Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rodney's Oyster House and Carver's Steakhouse sound good... / No Shipwreck!

Henry picked me up at the usual time, and we talked about our plans for the week / Valentine's Day / his birthday. Carmen's apparently a meat-and-potatoes girl, which is good if he plans to cook that sort of stuff for dinner at his house come Monday night! He likes steak and ribs... really, all sorts of food! When he asked about my food preferences, I wasn't very helpful in answering that I liked a lot of food too. He thought maybe a restaurant would be easier for his birthday, like all-you-can-eat sushi / C Restaurant / Earl's / Rodney's Oyster House / Carver's Steakhouse. I reminded him (by way of the Sean C. experience at Romano's Macaroni Grill - $40 a person?!) to keep in mind the prices for various things.

When we got to church, I said hi to Chrystal / Golden / Mike / Grace / Alan / Sabrina while we made sure the kids signed in. I got Daniel to help me write "Happy Birthday, Grandma" on Grandma's birthday card - he actually had to do it twice since he put it in the wrong place the first time! Stanley asked me and Chrystal about coloring sheets for a picky Aaron, Daniel held up a Scrunchie from the Awana store and asked what it was called, Chrystal said that having my friend stay was good as far as cooking (pancakes) and computer help went (especially after last night), Jordan got his fingers injured because a skateboard ran over them, and Golden wondered about the rocks glued to green construction paper! (turned out to be Thomas' paper - Mike got all geeky about the types of rock, until he figured he'd need a book for it) I offered Chrystal a chocolate heart, and she said she always misses the post-holiday sales because the good stuff is all gone within a day or so! We saw a box of Kirkland cookies on the table, so I thought it was for later - I managed to take one before Auntie Vivian said it was actually for something else, and it was her fault for leaving it out. Joshua asked me where I got my cookie, haha. I saw Hannah and Michelle Lee hiding under one of the tables because they didn't want to play Shipwreck, heh.

After I told Sean L. - with new glasses - that we were going home (he doesn't care if I called him "honey"), he made a beeline for the door, so his dad had to remind him about his handbook and jacket! He was asking me interesting questions on the way home: "What's the smallest thing you ever saw? What's the first car you ever saw? Would you rather die in the bathtub or in bed? Do you like onions? Why does your brother like really smelly stuff? [this after I told him that durian was the worst thing I've tasted, and that my brother liked it] Can you eat gasoline? Did you know about the biggest well? Are the Guinness and Ripley's books good?" (I should let him borrow my old ones, hahaha!) Ian merely wanted to know about the ages of the family cars, which I guess is fair enough! Sean also told me to go to Magic Treehouse if I wanted to know who died on May 2 in the sixteenth century sometime - apparently, this guy had a really long last name which is impossible to pronounce! At home, Teunis and I discussed MalwareBytes / critical updates / laptop bags / being more mobile on Tuesday / fried oyster mushrooms / pagan music. Discovered that I can't have Gmail Notifier on this computer since it was only for Windows XP and such... *sigh*

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Using Chinese Eric's laptop gift for good now? / Dark Element

A while after I got home, my desktop froze and quit working, so I had to restart it. When I did, Teunis got kicked offline (though that was presumably unrelated) - cue a night of frustration and such involving (dodgy) network cables / a weird network connection / unplugged cables / using Chinese Eric's laptop / Safari / iTunes / screensaver passwords / virus and spyware scans / Facebook putting viruses in ads / reading / interruptions because he was in a talky mood / having $2000-$3000 worth of software / Adobe Acrobat Pro enabling me to read (and make!) PDF files, Alcohol 120% being a DVD burner program. Finally, I just went to sleep past 3 AM - unlike what I told Eric on the way home, I did NOT take a sleeping pill. Maybe tonight, who knows.

Right now, I'm using IE on the laptop since I want to catch up on stuff before I leave - I'll install Firefox / Trillian when I get home, and hopefully it works better! I've noticed that Rob Fillo unfriended me on FB, but that's okay as I'm certainly not a musician person. At least now I know how to right-click on a laptop (use the buttons beneath the touchpad), but I still prefer a mouse... maybe I'll get one.

Your Dark Element is Water

You are a peaceful and solitary person. You truly enjoy spending time alone.

You take time for reflection and contemplation. You savor philosophical introspection.

You have a private side to you, and you don't let others in easily.

You can be stoic and overly serious. You're not the type of person who wants to lighten up.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally getting to rant again is a GOOD thing!

Eric picked me up at the absurdly early time of 5:15, and bugged me about "finally making an appearance"... how annoying! I used the drive over to rant about all manner of stuff (Randal's email / Dylan sending me stuff about CURLING and other things I'm not interested in), which I have actually missed! He wondered whether I found Martin and Gloria objectionable, why I had beefs with Vivian and Christon (HE KNOWS WHY NOW!), and listened to me rant while we watched stupid jabronies cause traffic accidents by walking in the middle of the road in the extreme rain / park awkwardly on a corner. By the time Dylan called Eric to remind him about the food, WE HAD ALREADY PICKED IT UP TWO BLOCKS FROM MY PLACE! Of course, Eric bugged me about being drunk already... *rolleyes*

When we got to church, I helped Eric with his knapsack while he got the guitar and food. I was concerned that people might just take the box of food from the kitchen, so Eric just put it by me on the stage so I could watch it... good man! Quan and Joyce said the sushi from Sushiholic was normal, which is good to hear. Vania offered us some Smartfood (white cheddar popcorn), which I hadn't had in quite a while for some reason! Said hi to Christon and Dylan as well - later, Eric termed this "awkward," but I didn't think so. Deb and Jen came in later to help with the food, so I went upstairs a bit afterwards when I was tired of listening to worship practice. On my way to the room, I said hi to Eric T. and Victor - always good seeing them! Talked to Alan, Tracy, Connie, Kevin (who thought he hadn't seen me in a while) Harmony (who gave me all the greeting cards - I'll get Daniel or someone to write "Happy Birthday" in Chinese on Grandma's), Jose, Wesley (I gave him the McDonalds coupons - he'd wondered what happened to me on Sunday), and Vivian about (not) waiting for people when you made the effort to be on time, Chinese New Year cards (Tracy said the rabbit one was cute), shopping at Superstore / Wal-Mart (especially on the weekends), drinks, whether the homemade spaghetti from Deb's sister-in-law was done yet, and various other subjects. (Raymond was there, but of course I didn't talk to him - I just concentrated my energy on the food and saving a seat for Eric!)

The meeting itself was all right - we spent some time making fun of Jose (in love!) because he wanted to spend THREE WEEKS A MONTH on Bible Study (when it turns out the trimmed-down budget only allows for one set of materials), and have joint worship with the Daniel Fellowship. Dylan finally had to ask the group to stop being so sarcastic (but it was GOOD humor!), and I note Eric included a "if people were hurt tonight" comment in his closing prayer - which, as always, included "Lord God" every five to ten words. A bit of overkill, personally, but whatever...

Eric enabled my "let's get out of here NOW!" mentality by asking if I wanted the leftover spaghetti / sweet and sour ribs - sure! We could have taken the elevator to the parkade, but we walked downstairs to the first floor - not too much of a problem, heh. On the way home, I was way less ranty than I'd been on the way over, and we just talked about whether Teunis would eat the spaghetti (I thought so) and Mr. Creep being my "friend" - NO!!!!!!!! At home, I put the stuff in the fridge and then talked to Teunis about gaming / the spaghetti (which he DID eat) / computer issues.

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TWO early days this weekend?! / MARTINIS!

Got up and called Eric within ten minutes or so while Teunis was doing tech support over Skype - now, THAT sounds annoying! Eric has to be at worship practice (ANOTHER early week?!), but also pick up the food for tonight's dinner... I guess 5:15 works, if I *have* to be there. Good thing I have books to read! I'm actually amused by Teunis thinking sometimes that I'm talking to him when I'm on the phone, even if he doesn't always hear the start of conversations and such! Hehe... so silly!

Vania replied to Randal's email about getting together for Valentine's Day - thank GOODNESS that I'm busy that night anyhow! Not that I'd go if I weren't, but yeah... saving grace! HAHAHAHA! This entry is at 2:11 on 2/11 - gotta love those coincidences!

You Are Easygoing

You are a friendly, flexible, and fearless person. Bottom line? You're up for anything.

You are the life of the party, and you love getting people together. You are very outgoing.

You have to be free to do your own thing. You can't stand too many rules and regulations.

You're not easily offended, but it will offend you if someone tells you how to live your life!

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Ghee pancakes, mango body lotion, wasabi peas, Egypt, and LARD talk!

While I was having ghee pancakes, Christine Bennett buzzed me on FB chat to see how it was going - she'd finished HELL'S KITCHEN, which I guess is a good thing! Decided to go out to return that FREEMAN'S shea butter-lemongrass body lotion, and got Triple Lanolin mango lotion (smaller size!) and Dan-D-Pak wasabi peas while I was at London Drugs. Got home and took a shower before updating myself about Egypt, then called Steph to tell her that I was more real than she was! HAHAHAHAHA! I also updated her on Chinese Eric and his health issues / Nathan and Citrus going to see Nate's girlfriend! Later, Teunis and I talked about honeymoons, mead, beer, Egypt, and more. I FINALLY FINISHED EDITING THINGS THIS TIME, TOO! BACK TO DUNGEONS AND SPACE ADVENTURES!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Word Facts for Feb. 5-11, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Feb. 5-6, 2011: dollar - In the mid-sixteenth century, a German silver coin called the Joachimsthaler - mined, that is, in the valley (thal) of Joachim - came into wide circulation throughout Europe. By 1600, English speakers were calling the coin the "dollar," pronouncing it as the Dutch did. The coin never became formal currency in England, but the term was adopted in many English-speaking counties including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Word origin for Feb. 7, 2011: nudnik - The Polish word nuda is related to the French word ennui, meaning a kind of spiritually crushing boredom. Yiddish speakers borrowed the Polish word, added the agentive suffix -nik to it, and named a particular kind of person, the one who will bore you to tears without ever realizing that he or she is doing so.

Word origin for Feb. 8, 2011: fulsome - If someone offers you "fulsome" praise, be prepared to hear a shoe drop somewhere. The word, almost always paired with words such as "praise" and "compliments," means "overly abundant to the point that the generosity is suspect." Some writers in the past used the word simply as a synonym for "copious," but the modern sense is rarely anything but negative.

Word origin for Feb. 9, 2011: public enemy number one - In 1934, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a list of the top-ten most wanted criminals in the United States. At the top of the list was a photograph and description of the bank robber John Dillinger, headed with the slogan "public enemy number one." The law-enforcement phrase soon came into general use, usually ironically or as a bit of political mudslinging to brand an opponent as the bad guy.

Word origin for Feb. 10, 2011: trichologist - Many people visit "trichologists" without ever knowing so - "trichologist" being a mock-scientific term for a hairdresser, from the Greek trichos, meaning "hair." The word underlies the much more fearful term "trichinosis," a potentially fatal disease spread by trichina, tiny parasitic worms named because of their resemblance to hair.

Word origin for Feb. 11, 2011: zit - This slang term for an acne pimple is of decidedly unknown origin, but dictionaries credit U.S. teen slang from the 1960s. One guess is that it comes from a slurred version of the question "What is it?" The word was first applied to things such as lint ("What's that 'zit' on your coat?") before making it to an unfortunate teenager's face.

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Dream about high-maintenance strangers falling into a hole / COOKIES!

I had a weird dream which at first involved my working at a telephone company, making a bunch of calls. When we got our checks, I had $59,015 on a yellow cheque while Tim (lackofendorphin) had $150,023 on a really red and green cheque! When my mom saw these, she immediately compared the amount; she scolded me for not working as hard, even though Tim and I both told her that we DID work the same hours and such! I was off to join white Eric and some others for a sunny day in the park after I picked up some blue-and-white stamps, anyhow! He picked me up, and warned me that we'd have to pick a stranger up as well - I was okay with that since he'd said something about it. When we did pick this person up, she said that she liked wearing white to accentuate her blonde hair - we could tell from her outfit! After a while, this person also proved to be high-maintenance, wanting Eric to turn down the heat in the car when there was this wonderful invention called THE WINDOW which she could adjust to suit her needs!

Ignoring her since it was also rather sunny outside, I asked Eric how he happened to have the car, knowing that his dad also wanted it. He said that Ron had picked the car up to run errands, then driven it back to where it was originally! We couldn't really ignore our passenger anymore when she made her way to the front seat - we warned her that she'd cause an accident, but she wanted us to KNOW she wouldn't be frozen out of any conversation! Eventually, we stopped at a traffic light; she threw a royal fit, telling us that she wouldn't be in the car any longer. True to her word, she opened her door and left - after some shocked moments, Eric also left the car to see where she went!

I was worried since the light WOULD change at some point; just when I was about to yell out the window for him to come back (I didn't care about HER), he came back... just in time to avoid a lecture from Citrus on duty! We noticed a huge hole in the road up ahead; Randal and others were busy trying to erect barriers around it so people wouldn't fall in. Apparently, it was too late - our erstwhile passenger, David Wong, James and Sanne's kids Jenna and Saskia, Fidela, and others had already fallen in. I was most concerned about the kids and Fidela, but they seemed to be okay once we'd rescued them! David Wong said that he was a liar and didn't deserve any stamps I gave him! No idea why I had that dream... CRAZY STUFF! When I got up, I discovered that New Jersey / North Dakota / Sports Chek had all tried to call me... THIS IS WHY I TURN MY PHONE OFF! Flora L. also added me to Facebook, finally - YES! Hahahaha! She apparently shares my sister and Natalie's birthday - NICE! *thumbs up*

You Should Bake Frosted Cookies

You are a colorful and creative person. You can't help but put your personal touch on everything.

For you, almost anything can be a form of artistic expression. You love to make things.

You can be a bit theatrical and dramatic, but only in a good way. You get so bored with the ordinary.

You are warmhearted and friendly. You are always looking to spice up your circle of friends, and you'll welcome almost anyone new into your life.

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Wrong size body lotion! / Tea tree oil shampoo / Mormons / Condiments

Went out shopping to London Drugs - I knew I got the wrong size body lotion! Got York peppermint patties (which I haven't had in a long time - gotta replace the Holiday Bites which I'll give to Nina / Emily / Gerard), tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner which was $1 cheaper than Save-On (Itamar), shea butter / lemongrass FREEMAN body lotion (400 mL - since I didn't use up all 400 mL of the green apple body lotion, I'll return that for the smaller Triple Lanolin mango one I saw), nectarine and white ginger Dove body wash (on sale - I needed one), and a new Pyrex glass bowl. Hien thinks I don't use enough body lotion, hahaha! Decided to do some laundry after taking advantage of certain things, as well. Candy bugged me on FB chat to say she overworked herself - poor woman, if she can't sleep since she was up since 5 AM and it was then 1:20 AM her time! Then she tried to call me, but she was FOILED by my laundry!

Teunis and I talked about playing giants as characters (resemblance?), my relative tall height (to what? a midget?!), Lisa, the portable closet, clothing, Jordan, swimming, Minoru Pool, health issues, Mormon missionaries / language learning, finding a place, and more. Also talked about Mandarin / Cantonese, testing, bureaucrats, farmers, Chinese history, agriculture, dust allergies, hangers, WOW, computer monitors, TV, Terry Pratchett quotes, a Boise woman who poured mayonnaise / maple syrup / ketchup / corn syrup into the Ada county library book drop, and such things.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pissing Jen off with crab shells in a dream / God is in the bathroom!

I had a weird dream which involved a bunch of us being invited to Deb and Dylan's treetop retreat; someone brought HUGE lobsters and crabs along, so we all had fun with the yellow drippings! Jen was pissed off because we just put the shells anywhere and everywhere (including the blue recycling box) - Deb and Dylan didn't seem to mind, we snarkily told her. (gotta love trying to annoy people on purpose!) Deb tried to give me a card with flowers on the front (like the one Vernon gave me a long time ago after Daniel camp) when I obviously couldn't take it since I was messily eating crab at the time! Eric M. then said that "God is in the bathroom" and was watching us eat - we joked about spirits for a bit. Then we went into the house - for some reason, Cindy's mom was there. She kept insisting that Mark's last name was Li (it's Ho), and personalizing things with that name. Jon went to Cindy's room, where she and Dianne were playing computer games... we attempted to convince them to watch a LONG hockey highlights video from a big game last year, but they wouldn't. I woke up a bit later... not sure why I had the dream, but I did eat crab or lobster recently, and the anniversary of the Olympics is coming up on Saturday! (and I'm thinking of annoying Jen on purpose... or not, muhahaha!)

Teunis made pancakes for breakfast - he was waiting for me to get up so he could do that, which was nice. We discussed advertising, marketing, brands, radio shows on marketing, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, mood, WOW, ghee, butter, fire oil, and more. Maybe I'll go out later...

You Are a Panda

People often misunderstand you. There's a lot more going on under that cute surface of yours.

You are a very balanced creature. You are both vulnerable and emotionally strong.

You have a taste for the exotic. You often are daydreaming of far away lands.

You think it's good to get outside your comfort zone and change your perspective.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

At least Chinese Eric sounds good! / Pyrex bowls and body lotion / Ancient Rome

Noticed that Bobby Singh finally unfriended me from Facebook - good thing, because his chat messages were getting weird! Chris Lam also deleted his account, I see. While going through my list, I also noticed that Hayden unfriended me as well - not that I talked to him at all, hahaha. Then again, Josh D. just added me to Facebook - good times at Palmer, heh.

Briefly called Chinese Eric since he still has one of my bowls, which I normally wouldn't care about except that we're running out of big ones over here! He's been resting and going to doctors' appointments - at least he spent some time with his grandma on Chinese New Year, and got a red pocket! Told him about the AGM on Friday when he asked about Jon and SERVANTS - of course I'll keep him posted! Always good talking to him, hahaha... any hangout that doesn't involve throwing up is a definite improvement, I say! I'll probably buy another Pyrex bowl from London Drugs at some point in the next couple of days! (plus some new body lotion, since the green apple one that Chrystal bought me from Shoppers Drug Mart MAY have separated ingredients!) Teunis and I discussed Earth's age / Easter Island / ancient Rome / China / civilizations / agriculture, DRAGON AGE 2 (not surprised that Kaili's pre-ordered it), family celebrations / laughter, the beginnings of beer, millet, sourdough, bok choy, green onions, Nong Shim Korean noodles, his DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS characters, and more.

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Hien's cut cucumbers, odd tattoos, sex / drugs / rock & roll, names

Turns out that Teunis was awakened by a Skype call after only a few hours of sleep; he leaves it on in case someone important calls, which I can't blame him for considering the past couple of weeks with all the illness / death happening! As long as he'll be able to sleep tonight, I suppose - he can't really nap! We discussed eggs, trying the egg replacer first, jelly cups, Scott / Alicia / Vietnam, Hien's cut cucumber dilemma (he says water won't help TOO much since cucumbers won't keep for long if they're cut!), weird tattoo stories, ambulance sirens, and sourdough pancakes.

You Are Rock n' Roll

For as long as you can remember, you've been a bit of a rebel and a loner.

You like to do things your own way, and you're quite productive when left to your own devices.

You are talented, but misunderstood. People tell you that you have so much potential, but they don't know that you're using it.

If you ever become famous, people will call you an "overnight success." No one understands the work you do!

Which Name A-Z Survey from

Alexander or Alexis? - Alexander.
Brianne or Billy? - Billy.
Celeste or Courtney? - Celeste.
Danielle or David? - Danielle.
Elizabeth or Ella? - Elizabeth.
Frank or Florence? - Frank.
Gabriella or Gina? - Gina.
Haylee or Homer? - Hailey, spelled normally.
Izabella or Ichigo? - Isabella, spelled normally.
Jasmine or Jake? - Jake.
Kendra or Karly? - Kendra.
Lilly or Lionel? - Lily, spelled normally.
Marley or Matthew? - Matthew.
Nick or Nathan? - Nick.
Olivia or Ophelia? - Olivia.
Phoenix or Paul? - Paul.
Queeny or Qastar? - Queenie, spelled normally.
Ronald or Rosalie? - Rosalie.
Sarah or Samuel? - Sarah.
Tiffany or Timothy? - Tiffany.
Ulga or Ursuala? - Ursula, spelled normally.
Vicky or Valentine? - Vicky.
William or Wendi? - Wendi.
Xavier or Xander? - Xavier.
Yolanda or Y'vonne? - Yvonne, spelled normally.
Zarla, or Zena? - Zena.

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Midwinter music and egg replacer!

When Teunis got up, we discussed egg replacer / LEEN GOH / brown sugar / being in the mood for WOW / sleep / hit points / walking to the store and back / no dance class / Something Happens (a surreal webcomic). We also talked about eggs / a radio show on EXODUS (interesting symbolism!) / Scientology (DANGER!) / Middle Eastern Agar Agar (rose-flavored gelatin candy thing?) / Orangina / a radio series on Darkness of Pagan mid-winter Christmas music. (some of it was actually interesting, or reminded me of medieval structure - WE THREE KINGS was on it, though...) I had to unfriend Candace (xxcandypantsxx) and Alan C. from Facebook because the former seems to think that people who don't like GLEE should shut up (at least I'm not a 30-year-old with the taste of a tween!), and the latter is just annoying in general.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Brown arm staining disease with Sean and Sam / Jappie Meme

I dreamed that I was in a Wal-Mart elevator with red socks, some McDonalds food in a paper bag, and some homemade holiday cards that Sheena gave me. (she'd cut out Chinese characters in paper - VERY impressive!) This white couple came into the elevator from the clothing department, and warned me not to steal anything. I assured them that I wouldn't, then left the elevator to join my friends in the hospital, meeting Teunis on the way - he told me that he was sick of Kaili and her laptop after only ten minutes! Frances and Sophia wished me an easy birth, as I was due to give birth to Sean C. any day (WTF?) - the day of Feb. 2 passed uneventfully, and then the baby was born that night, with Uncle Andrew (his real-life dad) in attendance as a doctor when he's a real-life dentist. Fast-forward sixteen years or so, where Sean was on a Whistler retreat with Sam and others, looking really buff. The friends developed a disease which started with brown stains up their arms... even the girls got it! There was a cure for it, so everyone took advantage of the healing pools post-haste before making the trip back down to rejoin everyone else in town! No idea why I had that one, although Sheena's birthday is coming up soon!

You Are Chic

You've always been naturally glamourous. You don't have to work to be chic.

You have an eye for fashion, style, and even sometimes gadgets... if they're sleek enough.

You aren't superficial. You just enjoy rockin' your own amazing personal look.

You're so into everything chic that you do end up being a bit of a geek about it!

Got this "JAPPIES MEME" tagging picture from one of Jessica G.'s friends:

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl / Chinese New Year dinner - "I sorry... I don't know English!"

Steph and Lisa picked us up - Lisa's family are Green Bay Packers fans, and that's fine with me since Ben Roethlisberger is on the Pittsburgh Steelers! Teunis and I both admit to not knowing much about football, but he did have some good stories to tell about Surrey / X-Men / Will Smith / the BC Lions in general! Mom said that she couldn't pronounce "Teunis," but she did it while saying that! It was cute hearing Grandma tell him "I sorry - I don't know English," haha. She even told me to let him "sit down" (in English) when he had a perfectly good seat for his netbook - Steph got both our parents to look at it, too. We had chips, cookies, and Chinese New Year treats while translating various things for Teunis and Lisa: "How are you, Grandma?" "You can see me, so I'm good!" Hahahaha!

The Super Bowl ended up being background noise as Lisa looked at Steph's baby / childhood pictures, among other things. Jon said that Eric was coming for dinner, so that was good too. Discussed ribs, Chinese desserts (LEEN GOH), football plays, fish, gnocchi, booze cake, oranges, toilet paper / Kleenex, composting, the Fellowship retreat, Micah crying at the right time in Ivan's prayer when he mentioned new babies this morning, Communion servers, Tim / Maxine (her pregnancy) / Joshua / Keenan, Dutch names, Phil preaching today, and Deb's suggestion of Ginger and Garlic for the AGM on Friday. We also talked about uploading some dishes pictures to Facebook, making my face match my red sweater and hat, lucky money, measuring people's butts, movie sets, when Steph's birthday dinner will be (Valentine's Day night at Master Hong's?!), living in Surrey, Dave Wong, French Press coffee / TERRIBLE beer, cheap Valentine's Day candy on Feb. 15, GLEE, Michael Jackson, THRILLER, zombies, commercials, Android software, funny jokes about NFL players being spokespeople for domestic violence (it's sad that those are funny), Nate / REN & STIMPY / Bruce Lee, Reggie White, my mom's cat-eating story (she also ate dog once?), and more. My mom dragged me into the kitchen to ask if I had any "designs" on Teunis, and to reiterate that "friendship can be more INTENSE!" *rolleyes* (she also asked if I'd talked to the dead fish in the sink yet...) Jon and Harmony drove us home - once there, we talked about radio shows / WOW / orange meringue pie / money / laundry.

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Going to the townhouse early?! I NEED TO SURVIVE!

Teunis couldn't get back to sleep after meeting Krista and Os, so he got some coffee and gaming time in - hopefully, that made him a bit more awake! I called Eric a bit later to apologize via voicemail message, then called Jon at 1 to make sure he hadn't brought the cinnamon - of course, he wondered where I'd been today, especially since Eric was really late to service! He'll bring it tonight, which is fine. Steph called at 2:30 to see whether it was okay if she and Lisa picked us up before the Super Bowl kickoff (3:15?) - I suppose so, if Teunis has enough time to take a shower! Of course he can bring his laptop - I'll bring books and such since football is INCREDIBLY BORING!

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Alarm accidents! / Love Word

I accidentally set my alarm for 8 PM instead of 8 AM; oops! Got up at 10 and wondered what time it was... then noticed that poor Eric had tried calling me twice. Decided to try for more sleep, but that didn't really work. Once I'd sufficiently awakened and suchlike, I left a message on his phone to tell him about the alarm thing. Teunis had somehow awakened as well, and said that Krista was coming by to exchange a book for a sword in his car - hahahaha, nice! At first, I thought he said she was coming OVER, so "WHAT?!" was the first thing out of my mouth! He'd TRIED to sleep - boy, I know how that is! While he's outside, he'll bring the other monitor in before going back to sleep - I bet that three hours of sleep isn't enough!

Your Love Word is "Devotion"

For you, love is a doing word. You prove your love with the actions you take every day.

You are loyal and true to whoever you're in a relationship with. You don't give up unless things are absolutely hopeless.

You don't love easily or quickly. You only will fall for someone you truly and completely adore.

Once you love, you love intensely. You take love very seriously.

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NO MORE QUESTIONS! / Noodles / Death

At 3:45, I called Henry to see whether he was coming to pick me up or not - he totally forgot to tell me that he was going to the Children's Hospital gala instead, and was very sorry! Since my mom had called me earlier (again?!), I decided to see what she wanted - NO, I AM NOT AT CHURCH! JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION! Apparently, Grandma forgot that I went to see her safety deposit box with her - no, she didn't take a gold statue! I would have liked it if Mom hadn't insisted on giving me extraneous information, because I had to call Auntie Rebecca (yay for cellphone numbers!) to let HER know that I wasn't coming to Awana / the Chinese New Year fun fair! Thank goodness Auntie Rebecca said she'd tell Auntie Vivian, and was understanding!

Teunis got up later than he should have for gaming night (12 hours of sleep?!), but had noodles and such before he left for Scott and Alicia's for the last game night hosted over there. Said to wake him tomorrow if he wasn't up by the time I got back - haha, good thing for him that I have a Committee Meeting! I still hate weekend meetings, though! NEVER AGAIN! When he got home at around midnight, we talked about shitty circumstances (TOO MUCH DEATH!) / Andrew / Jordan / Calgary / Linda Leung / other things.

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