You may not be ready for your big stage debut, but you're a decent singer.

You can carry a tune, and you should be proud to have others hear you sing.

Whenever a favorite song comes on the radio, crank it up and start singing.

Whether you're alone or with friends, belt it out. Singing is an awesome release.

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Wine, surveys, alike towers, kilos, relacing the suzerain, and popular candy!

High-scoring words of the night:

WINEY (104 points) - against Michele D. [4W, 2W]
ALIKE (342 points) - against Terry L. [two 3W, 5L on K]
SURVEY (672 points) - against Jennifer F. [3W, two 4W]
KILOS (158 points) - against Jennifer F. [3W, 5W, hook off SAY for a plural] {different game}
XI (115 points) - against Melissa T. [5L on X used twice, hook on EAU to make XU]
TOWERY (450 points) - against Laura H. [5W, 2W, 3W]
RELACE (135 points) - against Judy A. [3W, 5W]
SUZERAIN (135 points) - against Lise M. [5W]

Nathan emailed us to say that he'd changed the time of the Pho dinner to 6:30 instead of 7 since some of us need to go to sleep / work earlier the next day. Apparently, there's dessert at the townhouse later - DAMMIT! At least Eric will be there, heh. Connie also emailed me asking if Jon and Harmony were in Italy - bit too late to ask for souvenirs, haha! Turns out that she's thinking about going to Italy for a vacation next month. They have similar interests, so picking their brains would be a good idea!

Edit: Teunis says he's coming on Tuesday, and it's likely a stopover before going to Rhiannon's, as she's busy with a funeral. Sounds fine to me!

Trivia fact for Monday, Sept. 13: What popular candy was developed and marketed by a man who had once worked as a dairyman for the Hershey Chocolate Company? Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The man who created the chocolate-covered peanut butter treat was Harry Burnett Reese. His company was purchased by Hershey's for $23.5 million in 1963.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dream of Phil, Winnie, Mr. Creep OBSERVING, and the front desk / Teunis here?

Had a nap as advertised, which lasted from 3:30 to 7. While sleeping, I had a dream about our present church (which had a changing room for some reason) - Phil was manning the phone at the front desk, while Winnie came out of the elevator with a tiny baby boy. HE WAS SO CUTE! Mr. Creep was just sitting in a chair, and wouldn't join us even when Ivan greeted him. Probably a good thing, because I said that I'd go in the changing room for a while to see if I could find an implement of destruction! That's all I remember out of that one, haha! When I got up, Andrew had asked me if I were any good at math. Sadly for him, the answer is NO!

Teunis asked if he could stay over here again (by-way to Rhiannon's? instead of Rhiannon's?) since he's taking up too much space at Robin's - HAHAHA, I kinda thought that might be the case because Robin's mom is now back! I haven't met the lady or talked of her much, nor do I know her name... but for some reason, I keep thinking it's Barbara. Weird stuff! As long as he gets here before things get busy from Wednesday onwards (although I think it will be sooner), then I don't care! It doesn't matter! (random: I just thought of the SDMB poster Speaker of the Dead for the first time in YEARS!)

Become a Suikoden character
by Sihleira
Strongest RuneResurrection
Weakest RuneWater

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We're all tired from waking up a lot during sleep! / De Dutch Pannekoek House

I went out in the rain this morning, and soon found out what Eric had meant by "we" on the phone; his parents were driving him to church! Turned out that he was too tired to drive since he couldn't get to sleep till 2, Heidi the cat had wanted to snuggle at 5:30 AM, people had rung the doorbell at 6:30 AM (they were going to holidays on a standby flight), and so forth. We discussed relatives, Jon / Harmony / Steph's whereabouts, weddings, a refresher on Karmie's and Grace's names (Ron's memory is better than Veronica's), possibly leaving after service ("call Ivan even though he'll be at church!"), gifts for Kieran, not being able to do things in a timely manner for Christon, and other things. Got to church, where Eric promptly went to the sound room while Ron and I waited around for Veronica and a pit stop. He met Uncle Eugene while I said hi to Jordan ("is it English?"), Nina, Emily, Gerard, Sabrina (who wasn't sure if a sleeping Henry was going to the child care meeting), Victor, and others. Thank goodness Mr. Creep didn't go anywhere near us!

I was pretty sleepy during the sermon, but did manage to say hi to Jen - if you'd told me a month ago that I'd be wearing a red winter bling sweater to church (or anywhere), I'd have laughed! Confirmed Dylan's identity for Eric's parents, laughed when Christon came in five minutes after we did, and figured I might not have a dinner this year. At least my actual birthday should be free of certain people, or so I hope! After service while Cindy was saying hi, Veronica saw Nathan - of course, I had to hail him in my NG voice! He said he didn't have the car on Wednesday, and updated me on the email chain: apparently, Wednesday's dinner will be at a Pho place, so I'd have to convince Eric to give me a ride! (which I did later at his place while waiting for Kieran) Eric later said that I made myself look weird in front of Nathan, but I didn't care - IT'S NATE, AND HE KNOWS! If I have to go, it's best that my friends protect me! Grandma saw me, and proceeded to rant me out for not coming to dinner last week - I just laughed at her, hahaha!

While I was in the foyer, I saw Jason with a bunch of people, so took the opportunity to inform him that I wouldn't be going to this afternoon's meeting since we were leaving now! Dad and Dylan said hi to Eric's parents, and then it was time to leave. While we were waiting for Veronica (who DID get Ron's umbrella), Pastor Fulton came up to me and wished me a happy birthday... thank heavens you're not your wife, haha! Veronica invited me to go to De Dutch with them, so I took her up on the offer. (discussed rehearsal, gas prices, the availability of textbooks these days, the sermon and background, Pastor John, motorcycles, Eric H. and Twitter, my presumably posting multiple Tweets in full-sentence mode, etc.) First, we stopped by the house to see whether Kieran was up yet - Heidi the cat seemed scared of me, heh. Ron made a joke about how Eric's birth date really WAS Labor Day for Veronica, while I watched him and Eric play with the cat's mouse toys and such.

We discussed a lot of things at brunch: Felico's, "my" road, orange juice, sausages, eggs, coffee, water, gluten-free diets, my family, jaywalking, hockey, tennis and Federer, Canucks, HUGE stadiums (East Lansing?), Alistair and Vanessa doing broadcasting, Art Knapp, standby flights, chattiness, Grandma being 90 and still cooking stuff like duck and fish, computer things, my parents' jobs, no restart problems (yay for Teunis!), TV, 9/11, my and Veronica's upcoming birthdays (hers is tomorrow), being on auto-pilot, and more. Someone named Louisiana Renata Gomez Cornelio wants to add me on Facebook - I DON'T THINK SO! I've also learned that Mark Hainsworth is engaged... nice news, I guess! Now it's definitely time for a nap!

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North Cockerington, Penisarwain, Sandy Balls, and Wetwang!

I'll bring you the M-Z places from this book that Jon and Harmony got me for my birthday. This is from Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.)

Beaver Lick and Bitchfield: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Places


Masbate: one of the Philippine Islands

Maybush: a district in Southampton, England

Menstrie: a village in the Clackmannanshire region of Scotland

Methlick: a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Middelfart: a town on the island of Funen, part of Denmark [Middelfart means "Middle Passage," a reference to a well-used waterway connecting Funen with Jutland Peninsula on the mainland. The town is noted for its beautiful seacoast and downtown cultural centre.]

Moorhead: a city in Monona County, Iowa

Morehead City: a city on the seacoast of North Carolina

Mountjoy: a village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Mount Titlis: a 10,000-foot-high snow-covered mountain in the Swiss Alps, in Obwalden (near Bern, Switzerland)


Nasty: a village in Hertfordshire, England

North Bitchburn: a village in County Durham, England

North Cockerington: a village in Lincolnshire County, England

Nutbush: a farming community in western Tennessee

Nutfield: a suburb of Melbourne, Australia


Old Leake: a village in Lincolnshire, England


Pee Pee Township: a civil township founded in 1798 in Pike County, Ohio [Pee Pee Township covers about thirty-two square miles and has a population of about eight thousand residents, according to the 2000 census. The township's name purportedly comes from the initials of an early Irish pioneer.]

Penile: a neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky

Penisarwain: a village near Caernarfon in Gwynedd, Wales

Peniston: a market town in south Yorkshire, England

Peterhead: a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Phucket: a large resort island off the southwestern coast of Thailand

Pissa River: a river in Kaliningrad Oblast, in northwestern Russia

Pratt's Bottom: a village in the borough of Bromley, London, England

Pump Geyser: a steam geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Pussy: a village in Savoie, France


Queenstown: a city in Australia

Queensville: a village in Ontario, Canada


Ramsbottom: a town in greater Manchester, England


Sandy Balls: a resort area in New Forest Hampshire, in England

Sexi: an ancient Phoenician colony in present-day Spain

Sexmoan: a city in the province of Pampanga, the Philippines

Shag Harbour: a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada

Shitterton: a hamlet in the Purbeck district of Dorset, England

Suckley: a village in Worcestershire, England

Suck River: the main tributary of the Shannon River, in Ireland


Tittesworth Reservoir: a water-storage reservoir in Staffordshire, England

Tittybong: a small agricultural community in the Australian state of Victoria

Tong Fuk: a resort village near Hong Kong, China

Tongue: a coastal village in Highland, Scotland

Twatt: a village in the Shetland Islands, Sheffield


Undy: a village in Monmouthshire, Wales

Upper Dicker: a village in East Sussex, England

Upperthong: a village in west Yorkshire, England


Virgin: a town in Washington County, Utah


Wackerfield: a village in County Durham, England

Water of Ken: a river in Galloway, in southwestern Scotland

Wecock: a council estate on the edges of Waterlooville, England

Weiner: a city in Poinsett County, Arkansas

Wetwang: a village in the Yorkshire Wolds, England

Whorehouse Meadows: an area in the Steens Mountains near Frenchglen, Oregon


Yungho: a city in Taipei County, Taiwan

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Eric, Jon, Chantelle, me, Alison, Ron, turning plural, Mikaela, Kat, and bubbles!

Had a weird dream about Eric, Jon, me, and Chantelle being over at Alison's house - we were going to rent a movie about human freaks of nature, but then Eric's dad Ron came by and ruined our fun. Boo! :(

Eric just called to say "we'd" be by in 10 minutes. Despite how sleepy I am, I called him on "turning plural" - I guess I'll see what happens in a bit! Mikaela (embryogirl) and Kat (brackishkitten) also added me to Facebook - fun times.

You Are Soap Bubbles

You are free-spirited and a heck of a lot of fun. You refuse to act your age.

You can always find a chance to play a little. You bring whimsy to an otherwise boring day.

It drives you crazy to be cooped up inside for too long. You need to be outdoors to be able to breathe.

It's likely that you crave a nontraditional life. You have to do things your own way!

This is true except for the part about being cooped up inside! I LOVE BEING INSIDE!

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Unjamming the pawns around the Kentucky horses and flowers!

High-scoring words of the night:

UNJAMS (144 points) - against Katy H. [4W, 2W]
PAWN (275 points) - against Abby L. [two 5W]

Trivia fact for Sunday, Sept. 12: How many red roses are in the garland of roses that's draped over the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby? 554.

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BORING_PEOPLE Chat 10, Part 2 (09.11.10)

Cast of Characters, in Order of Appearance Steve, AKA nyquilsteve317 Mikaela, AKA embryogirl AmethystBrackish, AKA Kat (brackishkitten) MyCrisisX, AKA x_luminescence AKA Crystal Laura, AKA kitkatkrisp me, AKA glowing_dragon Kate, AKA insane_smile [22:51:05] guaaaache: Newcastle is where that band Silverchair comes from, some trivia [22:51:42] NyquilSteve317: aw, good ole Silverchair, they had a song a couple years ago that was soooo not Silverchair... and i was like "what the hell is this shit, Silverchair?!" [22:51:49] Flami: hey, Silverchair! [22:52:12] guaaaache: I haven't heard much of them in a while [22:52:22] guaaaache: I liked the Neon Ballroom album [22:52:27] NyquilSteve317: like i said: a few years ago, they had one [22:52:32] NyquilSteve317: and i was like BOOOOOO [22:52:36] NyquilSteve317: it's like collective soul [22:52:38] Flami: haven't heard of them in a bit, no [22:52:44] guaaaache: lol, a lot of people were like that for the last 2 albums [22:52:50] guaaaache: I still thought they were alright [22:53:05] NyquilSteve317: we are awesome... oh wait, we're lame [22:53:07] guaaaache: at least they tried something different, which can't be said about a lot of big bands [22:53:36] guaaaache: some of the bigger australian bands here are just releasing the same album under a different name [22:53:41] NyquilSteve317: lots of bands try something different, and it sucks [22:53:47] NyquilSteve317: and then there is your native AC/DC [22:53:54] NyquilSteve317: which does one thing and one thing well [22:53:55] NyquilSteve317: rock [22:54:00] NyquilSteve317: and thats what they do [22:54:03] NyquilSteve317: inside and out [22:54:05] NyquilSteve317: all the time [22:54:06] NyquilSteve317: rock [22:54:30] guaaaache: yeah.... i hate them [22:54:39] NyquilSteve317: i don't care for much of their stuff, either [22:54:43] NyquilSteve317: but they do one thing and do it well [22:54:50] NyquilSteve317: and have for like 40 yrs [22:55:09] NyquilSteve317: their songs are usually great rockin for about a minute and a half [22:55:16] guaaaache: I guess that sort of thing just doesn't do it for me [22:55:17] NyquilSteve317: and then it gets tired cos you know whats going to happen [22:55:19] NyquilSteve317: more rockin [22:55:23] Flami: ah yes [22:55:37] NyquilSteve317: thunderstruck! awesome for a few minutes [22:55:42] NyquilSteve317: back in black! awesome! [22:55:46] NyquilSteve317: bored [22:55:50] guaaaache: lol [22:56:08] NyquilSteve317: hellz bellz! awesome... sleep [22:56:19] NyquilSteve317: its like lenny kravitz [22:56:21] guaaaache: we had this band called jebbadia of something who was pretty dull [22:56:26] guaaaache: but then the singer went solo, and he's awesome [22:56:33] NyquilSteve317: cool [22:56:38] guaaaache: it was surprising [22:56:49] guaaaache: because he wrote all the stuff for the band too [22:56:51] guaaaache: so i don't really get it [22:56:51] NyquilSteve317: a former bandmate of mine is a bud of lenny kravitz, and he said "you write one hell of a hook, lenny" [22:57:00] NyquilSteve317: and it's so true [22:57:11] NyquilSteve317: lenny writes a hell of a hook, rest of the song... meh [22:57:16] guaaaache: lol [22:57:23] Flami: haha [22:57:23] guaaaache: I've only heard a handful of his songs [22:57:34] NyquilSteve317: you can sing a kravitz chorus, and remember none of the rest of the song [22:58:10] guaaaache: he did a song with skunk anansie, i believe [22:58:13] guaaaache: way back in the 90s [22:58:34] NyquilSteve317: probably [22:58:38] NyquilSteve317: the man doesn't age [22:58:45] NyquilSteve317: he used to have dreads, which was kinda rad [22:58:53] guaaaache: aww he got rid of them? [22:58:55] Flami: nice [22:59:04] NyquilSteve317: oh yeah way long ago [22:59:12] guaaaache: I only remember one song about flying away or something [22:59:23] NyquilSteve317: im going to start calling money "bread" [22:59:28] NyquilSteve317: nobody calls it "bread" anymore [22:59:29] NyquilSteve317: yeah [22:59:37] NyquilSteve317: that was a lame kravitz hook [22:59:44] NyquilSteve317: Are You Gonna Go My Way is a pretty rad song [23:00:00] guaaaache: ah yeah, I remember that one too [23:00:12] Flami: oh, that song... I used to wish I could fly away. [23:00:12] NyquilSteve317: nice rockin guitar, nice changes [23:00:18] NyquilSteve317: good stuff [23:00:28] NyquilSteve317: that song got so overplayed [23:00:47] NyquilSteve317: ya know whose music has gotten better since their peak of overplayed popularity? [23:00:53] NyquilSteve317: the wallflowers [23:01:01] guaaaache: I don't know them [23:01:07] NyquilSteve317: I heard some of their newer shit, and it was outstanding [23:01:11] NyquilSteve317: One Headlight [23:01:24] NyquilSteve317: so long ago i don't remember when, is when they say i lost my only friend [23:01:37] NyquilSteve317: bob dylans kid [23:01:44] guaaaache: I like the deftones' new album. I seriously thought they were done for before that [23:02:00] NyquilSteve317: silly defttones [23:02:01] guaaaache: bob dylan has a kid? [23:02:05] NyquilSteve317: several [23:02:07] NyquilSteve317: his kid is hot [23:02:13] NyquilSteve317: even though men aren't hot [23:02:14] NyquilSteve317: look him up [23:02:15] guaaaache: shows what I know [23:02:18] NyquilSteve317: jakob dylan [23:02:23] NyquilSteve317: good lookin cat [23:02:24] guaaaache: will do [23:02:41] NyquilSteve317: although dylan was cute when he was younger [23:03:04] guaaaache: he was [23:03:05] guaaaache: man, he looks pretty similar [23:03:10] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:03:14] NyquilSteve317: creepy, eh? [23:03:22] guaaaache: fairly [23:03:23] NyquilSteve317: know who i fucking hate [23:03:28] NyquilSteve317: rob thomas and matchbox 20 [23:03:33] guaaaache: OMFG YES [23:03:34] NyquilSteve317: i was like what is this bullshit [23:03:36] guaaaache: he is so bland [23:03:39] NyquilSteve317: this is soooooo lame [23:03:40] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:03:44] NyquilSteve317: just generic awfulness [23:03:48] NyquilSteve317: know who i loved [23:03:50] NyquilSteve317: bright eyes [23:03:56] guaaaache: yes [23:04:06] NyquilSteve317: thats some great killin yourself music [23:04:08] guaaaache: I saw him last year, actually [23:04:12] guaaaache: but not as bright eyes [23:04:14] guaaaache: something else [23:04:15] NyquilSteve317: cool [23:04:16] NyquilSteve317: just as conor [23:04:22] NyquilSteve317: hes so gonna end up dead [23:04:24] guaaaache: Connor Oberst the Mystical something or other [23:04:27] Flami: OH GOD [23:04:41] NyquilSteve317: minds that brilliant don't usually live too long [23:04:56] guaaaache: He seems to have changed a lot [23:05:02] guaaaache: he just about sings in tune these days [23:05:15] NyquilSteve317: what!? no! say it isn't so! [23:05:18] NyquilSteve317: maybe he got happy? [23:05:31] guaaaache: his voice doesn't sound any different... he's just a bit more in control of his voice [23:05:42] guaaaache: might have got some singing lessons at some point [23:05:42] NyquilSteve317: I love love love lucinda williams, but her albums are over-processed and suck [23:05:43] NyquilSteve317: her live shit is great [23:05:51] NyquilSteve317: bummer [23:05:56] NyquilSteve317: thats what i liked about him [23:06:10] guaaaache: if you listen to an album that's fairly recent and just released under his real name, you'll hear what I mean [23:06:18] NyquilSteve317: that he always sounded like he was on something when he was singing [23:06:36] NyquilSteve317: brb [23:09:35] guaaaache: ok [23:10:01] guaaaache: When I say "him," the band was called Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley [23:10:08] guaaaache: and it was this type of sound [23:12:12] NyquilSteve317: can't listen right now [23:12:16] NyquilSteve317: unfortunately [23:12:23] NyquilSteve317: i will give it a listen sometime, though [23:12:24] guaaaache: later, then [23:12:44] guaaaache: just so you can see what I mean about his voice [23:12:49] NyquilSteve317: ok [23:12:49] guaaaache: it's too hard to explain. the same, but slightly more in tune [23:12:54] Flami: can't, either [23:12:55] NyquilSteve317: maybe he is sober [23:13:27] guaaaache: it doesn't sound like he's overloaded with reverb or anything [23:14:01] guaaaache: did Amethyst fall asleep or something? [23:14:13] NyquilSteve317: probably [23:14:33] guaaaache: so why do you guys stay up so late to chat to strangers online? [23:14:45] NyquilSteve317: me [23:14:56] Flami: it's only 11:15 PM... and I'm kinda bored [23:14:56] NyquilSteve317: cos my girlfriend and her girlfriend are on the couch watching movies [23:15:10] NyquilSteve317: so im drinking and watching movies [23:15:16] NyquilSteve317: and you guys are here, so why the hell not [23:15:27] NyquilSteve317: i just like to talk [23:15:36] guaaaache: I like typing [23:15:38] guaaaache: not really talking [23:15:57] guaaaache: I don't know why, but it feels so different [23:16:01] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:16:03] NyquilSteve317: this is true [23:16:07] guaaaache: one come fairly easily, and the other doesn't [23:16:11] NyquilSteve317: i enjoy the relative anonymity of the internet [23:16:18] Flami: I know what you mean [23:16:24] NyquilSteve317: i either dont talk, or talk way too much [23:16:38] guaaaache: I usually don't talk in real life [23:16:43] Flami: yeah... or I talk too much to the wrong people [23:16:55] NyquilSteve317: yes! [23:17:01] AmethystBrackish: you people are still here, damn... [23:17:01] NyquilSteve317: and i say too much... and im like, well im a dick! [23:17:20] guaaaache: I like how people tend to think that not being talkative also makes me deaf [23:17:22] guaaaache: it's really weird [23:17:29] guaaaache: they start talking about me, and I'm standing right there [23:17:54] NyquilSteve317: amazing [23:17:58] NyquilSteve317: i don't do "groups" [23:18:03] NyquilSteve317: im introverted [23:18:03] guaaaache: maybe they think I don't talk because I'm deaf [23:18:17] Flami: ha... I hate when people do that [23:18:19] guaaaache: I'm the most introverted person I know [23:18:31] guaaaache: but then, I guess introverts aren't out there exposing their introversion [23:18:39] NyquilSteve317: me at a rave is probably the best [23:18:47] NyquilSteve317: find me a corner and some booze and no ppl [23:18:58] NyquilSteve317: if there is a spot at a rave with no ppl and booze, i will find it [23:19:04] guaaaache: I even act introverted when I'm high on ecstasy [23:19:19] NyquilSteve317: i force myself to be extroverted, and then im overly so [23:19:27] NyquilSteve317: but i don't really do that anymore [23:19:41] guaaaache: I don't see the point in that, I gain nothing from it [23:19:47] guaaaache: except fatigue [23:19:50] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:19:53] NyquilSteve317: and embarassment [23:19:56] Flami: haha, I see [23:21:05] guaaaache: people who try to force me to talk to them are fucking annoying [23:21:24] guaaaache: I don't like it when I literally have to tell someone to fuck off because nothing else works on them [23:21:33] NyquilSteve317: yeah [23:21:41] NyquilSteve317: if it gets to that point, its pretty bad [23:21:43] Flami: exactly [23:21:46] guaaaache: and that's usually after weeks of trying to get away from them [23:22:06] guaaaache: trying to drop hints, saying I'm busy, etc [23:22:22] guaaaache: what I don't get is people who don't really want to be my friend, but still actively seek me out to talk to me about absolutely nothing [23:22:31] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:22:35] NyquilSteve317: terrible shit [23:22:36] Flami: oh yes [23:22:43] NyquilSteve317: less than desireables tend to do this to me [23:22:59] guaaaache: friendships are black and white, they just have to be. if you don't want to be my friend, then please leave me the fuck alone [23:23:26] Flami: exactly [23:23:27] guaaaache: and if I don't want to be your friend, please just accept [23:23:32] Flami: then I don't waste my time on you [23:24:22] guaaaache: I have limited energy when it comes to interacting / socialising with people so I don't particularly want to waste it on stupid games like that [23:25:30] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:25:37] NyquilSteve317: games are not on the agenda for me [23:27:03] guaaaache: being straight forward is the only way [23:27:22] Flami: agreed [23:27:58] guaaaache: lol while we're on this subject, my housemates are really into writing passive-aggressive notes [23:28:09] guaaaache: stuff they could just saw to each others faces most of the time [23:28:34] guaaaache: someone wrote "clean up your shit," and someone else circled "shit" and wrote "why don't you speak proper english?" [23:28:45] guaaaache: then they replied "shit IS an english word, get over it" [23:28:51] AmethystBrackish: I hate passive agressiveness [23:29:28] Flami: ugh, I hate that [23:29:30] guaaaache: I understand writing a note when it's just a general message, but when it's written in a way that it's clearly for someone in particular, just fucking say it to them [23:30:02] Flami: speaking of housemates, are things any better with Jordanian Boy? [23:30:29] guaaaache: haha, Jordanian boy is the one who wrote "why don't you speak proper english" [23:30:33] guaaaache: I just try to ignore him [23:30:41] guaaaache: don't have anything extra to tell right now [23:30:52] Flami: haha... it's a surprise that he wrote that [23:31:06] Flami: trying to ignore him is probably the best course of action [23:31:20] guaaaache: especially because his written english is usually so bad that I don't even understand what's he's trying to say [23:31:33] guaaaache: and he's always offended by swearing [23:31:37] Flami: HA [23:31:41] guaaaache: for a big buff guy, he sure is a whiney little bitch [23:33:00] AmethystBrackish: they usually are [23:33:28] NyquilSteve317: oh hai [23:33:30] guaaaache: yeah. I swear their need to be buff is out of some major insecurity [23:33:38] NyquilSteve317: i just went on a journey [23:33:43] NyquilSteve317: not of sight and sound [23:33:44] guaaaache: where to? [23:33:48] NyquilSteve317: but of the mind [23:34:07] guaaaache: still, where to? [23:34:15] NyquilSteve317: im not sure [23:34:18] NyquilSteve317: i think i was outside [23:34:27] Flami: you think? [23:34:28] NyquilSteve317: it was cooler [23:34:32] Flami: outside where? [23:34:35] guaaaache: where did your mind go and arrive [23:34:50] NyquilSteve317: im drunker than i thought [23:35:08] guaaaache: I wish I was also [23:35:20] guaaaache: might drink my remaining bottle of wine tonight since I get paid tomorrow [23:35:31] NyquilSteve317: wine is silly [23:35:43] NyquilSteve317: and kinda evil [23:35:46] guaaaache: wine in australia is top quality [23:35:53] NyquilSteve317: yellow tail [23:36:01] guaaaache: I don't drink that [23:36:03] guaaaache: I hate the white stuff [23:36:09] guaaaache: I feel like I'm drinking perfume or something [23:36:35] Flami: I drink it occasionally [23:37:17] NyquilSteve317: kate's coming in [23:37:23] guaaaache: there are fake babies on TV that look like they have fetal alcohol syndrome [23:37:31] guaaaache: weird coincidence [23:37:40] *** katiekatenz has joined the conversation. [23:37:52] NyquilSteve317: there she is! [23:37:55] NyquilSteve317: it's kate! [23:38:01] guaaaache: hi, kate [23:38:05] katiekatenz: hi, hi [23:38:10] Flami: hello, Kate [23:38:19] AmethystBrackish: hello, kate... [23:38:25] katiekatenz: hello boring people :P [23:38:31] NyquilSteve317: we are most boring, kate [23:38:35] NyquilSteve317: and im shitbag drunk [23:38:38] NyquilSteve317: so its all good [23:38:40] guaaaache: who are you on boring people [23:38:44] katiekatenz: i had a feeling you were, steve [23:38:55] katiekatenz: insane_smiles [23:39:02] NyquilSteve317: she is rufus q gespatcho [23:39:03] katiekatenz: can't say im much of a poster [23:39:06] Flami: haha [23:39:20] guaaaache: I have a feeling that moon person will never come back to a boring people chat [23:39:28] NyquilSteve317: ive known kate for yeeaaarrrs [23:39:30] guaaaache: I can't remember her name, moon something [23:39:42] NyquilSteve317: she is groovy [23:39:57] Flami: moonbathe? [23:40:01] guaaaache: I think so [23:40:14] Flami: after last week, I wouldn't be surprised [23:40:19] guaaaache: yeah [23:40:28] guaaaache: what ended up happening? my computer died, so I didn't see it [23:40:34] guaaaache: she was gone when I came back [23:40:42] NyquilSteve317: mine's getting all slow, gimmie a minute... i will bbs [23:40:53] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the conversation. [23:40:56] katiekatenz: you guys scare someone away? [23:41:05] guaaaache: not me, just angel [23:41:09] AmethystBrackish: I don't remember if I was here or not [23:41:12] Flami: not I... Angel [23:41:23] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the conversation. [23:41:23] guaaaache: so what happened, Alena? [23:41:30] NyquilSteve317: im back [23:41:41] AmethystBrackish: is that when he was talking about all the kinky shit on Ebay? [23:41:47] guaaaache: no [23:41:50] Flami: you could say it was epic [23:41:53] NyquilSteve317: i missed all this [23:41:54] NyquilSteve317: oh well [23:42:04] guaaaache: he was getting pretty heated up about people who don't speak english in public all the time [23:42:07] NyquilSteve317: kate, did they get your university all open again? [23:42:09] katiekatenz: epic? [23:42:12] guaaaache: and can't speak english perfectly or something [23:42:23] katiekatenz: we dont go back until tuesday [23:42:27] AmethystBrackish: ahhh, tell me more [23:42:31] katiekatenz: which it is sunday here [23:42:31] NyquilSteve317: have you enjoyed the break [23:42:38] katiekatenz: i've been lazy [23:42:43] NyquilSteve317: awesome! [23:42:46] katiekatenz: a lot of people freaking out [23:42:47] NyquilSteve317: you deserve a little lazy [23:42:51] guaaaache: I didn't see all of it, Amethyst, my computer died for about 5 minutes and it was over when I came back [23:43:02] Flami: and no... it covered how Angel didn't really get along with or understand Middle Eastern people, and how they were rude or something. [23:43:02] NyquilSteve317: oh yeah? what are they freaking about? no water or what? [23:43:12] Flami: then Rose (moonbathe) said that maybe Angel should actually try to make friends with these people [23:43:14] guaaaache: he was just... getting increasingly upset that we weren't agreeing with him [23:43:26] katiekatenz: yeah, our water's back now for most people, and sewage kinda [23:43:29] AmethystBrackish: oh [23:43:49] katiekatenz: some country towns are pretty much screwed for some time [23:43:59] NyquilSteve317: oh, wow [23:44:05] NyquilSteve317: but still no fatalities? [23:44:06] guaaaache: Oh yeah, he had one experience where he tried to be nice to middle eastern kids at school, and they weren't that responsive... so he decided all middle easterners are rude, and don't try to speak english [23:44:11] Flami: so after a while, Rose was like "gee, I hope you move to Canada - you know, wouldn't want to learn a new language or culture or anything" [23:44:12] katiekatenz: people just freaking... nerves shot to shit and such... i mean, we keep getting aftershocks, and it's been a week now [23:44:47] NyquilSteve317: geeze [23:44:48] NyquilSteve317: still gettin em! thats crazy [23:45:06] Flami: oh, that's right... Angel tried asking them what language they spoke, and was ignored [23:45:17] katiekatenz: yeah, we are all on edge... but dude, we'll survive... us kiwis are tough :D [23:45:24] NyquilSteve317: yes, you are! [23:45:26] guaaaache: yeah, but he's convinced it's because they were being rude [23:45:29] NyquilSteve317: ive seen Xena... i know! [23:45:36] katiekatenz: haha [23:45:40] guaaaache: it could be a variety of reasons. feeling intimidated, not sure what he said, etc [23:45:40] katiekatenz: awesome [23:45:57] Flami: I know that, Mikaela [23:46:12] guaaaache: yeah, he just wouldn't accept that it could have been something else [23:46:16] NyquilSteve317: is he / she dead? [23:46:27] NyquilSteve317: why wasn't he/ she here tonight? [23:46:39] guaaaache: he wants to come to Australia to do post-grad, but I told him he probably shouldn't bother if he can't stand to hear other languages surrounding him all day [23:46:45] guaaaache: he could be i guess? [23:46:51] Flami: last I heard, he / she was trying to sort some shit out with the ex [23:47:04] NyquilSteve317: tinfoil and wax paper [23:47:04] guaaaache: she came to the house and took her stuff or something [23:47:06] AmethystBrackish: true, true... some people have bad experiences, and it ruins situations or some people for them for the rest of their lives. [23:47:32] guaaaache: it's kind of ridiculous to generalise like that, though [23:47:41] NyquilSteve317: ever since I got attacked by that cougar, i have been racist towards cats [23:47:43] guaaaache: last I heard, he might be moving into a smaller unit in the same building he's in now [23:48:12] NyquilSteve317: fuck, it's late [23:48:14] NyquilSteve317: early [23:48:19] NyquilSteve317: glad i don't have anywhere to be [23:48:35] katiekatenz: what time is it over there, steve? [23:48:36] guaaaache: I don't know if anyone remembers when he wrote a post saying "fuck the meds, I got drunk instead" [23:48:50] NyquilSteve317: almost 3 AM, kate [23:48:55] guaaaache: where are you, katie? [23:49:04] NyquilSteve317: katie is everywhere and nowhere [23:49:06] katiekatenz: i remember that post, and now possibly know who you guys are talking about!!! [23:49:10] NyquilSteve317: she is one with the universe [23:49:17] NyquilSteve317: we're talking about herm [23:49:23] katiekatenz: what are you drinking, steve? [23:49:27] NyquilSteve317: vodka, kate [23:49:29] NyquilSteve317: lots of vodka [23:49:34] katiekatenz: i thought that person was female? [23:49:38] NyquilSteve317: have been for quite a while [23:49:43] katiekatenz: nice [23:49:44] guaaaache: I talked to him here on aim until about 5 in the morning his time [23:49:45] NyquilSteve317: he she is a he she [23:49:51] guaaaache: seems like that's is what he needs most [23:49:53] guaaaache: people to talk to [23:49:56] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:50:04] guaaaache: but he's sort of given up on people because of his gf, I think [23:50:14] guaaaache: so where are you katie [23:50:22] katiekatenz: "confused land" :P [23:50:25] NyquilSteve317: i already explained [23:50:30] NyquilSteve317: she is everywhere and nowhere [23:50:34] NyquilSteve317: she is one with the universe [23:50:37] NyquilSteve317: an instrument of god [23:50:39] katiekatenz: christchurch, new zealand [23:50:48] katiekatenz: you? [23:50:49] Flami: I think I remember that post, Mikaela [23:50:49] guaaaache: OH, A NEIGHBOUR OF SORTS [23:50:56] NyquilSteve317: if i didn't have a map, i would have swore you made that name up [23:50:57] katiekatenz: you an aussie ? [23:50:58] guaaaache: Australia [23:51:02] guaaaache: yep [23:51:04] katiekatenz: i seeee [23:51:07] NyquilSteve317: ut oh! you guys gonna rumble [23:51:11] katiekatenz: haha [23:51:16] katiekatenz: maybe, steve... maybe [23:51:18] Flami: oh, now I know why you're talking about aftershocks [23:51:29] katiekatenz: yeah, haha [23:51:31] NyquilSteve317: i don't wanna miss that dance [23:51:51] guaaaache: I've never been to NZ [23:52:00] katiekatenz: i've never left nz, haha [23:52:11] guaaaache: have you been to both islands? [23:52:20] guaaaache: I've never been to tasmania, so my answer is no [23:52:27] katiekatenz: yes! i've done that at least [23:52:40] NyquilSteve317: now im singin that one weird-ass song [23:52:51] guaaaache: tasmania makes me think of apples [23:52:57] NyquilSteve317: well, ive never been to spaaaaayyaaaainn, but ive been to oklahoma [23:53:01] NyquilSteve317: who the fuck sings that song [23:53:04] guaaaache: you [23:53:07] katiekatenz: it makes me think of the tasmanian devil [23:53:14] guaaaache: I want to meet one [23:53:19] guaaaache: I'll give it an apple [23:53:20] NyquilSteve317: they seem so happy [23:53:24] NyquilSteve317: they're dying [23:53:31] guaaaache: they're kind of cute [23:53:45] guaaaache: I wish the tasmania tiger wasn't extinct [23:53:54] NyquilSteve317: it's not, it lives in my attic [23:53:58] katiekatenz: there was a tiger? [23:54:01] katiekatenz: that is badass [23:54:02] NyquilSteve317: yes [23:54:06] guaaaache: it's not really a tiger, I'll get a picture [23:54:07] NyquilSteve317: it was a zebra tiger [23:54:10] NyquilSteve317: dog thing [23:54:17] NyquilSteve317: it was all genetic weirdness [23:54:21] NyquilSteve317: and someone shot it by accident [23:54:24] NyquilSteve317: the last one [23:54:27] NyquilSteve317: someone shot it [23:54:28] NyquilSteve317: oops [23:54:30] guaaaache: Resurrecting the extinct Tasmanian Tiger from preserved DNA [23:54:43] Flami: wow [23:55:34] katiekatenz: that is cool [23:55:49] NyquilSteve317: anybody gonna help me with my wood stove dilemma [23:56:03] katiekatenz: did you read the blog that pic was from? about injecting the genes into mice? [23:56:05] guaaaache: it only lives on the side of beer bottles now [23:56:39] katiekatenz: oh! beer! yum [23:56:41] NyquilSteve317: we'll remember you fondly while downing some suds [23:56:52] katiekatenz: they have made it look more tigery [23:57:06] NyquilSteve317: cos tigers are kittehz, and kittehz sell beer [23:57:10] guaaaache: I don't think that beer is very nice [23:57:25] NyquilSteve317: huh? [23:57:26] guaaaache: sorry, Tasmania. I don't like your beer [23:57:32] katiekatenz: ha [23:57:41] katiekatenz: now mexican beer is lovely [23:58:00] guaaaache: where did you find that? [23:58:11] NyquilSteve317: mexican beer is okay [23:58:15] NyquilSteve317: tecate or whatever [23:58:20] NyquilSteve317: i don't care for corona that much [23:58:24] NyquilSteve317: had some the other day [23:58:27] guaaaache: I've only tried belgian, german, and italian beer [23:58:36] guaaaache: australian beer is crap as far as I'm concerned [23:58:37] katiekatenz: i love corona! [23:58:37] NyquilSteve317: guinness! [23:58:45] NyquilSteve317: guinness! is the best beer ever! [23:58:52] NyquilSteve317: THE BEST! [23:58:54] Flami: haven't had that in a while [23:58:54] katiekatenz: never tried that [23:58:55] NyquilSteve317: hands down! [23:58:58] guaaaache: yeah, but you have to let it sit for like an hour before you can even drink it [23:59:03] NyquilSteve317: you gotta get a draft one [23:59:03] katiekatenz: sounds gross [23:59:04] NyquilSteve317: off tap [23:59:14] NyquilSteve317: no, it's like 10 minutes [23:59:17] NyquilSteve317: and it's fucking amazing [23:59:25] guaaaache: I find it's better if you leave it an hour [23:59:26] NyquilSteve317: you can drink it out of a bottle now, too [23:59:28] NyquilSteve317: it has nitrogen in it [23:59:29] katiekatenz: is it like a meal in a cup? [23:59:37] NyquilSteve317: no, it's actually light [23:59:38] guaaaache: it's just really thick like mud [23:59:42] NyquilSteve317: and very smooth [23:59:45] NyquilSteve317: no, it's not! it's delicious [23:59:47] guaaaache: unless you let it sit [23:59:58] NyquilSteve317: it's so beautiful [00:00:01] NyquilSteve317: i love it soo much [00:00:03] NyquilSteve317: it's refreshing [00:00:04] katiekatenz: a thick beer? you know, that sounds sick [00:00:08] NyquilSteve317: and rather low cal, considering [00:00:11] guaaaache: it's fully black, dude [00:00:25] NyquilSteve317: yes [00:00:32] guaaaache: but there's a pub close by that always has it on tap, and it's not that expensive [00:00:40] NyquilSteve317: it's wonderful [00:00:40] guaaaache: considering it comes in a much bigger glass than other beer [00:00:46] NyquilSteve317: nobody pours a good guinness in my town [00:01:09] guaaaache: that sucks for you [00:01:09] guaaaache: come to my suburb and go to that pub, then [00:01:09] NyquilSteve317: i know! i have to pour my own [00:01:14] NyquilSteve317: not the same [00:01:26] NyquilSteve317: i think i can get a keg [00:01:27] NyquilSteve317: i should get one [00:01:27] guaaaache: yes, you should [00:01:37] NyquilSteve317: i would be drunk for at least 3 days [00:01:45] NyquilSteve317: that could be my vacation [00:01:45] guaaaache: amazing [00:02:01] NyquilSteve317: im going on vacation! where to? nowhere! got a keg o guinness in the garage, see ya in 4 days [00:02:07] katiekatenz: so guaaaache what is your lj name?? [00:02:14] guaaaache: embryogirl [00:02:14] guaaaache: yours? [00:02:15] NyquilSteve317: douche [00:02:16] katiekatenz: haha, steve [00:02:20] katiekatenz: that would be fantastical [00:02:22] NyquilSteve317: oh i mean embryogirl [00:02:51] guaaaache: douche is the noise you make when punching someone [00:03:00] AmethystBrackish: I fucking hate my step-dad, I hope he rots in fucking hell... *sigh* [00:03:07] NyquilSteve317: thwap [00:03:09] NyquilSteve317: or thud [00:03:14] Flami: doosh [00:03:14] NyquilSteve317: what did step dad do? [00:03:18] guaaaache: I hear a distinct doosh [00:03:20] Flami: a douche is an asshole [00:03:21] NyquilSteve317: kadoosh [00:03:34] guaaaache: douche is so american as far as insults go [00:03:43] NyquilSteve317: man, i wanna punch a watermelon now! [00:03:54] guaaaache: lol, I remember when people used to call people "tosser" here [00:03:54] katiekatenz: and amethyst, what is your lj name? [00:03:55] NyquilSteve317: "g'day" is sooo australian as far as greetings go [00:04:07] guaaaache: I don't actually know anyone who says it anymore [00:04:15] guaaaache: I think it's a country / older person thing [00:04:27] NyquilSteve317: well, that's disappointing [00:04:29] guaaaache: same as "fair dinkum" [00:04:33] katiekatenz: "tosser" is cool [00:04:37] guaaaache: which is tony abbott's favourite thing to say [00:04:39] NyquilSteve317: "tosser" is british, is it not? [00:04:40] NyquilSteve317: slang for "wanker" [00:04:46] NyquilSteve317: masturbator [00:04:47] AmethystBrackish: fucking comes home drunk, and throws more of a hissy fit than my 5-year-old. eats my fucking pizza (i'm fat, don't mess with a fat girl's food), then starts the passive-aggressive comments under his fucking breath like I can't hear it [00:04:54] katiekatenz: i like the insult "jerk" [00:05:04] guaaaache: jerkface [00:05:06] NyquilSteve317: jerk [00:05:09] NyquilSteve317: jerkwad [00:05:11] NyquilSteve317: jerkass [00:05:13] Flami: what an idiot [00:05:15] guaaaache: I like insults that make no sense whatsoever [00:05:19] guaaaache: fuckbag [00:05:20] NyquilSteve317: jerkjerk [00:05:29] guaaaache: twunt [00:05:44] NyquilSteve317: snatchinator [00:05:46] AmethystBrackish: I fucking hope he gets hit by a fucking bus [00:05:53] guaaaache: call him a twunt [00:05:59] NyquilSteve317: mean mean baddy bad [00:06:02] katiekatenz: god, it's been so long since i've been in a chat! im all confused [00:06:04] NyquilSteve317: i think im failing at this [00:06:12] guaaaache: snunt [00:06:36] NyquilSteve317: don't worry, kate [00:06:42] NyquilSteve317: i don't know what's going on [00:06:43] guaaaache: I like it when people try to say "motherfucking" all the time, but then they get all lazy, and just say "muffucking" [00:06:46] NyquilSteve317: i get confused when i try to tie my shoes [00:06:47] katiekatenz: haha [00:07:01] katiekatenz: you should def get velcro ones [00:07:14] NyquilSteve317: i've tried to find some! [00:07:17] NyquilSteve317: i love velcro [00:07:19] guaaaache: kate, what is your lj name [00:07:26] NyquilSteve317: we used to have kangaroo shoes that were all velcro [00:07:27] katiekatenz: insane_smiles [00:07:28] guaaaache: I have velcro shoes. just putting it out there [00:07:29] NyquilSteve317: i loved em [00:07:40] NyquilSteve317: i think they don't exist anymore [00:07:46] NyquilSteve317: either of you eat kangaroo before? [00:07:49] NyquilSteve317: is it tasty? [00:07:52] guaaaache: not yet [00:07:57] guaaaache: I keep meaning to [00:08:00] katiekatenz: i dont post in my journal anymore... i got scared because i forgot to make things friends-only, and google people could find my shit [00:08:00] katiekatenz: haha [00:08:02] guaaaache: but I don't know how to cook it myself [00:08:20] guaaaache: I'll have to wait until I eat it out somewhere where it's cooked by someone who knows what they're doing [00:08:22] katiekatenz: we have kangaroo pet food here, and it freaks me out [00:08:31] NyquilSteve317: ? [00:08:32] guaaaache: we can buy kangaroo sausages, though [00:08:33] guaaaache: why? [00:08:34] NyquilSteve317: pet? [00:08:38] NyquilSteve317: those bitches be mean [00:08:41] NyquilSteve317: they box and kick and shit [00:08:45] NyquilSteve317: and are all smart assy about it [00:08:55] NyquilSteve317: just wondering about kangas [00:08:59] guaaaache: they generally kill you if they kick you [00:09:00] NyquilSteve317: cos they gotta be useful for something [00:09:02] NyquilSteve317: yes [00:09:07] NyquilSteve317: they're bitches like that [00:09:10] guaaaache: they rip you open [00:09:13] NyquilSteve317: them and ostrich and emus [00:09:17] guaaaache: and your guts fall on the ground [00:09:20] NyquilSteve317: big as fucking dork birds [00:09:23] NyquilSteve317: and you get to see it [00:09:27] NyquilSteve317: cos its a slow painful death [00:09:29] guaaaache: I've only seen a real emu once [00:09:36] guaaaache: and it was in the distance [00:09:38] katiekatenz: that should be a movie for sure [00:09:38] guaaaache: it was running [00:09:40] guaaaache: it was cool [00:09:50] NyquilSteve317: they freak me the fuck out [00:10:06] katiekatenz: im sure people farm them here [00:10:13] NyquilSteve317: hi, bird! oh, you're gonna kill me bird! well, i don't like you! [00:10:13] katiekatenz: maybe thats ostriches [00:10:23] guaaaache: All Around Philly: Anyone Lose An Emu? [00:10:27] NyquilSteve317: we have a few ostriches on farms around here [00:10:32] NyquilSteve317: they piss me off [00:10:34] NyquilSteve317: them and llamas [00:10:48] NyquilSteve317: OH FUCK YOU FOR THAT PICTURE! [00:10:55] guaaaache: we have alpacas [00:10:55] NyquilSteve317: see that! pure fucking evil! [00:11:01] NyquilSteve317: alpacas are awesome [00:11:05] NyquilSteve317: you can get rich off them bitches [00:11:20] Flami: DAMN IT [00:11:28] guaaaache: Zodiac Ranch Alpaca [00:11:48] NyquilSteve317: look at all that expensive fur [00:11:48] guaaaache: I think they're worth $5000 each or something [00:11:54] NyquilSteve317: they can get to be more than that [00:11:56] NyquilSteve317: like way more [00:11:59] NyquilSteve317: its ridiculous [00:12:03] guaaaache: that's when they're born [00:12:03] AmethystBrackish: ooooo fluffy [00:12:17] NyquilSteve317: oh ok [00:12:29] NyquilSteve317: i have heard 75-90k american for the swanky ones [00:12:40] guaaaache: I don't really know how it works. they're worth $5000 when they're born and magically become more worthy when they grow up [00:12:57] NyquilSteve317: more fur to harvest [00:13:07] katiekatenz: aw.. computer says no [00:13:11] guaaaache: I'm trying to think of another weird australian animal to link to [00:13:24] NyquilSteve317: what did computer say no to? [00:13:30] guaaaache: the alpaca? [00:13:31] katiekatenz: picture [00:13:36] NyquilSteve317: oh [00:13:40] AmethystBrackish: there is an alpaca farm somewhere near my cousin's house... I think I might go steal one [00:13:41] katiekatenz: all good [00:13:48] NyquilSteve317: well, it's just a poofy alpaha that would change your life [00:13:50] NyquilSteve317: no big deal [00:14:12] guaaaache: kate, have you seen a real kiwi? [00:14:26] NyquilSteve317: i have eaten a kiwi before [00:14:29] katiekatenz: at the wildlife place, yeah [00:14:37] katiekatenz: oh harsh, steve [00:14:38] guaaaache: how big are they? [00:14:39] katiekatenz: haha [00:14:53] katiekatenz: smallish? haha, i was young [00:15:06] guaaaache: Kiwi Egg [00:15:21] guaaaache: I will rename it Birdbear [00:15:24] NyquilSteve317: that thing looks angry at the genes it got dealt [00:15:27] guaaaache: or Bearbird, maybe [00:15:31] NyquilSteve317: or lunch [00:15:35] AmethystBrackish: kiwi is good [00:15:41] katiekatenz: that one's clearly fucked in the head... they don't like to come out at night [00:16:19] guaaaache: ok... something cute, then Australian frilled-neck lizard [00:16:45] NyquilSteve317: whenever i see those lizards, i wanna dance with them [00:17:01] guaaaache: they have been known to run up people's legs and bite them on the dick [00:17:04] guaaaache: for some strange reason [00:17:05] NyquilSteve317: we would frolic and spin [00:17:17] guaaaache: wow, apparently we have a type of camel here [00:17:18] NyquilSteve317: well, sometimes ya just gotta have dick, i suppose [00:17:22] guaaaache: well, not here, in the desert [00:17:38] guaaaache: Australian desert animals [00:17:40] Flami: spotted dick? [00:17:52] NyquilSteve317: gross [00:17:59] AmethystBrackish: creepy [00:18:11] NyquilSteve317: brits and their weird-ass pies and shit [00:18:13] NyquilSteve317: meat pie [00:18:20] katiekatenz: righto, fellas... i have to go now, i've talked my man into dyeing my hair for me :P [00:18:21] NyquilSteve317: dick shit [00:18:24] NyquilSteve317: boiled meats [00:18:29] NyquilSteve317: g'nite, kate kate [00:18:30] katiekatenz: enjoy [00:18:38] NyquilSteve317: oh wait [00:18:38] guaaaache: enjoy the chemicals [00:18:40] NyquilSteve317: im drunk [00:18:46] katiekatenz: i shall! [00:18:49] NyquilSteve317: did that say you're leaving? [00:18:52] NyquilSteve317: jesus [00:18:55] guaaaache: and the resulting colours [00:18:57] NyquilSteve317: its late and booze [00:19:04] katiekatenz: purple!!! yay [00:19:10] Flami: wow, I can see previews for the link here [00:19:11] katiekatenz: yes [00:19:14] NyquilSteve317: i should dye my hair [00:19:15] Flami: see ya [00:19:16] katiekatenz: bye [00:19:21] NyquilSteve317: bye [00:19:27] guaaaache: we have terrible spiders [00:19:28] *** katiekatenz has left the conversation. [00:19:34] guaaaache: not sure I'm willing to google image them [00:19:47] Flami: probably not a good idea [00:19:54] guaaaache: we have a huge spider that actually attacks you [00:20:01] guaaaache: like it chases you [00:20:03] guaaaache: and bites you [00:20:11] guaaaache: I've never seen one [00:20:16] NyquilSteve317: im out [00:20:21] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the conversation. [00:20:32] guaaaache: he must have felt himself passing out [00:20:42] guaaaache: it's almost dinner time here [00:20:56] AmethystBrackish: or he passed out face first on the keyboard haha [00:21:09] guaaaache: but he said he was going? [00:21:20] Flami: ah, okay... I should probably leave too.. time to try sleeping! (12:21 AM here) [00:21:28] guaaaache: so he was like 'shit, bye *die*' [00:21:33] Flami: EWWWWWWWW! what kind of spider is that? [00:21:35] AmethystBrackish: pretty much [00:21:39] guaaaache: LOL [00:21:48] guaaaache: it's called a funnel web [00:22:02] guaaaache: he's a hunting spider, but makes a meshy sticky web [00:22:11] guaaaache: that spins around into the shape of a funnel [00:22:13] Flami: note to self: do not Google Image Search that [00:22:25] guaaaache: it's big and black with a kind of purple bum [00:22:43] guaaaache: it's kind of like a tarantula [00:22:45] guaaaache: which we also have [00:23:08] guaaaache: but the difference is the tarantula gives you a lot more warning before attacking [00:23:18] Flami: ah [00:23:37] AmethystBrackish: omg I googled it, and started twitching [00:23:49] guaaaache: the funnel web lifts the front half of its body off the ground to line up its teeth, then runs at you only on 4 legs [00:24:06] guaaaache: you know what freaked me out when I found out? [00:24:10] guaaaache: spiders actually have arms [00:24:25] guaaaache: little arms which they use to push food into their mouth [00:24:39] AmethystBrackish: haha [00:24:45] AmethystBrackish: nom nom nom [00:25:00] guaaaache: Funnel Web [00:25:14] Flami: ack! [00:25:23] guaaaache: I actually got scared [00:25:24] AmethystBrackish: *twitch* [00:25:27] guaaaache: i didn't want to click on the pictures [00:26:25] guaaaache: also, the funnel web is very venomous [00:26:50] guaaaache: but we have this other massive spider which is harmless [00:26:53] guaaaache: it's just fucking huge [00:27:03] AmethystBrackish: glad you used "venomous" and not "poisonous" [00:27:29] guaaaache: Huntsman Spider [00:27:32] guaaaache: what's the difference? [00:27:59] AmethystBrackish: poison is ingested while venom is injected [00:29:00] guaaaache: I'm confused [00:29:05] guaaaache: why were you saying you're glad? [00:30:19] AmethystBrackish: a friend of mine used to always start going on a tangent when someone would mix them up. It kinda rubbed off on me. [00:30:41] Flami: nice! [00:30:46] guaaaache: ah ok, well I guess it would be wrong to say it's poisonous [00:30:55] guaaaache: since it has venom and it injects [00:30:56] AmethystBrackish: since you're not eating it [00:31:21] guaaaache: do you guys use facebook? [00:31:32] guaaaache: do you have people on your list who act really differently on there compared to real life? [00:31:32] AmethystBrackish: sadly, yes lol [00:31:35] guaaaache: it freaks me out [00:31:44] guaaaache: sadly, me too. I hate the website so much, and yet I remain [00:31:53] AmethystBrackish: samesies [00:32:19] guaaaache: it's made people so lazy and shallow when it comes to communicating [00:32:45] AmethystBrackish: I love when people post personal crap about their lives on there. I barely post anything anymore [00:33:18] guaaaache: yeah, they forget that they've added all these people who can SEE that shit [00:33:40] guaaaache: I don't understand people who add like 500, 1000, or more people [00:33:49] guaaaache: you can't keep track of everyone, what's the point? [00:34:01] guaaaache: and no doubt those people aren't following your page, either [00:34:31] AmethystBrackish: like this one chick I knew in high school said something along the lines of "I can't believe he hit me," and stated smack-talking him. then the next week, she was talking about how she hopes her dad is okay in the hospital, but she's on her way to the city to see her boyfriend. the guy who punched her face in [00:35:07] guaaaache: that is fucked up [00:35:32] guaaaache: there's some girl on my list who keeps writing "just had the best day with my beautiful name. Thank you so much, Raymond, for taking me out for the wonderful lunch and blah blah blah" [00:35:41] guaaaache: you know, I would just say that to the person directly and NOT on facebook! [00:35:53] guaaaache: man not name lol [00:36:01] AmethystBrackish: lol [00:36:28] guaaaache: I heard this hilarious conversation on the train once [00:36:35] Flami: haha... I use Facebook [00:36:48] guaaaache: these two people who obviously worked together, and the guy was leaving the office [00:37:01] Flami: I don't get that... I know people who've added more than 1500 [00:37:08] guaaaache: the woman was like "well, now that you're leaving, we should figure out how we're going to stay in touch... do you have facebook?" [00:37:10] AmethystBrackish: The only thing I ever posted on there that was kinda out of the ordinary for me was on my birthday... my boyfriend got me a lightsaber, and I just had to post how much I loved it and him for getting it. [00:37:24] Flami: haha, nice [00:37:28] guaaaache: he said: "well, yeah, but I haven't logged in like a year... I don't see the point" [00:37:38] guaaaache: she said: "oh, it's just easier to stay in touch on facebook" [00:37:48] guaaaache: he said: "I don't see how, I have a phone and email address" [00:37:54] AmethystBrackish: lol [00:38:01] Flami: people love the Internet [00:38:03] guaaaache: five minutes passed when she kept trying to convince him to use facebook because 'it's easier' [00:38:32] guaaaache: and then he cracked, and yelled at her: "JANELLE, I AM NOT GOING TO USE FACEBOOK TO TALK TO YOU! WE ARE FUCKING NEIGHBOURS! WE LIVE IN THE SAME BUILDING, AND YOU HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER!" [00:38:55] AmethystBrackish: I'm not going to lie... I facebook stalk the shit out of everyone I know that I'm too afraid won't remember me, or I wasn't cool enough for [00:39:06] guaaaache: oh yeah, I do that too [00:39:09] AmethystBrackish: LOL [00:39:12] Flami: HAHAHA [00:39:22] guaaaache: I just see if anyone has their profile partially available [00:39:31] guaaaache: because they're too dumb to change the settings and privatise everything [00:39:42] guaaaache: I can see some people's walls and photos even though I'm not their friend [00:40:27] AmethystBrackish: yeah, facebook has too many privacy settings. I'm not sure if mine is private or not [00:40:54] guaaaache: I periodically check because when they make changes, some things go back to default [00:41:08] guaaaache: which means your stuff is set to "viewable by friends and their friends" [00:41:13] guaaaache: I don't want "their friends" to see anything [00:41:17] AmethystBrackish: O_O lol [00:41:45] guaaaache: that's why I can see some people's page because we have mutual friends [00:43:00] AmethystBrackish: I hate that my full name is in the link [00:43:10] guaaaache: you can change that [00:43:27] AmethystBrackish: can you... ooooh, I'm learning. tell me more [00:43:32] guaaaache: I have a made-up last name on there [00:43:40] guaaaache: um, just go into settings and you should be able to find it [00:44:02] guaaaache: I don't know exactly where to tell you because my facebook is in french [00:44:08] guaaaache: so I can't tell you the exact english links to go to [00:44:20] AmethystBrackish: lol why french? [00:44:39] guaaaache: I can speak some french [00:45:04] Flami: yeah, good idea [00:45:22] guaaaache: good idea? [00:45:30] Flami: mine is in Pirate, so I wouldn't be able to tell you, either [00:45:40] Flami: good idea to check the privacy settings [00:45:46] AmethystBrackish: I should change mine to spanish, but I know one of these days I'll forget what I did. when I come on I'll be like "WTF is this bullshit?" [00:45:56] guaaaache: LOL I was just going to mention the pirate one [00:46:20] guaaaache: lol, sometimes I'm worried I won't understand a word in french, and fuck something up [00:46:22] guaaaache: but it's ok so far [00:46:39] guaaaache: nothing is worded too complicated on facebook [00:47:44] AmethystBrackish: haha yeah. maybe I should at least learn to read spanish, even if I can't speak it [00:48:03] Flami: haha [00:48:11] AmethystBrackish: can you see my profile doohicky? [00:48:15] guaaaache: I read and write so much better than I speak [00:48:58] guaaaache: just info, profile picture, and the school you went to [00:49:02] guaaaache: also your friends list [00:49:07] guaaaache: tell me if mine's fine? [00:49:42] AmethystBrackish: current city, hometown, and profile pic [00:50:07] guaaaache: cool [00:50:12] guaaaache: safe :-) [00:50:47] AmethystBrackish: what info is visible on mine? [00:50:53] Flami: what about mine? [00:51:05] AmethystBrackish: female, and a picture of a banana [00:51:11] Flami: haha, phew [00:51:31] Flami: it's the REJECTED banana! :D [00:51:47] AmethystBrackish: it looks cracked out [00:52:02] guaaaache: WE ARE ALL SMART [00:52:07] Flami: haha... you should see it [00:52:17] guaaaache: I almost want to add you guys now, so I have smart people on my list [00:52:19] guaaaache: but that's random [00:52:38] AmethystBrackish: go ahead, I'd feel special [00:52:49] Flami: YAY FOR BEING SMART! [00:53:03] Flami: haha, I've gotten more random friend requests before [00:53:12] Flami: so yeah, go for it [00:53:41] guaaaache: awesome! [00:53:47] guaaaache: I prefer to have strangers on my list, actually [00:53:49] guaaaache: thanks, guys [00:53:55] AmethystBrackish: haha [00:54:22] AmethystBrackish: I'm trying to figure out how to hide my damn friends list [00:54:39] guaaaache: you have to unclick something in your settings, maybe [00:55:06] AmethystBrackish: haha, found it [00:55:08] Flami: something like that, maybe [00:56:05] Flami: Ye got a request to join your crew. [00:56:18] guaaaache: yew [00:56:30] Flami: "Ahoy There! 1 sorry lout thinks they're yer mate!" [00:56:30] guaaaache: you have to read that in the accent of cat [00:56:31] guaaaache: yew [00:56:38] guaaaache: HAHAHAHA [00:56:49] AmethystBrackish: haha wtf? [00:57:02] guaaaache: "Mikaela et Katrina Robbins sont maintenant ami(e)s." [00:57:03] Flami: I'm amused by Pirate Speak [00:57:33] AmethystBrackish: hate my last name [00:57:52] guaaaache: aww it's all right [00:57:56] guaaaache: it reminds me of ice cream [00:57:59] Flami: it's okay [00:58:04] guaaaache: ice cream I don't like, but ice cream all the same [00:58:08] Flami: oh yeah, I can see how you'd get it [00:58:09] AmethystBrackish: lol [01:00:00] Flami: nice display picture, Kat [01:00:15] AmethystBrackish: yes, yes [01:00:24] Flami: "Ye now be maties with Katrina Robbins. Spy on the lasses Litany of Misdeeds to spy portraits like these:" [01:00:59] guaaaache: lol [01:00:59] AmethystBrackish: what the? [01:01:02] guaaaache: OH FUCK, YOU GUYS [01:01:07] guaaaache: I just got my period :-( [01:01:12] guaaaache: time to whip out the tampons [01:01:14] AmethystBrackish: I am completely confused by pirate speak [01:01:20] guaaaache: too bad Steve is gone and not able to experience this with me [01:01:33] AmethystBrackish: lol [01:01:59] Flami: HAHAHAHA... I just read about a place called Le Tampon! [01:02:11] Flami: I got mine yesterday [01:02:23] Flami: knowing Steve, he'd follow up with something about penis [01:02:52] Flami: "Litany of Misdeeds" = your wall [01:02:54] AmethystBrackish: still no sign of mine, but I think it's around the corner, if not... errr... I guess I will have to move to Puerto Rico [01:03:12] guaaaache: he's always trying to say something for shock value [01:03:22] guaaaache: I didn't get that for ages and kept going "what, what do you mean?" [01:04:03] Flami: ah, yeah... me too [01:04:11] guaaaache: I just thought he was really rude [01:04:30] guaaaache: but he occasionally lets it slip that he's a big softie! [01:06:05] guaaaache: we all have the right idea of not putting ourselves in the visible profile picture [01:06:30] guaaaache: it must be so late where you guys are [01:06:53] AmethystBrackish: lol, I just hate the way I look... notice, not a lot of pictures of myself [01:06:57] Flami: I think it's later for Kat than it is for me... it's "only" 1:06 AM here, yet I have to be up by 8 [01:07:13] AmethystBrackish: it's 4:10 here [01:07:19] Flami: I don't exactly like the way I look, either [01:07:33] guaaaache: I mainly don't see the point of having heaps of photos of myself [01:07:36] guaaaache: I know what I look like [01:07:49] guaaaache: I'm pretty apathetic [01:08:27] Flami: meh, yeah [01:08:51] AmethystBrackish: shit shit shit my son is awake. gotta go [01:08:59] guaaaache: ok [01:09:59] Flami: okay [01:10:50] Flami: I might as well go and try to get ready for bed myself! guess I'll talk to you later :) [01:11:02] guaaaache: yeah, I might have dinner now [01:11:03] guaaaache: LOL [01:11:09] Flami: haha, nice [01:11:11] guaaaache: it's after 6 PM [01:11:20] Flami: ah... [01:11:28] guaaaache: sleep well, guys [01:11:49] *** guaaaache has left the conversation.

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