Saturday, September 25, 2004

How Depressed are You? (45% here...)

How Depressed are You? This is courtesy of Puppy via Our Place.

[] You wear mainly black.
[x] You have had 5 or more arguments with your parents.
[] You own a pair of ripped jeans.
[x] You've cried yourself to sleep.
[x] You've thought about suicide. (a LONG time ago!)
[] You've screamed so loud that your throat hurt.
Total: 3

[x] You did or still do constantly worry what other people think.
[x] You own / owned at least one metal CD.
[] You buy / bought stuff from Hot Topic.
[x] Sometimes you'd rather be someone else.
[] You wear eyeliner.
[x] Even with your friends, you're quiet and or sad. (sometimes)
[] You cry (almost) every day.
[] You cry at least once a week.
[] You'd never be seen in bright pink.
[] You have taken drugs.
[] You have smoked pot.
[] You have smoked cigarettes.
[] You've lost a close loved one(s).
[] You wanted an old love back, but they didn't want you.
Total: 4

[] Right this second, you want to die.
[] Your bedroom wall(s) is / are black or dark colors.
[] You've attempted to starve yourself.
[] You've dyed your hair black.
[] You've dyed your arm hair.
[] Your computer is full of or has Gothic symbols.
[x] You sometimes feel like the whole world is against you.
[x] You stay up late.
[x] Sometimes your family couldn't care less about you.
[] You only leave your room to pee and eat.
[x] You drink / drank / tasted alcohol.
Total: 4

[] You wear long sleeves in the summer.
[] You have fallen down from crying so hard before.
[] You wear / have worn spikes.
[] You wear / have worn chains.
[] You have at least one band Tee.
[] You own merchandise of The Used.
[x] You own / owned a death metal CD.
[] Your Myspace is or ever was black / Gothic / emo.
Total: 1

[] You dislike your siblings.
[] You care more about your looks than a lot of more important things.
[] You go into mosh pits.
[x] Your hair is currently black. (this shouldn't count since it's natural...)
[] You own handcuffs.
[] Satan is your homie.
[] You own at least one shirt with sayings.
[x] You have / had to take medicine because of depression.
[] You lick or have licked your blood when you are bleeding.
[] You welcome the sight of blood.
Total: 2

Now take all your total numbers, add them, and then multiply your answer by 3; repost as "I am % Depressed!" (45%)

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Talking to Spoz, Stephen, Corey, and Eric / Doctor Unheimlich

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CITRUS.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been awesome knowing you all these years.

I'm at the Netaholics Café again today; it's no surprise!
signed into MSN with the name "resident PC A.I. subroutine alien".. Spoz immediately buzzed me..
explained my "mysterious disappearance" to him.. definitely an amusing hilarious day-starter! ;)
updated him on various things.. he said G's in hiding, doh!
also talked to Stephen.. thank goodness he didn't mind all those messages I left him! ("anytime," even)
Eric seemed surprised I was on MSN.. at least this place is reasonably priced for access, but not the food..
Corey thought I was tricking people with the name.. nope!
Vernon actually emailed me back.. Monday should be fine for dropping it off, but I'll remind him if I see him..
let's just say that I'm reasonably excited since things are coming together with the monitor and the P2..
certainly a good day so far, and I know it will continue!

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Flami's Disorder
Cause:bee sting
Symptoms:tentacle growth, overeating, steam whistling from ears, screaming
Cure:take a day off work
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Netaholics Café

I'm on location at the Netaholics Café tonight.. yes, that IS the real name of this place :P
hopefully, I can find the bus stop to go home in the dark!
Eric came over yesterday, and I even showered while he was here.. I trust him that much ;)
unfortunately, he said that the monitor was broken..
"use it again and it will explode.. seriously!" (hahaha)
got an offer from someone else today as I was going to make it out over here.. I'm guessing that's a good thing..
tomorrow, I will definitely go to Fellowship with Eric..
those will be good times.. NOT calling someone again!
I'm sure I've crossed the fine lines between updates, being annoying, and being a low-grade stalker somewhere :P

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Compliments and surprises / Quizzes

I'm posting from the library yet again.. still offline..
got a "capable" compliment from Auntie Vivian on Saturday..
just managed to talk to a certain someone that night, but my evil phone card kicked in and booted me back to the menu..
received a lecture on Sunday.. wish they'd just disappear..
needed reassurance, so left a longish message with someone's voice mail.. all apologies if you're reading..
Alyssa sent me a surprise birthday card on Monday..
saw Karen at the Cactus Club while I was annoyed with things that are closed on Mondays..
today, I got a "belated birthday" ecard from Erin..
only two days late this time, as opposed to two YEARS late!
will call Eric when I get home to see when he can come over!
(not banking on someone else's calling.. no confirmation!)

Take the quiz:
How do others see you?

A nice and caring person
Its nice that you're so helpful, but maybe letting people do things on their own once in a while would be nice.

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* A prep (You scored 0)
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