Saturday, August 21, 2004

Seeing Karen at the dentist office / Quizzes

saw Karen at the dentist's office.. a filling went wrong..
had steak for dinner again.. when did I get so expensive?
heard Billy, Randal, and Andy share with us.. yay!
talked to Tim, Maxine, Andy, Phil, Randal, Lesley, Derek, and Joe: mostly about my trip, plus updates..
Randall wondered when I'd share with everyone.. later?
maybe I'll get his phone number when I get back, haha!
made plans with Jon and Eric via phone calls.. got a ride..
we met up with Eric H., Nathan, Jen, Vivian, Karen, Jeremy, Dawn, and Dianne at Dragon Ball.. saw Sherman there..

discussed whether "Neptune" was a real word, then "Uranus" got Nathan to thinking totally wrong things :P
his brain was very weird, as he brought up poo / pee / blood / guts during a continuation of his and Dianne's sing-off..
Eric H. thought his brain should be scrubbed out when he got home.. that, or some self-counselling would be in order!
Dianne's a picky eater.. no bananas, red apples, or yogurt..
we talked about the consistent pearls at Dragon Ball..
Jeremy definitely likes his durian ice cream with pearls!
no, Eric M.'s not a health nut.. it's his health issues..
the CDs will be given to me on Sunday.. I gave Nate all the Canada stickers, even if it wasn't a big sheet..
seeing the whites of our eyes was a weird human trick..
all good times with friends, which I'll miss for two weeks!

Which character from the Lion King are you??


You are very brave and wise. When people need help, they come to you. You also protect the ones that you love.

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Hmmmm... strange, you're not Kara. You're a regular sane person. Get away from me.

Are You Kara? : The Quiz
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You are a chicken armed with a flamethrower. You rule the land of CDs and are worshipped by CD jewel cases. *Hides*

Randomness quiz...
brought to you by Quizilla

you are an idiot (no offense) and I only have one thing to say...... welcome to the club!!!!! ^_^

Random Quiz
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You are meant to be in: Firebringer!!

Order Quiz
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the "yes" result

the useless quiz
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Alt Text
You're like me!! (scary, isn't it?!)

Pointless Quiz
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Aaron! You are talented, and incredibly smart. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and some fly specs on your face.

brought to you by Quizilla

You're Kellie. You like movies, and you like to make fun of most celebrities. You're very cynical and make sarcastic, funny comments all the time.

Yet Another Which One of my Friends Are You Quiz
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Funny. You can always make people laugh. You are very easy-going, and fun to be around. You are optimistic and always have a joke on hand.

RP personality quiz
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THINKING IS OKAY - you think a little when you really need to for school, or when you're choosing something.

THE CONFUSED QUIZ.. (do you think or not?)
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Ego Quiz
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You are Mr. Krabs!

The Spongebob quiz
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Friday, August 20, 2004

Stumping someone very badly, mwahahaha! / Quizzes

don't have too much to say right about now..
except that I am stumping someone very badly, mwahahaha!
feeling ambivalent about the upcoming trip.. no posts here or anywhere else for two weeks, mind you..
here are a couple of sites to tide you over for now..
Mental Floss and Condensed Knowledge.. see ya later, peeps!

You are sweet and emotional. You love life, and try to please everyone. Go, you!!!!!!!

*****Personality quiz*****
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hahaha, you're U-G-L-Y

The Annoying Quiz
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Cut down on the sugar.

The Useless Quiz
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Yay! You DO know me well. Congratulations - you rock! I'm coming to give you a big fat kiss soon.....

The 'How Well Do You Know Emma?' Quiz.
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Your band is:

Band quiz.
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You are a monkey jazz band!! That's right, a bunch of monkeys that play jazz!! How cool is that!! You're musically gifted, and can pick lice off your friends' backs, eat it, and not have people wonder why!! You rule.

The Most Pointless Quiz You'll Ever Take
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Wow man, you really checked FUCK YOU for most of the answers? Do you hate me that much?

A Pointless Quiz
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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Downtown construction / Quizzes

not at Shannon's now because the bus re-routed itself..
I didn't know about it until it was too late to go back..
there's a lot of downtown construction, plus escalators..
was determined not to waste the trip out, so had a BP steak once I got into Richmond..
didn't think of calling her till I reached home.. although I should have done that way earlier..
she and I both felt badly about the whole thing; next time!

Mmmsha mmmsha mmmsha *doolutta! doolutta!* Oh shit, sorry.... What's happenin? You're tryin. Don't live your life according to anyone's rules but your own. If I knew you, I would have no feeling toward you. I might not like you. But oh well.... I don't know you and you don't know me. PEACE!

Quiz #666
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You are a tabby cat!

The cat quiz
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YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!! *giggles to herself*

the weird quiz about nothing
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You are as bored as I am. Great Job. Now go find a life.

Bored Quiz
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You are awesome! You have an intelligence not easily found these days. Go, you!

The ultimate IQ quiz
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star quiz
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Wow... you must really know me. Otherwise, you're a stalker and have child pornography all over your desktop and *pant* *pant* and... Aww, forget it. You win, happy?

The quiz of Nick
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Oops, you broke the picture!
You are a murdering serial killer! You kill people just so they scream! Go torture a town!

A Violence Quiz!
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You will fall backwards through the door to Oblivion! It's not really painful, since it's oblivion and all. They won't find your body either. You just... won't be there. Kind of sad, no?

Yet Another Cause of Death Quiz
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Simpsons genius!!!

You have probably seen them all and appreciate the genius of the Simpsons. You know all the characters and watch it every chance you get. Obviously you agree this is the best show ever, or you just looked up all the answers like as ass. Well, I'm very proud of you... only the best of us watch the Simpsons.

Simpsons quiz!
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Yes, I did.

quotes... not a quiz...
brought to you by Quizilla

Let's see what happens if I pick the other result...

Yes, you did indeed.

quotes... not a quiz...
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Crazy - Nothing's boring with you around! :D

Personality Quiz
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Gothic. Maybe not. Maybe you just like black and are being yourself. But you are most likely stereotyped as gothic.

Another quiz about Labels. Which one are you?
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Legolas Rules, man... What else can I say? :)

Crap quiz...
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Getting my final hangouts in this week

spent the afternoon with Yazmine before I have to leave..
I'm like Jon, getting our final hangouts in this week..
went to Granville Sushi for lunch, and then spent about two hours at the Book Warehouse..
like I told her: once you get me in certain places with lots of books and reading material, you won't get me out ;)
bought two epic books to read: Vancouver and London..
definitely hope they last me through the trip: Yazmine said I was crazy if I bought three..
tomorrow, I'll meet Shannon and have bubble tea before the Friday plans get into motion..
I gotta hear what Billy, Randal, and Andy have to share!

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I sound like an utter idiot on the phone....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been terrific knowing you.. have fun in Chicago!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARREN.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been interesting knowing you since babyhood.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FIDELA.. I hope you have a really awesome one today! :) Babyhood friendship rules! ;)

I had a pretty okay phone conversation last night, as Minli would say.. I wonder what's up with her and Cindy..
talked about a variety of subjects, and had dead air..
bunch of rambling stories about friends and such..
it wouldn't have been too terrible had I not sounded like an utter idiot.. oh well, he's nervous and I'm lunatic ;)
major delayed reaction to humorous attempts on his part..
turns out the phone went crazy and cut us off again..
nothing much to do about that, but it was good overall..
now, I'm off to meet Yazmine pretty soon after errands!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Saying goodbye to Dave at Steam Works tonight

I've decided to update this thing occasionally.. don't necessarily expect me to comment to any replies I get, though. The commenting situation's still screwed up, unfortunately. :|

Tonight, I went to see Dave one last time before he goes to Toronto on Thursday. My brother said I had to take the bus there, so I gave in and did that. On the bus, there was this guy that made me feel a bit uncomfortable.. he was talking to a couple of girls he apparently knew, but I was glad it wasn't me! He kinda reminded me of a dirty old man, really.. I was very happy when the ride was over, and I didn't have to listen to his blathering!

While trying to find the Gastown area of Vancouver, I accidentally wandered into the Downtown Eastside. This is THE most ghetto area of town, and even of the country.. I've heard it called "Canada's poorest zip code." I knew I'd gone a little TOO far down Hastings when I saw all these junkies and extremely dodgy-looking people in two blocks.. a couple of them said hello to me, and one of them even offered me crank / weed / hash! When I finally got to the relative safety of Gastown (with the help of two normal-looking people) and found my brother at Steam Works restaurant, he asked what I'd said to that dude. I said that I'd told him no.. my brother said that I could have said nothing, and was surprised that the guy left me alone. In that part of town, you never know... yikes! ("You could have said yes, but I don't think you have the money to maintain such an expensive habit!" would also be true)

Jen, Jon, Dave, Vivian, Dawn, and I met up at the restaurant.. Eric was going to come, but decided to hang out with a Victoria buddy of his (Korey) instead. We saw beer soup on the menu, and decided that we were disappointed that Jen didn't order it.. I did for laughs, and it tasted okay. Jen gave Jon and Dave recommendations for good affordable Chinese restaurants / churches in the Toronto area.. even though their meals are all covered, and they might go to my sister's church a few times. (it's a 40-minute subway ride from their residence, which used to be a former hotel / Holiday Inn)

In tribute to Dave, we joked about ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. Besides the soup for $4.95, it was a side of three-mushroom / peppercorn sauce for $1.50. The alcohol was pricey: martinis went for at least $7.50, a small pint of beer was $5.25 (although it was a bit cheaper on the final bill), and there were wines which cost $100 or $125 a bottle. (and $20 a glass) We decided that the service was bad when we noticed that it was 8:45 and we hadn't gotten our food yet, while others who had come in after us were eating already. (the food came before 9, and we made short work of it.. even Jon, who'd had dim sum earlier)

We also talked about Wednesday prayer meeting, structure, spontaneity, Friday's fellowship plans, Dawn's book which she's lending to everyone (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time), Sean's cheapness when it comes to paying the bill at places (though he's gotten better at not just leaving enough to cover the bill.. never mind the tip and tax), the resumption of the Valentine's Day discussion on organic stuff / animal testing / carcinogens, and our all taking transit to get to the restaurant.. go, us! :)

Outside the restaurant, we learned that Jen smokes occasionally.. let's just say that her Trinity friend turned her on to it last year, and she only smokes after a meal at times. (nice examples you find in the Christian university setting!) Of course, the people at Trinity know about it.. just don't light up on campus, and keep it to the wooded trail in back. She smokes these long Benson & Hedges 100's, and we told her not to put one in her mouth after she dropped it on the ground. We discussed whether or not it was a great sin to smoke and call yourself a Christian.. it's not the best thing to do to yourself, but we eventually figured that it wasn't a deal-breaker. (we know of some other Christians who do smoke.. she can still control it and not crave it every day, or smoke a pack a day or even three packs a week like her cousin does)

Jon wanted to go to Virgin Megastore afterwards to look for a few CDs.. Dave and Vivian just wanted to go home, so we hugged Dave goodbye outside the Waterfront Skytrain station. We'll all miss him, even if Jon and I will see him in Toronto sometime. Jen, Jon, Dawn, and I walked to Virgin.. Dawn thought that my parents would want me to go to their place more often now, and I agreed. (not much I can do, and maybe I'll grow closer to them?) Jon bought a couple of CDs, and I bought a book entitled mental_floss magazine presents Condensed Knowledge: A Deliciously Irreverent Guide to Feeling Smart Again. (I didn't get any Merzbow, however.. Jon and I were listening to this Japanese noise artist yesterday on the way home!) Jen and Dawn want that book after I finish it, and I want Dawn's after Vivian finishes it. (Jon read most of it today!) As Jon said, I like books with random facts in them.. I might as well buy it, since I almost never go there! :P

After that, we went our own separate ways: Jen and Dawn bussed home, while Jon and I bussed / walked it to Edwin's to retrieve his viola.. he'd had a quartet rehearsal there earlier, and didn't want to bring the instrument downtown for obvious reasons. (for some reason, we ended up discussing plastic spring rolls.. weird :P) He wasn't home, but his sister Karen was. She, Erin, Margaret, and Jessica were baking a cake for her boyfriend Ryan's upcoming birthday when we got there. We talked about what we'd done today, plans, bubble tea, the other girls Dave's close to (Cindy definitely would have come if she wasn't in Chicago), Jon not having to call people this time around for a dinner, future plans, and the Olympic swimmers on TV. On the way home, Jon and I listened to some Scandinavian jazz.. good times, indeed. :D

What Disney show should you star in?

Cory in the White House

Personality Test Results

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Quizzes on swear words, high school labels, pasta, Chinese symbols, bands, and more!


You are 24% capable of making other people's ears hurt!

So, how'd you do?

I'm impressed... you've managed to get through life without having your use of the English language tarnished by foulness! No Courtney Love-style socialising for you. You're not inclined to burst into fits of verbal rage, and I'm guessing this makes you less likely to get punched by others. Which is awesome, since being beaten up is such a drag anyway. Just a helpful hint: swearing all the time is definitely a bit boring, but pulling one out every once in a while can pack a nice punch. Don't be afraid to use a little rough language on occasion, just to show that you mean business.

What occasion, I hear you ask? Well, some people find talking dirty arousing. Sometimes swearing can be helpful in looking tough when one of those hoodlum-types approaches you. Using some language on your boss may also be effective in stirring things up, but maybe that's just me. Either way, be careful, as getting your timing wrong can result in getting fired, or sleeping alone for the next month. Use your good judgement!

So, I’ve got four other tests you can try if you like…

The Celebrity Misbehaviour Test - this is the one I suggest you try first, I put a lot of time into it.

The Scatterbrain Test - my newest test after this one. Not many people have tried it yet, I’d love to know what you think.

The Homicidal Maniac Test - my first test. Want to know if you’re likely to wreak bloody havoc?

The Underwear Personality Test - my biggest success – over 10,000 takers so far.

Finally, a fun link for those of you interested in brushing up on your swearing skills: click here to view The "Alternative" English Dictionary

Most of the answers from the final section of the test are available through that link, but for those of you who can't be bothered (and for the answers I got from elsewhere), here's the truth about a few dirty words...

Q20: 'Bollocks' is originally an English term.

Q21: Oh yeah, and it means 'balls.'

Q22: 'Cocksmoker' first came from Canada, believe it or not.

Q23: To 'blow one's wad' does NOT mean to lose one's temper. It can mean to ejaculate, to be surprised, or to spend all of one's money. In certain circumstances, the term would be appropriate for all three of those things at once.

Q24: '69,' or 'sixty-nine,' refers to mutual oral sex: two people (usually two males, but not necessarily) going down on each other simultaneously.

Q25: To 'ranch' means to perform oral sex on a woman.

Q26: The original form of 'poppycock' - the Dutch 'pappekak' - means 'soft shit.'

Q27: Pirate Pete was playing with his 'scallywag,' or penis.

Q28: Pirate Pete was 'muff diving' by going down on Wendy. 'Muff diving' means the same thing as 'ranching.'

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 1% on ouch my ears

Link: The Verbal Obscenity Test written by seeyoshirun2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Go to public toilets, and piss on the seats...

Which Swear Word Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are the.. Suicidal fucking goth

To you, the world is full of shit. It's retarded,
and it makes no sense. Hey, I mean, cut some
slack on you... you're a goth. If you are, that is.
Everyone fears you in some way or another,
because you tend to mutter incoherent things
under your breath when done wrong. You despise
everyone and everything, even yourself. Chill
on the black... okay.. ?

What high school label do YOU go by? (goth, punk, ghettoness... all that other crap)
brought to you by Quizilla

You're Fettuccine! You are always saucy and live to try new things. You keep people entertained.
You're Fettuccine!

What is your inner pasta?
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ICE is your Chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You? -- Updated (7/21/03)
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Yes! Another quiz to add to my collection!
You want the results so you can put them in your journal / blog, and show them to the world. Or the 3 people that read about your life, but don't really care about it.

What's the REAL reason you take online quizzes? (pics in results)
brought to you by Quizilla

I'd say that's about right, haha. =/

You're Soundgarden. You're beautiful. Just damn beautiful, and we love you.

Which Band Are You?(with pictures)
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Fall Pic
You are fall. You are very reserved, but people love you because you're real. You are hard-working and cannot stand laziness, for it gets none of your goals for the future done. You enjoy being outside in the fresh air, and would most likely enjoy living in the countryside. You are Fall!

What season are you? -Pretty pictures!!
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Black Cable
Cable - Soft with lots of twist and a casual look. Good for everywhere, you are synonymous with comfortable, casual living.

What kind of carpet are you? (With Pictures)
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Ha! I guessed right on the last question... SCORE! :D

Baby Blue - You're a simple person who likes peace, and can appreciate the little things in life. You're a little shy sometimes, but anyone who knows you knows that you have a great personality and a huge heart. Sometimes your temper gets the better of you, but for the most part you're an agreeable individual, although you do tend to get stressed out occasionally.

What Color Candle Are You? (Now with pictures!)
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You're a cat! You're downright lazy and your friends don't mean much to you, but that's okay!

What Kind Of Pet Are You? (WITH PICTURES!)
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YOU ARE HAO!!!!!!!!!
Hao is your character: strong-minded and a leader. You want to change things so that they can be better.

Which shaman king are you like?
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Should I hang at Steamworks?!

Jon just told me about the Steamworks thing tonight..
I wish I could go hang with Jen, Nate, Dave, and everyone..
but I'd made plans with Candy for her to call me at 6..
then again, it is the last time I'll see Dave before we go to Toronto next week..
(still feeling very ambivalent about the trip, of course)
she's perfectly understanding about the whole thing.. phew!
now I think I should think about leaving fairly soon..
Gastown, where I've never really bused to before.. yikes!

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Laughing Bean and A&B Sound / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC.. I hope you have a super one today! :) It's been awesome knowing you.. don't change.

it was so empty today, but I talked to some people anyhow:
Jon, Lauren, both Erics, Calla, Vernon, Sarah, Serena, Dave, Vivian, Karen, and others..
being pregnant and nausea; life / plans / work / updates..
Steamworks, the Laughing Bean, A&B Sound, hanging out..
the trip, Chinese bus tours, and general family holidays..
burning CDs, Steph NOT coming back just to sign a card..
music; Wheaton / Westminster College / New Jersey life..
honeymoons; this past Monday's Afghan dinner and excuses..
not being able to avoid parental lunches; LD phone calls..
news; interesting weird music; getting details; etc.
definitely a good catch-up time.. I wish I could rock out!

You are a baby bib with chunks of vomit all over you. Congratulations.

A quiz without a meaning....
brought to you by Quizilla

No objections here. Display away!

pointless quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

CORRECT! YEA!!!!! YOU WIN!!! *applause* Give yourself a pat on the back.

the one question quiz
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You sound like my type of person.

brought to you by Quizilla

E.T. phone home... You sleep a lot, and for good reason. You're a very aggressive person because of your subconscious acting out when you're awake. You have been abducted several times before, but the next time will be your last!!!

The Death Quiz...
brought to you by Quizilla

Yay! You need no help... you're perfect just the way you are!

The Quiz For Christine
brought to you by Quizilla

Out of the 2 good results on this quiz, you got this one. YOU ARE A NORMAL (but very nice) person. God bless ya :)

The Quiz That Seems Innocent But Isn't
brought to you by Quizilla

MAGICK! You believe in magick! I do, too. Life is a wonderful thing and there are always surprises on the way. Never give up hope.

Personality Quiz!
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a gentle person, very civilized and probably popular at high school. You suck up to the teacher a little too much, though you try not to admit it.

A personality Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

You live life dead and motionless inside your coffin. You suck ass! Get out and live your life!

incomplete quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

You're Kate! You are woman, hear you roar. Kelsey depends on you for pitch when belting out torch songs in the shower.

I Stole This Quiz From DJ
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Washed up Warrington
You're Connor Warrington! Dark and brooding, the real dark horse of the Slytherin house. Often found in trendy coffee shops reciting from your latest poem An Ode to my Navel, you have quite the reputation for being the cure for insomnia!

Just a wee quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome aboard!

truly inspirational quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

you win

the jinxed quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

How Will You Die?

You're A Victim

Poor you... you got murdered. :(

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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