Saturday, July 17, 2004

Getting a ton of work done here at Jon's! / Quizzes

I'm getting a ton of work done here at Jon's.. yay!
apparently, I couldn't check my email earlier..
I'll try it again later.. Eric and I are discussing my love life, inspired by my John Mellencamp MSN name..
seriously hope I get to hang out with him sometime..
that would be extremely nice.. Afghan Horseman?
we'll see what Jon says later on if I see him!
oh, and yes.. I finally was able to enable comments on this thing.. it won't work for posts made before now..
but maybe I'll have some comments left for me, haha!
sign your name when you leave a comment, or else..
otherwise, I won't know who anonymous people are..
reconnected with Luc and Darren, as well.. woohoo!

bored as fuck
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Costco hotdogs

I talked to quite a lot of people tonight about stuff..
organic microbrewed green tea root beer, playfighting..
Creation Fest, the "Costco hotdogs" song, Canada stickers..
last night, heaviness of a purse on a tray, hanging out..
photogenic people on ID cards, sticking things up people's butts when they're passed out..
random thoughts, grad school, life, creative foods..
whiteout, preparedness for the end of the world, updates..
motor scooters at Harrison Hot Springs, desserts..
Ann Chan, Rialto cologne, Richmond Crew jokes, plans..
Eric's extremely late wedding banquet RSVP, my aloneness..
Honeybuckets, birthday cards, how I was so very kind..
how it would feel to leave everything behind to die..
family memories, the non-quorum meeting on Sunday, etc.

now that was definitely a great highlight of my week..
I'm not saying whether it trumps last night, of course ;)
as Nathan says, it's all about the good times and memories!
talking to people allows me to know them better, aye?

Last night was a highlight in itself, but tonight was a different kind: talking to everyone, and feeling full of love and laughter! ;)

Talked to a LOT of people tonight, which is what happens when the Daniel and David Fellowships combine to make on big happy group of about 70 people in the church basement! :D

Highlights of the night:

Eric said that the Rialto cologne he sprayed on me a few Sundays ago wasn't his, so I got to keep the bottle since Jon didn't care for it much.

Sean's presentation about why he was going to Mexico on the missions trip was unintentionally funny, as usual.. as I said to Vivian, you gotta love Sean! He said something about how the migrant families down there have families of varying size: "They can have one or two kids, up to fifteen kids or more.. I guess they really like having kids!" Then there was some other comment he made about the city they were going to: "Vincente Guerrero was some general, and I guess they liked him so much, they named places for him all over the country. I got so confused looking it up on the map!" Good ol' Sean! (he doesn't even realize it's funny...)

Cindy asked me whether I'd seen Ann, who was our old Awana director before she got married three years ago. I didn't know she was back in town from Hong Kong, since I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people sometimes.. believe it or not, as you will. ;) She had a hard time last year with SARS, since her husband Eugene is a doctor and got sick himself. But I did see her for a few minutes.. it was SO great to see her! :D

Ryan, Jon, Dave, and Costa were playfighting all during the refreshment time. I can imagine Dave and Jon in Toronto in a couple of months, all right! Ryan was using his girlfriend Karen Grace as a hostage, while another Karen wanted them to get away from her since she bruises easily. It was kinda entertaining... if you weren't in their way!

Nathan, Costa, and I were discussing Canada flags and stickers for some reason. I told Nate that I'd buy him some Canada stickers next time I was at Loonie Plus, which is a dollar store. He said I didn't have to, but that I was so kind to say I would. Then I said, "You know me.. of COURSE I'll give you the stickers!" (I'd do a lot for my friends, believe me!)

Jon was discussing Creation Fest (basically the Christian equivalent of Woodstock) with everyone tonight. We all want Honeybucket T-shirts from him, since he's going there with a bunch of friends on Tuesday. (let's just say that a Honeybucket is something you use to take care of going to the bathroom...) He'll be SO dark when he gets back on Saturday.. the last time he went, Steph and I saw him on our way out for breakfast / church. We almost didn't recognize him.. the sun in the almost-desert had baked him until he was practically black! They'll have a good time, though!

Citrus said that I'd soon be the only one left at home.. I know this very well! We'll all miss everyone who's leaving, of course. He asked when it would be my turn to go, and I jokingly replied: "You never know.. someone might sweep me off my feet and ask me to live with them!" (that won't happen, but we can joke around!)

Jon, Eric, Nathan, Dawn, and I went to Calhoun's (a Bread Garden-like place) to drink some sodas later. We'd had enough dessert, especially Nathan.. his birthday was yesterday. His mom bought him a Mondo Gelato ice cream cake, even though he'd had two desserts beforehand.. so he's feeling a bit burned out on dessert now, naturally.

While there, Dawn and I got to discussing family memories.. our families go way back together! She brought up the time that she and my sister gave me a hard time about using whiteout, and I remembered the time she threw up in the van. (my dad's way of making her feel better afterwards was attempting to buy her some ice cream at McDonald's.. a mother would at least comfort the kid by taking time to wipe their face and say soothing words!)

Dawn thought that between my knapsack and Nathan's man-purse, we could be prepared for the end of the world. We both have a lot of stuff: Kleenex, Purell hand sanitizer, afterbite, money, pens, whiteout, birthday cards, miscellaneous papers, keys, etc. That spawned a discussion of what it would be like to live in certain legendary times (like King Arthur and LOTR), and to know that you'd die when sent off to war.. very interesting stuff.

Nathan saw some organic microbrewed green tea root beer, so he had to try it. Jon and I also had some, and found it very interesting. Dawn asked how it was, and it tasted exactly like what you'd expect: green tea and root beer mixed together. Sure, it looked a bit watered-down from the tea.. but it was nice for a one-shot deal.

I kept spouting random thoughts all night.. Nathan was singing "Meow meow meow meow," and I said it reminded me of that Meow Mix commercial that was popular a few years back. He and Steph used to sing: "Meow Mix, Meow Mix, we'll deliver!" all the time back then. I said that I was full of random thoughts, and Nathan said that was cool.. "That's awesome.. keep it up!" Of course I will.. partners in randomness! :D

We also spent a lot of time looking at Nathan's and Eric's ID cards, and comparing the photos to high school yearbook pictures. Nathan bemoaned the fact that he wasn't photogenic like Wayland: "I look different in every picture! Why?!" Talked about business cards, Jen being back soon from Kenya, Nathan's "hot dogs at Costco" song at Daniel and Michelle's wedding, grad school, and life in general.

Before we left, Nathan told us a hilarious story that he'd heard from a friend who was actually there. This isn't an urban legend, but I'm doing my best to be a part of spreading the story. Nathan's friend is a doctor in Princeton, BC.. basically, this guy came in one day complaining of difficulty urinating. The doctors fixed that, and he went home happy. But then he had difficulty doing a "3-1" and had to go back, stinking up the entire hospital in the process.

The doctors couldn't find anything with an X-ray except a little black dot, so they used a camera probe to investigate further. Turns out it was a black Glad garbage bag with two Safeway bags in it, with a 12-inch foam thing inside those. Seems the guy's friends had a little TOO much fun when he was passed out drunk.. they decided to stick things really far up his ass. Thankfully, the problem was resolved when the stinky things were removed with tweezer-like instruments. Everyone at the table was disgusted by the revolting story, but I reacted like Nathan and found it very funny.. poor guy, though!

We decided we wouldn't do anything like that to Nathan.. we'd figure out less invasive ways of tormenting him. ;) While on the way home, Eric realized that he hadn't RSVP'ed to Vernon and Sarah's banquet invitation yet.. it was due about a month ago, but slipped his mind. Jon reassured him that Vernon (of all the people) would understand about lateness.. the date wasn't really a hard-and-fast deadline, so Eric could be squeezed in. I wasn't so sure about the latter part, but agreed to try my luck at emailing them for Eric, which I did when I got home. Now all I have to do is wait for a reply, as I did ask for one. We never really see them these days at church, and of course at Daniel and Michelle's wedding.. hopefully, he can go. (I try to help out dear friends whenever possible!)

That's about it from here, and I'm sorry about the length. Takes me quite some time to write down, but I know you want to be informed! :D

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Corey thinks girls talk too much on the phone!

I'm really glad last night went pretty well..
it was the highlight of my week so far, as I said..
saw him online today, but wasn't about to bother him..
he buzzed me, and we talked for a little while about it..
definitely glad I know what he sounds like now..
quickly told Adam how it went, since he couldn't talk..
Corey thinks girls talk too much on the phone..
says I should eat and drink lots of coffee, as well..
I laid my sister's fears to rest, hopefully..
her reaction was "aiya! a man!".. hahahaha, funny..
I'll get ready for tonight, and time with friends! ;)

Note: LJ Love Life KwizBiz, by butterkitty.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

A good first phone conversation

Aaron invited me to an RQ chat, so I did that while getting the tally stuff done.. finally finished at 6..
listened to Matt Good and Radiohead to try calming myself..
he called at around 8:10.. the accent wasn't so bad ;)
("right" and "like" sound quirky in a good laughing way!)
it wasn't as nerve-wracking as I thought it might be..
we talked about a bunch of stuff in about 70 minutes, haha!

sushi / bubble tea; the heat there; the trip pictures..
finally hearing the other's voice; weekend doings of poker, meals out, and time with friends..
rambling on about stuff; word usage and patterns we pick up from other people we know..
crappy cell phone service cutting out mid-conversation..
care and appreciation of understanding, personal things..
funny stuff and our sense of humor; evil alarm clocks..
friends' jokes; work insanity which will end pretty soon..

affectionate IM nature; Chinese conservatism; gelato..
a hypothetical BC trip.. I'm not taking him to Daiso!
multitasking (me, the queen of it?); the haggis party..
his feeling better when I buzzed him today to say hi..
compliments; my mail still not getting to him; bills..
not losing friends, but treasuring them.. doesn't understand friends who just drift away..
frequency / detail of journal posting; calling me again..
having a lot of friends; busyness in general; great talk..
finally knowing what the other sounds like; life; etc.

yup, that was a darned good conversation.. it's over now..
it made me feel better about certain things.. yay!
I enjoyed how I spent Nathan's birthday so very much..
currently deconstructing it with Corey.. he knows stuff ;)
although I should make progress about the computer thing!
maybe that'll happen tomorrow or some other day soon..

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Nervous and all kinds of skittish

right now, I'm nervous and all kinds of skittish..
someone said he'd give me a call at around 8 tonight..
our conversation didn't exactly end too well at 2:10..
he said he was kidding, which I believe to be true..
but there are some things you don't say.. flashed me right back to Sean and everything *he* says! ;)
(then again, I like Sean as a good wacky friend.. haha!)

Adam's online, so I asked him to give me some intel..
all I need to know is if Memphis accents are thick!
they're not as impenetrable as thick Scottish ones..
apparently, it depends on wealth if they're thick or hardly noticeable.. that's an answer! ;)
he reassures me that understanding the caller shouldn't be a huge problem.. I trust him for that..
wishes me good luck, and says the call will go fine..
however it goes, of course I'll let him know about it..
yay for trusted friends who can give you needed info!

guess I'll have to call Yazmine and Jon earlier / later..
that is, if they ever answer the phone when I do call ;)
maybe I'll even check my mail and such before 8..
I doubt it'll happen.. still got a pissload of work to do!
best get right on it, and see how things go with that..
as for the phone call, I need to calm down first..
might go out to clear my head, if I finish my mountain!

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Most things don't work that well, unfortunately...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATHAN.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) Keep up the humor and random thoughts, aye?

Corey tried pointing me to things that might help..
unfortunately, most things didn't work that well..
Scandisk found nothing at all, and others were too slow..
of course I'll keep him posted on how things go..
he is one of the online computer people I trust, eh? ;)

tomorrow will likely be given over to diary tally madness..
it's that time again, and I may not be available at all..
yes, I will probably take breaks like last May..
but being at Tim and Maxine's is out of the question! ;)
this is just a filler entry to make sure I cover things..
I get weirdly thoughtful when I listen to Radiohead..
can't be all that bad.. might result in good stuff!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Figuring out this temperamental beast

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELINDA.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It was neat knowing you all those years.

I'm still trying to figure out this temperamental beast..
got a bunch of good suggestions and advice from people..
some of it helped, but this thing's still not working..
probably it's for the better that no one's buzzed me yet..
not that I'd go all postal on them, but you never know ;)
and yes, it's freaky when the same song comes on both the CD and TV / radio at the same time..
just had that experience yet again, but it's a good one! ;)
now, to see what else can be done with this thing..

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

ScanDisk and the Yahoo DLL

I restarted the computer because it was acting funny..
ScanDisk found 90 corrupted files, and fixed them..
starting up the Net caused an illegal operation at first..
then I isolated the file that could've been causing it..
now the Net works fine, since obviously I'm on it.. phew!
Yahoo Messenger refuses to start.. an initialization error of "CoCreateInstance for the MyYahoo.DLL failed!"
cut / copy-and-paste via the keyboard doesn't work for some exceedingly strange reason..
believe me, I rely on that handy tool like I do my pals ;)
this hard drive also had to go through a surface scan..
shades of when Eric said the old house computer failed..
all in all, it wasn't a good time for this hamsterette..
hopefully it'll get better soon.. Vernon still has that P2 hard drive, and no luck in getting it back yet..
if I had it back, things would probably be gangbusters!

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Aaron, Corey, Farrah, and fixing blog posts with Spoz

Aaron made my day yesterday with a comment he made..
I'm not telling you what it is, but it made me laugh..
Farrah said she IM'ed me with no response.. I didn't get one from her, otherwise I would have answered!
Corey gloated about handstand pushups, so I jokingly said I would go postal on him..
yes, I did indeed work at the post office in the past ;)
that's something he didn't know.. I'm so full of surprises!

today, I saw someone online.. decided not to bug him..
maybe I'll bug him tomorrow if I can be bothered..
more than likely, he'll have to buzz me first..
it's not that I don't want to talk to him.. sure I do!
heck, even I get to missing him sometimes around here ;)
but perhaps it's better this way.. less emotional crapola..
then again, he did say I could never bug him in the past..
ah well, he's not online now.. so I'll try it next time..

Geo septuple-posted something, so I commented on it..
(gotta live up to Spoz's "Doublepost Nazi" nickname ;) )
apparently, my comments to him triple / sextuple-posted..
funny thing is that it's only his journal.. LJ's screwed!
the posts apparently don't exist when he tries deleting them off his journal..
but they surely must exist somewhere on the servers, aye?

reminded me of when Spoz and I tried fixing his Blogger "on location at the Enigma Bar" post..
it said that there was only one post, yet I saw two..
eventually, he deleted it and made another one.. so the post time was screwy, but that's what happened..
memories of Spoz conversations are always an awesome thing!

I'll finish reading Corey's ghost stories soon.. not scary?
that's definitely weird, but I'll tell him that later on..
this shower's had a soporific effect on me.. "sleepy bo bo" awaits, so I guess you'll have to read more later!

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Things pong to high heaven, so don't bug me endlessly!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN.. I hope you have a superb one today! :) It's been great knowing you.. thanks for everything.

my email isn't working right now, but it'll be fine soon..
at least, I hope it will.. I don't like constant change!
I'll just try it once again after this entry posts..
this gives me more time to do other things on the Net..
particularly if certain people aren't bugging me without end as they'd usually do! :P
(now I know how Spoz feels when he needs me to be quiet.. he tries to get actual work done without endless chatter!)

also compiling a list of people who want Rejected..
Farrah, Michael, Gwen, and perhaps some other people..
found out some information that now makes me wonder if I'm a bit doomed to repeat last year's fiasco..
I certainly hope not, but you never know with people..
right now, I like the person involved.. but then it was like this last year as well.. disappointment reigned later..
but then why set myself up with self-fulfilling prophecies?
I'm going to just enjoy the ride and see where it goes..
friendship is possible, even after getting burned! ;)

I'm also feeling quite cheerfully cynical at this moment..
it's all about crapshoots, diamonds in the rough, and pongs to high heaven around here! ;)
I'll just have to remember Graham's advice on things..
leave all the emotion out of it for now.. mind will be much relieved if I do..
yes, I'm determined to make this work on my own terms..
who knows where all this will lead.. hope for good things!

Oh, and the 20 Questions to being a Better Person quiz is cool, if only because it didn't make my browser freeze / perform any illegal operations. ;)

Result 1: Your score as a human being is 82.25.

You are close to ideal. So close, and yet so far. Amusing, really, to watch someone squirm so close to the vaunted ranks of perfection and still remain so very, very ordinary. It is all one can do to keep one's ingratiating smile from polluting one's perfect face.

Actually, one recommends you take the quiz again and lie a little.

Result 2: Your score as a human being is 65.85.

Did I go to high school with you? I think I did. It's OK to be a jerk, as long as you're a funny jerk. Just remember that the difference between a jackass and an asshole is a jackass doesn't know what he's doing.

Be the very best asshole you can be, my friend.

Probably the truth lies somewhere between the two.. this might be a bit better.

Result 3: Your score as a human being is 78.7.

Middle of the road, eh? Does that mean you're yellow? Yellow as a salamander frying on blacktop? Yellow as a urinal cake? Yellow as a delicious marshmallow Peep? Mmmm. Peep. Sometimes I think if it weren't for Just Born candy, I would just expel my life force and expire. Hot Tamales. Mike and Ikes.

But I digress.

Nicely done. You are robustly average, and I approve of it.

Best post this before I change my mind...

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Aspirin works for me!

finally took some aspirin this morning, which is working..
didn't go to church since it was still killing me..
tired of people telling me what I should do and how I should feel about certain things..
had some hilarity last night with Snoopy's script..
despite what certain people thought, I wasn't irritated..
talked a little while to Michael today.. very good ;)
I'm debating pizza orders with Corey before restarting..
discussing things with those two really makes my day!

let's hope messaging someone else goes as well this week..
if not, we'll all have learned something.. no breaks wanted this time, believe me.. just understanding..
maybe I'll call Yazmine later on, depending on things..
right now, I'm just getting pretty hungry considering we all talked about food for a long while ;)
it'll probably be pizza and / or something else..
guess I'll catch you people on the flipside of this!

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