Saturday, September 06, 2008

Penis euphemisms! / Badly-named July 2008 babies

A page FULL of penis euphemisms!

HAHAHAHA. I just had to laugh at a lot of these! Found a link to this page while browsing old threads on the bad baby names forum. I also saw references to these badly named July 2008 babies.

Brynlee Jane (brother Jett)
Cheyenne Elizabeth
Vivian Lucas (not sure what is with the middle name Lucas on a girl)
Kayli-Ann Summer
Rylee Grace, Rylie Jo (YAWN)
Blair Elaine
Stephani Jo (so close)
Aslynn Grace
Mercedez (siblings Ashlyn and Siena)
Kayci Devani
Taryn Rylee
Lyndia Syphria
Abby Suzanne (Abigail Suzanne would have been nice...)
Eraleigh Rae (lucky brother Benjamin)
Marley Charlotte, Marley Nora
Jaycie Keelan Sue (brother Braeden)
Kayten Noelle
Jaena MayeAnn (sister Keara)
America Marie
Luna Sage
Erykah Annaliese
Phelan Joyce (all I see is felon)
Irelynn Arianna (lucky sibling Isabella)
Phoenix Crimson (wow...)
Aizlynne Jean

Zackary Kenneth (so close, yet so far)
Rhylen Karter
Rylan Stoney (siblings Branden, Brysen, Harley, Cayden, and Dylan)
Cannon David
Krew Sage
Laken Billy-Wayne (eugh... and somewhat better named sibs Marissa, Landon, and Xavier)
Lex Matthew
Lynden James (siblings Nolan and Aden)
Colson Cliff-Daniel
Braylon Wayne
Kender Allyn (siblings Brenden, Tamara, Caitlin, Liam, and Jarod)
Mavryk Levi (brother Garryt Mark)

YIKES. What's a name nerd to do? This is about the names only, and NOT the actual kids!

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HELP ME while I wash the dishes, you fools!

Bingos of the day so far:

WOUNDING (63 points) - against Carol Griffith
TRIBUNAL (210 points) - against Allie M.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

PREZ (120 points) - against Michael M. [4W, 2W]
TRIBUNAL (210 points; two 4W, bingo), ANNOYED (208 points; two 4W) - against Allie M.
BIGEYES (208 points) - against Billie E. [two 4W]
ALIBI (128 points) - against Siobhan P. [two 4W]

I had a dream that seemed to involve my continually washing dishes at the sink while a parade of people went in and out of my apartment: Christon in a blue ski jacket (and coming home early since it got boring), Karen and Melia (who finally helped me at the end), Daniel, Tony (who had to contend with computer restarts while playing some video game that kinda looked like FINAL FANTASY), and others. For some reason, I was resentful toward Tony for taking up all my computer time, especially since all I could see were character stats for winged sprites. In real life, I would NEVER feel that way - and Tony certainly isn't someone else! Not sure why I had the dream, although I did talk to all these people (except Karen) at some point yesterday. At least it isn't like the dream Sam had in Hong Kong about Mike and Sarah getting married in Colorado, and his trying to get Pastor Edward to give him a ride home after he and Mike made up a fight! (then the next night, he dreamed that Chung Yan was fighting with him!)

HAHAHAHA! I just saw a Craigslist ad from someone who claims he "needs hip-hop to breathe." Your preferences are your own, of course... but that ain't quite MY style, dawg. ;)

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Do the mime with boobs again, Ivan!

Tonight's BBQ was pretty cool. Eric picked me up early, and I wished him a happy birthday. We spent most of the ride discussing my creative hearing ("friends" for "family") / typing ("McAgree" for "McAfee"), fans and heat, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA (not my thing!), bad driving, shiny new digicams, avoidance, and it being MY fault that the bridge traffic was backed up. Got to church and talked to a few people (Jen, Karen and a friend, Auntie Beatrice, Pastor John, Mike K., Phil, Grace, Dylan, Emily and her friends, Danielle and her cousins) before things REALLY heated up - Christon and Jon were comparing various lists and tweaking them. (people were surprised that there were seating arrangements, and Jon wanted to see how many people would be at Daniel next year) Ivan, Sam, and Joey discussed a transgender teacher that Jon had known "when he was a man" - Sam was fine with "she" and "her," and said that this teacher was actually quite open! ("He used to be known as Lawrence, but is now Francesca... Asian Studies has different chicks!") Had salad, pasta salad with capers, pickles, salmon / chicken / beef burgers, smokies, bread, and more for dinner. Jeremy wasn't there (Jon later said that his parents are in town), so I'll ask him that question at turducken night tomorrow instead!

Joey said that driving Melia's van was interesting, and he had to use the fob thing to get inside the parking garage, haha. Asked Andrea about Facebook - turns out that she deactivated her account earlier in the year. Christon told Sarah about the interesting Night Market finds, a bunch of people were still playing Charades for a long time after the games ended, and Ivan's mime for "housewife" was the BEST! (he was cooking, then cleaning, then motioning like he had boobs - due to our dinner discussion, we thought he meant a transgendered person!) Raymond and I discussed Wordscraper, and I told him how to swap tiles: seems he thought we'd just switch tiles by pressing the appropriate button! Hahaha, no... would be interesting if it actually happened, however! (STANDARD BOARD next time - but this is the closest game it's ever been!) Too bad he can't make it tomorrow because of the Benjamin sleepover and famine later... Tony is bringing his brother, though. I told Stanley that Facebook was going to force everyone to use the new layout, which he called ugly - he can't find anything! (Eric says it switched on him while he was viewing someone's profile page)

After I casually mentioned to Emily that it was White Guy's birthday, we all sang it for him when we got him out of the kitchen! Deb didn't know Jon and I were siblings, heh - we should totally get together for Timothy's frozen yogurt sometime! Discussed Steph with Darren and Cindy - her updates are sweet, man. (I heard later that there's some Tuesday dinner with salmon, and that Steph's coming home in early October for a weekend) Learned that John and Sharon are expecting their first child, yay! Discussed turducken, Nathan, Tony, Sonny, Chris, Holly not changing her name ("technically she's still a Ho"), basketball, hockey, the Canucks, Ivan, Janette, Jason L., Dianne, Eric going to turducken, David, Mike Ho injuring his back, and other things on the way home. Good times, with more tomorrow!

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Up early again... what is it with my body?! / Micah is NOT a GIRL name!

Bingo of the day so far:

WEIGHTER (170 points) - against Carol G.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

ZIGS (112 points) - against Diane A. [2W, 4W]
LEVO (460 points) - against Kathy H. [two 2W, two 4W, hook off ROAR]
WEIGHTER (170 points) - against Carol G. [4W, 2W, bingo]

Why the heck am I up at this time?! I better be awake when Birthday Boy Eric calls later... tonight is going to be FUN! Also am getting back into the bad baby names forum; it's AMUSING! Can't believe what Governor Sarah Palin named her kids. Sons: Track, age 19, and Trig, age 4 months. Daughters: Bristol, age 17, Willow, age 13, and Piper, age 7.

These are some "suggestions" for baby GIRL names as seen by someone else on another message board... some are definitely better than others!

Dakota, Harvana, Jessamine, Arizona, Tuscany, Lotus, Aurora, Harmony, Dillon, Marlie, Alanis, Autumn, Avani, Burgundy, Crimson, Dante, Dia, Emory, Emblem, Eminence, Fleur, Geneva, Hahana, Hayden, Indiana, Ivah, Kennedy, Murphy, Logan, London, Mabyn, Montana, Monet, Nevada, Ombra, Pillar, Santana, Saffron, Sage, Story, Sidney, Sade, Scout, Santiago, Utah, Vega, Winter, Xyla, Zari

Adda, Alexis, Annalise, Ariel, Ayla, Bailee, Blanca, Brandy, Bria, Brionna, Brittni, Brylee, Chasity, Claudia, Coral, Cynthia, Danisha, Dawn, Deana, Desiree, Destinee, Eboni, Emerald, Ericka, Florance, Haylee, Harleen, Heavan, Hope, Ingrid, Iris, Jerrica, Kennedy, Logan, Maude, Mercedes, Meredith, Misty, Montana, Octavia, Pauline, Porsha, Precious, Princess, Presley, Priscilla, Puneet, Sidney, Skye, Storm, Summer-Leigh, Tabatha, Tatiana, Thalia, Tichina, Trinity, Valentina, Vallory, Violet, Whitney, Xochitl, Yaritza, Yesica, Zaria, Zeinab

Satchel, Aura, Haven, Paris, Kendall, Liberty, River, Rumer, Raven, Lukah, Haven, Sailah, Indigo, Jamie, Poet, Micah, Piper, Egypt, Morgan, Dicey, Opal, Atlantis, City, Indy, Astra, Aqua, Magnolia, Vivace, Queenie, Bali, Koffee, Gospel, Gracefield, Avon, Nova, East, Melody

Soleil, Lucienne, Ezra, Allegra, Dolce, Syrallia, Lolita, Nakia, Nakita, Zahlia, Leilani, Vienna, Nala, Tempany, Symphany, Lacey, Jewel, Sahara, Zuli, Majenta, Harlee, Triska, Toneya, Rani, Tasma, Tamsin, Amani, Heaven, Angel, Chandra, Violet, Petunia, Rane, Layke, Laken (which is a "cute" name...), Ashlyn, Harlyn, Jayla, Eryn

EAST?! Micah is a perfectly lovely name... for a BOY! Also, Blanca and Vega remind me of the Street Fighter II characters. (only it's BLANKA)

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Thursday, September 04, 2008


High-scoring word of the night so far:

HEIFER (192 points) - against Kellie M. [two 4W]

HAHAHA! This is an email I just received from my brother:

Anyone up for turducken this Saturday at Jer's? Jon H. is giving me permission to have you all come over and eat the thing.


P.S.: I don't think I can do a Sunday dinner this week. I've got homework due on Monday and I'm doing the Grouse Grind on Sunday, so we'll have to do the make-your-own-hot dog night some other time.

Jon said, "Bring your posse if they want in! Heck, you're bringing cheese and root veggies!" Hey, I'll actually have something INTERESTING for dinner - YAY! (turducken is turkey, duck, and chicken all stuffed together... at least, that's what I think from the times my brother and Jer have discussed it before!)

Corey came up with a possible solution for the overheating in the computer case: just point my actual fan at it. Thank goodness I bought it at London Drugs when I did, since it was only $15, if that! Too bad it didn't really solve the problem it was supposed to, though! (stupid rodents!)

Today, my seed-gathering has been really slow... no thanks to Growing Gifts fixing the "multiple clicking = multiple seeds bonus" bug! I've been trying, though... must send more flowers out even though I don't want to spam everyone! At least I managed to unlock a LOT of flowers while I knew about the bug, though!

Nancy sent me a message citing painful church memories - perfectly understandable!

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Rose notices excitement while doing sober aerobics!

Bingos of the day so far:

AEROBIA (626 points) - against Angela V.
NOTICES (122 points) - against Colin W.
AGAROSE (70 points) - against Shelley R.-B.
OUTRANGE (65 points) - against Danny W.
PENTODE (210 points) - against Karla M.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

SOBER (112 points) - against Sara H. [two 4W]
AEROBIA (626 points) - against Angela V. [three 4W; bingo]
NOTICES (122 points; three 2W, bingo), HERNIA (two 4W) - against Colin W.
EXCITOR (272 points; two 4W), IGNATIA (2048 points; four 4W), PLOD (112 points; two 4W) - against Danielle L.
MIKING (112 points) - against Nate T. [4W, 2W]
VAGUE (176 points; two 4W), PHENIX (320 points; two 4W) - against Tanya G.
AWE (96 points) - against James G. [two 4W]
GAUGER (128 points) - against Carolyn C. [two 4W]
HORN (128 points) - against Natalie L. [two 4W]
PENTODE (210 points) - against Karla M. [two 4W; bingo]

Corey and I are talking about Alienware, Linux, Macs, Windows, Craigslist, Staples, fans, heat, and other computer-related things. Good to have him on board! Hey, Trevor Linden's jersey will be retired on Dec. 17 - VERY COOL!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Billie and me on our "wedding" night!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

COMFIT (100 points; 4W; 3L on C and F), BEADY (104 points; 4W and 2W) - against Hilary C.
REHEAR (288 points) - against Doug L. [2W, two 4W]
FACTS (168 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [two 4W; hook off FAIR for a plural]
RAZEE (224 points) - against James G. [two 4W]
NIECE (119 points) - against Dorothy K. [4W, two 2W; hook off LOUT for CLOUT]

Spent the afternoon tagging notes, playing Wordscraper, reading Facebook wall posts, and accumulating seeds. Real People, Funny Names is a blog I came across - HAHA, some people do have funny names!

Here is pictorial proof that Billie and I inhabited the same space last week. She had more pictures, but this one is the best. Honestly, this is the "wedding night," haha. :D

Also, here is a picture from LAST year's grad banquet courtesy of K's page. Jason L., Eric, Nathan, Jon, and Janette look like they're having a HILARIOUS time! :D

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Dog poop is RECYCLABLE now?!

Bingos of the day so far:

CLARIONS (322 points) - against Melissa H.
UNCREWED (106 points) - against Sara H.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

CLARIONS (322 points) - against Melissa H. [two 4W; bingo]
UNCREWED (106 points) - against Sara H. [two 2W; bingo]
FAVE (224 points) - against Angela V. [two 4W; 3L on V]
ATONY (256 points) - against Karen A. [three 2W; 4W]
MOM (112 points) - against Kathy H. [two 4W]

Another day, another INTERESTING addition on Facebook. I'd ask Jeremy about this girl since she's from Kelowna, but then that might not make sense since he doesn't know EVERYONE in that city! Perhaps later... on another note, the flower app STILL isn't working! (gotta thank people for seeds, and accumulate them - TOO MANY ERRORS!) Hey, I played Colin's own name against him - very quirky!

Talked to Candy for a while - I'm surprised that they're making people recycle / compost dog crap in Ontario! Discussed Shotglass, September birthdays, my being chipper, government, friends, Facebook, shopping, jokes, wonton, phyllo dough, cooking, and more: pork chops and potatoes sounds like a GOOD dinner!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Szechuan BBQ chips and toffee ice cream - WOW!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

ETIC (101 points) - against Karla M. [two 4W; hook off UNMEW to make WE]
GLOBS (256 points) - against Michelle C. [4W and three 2W]
OCTETS (132 points) - against George M. [two 4W; hook off AIR for a plural]
QUITS (136 points) - against Tasha G. [3L on Q; 4W]

Citrus added me to Facebook - sweet! :D

Had the opportunity to pick up some things I forgot while shopping last week: sockeye salmon on sale, Szechuan BBQ Pringles chips, and some ice cream which was on sale for $2 less than regular price. Might as well get something I've never tried, so I got Nestlé Mackintosh's Mack with crunchy toffee pieces! It was certainly a good time out! David and I talked about food, 80s music (HEART! / JOURNEY! / THOMAS DOLBY! / WHITESNAKE! / CYNDI LAUPER!), Hurricane Gustav and New Orleans (thank GOD they weren't hit again!), Nando's Chicken, Pho, Chinese food, bubble tea, pickles, 90210 premiere tonight, and more. He actually wanted me to get more stuff so he could help me in with it - nah, that was fine... especially since he got more than he thought he would, and it barely fit his tiny car! (I'm taller than the car... wow!)

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Who knew there was SNOW in HAWAII?!

Bingo of the day so far:

PIRATED (122 points) - against Sara H.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

JUSTLED (180 points) - against Pat K. [4W, 3L on J, ED hook on DENY]
PIRATED (122 points) - against Sara H. [two 2W]
OILWAY (768 points) - against George M. [two 2W, two 4W]
MISLED (12,288 points) - against Danny M. [two 2W, four 4W]
ISLAND (233 points) - against Danny M. [two 4W, 2W, hook off ENVOI] {different game}
HAAF (104 points) - against Alice P. [3L on H and F, 4W]
IVORY (178 points) - against Angela V. [two 4W]
INKED (313 points) - against Angela V. [two 4W, hook off GOX] {different game}

Hey, Karen Grace added me on Facebook - sweet! It also definitely is not ROIMU weather, since it's been cold the last few days. The forecast says it'll be sunny later... well, perhaps. Today, I plan to stay in anyhow and carry out my usual plans, AND call buildings. Yes, I must do that! No promising results from those calls, darn it! (but I did NOT miss the opportunity to go out as I thought I had - YAY FOR THIS AFTERNOON WITH DAVID!)

Corey's also convinced me to download Google Chrome: yay for comic book explanations! "Google Chrome is out today (new browser made by Google) - I don't know that it is better than Firefox. :P But you can get it as of today... supposedly it's not a huge resource / memory hog like Firefox is. It looks like they make it work better by basically treating each tab as its own program... so if one crashes, just that one crashes, not everything you have open. You have a lot of tabs open at one time, so that's the point of this. It's open source, like Firefox, so there should be add-ons and stuff."

"Looks like it's worth a shot. :P It also has a task manager, like Windows has, so if one website is bogging things down, you can see which one it is. So you should get this and see what having 15 Scrabble tabs open does. :P Well, you've told me about having a lot open... I'm hoping there's a Windows mobile version of this. IE on my phone isn't all that great, and the Firefox mobile version isn't out. There's Opera, but that's Java, which is slower and requires opening a separate Java program and doesn't work well with the touch screen. Supposedly, they're making mobile versions of this one. All I see out today is Windows, though." HAHAHA! Erik never convinced me to download Opera, yet here I am with Google Chrome. :D

Also had a weird dream... it was set in Hawaii, just before Elaine and Matt's wedding. Matt's dad was telling the assembled gathering that the happy couple appreciated everyone's being there. He showed everyone the wedding program, which was in a curly font - the dream said that his last name was Marshall. (no idea what it really is!) Elaine and Matt took the stage to say that they'd come back every year on an annual trip to look at their land holdings. (these were industrial lands, with barbed-wire fences)

After everyone left, we walked the snow-covered sidewalks of Hawaii to a palatial house. My grandma was there to screen visitors, and Auntie Tracy greeted us with a "Who wants to look after kids?" My Sunday School toddler class was in there, creating havoc! Crayons and toys all over the place, with older kids (Rachel and Heyman) not wanting to be in their own classes - we had to look after them as well. They spilled the toys out of the cupboard, and Auntie Bessy declared that she had to go to the washroom. I went with this black-dressed lady, and marveled at the golden sinks and toilet! The dream ended when we were trying to convince the kids NOT to eat stuff in the room, and to join us in singing instead of squeezing our boobs. Weird... not sure if anything triggered it!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Is Andy Kaufman REALLY dead?!

Bingo of the night so far:

MADRONE (73 points) - against Shelley R.-B.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

GLOAM (128 points; two 4W), CITATOR (192 points; two 4W) - against Alice P.
HOAGY (192 points) - against Kathy T. [two 4W]
AVENGED (4146 points) - against Dennis M. [four 4W]
DEX (133 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [4W, 3L on X; hook off ANTIFOG to make AX]

I hate missed opportunities to do things with friends! Auntie Susan also added me to Facebook: this is good, but she MIGHT tell my mom about my "married" status... I should change it QUICKLY! (then again, it IS a joke...)

Andy Kaufman "death" - hoax?

[23:11:26] Corey: lots of text!!!
[23:12:43] Flami: is this something bad?
[23:17:46] Corey: no, that is something amazing
[23:19:54] Corey: hoax or not, that thing has been going for YEARS, involves people elected into public office in reality, fake UK pop stars... someone buying up lots of Andy Kaufman websites...
[23:26:04] Flami: can't see the photos... seems interesting so far
[23:28:14] Corey: that's all just letters to the site, and is kind of hard to follow
[23:29:05] Flami: I'm finding that myself, now...
[23:30:42] Corey: there's a guy named Steve Rocco that was elected to the school board in Orange County, California. nobody had heard of him before, but he said "school teacher" on the ballot, so he won the election
[23:31:42] Corey: Steve Rocco showed up to the school board in disguise and refusing to show ID.. he also always talks about weird conspiracies and people trying to attack him on the street, and brings in his "investigator" to relay his findings about all this
[23:32:21] Corey: Steve Rocco also owns that website, and his phone number gets you the office of George Shapiro, Andy Kaufman's manager
[23:33:33] Corey: nobody would have even known about most of that, but the real school board people are so tired of it that they put a bunch of videos up on Youtube about him, where you can see him ranting and raving about things :P some people think he's really Andy Kaufman in disguise
[23:35:11] Corey: there's also a guy named Jed Cool, who is some "star" in the UK, that people in the UK know about and think is a big joke... he just talks about how he's been a star for so long, and sings covers of old songs...
[23:35:18] Corey: Jed's manager is.... Steve Rocco!
[23:36:41] Corey: there's Stephen Maddox too, who is the one that registered a bunch of the sites... and I forget the details, but he has some house and the address matches up to something else.... I don't know. people think he's Steve Rocco too. there's little clues and puzzles EVERYWHERE...
[23:36:58] Corey: that site also has emails on it from before it existed :P
[23:46:39] Flami: hmm... VERY CRAZY

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Swords and MAGIC BRAS / August 2008 BBT Tally

Jon and I went to the Night Market with our parents. Helen and Joe spotted us on the ten-minute walk from Ikea when they were leaving with their kids, so we said hi. We overtook our parents, so Jon called Jen [after hanging up with Harmony] to see where she / Nathan / Christon / Jeremy were. As he told Raymond when he met us later, it was a LONG story as to how we came to meet everyone else at the Magic Bra shop! I'm glad Raymond came out at MY invitation, since it was nice to have him around! Christon, Jen, Nathan, Jon, Jeremy, and I spent a good ten minutes being juvenile at the Magic Bra shop - I'm sure Raymond wondered what the heck was going on when he saw us all practically doubled over laughing about stuff! ("I'm glad to have Jen and Leslie along, so I don't feel like so much of a pervert!" "Thanks, Nate... the A size will do, since there isn't anything smaller!" "Yeah... he IS a pretty skinny guy! ... NATHAN! You've seen him shirtless?! Do we REALLY wanna know?!" "This is a FREE Bra... wait, but this is a COOL Bra!" "We're laughing too much - I think they suspect our motives aren't PURE!" *singing to the tune of CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT?* "Can you wear the bra tonight?") Let's just say the BBQ on Friday will be VERY interesting... :D

We wandered over to the food section, which was NOT wall-to-wall people like in years past. (yay for long weekends, and people not being in town! :P) Selected bubble tea: I got lychee, Jeremy got something with sago later on, Jon got a grape smoothie, and Jen got something else. While waiting for $1 hour to hit, we had various things like super spicy curry fish balls ("where did you get a $50 bill?!") and waffle eggs. [Corey had left me a message to say that I should have octopus balls since they were practically free and all over the place in Taiwan - this is NOT Taiwan, buddy!] The menu at one place looked VERY FAMILIAR to me and Jon, since we'd seen the exact same thing at the Taiwanese Cultural Festival earlier this afternoon! (sticky rice balls, chow mein, shrimp dumplings - all at the same prices with the same placards!) At one point, I discovered that Raymond was the right height to say stuff in my ear without having to bend over and look ridiculous! I was the only one who knew where he'd gone, so I volunteered that info when Jon asked where he was. (yay for being the only person who knows!) Also heard some dodgy Canto-pop version of an Usher song: something about a club and such. The only reason I knew the original was by Usher is that I've heard the song before!

We heard some SPECTACULARLY BAD singing from the stage; we all cringed / winced at the off-key / out-of-tune "music." Actually, we thought it was a girl, so figured that she'd better not leading Singspiration OR a church choir if she were religious! Christon went to do something; when he got back, he reported that it was a KID like Michael Jackson! TRIPLE WINCE! Jon said that he'd come partly to hear the bad singing, while poor Nathan didn't know there was a SECOND VERSE to the song. He was reading the instructions for the Magic Bra to me and Jen (yes, we bought one for gag gift purposes) when the bad singer started up again. "Lift up the str... OUCH! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!" We went to the stage later to watch some excellent hip-hop dancers: placing fifth out of 200+ groups? They did seem pretty good, and not like the Filipino hip-hop music we heard earlier. ("Let's welcome your honorable MP, Raymond Chan!")

Christon spotted PANTIES ON HOOPS, so we all made a beeline over there. Jon took a picture of them, and promptly made it his new screensaver on his phone - HAHAHA. Nathan unsuccessfully tried to get the people at the booth to throw in a hoop if we purchased some panties. "I'm not paying $25 for one of those! Maybe I should make my own, since the only other hoop-like objects are steering wheel covers! Hey Jen, do you have any extra wire I could use?" Jon: "Um, I think I just discovered more about Nathan than I ever wanted to know!" Jen was looking at a particularly interesting piece, so my brother joked that she wanted to buy it - not really, despite later joking at the DISCOUNT FACTORY about lingerie and special circumstances precluding comfort!

We spotted MP3 / MP4 players, plus a sign offering a professional mod for extra money. Nathan and Christon explained it to Jen, while Jeremy and I laughed over how the police were cracking down on that sort of stuff a few years ago at the Night Market... yet here's a sign openly advertising it! Haha, guess the people don't care, or just want the extra business! Lots of trinkets, fashion, low-priced clothing, iPhone accessories, earrings, and interesting things like INCREDIBLY PUNGENT solid scented bath stones / crystals! (lemongrass, lavender, ocean, strawberry, etc.) Noticed THE RONIN - Christon asked Nathan whether he REALLY needed more knives and swords in his house! Raymond had spotted it earlier, and figured that Tony would REALLY LIKE the booth, haha. Jeremy told us about butterfly knives being illegal, and how he'd have to get them from the country of origin if he ever wanted one! He also figured that he'd have NO TROUBLE chopping vegetables with a particularly hefty sword, hehe!

When Nathan spotted the "Vietnamese CD / DVD / Karaoke" booths, Jeremy remarked that the music from there definitely conflicted with the stuff on stage at that point! We all were transfixed by the movie scenes showing on the TV screen! (Jon said that we'd spent at least 30-45 minutes at this place last year because they were advertising seven for $20 [or four?] - true, and that had made it REALLY easy for Eric to find us!) One of them was pretty gruesome - lots of blood, murder, and such! Another movie showed these two guys fighting, and Jon could identify wrestling moves such as the camel clutch / sleeper hold. I noticed Jeremy and Jon laughing over something inside the booth, so went in to see what was up. Jon handed me a DVD, and told me to read the first two sentences. "[character introduction] Raping and pillaging are out of the question, since they don't want to intentionally hurt anyone!" I laughed so hard over it that Raymond came in to see what was going on! Outside the tent, we saw some DVD from the 2008 Olympic Games - Raymond spotted a typo on it: the P in "Olympic" was an O instead!

We looked for people selling food really cheap, and were amused when this one customer yelled to everyone within an aisle: "HEY, EVERYONE! THESE PEOPLE ARE SELLING THINGS FOR $1! BEST PRICE IN THE MARKET NOW!" However, we were less amused when these two guys tried to muscle in on OUR "10 skewers for $10" deal, almost literally! Got to watch the market shutting down, and we all retreated inside a tent (it looked like one that our church has!) for protection from the cars and vans coming in to grab stuff: Nathan took various pictures of us posing with spicy skewers! We divvied up rides, and our car talked about how Jon showed anger / annoyance. When Jen went in the townhouse to use the bathroom, I stayed in the car with Nathan: no, I didn't get Chinese Eric's video yet! Yahoo is a spam repository now, so Jon had to forward me Ben and Erin's engagement announcement too! I'll send Nate an email tomorrow... GOOD TIMES!


passion fruit @ Tri-Ty (Friday, August 1) [FREE, thanks to Eric]
blueberry @ Big Orange (Saturday, August 2) [FREE since I used up ten stamps on the bubble tea stamp card... two BBT in less than 24 hours!]
tangerine @ Hon's (Thursday, August 14)
lychee @ Richmond Night Market (Sunday, August 31)

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oyster omelettes are certainly interesting!

Amanda B. added me to Facebook - I guess she found me via Growing Gifts OR Sara H., hah. Either way, it's cool.

My mom had something interesting to say while we went to church - something about inviting my favorite men to dinner in a couple of weeks. Hmm, I guess we'll see who she thinks is worthy of that honor! I know I'm cautious about according people that title NOW, heh. (she wanted to know if Billie was in school, too...) Got to church and talked to Grace / Cindy / Martin for a while, then discussed grumbling gelato customers / Wordscraper scores with Raymond - also told him about cleaning gardens for LOTS of seeds, haha. (When I got home, I used more than 10,000 seeds to unlock various topiary / art tributes / other flowers. I also noticed Raymond's amusing status message: "I'm playing Wordscraper at the gym thanks to Wi-Fi!" HAHAHA!) Said hi to Alan, and noticed White Guy #2 at the handshaking portion of service: he said Dallas had been HOT! Noticed White Guy #1 midway through service, so I made a point of going up to him afterwards and saying how I was VERY GLAD to see him! (I won't need to kill him on Friday, then...) Wai-Mui did the sermon, with Katherine translating - interesting stuff!

Said hi to the usual people in the back parking lot while talking to Raymond and Kevin about my sister - I'm growing in appreciation for Tony's sense of humor! Discussed basketball involving Vernon, Eddie, David M., and others whom we hadn't seen in AGES! Hugged Chris goodbye, since I won't see him till Christmas! Chased down Joshua and Stella so I could give their birthday cards to them: not surprised that Joshua ripped the envelope and then put the card on his head! (he IS three) Wished his mom Maxine a happy anniversary (today!), and held baby Noah's hand for a bit till he grew cranky. (saw baby Connor too, in service) Dianne noticed my haircut, and Mike said that my Facebook status scared the crap out of him! (Ivan and Sam were around for the discussion as well - good times!) "It said that Leslie and Korey have ended their relationship... okay. Then like ten minutes later, you went from SINGLE to MARRIED to some girl whose name I can't even pronounce!" When I said that my friend and I had been having too much fun, he figured that had been the case! I told him what my mom had said about Billie - he found it as ludicrous as I did! ("sure... EVERYONE online is in a gang...")

At Sunday School, I saw Frances and Micah: the whole extended family is going to Hawaii for Elaine and Matt's wedding! (YAY!) we recognized that Brandon and Amanda were moving up - Watson pooped in his pants. I'm sure Quan didn't want to hear details from Auntie Fonda about THAT while Cordia was playing the piano afterwards, haha! (he likes piano music, which is good - maybe he'll grow up to be CULTURED!) Said hi to Amos / Michelle C. / Andrew before heading upstairs JUST in time to discover Grandma making lunch plans with Auntie Kwai! I dissuaded her from doing so: thank goodness Auntie Kwai understands English, since the plan was for me and Jon to transit with Grandma to the Taiwanese Cultural Festival! After talking to Jen / Jeremy / Tony / Sonny / Raymond, we got through the Skytrain without incident!

We decided to line up for things to eat like HA-GOW, SIU MAI, oyster omelette (very unique!), drinks, Taiwanese fried chicken, corn, chow mein, and such. Jon spotted Kenneth and Daisy in the crowd going by, and we had enough time to wave and observe that we weren't going to see them again THERE! Took in a fashion show with impossibly thin models, plus some music with homemade instruments including a nose flute - to facilitate Jon's wandering around, I had to stay with Grandma. Fine by me since I need to rest up for tonight's Night Market excursion! Saw Karen, Lincoln, and Auntie Susan when we were going to leave - shook Lincoln's hand goodbye. It's nice to see them, for sure! (and Lincoln is an honorary family member - yay, boyfriends!)

On the way back to the Skytrain Station, Grandma took off her shoes since they were too tight. (good thing she didn't do that in GASTOWN... I saw an anti-Bush vehicle with posters by Steamworks which Jeremy would like!) Then she slipped on the stairs: good thing Jon was there to catch her! Mom thinks that we should tell Nathan to date someone, since Kenneth is his age and has two kids already! Jon opines that Nathan is secure enough, and doesn't NEED someone - that's for sure. (whether Eric NEEDS someone because his roommates are all married with kids is also debatable!) Discussed the PNE affecting Mui's parking, Brentwood Mall, Maxim's Bakery, Christon, skewer discounts at 11 (ONE DOLLAR!), and more! Interesting day... now I'm just waiting on my brother to call me when he gets closer to here for the NIGHT MARKET! [I put the mooncake in the fridge when I got home!] Now, Corey and I are doing DISCREDITING THE FRONT DESK riffs - we're not malicious, even if he DOES tease me all the time! (discussing Scientology, too - L. Ron Hubbard's first name is Lafeyette, which sounds WORSE than preppy to me!)

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Taiwanese Cultural Festival...

High-scoring words of the night so far:

AILING (114 points) - against Raymond C. [two 4W]
CAMPI (176 points) - against Pat K. [4W, two 2W]

It's good to talk to my brother about books and stuff. I can definitely finish THE TIME WE CAME TO THE END in one night, if I make sure I have no interruptions! Hermit mode is definitely good for one thing, at least. :D [and THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE does have an interesting structure!] Seems we're going to the Taiwanese Cultural Festival tomorrow - should be okay. I remember last year: Mom insisting that Korey could propose within two months of our dating ("you're older now!"), seeing Amanda, talking to Mike T., Grandma's double thumbs-up, all those instant noodles (they're "WORTH IT" and not "worthy" as Mom said!), and going to Dragon Ball afterwards for the second time in less than 24 hours! [told Jeremy about it on the phone, and he said that Grandma must be the oldest customer ever in the place - FOR SURE!]

Mom, on Billie: "What's wrong with that girl? Is she homeless or mentally challenged? Does she come from a broken family? [NO to all three] Then WHY IS SHE ONLINE?! Is she Native or white?" I had to tell her that Billie's family was NOT involved in jihad / holy war or anything like that! HAHAHAHA!

Also managed to get over 10,000 seeds today alone - I ROCK. :D

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