Saturday, December 12, 2009

"We're in Richmond because it has houses!" HAHAHAHA!

Henry called me to say he was running late; okay, I can deal with that! When he got to the intersection, he said that he had to drop off some tablecloths at his sister's since she's having a big dinner party. Maybe we could FLY and we'd be at church at 4:15, haha! Talked about a tiring Santa thing at his work, and then we listened to a bunch of Christmas music. It took us more than ten minutes to get out of Richmond, and our time was NOT helped by a fireman crew parking its truck at the firehall near Kerr and 49th. He'd also underestimated the time it would take to drive to my parents' intersection, and told me in the parkade that he'd be in "so much shit!" I agreed, and was thankful that Auntie Vivian didn't seem to be around because then *I* would have been in some trouble too, most likely!

Discussed cousin issues with Melia, Christmas stuff and last week's potluck with Chrystal (she liked the idea of sweet potato pie!), Christmas crafts for preschoolers with Jessica / Stanley / Golden (cereal? popcorn?), and other things with people. Gave the Hannah Montana stickers to Hannah, once I asked her whether she'd like them. She talked to me about Miley Cyrus - yup, I know who that is! Also talked to Ian, Sean, Gabriel, Nicholas, and other kids - I told Jordan that the Awana Store does NOT operate on credit! ("I'm supposed to get one Awana dollar, and I'll pay you back later!") Saw Richie afterwards, who was there for worship practice. Mike thought my "del Valle" pineapple juice said "VANILLA" - hahaha!

On the way home, I fielded a lot of "Are we in Richmond / Vancouver / Canada? Are we near Richmond Centre?" questions from Sean, and Ian said that someone wasn't friends with one of his friends anymore. Once I got home and had some curry, I washed the dishes. Then I called Eric, who said that he could give me a ride, but I wouldn't like it. I asked if this had anything to do with the reason he was looking at a map last night - yes, it did. STUPID EX MESSING UP MY LITTLE LIFE, AGAIN! Apparently, he'll be dropped off at Superstore and get picked up there by someone else. I wish he'd stop being in town on the weekends - it totally screws up MY plans on the ONE weekend I would actually need Eric to drive me to church. UGH. Now I'm having more brandy beans than is healthy!

Edit: I tried calling Ivan's cell, then remembered an hour later that it was stolen a while back. Then I tried calling Sam's parents, but no one answered the phone. So I relied on the church directory to give me Ivan's home number. Luckily, Ivan answered, so all I had to explain was that my sister would be working till 3 AM, and she wasn't sure whether she'd be up for church tomorrow - quite literally! Ivan said they'd give me a call before they arrived - good thing. I pre-heated the bedroom, and set the alarm... then left my sister a note where she'd most probably see it. Good thing there are perogies in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow! Steph also called to see how I was doing, so I gave her the update... and Carley also added me on Facebook, which was rather fast considering I'd just sent the request thirty seconds before!

What do the Inuyasha characters think about you? (girls only) by I_am_Heartless
Name / Nickname:
Inuyasha thinks:You are frickin awesome
Kagome thinks:Doesn't know what to think of you...
Miroku thinks:Will you bear my child
Sango thinks:You can't be trusted
Shippo thinks:You are a good friend
Koga thinks:You suck
Sesshomaru thinks:You are beautiful (you: okay...)
Naraku thinks:You are hot! (you: okay...)
Kikyo thinks:Get away from me!
Other random people think:You are strong and brave

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Ironwood Boston Pizza, Santa hat photo, NARUTO date, hand-drawn hearts

Steph and I went for lunch at Boston Pizza - she had lasagna, and I had chicken mushroom fettuccine. At least it hasn't snowed yet! Below is a picture she took of me at the restaurant. Discussed perogies, cooking a proper dinner, curry, lotion, and more. I also learned something about my dad that I hadn't known before. Apparently, my sister had had a nightmare during elementary school that she wasn't the baby of the family anymore, so she told Mom about it. Mom then told her that it wouldn't happen since "Dad got snipped!" Steph doesn't remember how old she was at the time, so I can't even comment on whether a remark like that is age-appropriate or not! Oh well, that's Mom for you!

A Date with your fave Naruto character, and the party! by HikariUchiha
Your Name:
Your fave Character:
Where you two went:to the beach
What did you do?you ate ramen
But then...Naruto ruined it
The one who was jealous:Haku
The one who wanted to go out with you too:Kabuto
You ended his room making out
He enjoyed it to... %
You enjoyed it to... %
Chance for a second date:
Let's say you went together to a party and playedShikamaru
Was he jealous?He was too busy to notice it
Did you fall in love with him or with someone else?Orochimaru
You thought the party was...interesting
Would you repeat that day?
Do you agree with me that this quizzie was weird?

You Have a Complex Heart

Your heart craves many things. What you want changes, and it's hard to predict how you will feel.

You are in love one day and indifferent the next. For you, there's nothing simple about love.

Your heart has probably been broken, and you've certainly crushed a few hearts in your time.

Luckily, your heart tends to heal well. Any scars you have just make your heart stronger.

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I actually LIKE Winnie and Dave - they seem good!

Eric came to pick me up at the proper time, and said that I was housesitting ineffectively since the RICHMOND NEWS was outside the door, and people would conclude that nobody was home. Sure, if it were LEFT out there for a couple of days or something! On the way over, we talked about new people / Mr. Creep saying hi to me / leading Bible Study / Jen's party this past Sunday / a weird gas price of 990.9¢ per litre (at almost $10 a litre, Steph later said she'd take transit instead!) / Christmas plans. Once Eric and I got into the Fellowship room via the parkade and the elevator (discussing farting and laughing on the way), Mr. Creep greeted us! I ignored it (as per usual protocol), and Eric returned it. There WAS an empty seat RIGHT BESIDE HIM, but of course I didn't take it - I elected to sit next to "dope / represent!" Guy instead. (I don't think Dave's THAT bad... he IS friendly enough) I was a little surprised to discover that I agreed with Mr. Creep's basic sentiment about the snow: WE DON'T NEED IT! This doesn't make me like him more, mind you.

During Bible Study (Richie had a skeleton key), Winnie thanked me for the belated birthday wishes... when she said she liked my "blogs," I was a little confused. Then I figured that she must mean the status messages - that was indeed what her intent was, and she found them interesting. Cool stuff! Dave still used "represent!" in the same way that my ex used to, but as long as HE isn't saying that it is the one true way of speaking, then I guess I'm fine with it. He also said that he was supposed to "hook up" with my brother today - well, Jon IS a busy guy! Winnie said that there are anonymous prayer forums on the Internet, and also that there are "Atheists' Last Words" sites where the people will describe demons and hellfire coming for them as they die. Interesting morbidity, haha! Steph came in late, but bought candy cookies for everyone. Talked about fatalities, prayer, ticketing, and other stuff with Dylan (Deb is sick!) / Kevin / Eric / Cindy / Dave / Winnie - good Bible Study, indeed. Dave had a bike, which was fine - his reasons for cycling are probably different than Jeremy's! His pants were a little short, so I expressed concern by wondering if he would be okay even WITH pedaling!

When it was over, Steph and I (along with Eric) went into the main Fellowship room to see what was going on with Christon / Randal / Wesley / Citrus / Jon / Harmony / Jen. Steph said that she might not make it on Sunday, so I told Eric that I'd probably call him tomorrow - he said "Please don't," and someone else said that they LOVED the honesty, haha! Jon invited us to have beer downtown, but Steph said she had to stay sober since she was on-call tonight... and she was tired from the Washington funeral and work anyhow! (they won't call her unless something REALLY BAD happens!) Steph displayed the typical NG affection towards Jon, which everyone in the room knew about anyhow. Further talked about fatalities in the COLD weather, and surveying... and Steph's phone call to me yesterday, warning me not to jaywalk. Jon freely admitted to jaywalking occasionally in the Downtown Eastside, heh. I talked to Harmony about her reading at the Rhizome for the launch of Rice Paper magazine (her own work!), and how she was getting a lot of comments on the FB status. I don't mind "getting all the updates," as my sister terms it. Wished her GOOD LUCK with it, in any event.

When I told Jon that Deb was sick and that Dylan had gone home early to see how she was, he wondered to Harmony whether HE'D do that - haha, I dunno, but maybe he should! Steph and I left after a bit, and spotted Eric outside looking at a MAP - what the heck is going on?! He even got a call during the middle of Bible Study too! On the way home, Steph and I talked about Henry / work / Bible Study / Jeremy / where Winnie and Dave came from (she likes them both - and I agree) / tomato juice / fruit punch / plants / the garbage / soup / curry. We might go out for lunch tomorrow - we'll see what happens! I know there's a chance of flurries! Just discovered that the tag maximum is now 1200 instead of the 1000 it had been before... nice for Chinese Eric's journal, haha!

Poo nugget for this weekend: Rectal High - Enemas are used in contemporary medicine to cleanse the colon or as a mode of delivering drugs into the system. Traditional medicine has long employed enemas for the latter reason, and some Native American and Mayan tribes continue to administer peyote and other hallucinogenic drugs in this manner.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

No Longer QuiverFull, Duggar Baby #19, Monopoly piece, household chore

No Longer Quivering - one woman's story of how she isn't in the Quiverfull movement any longer. (I found this in a discussion about the Duggars' 19th kid Josie, who was born weighing one pound and six ounces - I was heavier than that when I was born prematurely, at 2.2 pounds!) Called Eric at work, and reminded him that I am housesitting; no, I did not steal my parents' number! Good thing he plans to leave his house after 7. :D

Edit: Lesley Chung unexpectedly invited me to her place for lunch along with some other ladies. Hmm. It's on December 28 (a Monday) at around noon. I replied to her email, saying I should be free, so I'll figure out how to get there later! Also spent some time renaming tags, since I can do that without it taking five minutes per tag! Sarah (wished4this) also unfriended me, sending me a message to say that it was nothing personal (yeah right...) - but that the dynamic content and my many / long posts were partly to blame for her not being able to load her friends page. Okay, I can live with that - it's not like I saw an entry from her, because she probably used filters a whole lot.

You Are the Shoe

You are a hard worker and quite stubborn. You are willing to put in long hours to achieve your goal.

You never give up, even when things get difficult. You are very tough.

You are adventurous and free-spirited. You are confident that you can do almost anything, and you are never afraid.

You're the type of person who wants to conquer the whole world. And you know it begins one step at a time.

You Are Dusting

You are meticulous, focused, and extremely detail-oriented. It's likely that you have the cleanest home of anyone you know.

You notice all the little things that people seem to overlook. And it's not unusual for a tiny detail that's out of place to get under your skin.

Your perfectionism has no bounds, and in most cases, it's an asset. The world needs more people who can dot every "i" and cross every "t."

You're the type of person who appreciates a job well done. You believe that effort counts for a lot.

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Fatalities, FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDREN, and the inability to poop

Steph came home about ten minutes after Johnny stopped by with some documents and keys, with instructions for her to give him a paint receipt. Discussed fatalities while crossing the road, emailing the parents about that, tomorrow's plans, the cookie exchange (maybe Karmie can give me a ride...), pre-existing plans with Angus and Melia, London Drugs, the incoming snow, Fellowship, the warm bathroom, blankets / Snuggies, and more. It's cool being here, in more ways than one... hahaha.

Final Fantasy Advent Children... OF JOY! by TheUltimateDoorknob
Your name
Favorite character
Cloud thinksThat you're working for Kidaj and you smell funny.
Tifa thinksThat you hate her.
Barret thinksThat you don't appreciate his see-through shirt.
Vincent thinksThat every one in the world should wear high collars that tickle their nose hair.
Cid thinksThat his pointed stick is the most fearsome of sticks.
Kidaj thinksThat Pikachu was the most adorable Pokemon.
Yazoo thinksThat Kidaj steals the spotlight away from his beauty
Loz thinksThat he is sexy
the likelihood of Loz falling in love with you

Poo nugget for Friday, December 11: The Worst Case of Constipation - The world's largest preserved colon once contained over forty pounds of stool, and was stretched to many times its original size. On display at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, the colon's owner suffered from Hirschprung's disease, a thankfully rare disorder that results in the inability to empty one's bowels.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you jaywalk, it could cost you your LIFE!

I went out to London Drugs to buy a whole bunch of cookies. Yes, I could have chosen Safeway / Save-On / other places which are closer to the townhouse, but it's familiar to me. After rejecting Royal Dansk cookies as too common (haha), I got a big 1.14-kg pack of Voortman cookies, which wasn't quite five dozen cookies. So to make up for that perceived shortfall, I bought some Voortman cookies in the shape of gingerbread men. Then I saw some Manner Wien Apfel Lebkuchen cookies: chocolate-coated gingerbread with apple fruit filling? I decided to try it, so bought a bag for Steph and me to share. Figured I might as well do all this BEFORE it starts to snow on the weekend - thank goodness the church is all enclosed with the parkade! Got home to find a message from Grace about the cookie exchange: apparently, I'm not the only one who doesn't really bake, so I can just buy the cookies. GOOD THING! Steph just called to say she'd be a little late since she's working on a file in which a pedestrian was killed while crossing the street: "DON'T JAYWALK!" I might as well eat first after I shower, then...

Note: If LJ were a strip club Memegen, by kikibeth

Which Hellsing Chara would you make crazy? by MangaFight
You would make Crazy:Major
And how?you teach them in math
So He / she first...Fucking with a pizza
Then he/she...Rap a song about blue flowers
But then he strikes back witha big blue planet (how ever...)
but in the and...You are friends again
this one is helping you to survive:Anderson
So in the end, you had three-way sex with:Alucard and Integra
You look like this

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Dilys, Aaron, cookies, fries, Chrystal, nuggets, recipes, and angels

Haha, Dilys and Aaron added me on Facebook - nice! Had a weird dream where I followed Chrystal and a bunch of people into a McDonald's, where we got a lot of fries and nuggets to go. Then we went through a maze of corridors and such before we came out again, onto a gravel and stone road. That's all I remember, but it was okay. No malice in the dream, which was good.

Decided to finally reply to the Cookie Exchange Evite - but when I did, I was logged in as Harmony, which is understandable since she forwarded me the original Evite from Grace in the first place. So I just sent Grace a message explaining things, and also added the caveat that I can't bake! Yikes! We'll see what happens, though! Ah, she just sent me my own copy of the Evite, and advises everyone to bake / buy five dozen (60) cookies. Okay, I guess I'm out of here to buy some Royal Dansk tins after I finish something up! Jonne (jonne_bunny) got my Christmas card, and sent a message of thanks.

What are the ingredients of your personality? by Einna
2 cups ofapathy
1 1/2 cups ofindependence
2 teaspoons ofgreed
A dash ofa golden heart
Serve with

That coffee looks like sludge, almost!

What type of Angel are you going to be?
by Xaine_13
Wing color ghost white
Hair lengthShort
Hair color dark red
Type of AngelAn Angel of Silence. When we need to be still and to listen to our small, quiet voice inside, whether that of our High Self or our Angels, ask for this friend to help. "Be still and know yourself; be still and know God." Also helpful when we need help with what to say and what NOT to say!

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Kakashi loving me forever / Poop and the right hand

Note: Your LJ Bleach Squad Memegen, by gackoi / Pokemon Training -- what are your Pokemon? Memegen, by estellaXmonaghan.

Will Kakashi Love You Forever? by loner-in-the-world
your name or nickname
your hair color
your eye color
what's your side
this is his reaction to you at first sight
so will Kakashi love you forever?yes

Poo nugget for Thursday, December 10: Always Shake With Your Right Hand - Post-poo cleanup in countries such as India and Pakistan occurs with the use of water and the left hand. For this reason, extending one's left hand in greeting is considered impolite and offensive, and maybe a little gross.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Deposits, metal music enabled, Bosco dead, ginger, and SHAME 2009

Earlier today after having some Asian Bistro Pad Thai (the box serves as a bowl!), I wanted to go out so I could get to the bank before it snows and I can't go out - seemed the front door lock didn't like that idea, heh. Tried it again an hour later, and it was fine - just had to apply some pressure. I knew I'd be cutting it close even if I didn't go home beforehand to grab the metal music DVD from my computer's CD drive (I ended up packing the empty case yesterday...), but decided to do that first. Then I went to my bank's machine in order to get money out, and managed to get to the other bank before it closed. Yes, I made a deposit, which is what I'd been wanting to do. Now that I'm home again, it seems I'm thirstier than I thought, since I polished off an ordinary bottled water in less than ten minutes! (after trying to find something which wasn't IMPOSSIBLE to open!)

Got home and checked Facebook: Bosco (the Marr family dog) has died, at 16.5 years of age. Of course, I learned this through Mel. Also tested Corey's DVD - it worked, so no more Youtube video playlist for me right now! I've finished visiting certain links on my tags page on here, as it'll possibly make future editing much easier, so that's a good thing. Steph came home - discussed ginger, Terrence, work, movies, news, that little autistic boy dying, a "home swarming," and more. Winnie P. just added me to Facebook! These sour cream and onion "Cracker Bites" my mom left us are surprisingly good! If I don't watch out, I'll have all six packages by the end of the night!

Shame, Embarrassment, and Lies 2009!

1. Was 2009 a good year for you? Why? I guess it was an okay year, just because I got to still be friends with certain people.

2. What was your favorite moment of the year? Having Teunis over for a few days, haha.

3. What was your least favorite moment of the year? When a certain perfidious blackguard known as Raymond Cheung decided to end our friendship by blocking me on Facebook and sending me an email which made no sense. I am NOT obsessed with you!

4. Where were you when 2009 began? At Nathan's.

5. Who were you with? Eric M., Nathan, Christon, and Jeremy.

6. Where will you be when 2009 ends? I have no idea... Nathan isn't here anymore!

7. Who will you be with when 2009 ends? Friends or family, probably.

8. Did you keep your New Year's Resolutions of 2009? I didn't make any... easier not to break 'em that way. ;)

9. Do you have (a) New Year's Resolution(s) for 2010? See above.

10. Did you fall in love in 2009? Not really.

11. If yes, with who? NOBODY, I TELL YOU!

12. If yes, do they know? SHUT UP, STUPID SURVEY.

13. Are you still in love with them? I said SHUT UP!!!!!

14. You regret it? That's it... I give up. :(

15. Did you break up with anyone in 2009? No.

16. Did you make any new friends in 2009? Yes, and I love them for who they are.

17. Who are your favorite new friends? Definitely not certain people who are too new to be considered "friends." Jose, maybe... but he's dating Shally now, so I feel weird putting him as the answer to this question. I really can't say.

18. What was your favorite month of 2009? September.

19. Did you travel outside of your country of residence in 2009? No, I don't think so.

20. How many different states / provinces did you travel to in 2009? None!

21. Did you lose anybody close to you in 2009? Kinda...

22. Did you miss anybody in the past year? I missed Vanessa H. and maybe one or two other people.

23. What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2009? Not sure.

24. What was your favorite song from 2009? No idea.. I don't get much into "new" music.

25. What was your favorite record from 2009? I don't know that I got any music from this year...

26. How many concerts did you see in 2009? None!

27. Did you have a favorite concert in 2009? I didn't go to any.

28. Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2009? No. The occasional beer, but that's about it... I do not have a drinking problem.

29. Did you do a lot of drugs in 2009? I don't do drugs.

30. How many people did you sleep with in 2009? None.

31. Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year? Possibly, but it's evidently not important if I can't remember it!

33. What was the worst lie someone told you in 2009? "I'm your friend!" No, you're not.

34. Did you treat somebody badly in 2009? Probably, but I can't remember the details now.

35. Did somebody treat you badly in 2009? See #3. Aside from that, I can't really remember any other incidents.

36. How much money did you spend in 2009? Some.

37. What was your proudest moment of 2009? Turning things around...

38. What was your most embarrassing moment of 2009? Unsure.

39. If you could go back in time to any moment of 2009 and change something, what would it be? Can't think of anything I'd want to change... but that doesn't mean I'd like the year to be unchanged. Just that I can't think of stuff right now!

40. What are your plans for 2010? Ready for this? Be a better teacher! Hahaha.

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Pooping a lot in dreams, science field, Muse

What the heck?! I dreamed that my friends and I were going all over an old house to scout out the size of rooms. Then I had to go to the washroom, so we found one of the bathrooms - only thing was, it would NOT stop coming out! It was even a coppery-green-brown tinge, and of course I had to clean it up since it went everywhere! Mary and Vivian (among others) were NOT impressed! Someone called at 10 AM, effectively waking me up. Thank goodness in that instance, although I did try to get back to sleep - only worked for half an hour or so. Ah well...

You Are Chemistry

Of all the types, you are the most "mad scientist." You love to really get to the essence of how things work.

You are also a total brainiac and good at crunching out equations. You are very detail-oriented.

You understand concepts and theories well. You are capable of very abstract thought.

You are inventive and creative. You might create a drug to make everyone smarter or come up with a totally new food flavor!

Which Member of Muse Will You Shag? by Parhab
Your Name:
Band Member:Chris Wolstenholme
Location:In your ex's bedroom
Did he like it?No
Did you like it?Nothing Special
What noises?Yawns
What did he scream as he came?"I loooooove yooouuu!!!"

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Powderful?! / Christmas songs and jail cellmates / Bristol Stool Scale

Jon and Harmony picked me up at 10:30 or so, and my wish for minimal parental interaction was granted. :D [we talked about Jon still showing up as "Nathan To" on my Caller ID, my three bags, the heat, the cookie exchange at Grace's, hilarious Mom mistakes on past reports and Christmas cards, and more] Steph came home from the Washington funeral before midnight (over 1000 cops there!), and I read my mom's housesitting notes: "Do not use very high heat as the stove is very POWDERFUL." Hahahaha!

Leslie's just got their Christmas Song Name from Name Generators. It's Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Leslie's just got their Jail Cellmate Name from Name Generators. It's RosyPalmer.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, December 9: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words... - The Bristol Stool Scale is a tool used by gastroenterologists to help standardize the discourse on poo. Utilizing pictures and descriptions such as "like a sausage but with cracks," the scale breaks down poo into seven types. British physicians first published this poo pictorial in 1990, and found that the appearance of poo correlated with the amount of time it spends in the colon. The harder and more lumpy the stool, the longer the travel time.

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy?! / Cookies / Dream of my ex KIDNAPPING me?! / Talking too much!

Part of an unedited email from my mom: "In case any thing happy to us, you can get that paper and get money." I shouldn't laugh, but... I can't resist! Speaking of email, I'm glad I made plans with my brother via phone before I checked it: Mom wanted me to come over for dinner. No thanks... I'm not going to give you four extra hours to yell at me because you're stressed out! Good thing Jon can pick me up after 9:30 - I'm doing laundry and garbage RIGHT NOW so I can be ready when that happens! He says the flight may be overbooked, so Mom wants to get to the airport earlier. Fair enough! Harmony also just forwarded me the cookie exchange Evite from Grace - haha, I could go to that, we'll see! After being annoyed that nobody was home when I called, I finally phoned my dad at church - HE can tell her that I'm not going to be there for dinner instead! HA.

Had a dream where my ex dressed up in a blond wig and concealer, then kidnapped me almost in full view of my brother and his friends! (they were behind a glass mirror, but couldn't do anything) Luckily, his dream self was as stupid as his real-life self, and he actually let me go to the washroom by myself. I made a quick phone call to my brother, who (along with his friends) came to see my ex on a pretext, and rescued me by killing him with LETHAL BULLETS! Then after I was cleaned up and such, I met Daniel / Michelle / Jason Y. in a park, and we went away from a brick wall in their blue car - I sat in the front by Jason. That's all I remember, but it was weird enough!

You Talk Too Much

You may think that you're entertaining, witty, or smart... but you're boring the heck out of everyone you know.

Give it a rest. Even if you are a charmer, remember that charm works best in small doses.

You don't realize it, but talking too much is highly annoying. You're not letting anyone get a word in, and you're probably repeating yourself.

So sit back and let other people talk. Ask a few questions. You may be surprised to learn what other people have to say.

Oh, I do NOT! Just because I picked certain answers... *sigh*

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This Is Why You're Fat / Journey should not be a name, either! / Sucking Worms

This Is Why You're Fat - thanks, Billie! The food shown here is CRAZY!!!

While going through holiday_wishes, I came across one which apparently has been authored by a girl named JOURNEY. What the heck?! I suppose it IS better than Chaos, but still. Oh, and the kid named Heman registered for Awana last Saturday - I don't think he has a sister named Shera, but he DOES have an older brother named Truman. o_O

Poo nugget for Tuesday, December 8: Worms Suck - This day in 1813 marks the birth date of Angelo Dubini, the Italian physician who discovered the hookworm, a parasite that causes iron deficiency anemia. He found the worm, Anchylostoma duodenale, in 1843, when conducting an autopsy on a peasant woman. This worm literally sucks blood from the intestinal tract, and its spread amongst workers gave rise to such conditions as "miner's anemia" and "bricklayer's anemia."

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Chastity, Chinchilla Zest, Cleopatra, and Crisco

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Cachay: Popular '70s eau de toilette packaged in a convenient purse pot.

Capucino: An exceptionally smart breed of monkey most often seen chained to the side of concertina begging for spare change.

Caroline: A door-to-door singer often seen during the holiday season.

Cashmere: A prize ho; very soft, but difficult to keep clean.

Cassidy: A single-parent family of '70s pop idols with great hair, artificially enhanced voices, and a cool bus. Also half of a great Western.

Chalmers: Superintendent of the Springfield School District. Will tend to be verbally abusive to her underlings.

Chanel: Along with Courvosier, Gucci, and Lexus... a popular name among (and only among!) the ghetto fabulous.

Chardonnay: Her bouquet hints of green pastures, with top notes of butter, chrysanthemums, and honey, with a palate of oak on the finish. Generally best served cold.

Charissa: A spicy Spanish sausage with meat of unknown origin.

Chastity: Virtuous character. Celibacy. A poor girl with this name will be destined to become the town tramp.

Cherel: A type of rare mushroom used in fine patés.

Cherish: It's like a sofa, but it's not. It's like a loveseat, but it's not. It's more valued, more chair-ish!

Cherry: Peewee's favorite place to sit. The fruit of a deflowering.

Cheyenne: A city in Wyoming, a nomadic Native American tribe, and a luxury sport utility vehicle.

Chinchilla Zest: The outermost layer of the chinchilla, extracted with a special culinary tool, the chinchilla zester. Beware the layer just below the dermis, which can be pithy. Also, a fine but tart salad dressing.

Chloe: A name commonly used by lesbian couples for a firstborn.

Christina: The one who can sing.

Cimemthymia: A vicious STD cured in the early '70s.

Cinnamon: The dried bark of a tropical Asian tree. A popular stage name for exotic dancers. See also Velvet and Butterfly.

Cisco: Will have a penchant for routers and singing about Brazilian-cut underpants.

Cleeo: Jamaican "psychic" whose infomercials bilked millions of desperate Americans out of large amounts of cash in a mass redistribution of wealth. Child may be an entrepreneur.

Cleopatra: Titular queen of Egypt and lover of Roman generals. Coined the phrase "what a pain in the asp!"

Cleora: A topical ointment used to eradicate acne.

Coco: Most common name for female chimpanzees, nuts, and fashion designers. Your daughter will have hairy prehensile toes, a rich flavor, and a flair for accessories.

Cola: A brown, sugar-filled liquid of such high acidity that it dissolves pennies. Also, a cocaine dealer.

Constance: Faithful and dependable; a child with this name will never need to rely on laxatives or fiber supplements.

Corvette: A type of warship, a type of American sports car, and a type of male genitalia extension.

Crescent: A cheap, canned knockoff of a famous French pastry.

Crisco: Simply put, she'll be fat in the can.

Crumpet: A spongy, English muffin-type pastry best served with tea and jam. A thrilling way to start your day!

Czarina: Wife of a czar or an imperial ruler in her own right. Will spend exorbitant sums of money on eggs.

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Evil Elf Name, Grinch Name, Santa Claus Name, and more!

Leslie's just got their Christmas Elf Name from Name Generators. It's Buttons Candy-Lips.

Leslie's just got their Reindeer Name from Name Generators. It's Comet.

Leslie's just got their Snow Angel Name from Name Generators. It's Robyn, the Angel of Mistletoe Kisses.

Leslie's just got their Evil Elf Nickname from Name Generators. It's Delik Moanvoyager.

Leslie's just got their Grinch Name from Name Generators. It's Surlybeast Snottyhead.

Leslie's just got their Sexy Christmas Name from Name Generators. It's Temptress the Flirty Penguin.

Leslie's just got their Santa Claus Name from Name Generators. It's Joulupukki (Finland).

Leslie's just got their Christmas Carol Name from Name Generators. It's It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.

Leslie's just got their Snowman Name from Name Generators. It's Sassy Happy-Eyes.

Leslie's just got their Penguin Name from Name Generators. It's Dippy Cold-Wings.

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Snowflake cookies, Land O'Lakes caramel cocoa, bus pass, and Fruit To Go!

Sara (thegirlsheriff) sent me a message to say she got my Christmas card the other day - sweet. :D

Yay for Mandy (a_phoenixdragon) and Jane (justsurvive) sending me these snowflake cookies on LJ!

I finally got my 2010 buss pass in the mail, and also got my bank card in the mail as well. I should be all set for the future, at least right now. Alexis (fraserette) managed to stuff a Christmas card, a pack of 100 Hannah Montana stickers (maybe Amanda would like those...), and Land O'Lakes Caramel Cocoa into an envelope - pretty good, I say! Now I am eating four Fruit To Go strips that Rachel's grandma gave me yesterday: Wild Berry (Hannah: "I have this blue one at home!"), a "tangy" Strawberry Watermelon, a "Plus Vegetables" Berry Mania, and Strawberry. Interesting!

You Are Bold and Self Assured

You carry yourself with confidence. You have high self-esteem, and you truly love yourself.

You find it easy to make difficult decisions, even if you are going against the grain.

You have the courage to stand up for an unpopular opinion or idea. You will fight for what you believe in.

You have made some bold moves in your life, and they've worked out well. People may think you're crazy, but you know what you're doing.

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I endured party games for as long as I could, but otherwise Auntie Bea's place was GREAT!

Steph and I finally left after Mom tried to get us to do stuff on our way out - we're kinda running late already, and Steph needed to buy vegetables before we arrived at Jen's, so that wouldn't help. (I already had the shortbread and gingerbread, which they KEPT afterwards, yay!) We went to the nearest Safeway, and finally settled on "authentic Greek salad" - we also called Jen to say we'd be late. When we finally got there with GPS help after having sisterly discussions (as well as a CLEAN-UP one), Randal was the only one there. Thank goodness he and I can be reasonably civil now, otherwise it would have been awkward! Auntie Beatrice said that we could start on the salad / cheese and then the main course - Ikea meatballs, bowtie pasta, and loganberry sauce are pretty good! Wesley had at least called to say he'd be late - he brought some really good wings from M&M Meat Shops when he DID get there! Shally and Jose showed up, and Jon and Harmony brought eggnog with rum / Kahlua / other stuff in it, along with Brussels sprouts and walnut from an EDIBLE magazine recipe. Connie also showed up, which was pretty good.

We introduced everyone else to a LOT of NG family jokes: the BOOTY LOGO, Mom being DRUNK, diarrhea, weigh-offs, "Sarne / Truebain / Ugfart," butt measurement (Big G!), Mom consistently misspelling "Flime" (film? flame? frame?), the "testicles / tentacles" story, my getting tipsy, and more! Had a hilarious discussion - I didn't mind telling people about Mom's fractured English, especially in that report earlier today! Talked about Christon as "Christ-On!" / Hamlet the dog dying suddenly because of internal bleeding from a tumor that nobody noticed / texting / X-Box CALL OF DUTY / ROCK BAND / WOW / Facebook / Andy Murray's girlfriend dumping him because he spent seven hours a day playing games on top of his tennis training / the art in the house / China / more stuff from our afternoons, too. It was a good night, until Shally decided to play various party games, including Wink Murder and a confusing pillow game - "who has the pillow?" indeed!

Then there was the game where you had to think about what you had done, and then get up and make sure you had a seat - not for me! I just went for some downtime and such (like one more half-glass of red wine), then helped Auntie Bea bring some dishes into the kitchen. After that, everyone went home - Harmony said I should have rejoined them for the last game, but I don't necessarily want everyone knowing my personal stuff. On the way home after signing the guestbook and thanking Jen / Auntie Bea for the evening, I told Steph exactly why I "lost" my townhouse keys - Mom can be very irrational when she's either stressed out or suddenly angry for almost no reason at all. I said that I'd see her later this week, probably Tuesday night. Gotta do laundry and such tomorrow - I could do it at the townhouse when Mom and Dad leave, but we'll see what happens. Might as well tidy up a little, if Jon and Harmony ARE going to clean up this place for me in the next couple of weeks or whatever, too... I AM LAZY!

My mom to me, this morning: "I've been thinking of removing your previous boyfriend from my email address book - SHOULD I? I seldom emailed him, anyway!" (both Steph and I told her to JUST DO IT)

Poo nugget for Monday, December 7: Doo You Know? - When A Penny Saved Is Not A Penny Earned - The British saying "to spend a penny" is a euphemism for using the toilet. This saying comes from the British practice of paying to use public toilets. Although pay toilets fell out of favor in the United States in the 1970s, the United Kingdom still uses these facilities for Number Two.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

"Our fellowship has good hardware and software is lacking!" - oh, Mom...

The ride over to church was sufficiently interesting, but filled with Mom moments - oh dear. At least she got the word "clearance" right on the first try! (my sister's been making her do English exercises) She told me that JON had written the "wet kisses" email, which I forwarded to Janina as soon as I got on the computer! Mom also wanted me to start sleeping over TONIGHT, which is probably code for "let me yell at you because I'll be stressed from trying to pack, and seeing my mother again!" Um, no thanks! I'll come over late on Tuesday night, hahaha. Exchanged amusement with Jeremy, and sat next to Steph so that I could more easily give her the Advent calendar. When she saw my tumbler of coffee, she teased me by saying that it was booze - NOT IN A CHURCH SERVICE! Talked to Connie about her sister Winnie's new baby boy - no name yet! When the new guy David ("dope / represent!") was looking for my brother by name, I said that he was around somewhere... this caused Yvonne to observe that she didn't know Jon and I were siblings. That's all right, since she's relatively new! I gave Keenan his birthday card after Grace had given him and his brother Joshua a Christmas gift - after Keenan took the dinosaur card out, Joshua destroyed the envelope! Then he put his face on it and imitated a monster - how cute!

I talked to Denise and Brian about my parents' cruise and such - Denise thinks I should take advantage of the shopping there. Haha.. I like the vacation from my parents, man! Talked to Jon, Harmony, Steph, and Jen about Jon's typing the email - it was practically a "family" discussion, but the new guy Dave (not to be confused with David) was looking rather interested in what we were talking about, haha! Said hi to Christon, Lily, Hannah, Tim, and a bunch of other people like Adam and Andrew - Hien and I talked about chocolate Advent calendars! Saw Megan's cool sunglasses, too! During toddler Sunday School (just Amanda and Amos), Amanda said that to make doughnuts, you hit the dough against your body - she apparently learned this on TV. She also pretended to put me in a dungeon because I killed people, and gave me "sugar with half-poison which you don't know about" as a punishment. Well, then! Auntie Ying also reimbursed me for the cost of the Christmas cards - that was nice of her, and she said Linda's doing okay, but her surgery's on the 18th! (like Auntie Catherine, I remember) After Sunday School, I gave William and his friends two Ziploc bags full of candy - that included the hard candies that Eric had returned to me. Of course, they thanked me for it - I also wished Julie a happy 13th birthday, and she reminded me that Tina is exactly ten years older than she is! Talked to Lawrence and Vivian for a little bit before they left - Christon, Steph, Jon, Dave, and others had all gone to Pho.

I went to Happy Valley (a change from Tsui Woo!) with my parents, Alan, Polly, and Tracy's parents. At least Tracy's parents didn't discuss kidneys and surgical procedures like the LAST time we had lunch with them! The discussion mainly centred around H1N1, my parents' cruise and Hong Kong side trip, and people they knew 25 years ago. Later, we went to Steph's townhouse to drop off stuff. At the townhouse, my mom also wanted me to improve the annual report "so that nobody can understand it." Given the sentences "Our fellowship has good hardware and software is lacking" (which I deleted) and "Next year, our executive members will REMIND the same as the past years as follows," I'd say it's already "improved" enough. ;) She also showed me where all the extra food was kept, and told me to do chores - and then tried to guilt trip me. Not gonna work! Right now, Steph and I are leaving!

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Dream about Sharon, Andrea, Evites, my mom, and unwed mothers / Christmas and fear!

Had a dream where my mom yelled at me in front of Andrea while we were all in line at a department store. Apparently, I shouldn't have asked her whether Sharon had her baby yet (although the Evite had sent out a nice reminder on the etiquette of asking unwed mothers about that kind of thing)... this sadly sounds like something she might do! Then again, I shouldn't have bought a 12.51-litre can of mushroom soup, or a LOT of chicken to go with it. WHAT THE HECK?! Sharon is presumably happily married to John Law, for one!

Leslie's just got their Naughty Christmas Name from Name Generators. It's Butter Babe the Steamy Polar Bear.

Leslie's just got their Christmas Character Name from Name Generators. It's Father Christmas.

Leslie's just got their Christmas Bear Name from Name Generators. It's Lovable Sweety-Toes.

Facebook quiz taken from Darren:

Leslie took the "I CAN GUESS YOUR PHOBIA" quiz and got "Leukophobia." Fear of the color white.

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