Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sure, my sister and I can be in our dad's office!

High-scoring word of the day so far:

INQUEST (256 points) - against Josephine S. [two 4W]

Interesting rack: RANTLOL, against Colin W. [reminds me of a Facebook note which I must put up!]

I had a weird dream which started out with my grandma taking a real liking to Ray, and urging him to stay at the house. He accepted, but said that he and Jon had to return books to UBC. So we went to the library, which had an escalator and these ornate columns. We met up with a bunch of people, who didn't want to be vulnerable to a particular person in the building. Therefore, we spent much time plotting on how to get away from this person. Things escalated to a shoot-out, and the bad person was dead in no time flat. Afterwards, we went in a big van to Knight Street, where EVERYONE was selling flowers. Heck, we even recognized Erik's mom doing so! We were just too tired from everything that happened to do anything else.

I woke up when we were trying to figure out what to do next. No idea why I had this dream! Ana M. also added me for the blood games!

"Barkley: LeBron free-agency talk disrespects Cavs" (what it really said) as Barkley: LeBron free-agency talk dissects Cavs. Oops! Not sure if that's as bad as calling someone else "Roland" (thankfully not to his face) when his real name has almost all those letters except O. Then again, I mock-yelled at Eric last night, and called him "RAYMOND!!!" in the process. Yikes!

Edit on 10.23.10: I found out just tonight that Randal's brother is actually named Roland. Man, that would have been AWKWARD if I'd called him that to his face! If I were actually talking to him in any great detail, this would be a funny thing to tell him! But since I'm not, I won't. :P

Joey was at the new church, and decided to tag a picture of my dad's office as being me and my sister:

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Sushi is a good accompaniment to random jokes!

Eric picked me up, and thus commenced another random ride to where we were last week. Talked about the rain, "perfect" weather, preparing for being away, TV, people saying things to him, that "anime menstruation" thing (I tagged people since they were in the room when Angus came up with his brilliant idea!), our weeks, IRON MAN, "getting together" with people also named Eric(k), and other things. Had dinner when we got to Fellowship, and I talked to Christon / Martin / Chuck / Danielle / Vanessa / Melia / Angus / Richie / Calla / Johnny / Andrea / Raymond / Jeremy / Dylan / Vivian about stuff. Angus told us that two people in California had shot each other to death while Black Friday shopping; at first, we thought he was kidding! Then he told us that he had never really seen FORREST GUMP / STAR WARS / THE SOUND OF MUSIC - Danielle and I were VERY astonished! ("How could you not see it?! Even if you were like seven years old or fell asleep!") Danielle asked if he'd ever seen HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - yes, but I hadn't. Phew? Haha.

In the kitchen, I congratulated Raymond on his Wordscraper win - we then talked about working from home and distraction. The meeting went well - yay for more people on Committee! Jeremy had to leave almost immediately afterwards, but I kept busy discussing food with Kevin and Dylan. Learned that I'd be flying out on the 13th and getting back on the 17th - guess our first committee meeting will be on Thursday! Talked about busy weeks with Chuck, then hung out in the kitchen a while. Went home with Eric after saying bye to Auntie Ying: discussed "9999" gas prices (he had to take a picture!), name mix-ups, messages, fish / rice / pop / sushi / Chinese food leftovers, grammar mistakes (specifically YOUR vs. YOU'RE - which I see ALL THE TIME! ), square feet vs. square inches, my subpar math, CUTE PASTA, weekend plans, Poland, Czechoslovakia, ulterior motives, accents, HOT FOR TEACHER parodies, the liquor store, the church's new door, all the changes, and more. Very random, which is the way I like it!

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hazelnut bubble tea and cute pasta!

High-scoring word of the day so far:

ORGIC (240 points) - against Karla M. [5W, 4W]

Blood Games Guide

Had a good time hanging out with Andrea last night. Thank goodness her mom should be okay from certain emergency problems she had earlier in the week! Went to Zephyr in the Sky (which used to be the Insomnia Karaoke Restaurant, haha) for some hazelnut bubble tea. Talked about Chuck, family / relatives, Christmas plans, relationships and communication (or the lack thereof), Regina, 911, vomit, medicine, taking the day off work, and stomachs. Also discussed her brother Sherman, church transition (we're FINALLY in the new building!!!), Steph, Jon and Harmony, Elaine and Matt, Asia, working in Hawaii, black sugar bubble tea, pudding bubble tea, being honest about your products, city property taxes, the Magic Bra story, her creative brownie, and more.

Got a few things at Superstore, as well: cute-looking pasta (fusilli and ditali lisci), spicy peri-peri chips which reminded us of Nando's Chicken, mushroom soup, soy milk, and apple juice. Also made plans with Eric today - you bet I'll give him back his green gloves which he left over here on Sunday! Yay for his picking me up, too. NO BUSING like what happened during the summer... heh heh. I saw that Maria B. added me for the blood games - sigh!

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Past hilarious quotes, November 2007 to 2008

Nov. 17, 2007: (Sunday)

1. Grandma, attempting to pay for a $30 lunch with a $20 and a $5: "That's enough money!" Turns out she thought the $5 was a $20, so I guess I accidentally made her "lose face" by gently telling her that the 5 on the bill was a 5 and not a 20. The reaction I got was "I KNOW!" (they're even colored differently - blue vs. green - but she's old, so I'll excuse her!)

2. Dad, attempting to explain some football to Mom: "The quarters are only 15 minutes long - they used to be 12 or 10 minutes long, but not anymore!"
Mom: "Are you sure they aren't an HOUR long?!"
Dad: "No... they're a QUARTER of an HOUR, which is 15 minutes!"
Mom: "Oh, so the entire game is only ONE HOUR!" (thinking that my sibs will be home sooner rather than later, or not if they go out to eat in the event of a win - that didn't happen!)
Dad: "Not exactly... there are stoppages in play, reviews, and other things..."

3. Mom, hoping for halftime to arrive RIGHT NOW: "Is it halftime yet? Or is it still the first quarter?"
Dad: "No, it's the second quarter. After that, it's halftime." (not bothering with the fact that there were 10.5 minutes left in the second quarter, since that might confuse her even more)
Mom: "Oh... I hope we're winning!"
Dad, upon hearing a score update: "No, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are winning - we're trailing 10-7!"
Mom: "Are you sure?"
Dad: "Yes, they just said so!"

4. Mom, hearing the radio announcers say that a coach was scolding a quarterback: "Is the quarterback on defense?"
Dad: "No, the quarterback is offense." (this would have been fine except for what happened next...)
Mom: "So why is the coach scolding him?! The score's still 10-10..."
Dad: "Eh... his performance wasn't good."
Mom, in a very confused tone: "Oh... so is the second quarterback in the game?"
Dad: "No... he's the third quarterback, and Dickenson is the first, so he might be in the game."
Mom, still confused: "But he had injuries!"
Dad: "Don't worry - he's there!"

Jan. 2, 2008: (Wednesday)

Mom, on my telling Korey what to do: "You're HIS BOYFRIEND, so you should tell him that it's not a good thing to do!"
I am not a guy, nor am I gay. Thanks, Mom...

Feb. 7, 2008: (Thursday)

1. "Can you tell me what my library card number is? Jon has it memorized..."
No, I can't tell you what it is. My brother has it memorized for certain reasons of his own, I'd guess!

2. "I don't know how to use laptops yet. Come over and teach me!"
Well, it's kinda like using your average desktop computer... but maybe sometime later!

June 22, 2008: (Sunday)

1. Mom: "Is Tim Maxine's cousin?!"
Me: "No... I don't think so!"
(No, they're husband and wife! That reminds me that Jon told us about Rachmaninoff marrying his first cousin, which Steph was horrified about! It happened in royalty, too - no wonder there are / were certain features like insanity and such with all the inbreeding! When I told my sibs that there was a site for cousins who marry / date their cousins (and also one for sugar daddies / applicants), they were shocked as well!)

2. Mom: "Do you want to hug and make out with your own mother?"
Me: "Mom, I've told you. Hugging and making out are NOT the same thing!"
Mom: "Making out isn't necessarily sexy!"
(I think she meant to say that making out doesn't necessarily lead to sex, but it came out wrong!)

Aug. 27, 2008: (Wednesday)

Me: Hi, Mom! I just got your email ten minutes ago!
Mom: Huh?! Why did you just get it now?
Me: Oh, I was hanging around with my friend!
Mom: Who is this friend?
Me: Billie. [because Mom would NOT get her Persian name - TRUST ME ON THIS!]
Mom: ... a GUY?! Do you have another boyfriend? [because what I *obviously* do in my spare time is cheat on people with GIRLS since I've discovered I'm bi... and THAT discovery's happened in the past 24 hours or so!]
Me: No, Mom. She is a GIRL. [y'know... like Billie Holiday]
Mom: Oh. Where did you meet her? Online?
Me: Yes...
Mom: ... is she in a GANG?! {very concerned maternal voice}
Me: ... NO, Mom. She's NOT that kind of person! [thinking, "I'm sure there are Persian gangster triads around, but I've never heard of one... but of course Mom would think that since EVERYONE online MUST be in a gang. Therefore, I myself must be leading a secret double life!"]
Mom: Okay... *very dubious* What are you doing?
Me: Just hanging around. I was calling to say I can't make it tomorrow since we don't know what's happening because she's sleeping over.
Mom: ... does she have a FAMILY?!
Me: ... um, yes. Her mother just called her. [I omit that her mom called her 12 times in a row...]
Mom: Oh, okay. But why is she sleeping over?
Me: Because I slept over at her place before, and I'm just returning the favor. [not to mention it would be a bit mean to kick her out at 10 to transit all the way back three zones to Coquitlam!]
Mom: Well... okay. Bye now!
Me: Bye...

HAHAHAHA! Billie and I had great fun with that! :D

Aug. 30, 2008: (Saturday)

Mom, on Billie: "What's wrong with that girl? Is she homeless or mentally challenged? Does she come from a broken family? [NO to all three] Then WHY IS SHE ONLINE?! Is she Native or white?"

I had to tell her that Billie's family was NOT involved in jihad / holy war or anything like that! HAHAHAHA!

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Past hilarious quotes, January 2007 to October 2007

January 1, 2007: (Monday)

1. Dad to Jon: "Turn on the strobe lights outside so Dave's family can see our place!" (he meant the Christmas lights!)

2. Mom to me: "You are my darling wet..." (I don't think I wanna know... yes, she used "wet" as a noun! o_O)

3. Mom to me, again: "Open that can of pickles for me." (then I corrected her) "It's the same thing!" [a CAN and JAR are NOT the same thing... cans are made of metal, and jars are made of glass!]

4. Mom: "Who is James Brown?!" Steph tried to explain to her by singing some I FEEL GOOD... that did NOT work! You'd think she would know who he is...

5. Rachel and Steph tried to convince our moms that puberty caused Steph's hair to grow into a frizzy fro, instead of chlorine in swimming pools. Then Rachel agreed with Steph that "it" probably caused her own hair to go crazy ten years ago. Her mom said, "It? You mean swimming?!" NO! PUBERTY!

6. Me: "Look, Mom! Elvis is on TV!"
Mom: "How do you know who that is?!"
Me: "Uhhh...."

Feb. 4, 2007: (Sunday)

Mom: So who was there last night? [Lesley invited a bunch of us to a French meal at her place]
Me: Christon, me, Lesley, Eric, Jon, Jeremy, and Dylan.
Mom: But Jeremy wasn't there!
Me: (thinking, "I know better than you!") ... Yes, he was...
Mom: But Jon told me that he went to Kelowna!
Me: That was at 6:30 this morning, Mom. *very patient*
Mom: Oh... so did Jon bring the beer to Phil's, and the durian that Dallas gave him? He must have.
Me: Yes, he probably did!
Mom: So where does Lesley live? Does she live with her parents?
Me: .... her parents are dead, Mom...
Mom: ... oh. Have you met Dawn's boyfriend yet?
Me: Yes, he was at the Fellowship Christmas potluck.
Mom: But Steph didn't tell me that, and she tells me EVERYTHING!
Me: (thinking, "Obviously she doesn't!") Okay.
Mom: You know, Steph and Dawn aren't really that good friends. I just gave Auntie Betty [Dawn's mom] rides everywhere since she lived nearby. Sometimes people have falling-out in friendships.
Me: (thinking, "I can't say whether they're good friends anymore or not, but they get along and such just fine!") Sure, Mom... *changes topic*

I will say that her thinking that Lesley's parents are still alive is more sad than hilarious because I thought she'd KNOW that by now with years gone by since her mom died! (and her dad died years before that) This also reminds me of when she thought Eric and certain tall girls would be good matches just based on height, hahaha. (in 2001 or so)

April 7, 2007: (Saturday)

Jon: So what did you do last night at church to entertain the teens?
Steph: Oh, we watched 300 and other things.
Me: Yeah, Mike and Sam and Joey were discussing that during dinner at Pho!
Mom: Is that Al Gore's new movie?
Jon: No, it's about...
Me: SPARTANS! Greek people!
Mom: Oh, so what's the Al Gore movie?
Jon: An Inconvenient Truth.
Mom: An Inconvenient POOP?!

After correcting her, my siblings and I went into the kitchen to laugh over what would truly be considered inconvenient poops. I came up with the obvious: "Ack! I'm literally about to get married, and I HAVE TO POOP!" Steph wondered to Jon (since he's done a lot of weddings) if brides just had to hold it in all day since they're at the church for HOURS! Jon said he HOPED not... major disaster waiting to happen there!

June 21, 2007: (Wednesday)

1. Mom: "Guess how much I made on the garage sale." *disappointed*
Me: "How much?"
Mom: "Only $7.50!"
Me: "Well, what were you expecting?"
Mom: "$100! I had my stuff out for three hours, but it was raining..."
HAHAHA. I don't think you'd make that much at your typical garage sale!

2. Mom: "Maybe we can go to the bookstore!" *has mouth full*
Me: "What? I don't like the Home Show!"
Mom: "I said the BOOKSTORE!"
Me: "... are you eating something?"
Mom: "Yes! Beef jerky!"
Me: "MOM..."
Mom: "What? I'll give you a bag!"
Me: "No! It's rude to talk when you're eating something!"
Mom: "No, it's not..."
Me: "Yes, it is!" *changes subject*
Mom is so interesting sometimes...

July 31, 2007: (Thursday)

1. Mom to me: "Why are you going to the bathroom?"
Me: ".... why do you THINK people would go?!"
Mom: "Pee or poo?"
Me: *refuses to answer that, and closes the bathroom door on that question*

2. Mom: "Here, put Stephanie's stingy underwear in her room!"
Me, thinking she's confused "stinky" for "stingy" again: "It's not stinky if it's just been through the laundry."
Mom: "I'm not saying it smells... it's just SMALL!"
Me: "....."

3. Mom: "Do you want some Vijay?"
Me: "... what do you mean?"
Mom: "The thing I put in the fridge!" (I now know she means the V-8 that I put in the fridge for her earlier)
Me: "You mean V-8, Mom."
Mom: "Really?"
Me: "Yes - Vijay is... something else." (I don't think she'd understand that Vijay Singh is a good golfer, or that Vijay Chandra is the 96.9 JACK FM engineer with a bunch of hilarious commercials... some of them are on YouTube, apparently!)

4. Mom, repeatedly: "Remember that the cereal doesn't go in the fridge! Remember to give Dallas' container back to him, and put the other stuff in the fridge! Did you remember what I said two minutes ago?!"
Me: *keeps thoughts of "Am I a THREE-YEAR-OLD?!" to myself*

6. Mom, to Jon: "So where does Harmony's friend live in New York?"
Jon: *gives a location*
Mom: "And she rents a three-bedroom apartment for ONE person?!"
Jon: "... she has ROOMMATES, Mom..."
Mom: "Oh. Well, I didn't know!"

7. Mom: "Did you see Sean?"
Jon: "No, I forgot he was in town. But he'll be here for Hon's wedding soon!"
Me: "Yeah... it's the weekend after next!"
Mom: "How do you know? Were you invited?"
Me: "No... but I do know when it is!"
Jon: "That's because you're nosy!"
Me: "Maybe, but I've heard you talking about it anyhow!"

8. Mom: "This is the third time in two days that I've been at the airport. Same for you and Dad!"
Me: "Uh... I've been at the airport twice in two days. Dad's only been at the airport twice today."
Mom: "But it can work if I say that Dad's been at the airport twice in two days!"
Me: "Um.... never mind." *not wanting to explain how that really WOULDN'T work because it IS NOT CORRECT!*

Aug. 5, 2007: (Sunday)

1. Mom, on her love of singing inappropriate things and her insistence that I love it when I really do NOT: "Have you told K that I love to sing? (no) Well, if he's to be my DAUGHTER-in-law..." o_O

2. Mom, on Grandma's reaction to Korey since she assumes he's white: "Well, you can just tell her that he's Mexican!" (then I tell her that a black person and a Mexican person look quite different) "Well, she's 87... maybe she won't be able to tell!" (I don't think she's COLOR-BLIND or that her sight is phenomenally BAD...)

3. Mom, on my need to go "do something" (editing this post and such) three times in twenty minutes: "Why do you have to poop so much?" ("do something" does NOT imply bodily functions!)

4. Mom, on me and Danielle: "You're cougars four or five times!" (we know her intent, but it's still funny! - what she means is that Danielle is five years older than Citrus, and that I'm four years older than K)

Oct. 26, 2007: (Saturday)

(Steph invited a bunch of people to hang out at the townhouse)
Mom: "Would you guys like some peanuts?" [in her accent (and because she doesn't quite know how to say it), "peanuts" got rendered as something very similar to "PENIS"]
Daniel: *starts laughing really hard, and Michelle falls out of her chair*
Everyone else: *starts laughing, too*
Dad: *comes over and gives everyone a "You are VERY BAD" look*

Oct. 27, 2007: (Sunday)

Jon, to Natalie: "Hey, Natalie. Do you have any secret boyfriends or crushes that you won't tell your parents about?" (she was about nine or ten)
Natalie, rather vehemently: "You're the LAST people I'd EVER tell!" (me, Jon, Calla, Jeremy, Steph, Ivan, Vanessa)
Vanessa, through laughter: "Jon! You're HORRIBLE! Oh NO, she DIDN'T!"
Natalie, turning around at the door: "Oh YES, I DID!"

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Past hilarious quotes, May to December 2006

May 15, 2006: (Monday)

Mom: "You must know Jeremy better than I do. After all, you were sitting with him and his parents on Easter Sunday! *pause* Maybe you and Eric can have a romantic evening and watch 24 with us!"
(While her assumption about Jeremy is true, her reason for it isn't. Let's just say that her idea of a romantic evening does NOT match mine, either... and Eric and I don't go out!)

Slightly later:

Steph to me: "Mom and Dad turned you ORANGE as a baby because they fed you so many carrots!"
Mom, half-listening: "What?! We turned her ON?!"

June 3, 2006: (Saturday)

Dad, to my sister on our way to Aaron and Joyce's wedding banquet: "Ha! Your shirt is sleeveless. *ten-second pause* You're sleeveless in Vancouver!!!"
(that is LAME and NOT clever!)

June 5, 2006: (Monday)

My sister called me to report the following. They had some kind of Chinese soup with octopus and squid tentacles as part of dinner. I've had this many times, and it's great! This is what happened tonight:

Mom: "Look at all the testicles in the soup!"
Steph: *bursts out laughing while correcting her, then calls me*
Mom: "Are you SURE they're tentacles?!"
Steph: "Yes, Mom. Just don't look up the other thing on the Internet. You'll see things you don't want to see!"
Mom, to me: "Are you making this up?!"


June 4, 2006: (Sunday)

Me: "I'm going to Scope my teeth." (as in the mouthwash, not checking things out :P)
Steph: "Um, okay."
Mom: "What?! You're going to SCOPE YOUR TEATS?! Or did you say STROKE?!"
*me and sister tell her what's wrong with that while laughing at her... it would HURT!*

June 11, 2006: (Sunday)

Christon, on why he didn't need a ride home after lunch: "No, I need to food shop for the BBQ on Wednesday." (explaining why Nathan wouldn't want to give him a ride home)
What everyone else heard: "I need to get my FLU SHOT for the BBQ!"
Danielle, seeking clarification: "But what for?!"
Christon: "Beef, hot dogs, stuff like that..."
Everyone else: "... um... are you sure?!"
Finally, we asked him what he meant... we were like, "Is it even flu shot season? Even if it were, why would you need a flu shot for a BBQ?!"

July 22, 2006: (Saturday)

Steph, at the #9: "I want Pearl Castle!" (their bubble tea is good)
Mom: "You don't need PASTA, since the portions here are huge!!!"
HAHAHAHA, that is NOT what she said!

Aug. 25, 2006: (Friday)

Billy: "So Timothy was going to carry his [the apostle Paul's] torch..."
Karen: "Curious George?! That doesn't sound bad!" (we were talking about a whole bunch of bad stuff the Corinthians did)
Billy: "... no. Carry. His. Torch."
HAHAHAHA! I love hilarious Bible Study!

Sometime in August 2006:

Steph: Mum! Wanna see Brokeback Mountain with us? (her and Vivian S.)
Mum: The one with the lesbian cowboys?
Hahaha! I guess it's all the same to her!

Aug. 20, 2006: (Sunday)

A bunch of us were over at Jeremy's for the first-ever Sunday Dinner, and were watching a nature documentary as entertainment.

1. Darryl, talking about Snakes On A Plane: "The only sad part about that line is that you can't say the whole thing! 'Get these mother *pause* snakes off this mother *pause* plane!' I mean, really... it doesn't have the same effect!"
Jeremy: "Yeah, we were playing Scattergories yesterday. One of the clues was a word that started with F, and which had four letters. Gee, could it be Samuel L. Jackson's favorite word?"
Jon: "Maybe... I mean, it is probably his best-known line, like, ever!"
Darryl: "Yeah... although all the bloggers loved that line long before it was inserted into the movie!"

2. Narrator on documentary mentions something about a preying mantis and its predator. Darryl's running joke quickly becomes "And we put this *insert name of animal* [or children, at the end] next to this praying mantis to see what it would do! Because obviously, they didn't sit around waiting to see what would happen, right?"

3. (Narrator on documentary mentions something about a praying mantis and its poop on a branch) Christon: "That looks like siu yok [Chinese dish]! I'm telling you, man. If they serve that tomorrow at the grad banquet, I'm NOT EATING IT!"
Jon: "Hey, one man's excrement is another man's treasure!"
Dallas: "Man, why does my camera always have to be off whenever this happens?!"
Jon: "You have BAD TIMING! Do the line again!"
Jeremy: "Nah, it won't be as funny the second time!"
Jen: "Shh! I'm trying to LISTEN!"

4. (scene of praying mantis eating its mate) Jen: "Oh, ew! That's so gross! She's eating him and they're still mating!"
Jon: "Yeah, it doesn't pay to be a male in that world, I guess!"
Vivian: "So how do they live on as a species if all the males get eaten?"
Jon: "I guess they have like 50 babies at a time!" (which was confirmed later on)
Alan: "I can't believe how they're still mating, and she's eaten his head and half his body already!"
Jen: "Ew ew ew! Oh, that's nasty!"

5. (various scenes of praying mantis killing its prey, or being killed by snakes / lizards) Jeremy: "Watch out... here it comes! CHOMP! That animal had NO CHANCE!"
Jen: "Oh gross!"
(then there was the scene where a praying mantis was killed rather violently by its predator) Jon: "Oh, yum. Who wants more rice and stuff now? That's the most violent death I've seen on this thing!"

6. Jon: "I think this gin and tonic needs more hops. Then again, the rice was good coz it was soaked in apple cider! I poured beer on the mussels too!"
Dallas: "Yeah, Tomlin... but I dunno. Maybe we should do that next week with your Thai curry!"
Jon: "That's a GOOD IDEA!"

7. Vivian: "Here, have some lemon-cranberry cookies I made at Chrystal's this afternoon."
Dallas: "Hey, these look like the ones that the kids were selling today!"
Vivian: "Eh, at least they're different flavors! Although they were a better deal than the Chinese congregation's stuff!"
*segue into discussion of Hannah, Natalie, Zoe, and whether there are any nine-year-old boys at church.. one, Steven!*

8. Jon: "Yeah, I read your blog, Jen. I even know who you called last week at your place! 'Oh, hi. I'm just really tanked right now...' "
Jen: "I didn't say THAT!"
Me: "Yeah, coz I told you this morning..."
Jon: "Eh, shut up, you little girl."
Me: "Cheh... no bubble tea for YOU!"

9. Jon: "Man, I've had nine hours of sleep in the last two days! I'm tired! *chest slaps Jeremy as we leave at 12:30* "
Jeremy: "Oh man!"
Me: "Isn't he going to bed soon, too?" (Darryl had gone to bed ten minutes before)
Jon: "Yeah! That'll give him energy to crawl into bed!"
Me: "Uh, if you say so... thanks, Jeremy! See you tomorrow!"

Sept. 4, 2006: (Sunday)

1. MC at Wails and Diana's wedding: "Hey, Diana! What is Wails' fetish?"
Diana: "Beer! He drinks a lot!"
Mom at our table: "Did he say FINISH?"
Jon: "No... he said FETISH."
Mom: "Oh... what's that?!"
*Jon and I look at each other, debating whether to explain*
"It has to do with sex... it's a sexual term... it's something that you, um, have to have so, er..."
Mom: *horrified look* ".... OH! Are you SURE you're not making this up?"
Jon: "No, Mom..."

2. Mom: "I have these postcards for you from Mount Rushmore. You'll like them since they're about pooping and butts!"
Jon: *looks at the postcards* "No, they're not. A rack refers to moose antlers OR to boobs, NOT pooping!"
Mom: "Are you SURE? I thought it had to do with bombing!"
Me: "We're very sure, Mom... only one of them is about butts. It has a back view of the mountain."

Sept. 7, 2006: (Thursday)

1. Mom, on the Brew-O-Poly game at Chapters: "Oh my God. Why would ANYONE make a game about beer?!"
Me: "Because they think people would have fun with it?"
Mom: "Euh... not my type of game. Maybe Jon or Jeremy should get it!"
Hahaha, maybe so!

2. Mom, on these decorative art tiles at the 99¢ store: "Oh my God. They say FULL OF BEANS on them."
Me: "That's just a pun for coffee, Mom."
Mom: "Are you SURE they're not SWEARING?!"
Me: "Very sure. Coffee is made from beans. You know that."
Mom: "Well, okay...."

3. Mom, on the books at the "cheap books" store at Aberdeen: "I really want to get a wedding planning book... can we just pretend you're getting married?"
Me: "... no. Just get a coloring book for Brigitte [my distant relative] instead!"

Sept. 11, 2006: (Monday)

Mom, on where I wanted to go for the family celebration of my birthday: "I don't mind it being more expensive since it's your wedding... I mean, your birthday! I hope you get married soon!" [I chose Top Shanghai over some Chinese place for the NEW factor]

Sept. 12, 2006: (Tuesday)

My mom, on a Seattle Mariners-Toronto Blue Jays game: "... WHAT are the players doing?!"
Jon: "The pitcher is sending a signal to the catcher."
Steph, just to amuse herself: "Hey, look! The players are even more obvious with what they're doing in the dugout!"
Mom: "Euh... can't they just scratch their nose?"
Me: "Then the batters could see the signals, Mom."
Mom: "Better than scratching their crotch!"
Steph: "Hey Mom, look at these benefits! You can see spring training in Dunedin, FL if you're a return season ticket holder... and then you can see that 81 times a year!"
Mom: "I can't even stand that ONCE a year! Maybe they should get dirty old men to do that job!"

HAHAHAHA! My mom just does not get sports, I suppose!

Sept. 29, 2006: (Friday)

Mom, on Dave's blog: "Steph told me about Dave and Tiffany. Then I saw your brother looking at Dave's blog. Isn't he being rude?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Mom: "Well, the title is rude!"
Me: "What's so rude about a Reformed Jerk?"
Mom: "Aren't jerks BAD people?"
Jon: "No, no... he's REFORMED. That means he ISN'T a jerk anymore! It's NOT rude!"
Mom, in a dubious tone: "Well, okay..."

Oct. 9, 2006: (Monday)

(Dallas, Vivian S., Eric M., my siblings, and I are all sitting around the townhouse discussing people we know)

Steph: "Hey, his nickname could be RANDY!"
Eric: "Yeah! You should go for it!"
Me: "I don't think so!"
Jon: "Hey, let's look that up on the Internet!" *proceeds to do so*
Steph, to amuse us: "Mom, come over here and look at this definition!"
Mom: *reads the definitions* "Oh..." *horrified*
Dallas: "What is it?"
Mom: "They mention something about LIBIDO. Do they mean, like... SEX?!" *very horrified*
Vivian: "... yes, they do."
Mom: "Oh no...."

Oct. 22, 2006: (Sunday)

Mom, noticing that an intersection near the church (the one we usually use to access church) was closed: "Road Closed?! Is this construction for the RAV Line?!"
(note: our church was nowhere close to where the RAV line is actually being constructed in the Oakridge / Granville area)

My sibs and I just looked at each other and tried convincing her that there were other construction projects going on that had nothing to do with the RAV line! Hahaha...

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Past hilarious quotes: mid-2005 to mid-2006

June 2005, while trying some outfits for Jeff and Anita's wedding:

Mom: "You know that online friend of yours... you spent the night at his house, right?"
Me, vaguely wondering where this is going: "Yes..."
Mom: "You've gained weight. Does that mean you're PREGNANT by him?!"
Me: "... NO! I am NOT pregnant! Definitely not!"
(I told this to Corey later, and he figured that she should KNOW about how long it takes for a pregnancy to show... too right!)

Aug. 21, 2005: (Sunday)

1. Dad: "Hey, the driver of the car in front of us LOOKS LIKE Erin!"
Mom: "That's not Erin! She's away at Timothy camp!"

(this would be like me saying that some girl I saw in front of Blenz coffee shop WAS Melissa, despite the fact that Melissa is far away from Vancouver at the moment!)

2. Me: "Dad, don't mess with me. I have female issues."
Dad: "You're so messy that I'll mess with you!"
LAME, and certainly not clever!

3. *my sister and I are discussing Paris Hilton, including her SEX TAPE on the INTERNET*
Mom, half-listening: "Are you talking about ME?!?!?!"
(we do NOT want to know if Mom has engaged in any Paris-like escapades, up to and including a sex tape whether it's live on the Internet or not!)

4. Mom, upon seeing some random white guy HOLDING A BABY on our way back from Pho lunch after church: Is that Eric?!?!
*my siblings and I give each other a LOOK, and say NO!*

Nov. 27, 2005: (Sunday)

1. While listening to the Grey Cup football game, the announcers say something about a linebacker.

Mom: "What's a LINEBREAKER?!"
Me: "That's not what they said.. it's a LINEBACKER... a football player!"
Mom: "Are you sure? They have so many names for it.. a receiver, linebacker, quarterback..."

2. A little later in the game, something's mentioned about Pamela Anderson being in town.

Mom: "Pamela Anderson?"
Me: "Yes, Mom.. she's in town for the game."
Mom: "What? She's addicted? Ha?!"
Me: "I didn't say that! She's IN TOWN!"
Mom: "Oh...."

3. Slightly later...

Mom: "Do you want some coffee to wake up before dinner?"
Me: "No, Mom... maybe some hot chocolate later."
Mom: "But it's nice DIP coffee!"
Me: "Uh, no thanks..."

Feb. 26, 2006: (Sunday)

A bunch of the guys were signing up for the church hockey league one Sunday:

Mom: "A picture?! Is this for a dating service?!"
Christon, Steph, Eric, Danielle, Nathan, Sam, and me: *laugh a LOT and tell her that it's for a hockey league which requires a picture of all players*

Let's just say that if she'd seen Citrus' snazzy picture, she wouldn't have been so easily convinced that it was really for a roller hockey league! *laugh*

Sometime in March 2006:

Mom to my sister: I think he likes you. Did you feel his vibrations?
(without context, I can't guess what she was trying to say to my poor sister!)

Mar. 12, 2006: (Sunday)

1. Dad: "I hope your computer crashes. Then you'll be twisting your thumbs!" (TWIDDLING!)

2. Mom: "Ice?! I thought curling was played on a smooth surface!" (ice IS smooth!)

March 19, 2006: (Sunday)

Mom, to me and my sister: "We can hug and make out, right?" She somehow got it into her head that the two were similar... Dad wasn't too impressed by this linguistic gaffe, either! o_O

A month later, she repeated this to me as "let's kiss and make out!" Uh, no? So then I attempted to explain this to her as "deep kissing between two people who want to have sex," whereupon she thought that I was making it up. *rolleyes*

May 12, 2006: (Friday)

Mom, to my sister: "You should pack more than one pair of underwear in case you have a poop accident over the weekend!" (she was 23 at the time, plenty old enough NOT to have one!)

Slightly later, to me: "Are you looking up porn or going to dangerous chatrooms on the family computer? Are you masturbating while talking to your sister on the phone?!" (I was really talking about poisoning people by pouring it in through their Eustachian tubes in their ears, as per HAMLET)
Um, EWWWWW! NO! My sister told Dad about this, and that got an eyeroll.

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Past hilarious quotes, 2004 to mid-2005

No, I don't know why I haven't had a "quote collection" post in quite some time. Here they all are for your amusement:


Mom, on Van Halen's Panama: "Did they say GRANDMA?! Why are they singing about her?!"
Hahahaha... NO! I doubt the boys know my granny personally!

Mom, on the video for Our Lady Peace's song Clumsy: "Do they all have mental problems?! Everything is floating around in WATER!!!"
(my siblings and I concluded that Mom definitely isn't too PC!)

Mom and Dad, on the Sex Pistols: "Are you looking up PORN on the family computer?!"
HAHAHAHA, no. IF that were ever to happen (which it won't!), I'd do that on my own computer!

May 18, 2005: (Wednesday)

Mom to me: "Are you sure you don't want to move back home and pay us rent? That way, I can be sure that you don't go into... other professions! You never know about this Internet friend of yours. Jayson might drug you and then rape you... and then make you do other things that you don't want! He could be a primp!" My sister and I just laughed at her for being too paranoid, and for mangling English.

Mom, upon half-listening to my comment to Steph about finally emailing her a link to Palmer's picture: "You're going to pick up Jason Yeasting? Your Internet friend is going to pick you up?! Who's Palmer?!" (My sister explained that Palmer was his onscreen name, and that our conversation had nothing to do with our friend Jason. She doesn't think that Palmer's the dude she saw on the TV show who was wanted for harassing girls on the Vancouver Dateline thing!)

Dad, upon hearing my sister's future plans with Jessica and Margaret: "You're going to watch a show called America's Next Topless Model?!" My siblings and I laughed at him for THAT one! It's America's Next Top Model, NOT that thing! :P

This next batch (the numbered ones) are all from my sister's Xanga:

1. Dawn, on how she'd like to die: "I'd like to die while surrounded by family, biting into a nice piece of steak and suddenly just croak."

2. Last November [2004], my mom took a nutrition management exam as a part of her job. So she complained to me about the wordiness...

Her: "How come they call it MASTICATION when they can just say CHEWING? I will remember it because it sounds like MASTURBATION."

Me: "Yeah, Mum... it's the same thing as URINATION and peeing; and DEFECATION and pooing."

Her: "Hah??? I thought it was when you got your head cut off?!?!"

Me: "NO Mum, that's DECAPITATION."

I was so totally unamused! Oh, and Mum still cannot pronounce "anus"... she pronounces it like "ann-uss" and the male genitalia as "penn-iss." There was this one time she got so confused when we went to some pasta house, and my sister ordered a plate of penne... yeah. o_O

(Which reminds me of the time that Spoz thought "decaplets" were twins born with no heads... HAHAHAHAHAHA! How can you be born without a head?!)

3. My mom's idea of matchmaking, while on the phone to my sister in November 2004:

Mom: So, any of your girliefriends interested in Jon yet?
Steph: Um, not really...
Mom: Ha??? Have you asked them? Maybe you should introduce him to your friends!
Steph: I told my friends about him. But they're not interested.
Mom: HOW COME?! Jon is a GOOD boy!
Steph: They don't know him, Mum. He barely goes to our church!
Mom: Hmm. Well, you should try your best to help out your brother. You know, I still like *****, *****, and ********. Do they have boyfriends?
Steph: Nope!
Mom: Oh, gooooooooooooooooood. Maybe something will happen when he's here for Christmas.

What's funnier is that my DAD got into it too! (and he almost never does!)

Good thing Mom doesn't know about the entry in which Steph put out an open application for Jon's future wife. ;) She'd love the suggestions there, hahaha.

(Now accepting all applications...

It's Jon's birthday next week. I know this is gonna make me seem like a freak (erm, freakier?) but the only decent and meaningful gift I can think of is... a sister-in-law for myself! Ooo. I think I've spent too long with my mum, I'm becoming her double. Anyway, the more I think about it (and yes, I do think about it), the more I have certain people in mind. Hmm. I'd rather not risk those friendships by proclaiming who my ideal sis-in-law would be, but in case any of them is reading this post (hehe, and some of them do read this hehehehehehehe)... Jonathan is a very decent young man. He can play music to swoon you (although I don't think he's very romantic... and I don't really wanna know , he's not that ugly (despite his nickname) and he's got the cooooooolest sisters and a very fun mother! Oh, he has a father too, but no adjective for him... he's just not as fun as us Ng women... Anyway, contact me if interested... I would be pleased to arrange any get togethers. I only ask a couple things... crack the whip on his tardiness, and don't be a meanie! No awkward family dinners are allowed.

Welcome to the family! Ceci, Viv Lui, Becca, Melia, Cindy, or Becky!!! Hehe, one can only hope!

As for what really happened when he was over here for Christmas break, the poor boy had a gastrointestinal incident. He had to spend Christmas and half of Boxing Day in the hospital. :(

4. Mum: We're going to Uncle Ken and Auntie Ada's house for dinner on Thursday.
Steph: Who are they?
Mum: You know. Bernadette's parents!
Jon: Um... I think you mean Benedict.


5. So my mum was writing a Christmas card for an old family friend... good thing Jon decided to proofread it. Instead of "Ngs crazy bunch," it said: "love from Ngs crazy butch"...

Nice. Real nice.

Mum to my sister: Can you have a baby girl before I'm 60?
Erm... that gives her 3.5 years to produce. Eeek.


Closely related to the above:

Mom to me: Don't go and get pregnant by the first guy that's nice to you!

The very next day:

Mom to me: I want you to give me GRANDCHILDREN as soon as possible!

Uh... talk about mixed messages THERE.... o_O

Steph: Ew, Mum, did you just fart???
Mum: Noooo. I was only passing gas!

Hahaha... yeah, what's the difference? Oh, Mummy...

6. Mum: I think pink makes me look too fleshy.
Dad: Are those your Anne Frank socks?

(he meant Paul Frank!)

7. In March 2005, after my sister got a speeding ticket going to a non-existent football game / practice:

Steph: Oh Mum, guess what happened to me on Saturday!
Mum: You got a boyfriend?!!!
Steph: Uh, no. I got a speeding ticket.
Mum: HA??? Aiya, how much was it? Aiya!
Steph: Fifty-two bucks...
Mum: AIYA... so expensive! You're a dangerous driver!!!
Dad: Ha, what happened?
Steph: I got a speeding ticket.
Dad: Oh, haha. How much?
Steph: Fifty-two bucks...
Dad: Oh! So cheap!!! ... *five seconds pass* ... Anyway, I think it is time for you to settle down and get yourself a boyfriend.

My parents are funny. They're so opposite, but so alike at the same time.

8. From an April 2005 phone conversation my sister had with the parents:

Dad: Now, do you have a boyfriend yet? (read: How can you still be single?!)
Steph: No, Dad!
Dad: Ha? How come?! Aren't there any good boys at your church?
Steph: Uhhh....
Dad: That's ridiculous. I should send your mother over. Maybe she can make something happen for you! *pause* Maybe I should come by myself!

BAHAHAHAHA. MCBC boys, consider yourselves warned!

Mom: Steph, I've been thinking about *******. He is a very nice boy. What do you think about him??? Is he good enough to be your boyfriend???
Steph: Uhhh....
Mom: I have already been praying for the two of you. Hopefully, he will spark a conversation with you when you're home!
Steph: Uhhh... *thinks I NEED HELP!*

There's more where that came from!

Sometime in early 2005:

Karen and Vivian, at lunch: "Can we have an extra bowl for our large #9?"
Waitress: "What do you mean?"
Karen and Vivian: "We want to split a bowl of noodles!"
Waitress: "I don't understand!"
Karen and Vivian: "Okay, can we have two #9s? Only for one of them, can you leave the noodles and soup and meat OUT of it?"

(speak their language, and they'll eventually understand you!)

Feb. 27, 2005: (Sunday)

Jen, ordering Pho at lunch: "I'll have a #69, please." (grass jelly drink with ice)
Nathan: *makes a bunch of sex jokes that fly over her head*
Dawn and me: "Don't look it up on the Internet! The text should be enough! You actually don't need to know what exactly it is... just don't do a Google search for it, or even a general Net search!"
Jen: "It has something to do with sex, right?"
Nathan: "Yes! Just think about how the 69 is formed!"
Citrus: "NATHAN! Don't tell her that!"

May 21, 2005: (Saturday)

Mom, to me: "Did you make OFF with Palmer?!"

Four silly quotes from (Sunday) July 17, 2005:

1. Dad, at the restaurant: "Put the plate on the turntable!" (he meant the LAZY SUSAN, and insisted that the two were the same thing: my sister and I just gave each other a look)

2. Mom: "Take the garbage out... it's so STINGY!" (I told her that "stinky" and "stingy" were different things, and then she questioned the existence of ... I would have showed her the site, but the wireless network was down, and my sister's laptop gave me a blue screen of death when I tried starting Mozilla)

3. Mom: "Aren't you concerned about your future daughter-in-law?" (uh, my brother's future wife would be my SISTER-in-law... I'll worry about my future daughter-in-law when I'm married and have a son, thanks!)

4. Mom: "You are my lover... you are my lovely daughter..." (she sings stuff like this ALL THE TIME, so I tried telling her that "lover" wasn't the right word AT ALL to use in that context... she agrees incest is wrong, but insisted that "lover" didn't ALWAYS mean its real meaning... yeah right!)

On Oct. 17, 2005 (Saturday) after I got home from the Awana Leadership Conference:

Mom: I'm having curry fishballs for dinner. Are you hungry?
Me: No, Mom... I just ate dinner and I had a big lunch.
Mom: What did you have?
Me: Stuff from the Bread Garden... cookies, chips, pasta salad, wraps...
Mom: Ha?! You had RATS for lunch?! Aiya!
Me: No, Mom... WRAPS!!! You know, where they put a bunch of stuff inside a wrap thing. They have those at your work! (she works as a dietary supervisor in the hospital system)
Mom: OH! Okay.... I thought you actually had rats for lunch!
Me: Of course not, Mom! Aiya!

Sometime mid-2005:

Dad: "When did you go to sleep?"
Jon: "Oh, 4-5 AM."
Dad: "What were you doing, reading people's blobs?"
Jon: "Blogs..."
Dad: "You should just call them blobs."

Sounds appropriate enough for me, as a lot of blogwriting does consist of people writing their thoughts down into one big blob of an entry. However, I do take time to see if my writing is clear, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors. In other words, it takes time for me to type up a full entry.

(reminds me of when Adam Frey called me a "literal formless blob" because we were chatting over the Internet, hahaha)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dream: Drinking problems in Powell River

High-scoring words of the day so far:

AIRFARE (130 points) - against Angela V. [5L on F; 5W]

Interesting rack of the day: TINFUCK, against Chris W. o_O

Had a weird dream, which started out at someone's house. I was sleeping on the couch, and then decided to just get up without really getting dressed for the day. My brother thought it was a bit "sketch," but all right. However, my dad (in a dress shirt) ordered me to get changed; I refused, and further told him that I wasn't going to go to Powell River. My brother attempted to explain the logistics of this one to me: "If you don't go, that means we need to find another person! If you do, we won't need to - but another person might be a good idea anyhow! I know you don't want to go... hell, even *I* don't want to go. But just do it for peace!" Dad just said that we'd find another person anyway since I was being so obstreperous [a word he probably wouldn't know in real life] about it!

Then I went to another part of the house, while thinking that I'd rather go with someone else - in fact, I'd go anywhere with this other person, even if someone else always wanted me to travel with him. A bunch of people were getting ready to go out, and invited me to go along. I accepted, particularly since my crush was in the group! First, I went to a friend's room to borrow some of her shiny clothes. My brother approved of this new outfit, while my dad didn't - I took my brother along with the group. We stopped by someone's place so they could retrieve things needed for this outing, such as a wrench and pliers. (no, we were not robbing other people of their valuables! :P) While there, I fell asleep in someone's arms - this was very comforting. Afterwards, he asked if I were okay to continue. Of course, especially since that experience was quite unlike something else I had with other people!

Later, we went to a theatre which was in a building which was a combination of the old church and my high school. Alison (in her dark blue jean jacket) assessed my acting ability, and pronounced it good enough to be an understudy in a huge production. Just before the show was about to start, we could peek through the curtain and see the audience. We were all presented with complimentary drinks - actually, a huge pitcher of alcoholic drink was served to us! (with plenty of ice for everyone) Someone with cute curly red hair and blue eyes drank too much and passed out on a bench JUST as we were getting ready to start. We had to cover (for) him, and decided to take him to task after the show.

However, someone else chose that moment to make a presentation to an inspirational teacher: a black-and-white motivational poster dedicated to someone who lived from 1888-1910. That made 38 years, according to someone's very bad math! The teacher had played football, encouraged the squad to quit smoking, and even had a lighter in case things needed to be set on fire! Then we finally got through to the kid with the drinking problem. Other people were having a shouting match next to the file cabinets in the hall, about the very same thing. Harleen tried NOT to get involved, but she couldn't help it. I woke up when we were trying to explain to the kid that drinking was fine IN MODERATION! No idea why I had the dream - odd! (other than seeing Alison's icon all over the place when I peruse Facebook :P)

Writer's Block: The Wrath of Ohrwurm
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View other answers.
It's A Small World, or Christmas songs way before time!

Your rainbow is shaded blue, yellow, and indigo.


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Well, except for the whole stealing land and killing Indians thing.

What Your Thanksgiving Meal Says About You

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You see the holidays as a time to think about what's important to you. It's a good time to reflect and regroup.

You like the aspects of the holiday that remind you of your childhood - opening presents, treats, and old favorite foods.

During the holidays, you are likely to feel comforted. At your worst, you feel a bit over-indulgent.

You consider yourself a big kid, and you're proud of it.

You tend to spend your holidays doing everything and anything. You really get into the holiday spirit.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Toilet paper coupons are very important...

Went to the Terra Nova plaza, which only takes less than ten minutes by bus. Decided to pick up some pink salmon on sale at Save-On, plus some hand soap and two birthday cards. Saw some ginger-almond dish soap, but figured I could always pick it up some other time as I'm not running out of that stuff. (ah, being slightly budget-conscious...) Saw a bunch of "save 75¢" coupons for Cottonelle toilet paper, so picked nine of those up for use in the next thirteen months. If K knew about this, he'd likely call me the "toilet paper queen" - hey, it is a way to SAVE MONEY! (I once bought two packages of Cascade toilet paper - on sale for $5 instead of $8 - and he concluded that I was obsessed with the stuff... not really! Important to have around, yes!) Got two birthday cards for Keenan and Tony - I'd have bought the "cool gorilla" one for the kid, but it's the same one I gave his big brother Joshua last year!

Got to the post office a few minutes before it closed, and looked at the Christmas cards available - sadly, not in my budget! Mailed postcards / Christmas cards to Corey, Savina, Jane, Frane, Karine, Nyssa, Sheryll, and Kadri - yay for Christmas stamps! Met Erik at Church's Fried Chicken later - we discussed a lot of stuff, so it was good times. Home by 8:10, so it wasn't too bad at all. Now to call Andrea (assuming she answers) to see how her mom is doing, and confirm for Thursday if nothing untoward has happened! (the last time one of my friend's moms was in the hospital, she ended up dead!)

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Sport Chek and New Hampshire on the same day?!

PHEW... thought I'd NEVER get back online! My computer refused to work when I finally got up, so I thought maybe the monitor had problems. Don't know what it was, but it finally worked again about an hour later. At least I got a baby card and some Christmas cards done. I hope there's a post office at the Terra Nova plaza... I know there's a Save-On-Foods (where Teunis, Robin, and I went before the last BBQ) and a dollar store, so I shall get Keenan a birthday card. He IS turning two, heh. I remember going into the Save-On Foods there a while ago and getting just about $30 worth of things for Korey and myself with his money - I still have the garbage bags, haha. He wanted to stay in Eric's car, so I let him.

I also found some VERY late birthday cards I was supposed to give people! Never mind the September birthdays (Karen / Citrus - who's gone now in any case / Eric M. / both Anitas), but the October and November ones? Ian M., Jeremy, Christon, Dawn, Chalaine, Grace, Jeff, Raymond, both Vivians, Margaret (whom I actually haven't seen in a while), Vanessa, David M., Tim, John (haven't seen him in a while), Melia, Joanna, Jon, and Emily C. should all get cards from me. Teresa has moved churches, so it's okay - I'll get one for Tony at the dollar store too! I'd think of replenishing my supply, but I have other financial things to think about - maybe next year!

I've also received phone calls from Ontario (1-905-281-8427), Sport Chek (1-905-281-8425), AND New Hampshire (1-603-214-3651) in the past fifteen minutes! Thank goodness for Caller ID! At least I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday, particularly since I didn't do so when he was thanking me for bringing dishes to Jeremy's to help on Sunday! Also, Xavier S. added me for the blood games... sigh.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Yearbook inscriptions from Gr. 12

These are yearbook inscriptions from Gr. 12. My church friends got into the act again since the McNair organization was just as bad as the previous year. Good thing I visited the school during one of my off-days from college, to get signatures from various school people as well!

Sophia Kajioka: "Leslie! Good luck at college."

Jennifer Bales: "Leslie, I wish you success and happiness in the future."

Cheryl Melder: "Hi, Leslie! How are you? I hope that this next year will be great for you, and I'll miss seeing you around school. Come and visit!"

Melanie Puddell: "Leslie, I wish you all the best in the future. I hope you have a great time at Capilano College!"

Chris Hoy: "Hi, Les. I don't know you very well, but you're pretty! Nice meeting you."

Naomi Ellchuk: "Hi, Leslie. Band was great. Thanks for the letter. Hope you have fun at college." (she drew a little stick-figure girl)

Ken Moorhouse: "Hello, Leslie. Hope you have a great year at Cap College. Hope you have a great summer."

Curtis Robertson: "Hi. How's it going? Did you have a good summer? Hope you have a good year."

Trevor Lange: "Howdy, Leslie. Good luck, and I hope to see you soon."

Joanna Kim: "Good luck at college - all the best!"

Sabeena Sidhu: "Have a good summer? We should get to know each other better. I see ya in the halls, but we never really talk?"

Arnold Ryomoto: "Leslie, it's nice seeing you again. Good luck in the future."

Nazma Shivji: "So how's Cap College? Since you guys have left, this school's gone down. Good luck at college." [girl]

Rob Stajduhar: "Have a great year. Best wishes..."

Amy Brown: "Well, Leslie... it's nice knowing you. All my love."

Ian Cullis: "Leslie, have a good year. Don't drink and drive. This is a message from Ian. You are going to miss the bus."

Darren Baker: "94 was fun. Have fun at college. See ya."

Elaine Munster: "You're a great actress. Keep up the good work."

Erin Chew: "Yo, Leslie! Canucks Rule! NHL season '95 better be on. Good luck in university college. Make Money! Have Fun! Don't forget me!"

Brooks Norman: "Hey, Leslie. How goes the college? I hope you're having a great time. We sure miss you in these great halls of McNair. Come back and visit soon!" (he drew a smiling figure)

Daniel To: "Dear Leslie, I'm glad you've joined our fellowship and choir. I'm sure that you will be a great asset to us, being a great friend, and a prayer partner, and a fellow Fellowship member. Thanks for your opinions and energy. I hope you intend to share your enthusiasm with us always. God Bless!"

Anita Chow: "Hi, Leslie. Wow, you've graduated already?! I wish you the very best in your future studies! Good to have you in our fellowship now."

Megan Cheng: "I hope you're enjoying school now! I wish you the best in pursuing your future interests. God Bless!"

Shirley Chan: "Dear Leslie, we've missed you in Fellowship and choir. Good luck and all the best!"

Carmel Parris: "Dear Leslie: It's been great having you there to talk about all those good and bad moments. What a year. THE CANUCKS ARE THE BOYS OF '94! Take care at Capilano, and come and say hi!"

Amir Kalman: "Hey, Les. From Palmer to McNair, you were always smiling and saying HI! Don't change!"

Paula Bednjak: "Hey, Leslie... how ya doing? Have fun at your new school!"

Mylene Giroux: "Hey Leslie! Have fun at college! Have a great life! Good luck! :)"

Ramynder Greyval: "Hey Leslie! I remember you from Palmer. I guess I owe you 25¢." [girl... I don't remember if she ever paid me back, but it's okay!]

Petra Rempel: "Keep the sun to your face and the wind to your back! Or something like that... and may all be well with you. You are so awesome! I wish you, I SINCERELY WISH YOU the best in all your endeavors! Keep in touch! P.S. Remember the little people!"

Jesse Keetley: "Hi!" (he drew an eye... so cute, haha)

David Marr: "To Leslie... better late than never, huh? Well, it is an honor to be able to put my signature in this book. Best wishes to you in the future, and don't let school frustrate you."

Lydia Leung: "Good luck in college, and may God bless you. :)"

Kevin Cromie: "Hey Leslie. Have a good year, and don't break too many hearts. Kev."

Ellen Chan: "Hi, Leslie! No fair! How come DT's annuals are always so ugly?! I hope you have a VERY GOOT year in college. Any weird phone calls from that guy? Have fun!"

Trudy Loo: "Hey Leslie. What's up with you? Have fun and study hard with whatever you're doing, okay? Well, keep in touch!"

Jimmy Lou: "Hey Leslie. Hope your '94 was a NAUGHTY-FOUR! :) Good luck in all your future endeavors!"

Zonia Lam: "Hey Leslie. FINALLY OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL! How was your summer? Oh well, have a GREAT year!"

Eunice Tam: "Hi Leslie. Finally got your annual, huh? Took long enough. Hope you have a great year. Your beautiful and intelligent, gifted, totally talented Canuck-crazed friend, Eunice!"

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Yearbook inscriptions from Gr. 11

These are yearbook inscriptions from Grade 11. My church friends got into the act because we didn't have a yearbook signing day when school ended. As I recall, we didn't get our yearbooks till AUGUST! Bad organization!

Jimmy Lou: "Hey, Leslie. Don't know you well, but that's okay! But from what I do know of you.... you're an enthusiastic fun-loving girl, caring, and a whole lot of other stuff! Keep it going! AND REMEMBER: JUST DO IT!"

Frances Chan: "Dear Leslie.... Well, it is finally gonna be your grade 12 year, eh? Work hard and keep smiling! Don't forget we need your help at the Timothy Fellowship, so go to Committee meetings! See ya! GRAD 93 RULES!"

Carina Ng: "Leslie, You're finally in (well almost, actually going into) Grade 12! How does it feel? Just one, count it, one more year to go! You are so lucky! Just ten more days before school starts.... it's too soon. Anyways, have fun while this summer lasts! Yours, Carina. August 28, 1993."

Eunice Tam: "Hey Leslie! How goes it? I don't know what to say, so just have a great year!"

Elaine Marr: "Hi Leslie! How's it going? Well... good, right? Hope so! Anyways, it's been nice knowing you ever since... well, who knows since when. But I hope you have a great grad year. And congratulations for being Also, it's nice too... to have you in choir! You're doing great compared to me! Anyways, I'll stop writing, so have a good year and best of luck too!"

Ellen: "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO! I hope your Grade 12 year goes well next year, unlike Frances! It has been nice getting to know you, and I hope I can get to know you more! Keep smiling! :)"

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Yearbook inscriptions from Gr. 10

These are yearbook inscriptions from the 1991-92 school year.

Leon Stephens: "Hey Leslie. Band class was a lot of fun. Have a good summer."

Gary Pattern: "Leslie, have a good summer. I want your thighs. Thanks for helping me on the French test... NOT!"

Clayton Sato: "Les! Your last year here. Too bad... you will be a legend when you are gone."

Dave Swan-McKenzie: "Have a great summer."

Derek Yih: "Gone from Palmer, huh? Too bad. Have a good summer."

Taryn Ying Sun: "Have an awesome summer. This year went fast. I'll see ya next year. Love always!"

Natalie Basiren: "Hey, Leslie. Good luck in future years. :)"

Darcy Tweedly: "Leslie, my bud from way back. Have a great summer. Luv, Darcy."

Akane Hume: "Glad to have met you. Have an awesome summer. Hope you remember my student number."

Steve Joyce: "Have a fun summer."

Jonas Greig: "Hi, Les. Have a great summer. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Denise Fraser: "Hi! Have a great summer!" (she drew a cool thing!)

Amelia Myckatyn: "Have a great summer. Good luck next year!"

Samantha Stevens: "Have a great summer. Call me... we'll have fun! P.S. Don't forget Jaws! :)" [our name for Mrs. Grafton... kinda like Mrs. Ramscharita being called RAMBO, but not really :P]

Freddie Esteban: "Hi, Leslie. Good luck next year!"

Jeff Rea: "Les... watch that Nick. He's a wild man."

Dan Harowitz: "Leslie, my wonderful storyteller. Have a great summer. Love, Dan."

Karen Ashdown: "Leslie, have a good summer. Hope I don't see ya at McNair."

Carly Turner: "Three long years are over, Leslie. Have a good summer."

Carrie Smith: "Have a wild one."

Ashley Garrison: "Leslie! Have a good summer. Come visit next year!"

Jessica Peter: "Hi, Leslie! Have a good summer! My student number is 91199."

Daniel Yeung: "Keep in touch. Have a good summer!"

Karen Chang: "Have a great summer."

Arlette Carlin: "Hi!"

Tara Lynch: "You remember me! Great memory. Take care!"

Priya Bains: "Leslie... you party animal, you. Keep smiling and stay friendly." [girl]

Andrew Mavis: "Have a fun summer!"

Tiffany Ho: "Thanks for remembering my birthday! Have fun and don't forget me! P.S. Keep smiling!"

Gary Mehat: "English and Socials were fun. See ya around."

Trevor Lange: "Hi, Leslie! Have a GREAT summer! NO MORE SCHOOL! :)"

Jamie Reynolds: "You crazy critter, you!"

Monique Spencer: "Hello. Bye. Have a good summer!"

Ray Polnau: "Enjoy your summer."

Josie Loyola: "Hi! Have a great summer!"

Paula Bednjak: "You are such a BOOGEDY! Tricia McLaughlin is WEIRD!"

Jason Leonard: "Call me. Serve me well. Party Hard. Drink Beer. Smoke Up."

Angela Landon: "Hi, Leslie. You are cool!"

Blair Arbuthnot: "Hi, Leslie. So what's my student number? Hah hah hah."

Paul Gallagher: "Hey, Lesser. Whoa!"

Megan Wilson: "Hey, Les. Have a great summer, and have a great year next year!"

Sage Berryman: "Thanks for the card. Have fun!"

Shauna Hawkins: "Hi! I enjoy sitting next to you in Band. Good luck next year."

Bob Singh: "Leslie, have a great year!"

Galvin Lowe: "Leslie! Have fun in McNair, because I'm going to Richmond. Just kidding."

Pam Shih: "Hi, Leslie. Well, Palmer's conquered. Have a great summer. Luv ya!"

Neelum Khalsa: "Hey, Leslie. I really admire your courage and strength. I know you'll go places." [girl]

Laura Hooites-Meursing: "I'm so happy to be one of those certain people."

Alan Cofman: "Have a great summer. It was a great year. Keep up the clarinet. See you soon."

Nick Turner: "Leslie, it was MY water gun! I'm faster than you! See ya!"

Alex Price: "Lesser... have a wonderful summer. You are cool."

Malinda Sandhu: "My bud! Keep smiling and being funny! You are too cool!"

Jackie Ip: "Hi, Leslie. It was nice knowing you. Good luck in senior high."

Lori Nishi: "Leslie, have a great time at McNair. See ya around."

Joe Downer: "Leslie! Have a great summer. Keep smiling."

Allison McLaughlin: "Quick! What was last year's student number?"

Kelly Overton: "Have a good time in the summer."

Rocky Gill: "Have a good summer."

Rebecca Healey: "Leslie: It was great meeting you! Take care, have a great summer, and be nice to everyone. See ya next year!"

Tara Thom: "Have a terrific summer, and don't get into trouble. 90273."

Brian Nishi: "Awesome 11 years knowing you, Leslie. See you around next year at McNair. Have a good summer."

Sheri Jones: "Leslie, have a fucking wild summer! Party on! Remember: sex, drugs, and alcohol!"

Kim Nguy: "Thanks for telling me my student number. Have a good summer."

Dave Powell: "How's it going? Sorry for hitting ya. Well, see you later."

Sonia Zimmerman: "Hey, Les. See you next year. Have a great summer."

Andrew Rollo: "Hey Leslie! So, ever think you'd make it?! Well, ya did... and it was three years of pure hell! Have a really great summer, and see ya next year! Your bud."

Grace Hofstee: "Hey, Leslie - hang in there! See you next year! Bye! Luv, Grace."

Grace Oliveros: "Dear Leslie, how did you remember my student number? Have fun!"

Willy Kump: "See you next year!"

Debbie McClure: "Leslie... nice knowing you. You've helped me understand a lot of things."

Lisa Carlin: "Have a great summer! Finally out of Palmer!"

Heather MacLeod: "Hey Leslie! Palmer was rad! Have an awesome summer!"

Helen Huynh: "Have a good summer!"

Vanessa Lucas: "You're out of Palmer. Hope you have a good summer."

Mary Oishi: "Have a great summer, Leslie! See ya!"

Bill Yeung: "Have a good summer, Leslie."

Jason Ackerman: "It's been nice knowing you."

Upkar Gill: "Hey, Leslie. Powell's a geek. French was boring. Have a great summer."

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Yearbook inscriptions from Gr. 9

These are all my yearbook inscriptions from the 1990-91 school year.

Nick Turner: "Hope you'll go to grad with me, or at least think about it. Call me. P.S. Math buddy! Party with Nick Krusek and Paul McMahon! I love you - ask me to the grad!"

Veronica Tauber: "Have a good summer."

Ross Johal: "Have a good year here next year."

Tyler Taumoli: "Have fun. I hate Spanish."

Raj Dhillon: "Have a great summer. Fuck!"

Tara Talmey: "Have a really fun summer! See ya next year!"

Valerie Thai: "Have a great summer! Bye!"

Ryan Ridout: "Hey Leslie. Have a great summer."

Jason Ackerman: "Have a good summer."

April Morgan: "Have a great summer!"

Sarah Quelch: "Hey Les. Have a wild summer!"

Patti Schwaertzel: "Thanks for everything."

Tyler Schnell: "Have a good summer."

Graeme Courage: "Have a great summer."

Mike Host: "Have a wild summer. By the way, what is my student number?"

Melissa Bartsch: "Hey Leslie! Party on! Have fun!"

Daniel Harowitz: "Leslie! My Ferris buddy of old! Have a fantastic summer, and I hope to see you soon."

Josh Drebit: "Have a great summer, Leslie. Your bud, Josh."

Brock Simons: "Hi, Les. Have a great summer. See ya later."

Chris Martens: "Have a good summer. Later! P.S. I love you!"

Samantha Stevens: "HI!" (she and Bob Singh used to go out)

Paula Bednjak: "Have a good summer."

Paul Gallagher: "Have a fun summer."

Daniel Yeung: "Leslie, I love you! Have a great summer!"

Eric Bin: "My student number next year is 10029. Have a good summer."

Jonathan Kung: "Have a fun summer, Leslie!"

Erick Poulton: "Hi, Leslie. See you later."

Iliana Lin: "Hi!"

David Shaler: "Have a good summer."

Joe Downer: "Keep playing baseball, and have a great summer!"

Steven Katz: "Hey Leslie. Have a good summer! That's a good trick, that student number thing. See ya next year. You've been a great friend."

Erin Hodder: "Hey Leslie! Canucks Rule! New York Drools! Go Canucks Go! Go, Bure! McLean Rules! We kick butt!"

Christina Myckatyn: "Have a good summer."

Ryan Ridout: "Hey Leslie. Have a good summer."

Graham Gee: "Hello! Band is the only cool class! I mean, I'm gonna miss it!" (he and Grace Hofstee used to go out)

Kelly Overton: "You've made Palmer a lot better, and I'll never forget you. 9166. Have a good summer!"

Jonas Greig: "Hi, Leslie. Have fucking neat summer. Peck Peck."

Mike Teerink: "Hi, Leslie! Have a cool summer, and don't steal any more attendance sheets!" (that's what I used to do...)

Jill Reynolds: "Hey Leslie! Have a great summer, and great year. See ya around."

Ruth Piskackova: "Have a great summer. See you next year."

Sophia Dimitropoulos: "Hey Les! Have an awesome summer! I'll see you next year. I hope we are in some classes together. Don't forget me!"

Shauna Hawkins: "Hi! What strange hobbies will you think of next..."

Taryn Ying Sun: "Hey Leslie. Have an awesome summer! See ya next year!"

Brian Nishi: "Don't forget... 9160."

Adrienne Lane: "9119 or 10119... don't forget!"

Ian Mendes: "Hi from 9150."

Rachel Schnell: "Have fun!"

Bob Singh: "Hi!"

Darcy Tweedly: "Hi, Leslie. Have a great summer!"

Deanna Baker: "Wasn't the Edmonton trip fun! I'm glad I got to know you! Have fun in Grade 10."

Heidi Evelyn: "Leslie! The Band trip was lots of fun. Baker isn't so bad when she's not tutoring - HUH? Best of wishes, and have a super summer!"

Desmond Soon: "Thanks for remembering my student number! Just kidding! Hope to see you next year. Have a super summer, okay?"

Aric Kidner: "Keep guessing numbers. From 8234."

I had anonymous wishes of "Hello. Goodbye." and "Have a good summer - HI!" as well.

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Yearbook inscriptions from Gr. 8

These are all my yearbook inscriptions from the 1989-1990 school year:

Annette Gold: "Hope you have a super summer, and I'll see you next year!"

Jesse Nakatsuru: "Don't lose too many hairs, and shave your legs. Your royal Baldness. Guess who?" (not very nice!)

David Powell: "Hi, Leslie!"

Veronica Tauber: "Hi, Leslie. Have a good summer. See ya next year."

Mr. Fromager: "Have a superb summer! It's been a pleasure to teach you!"

Laura Hooites-Meursing: "Have a great summer."

Dan Driol: "Hi, Leslie. Have a good summer. :)"

Cecilia Tupper: "Have a cool summer." (she and Dan - above - were stepbrother and stepsister the next year!)

Chau Ho: "Get fucked, Leslie." [I took GREAT exception to that, especially since she'd asked a few days before if we could be friends!]

Colin Williams: "Hey Leslie. Are you gonna get a boyfriend!" (hmm...)

Dave French: "Hi. Have a fun summer. I'll see you next year."

Vicky Shourounis: "Hi. Have fun."

Jen Bertram: "I've known you for three years, and we'll always be friends! Have a good summer!"

Nick Turner: "Good luck over the summer. Too bad I won't see you next year." (this was when I thought I might switch schools)

Andy Bottomley: "Hey, Les. Stop eating purple food. Your classmate, Andy."

Josephine Uy: "Have a great summer. I hope you had a great year."


Angela Fast: "Have a great summer and see you next year!"

Kelly Wong: "Have a great summer, and see ya next year! We had lots of good times together. :)"

Angela Lee: "Have a fun summer!"

Daniel Yeung: "Have an awesome summer! P.S. Will you go out with me sometime? PLEASE? Dan." (wish I had!)

Louise Hui: "Hi, Leslie. Have a great summer."

Dolly Whittle: "Hey, Leslie. Hope you had fun this year. Friends forever, Dolly."

Rob Durnin: "Hello, Leslie. I can hardly wit till next year to see you again. Have a great summer." (He was telling us the next year that his parents confiscated his yearbook and read EVERYTHING in it! YIKES!)

Jonathan Braude: "Hey Leslie. Don't take up field hockey. Stick to the clarinet." (he had to smoke outside since his parents had quit)

Valerie Thai: "Have a great summer. Have fun at your new school!"

Shan Hofer: "Have a great summer!"

Mrs. Arlene Spearman: "Have a terrific summer. See you in French next year!"

Sophia Dimitropoulos: "Hey Leslie. Have a good summer. I'm glad I met you. You're a nice person. From your friend Sophia."

Harleen Bains: "Have a good summer."

Eric Reykdal: "Hi, Leslie! :) Have a cool summer."

Andrew Mavis: "Hey Leslie. Don't have a cow, man."

Raymond Tsui: "Leslie, you are the wildest friend I know. Have a nice summer. Ray."

Melissa Bartsch: "Leslie, have a wild summer. And don't let Melinda bug you too much!"

Jaime Latchford: "Have a great summer. :)"

Jason Ackerman: "Have a great summer."

Jonathan Kung: "Leslie! You're awesome, funky, cool, etc. Have fun!"

Sasha Olson: "I'll miss ya lots. See you in summer, I hope. Have a great year!"

Cindy Beck: "Have a fun summer... and no drinking or smoking, although I know you do." (I didn't!)

Karen Ashdown: "Have a good summer, Leslie."

Tiffany Ho: "Hi, Leslie! Have a great summer! P.S. Keep smiling! :)"

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Dream of flames in bells and drowning!

High-scoring word of the day so far:

VIS (130 points) - against Alice P. [3L on V, 5W, and hook off QI for a plural]

Had a weird dream last night, involving flames in bells, Elizabeth from FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, drowning, camping out in the forest with a lot of trees, and Herb being the first gay great-grandfather in comic strips. There was also a sideline with an abusive person named Milli, writing things on blue construction paper with felts, and looking at the stars in the sky. Then my sister wanted me to be in a bookstore, where the computer displays showed Spoz talking to us about sound and Youtube. Grandma and my parents were annoyed since we spent so long lining up at said bookstore, but we eventually decided to stay there instead. No idea where that came from, unless it has to do with Auntie Wing's mispronunciation of "Varley" as "Farley," which makes me think of the comic strip referenced above.

Now, Corey's trying to tell me about cranberries growing in bogs - good times. I'm having some Oishi spicy shrimp crackers. The brand name reminds me of my old elementary school friend Mary Oishi, and her sister Cynthia. I hardly think I should stalk people on Facebook, though I have been thinking of Daniel Yeung and his "I Love You!" inscriptions in my yearbook, haha. Maybe I should put THOSE inscriptions into an entry or five sometime, but perhaps after I finish tagging my Blogger posts! (I have many inspirations for Facebook notes, too... yikes!)

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My brother did NOT escape the Magic Bra!

Eric picked me up after I took some plates / bowls / forks from my place (NOT MY ENTIRE KITCHEN!), and we took care of something before going to Jeremy's. We talked about random things, the mini cheeseburgers at Denny's, what someone said about my butt once, company, his accent being fun for me, Spain, forgetting Spanish, White Castle burgers, change, televisions, and more. Sure, that TV would be newer than my current one.. but we'll see. Says that his car was filled up with gas without his going to the gas station, and wanted me to be impressed - SIPHONING GAS?! The real story was much more mundane, and had to do with motorcycles. I bet he wanted me to think it was magic, hahaha.

Got to Jeremy's, only to discover that nobody was apparently answering the apartment phone when we buzzed to be let in. Solved that with a quick call to Jon, and were let into the madness. Ray greeted me in his usual cool fashion, heh. Jeremy had his sweet Chimay glass all night, yay! Raymond and Chuck waved to me, while I gave the dishes to Lucas - Eric had his picnic set from last year too. Tony greeted me by name - hey, he's learning! Got a chance to catch up with Peter and Holly (Uncle Andre is their real uncle), discussed HUGE families (Holly's parents have at least 16 siblings between them?!), and meet Ying at the guacamole. (Ray declared that he HATED both parsley and cilantro!) Jon told Ying that we were biological siblings, and I added that the craziness ran in the family - he can be plenty crazy! Talked about honeymooning, and leaving just a couple days after the wedding - maybe they should have left a few days later, to spend time with all the out-of-town rich relatives and their income, hahaha. Saw pictures on Peter's iPhone of their new dog Varley (Group of Seven name from previous owner), and I'm not surprised that the house seems dirtier with the dog IN it. Chinese people can't pronounce that name, so I'm not surprised Auntie Wing renders it as "Farley" or something!

Seems Uncle Joe (Holly's dad) doesn't like dogs ("it'll end up on the table!") - same with mine, since he always says any dog my mom gets will be poisoned! Cute dog, though - looks like a fox, according to kids in the park they encountered! Learned that Peter's grandfather had seven wives (he's descended from Wife #4), and that he was also some famous warlord! Discovered that Peter's a massage therapist at the River Rock, and obviously doesn't like to do more work on his wife when he gets home! (Holly says everyone thinks she's lucky) Holly's news is about two months out of date, if she still thinks I'm seeing someone! Ah well... a "need-to-know basis" certainly accounts for that, and I'm not faulting either her or Harmony! I told Holly and Peter that K was a less-than-desirable specimen of humanity, hahaha. (Eric probably heard this, but whatever...) Discussed my sister and what was going on with her, and my brother and Harmony beating EVERYONE for weddings at the new church - Alan and Tracy are late June, and Edmond and Alysia are in August sometime.

The chicken a la king was good, and so was the minestrone soup... but the guys managed to burn the beef stew TWICE. Christon put a very liberal amount of salt on the potatoes, beets, and carrots - almost everyone was complaining about that, but Ray thought it was awesome. To each his own! The carrots didn't even have a peel to absorb the salt - poor Eric ate FOUR of them since he was really polite! Caught up with Dallas, who's going back to Toronto soon for a while. Raymond and I were nerds and discussed laptops, the gym, Wordscraper, Facebook notes, and other things, haha. I definitely don't mind if he wins our current game, yet I always did when K would win any Scrabulous games! Maybe that's coz I know Raymond is intelligent, and doesn't bug me over every little thing! Hahahaha. :D

Andrea showed up later to drop by for a bit with a creative nut brownie cake (silver edible tiny balls!), since her mom was admitted to the ER with abdominal pains - she should be okay, though. We made tentative plans for Thursday, since I thought I had something to do on Wednesday. (got home and found out that wasn't the case) Phil and Grace showed up later and discussed the Singing Christmas Tree at Broadway Church, then took Chuck's bike home. "He didn't say much, just that Andrea's mom was in the hospital!" Since Jon was on the phone with Danielle at the time, he told her that the grueling dance rehearsals were NO excuse not to show up since Grace was there too! Nathan sold out after his "required" dinner, so Dallas just took the bus home himself after hearing that news! Talked about He'Brew (a real brewery!), and Ray's greeting to someone who called him: "Hey, where's my Hebrew stuff?!" HAHAHAHA.

A while later, Christon attempted to give Jon the Magic Bra as per birthday tradition now, and we told Joey / Emily / Lucas / Phil / Grace / Peter / Holly / Tim / Craig / Ying the entire story of how THAT came about! (Jen egged us on to buy it at the Night Market... the PANTIES ON HOOPS figured largely!) Tony somehow managed to escape it when his birthday came around, while the original recipient (Eric) had turned bright red as soon as he saw what it was! Again, the joke went around that we should give it to Chung OR Karen... or maybe to their baby Mattias! Someone then thought that we should wait till someone actually had a baby girl... Jon had an idea to give it to Danielle for HER birthday in May, haha. Phil had a good time just reading the instructions on the box: "It comes in two colors - Nude and Clear. But Nude is different for different people, right?" We got into people with duplicate names, and how confusing that could be - I remembered the dinner at which we had two Marks, two Leslies, and two Johns!

Discovered that the fridge didn't work properly, so all the beer and stuff was stored outside on the balcony instead. Time to get the darned thing fixed, OR just get a new one if fixing it isn't worth it since the appliance is rather old! If someone wanted to climb up to the balcony to steal the food, they deserve it! (as long as they don't actually break into the apartment itself) The insurance covers just basic stuff, but Jeremy figures it might be better than what he currently has! Photographic proof in a safety-deposit box at the bank might be a good thing, but that won't get you any expensive leather couches back! We discussed the California wildfires, and what insurance might do in that situation - it used to be just forest there, so no big deal if that burned down. But now people like Christopher Lloyd are building their houses in those areas! Jeremy recounted the Kelowna fires of a few years back - he was at his parents' for a visit, and their house is on a mountain overlooking much of the city. They could see the lights of houses, and then FIRE! Yup, you could literally see houses burning down from THAT vantage point!

Eric asked me what the white things in the cake were. After making sure that he wasn't talking about the sprinkles, I took one and tasted it. Yup, those were nuts... so maybe Jeremy shouldn't have them! Apparently, his peanut allergy will get worse over time... something Cindy's parents don't understand about her own allergy to shellfish. "But you used to be able to eat them!" ain't exactly valid! He's also allergic to penicillin - NOT GOOD! Jeremy can tell because his throat kinda swells up, and he doesn't feel that great. Ray thinks that he should just eat a whole jar of peanut butter, but not really. That would be GROSS, man! Discovered that Christon DID leave something there when he left - the streak continues with a FISH book!

Discussed the work that went into improvising this year's "closet door" table - there was a tether, liquor boxes, and other things to make it more sturdy! Ray says that the guys were just going to upend the huge water bottles (think commercial water coolers), but knew it wouldn't work because they'd just start rolling all over the place! Had at least five or seven different types of beer, including a very bitter TRIPLE India Pale Ale - we discussed Budweiser being not flavorful at all, since people didn't want heavy meal-like alcohol, but just something light and refreshing. Jon said that I could be the entertainment (turning red when I drink) since Jeremy didn't have a TV... CHEH!

Dallas tried the triple IPA (just for the occasion), and it was very bitter indeed... he had a CLASSIC screwed-up expression on his face! Tony expanded on his "Nazirite vow" - seems he made a promise to his dad before going to school. His family doesn't look ANYTHING like each other - he and Sonny had a different upbringing since he was here and Sonny was in Hong Kong. Told Jeremy about my grandma's reaction to Jon's homemade cheesecake a couple weeks ago - it was ALL BLACK!? WHAT THE... HAHAHAHA! Talked about allergies, somewhat inappropriate wedding wear or wedding songs or wedding passages, and various interesting things.

"SEXUAL HEALING! Or wait... LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX!" (Ray) "I'll open Tim and Olive's DVD now... wedding songs. Maybe it's a regift! I'm NOT having any Pachelbel Canon in D at any wedding in which I'm involved, since I've played that more times than I care to count! If you get married, Eric, you have to choose something else!" (Jon) "Personally, I don't like the 1 Corinthians 13 passage since it's not about romantic love! It's about CHRISTIAN love, although husband-wife love COULD be included in there..." (Eric) "What about Songs of Solomon as a wedding text?" (me) "I was at a wedding where the couple had something from there as the text... but NOT the passage about the lover's breasts being like something which I don't remember right now! [everyone laughed as they imagined THAT type of wedding!] Harmony has vetoed the TOGA idea for our wedding! Too bad!"

On the way home, we discussed Roberto Luongo's injury, almond butter and milk being rancid, and the decreased value of the pay-per-view package. Missing most of the East Coast games definitely isn't a good thing! Jon thanked me for bringing stuff to help with the paucity of utensils - hey, good thing that I did remember! Just discovered that Eric forgot something here in the afternoon... not a huge deal! Bet T. and Gary K. also added me for the blood games - I don't play those right now!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny responses to Jon's Evite

Here are the funny responses to the Evite, but a lot of people are apparently showing up tonight! Maybe Myles and Brit will make an appearance, as per Peter's response with him and Holly. Hahaha, I like the "Please, no durian!" and the "Please, no raw dog!" responses the best. :D

Raymond: Yeah. I suppose I can try to stay home this night. :P
Eric: I suppose I should make my attendance official. You've never met Chez Jeremy... he's an apartment of a man.
Jeremy: Who is Chez Jeremy? :P
Nathan: Dude, I'll be LATE. I have a "required" post-wedding thank you dinner that I must attend. I'd much rather be chilling here, though. See y'all around 9-something, hopefully.
Mine: You see, I have to reply YES to this one. I don't think there's a way I can sit on myself if I don't come! (and with Steph not being back yet... yeah...)

Andrea L.: Oooo, thanks so much for the invite, you ol' geezer. :P I'll try my best to finish piano teaching prep.
Isabel: Jon! Sunday night just will not be allowed to exist in my nerd-life, hopefully. I will probably most likely come.
Dilys: Goodness gracious, ANOTHER old geezer's party! (already been invited to one this year) Will try not to miss this one.
Chuck: Should probably be able to. Have been meaning to come to another one of these community dinners... Jon's birthday is extra motivation! I'll get back to confirm.
Heesun: I should be able to make it! Please... no raw dog!
Ty: I should be able to make it. Please, no durian!!!!!!!!!!

A bunch of people (Cindy, Justin, Lori, Steve, etc.) just used the "NO" section to wish him a happy birthday, anyhow. Sweet!

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We're attracted by the vending machines, Mommy!

Eric and Jon picked me up early this morning, and I was feeling the lack of sleep since I misheard more things than normal. We were kinda random, and Eric did reference his French thing as I mentioned Henry on Friday - and yes, it took an hour to get to Uncle Peter's house then! Never mind that he took the wrong turn then, and we went via Oak rather than Knight! I pointed out the bus going by us on Knight, and that caused them to point out everything for a block - crazy men in my life, indeed!

Got to church, and went in the hallway door of the school. Said hi to a bunch of people, and talked to Raymond about what he did yesterday - he says he'd like to see Jeremy's closet door being used as a table tonight, which will very likely happen. (17 YES replies, and some MAYBE, and 17 NO with some of those being of the "I'll come later!" variety) Too bad his finger's nor healed yet - darned bone / tendon bruises! At least it doesn't need surgery! Jeremy came by later, and we shared some amusement: "South Africa" is not "South America." (this in context of an apartheid discussion and transitions) Eric and I noticed an error in the Powerpoint (which Emily had to do at the last minute) - "are free" is two words, and not one!

Discussed tonight's doings with Jeremy later: beef stew, chicken a la king, and soup should be a good dinner! They were cooking up a storm last night - I could hear Christon when I called Jon to see about rides after I hung up on Eric rather abruptly, heh. As everyone was stopping to look at the babies (BABY ZONE!), my dad walked by and asked Grace when her turn would be - not for another couple of years, she says! Give them time to enjoy being married, hahaha.

Got Andrea to help with my keychain, told Eric that Megan's brother was Connor, said hi to Winnie, saw a sleeping baby Gavin for the first time (Lee says he sleeps all day and gets up in the middle of the night), said hi to Hannah so she wouldn't feel left out (lots of attention paid to her baby brother!), and said hi to baby Mattias and his mom Karen. Eric thinks he'll mispronounce the name as a joke, while I might do that for real! (it's NOT Ohlund, that's for sure...) Said hi to Anita and baby Allison, who isn't used to seeing people with hair on their faces - no wonder she looked concerned / confused when Eric made a face at her! She was looking at the buttons on Mike's coat, and doing the same with his sister Margaret. Andrea and I should really PLAN something, and perhaps we will tonight! (reminds me, I need to look at the hilarious Evite replies before I leave...)

I said hi to Emily T. and Lawrence, bantered with Lanie and Isabel about love being blind (Harmony will see quite a change, we joked), told Jon that his toque needed fixing, commiserated with her about serious lack of sleep because of Emily Carr, learned that Nathan was at Tenth Avenue, and listened to Dylan bemoan his lack of man friends! (Chuck and Stanford work out together, but he has NOBODY!) Calla said that Johnny came back all right, and Martin said his Europe trip was rushed... but at least it was good! Greeted Joshua, Keenan, and Maxine - their infections seem to be a bit better, but you can never tell! The boys were attracted by the vending machines - SO MUCH WATER AND JUICE! (there were also soft drinks, which I thought were banned...)

Finally saw Auntie Fonda, who says that there have been no students for the toddler class these past few weeks - oh good, so I can go back to my usual role of keeping an eye on them next week hopefully! Rachel will be back next week with her grandma, and Terence (Brandon's brother) apparently ran into a coffee table and required four stitches - OUCH! Eventually some of us went to Pho and discussed sugar daddies, basil, mint, various ways of preparing eggs, Robot Chicken, ways to be a jerk (say that the wrong egg got poached or scrambled!), braising vs. poaching, Sonny studying, hot tea, having squid ink as a chaser, Chilliwack, the lack of utensils and bowls for tonight (picnic set and Bring Your Own Bowl!), and other things. It was good having a meal with Jon, Jeremy, Tony, Christon, and Eric for sure! On the way home, Eric and I covered more weird topics like a television taking up space, blaming certain people for things, multiple Facebook accounts, accents, taxis, sleeping, drinking WATER, gin, and more.

Went home and let Eric look around for his SUPER MARIO WORLD game (which he found under the coffee table), and was going to let him look at the door too... maybe next time! Found a twitching mouse - I *knew* I heard squeaking yesterday! He picked up a coat that had been on the couch, and tidied the sleeping bag arrangement and pillow - it was just a bit nuts, heh. Then we watched the Homestar Runner Halloween specials for 2007 (Most in the Graveyard) and 2008 (Jibblies 2!). Found that Ron N. / Daniel B. / Rita I. / "Jason Jet." had added me for the blood games, which I no longer play! PEOPLE! Now I should get some sleep, heh.

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