Saturday, September 17, 2011

Derek C., Janina, Bianca's Ribbon, and FF II

Derek C. added me to Facebook, and Janina said that she would mail me a card - NICE! I got over 100 birthday wishes on FB, so that's pretty good! Discovered that I couldn't play DRAGON QUEST V since I'm missing an important item (a ribbon) which should be there... UGH! (I'll just play FINAL FANTASY II instead) Paul ended up not here by 9:45 for some reason, but I got phone calls from Jon and Steph about my birthday, so that's fine. The other stuff? I don't know - we'll see!

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"Officially old" at 35 / FOUNDATION / Taking another male in on my birthday

Birthday wishes: Chris W., Billie, Ellen W., Laura, Ryan, Itamar, Jason H., Kaitlin, Sarah G., Susan, Baby's Named A Bad Bad Thing, Unaboard, Crime Library, Sara H., Andrew M., Corey, Hilary, and Connie.

Decided to wish Karen Choo a happy birthday via email, heh. Jon emailed us an update on Paul, and thinks we can go out to eat later. Hey, it's all good if we can combine cheering him up with MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Hahahaha... I'm not evil, and won't think that the apartment fire needed to time itself better! Then Eric called at 6:15 to say he was coming in ten minutes; that earned him a rather piercing "You WHAT?!?!?!?!" He joked that he thought his phone just broke, and said that he was kidding - "I just wanted to remind you that it's Friday." Guess I had to sit through a boring program AGAIN to get to the good parts! (reminds me of Uncle Hansel lecturing us about going to Fellowship just to get to karaoke, hahaha)

When Eric DID get here, I basically spent the whole ride over ranting about how Randal does NOT use his brain! However, I did pay Eric back for the Pho a couple weekends prior; later, I paid Jon back for the sausages and such at that time. Eric might go to Nathan's thing because he suggested Phnom Penh and the Alibi Room - CHINATOWN AGAIN ON TOP OF A STUPIDLY LONG DAY?! Oh well... got to Fellowship late, and I had to focus on Eric's shoes because then I wouldn't look up / in the wrong direction and see Mr. Creep in my line of vision! (when I told Eric this later, he was like "HELP ME...") I did listen to Tim's opinions on stuff in the ESC... but tuned out when Randal described himself as "sexy." I DON'T THINK SO! Connie, Paul, and I also discussed the fire and personal issues. Told Auntie Rebecca that I'd try to bus to AWANA, but that was before confirming things with Paul for tomorrow - guess I'll call her in her meetings if I get up at 2:30 again, hahaha. She'll understand that it's an emergency situation, and appreciate my practicing hospitality, haha!

After the program, we talked about Paul / charity / laundry / stinky stuff / jobs / rent / Uncle Eugene. Christon asked me to pick a place - I'm terrible at that, but I was fine with THE FOUNDATION! We finally forced Paul to accept Deb and Dylan's offer of hospitality, and mine as well. As I told Eric, I was doing the same thing two years ago in inviting a man to stay in my abode! He thought I was worried about Paul staying for six months, and reassured me that he didn't think that would happen. I wasn't thinking about that at all, since Paul DID say he didn't want to be a burden on anyone, and really appreciated everything! (Phil's going to let him speak on Sunday, so I guess I shouldn't sleep in, hahaha)

At the restaurant, we talked about tonight's meeting / shelters / stinky stuff / arrangements / age jokes / beer / nachos / appetizers / Lesley / Molly / the Daniel Fellowship / phone numbers / the loud place / my "never" answering the phone / a Bible verse FB application / my piercing yell of "YOU WHAT?!" / SERVANTS / busing / repetitive rap. On the way home, Eric said he'd give the pop and chips back on Sunday - another reason to not sleep in, haha. He bugged me with Christmas carols, Big Sugar's BUTTERBALL, and more just because it was past midnight. UGH! Yeah, I also bugged him about missing my birthday event! Corey's telling me on Skype that I'm not under the hill yet, hahaha. Noticed that Sonya has undeleted her FB.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Similar offers, 2:30 waking up, and apples!

Dylan's also messaged Paul with the same offer to live at their place, but he has a trip to Chicago coming up, and the baby's due in about a month. So I emailed everyone to say that I'd made the offer first and Paul could be here too if he so chooses. I also finally finished DRAGON WARRIOR IV at 10:20 PM!

I got up today at 2:30 - oops, no time for gaming in between catching up / posting and the FFAF, which I'll have to leave early today! Wade T., Steve L., and Sanne had already left me birthday wishes on Facebook, which is good!

You Are a Golden Apple

You are humane and compassionate. You are merciful and kind whenever you can be.

You don't get too caught up in how you think things should be. You know there's not much you can control.

You are principled and conscientious. You try to behave as virtuously as possible.

You are easy on everyone you meet, including yourself. You can't stand harshness of any sort.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hugging Care Bears / Jeremy cigarettes (dream), Paul and fires, shredding things, libraries

Had a weird dream which involved (among other things) my hugging a bunch of blue Care Bears in the mall, white Eric jumping over a crowd of people who were clogging up the stairs in said mall, Pastor Edward / Mr. Creep / others picking me and Jeremy up by a school field (they had a small car), Jeremy continuing to smoke a cigarette while in the car, and Chinese Eric meeting me and Jeremy somewhere after that. WTF is wrong with my brain?!

Jon sent an email to us saying that Paul is not having a good day because of an apartment fire - I thought about it, and eventually ended up offering my place to him. We'll see if he takes me up on it, hahaha. At least I finished placing 1100 books on GoodReads shelves (which took at least four hours), since I just found out that Visual Bookshelf is no more! I'll organize them later. I also got my 2012 bus pass application in the mail, which I'll have to send out next week, along with Mandy's birthday card! (a_phoenixdragon) Called the bank to ask about my old / new chequebooks; guess I'll use the newer cheques and shred the old cheques! I also cut up the Millbrook wedding card I got for Phyllis and Martin at the dollar store - "earthquakes are a sign of Christ's coming," indeed! Called Jon to pass on my message to Paul, since I can imagine that checking Facebook messages is NOT his #1 priority right now! He wondered if white Eric was coming to the RIVER SHADOWS movie night, so I called Diven to find that out - the answer is no. Ah well, more time for organization / gaming / solitude!

You Are an Imaginative Thinker

You are a nonlinear thinker, and you're even surprised by the places your mind takes you.

You love to get lost in a story, whether it's your own or not. You love fantasy.

You are a positive and uplifting person. You inspire others to be better.

You are full of wonder and curiosity. You feel a strong connection to the world.

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Kalamata Greek Taverna and Dragon Ball = GOOD TIMES!

Just before I made reservations for tonight (under "Lisa" because they thought "Leslie" was "Wesley" - I wish my parents gave me another name!), Jon called me to say that Paul couldn't make it; I totally understand his reasoning! Money issues are NO FUN! He said that if I convinced people to make it to his gig before the drummer moves to Scotland, he'd let me in for free and buy me beer and such. HAHAHA, nice! I'm sure he saw Nate's RSVP on Facebook, too. Teunis also wished me a good one via MSN when I told him about this, heh.

When Chinese Eric got here, he chilled for a few minutes while I tried looking for the 4 GB drive unsuccessfully. On the way to the restaurant, we talked about health issues / California specialists / personal stuff / the States / my bowl which he forgot / energy / parking / lamb / traffic. At Kalamata, Deb and Dylan were there already - Chrystal, Harmony, Jeremy, and Mark showed up later. We talked about pregnancy / childbirth (Deb is seven months along), where white Eric was (turns out he forgot - I'll roast him on Friday!), Robin probably forgetting as well, Jon's whereabouts, life updates, analyzing the structure of the menu text, texting Nathan to see where HE was (really late?), red wine / white wine, meat, fish, church, biking, Ciel, immigration, Nate's dad REALLY planning ahead, Asian stuff, durian, Randal, work, taking pictures, salad, and more. Harmony had to leave early to bus out to the UBC gig, so I opened presents AFTER she left, hahaha.

I got Bananagrams: The Official Book (Joe Edley) from Deb and Dylan (word games!), Passive-Aggressive Notes: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings (Kerry Miller) / For Your Information: Does Size Matter? (Editors of Apandisis Publishing) with bookmarks and a card from Nathan, an owl "LOVE!" piggy bank and "Family is one of nature's greatest masterpieces" eco-journal from Jon and Harmony, and a card from Chrystal. Later, Chinese Eric took me to Dragon Ball; I ordered a mango-lychee while he had a supreme milk tea. Then we chilled at my place again for a while, and read about "The 27 Club." I managed to find the 4 GB stick, which is good - yes, I put it in a Ziploc bag so I wouldn't accidentally misplace it or something! We talked about his wishes for a good time coming true, life stages, health, and more prior to his leaving. Now Vanessa is talking to me when I just want to progress further in my game! *sigh*

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harmony's early wish / Percussion Instruments

Chinese Eric and I talked about his being unable to have any lamb, the Kalamata Taverna menu, calls, it being good to see Nathan again before he departs for the UK again, and parents before he went to bed. Harmony gave me an early birthday wish on FB, hahaha.

You Are the Conga Drums

You are very in tune with your surroundings. You immediately pick up on the vibe of a room.

Whenever someone you love feels a certain way, you can't help but feel that way too.

You are generous with your time. You believe that the best things in life don't come quickly.

You don't like to see anyone feeling discomfort or pain. You want to make everyone around you as happy as possible.

HA! I knew I picked up on the vibe of a room at certain times! (such as when Mr. Creep is around...)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bryceston and Cylor?! / Chinese Eric and Nate can make it tomorrow!

Mississippi mother, 4 young children die in home fire: The only relevant sentence from that for me is "Family members identified the victims as 28-year-old Dominique Henderson; her daughter Akyerria, 7; and her three sons Bryceston, 4, Cylor, 3, and Ethan, 2." I'm sorry about the tragedy, but what the hell kind of names are THOSE?! The middle one reminds me of Cylons from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!

Steph called this afternoon to say that she got called into work tomorrow, so she can't make it to the dinner - boo! Totally understandable, though. Tonight, Chinese Eric got online to ask about parking at Kalamata (no clue!) and whether 5:45 or 6 would be a good time to pick me up. Considering I told everyone that it started at 7, we can probably chill here for a bit, or outside the restaurant. Besides, it'll be a good time to exchange my bowl (which he's had since January) for his memory stick (which I've had since April) - we also talked about Dylan / Deb / Jeremy / Mark / Jon / Harmony, special wishes, Nathan actually making it since he got back from Asia a few hours ago, expecting things, the whole Randal NOT USING HIS BRAIN incident, spending time with each other being a treasure, parents, and more. It's lucky he can make it tomorrow since it was the only free night he had - YAY! Deb understands that I got another ride offer, and Cindy emailed me to say she can't make it like I thought. Noticed that Yvonne unfriended me on Facebook again - okay, then...

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Hong Kong divorces and William / Mary / Sarah (dream)

I had a dream in which Cindy and Eric were engaged (I'm sure Eric would LOVE that...), and Vania / William / Mary / Sarah wanted me to look after some kids, but we all had to shelve books in a bookcase first. Then Mom told everyone that we'd be taking an unscheduled trip to Hong Kong, so Steph was worried that she and Dad would get divorced. What the?!

Sent a message to Auntie Rebecca apologizing for missing Sunday's meeting, and she said it was fine. I kinda figured Henry wouldn't be serving in AWANA this year because of teaching Gr. 4, and I was right. She thinks John might still be in town even if Ada isn't here, so we'll see about a Saturday ride on my birthday, hahaha. Noticed that Sonya deleted her Facebook again?

You Are a Sweetheart Neckline

You are sensitive to your core. You are extremely delicate and highly responsive.

You are a total romantic. You can't help rooting for a happy ending.

You may wear your heart on your sleeve, but you're more of a tough cookie than anyone realizes.

People often handle you more delicately than they need to. You aren't as fragile as you seem.

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Cypress Stick Glitch / September Freebies Idea


I think that everything I buy / pay for during my birthday month should be free. I can see this being open to some form of abuse, but as long as you have a valid form of ID on you...

Randal said that if he wasn't invited to the party, I needed to talk to Facebook since he saw this on his friends' events. Yeah, sure. I have enough sense not to INVITE MYSELF TO OTHER PEOPLES' PARTIES!!!! Do you HAVE a brain?! UGH! *censoring self does NOT work*

This is what happens when I try buying items after removing codes for a fight which I had to lose, and then putting them back in afterwards:

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Monday, September 12, 2011

"Honey comb" being BEEF TRIPE, rice rolls, and Zellers

Vanessa called at 1:40 to say that she was finally at her parents' house, so we went out for lunch at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House before she got some stuff like on-sale shampoo at Zellers. We talked about Wayne, health issues, Krista, crap, parents, inappropriate things, Teunis, disability / CP, "honey comb" being beef tripe (which I'd totally eat), serious sailors, it taking a LONG time for lunch (separate bills and rice rolls shouldn't take forever!), maybe hanging out on Friday, durian mooncake, the whole Korey / Randal / Ginger / morbid comment incident of 2007, and the "Randal replying to MY event" incident. I see friends' events on my feed all the time, but that doesn't mean I display NO SENSE in actually replying to them if I'm obviously NOT INVITED!

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Yay for Chinese Eric! / The Geo Pattern Test

Called Chinese Eric, but he was at the doctor's! I wondered if he got my email, and then he wondered whether anyone was giving me a lift on Wednesday. Well, I kinda asked Deb on Friday because I didn't want to burden white Eric (stupid childhood conditioning!), but time spent with Chinese Eric is to be treasured, especially these days! He says he'll message me later, which is just fine.

You Are the Thinker

You have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You're on your own awesome solo journey.

A life of solitude is perfect for you. You need time to think and do things your way.

You are independent and original. You are highly inventive and creative.

You are a very hard person to persuade. You make up your mind on your own.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blazeghost Attack Text Glitch / Randal Notification Event Response?! WTF?! / Vanessa

Apparently, this is what happens when I attack Blazeghosts (as opposed to casting Icebolt) in DRAGON WARRIOR 4. I noticed this last night, but failed to get a screenshot:

Speaking of "WTF?!!!!!!!" moments, I had one this afternoon when I got a notification that Randal had written on my "Greek food birthday celebration" wall. I immediately thought that Eric had invited him, so sent a rage-filled email his way! Dude's not on my FB friends list for a REASON, and I doubt I'd have invited him anyhow! WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE?! Luckily, he's at the same meeting that Phil and Christon will be going to, so PHEW! (although he did say to have fun and enjoy the Greek food, but I'm sure he's just being polite)

Vanessa says she wants to do lunch tomorrow at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House - sure, why not? I have the cash right now that I saved from not going out today or paying people back (oops), so I can do that! If she wants to go to the country farm market and City Fresh / Chapters, it's all cool. Turns out that it's a good thing I didn't do anything today, hahaha - more gaming time! Apparently, there's such a thing as durian mooncake - NOT SURPRISED! Discovered redrum, too... EARLY!

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Finished DRAGON WARRIOR 3! / Level 99 Ragnar / Chinese Body Type

I DEFEATED ZOMA, AND FINISHED DRAGON WARRIOR III AT 6:50 PM LAST NIGHT! Then when I started DRAGON WARRIOR IV, I finished Ragnar's chapter before midnight, and leveled him up to Level 99 thanks to a code for ten million experience points from the Burland King! I totally slept in since I had to stay up till 3 AM thanks to a tournament / Blazeghost glitch; it works, since my computer downtime was mercilessly snatched from me last week because of Eric and his forcing me to experience real life! NO ONE SHOULD DO THAT!

You Have a Tai Yin Body

You are a total homebody who craves comfort and relaxation. You avoid unnecessarily exerting yourself.

You are well-mannered and respectable. You always behave properly - you know what to do and say.

You are a person of few words and very little emotional expression. People often wonder what you're thinking.

You are a good and patient listener. People tend to confide in you and share their worries with you.

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