Saturday, January 24, 2004

Bubble tea and quotes

okay, so I haven't done these in a while..
thought I should, before my brain exploded or something..


"Do I hafta read it? Your blog is kinda like one continuous birthday shout-out.. ;) " -- Spoz, questioning me on reading this site. (Saturday, Jan. 24) [it is SO not, dude! :P]


yin-yang @ Fair Bee Bubble Tea [1 litre] (Thursday, Jan. 1)

so they're a little sparse.. I haven't been keeping up with it :P
but I promise to make a more concerted effort to do so..
I guess that's it from me for now.. over and out ;)

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This is my latest nonsense rant...

Everything is meaningless, and has no real point other than to circumvent the thirst of the masses for recycling knowledge. An Easter Woman is the perfect love for a picnic boy. At the end of home, I see Amber and her Japanese watercolors. Secrets die in terror, and a red rider becomes my second wife.

One of the suburban bathers I meet in paradise is named Floyd.. such dimples and toes as he has! Ah, heaven is for the nameless souls.. love leaks out even as they perfect the act of being polite. Tragic bells summon the medicine man, and the loss of innocence is made stark in a simple song.

There are ups and downs, and as for my possessions? Give it to someone else, who is not a phantom. I go by the philosophy of "less, not more".. especially since my work is so behind right now.

Birds in the trees signal a handful of desire, and moisture as well. Love is a troubled man singing "la la" about loneliness. A nice old man is drawn by the talk of creatures, and we trace things with our fingertips in between dreams. Margaret Freeman predicts the coming of the crow.. yes, this is what we were like when we were young.

(I should note that this was inspired by the track listing on the back of my brother's Commercial Album.. 40 tracks by the Residents)

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Stale crackers at Awana

I narrowly escaped eating expired food this afternoon..
Tina offered me some chips that expired on Boxing Day..
Rebecca just found them and thought that we'd like some..
good thing we checked the dates on them first..
I'm not going to be a guinea pig when it comes to food, eh?
there were also some wafers and Chinese snacks..
Vivian said they smelled pretty bad, and tasted worse..
no way was I going to eat anything like that, man..
good thing I'm home and have the house to myself..
Jon's gone to see David Bowie, so that's a good thing..
nothing really more to say right now, so I'm outta here!

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Rain and David Bowie

had to spend time with my parents this afternoon..
but it's not all bad, as they're giving me a ride later on..
it's raining outside, so that's probably a good thing..
my brother's going to the David Bowie concert tonight..
if I tell Sam that, he's going to get mock-jealous on me..
then again, I think I had enough of that yesterday ;)
things will be fine as long as something doesn't happen ;)

Note: LJ Journal Suckage, by Hutta.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Corey trying to make me feel better... presents and flowers! / Ladder Theory / Quizzes

decided to stay home tonight and be a hermit..
although I'll have to go to my brother's later on..
damn, I wish I could truly be a hermit.. maybe next week?
(although I'll have to attend weekender obligations.. sigh)
Jon sarcastically thanked me for telling him why I'm home..
"uh.. thanks for telling me you're a slave to your butt.."
hey dude, at least I gave you a REASON.. live with it :P

at any rate, Corey tried to make me feel better..
"those icons that you can't see are a present and a flower"..
hey, it made me smile.. which was a good thing, indeed..
even if he WAS sending me Trillian icons I couldn't see :P

we also talked about the Vassilievs for a while..
that 1800's Russian peasant family who had 69 children..
only two of the children failed to survive their infancy..
16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 of quadruplets..
I hear the husband had 16 kids with another wife afterwards..

makes me wonder if he has any living descendants..
with a family that size, I'm guessing you just have to..
then again, we're talking about Russia here..
not sure the conditions would be conducive to that..
who knows? interesting to speculate about, of course..
and that's my "obsessive detail" for today.. wooyeah! ;)

The Ladder Theory of Male / Female Interaction

Stolen from Spoz's Rant.. he stole it from one of G's emails.

Very interesting stuff.. I don't agree 100% with it, but I don't totally disagree either.

Which Cartoon Car Would You Drive?

(I don't drive, but took the quiz for laughs anyhow)

My results: The Scooby gang's Mystery Machine. You want a car with personality, but you also need space for all your friends. That's why you drive this big van, painted with a colorful (some might call it "tacky") design. It has plenty of room for the whole gang, and even a big dog, right in the front seat. What are you waiting for? Throw your tools and equipment in the back, and hit the road.

That would probably be very true even if I did drive! Hahaha.. friends do rock, y'know! :)

You are Freya! Freya is the goddess of love and
fertility. Freya lives in the beautiful
Folkvang [battlefield] and each day she chooses
half of the slain warriors to split with Odin.
She had a husband named Od, whom she somehow
lost and cried golden tears for. Many believe
Od is Odin.

Freya's chariot is drawn by male cats and she owns
the precious Brisings' necklace, which she
slept with four dwarves to acquire. She also
owns a feather coat which she could use to fly
between the worlds.
Freya is the most beautiful of all goddesses in
Valhalla, and she is not afraid to use her
beauty and charm to get her way. She is also a
loving and sensual person who believes in the
good in people. She is known to be somewhat
"easy" though, but she'd probably say
that's part of being the goddess of love.

Which Norse Mythology character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Suicide Note Generator

Listen Up, Dumbfucks:

Most people kill themselves because of a mental condition. This is true in my case, too. The condition I suffer from is that I am not normal, I am not like every "sane" person in the world.

I am not normal in the sense that I am not like every other one of you brain-dead zombies. I can think. I can reason intelligently. I can observe and learn from life. I can make my own decisions and follow through on them. And I can do these without any aid from celebrities, T.V., or radio. Unfortunately, every one of you shit-brained lemmings in the world seem to lack these skills and I can't fucking take it any more.

Since everyone else in this world is a fucking retarded drone who revels in their ignorance and unintelligence, I must put an end to my misery. I truly wish I was normal. I wish I could be a fucking retarded drone whore like all of you. I wish I could have the same conversations day in and day out about sports, politics, or "how about that weather, huh?" But I can't. Sure, you'll see this note and say Leslie's the crazy one. You have to... it's the only way you can go on thinking you're sane and your pathetic life is meaningful. Go ahead, call me the weirdo like everyone else surely will. Then return to your happiness of everyday mindless monotony.

My only wish is that the bullet I put into my brain doesn't kill me, but only leaves me brain-dead. For if ignorance is bliss and every one of you fuck-for-brains is truly happy, then living a life without a brain stem in a coma must surely be utopia.

Leave my machine plugged in, you fucking retards!


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While I'm waffling.. the Friday Five!

At this moment, what is your favorite...


Too many to choose from.. augh! :) I'll pick Indestructible by the Matthew Good Band. The title represents what I want to be.. I was reminded of it this morning when talking to someone about how much we wanted to be robots, heh.


You can't go wrong with some hot and sour soup.. wooyeah! Generally.. the spicier, the better. Although if it's TOO hot for you even with water, then that's no good.

3. ...TV show?

E.R. Although for some reason I haven't been watching it (or any TV) of late. Same goes for Guinness World Records Primetime.. that show is hilarious at times! (and gross at others, but eh.. it's the nature of the beast ;) )

4. ...scent?

Right now, it's freshly cooked homemade food... mmm, food. *grins, knowing she sounds like a pig.. but not really caring, either*

5. ...quote?

"Dreams; those little slices of death, how I loathe them." -- Edgar Allan Poe.

Very apt, since I've been having freaky-ass dreams lately! Someone says it's amazing that I can even sleep after the one I had about human freaks last week... I tend to agree!

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Jim's comment... we love each other in a friendly way!

got another comment from him soon after the first..
since prose is better than this point form, here it is:

I forgot to ask if i was on the list... LOL i know i know you aren't telling anyone!!

My dad has always wanted to visit Canada, all his life he's been saying he wants to go there one day. Every photo was beautiful, i just want to jump on a plane and visit you.

See how crazy i've been today i even managed to spell my own name wrong in the last comment.

Love you too, you are precious.


believe me, the love is meant in a purely platonic way..
glad to know I made such an impression on him..
and I'm not telling anyone if they're on the list of 8 ;)
so unless they manage to snag my offline diary..
nobody is going to be privy to this information.. hahahaha!

was also just reading Spoz's blog.. he has weird dreams..
I've been having them a lot lately, so no blogs on them..
I might tell him about mine soon, or on the forum..
more than likely, he'll brand them as "freaky".. whatever! :P

now.. should I go out later today or be a hermit?
both have their own appeal.. but I really don't know..
I feel like being a slave to a certain part of me..
believe me, that shouldn't be equated to *wanting* it..
since it's now 4:45, I'd better tell Jon what I decide soon..
I'm leaning towards being a hermit for once, haha..
haven't had that chance for weeks and weeks..
so maybe I'll take the opportunity, and do stuff later..
who knows what will happen anyhow.. certainly not me!

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My package made it to Newcastle in four days!

got a very good LJ comment from Roger just now..
just so I don't forget it, here it is:


YOU are amazing!! I received a parcel today and i was totally blown away with what you sent me, it's not very often i'm lost for words but i was today. I loved the photography booklet and Vancouver looks like such a beautiful place, when do i move in??

The card is beautiful too, i'll never forget how amazing it felt to receive that card. The fact that you'd taken the time to think of me like that is still amazing.

I'm really honoured to call you my friend.

Love Jim xx


what can I say to that reaction.. grin like a maniac! ;)
I definitely think of my friends in a special way..
didn't mean to make him absolutely speechless, though!
did I think it would make it to Newcastle in four days?
no, but I'm happy it did.. very glad he liked it..
sure, he wants to move from home in a while..
but I don't think a trans-Atlantic move is in the cards!
certainly I'm honored to call him my friend, as well..
and I definitely send him my love and support..
at least one person thinks I'm amazing, so take that! ;P

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Preferences page of

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROY.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It was fun when Jon would bring you over.

I just discovered the "preferences" page of my email provider..
all the email I've sent these past ten days has been from:
China / Singapore / Taiwan / Australia (Western Time)
(or that's what the time stamp would tell you, at least..
that is, if you actually bothered to look.. I do now)
so the time stamp on my sent emails has been 16 hours out..
now, that part is fixed,. as well as some other things..
that's one thing accomplished.. weird dreams, forebye!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Chinese New Year zodiac info...

Aries March 21–April 20
Taurus April 20–May 21
Gemini May 21–June 21
Cancer June 21–July 23
Leo July 23–August 23
Virgo August 23–September 23
Libra September 23–October 23
Scorpio October 23–November 22
Sagittarius November 22–December 22
Capricorn December 22–January 20
Aquarius January 20–February 19
Pisces February 19–March 21

Here's some more information on the Chinese New Year zodiac for ya. :D

You are a Rooster if you were born in the years 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

You are a Monkey if you were born in the years 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

You are a Sheep if you were born in the years 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

You are a Horse if you were born in the years 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002.

You are a Snake if you were born in the years 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.

You are a Dragon if you were born in the years 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

You are a Rabbit if you were born in the years 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999.

You are a Tiger if you were born in the years 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998.

You are an Ox if you were born in the years 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997.

You are a Rat if you were born in the years 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996.

You are a Pig if you were born in the years 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995.

You are a Dog if you were born in the years 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994.

Rooster - A pioneer spirit devoted to work and quest after knowledge. Sometimes selfish and eccentric. Trouble with Rabbits, but fine with Snakes and Ox.

Tiger - A fighting spirit - aggressive and courageous. A sensitive deep thinker who is true blue with friends. Marry a Horse or Dog, but beware of the Monkey.

Rabbit - Luckiest of signs - talented and affectionate, yet shy. You seek peace. Marry a Sheep or Pig - not Rooster.

Snake - Wise and intense, but vain. Passionate and determined. A winner with money. Rooster and Ox are your closest signs - Pig is enemy.

Sheep - Elegant and creative - best in arts. Passionate but timid. Most compatible with Rabbits and Pigs. Avoid Ox.

Dog - Honest and loyal leader of men. Generous, but stubborn. Earmarked for success. Horses and Tigers are friendly, but watch out for Dragons.

Pig - Shy, but short tempered. Affectionate and kind to loved ones. You are impulsive and honest. Most compatible with Sheep and Rabbits. Steer clear of other Pigs.

Dragon - Excitable, with complex life. Stubborn on outside - softhearted inside. A born leader. Compatible with Monkey and Rat. Beware of Dog.

Horse - Cheerful and popular, but impatient. Handy with money - always a winner. Compatible with Tiger and Dog - but never a Rat.

Monkey - Very intelligent and able to influence people. Good politician. Thirsty for knowledge. Talented and inventive, but easily discouraged. Seek a Dragon or Rat - not Tiger.

Ox - Bright, inspiring, and easygoing. You make an outstanding parent. You should marry a Snake or Rooster, but not a Sheep.

Rat - Ambitious and honest, but prone to spend freely. Quick to anger. Compatible with Dragons and Monkeys - avoid Horses.

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Endearing terms and humor are cool...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILLY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great that you moved on up. ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRUDY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was good knowing you at church.

I think that I really don't mind being called "love / luv"..
at least, as long as it's in the context of a pirate fantasy..
and as long as I can call him that back, and he won't flinch..
funny that I keep hearing it in a Johnny Depp accent..
(that seemingly Irish one he put on for Pirates..)
that dude will put me in a rare swivet, I'm sure ;)
"Silly Island," indeed.. at least it's humor-provoking!
having people around who I care about is cool..
and if they're humorous, that's just a bonus blessing!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Haha, I love Sam too!

I've found someone else who makes me laugh a lot..
his humor does indeed shine through in his writings..
he says I "rock more and more with each passing word"..
I haven't seen his poetry or stories yet, but I will soon..
people that make me laugh do indeed rock the house!
I'm blessed to have found many people like that..
wonder where some of them went, though.. I miss 'em..
they're all very golden, and won't be tainted.. booyah!

on another note, lel says she misses me at the UB..
you could say I'm over a certain person there, indeed..
but I tried to bring myself to post there.. couldn't do it..
besides, with the presence of certain other people there..
nah, I don't quite think I'll be going back soon!
if I make a thread about it, I'll mask the trueness..
since I probably won't, that'll be a moot point..
so here's a big goodbye and farewell.. hehehehe...

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Keeping your eyes peeled

Sam just used the expression "I'll keep my eyes peeled"..
I was telling him that I'd post cool stuff about me in my LJ..
that way, I wouldn't hijack his comment thread any further..
never mind that it was already hijacked to a huge level..
so he responded with that.. gruesome, if you think about it..
not the fact he answered me, but the expression.. :P

how would you peel your own eyes, and would you WANT to?
I mean, you kinda need them to SEE with.. right?
I'd also imagine that the inner eye layers don't look pretty..
an experience that would give ME the willies, all right..
(and don't even start in on that scene in Minority Report..
it's not quite the same thing, so just stuff it down ya throat :P)

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Relief and sex-related events...

No, this entry is NOT what you think it's going to be about.. :P Cheh!

After reading a certain newspaper blurb about a 13-year-old girl who was lured by a 37-year-old man over the Internet (who raped her violently), I'm very glad that a certain person is not in my life anymore. Not saying the outcome would have been the same, of course.. but that person certainly couldn't hide the fact that he had a very dirty mind. (even online)

Not that I object to people having dirty minds, of course. I only object if they share a WHOLE lot of information about it with me at one time, or over some time. No, I'm not a prude or anything like that.. but there is such a thing as decency. (I don't mean to sound like I'm preaching, because that's not my aim) Luckily, most people I have known seem to get that line between courtesy and extreme dirtiness.

On a semi-related note, it's kinda creepy when you recognize a sketch in the paper of a person who's wanted for sexual assaults of some sort on women. Google "Leonardo da Vancouver" if you want to know more.. I was on a bus once with this creep, and he tried making advances to me and to one other obviously pregnant lady. *shudders*

Didn't help that there was some nutjob on the loose a few months before who would attack random Asian women.. he initially got blamed for the Amanda Zhao murder, until her boyfriend was a suspect.

Ladies: be careful out there!

Guys: I don't object to your dirty minds, but don't get overly salacious with me. (in fact, I blame the person referenced in the first part of my entry for corrupting my mind)

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Yes, Eric sent me his current address!

got an email from Eric saying he had looked again..
and he'd indeed given me his current address..
he just didn't see it when he was glancing through his text..
it was contained within one line, instead of the usual:

Name of Person / Company
Street Address
City of Residence
Postal Code

that's how he usually sends addresses, as do I..
so after getting that email, I finally decided to mail stuff..
definitely a very good thing that I did so today..
it's a good thing I escaped a certain something.. wooyeah!

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Who would market SEAN!?

church wasn't too bad today at all.. I talked to my friends..
Denise saw the photo collage on Adela's Starbucks mug..
her first reaction was: "Who would market Sean?!"
I told Jen that MSN refused to work with this machine now..
she'd been wondering why she never saw me online anymore..
got home, and fielded email from Eric about the petition..
he thought he'd given me the address of his former place..
so he gave me his current address, but no worries..
Eric knows the people currently living at the old house..
as it is, he'd given me the current mailing address..
I'll mail the petition to him tomorrow, and Roger's stuff..
depends on the weather, of course.. I don't go out in rain..
at least, not unless I absolutely have to.. a hindrance here ;)
things should be all right for now, I guess.. woohoo!

What dog are you?


You have many friends and are very social. Many people love how you adapt to things.

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Drinking coffee with major coffee grounds in it

drinking coffee with major coffee grounds in it is bad for you..
too bad my mom would have raised a ruckus had I complained..
instead, I'm just not going to talk to her unless necessary..
today is going to be uncertain, all right.. DAMN YOU...
don't you DARE tell me how to feel, or even what to do!
guess we'll see what'll happen.. I hope my friends are there..
my parents never understand that kind of thing, either..
therefore, the only people I like are my true friends..
and no, going to Big G's is so not an option.. so there :P
a fair-sized spider just showed itself, too.. very scarifying..
right in my line of vision.. I hope this isn't an omen..
not that I believe in them at all.. I'm just saying ;)

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His name was my name, too... eek for coincidence!

In Gr. 8, there was a guy with the same first and last names as me. That was very unsettling. I actually learned about this in Gr. 7, as we were each given a newspaper from one of the local junior high schools to read. (it was during one of those "Choose Your Next School" days) My classmate Annette had gotten further into the paper than I had, and called out: "Hey, why is your name in the paper?" Of course, I shot back: "What do you mean?" She told me to look on the honor roll page.. yep, there it was. Didn't really give it much thought until the first day of Gr. 8.

There was indeed someone with the exact same name in Gr. 9.. kinda shocked me that it was a guy. (I knew of males with my first name, but didn't think people named their sons that anymore) Yes, we got mixed up. I got called to the office once in Gr. 8 because the guy had skipped French class, and the teacher (Mrs. Tijman) wasn't too happy about it. The funny / ironic thing about this one was that I had Mrs. Tijman the next two years running for French / Spanish classes.

There was also the time that our report cards got switched.. he had better grades than I did, so it was easy to see that it was a mix-up. Unfortunately, some people thought it was absolutely hilarious. I remember E.J. Navarro saying this to me on the way home from school once: "Hey, you two are a match made in heaven! You have the same name, right?!" I decidedly did not think so.. heck, the two of us never even talked much (if at all) during the time we were at the same school.

When it came time for senior high, I thought I'd be free of him. (Gr. 10 was a welcome respite, in that I was the only one with my name in the school) There was a list by the counsellors' office that gave the three local senior highs, and which one the Gr. 10's were switching to for Gr. 11 and 12. I'd looked at the list in Gr. 9, and decided that I was safe in McNair Secondary, as Mr. Same Name had evidently switched to Richmond High. When I got to Gr. 11, I found that it wasn't true. At least we weren't in the same homeroom, nor were our lockers remotely close to each other. (no mix-ups that I can remember at this place, either)

He was on the junior high basketball team, and I remember one assembly we had to congratulate the sports teams on their seasons. My friend Errol Hui was sitting next to me, and he certainly gave me a strange look when "our" name was announced!

So there you have the story.

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