Saturday, December 06, 2008

If you don't want to burn the place down, DON'T DO STUFF WITH CANDLES!

Note to self: Try resisting the temptation to pull rank on a certain person, as great as it may seem. "Be careful who you're talking to..." hahaha.

Ada and her sons picked me up this afternoon, and Sean correctly identified me by name - that's pretty good! Awana went all right - saw Ian M. and Gabriel! I got crackers, as is my wont. (also got Toblerone later, but that's another story) We were reminded about gold / frankincense (seven times the worth of gold) / myrrh (even more expensive!), and the kids were excited to see the upstairs portion of the church since some of them haven't seen it yet. After seeing the chapel, I went to the fellowship hall to put my stuff down before talking to Raymond (YAY!) / Jeremy / Eric / Nathan / Christon / Cindy - it was Auntie Ronne's idea to "exploit" the white guys and Nathan by having them sing a song in Chinese pinyin. (I told Sarah this later on, and she was very surprised!) Since Nathan is Nathan, he decided to take it a little more to the extreme by picking up weird glasses / a Canada hat from the dollar store, and include them as "props" - there was also the little China flag, haha.

Discussed Christmas trees, laundry, FAMILY GUY, working out, Billie's party, the "extra" lemon tart (I had to make a sacrifice for Eric AGAIN! :P), Nathan's GRE ("a low level of terrorism"), salad, container waste, a retreat, "taking the garbage home" (I'm serious - we had to do this), Wordscraper, housework, and other things before / at the appreciation dinner. Good thing I'm able to ignore a certain thing completely! Asked Vanessa if she'd read my sister's latest email - she has, but doesn't care about the weather - well, I certainly do! The guys were practicing their phonetic Chinese throughout dinner, and we were laughing about "gay doctors" - don't ask, since you kinda had to be there. "We're an... accepting church, but you have to be BOTH! Don we now our gay apparel, so we can be HAPPY doctors!" It had to do with the phonetic pronunciation of "Christian" (gae dook) in Chinese, heh.

When we were all told to go into the sanctuary, Raymond / Jeremy / Eric and I decided to see where we could sit for the best view of the guys' song presentation. Unfortunately, we were foiled by Auntie Ronne... "You can't sit here!" "But we ARE sitting here!" (might as well TRY being a smartass!) Then we learned that we had to get name tags and sit in assigned rows by the number on the tag - no WONDER the pews were numbered! I asked Raymond later if he managed to get video on his camera phone, but he was sitting too far back - darn! Some people asked me where my parents were: like I had any idea?! Auntie Grace asked why I wasn't seeing my sister, but I told her it was next week. I asked Auntie Kwai if she was looking after my grandma - she says everything's prepared, which is good.

The guys' presentation was hilarious! The pinyin on the overhead didn't match what Nathan had on his sheets (the correct version) - and Nate had even found a version which rhymed and was more theologically correct, but Ivan's mom nixed that on the grounds of familiarity with the other version. We had to "explore" the church and count all the EXIT signs (28 in all), during which time Sarah and I stopped to see what the Timothy people were doing. Talked briefly to Jonathan about Calgary and Winter Con, then we headed downstairs. Someone came up with a cheat: "Just ask Uncle Ken!" We spent time with baby Mattias - he's so cute and tiny still! Emily figured that she and Sarah could babysit the kid since baby Allison's still fine, haha. (then we had to make "stones" out of newspaper - at least the games were slightly more interesting than last time we had such a dinner!)

We lit candles again, with the requisite warning NOT to burn the place down particularly since we just got it. I was thinking, "So in that case, why exactly are we lighting candles in the church?!" (if I were in Jeremy's row, he'd have gotten that!) Eric seemed surprised that I had stuff still in the fellowship hall, but I wasn't going to bring it into the sanctuary - the security guard's still on duty, as I've seen the past three nights!

On the way home, he made a bunch of HALF-LIFE 2 / FRINGE references... and told me to guess what he did in a certain place when he left my apartment this afternoon. I took the opportunity to be insane, so brought up raping maidens and other unsavory deeds: "You really don't think much of my Blood Elf character, do you?!" "Maybe you get your aggression out by playing a bad guy in the game!" Hey, you told me to GUESS... and no, Dr. Walter Bishop is NOT performing experiments on me! Talked about why the heck people would DISABLE Ad-Aware / AVG updates, his forgetting his green gloves at my place yet again (should bring them tomorrow), the undead, vampires, temperatures in Quebec and the Arctic, candy, and more.

Got home to find that my mom has to be at church at 9:15 AM to promote something - meh, I called Eric's cell instead for a ride. (didn't want to wake the house up or anything) My mom says she wishes I could back out now too, because then I could have looked after Grandma myself, but now it costs $75 per person. Says she has a woolen scarf and other winter stuff for me, and advises me to pack now so they can take the stuff tomorrow. Makes sense, but I should have latched onto that excuse way back when we were at Mui's! ACK, STUPID BRAIN!

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Snow and my trip - NO!

If I didn't want to go before, I definitely don't want to go anywhere NOW - not after reading my sister's latest email where she describes hell freezing over, and conditions being generally slick and icy! Says it got down to -28 degrees C this past week! Why the heck did I ever say that I *would* go next week... she should have planned this for the summer, man. However, I don't want to be too self-centred like SOMEONE would be, so I'll just cut this short. Call me a spoiled wimp, but I like being able to actually feel my fingers and toes! (plus any other body parts, of course - NOT IN THAT WAY!)

(why me?!)

Although for some odd reason, I got up at 10 today and felt pretty okay. Eric had to call when I was just getting back into bed to see if I could grab some extra sleep, though! No, you can't drop off any TV since I don't know when I'll be going! Darned exam that Henry has to write, haha. (and darn the kids' lessons, too? hahaha) And just because I'm on Facebook doesn't mean I want to talk to you on the phone either! This thing restarted overnight, too!

Great... now there are people screaming in the apartment hallways. What the heck is going ON around here?! (do I even wanna know?!)

Edit at 1: Turns out the kids aren't going for lessons - yay, Ian and Sean! :P

Edit at 2: Ron and Eric came over, but couldn't get the big TV to work. Something fell off the back, and this was apparently an important part. Oh well. :P

Which creature of the night are you?
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Does sperm have guile?

High-scoring words of the night so far:

GUILE (180 points) - against Pat K. [4W, 5W]
SPERM (225 points) - against George M. [two 5W]

Eric came in for a bit at my insistence, and then we were off to figure out what we did not want to eat. We settled on Pho, which isn't quite as convenient anymore. At least we had some hot tea - yay! Went to church (parking across the street) while discussing random things like gas prices, the cold weather, how I didn't feel like freezing my butt off, regulating my sleep schedule, the two-hour time difference between here and Regina (YIKES!), turning my phone on (gonna have to do that for tomorrow anyway), and more similar material. Talked to Raymond about MSN / Gmail, Facebook scarecrows (flowers or SuperPokes?), the new Wordscraper board design, Christmas parties with over 300 people and not enough cutlery, my sister / Vanessa, and more... I also gave Maisie a LOOK when she tried talking to me about stuff. I know that I probably shouldn't have, but I wasn't in much of a mood to be sociable except with select people.

Played HUMAN BINGO as an icebreaker, which was an interesting way of getting to know people. Almost everybody should know that I read books for fun, or check my Facebook every day! Briefly discussed things with Jen - we can always talk later! Greeted Karen, and also talked to Kevin / Richie / Chuck / Andrea T. / Christon / Dawn / Calla / Pastor John / Vivian. Bible Study was cool enough - Melia brought Timbits, Dylan brought pop and some General Tao chicken chips from Superstore (I took half a bag of Buffalo Wings with Ranch home), and we had a good discussion.

Cindy's mentor teacher is funny: "I'm in so much pain right now that I really want to swear, but I can't because of YOU!" That also shows a respect for her belief system, which at least is a good thing! Dylan told us that the Canucks had won 2-1 against the Minnesota Wild, because the score just popped up on his phone while he was checking something else... hahaha. Later, I high-fived Chris since he liked my Santa hat... also waved to Martin T. and Emily T., and said hi to Sabrina. Danny told me that he wasn't in pain... well, that's always good even if the conversational snippet I overheard between him and Benedict was about being hurt! :P

Raymond said that he didn't know Janette and her family lived on the same street as he did - that's gotta be good for ride purposes like tomorrow night's dinner! Bantered with Janette about SuperPokes, educated her sister Andrea about peri-peri chips (SO SPICY!), and was surprised that Stanford was actually here since his work usually goes LATE on Fridays! Eventually got out of there, and Jon discussed wedding centrepieces with Harmony: "We should have DURIAN for a fragrant reception hall - Sarne, it won't stink it up! (oh yeah, #4 / Alderbridge is a big joke...) Or maybe blackberries, oysters, and dandelions to pay homage to endangered species! I know you'll complain about the oysters being too slimy and gross, though. By the way, here's a message from Eric: *farting noise into phone* Wait, he says he's trying to play air trumpet!" Crazy night... and more tomorrow!

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Friday, December 05, 2008

David's new townhouse, Billie's life, spiritual numbers, and pajamas

What an afternoon! Went to see David's new townhouse, which he's quite proud of - four floors near the Market, and a private rooftop sanctuary up above everything! Certainly impressive, if a bit empty - I'm sure he'll fill it up soon, though. Hey, I was his first visitor, heh! Talked about evil, Christmas plans, Jon's engagement, snow, vegging out, jokes, and more. He said I didn't have to get him a Christmas card (thought it was for his birthday), so hugged me in thanks. It was nice spending some time with him! Got home, and discovered that Billie had called me as soon as I'd left. (Daryl B. also added me for the blood games)

So of course I had to return that call. Talked about Iran, school segregated by gender, stupid idiots, her class, stories, characters, adding random people on Facebook, paintings making people feel hungry, friends, Regina, misheard lyrics (damn Sean Paul for not making any sense!), Eiffel 65, Backstreet Boys, and Nirvana. Also discussed food going FAST in her house, Nathan, her birthday party (so excited!), birthday wishes on Facebook, GJ dying, LJ, notes on Facebook, surveys, being literal, Capricorn, packing, makeup, Regina, Jon's engagement, time differences, and more. Was good to talk to her too, even if since it was a bit unexpected. Seems that ate up all the time I was going to use for editing, since Eric just called from work to say he's picking me up. I predict I'll be up editing till who knows when, AGAIN... yes, even though I really shouldn't be. The dinner tomorrow will eat up time for that as well... I love going hardcore on personal projects, too!

Your Spiritual Number is Four

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You are a devoted friend, and you are able to help others get out of extremely chaotic situations.

Right now, your life is about making difficult choices and complicated decisions.

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You have the courage to do what's best, even when it's hard.

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You are a very relaxed person, especially when you're surrounded by your favorite things and people.

You are a homebody. Home is the place where you can truly be yourself.

You are likely to wear pajamas a lot. In fact, you often change into yours the minute you get home!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'll need 50,000 layers of clothing to survive in Regina!

Eric and I had a random ride to church tonight for our meeting. Discussed TV, Nathan, worship, comparison, laundry, notes, subs, and his references to the last episode of FRINGE. (never seen the show myself) I misheard "there's a guy halfway through the wall!" as "there's a half-naked guy in the mall!" Of course I proceeded to ask him where he'd seen this sight, whereupon he said that I had creative hearing issues again. Too true... we stopped by Mr. Sub to get food. Their subs have the option of mushrooms on them, which I'm sure would horrify Corey if I told him! ;)

Got a lot done in the LONG meeting (didn't end till after 10!), and it's a good thing Vivian / Johnny / Kevin are there to help Eric / me / Dylan... thank goodness I don't have to write a lot anymore! At least my position has a quasi-designation ("Helper") rather than it being largely undetermined like "FUTURE NAME." Hahaha, those were good times in 2003 with Lesley / Lily / Maxine!

On the way home, I advised Eric that I'd probably freeze my butt off next week - it's way too cold ALREADY, so I dunno how I'll survive in Regina! Fifty thousand layers of clothing plus long underwear might help, plus a few toques on at the same time... I'll have to seriously think! Discussed quantum tunnels, shaking hands, motives, bricks through grates, diffusing matter / atoms, gloves, the 6-5 loss to the Wings (Luongo's injured, and Vigneault's not happy with Curtis Sanford or Cory Schneider!), the letter R, turning the heat up, being jaded about relationships, new people, and other things too. x50 next week...

Corey says he solved the Photobucket problem of it not copying what we want:

[19:27:42] Corey: hey, I just got rid of that Photobucket problem :P
[19:27:59] Corey: I made the hovering thing go away, and clicking the URL you want auto-copies it again :P
[19:28:20] Corey: hover over a picture and click "link options," and one of the options is to leave URLs on all the time
[19:28:42] Corey: since it takes up the same space with them on or off, I don't see why the hell they don't just leave them there by default...
[19:29:17] Flami: hey, that's SWEET NEWS! YAY!
[19:36:09] Flami: how did you figure it out?
[19:36:46] Corey: by noticing that options link
[19:39:10] Flami: and I take it that you tested it?
[19:43:08] Corey: I just used it to upload a Rock Band 2 score :P
[19:53:57] Flami: GEEK :P

He also got the card and Yummy Mummy Gummy candy I sent him, too.

[19:54:47] Corey: Egyptian dildo girl
[20:01:26] Flami: I told you last night that I'm not one of those.
[20:02:52] Corey: well, what are those things then? :P
[20:04:17] Corey: it says it's a mummy, but the feet are shaped like a cock :P so it's like a sarcophagus-themed dildo thing :P
[20:17:15] Flami: you know, I *did* tell you that they looked like penis :P
[20:17:32] Corey: when did you tell me that?
[20:38:03] Flami: [01:56:59] Flami: on another note, these Yummy Mummy Gummy candies look like penii
[20:38:17] Flami: on Nov. 20
[20:47:47] Corey: so when you eat those, do you suck on the end first? :P
[20:47:56] Corey: well, I didn't know that's what you were sending :P
[20:51:05] Flami: I bit off the head first... and what other "penis candy" do I have around here?!
[20:59:25] Corey: how should I know? :P
[21:00:11] Corey: it's interesting that the envelope was big enough to be called a small package, and you had to fill out a customs form :P
[21:02:25] Flami: well, I can assure you that I don't have anything else like that around here! :P
[21:02:53] Flami: yeah, I know... it had to be filled out because apparently it would get sent right back to me if it wasn't
[21:13:22] Corey: you don't need to for letters, and that's not much more than a letter.. I'd think it'd still work :P
[21:19:46] Flami: well, not for letters... but it was kinda obvious that there was something else in the envelope besides your usual letter-size stuff :P
[21:23:34] Corey: yeah... but I'd think if it's that small, it wouldn't matter
[21:28:16] Flami: true, but what was I going to do? NOT do that? :P

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Erin should NOT be a guy name, people! Are you STUPID?!

Erin should NOT be a male name. The only acceptable spelling for it is Aaron. I won't respond to things that seem like they're impersonal and mass-emailed to people! (Craigslist is providing me with entertainment, though!)

Must do some laundry, and am having second thoughts about something... too late now! *sigh*

Why the heck did I have a dream where Dylan, Eric, and I were having some kind of meeting in some random cafeteria?! We've never had meetings there before, although I guess the food court in random malls (Aberdeen / Yaohan) comes close. But the really weird thing is that after we were finished, we were transported to Laura Ingalls Wilder world! Apparently, Almanzo and Laura had been getting it on pre-maritally, and she was worried because a certain biological function hadn't come yet. When it did, Almanzo promised her that they would make a baby by February 1865. A stern Charles and Caroline Ingalls were at their quickie wedding, then were harsh when telling her how to make pie afterwards. The baby came in 1867, just in time to coincide with Canada's birth as a country.

No idea what's with my subconscious! At least I get to see David S. tomorrow! Must mail stuff out today, if I can... Valentina Y. added me for the blood games. For some reason, I've always liked that name... along with Svetlana, Nina, and Tatiana. If I believed in previous lives, I'd say I was a Russian in one of mine!

Edit at 4: The computer just restarted again!

Who will catch you smoking weed this year, and what will happen? by mynameisrachel
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Toilet plunging sounds like MY kind of superpower, haha!

High-scoring word of the night so far:

CAUDEX (240 points) - against Karla M. [5W, 3W]

Ian C. and Sonia K. added me for the blood games, which I don't play anymore.

What Anne Rice Vampire are you? (Girls) by mitra903
Favorite Color
CharacterMaharet, the watcher of all

What is your weird superhero / villain?
by Q9
Favorite color
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People rescued / destroyed458

HAHAHA. What a superpower!

What do the Naruto characters think of you? (Detailed results) (Meant for girls) by Phyco101
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Eye color:Silver
Hair color:Aqua
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Naruto...Thinks you're cute, but doesn't know how to tell you. He wishes he could tell you, but can't figure out a good way how to.
Sakura...Like the fact that you don't like Sasuke, and you two are close friends! You diss up Ino with ease!
Sasuke...Wants you to stay away from him. He has enough annoying fangirls, and doesn't need another one telling him how awesome his move was.
Gaara...Hates you. FLAT.OUT.HATES.YOU.
Ten-Ten...Hates you. Not only do you SUCK with weapons, but you're ALWAYS hitting on Neji!
Neji...Thinks you're as loud as Naruto, and are unworthy of his words. He thinks you're rude and obnoxious.
Kiba...Hates you! You screamed when Akamaru came to ask for a pat, and laughed at his markings!
Ino...Hates you. Sasuke gives you looks when you two are on missions together... and SHE'S the only one that notices!
Lee...Hates you. You laughed at him, Gai, and said Neji was WAY better than him at EVERYTHING!
Hinata...Thinks you're awesome! You talk to her about everything, and listens to everything you say! You even put in a good word for her with Naruto! You two are awesome pals!
Choji...Is willing to share his chips with you. You took him out to BBQ! He totally loves you for that!
Temari...Thinks you're awesome. You like to fight, and you're good at it too! She wants to fight you. She thinks you could become good friends!
Kabuto...Doesn't even know you. Doesn't have a card about you.
Kakashi...You stole his book and replaced it with an encyclopedia. He hates your guts, girl.
Shino...You always pick up an innocent bug and place it outside. You talk with him, even though he might not say a lot back. You never ask him to take off his glasses, and you aren't scared of him...and he loves you for it.
Who you end up with:Sasuke
How much they love you:
How much you love them:
How many kids you will have:5
Whose arms you'll die in...Shino
How it will all end:Natural death. You led a good life, and died in your sleep.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Various quizzes from Blogthings and Memegen

They're playing Metallica (Unforgiven) on Rock 101?! Oh my... the guys are playing tonight, though! o_O

You Are a Reluctant Shopper

You really don't enjoy shopping. For you, it's just another chore.

You approach shopping systematically. You research what you're going to buy, and come prepared with a list.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to not buy things you don't need.

You try to de-emphasize stuff in your life. You find shopping and buying things to be a rather empty experience.

Kind of, sure...

You Are 48% Likely to Survive Another Great Depression

Your habits are pretty on par with the average person.

Unfortunately, this means your chances aren't good in another Great Depression.

Start saving your money now. Living in debt isn't doing you any favors.

Also figure out how to live a little more cheaply. Every little bit you can trim will help.

You Are Clam Chowder

You are cynical and a bit provincial. You don't trust what's new or trendy.

You are also indulgent and hedonistic. You like rich foods, and you would never count calories.

You are not a big cooker - or a big foodie. Food is not complicated for you.

You eat what's comfortable. And what's from a box or can. You're very low maintenance.

Your Mafia Name Is

Victoria "Big Lips" Gambino

Anime Personality by Bowen
clothesSpellcaster robes
hair color / styleShort brown spiked
eye color / stylebig innocent green

Suicide Style? by YorunoKage
Favorite Color
Date of DeathDecember 26, 2048
Time of Death (Rounded to the Hour)3:51 AM
Suicide StyleBurn yourself to death - Soak your clothes in flammable liquids, and then jump into a pool of gasoline. Next, smoke your last cigarette (see? smoking can kill you).

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Yay for time to plan!

Henry called me earlier to say that he has an exam on Saturday. Thank goodness he gave me a few days to find an alternate Awana ride! (told him about my Regina trip also) Not sure what is with people scheduling exams on the weekends: perhaps they ran out of days! Called Ada soon after that; as long as I don't really mind waiting for Ian and Sean to finish lessons (I can bring a book?), it's fine if they drive me. I think the appreciation dinner is after Awana too, so I'll almost certainly see someone in particular - yay! As for long-overdue Blogger tagging, I think I'll start on the OCDL project NOW! No getting distracted by stupid idiots, either! :D

What pet is right for you?


You have a big heart, and will do anything to help people.

Personality Test Results

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2008 Year in Review Meme

Had a weird phone call from Michigan: 1-571-939-2151, anyone? Also, Robert L. / David R. added me for the blood games. Ack! Can people be chimeras of sorts after a transplant? Hmm!

Mario Kart love song - thanks, Vania! The guy has a nice voice, and the song isn't retarded!

Meme fun: Take the first line from the first post of every month of the year. Repost it here as your year in review. (I'm discounting greetings and things like that :P) Yeah, it's been an interesting year!

As it happened, we didn't go to Chapters, but stopped by Seraphim instead so Eric could get a Starfield CD for Korey. Jon sent us an email about Sunday Dinner - none this week because of the rescheduled AGM and the Super Bowl. I just scored a 77-point bingo on the word OUTLIERS - yay! Am wearing my sweater, K's West 49th hoodie, and Eric's yellow Boulder Gear jacket - hey, I'm all for a mix! After that last post, I went to the third floor to see what Jon and Dallas were up to. Went to church this morning with my sister, and we discussed my grandma in her presence.

I'm at the Brighouse Library now, and I just saw Suanne K., whom I used to know ages ago. There was a major flood at the library due to a burst pipe - yikes! Jon and I went to the Night Market with our parents. I had a weird dream which involved Citrus getting a new baby brother named Citosha, almost in time for his eighteenth birthday. I had a weird dream where I was invited to go around with Anita and Jeff in their car. Teunis kindly picked me up with his friend Kaili in tow, and we were off to Erik's to watch IRON MAN.

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IRON MAN, the movie!

Teunis kindly picked me up with his friend Kaili in tow, and we were off to Erik's to watch IRON MAN. Warned me about chocolate on the seat, but it seemed okay - as a precaution, I did wear grungy pants. :P Saw a few people again... someone I vaguely recognized as Krista's dad (I think?), a guy named Kyle, Lindsay, and her mom. We bantered a bit about allergies and nicknames: if white Eric were there, he wouldn't have been able to eat Teunis' creation of a semi-sweet chocolate dessert. Probably a good thing he's seen the movie already and wasn't there, since we didn't leave till 1 AM because CERTAIN PEOPLE were busy being RPG / computer geeks. ;) [and I mean that in the nicest way possible - it's like when Jeremy and Eric were busy studying the schematics of the church floor plan upstairs today!]

Had chips, candy, and other food... we had to keep it away from the dog Lucy, heh. Was reminded of the time we all got together at Edith and Carina's place for a Timothy gathering, and their dog Buffy got into the cake that someone had brought to share! Their mom scolded the dog in Chinese, haha. IRON MAN was interesting - I didn't have the backstory, but managed to get into it well enough. Certain elements (the cave / "Middle Eastern" terrorists / torture / double-crossing?) reminded me of 24 (haven't seen REDEMPTION yet - I should!) - that was pretty sweet. Of course, the song IRON MAN was kinda in the movie, yet not OF the movie. Surprised someone by writing - size is important! I like how Samuel L. Jackson had a very small cameo after the end credits, haha. Someone's IRON MAN bobblehead reminded me of Strong Bad - yay!

Discussed GREEN candy, STAR WARS mechanics / transport, videos, vampire books (thanks to Erik for THE BEAST WITHIN!), tolerable roommates, loss of work time, dislike of people, drums, RPG characters, and more. It was cool - I *may* have done something I normally wouldn't, but I was kinda busy holding a laptop. Maybe next time, and that's all the warning you're gonna get! :P (also rocked out to the Dropkick Murphys on the way home - SWEET!) Right now, Corey is wondering why the heck Samuel L. Jackson was cast as some white guy - how should *I* know?! (also, Kempy added me to Facebook - yay for Spoz being our mutual friend, and Fuzzy Red Records!)

[01:41:19] Flami: the hamsterette: guess what I watched tonight
[01:41:29] Corey: [*insert disgusting suggestion here*]
[01:41:43] Flami: (and if you say HQVID or anything similar, I'm going to kill you)
[01:41:48] Flami: *kills you*
[01:42:59] Corey: [*insert some TMI about porn here*]
[01:43:04] Corey: you'd love it!
[01:43:12] Corey: so what did you watch then????
[01:44:13] Flami: ..... please tell me you're kidding....
[01:46:58] Flami: the hamsterette: watched IRON MAN the movie
[01:51:05] Corey: I am not kidding at all :P
[01:51:38] Flami: do I want to know how you learned this? :P
[01:51:43] Corey: so did you catch the reference to War Machine, who will likely be in the sequel since he said "nah... maybe next time"? :P
[01:51:59] Corey: how can you have been on the Internet for this long and not heard of this stuff? :P
[01:52:11] Flami: ask someone else, not me :P
[01:52:33] Corey: you didn't watch it??? :P
[01:53:48] Corey: Rhodes, the black guy that was an army dude of some sort, I think, is War Machine... which is basically just Iron Man with black and grey armor :P in one scene, Iron Man flies off and Rhodey sees a second Iron Man suit and hesitates and then says "... maybe next time...", and leaves :P
[01:54:09] Corey: except Iron Man will probably be in the Avengers movie next, not in his own sequel, so who knows
[01:55:15] Flami: no... I was answering your question about "how can you be on the Internet for this long?"
[01:55:38] Flami: apparently, some guy named Fury was in the movie for like 20 seconds at the end
[01:56:21] Corey: Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I don't remember that... but there was someone from SHIELD in it that was following Iron Man around
[01:56:30] Corey: Nick Fury has an eye patch and smokes a cigar
[01:56:34] Corey: I don't remember that
[01:57:29] Flami: Samuel L. Jackson, I think
[01:57:39] Flami: yeah... that Agent guy
[02:05:51] Corey: Samuel L. Jackson isn't in that movie!
[02:06:12] Corey: and Nick Fury is white
[02:06:19] Corey: the black guy in the uniform was Rhodes, which I already told you :P
[02:06:41] Flami: get the video - go past the end credits.
[02:06:49] Corey: the SHIELD guy is at the end, and he helps Tony Stark cover up that he's Iron Man, but then he goes and tells everyone he's Iron Man at the end anyway
[02:06:59] Corey: I might have it on my laptop :P
[02:07:03] Flami: and yes, I know
[02:07:14] Corey: probably deleted it though, but I have it somewhere
[02:07:27] Corey: nope, not on here
[02:08:54] Corey: actually... I should have it on my other computer :P which I can get to over the network (I'm downstairs :P)
[02:09:20] Flami: SNEAKY! *thumbs-up*
[02:09:27] Corey: okay, here we go
[02:09:49] Corey: but it's rared, so I can't get to the file without unraring it :P crap
[02:10:25] Corey: I'll see if it works, but the network is usually too slow for that
[02:11:32] Corey: well... you're right, it is Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. (according to IMDB)
[02:11:41] Corey: he goes into a bar and talks about forming a team or something?
[02:12:01] Corey: that was in Hulk
[02:12:16] Corey: and why the hell is Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury???
[02:12:54] Corey: that's Nick Fury
[02:13:06] Corey: current head of SHIELD, formerly of Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos, which was from WWII, I think...........
[02:13:44] Flami: how should *I* know why he's Nick Fury?
[02:14:01] Corey: pretty sure Samuel L. Jackson doesn't match the visual on that one...
[02:14:21] Corey: they didn't get enough complaints when they made Kingpin a black guy in Daredevil?
[02:14:58] Flami: I have no idea
[02:15:06] Corey: that doesn't mean a black guy can't play that type of role... but with Kingpin, they totally changed his personality to be a black thug type guy... and with Sam Jackson, they'll definitely change it to fit his style...
[02:15:25] Corey: doesn't look like the character, doesn't act like the character... so don't flippin' do it :P
[02:15:40] Corey: that's a classic character, and it would be cool if they did it right :P
[02:20:54] Corey: then if you complain about things like that online, you get called a racist. I see it as making a movie where Superman has a green cape or something :P everyone would complain about that
[02:24:35] Flami: for sure, for sure...
[02:25:44] Flami: some elements of it reminded me of 24
[02:31:44] Flami: must have been the terrorists, torture, and the cave
[02:34:55] Corey: go watch the movie Three Kings, then
[02:36:01] Corey: I don't think it's much like 24, but it does have the torture in caves type vibe :P it's about three US soldiers in the Gulf War (first one, not this one), who find out where a stash of Saddam Hussein's gold is hidden and go off to find it
[02:38:21] Corey: well, I just looked up the Nick Fury movie (which I didn't know was in the works) and the message board for it on IMDB is full of people screaming racism at people that complain that they changed the character..........
[02:38:52] Corey: "The Original Nick Fury Was Black, You Racist Pigs"
[02:38:58] Corey: "Nick Fury was NOT originally black. When the comic came out in 1963, he was a white guy."
[02:41:48] Corey: IMDB message boards are stupid, though... EVERY movie's board has people screaming about how racist the movie is... EVERY ONE :P I think most of them are just trolls to get people worked up, but I bet a lot of them are real.......
[02:46:04] Flami: oh dear... why I am not surprised?
[02:57:20] Corey: however, I did see that the Ultimate Universe version of Nick Fury is black, and Sam Jackson fits that version perfectly. I haven't read much Ultimate stuff, so I forgot about that. I still think it's a bit dumb to change him in that too, but that's an alternate universe, so it's okay... the regular one is still in the regular comics.
[02:57:45] Corey: Ultimate is an alternate universe that reboots a lot of the hero stories and kind of modernizes them
[02:58:01] Corey: but, that's alongside the regular comics, not in place of them :P
[02:58:40] Corey: the movies do kind of tend to lean toward the Ultimate style, so I guess it fits, but I still think they shouldn't change the character for the movies :P Nick Fury is cool
[02:59:41] Corey: someone on there suggested Michael Biehn with an eyepatch to play him.. that would be about perfect if he put white streaks in his hair, and could talk a little gravely

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

It would be treacherous if the Singing Christmas Tree were real...

High-scoring word of the night so far:

YUK (291 points) - against Pat K. [5W, 4W]

I got a bit less sleep than I'd have liked, but I must say that I kept an admirable rein on my temper this morning, haha. Mom asked me a bunch of questions about money (I gave her half the money once I was settled, thanks) which I no longer remember. I figure it would be better to be a bit patient even though I really wanted to sleep - although I did almost snap at my brother when he called! Went to church, but found that someone was sitting in my coveted spot - I talked to Richie instead about whereabouts and church longevity, and someone passed me an invite to Elaine and Matt's Vancouver wedding reception. Good thing Richie knows my name after only two weeks, and also that Tony is finally starting to call me by name too. I remember his being momentarily confused a while back: "You have another sister, Jon?! What?!" Hahaha.

Chatted to Raymond for a bit about Akeelah and the Bee - you WISH that I'd heard about it since it covers a spelling bee, hahaha. Reminds me of a book I used to have, actually. (or the SPELLBOUND documentary) He said that I'd put a good word down in Wordscraper (ZOO) - well, I kinda had too many vowels! At least we have that method of interaction, heh. Saw Eric and Jeremy, but they were busy talking to Ivan's mom about singing or something. Had a grand total of ONE (Mandarin) toddler in Sunday School, who came midway through Auntie Fonda's rant about lazy people at her work and others who just don't like her. (invoices, accounts receivable, drivers, and such... oh my!) The toddler room is small compared to some of the other classrooms, but we'll make do!

We were finally allowed to go upstairs (all the classrooms are there), and it was cool - the Seniors Lounge has a TV, as discovered by Michelle. "That's not fair!" Nope! Said hi to Ada, Sean, Wilson (who remembers me but not Frances), Mary, Winnie, Cindy (who got my email about stuff I should put in the PAST), Tony, Calla, Johnny, Auntie Ping, and some others. Auntie Grace introduced me and Jon to one of the Mandarin youth while Stanford used a dolly to move boxes from one side of the "mini-bar" to the other: yay for being resourceful! Christon said that we congregated in the most inconvenient places - at the bottom of the ramp at the old building, and now at the bottom of the stairs! (when there would be more space twenty feet in either direction) A bunch of people were taking pictures, and Julie hailed me to ask about my Facebook display picture - it's the anime menstruation one! Sylver didn't know what that was, so I explained it to her... maybe Julie needs to explain things better, I don't know. Or maybe I can get her brother to show her the picture! *evil laugh* (I have her email address, but I'd rather not bomb it, hehehehe)

Discussed the Singing Christmas Tree ("it would be cool if it were a REAL tree!"), Danielle and Grace dancing, Harmony in town, locations for the engagement party ("the amazing beer selection is the most important thing!"), a concert tonight, Nathan's GRE, Sonny's broad definition of boredom, our trip in two weeks, and more. Mike T. figures I can wear four toques, then my Santa hat, which Quan liked - too bad it doesn't blink, like Andrea thought! Maybe I'll have to do that, after wearing the same number of sweaters, hahaha! We ate lunch so late that Viv and her family were exiting Mui's at the same time we entered, heh. Then we went around doing things before we finally headed home. (if you combine Jon and Harmony's favorite colors of orange and green, the wedding will be very... interesting!)

Just got a phone call from 250-574-2874... no idea who that is, but they need to stop it if it's who I think it may be! At least I had a bit of a nap upon getting home! Erik also needs a nickname, haha.

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