Saturday, April 10, 2004

Jon sounds like Eric! / Sexuality Quiz

spent a very lo-fi day at home.. Corey's very amusing..
I just called Jon, and thought he was Eric for a second..
apparently, he sounds like Eric when he's this sick..
maybe I just have Eric on the brain or something..
there's certainly nothing wrong with THAT, hahaha! ;)
at any rate, he's not going to the Sunrise service tomorrow..
which is probably a good thing for me since I need to sleep!
I've got thoughts swirling round my head as usual.. um, yay?
maybe there will be a resolution to them.. carefulness is key!

You are STRAIGHT! You are so far in the closet, you found that ugly old sweater your grandmother knitted for you.... Not to mention Homophobic!

brought to you by Quizilla

I am not homophobic. At least I have morals. :P

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Friday, April 09, 2004

Jon is Zechariah

had some nice talk before leaving tonight for church.. yay!
Jon's losing his voice, so got Eric to call me instead..
I definitely love Eric, and enjoy spending time with him..
as I thought, he figured my Corona Extra hat had something to do with 12 kegs of beer..
wasn't appropriate for Good Friday, but I didn't buy it..
when we got to the church, Jon went off somewhere..
sat with Eric and watched everyone get ready for the service..
Megan, Phil, Vanessa, Dylan, Dave (a replacement Jesus for Jon), Sean, Jackie, Fidela, Melia, and Brian read Scriptures..

later on, a bunch of us went upstairs to watch hockey..
Dianne tried convincing Derek to switch allegiances..
("our coach is better-looking.. not as many wrinkles!")
no Calgary Flamers here, as everyone else likes the Canucks..
Phil said that Jon was Zechariah.. writing on a paper pad..
Erin wanted Steph's address for a care package to be sent..
Jon tried to get Michelle sick with his unknown virus bug..
I gave some birthday cards to Dave and Chrystal..
discussed a possible trip to Toronto with Jen and Dawn..
definitely a good time with friends.. we lost 2-1, though!

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Talking to Steve and Josh

still as bored as all get out.. talked to Steve and Josh..
they'll be there for me, which is a good thing to know..
it means a lot, and I know certain things are precarious..
I think I may have to email both Chironex and Kempy..
been thinking about it the last few days.. haven't done it..
should do so fairly soon.. Sean's birthday IS next week!
oh, look at who just came on and messaged me..
guess that might take the edge off the boredom while I wait for Jon to call ;)

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A Few Odd Questions / Song Title Meme

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: "... 1950's, numerous African colonies sought independence, sometimes..." (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Into History)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?: besides the computer, a binder and some papers.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?: Sportsnet Pacific highlights

4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what the time is: 11:30 AM

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?: 11:48 AM

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?: Trapt's Headstrong on the radio, Big Sugar's Girl Watcher on CD, and various people coming online and offline on IM programs.

7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing?: At around 8:30 this morning, I was taking out some trash.

8. What are you wearing?: A blue shirt with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on it, blue jeans, beige socks with grey stripes on them, and my blue-and-yellow Corona Extra cap. (everyone likes the cap, and I know certain friends of mine and the kids like my shirt because it's just so cute :D)

9. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?: Checked my email, and Spoz's blog.

10. Did you dream last night?: I don't remember anything.

11: When did you last laugh?: A couple of hours ago, reading old archives in the blog. :D

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?: A few posters here and there, and the cow-shaped clock.

13: Seen anything weird lately?: Alan's William Hung impression.. he had to break it out at the coffeehouse again, HAHAHAHA.

14: What do you think of this quiz?: eh... it's all right...

15: What is the last film you saw?: Passion of the Christ.. saw it with Nate, Eric, and Des.. we had a great discussion afterwards too! :D

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?: A brand-new computer with everything!

17: Tell me something about you that I don't know: I once tried playing the euphonium in Band class.. let's just say that did NOT go well.

18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?: I'd make sure abuse against women / children / minorities was NEVER tolerated!

19: Do you like to dance?: Sure, you should see me at wedding banquets having a good time with everyone else. :D

20: George Bush: At least two of 'em in the world..

21: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?: Tatiana Jordyn Elaine. (NOT Alana after my dad.. hahahaha)

21: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?: Sebastian James Vicson. (but I'd call him Jamie coz.. well.. y'know.. *giggle* yup.. too much Outlander influence there!)

22: Would you ever consider living abroad?: Sure, it sounds very interesting!

Artist: Matthew Good (Band)

1. Are you male or female?: Song For the Girl
2. Describe yourself: I, The Throw-Away
3. How do some people feel about you?: Born To Kill / Under The Influence (can't decide)
4. How do you feel about yourself?: Strangest One of All
5. Describe your girlfriend / boyfriend / interest: Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance
6. Where would you rather be?: Alabama Motel Room
7. Describe what you want to be: Indestructible
8. Describe how you live: The Fine Art of Falling Apart / My Life As A Circus Clown (again, I can't decide)
9. Describe how you love: My Out of Style is Coming Back
10. Share a few words of wisdom: Look Happy, It's The End of the World

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Come with me to the dark side....

had quite a nice chat with Geo and others last night..
discussed new developments, fun stuff, color changes..
for now, the verdict is "how cute".. that, I can live with..
Snoopy thinks I should come with him to the dark side..
then convert a certain other person with naughtiness.. hahaha!
at least I'm able to maintain other friendships with people..
maybe I should also talk to Steve, and email Dave / Kempy..
haven't talked to them and others for such a long time..
partly my fault, and partly MSN spitting the dummy..
I can just imagine what Spoz would say.. gotta talk to him!
Jon will just call me whenever today, which suits me fine..
I'll get to see my friends again at church tonight.. woohoo!

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Unassembled dining room table

now I have an unassembled dining room table here..
talk about things taking up space in my apartment..
I've had the idea that I should have a party sometime..
but I haven't had one for ages.. people are very busy!
maybe next time Eric and Danielle can make it.. we'll see..
things WILL be better on that front.. I do believe it..
I don't care when I see Jon's townhouse.. whenever, eh?

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Two shot equivalents do affect me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLEMENT.. I hope you have a really super one today! :) We won't see you this summer.. boo!

feeling better about certain things today.. friends are good ;)
missing the whole Richmond Crew vibe for some reason..
Avec les compliments de VICTOIRE pink T-shirt, then..
plus the appropriate music to suit: all the Eric-music, haha!
will I miss certain people if I don't talk to them for a day?
guess all I can do is experiment and see about that ;)
(no, I'm not likely talking about anyone reading this, hehehe)
tried the whole vodka experience again, thanks to Corey..
debatable whether it was actually enjoyable, however..
but he was right: two shot equivalents did affect me..
typo-filled messages were BEFORE that, too... oh my!
all to the good, though.. coz I'm feeling lo-fi funky..

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Tips from Spoz and Corey on being a Vodka Girl

Thanks to Corey, I'm now pleasantly buzzed. Wouldn't say I was completely out-of-it drunk as yet (never have gotten that way), but no worries.. I'm a hyper, goofy, happy person when I've had some alcohol in me. :D (not tonight for some reason.. maybe because nobody else is around?!)

No, I don't drink that often.. even if my siblings think it's a bad idea when I consume caffeine / alcohol. :P I'll be more liable to tell you that I love you rather than the opposite, though! That'll be a good thing for certain people who read this, I know. :P (I predict I'll sleep well tonight, though I don't recommend drinking to do so on a regular basis)

This reminds me of the time I told Spoz (the GURU) that I was going to get drunk again.. here's his advice to me:

"hmmm.. odd.. coz, tell ya wot.. from the perspective of someone who's known to get drunk often on the weekends.. you don't usually set OUT to "get drunk".. at least.. it's not a be all and end all.. not one to be cautionary tale.. but, dunno how familiar you are WITH gettin' drunk..
but.. here's a few things to remember.. a useful guide to "enjoy" the drunken experience.. coz, like all things.. it's a lot of fun if you do it right..

"(a) don't get drunk alone.. coz, let's face it.. it's depressing..

(b) the drunk experience loves company.. get a bunch of friends.. get drunk.. you'll have pissloads of fun :)

(c) the drunken experience is a mood magnifier.. wot'ever mood you're in.. it'll boost it.. so, if you're pissed off.. it'll just make you more angry in the end.. if you're already happy tho'.. it'll do wonders..

(d) it's not the be all and end all.. it's pointless to get drunk merely for the sake of being drunk.. (coz, hey.. that's wot teenagers do.. hehehehee).. it's merely a compliment to the social vibe..

(e) find your level.. and stick to it.. ie: drink as much as you want.. till you get to your "happy spot".. then simply only drink as often as barely required.. so sustain that plateau.. for however long you wish to enjoy being in "silly mode"..

(f) alcohol can be a useful excuse.. as a release.. need to tell someone the truth.. try alcohol.. coz, hey.. if you fuck it up... you can blame the alcohol.. but, still get the thing off ya chest..

"coz.. really, wot'ever silliness you do drunk.. you could just as easily do it sober.. if only you can find the state of mind.. it's why people find it near impossible to determine IF I'm drunk or not.. since, I behave the same way drunk as sober.. (well.. ok, there's some telltale signs..)

"then again.. I have a mastery of control.. the beer works its wonders FOR me.. not vice versa ;) I am the guru.. (heheheehe) so.. there ya go.. there's the wisdom I've gained from over 11 years of the "drunken experience".."

That sounded good to me back in September, and still does now. Of course, I'm STILL getting drunk alone.. but don't do that very often. :P

Since I accidentally closed the window with the advice that Corey gave me tonight after I sent him a VERY typo-filled message, here's the summary from my memory:

"being drunk is a depressant, not a stimulant.. so you won't have to worry about going crazy and hyper.. don't drink vodka straight.. that's gross.. mix it with something if you have to drink it.. mix it with Red Bull, but that'll get you really wired since you'll be both drunk and caffeinated.. it's an energy drink, you know..

"get drunk, puking, hangovers.. I don't support getting this drunk, but you have to do it at least once.. that way, you know your limitations and have something to compare it to.. get a small glass, pour about 2 cm of vodka into it, and drink it all at once.. wait a little while, then repeat once more, and possibly again...

"drink rum and coke.. even vanilla coke is good.. Mike's Hard Lemonade won't get you really drunk, even if you have just one.. or just get tonic water stuff for the vodka.. or just orange juice or any kind of juice really for vodka.. even Kool Aid..

"oh, and it's normal not to be able to type well when you've been drinking.. if you're really trying to get drunk, you're not there if you can type.. and if you can walk easily, you're not there yet either.. and if it's mostly worn off within an hour, that means you didn't have enough.."

(The typing thing is all very well, but as Spoz says when he's drunk: "check it out.. no typos.. hehehehe.." As for walking easily, I'm not sure I can do that even when totally sober.. it's my CP and all, y'know!)

Corey has never really experienced me drunk, except maybe on the odd occasion. My siblings always say it's a bad idea to give me alcohol or caffeine, because then I'll get more crazy-hyper than usual. Maybe.. who knows? :P

I told him that I had a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so it wouldn't be a good idea to have a hangover. He said that the doctor would get me all better if I did.. haha, that makes sense.. still, though! :P

Other silliness from Sept. 24:

Hamsterette (12:52 AM) :
sounds good to me.. by the way, Wokka = that friend Warwick Ing?
Spoz (12:53 AM) :
Spoz (12:54 AM) :
weird you'd ask all this information about me friends :-P
Spoz (12:54 AM) :
like you're keeping a profile or something :-P
Spoz (12:54 AM) :
(once more proving you're some kinda artificial intelligence construct..)
Hamsterette (12:55 AM) :
hahaha.. no, I am most certainly not doing that :P
Spoz (12:57 AM) :
makes me wonder tho'.
Hamsterette (12:59 AM) :
I saw a reference to "Warwick & Heidi" in Stuckey's blog.. after I'd seen a reference to "Wokka and Heidi" in yours... just trying to make sure that you're not all Russian people with a zillion nicknames each :P
Spoz (1:00 PM) :
I generally refer to people as their nicknames..

Spoz (1:00 PM) :
it's my thing..
Hamsterette (1:01 PM) :
sounds good.. by the way, read blog.. I believe I mentioned you twice or whatever on the weekend :P
Spoz (1:01 PM) :
er... ok..
Spoz (1:06 PM) :
just been updating my blog..
Spoz (1:06 PM) :
so.. go right ahead.. and read it.. ya spineless baaaaastard.. HA!
Spoz (1:07 PM) :
(y'know.. if that's yer thing.. and unlike your blog.. I don't mention a new birthday each day.. hehehehehehehe)
Hamsterette (1:10 PM) :
hahaha.. can I help it if I know so many people? ;)
Spoz (1:10 PM) :
yer nuts..
Hamsterette (1:13 PM) :
you knew that already, though :P
Spoz (1:14 PM) :
yeah... had that figured..
it's a different kinda nuts tho'.. from wot I'm more familiar with..
Hamsterette (1:15 PM) :
so explain the difference..
Spoz (1:15 PM) :
it's a sorta quiet "keeps to themselves" kinda neighborhood nuts.. y'know.. the dude you walk past everyday.. who's probably quietly burying his / her murder victims in their backyard.. or making a new type of atomic bomb.. ;)
Hamsterette (1:17 PM) :
haha, no.. the only murder victims I come into contact with are those who I read about in true crime books.. and you don't want to know about the only type of atomic bombs I make ;)
Spoz (1:21 PM) :
anywaze dude.. me is outta here..
got Zzzzzzzzzzzz to get...
Spoz (1:22 PM) :
so.. L8rzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hamsterette (1:25 PM) :
seeya then

No, I'm not the next "oh my goodness, she was so QUIET!" murderer to hit the streets and the nation's newspapers. Distracting myself will be good, though.. nobody thinks I'm a sweetheart now. I don't wish that alcohol was an excuse for last week; even if it were, that wouldn't be a good thing.

To quote Saliva's song Rest in Pieces: "Can you find it in your heart to make this go away and let me rest in pieces?" Yes, I'm in pieces (figuratively) over this still.. I didn't mean to cut so deeply, but I did. I've done what I can, though.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Updating Adam and Corey

currently updating Adam and Corey on things..
I really should talk to Adam more, as he has a girlfriend named Melissa..
(no, I'm not interested in stealing him away! :P)
just haven't talked to him for months, but he's okay..
brings back good memories of talking to him in the past..
nothing came up, he's not dead, and things are a go..
that's about all I can tell you for right now.. stay tuned..

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Ministry, Nickelback, the Marble Index, and Yasunori Mitsuda

Here's the music Candy sent me earlier today! :D

Nickelback: The Long Road

1. Flat On The Floor (2:02)
2. Do This Anymore (4:03)
3. Someday (3:27)
4. Believe It Or Not (4:07)
5. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (4:16)
6. Because Of You (3:30)
7. Figured You Out (3:48)
8. Should've Listened (3:42)
9. Throw Yourself Away (3:55)
10. Another Hole In The Head (3:35)
11. See You At The Show (4:07)
12. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) (3:43)
13. Yankin' Out My... (3:35)
14. Learn the Hard Way (2:55)

Total time: 50:53

The Marble Index: Marble Index

1. I Believe (3:41)
2. Not So Bright (2:31)
3. We Can Make It (2:56)
4. That Day (3:50)
5. This Book (2:25)
6. All Right By Now (2:24)
7. On The Phone (3:48)
8. Missing File (3:55)
9. Days Seem Longer (4:34)
10. House Of Mirth (3:30)
11. I Die (4:10)
12. A Lot Of These Things (4:20)

Total time: 42:09

Ministry: Psalm 69

1. N.W.O. (5:30)
2. Just One Fix (5:11)
3. TV II (3:04)
4. Hero (4:13)
5. Jesus Built My Hotrod (4:51)
6. Scarecrow (8:21)
7. Psalm 69 (5:29)
8. Corrosion (4:56)
9. Grace (3:03)

Total time: 44:43

Ministry: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

1. Thieves (5:02)
2. Burning Inside (5:20)
3. Never Believe (4:59)
4. Cannibal Song (6:10)
5. Breathe (5:40)
6. So What (8:13)
7. Test (6:04)
8. Faith Collapsing (4:01)
9. Dream Song (4:46)

Total time: 50:17

Yasunori Mitsuda: Xenogears Creid and Millennial Fair

1. Melkaba (7:24)
2. Two Wings (2:57)
3. Balto (5:34)
4. Creid (4:40)
5. Dajil (4:11)
6. Stairs of Light (3:44)
7. October Mermaid (4:07)
8. Spring Lullaby (5:28)
9. Lahan (4:32)
10. Möbius (6:22)

Total time: 49:02

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Hard-won intimacy and Spoz's opinion

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIEL.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been awesome knowing your friendship.. yay!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It has been nice knowing you as a friend.

finally got that package Candy was talking about..
(it was originally sent at the beginning of February...
was sent back in late March because it was "unclaimed"...
and I got it today... at least eight weeks?!)
wish I could open it now, but I can't.. having discussions..
maybe later on, but that's something I WILL anticipate!
I feel a swirl of emotions, but we will work through this..
somehow, someday.. talking it out is perhaps good..
currently being amused by Sam's Icons Gallery..
zany pictures there from a loveable nerdy dork, yay! ;)
always love talking to him.. we'll keep each other updated..
we know that Spoz rocks for having a great sense of humor..
warm fuzzy platonic feelings are definitely the best, yo!
Canuck playoffs go tonight too.. we are psyched..
let's hope we dispatch those nasty Calgary Flames.. hehe!

certain things come easier late at night..
the weird thoughts your brain has are articulated..
we had somewhat hard-won intimacy on Saturday night..
in the cold light of morning, I find it's not so smooth..
I still believe I care about him in some way..
perhaps not in the way he seems to about me..
everything right now is new and very strange..
at least I confessed to Group Hug.. will it get accepted?
guess I'll have to see about that next week if I remember!
Spoz's words of wisdom will always remain in my mind..
cheers for them, dude.. you helped me through 3 guys! [John, Stephen, and someone else]
(even though you don't know it.. love you anyhow :P)

interestin' to note that online situation.. which I find odd.. coz I always treat online.. as like a "drama-free" zone.. friends, yes.. hanging out.. goofin' around.. you betcha.. am I gonna bother having emotional hangups about anything online.. hell no.. coz there's a reality barrier there.. I exist within it.. yet.. I don't accept online as a real world.. inhabited by real people.. not on a deep psychological level.. on a factual level, yes.. so.. yeah, I guess when I read about people gettin' married on the Internet.. and so forth.. I think, "huh?!?".. that's my take on the situation.. how deep can an emotion be.. expressed merely in text, forum chats, and emoticons?

I know it works for some people, evidently..
don't know if it works for ME, but it is all right..
good thing he never reads this, or even knows of it..
the last person knew of it, and read it obsessively..
it's refreshing to have openness and bounciness..
some fresh air and a different perspective is needed..
we'll see how / where this goes, even with struggles..
trying to convince myself it's true.. posting it in comments..
online IS fraught with peril.. maybe this will be good?
no idea right now. but the journey should be interesting..

the whole thing with him seems so new / strange..
certain things are out in the open now, that's for sure..
he says I drive him crazy, make his pulse race, wants touch..
do I really feel the same way about him? I have no idea..
that's bad, I know.. but I do seriously care about him..
suppose that's a start, though.. we'll see how things go!

additional worries and issues are crowding my brainspace..
I'm not going to get into them now, but here's the summary:
am I doing enough to keep up my end of the bargain?
definitely there will be complications, but I'm committed..
should people be my raison d'être, even if I love them?
nothing to worry about with old friends or otherwise..
there are pros and cons, and admittedly it's scarifying..
I do need Stephen, even if I'm oddly aloof and need some time to warm up to him...

the Memphis Blues Singles Night Out is a good tradition..
odds are that it won't be continued next year, but we'll see..
besides, I'm not exactly single anymore.. dunno about next year, so creative excuses will be coming up!
if things are still going on next year, I can always use Dave's cool exemption for Phil: "the best of both worlds relationship-wise"..
I don't know if I will, though.. might be feeling guilty about it..
but we'll see about all this stuff in about ten months, aye? ;)

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True privacy when you post on the Internet

is there anything truly private where you post on the Net?
I've just been reminded by Stephen that there isn't such a thing..
I guess we will see how things go with whatever goes on..
no idea of things at all.. then again, that's normal stuff..
just wait till a certain thing happens, and we'll see ;)

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

ICBC adjustor and Chinese buns

went to see the ICBC adjustor, and things are finally settled..
thank goodness I got new chairs and other items, as well..
also got some Chinese buns from the bakery.. good stuff..
got home to find IM's of reassurance and understanding..
those are always a good thing from certain people ;)

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Making confessions to the Net

maybe it's time I made a confession to Group Hug / the Net..
at least I put Spoz's thoughts in as a reminder to me!
(found an amusing LJ updater thingy last hour.. yay!)
reminds me.. I must go check blog in case he updated.. woo!

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Yelling at people / Quizzes

my computer is being an extremely temperamental beast..
I've had to restart it four times since I got home at 10:30..
color me definitely NOT impressed, and very frustrated..
I'm sure my neighbors appreciate the cursing at 1 AM..
Corey says I should just yell at Vernon about my P2..
heck, I'd yell at HIM for suggesting that.. but I don't wanna :P
no, I've never really seriously yelled at him in 2.5 years..
and I'm sure as hell not going to start it right now!
yes, I'm more irritable than usual because of redrum issues..
so let that be a warning to all who dare cross my path ;)

Note: Which LJ Friend will give me an orgasm Memegen, by holdmylips.

You are cool and fun to be around. Your reason on earth is to enjoy it while you can.

Personality Quiz
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You are crazy!

the CONFUSING QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Random quiz!
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~*My Very Random Quiz*~
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The Doom Quiz.
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Loved by both men and women -- though you prefer women. People tend to fight over who met you first, and so forth, and people like to steal your created words and phrases. It's gotten to the point where you don't even notice it anymore. So many new bitches, as we all like to claim. Whether you want them or not, they're there. And to stay. Pity. Oh well. No matter how much your friends say you can be a real pimp, your objectives are the same: Get a great wife to cook, and who loves you. And perhaps, maybe, even join the army.....

Nerd Quiz II.
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the whatever quiz (LJ icons)
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Monday, April 05, 2004

A Little Coffee Goes A Long Way

Eric said that Danielle couldn't make it, but it was okay..
we had a great conversation about celebrity-spotting..
the playoffs starting on Wednesday, roadtrips, sports..
his being a "replacement Nathan" in driving people places..
how he forgot to ask me about the ApologetiX CD..
not giving out his number to many people.. online = easy!

got to the coffeehouse; it was more informal than expected..
we talked to Jon, Hon, Erin, Eunice, Dave, Alan, Brian, Megan..
plus some other people scattered about that we knew..
subjects: Corey's paintings, food, music, updates, money..
life, plans, the new townhouse, grad school, Toronto trip..
Steph, Erin's Europe trip, work, buying new places, church..
sports, TV shows, being cheap, people we knew, studying..
Toastmasters stuff, how I got there, the music, She Bangs..
and a whole bunch of other stuff.. being with friends is golden!

Eric and I had another great conversation on the way home..
burning CDs, life, whether he was too easy as a boyfriend..
(nah, he definitely has to do certain things for Fay!)
possibly seeing Starsky and Hutch with Des, humor we liked..
Jon being talented (a first for Eric), money / being bankrupt..
appreciation, jokes, expectations, the "bleep button," etc.
definitely a fun night out.. very relaxing and awesome! :)

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R.I.P. Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain

listening to Nevermind right now for the memories..
the tenth anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death today..
they had a bit on Nirvana on the radio a while ago..
also a bit on Alice in Chains.. I have no CDs of theirs..
Layne Staley died on this date two years ago today..

called Eric just now to confirm tonight's plans..
good thing he was home and hadn't left yet..
whoever answered the phone thought I was Fay.. um, no!
Eric tried to call me before, but I wasn't home.. eh well..
we're good enough friends that we can deal with that..

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Hiding behind your away message is evil fun!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELVIN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great knowing you and Evelyn.. love ya!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HELEN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) Thanks for having us over again.. figure out the TV! ;)

well, I resolved my foodless situation just now by shopping..
I certainly hope Danielle and her brother resolved theirs..
I'll ask Danielle when I see her tonight.. so exciting!
the coffeehouse will be fun, I think.. cheers to Eric!
gotta love friends who will cheerfully drive you places..
don't know if I'll be out till really late, but we'll see..
it'll certainly be a slice of memory with friends, haha..
I've also been hiding behind away messages all day..
(really very much evil fun.. you all should try it sometime)
left the Internet connection on for laughs last night..
not surprised that Stephen messaged me at 5:15 AM..
had an endless "sign on, sign off" thing going for a while ;)
guess he'll have to see if I even talk to him today, hee hee!

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Porn, camp, mystery men, etc.

Corey tried linking me to porn, then making up stories..
thanks, dude.. I love you and all, but honestly!
today, I talked to Daniel, Sarah, Ethan, Andrea, Dianne..
Connie, Citrus, Danielle, Eric, Dave, Phil, and others:
the hockey game, playoffs, Jon's coffeehouse (7:15), life..
updates, Bean Brothers Café, food, birthday cards, hellos..

had lunch with Dave, Eric, and Danielle: Toronto, love, life..
everyone leaving us, grad school, Fay, sports, stress..
scheduling things, playoffs, basketball players, Grizzlies..
money, Jen and smuggling Irish guys / alcohol, haggis party..
the city of Toronto, getting ID'ed for stuff, our plans..
camp (I'm not going!), Steph and her mystery man, height..
the coffeehouse, recycling not being very good, food, etc.

went back to church for a little while: played with the kids..
Hannah, Priscilla, and Julie were playing with each other..
Eric T. wanted to give me a big hug: hey, why not?
all in all, it was a great day for me.. hopefully more to come!

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