Wednesday, June 04, 1997

LivingSocial lists: Pet peeves, fruit, Green Day, and more!

Written on June 4, 2009.

Here are the LivingSocial picks that I've done:

Favorite movies of all time
Best TV shows
Subjects I Received the Worst Grades In
5 favorite subjects
Languages I've studied
Songs that MUST be played at max volume.
Five of the Most Random Objects You Can See Without Moving
5 Bands beginning with the same letter as your LAST name
Post 5 Unique Things that appear when you type the first three letters of your last name
5 things that come up when you type the first 2 letters of your name
Slam your fist down on the keyboard 5 times and pick the first thing you get
The last thing you: ATE / DRANK / LISTENED TO / WATCHED / BOUGHT
5 Things I Have Done In the Past Hour
Five things you would put in a trap if you wanted to catch me
Random things starting with the same letter as my name
5 Things I'd Like to See Disappear Forever!
Michael Jackson (1958 – June 25, 2009) - 5 Favorite Songs
5 things I don't leave the house without
Random things starting with the same letter as my name
5 Toys I Remember Having
5 Things I want for my birthday
5 things I use every day
5 Places I Have Lived
5 Things I'm Usually Always Wearing
1 athlete, 1 musician, 1 celebrity, 1 actor and 1 actress (Absolut Vodka-sponsored)
Favorite Green Day Songs - On Tour Now
Five things that always make me happy.
Things that I want to give to my mom for Mother's Day
When I was little, I loved...
Favorite Sports Teams
The World Would be a Better Place Without....
Must-haves in my dream home
Things I enjoy making fun of in daily life
Top 5 Things I Always Say
5 songs that have meaning for me!
Top 5 Songs the year I was born!!!
Things That Make Me Appreciate Life
Top Things I want to Do this Summer
Countries I want to visit
5 Things I've accomplished today
Pick 5 fads you miss from the 90s
Things I Like That Other People Seem To Hate
favorite parts of summer
things that made who you are
5 things that remind you of being in high school!
5 Things more likely to kill me other than SWINE FLU!!!
Things other girls get excited about (not me)
People I had on my bedroom wall when I was growing up
favorite beers
5 Favourite Memories of Elementary School
5 Things I wish I had right now
Things I Would Literally Die Without
5 things I would like banned
Blasts from my Childhood Past
How to Instantly Piss Me Off
Favorite Sounds
5 Things I do everyday.
Worst habits
5 Things You're Good At
Feelings I tend to feel on a day to day basis.
The World would be a better place without these 5 things
Things that make me smile
5 things I do in the morning
5 things I can't live without
Books you love
Best albums of all time
Favorite cartoons when I was younger
movies that you will watch over and over again
People you want on your side in a bar fight.
Best Game Ever
5 Things I Could Grab from Where I'm Sitting: No cheating! (two; one for home, and one for the townhouse)
Greatest Cereals Of All Time
Top Five People I Want To Punch In The Face
My Favorite Candy! (did this twice, accidentally)
Famous People With Whom I Share A Birthday
Five Toys That Most Remind You of Your Childhood
Top five singers
Top 5 Things I Hate That Everyone Else Seems to Like
Top 5 Websites you Visit
Things I WOULD immediately blow HUGE dollars on if I won the lottery
5 famous people with my name
Jobs I've Had
5 Biggest Pet Peeves
5 superpowers you would like to have
Things That Make Me Happy (Coke-sponsored)
Five Favorite Ice Cream Flavors (did this twice, accidentally)
my top 5 sodas
TV shows you grew up on
fave bands
5 dead people that you would invite to dinner.
5 Films Released The Year You Were Born (this will make you feel either REALLY young or REALLY old)
Top 5 Things that can be found in your room
5 Famous Landmarks I have Seen
Albums you can listen to from beginning to end...
Put your iPod on Shuffle - What are the first 5 songs that come up?
Top 5 Fruit
The Worst 5 Movies I Have Ever Seen
5 Favorite Smells
favorite restaurants
Top Five Comic Strips
Food / Drink I hate!
Things you hate doing!
Items, if bought together, Would Make The Cashier Wonder About You
Best five Desserts
Five Best Pizza Toppings
Five Favorite Girl Names
5 things I'm addicted to
Five Favorite Boy Names
My Favorite Cultural Cuisine
Things you're most scared of...
Top Five Things That Annoy Me
Favorite Literary Characters
Songs that make me cry
My Five Favorite Book Quotes
Favorite Comic Strips
Five Most Irritating Noises on Earth
5 Things I Have in my Purse At All Times
5 Celebrities Dead Or Alive I'd Love To Have Lunch With
Favorite Colors.
Last 5 Movies You Saw At The Pictures / Cinema
Top 5 Things That Piss Me Off!
5 Cartoons I watched as a kid

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