Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Smoking Gun and the Backstage Pass

went to Chapters and got a book based on The Smoking Gun..
Spoz introduced me to the Backstage Pass two years ago..
he said I seemed to be a music fan, and obsessive-compulsive..
hahaha.. while somewhat accurate, the site IS entertaining!
got a bento box as takeout from Granville Sushi..
it made everyone hungry at Awana.. unintended side-effect..
Chris' story was just insane: nobody served them till too late..
thank goodness I can stay in my apartment tonight.. sanity!
won't be able to talk to Spoz or indeed some others I like..
but I guess we shall see what happens with all that ;)

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Defensiveness is not cool, man....

I'm at the library now, since I got up at 12:30..
after this, I'll try to have something to eat before Awana..
we'll see whether I even go to the townhouse later..
rearranging things is not what I want to be doing..
but if it comes to that, then I'll have no choice..
Internet and computer aren't even wired yet..
we'll see how certain people treat me tonight..
Jon's too defensive and has the wrong impression..
all they're good for is the Net? I don't quite think so!

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Handcuffing people

right now, I'm at Nathan's for a little while..
Jon wanted to eat something and check his mail..
went to the library and posted on the Subwoofer forums..
I lost track of time at Chapters later on.. oh well :P
talked to Citrus, Nathan, Danielle, Jen, Alan, Melia, Andy..
both Helens, Cindy, Emily, Michelle, Justin, Dawn..
Jason, Janette, Norman, Derek, Mark, and others..
Michelle has a website to help her count down the days to her wedding.. very helpful, indeed ;)
Justin was handcuffing people all night long..
Jen wanted to go to a pub, but nobody else did..
we will see Eric on Sunday: he is Danielle's driver..
everyone liked my Corona Extra hat.. quirky in-church ;)
definitely made the advertising more effective, haha :D
Dianne wanted Jeff to beat Alan at arm-wrestling..
Jeff didn't want to do it, though... "acting representative," ha!
the three of us bailed because of tomorrow's plans..
(helping my parents move stuff.. yes, still busy with that)
and right now, we're just hanging over here.. woohoo!

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I'm taking too many drugs, apparently... / Quizzes

just woke up 15 minutes ago.. tomorrow, I'll wake earlier..
at least I had a good vivid dream about mostly nice people..
had a good long chat with someone else before that..
Jon called me and said I was taking too many drugs..
(well, I honestly thought it was Friday yesterday ;) )
told me to keep in mind others' stress and tiredness..
imagine how the both of us would take it, indeed..
but if they're both pissed or whatever, it's not my problem :P
going to Ireland from Apr. 26 to May 7.. miss Steph :D
said Eunice can't make it tonight, and he'll go from UBC..
guess that means I'll bus it in and see him later on!
I'll go when I feel really hungry, then eat wherever..
today should be a good time.. let's hope it stays like that ;)

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Talking to Spocko

just talked to Josh for the first time in some weeks..
definitely enjoyable for me, and made me smile..
thank goodness that someone else isn't on right now..
even if he was, he'd have to buzz me first to start talking..
yes, I am indeed that deliciously evil toward certain people!

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Eighteen birthday cards in one night.... whoa! / Quizzes

finished writing 18 birthday cards tonight for friends..
Sophia, Phil Yung, Daniel, Lily, Clement, Dave, Mark..
Chrystal, Michelle, Karen Lew, Tracy, Andrea, Eunice, Jen..
Brian, Danielle, Phil Chang, and Vernon..
why did I write cards for Mar. 21 to May 18, you ask?
I had to get them all ready for when Jon goes to Ireland..
definitely hope I can get him to sign them before he leaves..
it would be nice if I didn't make him do it all at once..
he'd spazz big-time if I did that.. not a very good outcome!
feeling rather accomplished right now.. plan for tomorrow ;)

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Hmm.. I guess that could be accurate at least some of the time. :)

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Hahaha... just the perfect result! I used to watch that show ALL the time... whee! :D

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Alan Cross: Greatest Moments in New Rock History #20-11

Ed Sullivan was mad that his flight from Heathrow Airport was late. He didn't know how he'd get back to the States, and wandered around the airport. There was a commotion going on in another part of the airport where a huge group of teenage girls were making a huge fuss over four guys. Being the showman that he was, he asked around and found out that this group was the Beatles. Eventually, the band appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.. the date: Feb. 9, 1964.

Who knows where music would be if Ed Sullivan's plane hadn't been delayed.. we all know the Beatles changed music for the better.

Moments 20-11

20. 1981: The invention of the Walkman. There was this dude who was obsessed with making things smaller, and he went to his partner in Sony (Akiyo Morita) to pitch this idea. They pitched the idea to the company, who thought it was crap.. but since the two were the owners of Sony, they had to give it a try. It was originally called the Sound-About, but was eventually released with 50% fewer parts and redubbed the Walkman. This invention was a huge hit, but Morita was concerned about people becoming too self-absorbed. So he decided that each Walkman would have two sets of headphones so people could share in listening to the music. People weren't into that, so we have a lot of walking zombies around now.

19. October 2000: Billy Corgan decided he had enough of the Smashing Pumpkins. There were too many problems with the band, management, the record label, and apparently with guitarist James Iha. (who Billy apparently held responsible for most of the problems in the band) An announcement was made on Oct. 17, 2000 that the band's last gig would be on Dec. 2 at the Metro in Chicago. (it was the same place that they'd held their first gig on Oct. 5, 1988) It was a long, emotional night that ran four hours.

18. Apr. 5, 1980: Kathleen O'Brien has a party for her twentieth birthday in a tacky old church that smelled of beer and had become rundown through the years. 400 people showed up, and emptied over a dozen kegs of beer. The four-piece band wasn't very good, and it was their intention to break up after the party.. they were doing the gig as a birthday present to Kathleen. They didn't even like each other all that much, but would do the one gig.

Unfortunately, one of the frat boys stole a very expensive Budweiser beer tap.. Kathleen had left a bad check at the liquor store, and had to pay for the beer tap. The band felt bad for her, so they did a few more gigs to pay for a new one. Each went better than the last, and eventually the band named themselves R.E.M. Their career was launched by a drunken theft / desire to decorate a room in Budweiser stuff.

17. March 1987: A new three-piece band had somehow convinced the owner of the house party to let them open for a metal band. It was at a house party in Raymond, Washington that three guys named Aaron Burkhardt, Kris Novoselic, and Kurt Cobain played their first gig. The original name of the band might have been Skid Row or a dozen other names, but they renamed themselves Nirvana about a year later.

16. Feb. 1, 1979: Sid Vicious' death. John Ritchie became known as Sid Vicious when his friend John Lydon bestowed the name on him.. he was really quite gentle, although his favorite weapon was a length of bicycle chain. When Glen Matlock was fired for liking the Beatles too much, manager Malcolm McLaren invited him to join the group.. McLaren thought it would be cool to have a fan in the group. During the years he was with the group, Vicious inflicted a lot of damage on fans and journalists. After the group broke up, Sid and his American girlfriend Nancy Spungen went to the US.

On Oct. 12, 1978: Sid found Nancy dead with stab wounds and his knife in her stomach.. He was rather drunk and addled on drugs, and didn't know whether he’d killed her or not. His trial date was set for Feb. 2, 1979. The evening before, he was at a party in his honor with his mom, a dealer, his new girlfriend, and a few other friends. His mother supplied everyone with some exceptionally pure heroin, and Sid took more from her purse later. He overdosed on it, and was put to bed.

Nobody called the doctors because then everyone would know Sid was in violation of his probation. In the morning, he was found lying stone cold dead beside his new girlfriend Michelle Robinson. Was it an intentional overdose or an accident? The note found with his passport seemed to support the suicide theory.. in part, it read: "Nancy and I had a death pact... Goodbye."

15. Dec. 22, 2002: Joe Strummer of the Clash died. He helped redefine punk rock with his friends. Away from music, he was very political, determined, and inspirational.. as much as John Lennon had been to the previous generation. The punk fans liked him very much, and there was the possibility of a Clash reunion at the end of 2002. However, Joe got in from walking his dog on the aforementioned date.. soon after, he was found dead on the kitchen floor. It was probably a hereditary condition, and he was only 50.

14. Apr. 15, 2001: Joey Ramone lost his long fight with lymphoma. He had been sick with cancer for years, but it was an open secret in some circles. Nobody ever talked about it, and it seemed there was no need to since he was doing just fine. But in December 2000, he fell on the sidewalk and broke a bone. It was a bad break, and the doctors had to take him off his chemo so he could have surgery. While he was in hospital, the cancer came back and utterly destroyed his immune system.. he never got to go back home. At around 2:40 in the afternoon, he died with his family around him. It's hard to imagine where we'd be without the Ramones.. bands like Green Day, Pearl Jam, the Offspring, and others wouldn't have been around most likely.

13. Jan. 22, 1972: David Bowie tells a reporter that he is gay, and always has been. The statement turned out to be untrue, and done for publicity purposes. However, he might as well have admitted that he liked frying little kittens for breakfast in those days. He had created controversy as early as 1964, but he eventually proved that you could still sell a lot of records and be gay / bisexual / sexually ambiguous. A significant portion of the rock world was beginning its long, hard climb out of the shadows.

12. Summer of 1990: The Pixies were a huge draw and was on the top of the indie charts. They played the last day of the Reading Festival that year, and there were thousands of people screaming along with the lead singer on Debaser.

The crowd being freaked out by the Pixies was a strange sight, and Perry Farrell was one of the witnesses. He'd been thinking about having a similar festival in North America for a few years, and the crowd reaction just cemented it for him. So he went ahead with the concept of Lollapalooza, a festival every year. It was one of the major draws through much of the 1990s, and inspired everything similar afterwards. Even though the Pixies weren’t selling many records by this point, they were still influential.

11. Summer 1972: Patti Smith had an epiphany while visiting Jim Morrison's grave in the Paris Père Lachaise cemetery. She thought she could be more than just a poet from New York, and apparently Jim Morrison appeared to her at the graveside in a vision. When she went back to the States, she got a band together and recorded an album in 1974. Surprisingly, it sold.. and could be called the first true punk rock record.

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Rain and sun / Quizzes

I went to the mall while it was actually sunny out..
had some fried chicken and a honeydew bubble tea..
the bubble tea lady said I was there all the time.. sure ;)
seemed to rain for a bit, and now it's sunny again.. weird :P

Hehehehe! You're such a dork, you dorkus malorcus. I'm a dork too, don't worry. I think your aviator glasses are sexy, and being a musician and skilled in linguistics is in no way a bad thing, so don't let other people getcha down. You're an individual and that's awesome. Rock on, dude.

The Dork Quiz
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You are bisexual and deserve to live if you don't fuck any more men!

Gay Quiz
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Cravings for KFC and cake

damn, I'm bored.. talking to Geo was a diversion, though..
definitely a nice thing to do to stave off total slackerdom..
and I'm craving fried chicken now.. which isn't good for me..
why is it that I always crave such things lately?
a couple weeks ago, it was cake.. now it's fried chicken..
eh well, I'll go to the mall tomorrow and hit KFC like mad..
yes, I've heard all the rumors about KFC.. not that dumb..
hey, Erik's buzzed me.. maybe that'll keep me going till bed..
or at least, I can only hope it will.. here we go again!

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Claymation skits

just so I know where this claymation thing is..
Andre had mentioned something about it yesterday..
says my Steph-icon reminds him of the "Balance" skit..
guess I'll see if this really does recall stretched-out images!
it's a DVD called The World's Greatest Animation (1994)..
hmm.. will I really order it over Amazon, or see it in stores?
I don't know, but chances are looking good that I won't..
then again, I guess you never do know about these things! ;)

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Package was unclaimed?!

today has admittedly not gone like gangbusters so far..
received a message from Candy: the package was returned?!
says it was "unclaimed," which I think is a load of bollocks..
Canada Post didn't deliver it over here in the last weeks..
I should have had a little card indicating undeliverable status..
since I didn't, I assume it was stuck in the postal system..
this is not good news at all.. bad start to the day, of course..
will I get cheered up later on? who knows.. not in a mood now!

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Pleasant distractions from Sam and Erik

I'm still up at 2:50 AM, but feeling a bit better now..
most things resolved themselves in a couple of hours..
buzzed Sam for a pleasant distraction, and Erik buzzed me..
talked about updates, life, computers and their slowness..
LJ, new icons, Steph, bugging sibs, sisters' boyfriends..
cats, growing a beard / puberty, being Irish / drinking..
art, style, dorkiness, SDMB subscriptions and sub-forums..
birthdays, types of people needed in the world, cheer, TV..
death and how to deal with it, personality traits, posts..
You Can't Do That On Television, ER, Primetime..
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, message boards..
memory, icon credit, self-deprecation, friends..
why a certain place wouldn't be the same without me..
(posting people and familiarity.. says I'd be missed / noticed)
thinking "I'm still alive" to pull you through the rough times..
catching up with people, staying up late, making 8 icons..

yes, definitely a good thing to feel better about stuff..
Sam did indeed cheer me up.. always great chatting ;)

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Monday, March 22, 2004

Not happy for a variety of reasons

right now, I am not happy for a variety of reasons..

1. LJ isn't emailing me any comments I get, like it should..
I've only gotten two in the past few hours.. should be more!

2. Graffiti keeps generating script errors and ad pages..
I really wish it wouldn't do that.. wastes my time!

3. I don't want to help my parents move this week..
Jon doesn't have to, but that's because he's busy..
if only I'd thought of an excuse earlier.. silence is not consent..
(damn my fried brain on Sunday morning.. it failed me again!)

4. I wish certain people would come online so I could talk..
definitely like them very much, but it's not likely they will..
maybe I'll talk to new people.. I'm unsure whether I shall..

5. my computer clock just went haywire once again..
at least it's only an hour out.. not 12 hours or two months..
easy enough to fix, but still adds to the general pissiness..

6. the Net is being unaccountably slow yet AGAIN..
I hate it on this computer with a raging passion..
it should be a little faster without stalling half the time..
doesn't help that the computer is slow anyways.. damn!

oh well, I guess I wasn't fated to always be happy or content..
maybe some Matt Good will cheer me up instead of Creed ;)
(although Creed makes me think of Eric M. ----> good thing)

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SDMB pay offers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been great knowing you.. don't ever change.

after thinking about all the SDMB pay offers overnight..
I've decided I'll take TLD up on his.. says I'm a silly bugger..
all I have to do is buy him a beer if he ever makes it here..
that sounds fair enough to me.. I'm happy, and he rocks!
also just had an enjoyable chat with Erik about stuff..
yay for getting to know people better.. it's the shiznit, aye? ;)

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Birthday list for Erik

just finished the huge birthday list for cityboy916..
took me hours to type out, but I'm glad I did it..
even if I really should have done it a long time ago..
checking my email, I see that TLD emailed me back..
and two other people have indicated that they can help..
(purrplebear and Shadez.. whoa, indeed!)
question: do I really deserve this generosity from them?
I know I posted something on the board last night..
but that doesn't mean I expected anybody to do this..
can't be any ulterior motives ascribed to it, though..
TLD wants me to change my password so it can be done..
he's got me gibbering in "Jackie-mode," no less..
repeating, "I can't pay you back!" like a goldfish..
before I do this extremely crazy thing that he wants..
I'll ensure he knows that I can't possibly repay him..
calculating international currency makes my head spin ;)

Geo just invited me to a chat, but I'm so swamped with stuff..
luckily, he understood and said it was okay.. reassurance!
he doesn't think I'm skipping out, which is a good thing..
possibly next time when I'm not quite so crazy busy..
I'm not even going to check RQ thoroughly tonight..
that would take way too long.. I don't have that kind of time!
I haven't talked to him for yoinks, but seriously want to..
apparently, he's "back".. good info to have handy ;)

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Kal wishing me well

Kal wishes me well, and wants me to take care of myself..
TLD said I wasn't going anywhere off the SDMB: email him..
I say we shall see what happens with the pay-to-post thing..
no credit card and no PayPal available to me, I'm afraid..
who knows.. I could indeed be off in about a month..
it was a wild ride, and definitely a slice of life there!
also got an offer from cityboy916 to do the B-Day threads..
currently in the process of composing a long list in email..
to be sent off whenever the heck I get this done..

discussed a variety of things at church today with people..
Jon, Citrus, Danielle, Dave, Stella, Erin, Jen, Sabrina, Andrea..
Julie C., Jackie, Daniel, Michelle, Brian, Margaret, Dawn, Andy..
we talked about life, updates, Spring Break, email, Passion..
where Jon was ("his cash-paying gig," Dave called it), cards..
Dave's trip to Toronto this week for orientation, cold weather..
Daniel and Michelle's wedding invites, bugging Steph on MSN..
signing a knapsack to remember us by, Jon's Ireland trip..
food, feeling better, responsibility for RSVP, reception..
yup, definitely a very good day with my friends.. wooyeah!

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Loopiness / Brain terminology, courtesy of Spoz last Aug. 14

talked a bit with Stephen about last night's loopiness..
he did figure I was exhausted, and no need for forgiveness..
that's a very good thing.. also talking to Corey and John..
maybe Snoopy did join RQ, who knows... cool stuff..
says he's been posting there occasionally for two weeks..
as long as he reads all of Jeff's questions, it'll be okay ;)
in other news, Spoz thinks I'm out to destroy his brain..
not really, but he's free to think that if he likes!
"Zork" or "Zork Zero" apparently did it for him.. whoa! :D
definitely all good, though.. I like my friends and the comp ;)

I asked him to look it up, but he had to eat. After searching his blog, I finally found it.. searched on the wrong keyword once, but hit gold with "terminology." Here it is... enjoy! :D

and now for a quick n easy guide to explain some of the "brain weather patterns" I occasionally map on this blog..
(for those days, when I'm so clogged by writer's block.. I just talk shit about wot's in me head..)

you may be familiar with these already..
but, for those new to my blog! - "hi, welcome to my blog, yes it DOES really suck! thanks for reading!"
here's my quick rundown of terminology.. so you too can be an instant expert!

state of brain, emulating early morning / pre-caffeination.. made more serious if not cured by afternoon / coffee.. a general inability to focus on even the most basic of concepts..

similar to blurry, but.. much funnier.. coz you KNOW you've caused the resultant brain damage and now have to live with it.. usually encountered attempting to blog whilst drunk at 4AM on a Saturday night..

oddly tingly and otherwise happy for no apparent reason.. but, still dumb as a post, and no use to anyone..

oddly tingly, cheerful and otherwise stupid, gibbering like an idiot and disconnected, in serious need of de-fragmentation and a decent virus sweep.. coz you've done some serious damage the night before.. and now you're laughin' like a fool who's had half his head removed.. (see Ray Liotta in the movie Hannibal for a demonstration of this) - this is my usual "morning after" a big weekend night out..

happy, and full of energy.. like a spastic contraption made solely out've nerf.. lookin' to cause damage.. but, since you're made of nerf.. likely you'd just tickle 'em to death..

easily distracted by shiny objects.. possibly suffering some kinda sugar rush, and bouncin' off the walls like a demented 4 year old with a gameboy... if used as a "noun" it refers to things most likely to distract you to the point of acting like a 4 year old.. "woooo SHINY!"

you're mr burns, rubbing ya hands diabolically.. "exceeeellent.." every evil plan of yours is falling into place, the death star is approachin' completion.. your inspiration levels are running on a full tank of gas, and your muse (which I always assume is female) is doing sick n perverted things to the never regions of ya being.. you're baskin' in your own over-inflated ego.. you're like that crunchy outer coatin' on KFC hot n spicey.. no one can stop you.. NO ONE!! BLAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHA!

the complete opposite of crunchy..
the morning after a REALLY HEAVY night out..
you're the IQ level of a goldfish.. memory lapsing every 5 seconds.. as you gibber "I'm a goldfish!.. I'm a goldfish!" over and over like a mantra.. your stomach is feeling seedy, and your head ain't much better than a can of dog food.. we're talking paramedics and perhaps a exorcism trained priest to dig y'self out've this hole..

the error message my head blurts out, everytime there's a dead halt in my thought processes..
for a few years, I actually thought it meant I needed peanuts of some kind... "need salted nuts to live"..
perhaps this is why they stock some bars with them.. (mental note: avoid them, tests have shown they're usually chocka's full of urine.. YAY!)

so.. there we have it..
I should stress tho'.. that these are arbitrary terms I use, and liable to change meaning according to any weird ambiguity I see fit..
so, don't go correcting ME.. if I use the wrong term at the wrong time..

and if you're gonna steal these terms for y'self.. just remember who started it.. mmmkay?
(coz I want credit.. when I hear this come all the way around the world back at me.. to bite me in the arse..)

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