Saturday, September 27, 2003

Mini-Olympics and the kids

the mini-Olympics were pretty fun..
so was the dinner and auction afterwards..
got to spend time with a bunch of the kids..
talked to my friends about stuff..
even gave some of them stickers and gum..
(no, I don't spoil them at all.. why do you ask? :P)
it was a great distraction and all of that..
here's to feeling better in the days to come! :)

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Wordless proposals

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANITA.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been cool knowing you all these years; choir, Awana, etc.

had plenty of distraction last night with friends..
Adela doesn't know what's up with the SportsChek thing..
Nathan and Eric listened to me ramble on..
Eunice liked my idea of a "wordless proposal"..
Danielle wanted us to help her at 6:30 AM.. Eric will, anyhow :)
Citrus and Danielle blamed each other for sickness..
discussed today's mini-Olympics and dinner.. it'll be fun!
is it time for a great purge on certain sites? (like this one)
maybe.. while I have the time, I may as well do it..

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Friday, September 26, 2003

You were right about the huge red flags, G....

I've come to one conclusion about all this:
seems we were headed for nowhere fast, anyhow..
I should have paid attention to my panicky feelings..
regret won't help, though.. just cut losses and move on!
G was right about the huge red flags a few months ago..
if my MSN actually worked, I'd tell him that..
hard to tell if he'd actually be on now with the time difference..
but it insists on an upgrade before I can access it..)
eh well.. Eric M. will provide me with plenty of distraction! :)

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

You overreacted to something little....

well, the response to my email was what I expected..
it's left him feeling badly, and he can't pretend friendship..
is he too sensitive and overreactionary? perhaps..
does he worry too much about offending me? dunno..
was I a good friend to him? maybe not now, but before!
I do have my own friends who've been there for me..
even though I may have lost a friend, I still need them..
so to those people: you rock through your craziness!
(note to self: tell them more about my true feelings!)

things will probably blow over in time for most people..
"foot-in-mouth" disease is never a good thing..
(wasn't there some album with that title? I'll look it up later..)
complicated relationship agreements, indeed..
little things shouldn't be focused on intensely..
at least I'll have distraction and all that kind of thing! ;)
feeling somewhat better, though not completely..
wounds should be healed before that happens..
but hey.. it IS only the Net, right? ;)
(in Spoz's words: "the Internet is a drama-free zone!")

ah well.. R.I.P. complicated relationship..
it was good while it lasted..
this is a learning experience for sure..
I think maybe I need a new brain as well..
or at least not to get into those things..
never mind what went on.. you don't need to know ;)

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Quizzes on sports, my twin's name, animals, O.C. characters, and more

Here is some more stuff from Quiz Heaven...

What sport are you?

Take this quiz at

What is your twin's (you guys were separated at birth) name?

Take this quiz at

You're a HORSE!
Do you like to compete in the heat?
Take this quiz at

You are destined to be with Seth Cohen (Adam Brody)
You are like Rachel Milson's character Summer. You want a guy who's sweet, loves simple things (including you), will do anything to be with you, and won't cheat on you (and you know nobody else would have sex with him).
Take this quiz at

Rush to the nearest psychiatrist you can find!! You have really lost it. You need an extended stay in a rubber room. Don't worry, they have lots of pretty pills for you there in lovely colors... now, you sit quietly and talk to your robot until they come for you with the big fluffy net.
Take this quiz at

What would Janine want to do with you if you two were home alone

She would take advantage of your tea-making abilities. This only applies to people by the name of Caitlin, however.
Take this quiz at

yes, you are a Japanese
hell ya
Take this quiz at

Heh, this reminds me of a prank call or two that I have on here... "We are Chinese, and we DON'T EAT DOGS!!!" Gotta love the Flaming Genitals, haha.

How do your friends picture you??

Like Dude, where's my car?
Take this quiz at

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Mass emails about the matter at hand.. RIP complicated relationship!

well, I got a mass email this morning about the matter..
decided not to respond to it right away..
I let it simmer for a few hours before I did just now..
(with Social Distortion's I Was Wrong on the radio at one point..
very appropriate background music, I think..)
mistyped the email address twice, too..
but the response email is finally on its way..
someone says my reputation's sullied over there now..
that could very well be.. I think I'll keep a low profile..

making mistakes is all part of being human, though..
moving on and concentrating on distractions will be good ;)
guess we'll see what happens in the future..
in the meantime, I've got newspapers and books to read..
as well as some other websites to lose myself in..
I close my eyes every time an email notification gets here..
that's normal, even though it's probably spam..
the spam is still preferable, even if it IS deleted en masse ;)

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Writing for a select few again!

writing for myself and for a select few again..
that definitely feels very refreshing..
mop-up from last night is ongoing..
I still say it would have been nice to have my name in there!
perhaps it won't be the same, but we shall see..
in the meantime, my other friends are good..
probably not the best way to go about it, either..

says he truly doesn't remember the omission.. perhaps!
should have written him first, and that was so wrong..
all I know is that I'm going to distract myself now..
bring on the real-life adventures.. they'll be rocking! ;)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Alan Cross and good music memories!

Alan Cross provided some good music memories..
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Sigur Ros, the Dead Kennedys..
Account 5, Sleater-Kinney, Godspeed You Black Emperor! ..
the Flaming Lips, the Cocteau Twins, maybe another one..
(yup, rock snobbery shall soon be mine.. hehehehe)

I see that a couple of emails have made it to my inbox..
they might be hate mail.. spam's preferable to it right now..
hopefully, they're polite and understandable..
grace won't be expected.. I haven't given it to that quarter..
but I think I'll truly sleep on them, and get to them later..
then I'll ask a trusted friend for advice first.. (like last time)
yes, I think that will have to be the way to go ;)

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Shout-outs to Yazmine, Corey, Eric H., Darren, and Spoz

these song lyrics come to mind right about now:
don't take a picture, it's been a bad day -- R.E.M.
you did it to yourself, just you and no one else -- Radiohead
it's been a bad afternoon and night through my own doing..
as I write this, I'm still kind of half-drunk.. (doesn't help!)
I'm sure there are people who will say I'm still a good friend..
my belief in those people is quite steadfast ;)
I definitely love them more than certain others!

of course, facing up to the wrongs you've done is never easy..
I accept the blame, but not others' vituperation..
in fact, there's only one opinion that matters to me now..
I'm going to have to wait on that one, it seems..
that's fine, as I don't think I can take much more..
today was a write-off, and hope isn't quite here..

why I don't ask for someone's advice first, I'll never know..
(the cause of all my problems, as Kate said once about herself)
but I definitely will do that later on.. hopefully, I remember!
I was given an opportunity to sleep on it, even!
but I'm guilty of rash actions, and not thinking properly..
explaining my way out of it isn't something I'd like..
public and private should be kept in mind for the future..
that, I'm fully convinced of for damned sure!
(ah, the crunchy devastation of lessons learned..)

however, certain friends of mine totally rock!
(they keep me relatively sane through all this sturm und drang)
the five of them (Yazmine, Corey, Eric H., Darren, and Spoz) all deserve a hug and kiss..
too bad the closest is Yazmine, and I won't see her for a while..
Eric H. might be closer than Yazmine is, but I won't see him for a bit..
Darren is in the next province over.. won't ever see him! (Alberta)
Corey is Stateside, and his advice and humor are distracting..
and Spoz is halfway around the planet.. his goofiness is el primo ;)
(it's a given I won't ever see the last two, either)

ah, who am I kidding here.. I don't expect exoneration..
in fact, that shouldn't be.. the outcome's still up in the air..
but I'll take D's advice.. not dwelling on it, dude..
should have kept it all vague and fluffy ;)
this is what happens when I don't..
not talking won't help in this case, either..
bring on the Alan Cross History of New Rock show!
more musical tidbits will be a good thing.. distract my brain ;)
(tips on being a rock snob and demystifying references.. yay!)

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Aspirin and booze are not a good combination!

my brain hurts right about now..
but I'd frankly be surprised if anyone cared..
thinking and a bit of booze have worn it right out..
(no, I don't drink every time bad circumstances come along)
to forestall problems, I was honest..
perhaps too much so, as it created new problems..
I think it's better it came from me..
things have been way too public..
next time, I'll work on keeping things to myself..
or until the proper time and place with the proper people..

I'm not going to take any aspirin for my headache..
booze and aspirin is one deadly combination ;)
while I'm feeling pretty dissatisfied with myself now..
I definitely don't want to do that kind of thing!
(one of Eddie's friends had some aspirin in Europe..
then he took a shot of rum.. said it felt "pretty interesting")
maybe I'll take it when I get up tomorrow..
the alcohol should have dissipated by then..

this entry is going nowhere..
so I'll start afresh.. this is a draft :P

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Rockers, 90s Nickelodeon shows, Jamie, celebrity blondes, what to look forward to in life

Some more stuff from Quiz Heaven right now...

Are you a rocker

If you answered black, yes; any other color, no.
Take this quiz at

Which Nickelodeon show from the 90's can you be found watching?

Hey, Arnold!
Take this quiz at

Never watched that one before in my life! Maybe You Can't Do That On Television would fit better. ;)

How well do you know Jamie?

Like a box of rocks
Take this quiz at

HAHAHAHA, really weird! o_O

You are the gorgeous Nicky Hilton! A beautiful and talented fashionista that dyes her hair black to be taken more seriously!
Take this quiz at

Blerk... Paris Hilton's SISTER?! o_O

What to look forward to in life.

You live until 91, only to die by a flying squirrel severing your head.
Take this quiz at

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Topless people and movies / Spoz Convos: Coffee and the SDMB

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CITRUS.. I hope you have a really rocking one today! :) It's been awesome knowing you all these years!

last night, I was talking to one of my fave online people..
this is what he told me to dream about when I went to bed:
people being run over with lawnmowers, topless women, the giver
(yeah right.. like I'd ever dream about the first two choices..
as for the last one, I give the answer later in this blog entry..)

Sleepaway Camp doesn't sound like my kind of movie series..
even if it *does* feature Bruce Springsteen's sister..
(she's a boy being raised as a girl by her crazy aunt..
then she grows up and has a sex change..
she also finds inventive ways to kill people.. lovely, really)

Corey says the movie features four topless women..
(no, of course he's not exactly going to complain about that)
and a murder where the victim is dumped in a trash pit..
he has his head sticking out of it..
then gets run over with a lawn mower..
(I can think of more than a few people who'd deserve that fate..
I'm definitely not joking here.. not naming names, though)
as for the giver.. I already dreamed about him once, okay? ;)
you don't really want to know what I'm talking about here..
suffice to say that it made quite an impression on me ;)

none of these three things figured in my dreams.. sorry, dude!
maybe you can influence my dreams some other time ;)
in fact, I don't really remember my dream..
but I do remember moving all my things upstairs..
and asking to stay with people when things got really bad..
(yes, my family figured in my dreams.. AGAIN)
but no topless women.. (that would be disturbing)
people did NOT get run over with lawn mowers.. (I wish!)
and definitely NO giver! (sex was NOT a prominent theme :P)
(actually, sex isn't a prominent theme most nights..)
I was so confused and angry in the dream, too..
hopefully, I dream of nicer people and events tonight!
(not necessarily sex-related topics, either :P)

Forget it. I'm changing my phone number ASAP.

okay, I have some not-too-terribly conclusive answers for you on the coffee thing..

since your brain's not working anyhow, you might as well go look ;)
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
dude.. wot wuz that link again?
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
MSN messenger crashed out.. when I tried clicking it the first time..
hold on.. retrieving it..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
here we go..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
ok.. hangon.
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
hopefully this doesn't crash again.. ;)
hopefully not..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
copied the link into buffer.. just in case..
good strategy (Y)
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
nah... it didn't blow up...
good to hear..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
and.. OOH LOOK!
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
now people won't think you're some mythical imaginary creature ;)
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
well.... I'm that too...
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
I also moonlight as the little guy in ya fridge that turns the light on every time you open it..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
(aaaah... the weird ramblings of a brain that actually works.. ;) )
so your brain has woken up?
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
I think it has..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
it's not gonna be of much use at the moment tho'..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
coz.. I'm waiting for other gits to get their shit together..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
once Eva has happily got over her cold she had last week.. and her voice is good.. I can get her lyrics all recorded..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
(for one of 7 songs I'm trying to finish off..)
seven songs, eh? let me guess.. the Subwoofer mailing list will receive an avalanche of mail soon ;)
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
not really.. coz I still gotta finish 'em..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
6 of 'em.. have been songs I've been trying to finish off since last year..
that backlogged over at the sound labs, are we? ;)
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
it's a continual fight to clear the backlogs..
before you know it, people will be bugging you about chem texts again.. even MORE backlogs..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
yeah... that's wot caused the backlog in the first place..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
still dealing with it..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
(not the books.. the backlog..)
well, you know what they say..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
well.. me outta here..
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
must go sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep..
once a backlog is created, it's an uphill battle to keep clear of it
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
good idea
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
Spoz (my brain's not dead, it's just sleeping.. honest!) says:
(of course it's a good idea.. I THOUGHT OF IT (Y) :D )
(good to see you have NO modesty :P )

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Subway Chicken Pizziola

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRANDY.. I hope you have a really rocking one today! :) It was nice knowing you at school.

I'll try a Subway Chicken Pizziola today..
(after the Spoz-meister said it was "surprisingly good")
who knows when I'll be back to entertain you lot..
you'll just have to catch me at a later time! :P

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Inadvertent doubleposts

I just deleted an inadvertent doublepost of the last entry..
checked the "manage posts" page, and I ask this:
why was the "10:25:33" entry AFTER the "10:25:17" one?
the posts are listed from the newest to the oldest..
maybe something in the Blogger works is gummed up ;)


I don't pad my post count with game threads!

I was just catching up with a certain site, and want to say..
starting game threads is not a post-padding exercise for me!
(someone apparently thinks that, and said it last year too)
thank goodness that Proboards doesn't care about it..
recently, I racked up more than 100 posts on a weekend..
"as long as you keep posting, it's good!" they say..
that philosophy is rather likeable, as you can tell ;)
too bad I risk superimposition at Proboards on this computer..
otherwise, I'd post there more often and feel at home..
"intelligent substance posting" has a place in my heart, too..
game threads can be fun, as people need an intellectual break..
if you don't like them, that's the opinion you're entitled to..
but don't speculate that I start them just to pad post count!
(only because that's definitely not true!)

I should note that this issue doesn't annoy me..
heck, she'll have won if I get really irritated with it..
I'm just saying that some people ought to chill.. cheh!
my issue isn't with her not liking me, as I don't like her much..
but with her incorrect assertion outlined above..
the threads get started, and NOT always by me..
if there's interest, people will play.. if not, no biggie..
it's not like games threads get started every day..
death by sugar overdose would be too good for her ;)

(that is: if the method kills diabetics, and her in particular..
if not, substitute the words "insulin overdose / underdose"..
I'm too lazy to do proper research into this.. HAHAHAHA)

(note: I *am* mostly joking with the "death thing".. hehehehe)

If some people think I start game threads just to pad my post count, they're wrong. That's all I have to say.. I don't even start all of them! (I start them to see if there's an interest.. if not, it's not a big deal) No, I'm not even the slightest bit annoyed.. just had to say that, is all.

Ah well, at least I had diversion just now. Guess the "how much more coffee is consumed on Mondays?" thread will have to wait.. I was vaguely thinking about it earlier, but didn't start one. It's all good, though.

I'll talk when I want to! says:
read blog.. I removed a doublepost ;)
Spoz (weapons grade insanity) says:
well.. GOOD FOR YOU..
I'll talk when I want to! says:
by the way, why not drink the whole martini?
Spoz (weapons grade insanity) says:
eh.. coz they were passing it around..
I'll talk when I want to! says:
ah.. that explains your weird drinking habits ;)
I'll talk when I want to! says:
and no.. I do not have a coffee answer for you.. ask some other "trainspotter" :P
Spoz (weapons grade insanity) says:
Spoz (weapons grade insanity) says:
coz I wuz counting on your abilities to come up with useless facts..
I'll talk when I want to! says:
I don't know if anyone could come up with a reliable measure of it!
I'll talk when I want to! says:
besides, even if I wanted to.. I couldn't :P
I'll talk when I want to! says:
("a connection to the server could not be established")
Spoz (weapons grade insanity) says:
hang on dude.. I'm busy.. chill for a few moments.. k? ;)
I'll talk when I want to! says:
sure ;)

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CLUE characters x2, Homestar Runner character, how many people like me, how friendly I am, bands

More Quiz Heaven stuff... I swear, they update the site every DAY! Get ready for more posts like this, then! ;)

What Clue Character are you?

Professor Plum - You have a passion that some find disgusting
Take this quiz at

Actually, that IS accurate. I'm passionate about correcting spelling / grammar, which some people find annoying! Oh well, that's not MY problem! ;)

You have it all figured out
Take this quiz at

which Homestar Runner character are you???

Homestar Runner! Fluffy Puff Marshmallows.
Take this quiz at

Haha! I'd tell Eric M. about this quiz, but it's far too simplistic! (yes, we DO have our standards!)

Only a Quarter (or fewer) of your friends like you.
Only 1-25 of your friends like you. It's okay, but not so good. You either don't have that many friends, or they hate you.
Take this quiz at

Take this quiz at

I guess that means I'm friendly enough... whee!

Nicole E.'s Nickname Generator

Honeybunches of Oats
Take this quiz at

How Many Lives Do You Have?

Take this quiz at

I wish!

What will your next lover's career be?

Take this quiz at

What band are you?

you are a metal band!
Take this quiz at

What should you name your cat?

Take this quiz at

Sweet! A reminder of the Romanovs is always good!

You Rock!
You are so deserving of being my friend. It is like we were separated at birth. I heart you.
Take this quiz at

Who will you Assassinate?

George W. Bush (a random idiot who messes with people's lives)
Take this quiz at

How Old Do You Act?

12 years old
Take this quiz at

That's about accurate, I'd say... :P

A man duh

Take this quiz at

What is your food nickname?

Foot-Long Hot Dog
Take this quiz at

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Guilty Pleasures Meme, Bob's Angry Flower, Your / You're

Write an entry about 5 Guilty Pleasures, and tag five people to do it.

1. I like chips... I've been known to eat an entire Pringles tube in one sitting.
2. I like being an OCDL... an obsessive-compulsive detail lunatic, that is. Details, plans, percentages, stuff nobody would think to include in a database but me... I like categorization!
3. I like having beer... maybe a little TOO much. But that does not mean that I've had many keg parties, as Eric M. claims. *rolleyes*
4. I like writing in my books sometimes, even though I know better. Not just little notes, either... "families" and "classes" that I make up from the names / initial letters of the words on the page. No worries, however: I would never do that to other people's books!
5. I like being a spelling / grammar Nazi. Sorry, peeps... or not, mwahahaha.

I dunno... whoever wants to do it.

Ooh, and speaking of my #5....

Or: How to sound mildly intelligent!
When to properly use your or you're (you are)
adj. The possessive form of you
1. Used as a modifier before a noun: your
boots; your accomplishments

2. A person's; one's: The light switch is on
your right

So, what does it mean?

Your is a word that states that the possession of some object or abstract idea is in the possession of you. The hat is not you're hat. It is YOUR hat. As you're cannot be used in place of your, the same is true for the reverse of this lesson. Your cannot be used in a sentence when the meaning of the word should be "you are," such as "you are not very intellectual" or "you are in possession of the grammar skills of a 4-year-old." This is where YOU'RE comes in, not your. See the right side, YOUR right side (of the computer screen) for instructions on how to use YOU'RE.

Some examples:

This is your pink flamingo.
Our Lady Peace is your favorite band.

Please, stop your car and run into oncoming traffic.
Contraction of you are.

n. The act or process of shortening
1. The shortening of a word, or of two
words, by the omission of a letter or
letters, or by reducing two or more
vowels or syllables to one; as, ne'er for
never; can't for can not; don't for do
not; it's for it is.


In short, you're means you are. We do all know what "you" and "are" mean, don't we? I should surely hope so! One uses you're when they wish to speak regarding a person.

Some examples:

You're not a very nice individual.
You're coming with me this evening.
You're not serious, are you?
Post this tutorial in your journal!!

"Y-O-U-R. Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E. They're as different as night and day. Don't you think that night and day are different? What's wrong with you?" -- Strong Bad."

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Dave's ecard made my day!

got a totally unexpected email in my box today..
my brother had forwarded me an ecard from David..
since Dave doesn't have my email, he sent it to Jon..
that made me smile, and was the capper on a good week ;)
besides, I've added him to my MSN.. woohoo!

the SDMB is still down, but that's all right..
my inbox has reached pre-SDMB levels.. (a refreshing change)
besides, I can spend more time on other Net things..
Proboards, various blogs, other sites I like..
it'll certainly be nice and quiet for however long this lasts :)

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Yes, that's exactly how your bathroom works!

all right, here they are..
read 'em and weep! ;)


"It was Norman's birthday on Tuesday? Oh, crap!" -- Sean, finally figuring out when his good friend's birthday was. (Friday, Sept. 19) [you'd think he would know Norman's birthday is Sept. 16 by now, seeing as how they GREW UP together :P]

"Why isn't the ceiling melting? I guess this is how my bathroom works.." -- Eunice, wondering about the heat-filled steam from the hot pot. (Saturday, Sept. 20) [her random thoughts are truly scarier than Nathan's sometimes.. note to Eupinder: yes, that is *exactly* how your bathroom works! :P]

church was pretty good today overall..
held a kid who cries when it's story time..
Ethan was feeling talkative, so that was good..
looked at Orlando pictures from the Man trip..
got some more birthday presents and cards..
spent time with my brother, and bought him a Slurpee..
(bought myself a dragonfruit drink to try out..
"I am dragon, hear me roar with fire!".. this is actually true!)
gave Nathan my copy of Hawaii by James Michener..
it's a good book, and partly about missions in Hawaii..
doesn't matter if it's two years or more before I get it back ;)

What sort of chicken are you? (Quick)

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Vindaloo looks like turds, but is very hot. It nearly burns your mouth off.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

HAHAHA. What a description!

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La Casa Gelato flavors... oh, heaven!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SANNE.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It was nice knowing you even for so short a time.. we all wish you and James only the best back in Holland.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMES.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was neat knowing you, even though Elizabeth and I seem to have lost touch. (I still have your "preparation for going away" / "prison" letters, by the way)

last night was certainly a fun time out..
we talked about all sorts of things at hot pot..
food, life, work, MSN, sin, analogies, etc.
then we all went to La Casa Gelato.. too much choice!
everyone managed to choose something though..
(Vivian tried all the cheesecake flavors first)
I had espresso walnut and Bailey's Irish Cream..
Citrus opened his presents outside the gelato place..
our group managed to attract a little kid..
Eddie joked: "Hey Citrus, I got you something after all."
Nathan exercised his chauffeuring gift by driving me home..
listened to funny songs on the way there, and talked..
definitely a good thing to have friends like him :)

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