Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dave's true crime book, Vivian and Karen's cocoa

Somebody decided that 9 AM on a Saturday was a good time to start powerwashing the walls in the hallway. So now I'm running at more a sleep deficit than I normally would be. Also, this cough is kicking my butt... I need more medicine!

I opened my birthday gifts from Dave, Vivian, and Karen once I figured out that going back to sleep wasn't really an option. (I wish I could have!) Dave got me True Crime Stories by Max Haines... if you know me, you know that I like reading about true crime. Vivian and Karen got me a HUGE box with assorted kinds of Land O'Lakes cocoa in it: Chocolate Supreme, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Double Fudge, Chocolate and Raspberry, Chocolate and French Vanilla, and Chocolate with Caramel. Here I thought Land O'Lakes was only known for butter and dairy products! Thanks to the three of them: they're so nice! :D

I know I probably have a ton of birthday wishes, emails, and whatever to get to... but I'll do that after Felico's lunch / Awana / Red Robin's / Dragon Ball... outta here! :D

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Congee Noodle House and birthday wishes... Phone Losers of America pranks!

A bunch of my friends wished me a happy birthday tonight at church, especially after Billy brought up the idea of treating all the September birthday people (Eric, Derek, Karen, me) to a post-Fellowship meal somewhere. (turned out to be Congee Noodle House on Broadway) Eric joked about the usual stuff with me, Karen gave me a birthday card, I gave Citrus / Karen / Derek their birthday cards (plus Bathroom Reader in Citrus' case), and spent some time discussing beer and my mom's weird ideas with Jeremy. Then I brought up some old Congee Noodle House memories... good times, indeed! Helen tried guessing my age, and she was right: I hesitated a little before confirming that she was correct... I think I need to get used to being this certain age. o_O

We also discussed wifebeaters, tomorrow night, hockey, SLB night (emails), rides, Felico's for my parental birthday lunch tomorrow (it's on Leslie Rd., hahaha), spicy wasabi, Sophia's baby Olivia looking JUST like her, the toddlers, reservations, Amnesiac, Ireland and Guinness, calculus, laundry, and other things. Jeremy mentioned bleaching his keyboard in the shower today since it was so dirty and gunky... it's like the most disgusting thing in your house since people don't wipe it down after using it, and there could be things in between the keys too. He needs to do that for me, hahaha... the letters stay on the keys, and don't get bleached out.

When Jeremy ordered bitter melon with beef on rice, Steph remembered the time when my grandma took the three of us out for dinner: the bitter melon at that Chinese restaurant had the most bitter aftertaste EVER, and there wasn't any rice with it to soak up the bitterness. It's a good thing Grandma doesn't understand much English: we were able to tell her in Chinese that it tasted good, while similarly telling each other in English that it was really disgusting!

Jason and Eric ordered chicken soft bone with mini-peppers: I told Jeremy the story of how Steph's new Toronto friends didn't believe her at first that there were indeed such a thing as chicken knees. When she tried ordering them at restaurants, the waiters looked at her like she was from outer space! So she came back for Christmas and stole a menu for proof, but she gave the menu back the next summer... no worries there! All in all, the whole night was good times. :D

My friend Alyssa sent me a cute birthday ecard with a bear, bunny, and balloons! "I hope you have a great day and lots of fun! Knowing you, I am sure you will be very busy socializing!!!! I know I haven't been around the forum that much, but I still think of you and I hope that all is well with you! Love, Alyssa" Very thoughtful of her. :D

McDonalds sign prank from Phone Losers of America, courtesy of Corey. Look through the whole site... it's hilarious! That's where a lot of prank calls from the CD come from: pizza, tech support, etc.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Birthday shots, cough medicine, prank calls, questions meme, quizzes on MP / MG

Corey keeps thinking that I should have someone buy me (awful) shots for my birthday... yeah right! *rolleyes*

I should also buy some more Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa since I'm running out of it. The problem is that those bottles are so hard to open... the last time I had a new bottle, I had to get random hallway people to open it for me! Maybe I need to hang out with guys again.... ;)

Some new prank calls that Corey found.. all messing with telemarketers!

From Nikki:

1. Why did you add me?
2. Have I ever annoyed you to the point you want to kill me?
3. Do you like me? (Specify: Platonic or romantic!)
4. Do we talk a lot?
5. If you answered no to 4, how do you think we can talk more?
6. Do you think I update too much?
7. Do my posts annoy you?
8. Have I ever offended you by accident?
9. If you answered yes to 8, is there a way I can make up for it?
10. Lastly, are there any questions, or anything you want to know about me?

You are Tim the Enchanter! Sure, you can blow up small objects, but no one really respects you. But you'll have the last laugh...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
You are Tim the Enchanter! Sure, you can blow up
small objects... but no one really respects you.
But you'll have the last laugh... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY?
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Gretchen Weiner

Which Mean Girl are you?
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Stupid knocking idiots! / Eunice, Henrik, Sophia, and little Olivia / Cute animal quiz

Bloody idiots knocking at windows and doors before 9 AM should kindly sod off! I was looking forward to sleeping more than six hours, you know!

I just checked my email to find that Eunice can't make my birthday dinner tomorrow after all, since she doesn't get off work till 6:45 and it will be long and busy like last week. She loves me, wishes me a happy birthday, and says we can make Shanghai Wind my second birthday dinner... if she wants to cover my part of the bill, that would be fine! *laugh* Erin's up for Shanghai Wind, and jokes that the next Richmond Crew hangout will be at her place in the West Side since her parents are out of town in October! She's at Whistler this weekend, so we'll see her on Wednesday!

My Swedish friend Henrik just emailed me:

Happy birthday!! :)

And happy mid-autumn festivals as well, if you celebrate it... :)

The company I work for has all the production in China, so I got a "happy mid autumn festival" mail today... I've been wishing everybody a happy mid autumn today... ;)

I do the same when the Chinese new year celebrations start... always get funny reactions like "Yeah, happy new year! (pause) Hey, that was last month!" ;)

Heh, it's very nice that he remembered... although I bet the ICQ pop-up reminded him of my birthday, haha. ;) As for the Mid-Autumn Festival, I don't really celebrate it... although my grandma would take us all out for dinner if she were here, heh. (we're not sure when she'll get back from Hong Kong) Must be a bit jarring for those people to be wished a Happy New Year a month or so late, haha. ;) But yeah... I remember the week when my friends and I were wishing each other a Happy Chinese New Year and a Happy Valentine's Day. Good times. :)

My friend Sophia's finally had her baby... she emailed a bunch of people about it. Olivia was born at 9:25 AM on September 11, and weighed in at 7 pounds and 4 ounces. (she's 52 cm long, if that means anything...)

The Atelopus Frog
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Final-ish details on SLB hangout and RR party, and almost spelling my own name wrong

SLB = siu long bao

Today, I sorted through a LOT of email from Eunice, Nathan, Danielle, Eric, Jeremy, and Steph about the SLB hangout. 6:15-6:30 at Shanghai Wind works for me, and provides plenty of time to eat SLB and watch the movie(s) that Nathan and Jeremy will pick. Eric and Nathan had a bunch of selections / critique, although Steph kinda ruled out artsy movies by making this comment: "Picking a movie will be easier now that artsy Jon is back in T-Dot! Haha!" Danielle and I don't want to watch scary movies, and Eric doesn't want any kung fu vampires. So I guess we'll see what we watch... Eric and Eunice have offered their places (according to Eric, his place has the best TV / surround sound system), and Steph volunteered my place. My place might work, if only I had a VCR... yeah, shush. :P Eunice put her foot down in the midst of all the "drama" and said she'd reserve a table for 10 at that time. That was fine with us, since that's the time which seems to mesh with everyone's schedules. Nathan said he might pick two movies from his collection in case people want to re-live the day and do a marathon. That might work, haha. Eddie's just chimed in to say that we can count "this VANCOUVER citizen in" because "Van-City Rocks!" (and I had to reply to that one, hahaha!)

I got some email and responses about my birthday party on Saturday, as well: Frances and Mel will try to stop by, Billie can't come because of family obligations, Jasmine might be able to come, and Jeremy forgot to reply to my original email about it... he says he'll be there, so that's cool. We'll almost certainly do Dragon Ball afterwards, haha! The tentative list looks like this: Melia, Nathan, Danielle, Jen, Jeremy, Eric H., Eric M., Randal, Eunice, Sheena, Citrus, Chalaine, and possibly Jasmine / Frances / Mel / Emily / Mike if they can make it. There's always room for more, as I plan to hardcore promote it tomorrow night, hehe. No matter what, I think it's going to be good. I remember the last time I had my party at Red Robin's... that was a blast! :D

Jeremy sent me an email saying he'd forgotten to reply to the original party email, but he's going to be there on Saturday night. In sending him a reply confirming this, I almost spelled my own name wrong... with two I's instead of one. I think I'm losing it.... :(

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Latest Posts Page on LJ

The Latest Posts page on LJ is very interesting. Lots of weird stuff there, depending on when you click it... there might even be stuff there in foreign languages! Or quirky games and pictures, if that's your kind of thing. :)

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Inner Child / Gullibility Quiz

Your Inner Child Is Angry

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If you were in The Matrix, you would have taken the red pill, completed the combat training, and started fighting (and beating) agents from day one.

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Dream: Eric M., Eric H., death, and eggs

I had a weird dream last night, but then what else is new? It started out with my trying to find Eric M. because it was my birthday and we had to go to Fellowship. I bused to his house since I was out in Richmond already, only to find out from his mother Veronica that he'd left already. She accompanied me to the bus stop which was very near their house, and looked up the bus schedule: the next bus came in about half an hour at 6:22 or 6:23 PM. After wishing me luck, she went back to her brown house with toys all over the yard. (not how it is in real life, haha) To my great surprise, Eric pulled up to the bus stop in a light blue Parisienne-Sunfire hybrid and said that HE'd been looking for ME. So we were off, and going around the #9 Rd. boonie area because we had to pick up Fidela. (she doesn't live there in real life) Unfortunately, it got dark really fast (which I commented on: "Last week, it didn't get dark nearly this early.. it's only 6:45!") and we got lost equally as fast... we were still driving around at 3:30 AM!

After this, we got mixed up with some motorcycle riders. They convinced us to go down some dirt / mud hills in the car for a while, and then we slept. The next day, I somehow had computer access and I was looking up a "dreams" thread on one of my message boards. I'd listed off a number of dreams I'd had, and Reebee (one of the members) had posted to ask me: "Where's the dream for the 8th?" I replied that I didn't know, but I didn't remember all of my dreams! After that, Eric and I were off to read an old newspaper: for some reason, it had colorful photos of all our friends at a summer event. It also had an article about Eric H. having to bury his son eventually and watch his daughter's hanging because she murdered him... no, of course he doesn't have kids in real life! Then we got a current newspaper and had the shivers almost instantly: Eric H.'s obituary was in there under an alias of Eric G. Wong. "Two days before he had to say goodbye to his son and cut down his daughter from the hangman's noose, Eric G. Wong was killed in a fiery car accident..."

We tried reassuring each other that it wasn't true, since we'd talked to him over MSN just recently. Then somehow the scene switched to a kitchen where Eric H.'s mom (a skinny, pointy-nosed woman... I've never met her in real life) let us use a lot of eggs / sugar / flour to make cookies and such. We beat a lot of eggs in a huge yellow bowl... some of the beaten egg yolk even turned to consumable eggs when we left it in the bowl long enough! The dream ended with Eric H. coming back from the dead and convincing us that the article we'd read was just a dream fabric... weird. o_O

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Nathan as a party pooper / Aeroplan statement / Quizzes

Nathan is the party pooper who says Monday's not a good time for siu long bao and videos in our Richmond Crew Hangout. Wednesday night sometime it is, then! (barring other people's schedule conflicts, haha) Of course, Danielle and I want to know times... she teaches till 4:30, and I live the closest to Shanghai Wind so I have to figure out what time to bus it over there. :P

Oh, and I just got a statement from Aeroplan in my email: somehow, I've flown 1326 miles. o_O

.... I think this has to do with the flight to Alaska in May enroute to the cruise.... THAT many miles?! Whoa....

Note: What Kind of Geek are You? / Insanity or Normality Test / How will you DIE? / What do you dream about? / What kind of ninja are you? / Are you one of the 3 P's? (Poser, Punk, Prep) / Which decade of music are you? / Secrets you didn't even know about yourself... / Slut-O-Meter Kwiz Biz quizzes. (by owlsamantha, Lil_Poet_Man, Confused_Pete, cutelilangelx, hoepe16, lil_mmm, PinkDagger, BrooklynK78, and SwtGaAngel)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Siu long bao, Dawn's birthday ecard, and waiting on CD burns

I checked my email, and found a bunch of emails about the Awana Leadership Conference.. good thing I replied to them already! (I like Edmond's reply: "Oh man.... it's that conference thing again......" It sure is, where you get to walk around in a sleep-deprived haze all day!) Then there are the ones about that appreciation dinner thing in October... I'm going to that one too, since my dad's going and I'll have a ride home for sure. I reserved a ticket for Pastor Edward's ordination dinner in two weeks, but then my mom wants to save me the $25 (so I can use that to hang out with my friends sometime) and have me sit with the parents and Sam's little brother Jeremy. (I thought she meant Jeremy Janzen at first when she said "Jeremy," hahaha) I dunno... I might take her up on that, but then I'd want to sit with my own friends since it'll be more fun that way. Besides, that way I won't have it come back to bite me in the butt later on... as it always does with Asian mothers. ;)

Speaking of Jeremy Janzen, he somehow got added to the Richmond Crew hangout list. That makes sense, since he was there for the inaugural edition. Steph proposed Monday night for everyone, and that's fine by me... I'll wait to see what everyone else says, though! Siu long bao and videos, here we come!

Dawn sent me a birthday ecard from DaySpring... how nice of her! Hahaha, this thing is cute... frogs with party hats and all! "Hey Leslie, Sorry I can't be there to attend your bday dinner. But wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and in Mandarin, "Sheng ri kuai le!" - from Beijing." I love my friends... "Knock knock. Who's there? Darryl. Darryl who? Darryl never be another you! Happy Birthday!" Kinda corny, but I love it. :D ("I will be your God... I made you and I will care for you..." Isaiah 46:4 The Living Bible)

I think I'll wait on the CD burning "project" till later this afternoon / evening when Corey's sure to be home. I know Nero has wizards and such, but it doesn't compare to having someone there to help you as well... then again, maybe I should learn to do things myself, hahaha. Speak of the devil... he just messaged me from class with "Ooga booga!" He even says it might be Gorilla Day... all I know is that Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up soon! (on Monday, in fact!)

Apparently, Steph is having Rachel and Jessica over for dinner. Mom thinks I'm welcome to hang out there, but I think for once I'll leave them alone to have their girly bonding time. ;) Note to self: we must ask Eric for a ride home this Sunday, and make sure he doesn't forget like he almost did the other day!

P.S. I like the Prodigy's Firestarter. :D

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Non-computer viruses, hangout emails, and CD burning

Apparently, Angela's non-computer virus traveled across the country and one international border to infect me. (to steal Adam Frey's turn of phrase, heh) AnjyB better not be proud of herself... *grumble* Time to kill this cough with some Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa.

The siu long bao-related emails have been flying back and forth all day and night: Danielle doesn't mind if Boonie Guy comes, and Eric thinks he should stop making fun of Harry Potter if Danielle is joking that HP is her true love. ("at least her true love isn't named after a family of fruits!") Friday night is out for all of us, and the rest of the weekend and Tuesday isn't good either. We'll figure something out... we're the Richmond Crew! :D

I've been doing stuff related to CD-burning all day... man, it takes a long time! Maybe I'll actually get to the burning on Nero tomorrow with Corey's help... we'll see. The Cramps, Type O Negative, Iggy Pop / the Stooges and OhGr are cool... but if they all sound scratchy, there's no way for the folders to be copied on my hard drive. Things will work out anyhow... even if I haven't prepped any of the greeting cards I bought yet. (Eric joked at Easter 2005 that I kept the card industry alive with my purchases of greeting cards... I don't THINK so, dude! hahaha...)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I accomplished my goals today! / Quizzes

Went out today and bought actual baptism cards for Thanksgiving or other baptism service occasions.. it's not Easter, and I won't have Thanksgiving cards doubling as baptism cards. I also got a thank-you card for Dave, several birthday cards, stamps, and some blank CD-Rs which Corey is now trying to convince me to use myself instead of getting Nathan to do it. I hope I don't waste their cost by screwing up the burning process from DVD to CD and such... *computer things make my head spin in confusion* I also had Pasta Tuesday at Boston Pizza, where I rediscovered the joy of reading the sports section now that hockey's back in season! Mark Messier and Trent Klatt have retired, Todd Bertuzzi's back, and we sent back a junior player whose name is Matt Violin. (way cool, haha) I also got an email from Steph about a Richmond Crew Hangout... at least I got the email this time! Eric, Nathan, and Danielle have already replied, but Eunice hasn't: those will be good times with siu long bao at Shanghai Wind and videos at someone's place afterwards!

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Corey's drinking list, new sex icon, sex addict blog

For some reason, I like this icon... Image hosted by

My friend Laura found this link: Steve the Sex Addict... Image hosted by

Corey and I have been talking pretty much all day from about 11:15 AM onwards... that's a nice feeling, and I wish I'd had that with a certain someone. But let's not live in the past, haha. We've been talking about eating brains, nonsense songs and DBX, clothing, drinking, my sister not going to my birthday party because of "prior commitments," MSN patches, CD / DVD 50-pack (or 100) spindles, drinking, books, and other things. Good times, indeed. :D

[17:47:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: my friend Eric just asked me how many kegs would make an appearance at my birthday party.
[17:47:33] mrptptpt: how many people? :P
[17:47:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, kegs of alcohol :P
[17:48:01] mrptptpt: how many people do the kegs need to serve?? :P
[17:50:15] mrptptpt: you probably only need one, though...
[17:54:15] mrptptpt: I'm sure you'll go with zero :P

I need to go eat dinner, I'll be back soon
[17:55:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I will go with zero :P Eric says his mysterious "sources" say I have at least 10 and possibly 55 :P
[18:17:29] mrptptpt: 55 kegs... now that's realistic :P
[18:17:48] mrptptpt: I think you should go get a keg :P or have him get you one
[18:30:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, he signed out already.. so can't suggest that :P
[18:30:26] AlenaBrolxFlami: you WOULD think I should get a keg :P
[18:50:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: why on earth would I?
[18:54:53] mrptptpt: why on earth not? nobody is going to drink at all? :P
[19:01:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: not 55 kegs of stuff!
[19:02:39] mrptptpt: get ONE :P
[19:03:05] mrptptpt: you probably don't even need the big kind
[19:05:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, does Red Robin's even HAVE kegs of beer? :P
[19:09:25] mrptptpt: they won't let you bring a keg :P
[19:09:34] mrptptpt: the keg is at your place later or whatever
[19:09:56] mrptptpt: or someone's place :P and people will probably get really drunk and pass out and stay the night and leave when they are sober
[19:10:17] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, there you go :P there ARE no kegs at my place! :P
[19:10:43] mrptptpt: ....
[19:10:59] mrptptpt: you GET a keg :P
[19:23:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: I think maybe I'll limit myself to maybe a beer.
[19:25:52] mrptptpt: it's your birthday! people should be buying you SHOTS.
[19:31:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: at Red Robins?
[19:33:01] mrptptpt: I found my 21st birthday list, by the way.....

White Russian (tame, but as much booze as a beer or more very easily)
Car Bomb (a beer and a shot of Irish Creme... drop the shot in and drink it before it explodes! (it will :P))
Prairie Fire (I don't remember what this is, but it's one that most people are afraid of :P STRONG :P)
3 Wise Men (triple shot... Whiskey, Vodka, and Rum? maybe that's not right... three pretty strong things... maybe Tequila is one of them)
Tequila Shot
Flaming... Fleggm? (getting hard to read here :P this was a flaming shot, I believe)
Red Bull & Vodka... probably to try to perk me up so I could be abused with strong alcohol more
Cement Mixer.. (yep.. that's a strong one :P)
Sean's Nasty Shit... I'm not sure I want to know.... I VAGUELY remember them just mixing stuff together at this point and giving me stuff :P
Blue Shit
RIUPIIU Shit (no idea what the first word is :P )
Brown Shit? I think that's what it says... as you can see I stopped trying to figure out what I was supposed to write down :P
[19:33:22] mrptptpt: all the "shit" ones were probably shots of really strong things :P
[19:33:33] mrptptpt: and you can get shots at Red Robin.. they have a bar
[19:36:45] mrptptpt: Cement Mixer
Your Guide, Kathy Hamlin From Kathy Hamlin,
Your Guide to Cocktails / Beer.
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This is one of the grossest shots there is. The lime juice makes the Irish cream curdle in your mouth. I've seen a few that can handle it, but not many can. Make sure there is no line for the bathroom if you order this for your worst enemy.


* 1 1/4 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
* 3/4 oz. Rose's Lime juice

Chill Bailey's and strain into shot glass. Pour lime juice in another glass. First take the Bailey's in the mouth without swallowing. Follow that with the lime juice and swirl in mouth before swallowing.

[19:37:42] mrptptpt: I handled it as far as I know :P there was plenty of puking, but that was at the end, not during :P
[19:38:29] mrptptpt: Prairie Fire

* 1 oz Tequila
* 2 tsp Tabasco sauce

Mixing instructions:

Pour one shot of tequila into the glass. Add Tabasco to taste
[19:38:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: ... lovely...
[19:39:46] mrptptpt: Three Wise Men

A particularly vile alcoholic shot composed of:

* 1/3 shot Jack Daniels
* 1/3 shot Jim Beam
* 1/3 shot Johnnie Walker
[19:40:24] mrptptpt: Variants abound and may swap or add Jose Cuervo, or Yukon Jack. This does little to improve the taste. It is a 'good' drink to get someone for their birthday, as long as they can't remember who bought them that shot.
[19:40:26] AlenaBrolxFlami: sounds bad to me, yeah :P
[19:42:06] mrptptpt: people are stupid about shots though... none of them are THAT bad :P first, you're already drunk and don't really care much, and you just slam a shot down in like half a second anyway. maybe I'm just good at doing shots, I don't know :P lots of people can't even do a tequila shot without a lime to put in their mouth immediately afterwards...
[19:42:10] mrptptpt: I just... take the shot :P
[19:42:46] mrptptpt: one thing I DO remember from that night was people being amazed at how well I was holding up :P
[19:43:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, let me guess... you practiced beforehand? :P
[19:43:42] mrptptpt: I've had shots before that night....
[19:44:16] mrptptpt: it's not HARD... a shot is a really little glass... just pick it up... tip it back ALL THE WAY, and swallow :P you don't sip that stuff :P way too strong for that
[19:44:36] mrptptpt: too strong for that to be a very enjoyable experience anyway
[19:44:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: ... then I must have done my shot the wrong way at Rasputin that time :P
[19:44:48] mrptptpt: what did you do?
[19:45:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: eh, took it bit by bit..
[19:45:39] mrptptpt: it's a SHOT... think about the name :P it's not a slow knife wound, you get hit with it all at once :P just slam it back and you're done
[19:45:48] mrptptpt: and yes, that's wrong... and you'd look dumb doing that ;)
[19:46:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, well.. no one noticed. haha
[19:46:24] mrptptpt: it's a lot easier to just have it all at once anyway :P
[19:47:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I bet... but maybe some other time, haha
[19:48:20] mrptptpt: well, you're getting shots from me next time I'm there for your birthday :P
[19:48:34] mrptptpt: and you'll do them right too! a line of 6 in a row ;)
[19:48:44] mrptptpt: the whole gun
[19:48:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: ............
[19:49:01] mrptptpt: then you'll fall over and pass out since you probably have a low tolerance :P
[19:49:45] mrptptpt: 6 would be stupid :P a couple during a night would be reasonable enough :P
[19:50:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: that reminds me, I really have to email my sister / Nathan and get them to tell me the name of that Asian red-face gene :P
[19:50:59] mrptptpt: I've been drinking with Asian people :P didn't see that. drunk as hell Asian people...
[19:51:07] mrptptpt: female even! :P
[19:51:58] mrptptpt: the girl did start throwing pieces of bread around the room for some reason towards the end of the night at the height of everyone's drunken idiocy :P
[19:52:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: there you go... drunken idiocy
[19:53:35] mrptptpt: that's the party where we hooked up a computer to the stereo and spent some time getting it working well... so the idea was that me or one of the people that lived there would be the DJs and play different stuff throughout the night, and we ended up just letting the same 13 or so James Brown mp3s play the entire time... from early evening to whatever in the morning :P and had several neighbor complaints about it
[19:54:09] mrptptpt: we all forgot about changing the music :P
[20:00:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: .... haha, sounds like good times...
[20:03:16] mrptptpt: actually, I think the Asian guy was there too :P he just suddenly got all pissed off towards the end of the night and said "fuck this, I'm going HOME"... then got really mad when people tried to stop him (very drunk and possibly leaving in a car? :P) but he lived really close and just walked or something, so he got to leave
[20:03:27] mrptptpt: but I don't remember any instant red faces
[20:05:25] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, you should see my mom... two sips and she's already very red :P
[20:06:12] mrptptpt: well, maybe you guys are just broken or something ;)
[20:07:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: whatever :P
[20:16:30] *** "mrptptpt" signed off at Mon Sep 12 20:16:17 2005.
[20:18:19] *** "mrptptpt" signed on at Mon Sep 12 20:18:12 2005.
[20:20:07] mrptptpt: broken I tell you! like my computer! it just reset on me
[an hour of talk that's not relevant]
[22:18:19] AlenaBrolxFlami: now, if I do happen to do shots on Saturday, you'll know, but I probably won't since I have church the next day :P
[22:19:04] mrptptpt: so go hung over :P it'll be ok ;)
[22:26:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: at church?! you must be insane ;)
[22:26:57] *** "mrptptpt" signed off at Mon Sep 12 22:26:54 2005.
[22:27:02] *** "mrptptpt" signed on at Mon Sep 12 22:26:59 2005.
[22:29:20] mrptptpt: you should have 3 Wise Men shots.. then you can say it was religious drinking if anyone at church says anything about it :P
[22:31:49] AlenaBrolxFlami: from the description you gave me earlier, I'd say I'd be dead if I tried that.
[22:34:59] mrptptpt: you would not :P
[22:35:05] mrptptpt: just drunk
[22:45:24] mrptptpt: you won't be drunk the next day! :P
[22:47:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: hmm... there was the time I consumed wine coolers at someone's Jack + Jill... I was still kinda tipsy the next day...
[22:49:24] mrptptpt: I think most of this is in your head :P
[22:51:04] AlenaBrolxFlami: it is NOT in my head :P even my sister and Eric said so! :P
[22:51:29] mrptptpt: you're all crazy then :P
[22:51:42] AlenaBrolxFlami: you think so?
[22:53:01] mrptptpt: they were probably just teasing you about it
[22:53:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, probably.. but still.. do I really want to do that? :P
[23:03:22] mrptptpt: yes
[23:04:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: ha, says you. :{
[23:05:44] mrptptpt: well, everyone that does a shot dies, so it's probably not safe :P
[23:07:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, there you go.
[23:17:41] mrptptpt: I died like 10 times alone on my birthday I told you about!
[23:19:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, yeah....

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Kegs of alcohol and free-association with the concept of cookies

This is a conversation Eric M. and I just had... I don't think kegs of alcohol will be making an appearance at my party or afterwards, hahaha! The "kegs of alcohol" thing is an old in-joke from a few years back... "if things get really wild or out of control, at least the hospital is across the street.. but you might want to watch the noise levels anyhow!"

[17:13:46] Diven - Canucks pick 10th: how many kegs do you have for saturday?
[17:14:21] Flami: Red Robin's @ Broadway / Oak... be there at 7 on Saturday for MY BIRTHDAY!: Kegs?! This is the Red Robin's!
[17:15:21] Me: ie. NOT a kegger party :P
[17:17:12] Eric: I mean post RR
[17:17:47] Eric: I know you have at least 10... possibly as many as 55.
[17:18:20] Me: .... and how would you know that?!
[17:24:45] Eric: that's what my sources are saying.
[17:26:10] Me: haha.. man, this song is making me hungry for cookies...
[17:26:25] Me: (Cookie Monster's C Is For Cookie)
[17:28:45] Eric: you had a ton of cookies on the ground when I was there on Friday.
[17:28:57] Eric: did you eat all those already?
[17:29:18] Me: hahahahahaha, no
[17:29:39] Eric: or were they fangoriously devoured by a gelatenous monster.
[17:30:01] Eric: cookie.. why hasn't Matt Cooke signed.
[17:30:40] Me: I don't know..
[17:32:41] Eric: so your not going to tell me how many kegs will be making an appearance at your post RR party.
[17:33:58] Me: all I plan for a post-RR party is Dragon Ball... don't know about any kegs.
[17:37:32] Eric: sure, nice front..
[17:37:40] Eric: my sources are very reliable..
[17:38:10] Eric: perhaps you are planning a post-RR post-DB party me thinks.
[17:40:33] Eric: signing out.
[17:40:35] Eric: ttyl
[17:40:57] Me: all right
[17:41:08] *** "Diven - Canucks pick 10th" signed off at Mon Sep 12 17:41:08 2005.

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All Music Shuffle Band Photos Meme

All Music Shuffle Band Photos Meme

Open a music player
Go to 'all music'
Hit shuffle
Find photos of the first 10 18 (in honor of allisoni's new age, I guess is what Amy decided) 20 artists / bands that come up. (no repeats)
Have people guess who the artists / bands are.
Answers provided as you guess.

I'll use Corey's DVD for this... NO CHEATING!


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I want that guy

-To every guy that says "I love you"
-To every guy that opens doors
-To every guy that walks on the outside of a sidewalk so he can be the first to get hit by a car that careens off the road (thereby softening the blow)
-To every guy that cooks dinner for her
-To every guy that said "sex can wait"
-To every guy that said "you're beautiful"
-To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her
-To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick (and even a stuffed animal perhaps)
-To every guy who has given her flowers just because she is feeling a bit depressed
-To every guy that said he would die for her
-To every guy that really would
-To every guy that did what she wanted to do
-To every guy that treated her like a princess
-To every guy that cried in front of her
-To every guy that she cried in front of
-To every guy that holds hands with her
-To every guy that kisses her with meaning
-To every guy that hugs her when she is sad
-To every guy who would give their jacket up
-To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe
-To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to be able to see her for ten minutes
-To every guy that would give his seat up
-To every guy that just wants to cuddle
-To every guy that will just sleep (no sex) with her
-To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what (even if she got fat)
-To every guy who told his secrets to her
-To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath
-To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one
-To every guy that believed in her dreams
-To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them
-To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams
-To every guy that wasn't just trying to get laid
-To every guy that actually listened
-To every guy that gave his heart only to have it shoved back in his face

This one is for you.

If you are a nice guy, repost this with the title "I am this guy."

If you are a girl that wants a guy that would do these things, repost with the title "I want that guy."

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Napping, penis cake, dubious Corey honors, seven things meme

Ah, the oh-so-familiar feeling of "MUST NAP NOW!" that descends upon me when I get home from church on Sundays... sharpened even more by the fact that I deal with kids on Saturdays now too. At least I had a good 2.5-hour nap, although I missed most of Little Steven's Underground Garage. For some reason, Jeremy showed up in my dream about going through a store devoted to both music and books... of course, if my mom knew, she'd say that I *have* to go out with Jeremy. *rolleyes* My brother and I discussed it on the bus heading to Nathan's on the way to Sean's farewell: that's not gonna work, haha. :P

Corey's just said that I was the first person he told about Jane's chocolate boobs / chocolate condoms thing... too bad I was away for like six hours after he sent the message, but I did get it in the end. What a dubious honor, haha. Oh well, I know what she can be like... she linked him to a penis cake on May 1, and said certain things about it that she probably wouldn't have if she didn't like him as more than a friend. ;)

He also said that I would be ultra-cool if I got an iPod for my birthday... somehow, I don't think that's happening. :P Apparently, there's a little cube MP3 player which weighs something like 18 grams, and it's about the size of a sugar cube... those look cool, according to Corey. Best to watch the kiddies around those things... even though we wouldn't hand expensive electronics to little kids, you never know what will happen! Yummy MP3s... especially if they're by Cibo Matto. ;)

Thanks, Jasmine. :P

7 things I plan to do before I die:
* go back to school
* see more of the world (Europe?)
* meet more people like me
* try different types of food than what I'm used to
* be more understanding of my fellow human beings
* read more of the classics and other similar things
* listen to different sorts of music... this DVD is good for an eye-opener!

7 things I can do:
* remember birthdays
* be organized (some would say I'm organized to the point of OCD, hahaha)
* read more than one book at a time
* empathize with people
* express myself with good spelling / grammar
* help people out if needed
* word games

7 things I cannot do:
* dance
* anything other than basic math
* be cool and collected under stress
* understand academic texts
* drive
* sing well
* be consistent in certain life areas

7 things that attract me to other people:
* intelligence
* humor
* a welcoming attitude
* a crazy demeanor (but not TOO crazy, haha)
* good use of spelling / grammar (especially online people)
* an ability to empathize
* music knowledge

7 things that I say most often:
* "Cheh! Aiya!"
* "Yeah, whatever..."
* "Are you sure?"
* "Careful... what are you DOING?!"
* "What's up?"
* "Darn it!"
* "I do NOT *insert action here* and you know it!"

7 celebrity crushes: Don't really have any... but if they have a cute accent and look cool, that'll do it for me. ;)

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Early birthday gifts and hangouts

This morning's car ride to church was a more-or-less pleasant one, as my mom was working full-time today. We saw all these cars parked on an empty field at #4 / Alderbridge, plus radar people and cameras around Knight / 43rd. (Knight / 57th is the WORST TRAFFIC BOTTLENECK EVER on the way home from church!) When we got to church, we saw my second cousin Wilson's mom... we told her that Wilson had met Jon at the airport last week, and that he had a good heart. Of course my sister and I gave Auntie Kwai (Yee-Ma) a hug! (Wilson's not really our second cousin, but it's a Chinese cultural thing :P)

I got into the sanctuary, and Auntie Grace (Dave's mom) gave me some stuff Dave was returning to Nate (it was a DVD of Dawn's, so we said that Dave was getting rid of her things), plus an early birthday gift from him. That was so nice of Dave.. I'll definitely buy him a thank-you card later and send it off, as soon as I make sure that the address I have for him is still current. Michael gave me his copy of the Da Vinci Code to borrow, as well. That reminds me: I should really finish Nathan's Chinese Classical Literature book and give that back to him as well, and buy the last Diana Gabaldon Outlander series book A Breath of Snow and Ashes when it comes out on the 27th (plus Matthew Good's newest album In A Coma)... I have more time to read and such now that I've left RQ, and am not frantically refreshing my friends pages every half hour that I'm at the computer... although it does tend to affect my friendsfriends pages. ;) Then I talked to Jeff and Anita about late-night work and cruises.

Afterwards, Vivian gave me a birthday present from her and her sister Karen: that's very nice of them! We'll certainly miss Vivian when she goes to France for seven months! Eric said that I should keep the communication lines open: he tried calling me yesterday at 6:30 about the worship thing last night... I wouldn't have been home anyhow because of Awana! But it's nice that he thought of me, heh. (I heard they left at 10:45 or 11 because people took forever to pack up, and then they went to Richmond Sushi!) I talked to Jeremy for a bit and got his email address so I could email him the details of the birthday party, although if his email practices are "read quickly and store somewhere so I forget about it till way later," I don't think I'll have any luck. (haha) I invited Sheena, Jen, Andrea, Chalaine, Sam, and Silvester to the party: I really should get everyone's email addresses, hahaha. Eunice thought the party was tonight and told me she couldn't make it: good thing for her that it's on Saturday! (actually, I have Sam's email address... it's just not in my address book or written down somewhere) Erin complained that everyone bailed on her Grouse Grind thing, but I think she got Jeremy to go with her. Steph's kinda co-teaching / helping out with Daniel's Gr. 11 / 12 Sunday School class... that should be interesting with everyone texting each other about stuff, haha.

Later, Eric almost forgot that Steph and I needed a ride home from church otherwise we'd be stranded. Good thing Nathan flagged him down at the 7-11! Steph's hanging out with Vanessa later while Vanessa studies / does her homework (Steph's ditching Eunice's rollerblading plans), then going to dinner at White Spot with her and Patrick. We should really hang out and do the siu long bao thing again sometime, since it's been so long! It'll be all the Richmond people plus Nathan and whoever rides in his car... oh, and we mustn't forget Citrus, haha. Eric said they had 12 steamers last time, so maybe they'd go for more... that depends on the number of people we have, of course.

I spent the ride home being kinda incoherent / deranged / crazy (but Eric and Steph are used to it, hehehe)... my own sister isn't going to my birthday thing since she has other committments: some Timothy floodlight worship service thing. (she refuses to feel guilty about it... cheh! :P I guess that means that I don't have to feel guilty about anything either, then!) Her Saturday nights are booked now, and she won't have a committee meeting on the hockey season opener night: Canucks training camp starts tomorrow! I'll get back to my mom about a possible family lunch on Saturday after I figure out Saturday rides with Sam... I *knew* I forgot to ask him something today! Ah well, plenty of time for it later. ;)

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Etymology info, superhero profile

For a TON of etymology info, go here. It's like a huge cyber Christmas stocking full of etymology and lore for various phrases and words.

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Sergeant Torch

Your Superpower is Telekinesis

Your Weakness is Body odors

Your Weapon is Your Secret Decoder Axe

Your Mode of Transportation is Capsule

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