Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Bookworm high score! / 75 Bands / Questions 1201-1250 of 5000

This post has some cool links in it, yo! :P

I have another new Bookworm high score! 1,550,300 / Level 33 / Bookworm Supreme on Saturday, 12.03.05!

Now I can give you a list of all the levels and rankings:

Level 0: Book Burner... less than 3000 points
Level 1: Encyclopedia Salesman... 3000 points
Level 2: Trainee... 7000 points
Level 3: Clerk... 12,000 points
Level 4: Scribe... 18,000 points
Level 5: Bookkeeper... 25,000 points
Level 6: Bookbinder... 34,000 points
Level 7: Proofreader... 44,000 points
Level 8: Assistant Librarian... 56,000 points
Level 9: Librarian... 69,000 points
Level 10: Senior Librarian... 80,000 points
Level 11: Archivist... 100,000 points
Level 12: Grand Archivist... 120,000 points
Level 13: Editor... 140,000 points
Level 14: Editor in Chief... 160,000 points
Level 15: Publisher... 190,000 points
Level 16: Publisher Emeritus... 220,000 points
Level 17: Glossographer... 250,000 points
Level 18: Wordstalker... 290,000 points
Level 19: Wordhoarder... 330,000 points
Level 20: Wordmaster... 380,000 points
Level 21: Vocabulist... 430,000 points ("E! U! O! N! Y! M!")
Level 22: Thesaurian... 490,000 points
Level 23: Thesaurus Rex... 560,000 points
Level 24: Lexographer... 630,000 points
Level 25: Lexographer 1st Class... 710,000 points
Level 26: Dictionarian... 800,000 points
Level 27: Super Dictionarian... 900,000 points
Level 28: Bookworm, a million points
Level 29: Mega Bookworm, 1.1 million points
Level 30: Ultra Bookworm, 1.2 million points
Level 31: Bookworm Supreme, 1.3 million points (Level 31+ are called Bookworm Supreme, actually)
Level 32: 1.5 million points (BS Level 1)
Level 33: 1.7 million points (BS Level 2)
Level 34: 1.9 million points (BS Level 3)
Level 35: 2.1 million points (BS Level 4)
Level 36: 2.3 million points (BS Level 5)
Level 37: 2.6 million points (BS Level 6)
Level 38: 2.9 million points (BS Level 7)
Level 39: 3.2 million points (BS Level 8)
Level 40: 3.5 million points (BS Level 9)
Level 41: 3.9 million points (BS Level 10)
Level 42: 4.3 million points (BS Level 11)
Level 43: 4.8 million points (BS Level 12)
Level 44: 5.35 million points (BS Level 13)
Level 45: 5.95 million points (BS Level 14)
Level 46: 6.66 million points (BS Level 15)
Level 47: 7.3 million points (BS Level 16)
Level 48: 8.05 million points (BS Level 17)
Level 49: 8.85 million points (BS Level 18)
Level 50: 9.7 million points (BS Level 19)
Level 51: 10.6 million points (BS Level 20)
Level 52: 11.55 million points (BS Level 21)
Level 53: 12.55 million points (BS Level 22)
Level 54: 13.6 million points (BS Level 23)
Level 55: 14.7 million points (BS Level 24)
Level 56: 14.85 million points (BS Level 25)
Level 57: 17.05 million points (BS Level 26)
Level 58: 18.3 million points (BS Level 27)
Level 59: 19.6 million points (BS Level 28)
Level 60: 20.95 million points (BS Level 29)
Level 61: 22.35 million points (BS Level 30)
Level 62: 23.8 million points (BS Level 31)

(I just noticed that all the Bookworm Supreme ranks from Level 32 onwards have a number in a yellow star beside the worm to denote which Bookworm Supreme level it is... awesome stuff!)

Here's a picture of 75 bands... can you find them all? This is what I have, mainly from other people:

1. Matchbox Twenty
2. Alice in Chains
3. The Rolling Stones
4. The Pixies
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Smashing Pumpkins
7. Black Flag
8. Pet Shop Boys
9. Guns n' Roses
10. Blind Melon
11. Spoon
12. Garbage
13. Blur
14. Hole
15. Crowded House
16. U2
17. Gorillaz
18. Scissor Sisters
19. Phish
20. Queen
21. Cake
22. Skinny Puppy
23. Nine Inch Nails
24. Red Hot Chili Peppers
25. Dead Kennedys
26. White Zombie
27. KISS
28. The Cars
29. Green Day
30. Blondie
31. The Beach Boys
32. The Killers
33. Radiohead
34. Madonna
35. Seal
36. Sex Pistols
37. Cowboy Junkies
38. Bee Gees
39. RATT
40. The Roots
41. Prince
42. The Lemonheads
43. Twisted Sister
44. Iron Maiden
45. Korn
46. Great White
47. Cypress Hill
48. 50 Cent
49. Eminem
50. The Postal Service
51. Jewel
52. Pavement
53. The Police
54. Deep Purple
55. Talking Heads
56. Go-Go's
57. The Doors
58. Eagles
59. The Carpenters
60. Cornershop
61. Scorpions
62. Black Crowes
63. Pink
64. White Stripes
65. Cranberries
66. Eels
67. Whitesnake
68. B-52s
69. Dinosaur JR
70. Yellowman
71. The Cult
72. 311
73. Jane's Addiction
74. D12

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1201. Does ice cream make your teeth cold? No.

1202. In some states, it is now required that creationism (God made the world) be taught alongside evolution in high school sciences classes. If that is the case, then shouldn't evolution also be taught in church? No.

1203. You obviously like surveys since you are filling out a 5,000-question one. Do any of the following surveys sound interesting?

The Doors / Jim Morrison Survey: Sure.

The David Bowie Survey: Sure.

Beatles Survey: Yes.

Rocky Horror Survey: Nah.

Labyrinth Survey: No.

SLC Punk Survey: No.

the birthday survey: Yes.

so this is love, the survey: Sure.

the heartache / break-up survey: Yes.

Creationism vs. Evolutionism Survey: Yes.

Opinion Survey: Yes.

World Trade Center Survey: Sure...

Halloween Survey: No.

Survey of Sin: Yes.

How evil are you Survey: Yes.

The Roaring 20's Survey: No.

1204. Did you know that all of the above surveys and more can be found at my diary (your 5,000-question survey creator) at teen open diary called simply surveys? No.

1205. Who did you get this survey from? (leave all the names so that a chain is eventually formed) I found it in an LJ post.

1206. Say one nice thing about the person you stole this survey from: Er, I don't know...

1207. Here is a list of priorities...

love / sex


close friends

school / learning

job / career

being true to yourself / self-respect


aesthetics (beauty in the world)





leading an exciting life

making a contribution to humanity

being rich

being famous

having power

justice / fairness

world peace

accepting and understanding others

finding yourself

spirituality / religion



What are your top three priorities from this list? Close friends, accepting / understanding others, and family.

1208. Out of that same list, what are your BOTTOM 3 priorities? Having power, being famous, and making a contribution to humanity

1209. How many hours of TV do you watch in an average day? 3.

1210. Do you want to have a car, a house, and 2.5 kids? Yes, but I don't know how I can only have half a kid...

1211. What song, CD, or band is a "guilty pleasure" for you (meaning you know it sucks, but you like it anyway)? Linkin Park.

1212. If you were going to vote for a candidate for president and then you found out that the person you were going to vote for is HIV positive, would that affect your vote and why? No.

1213. What time do you:

get up in the morning: 11.

eat lunch: 1.

do something active during the day: 3.

go to bed: 2 AM or later!

1214. Have you ever had an HIV test? No.

1215. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? No.

1216. Are you afraid of bikers? Some of them.

1217. Did your parents ever talk to you about sex? Kinda-sorta...

1218. What's the best dance movie out of these four choices... Grease, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Flash Dance, other? Grease.

1219. Are you or would you be embarrassed about buying condoms? I probably would be, so thank goodness I don't have to worry about that!

1220. Are clocks that make noises / play songs when the hour strikes tacky? No.

1221. What are the things that make you go "Hmmmm...."? Lots of things... nice C&C Music Factory reference!

1222. Are you a sinner? Sometimes.

1223. Are you naughty or nice? Naughty.... sometimes.

1224. Is belly-dancing sexy? Not really.

1225. What celebrity would you love to be able to dance like? No idea.

What celebrity would you love to be able to dance with? No idea.

1226. Is Elvis really dead? Yes!

1227. Besides TV and movies, how many people have you seen completely naked? Who were they? Members of my family.... uh, yeah. Shush. :P

1228. Besides when you were little, how many people have seen you completely naked and who? Same as above.

1229. Is sex something that should be treated casually? No.

1230. What song is in your head right now? Nothing right now.

1231. Have you ever participated in an orgy? No!

If no, would you? I dunno...

1232. What was the best day of your life like? Perfectly exhilarating. :P

1233. What are you all about? Food.

1234. You have won a contest where you get all these great prizes, but you can only keep one for yourself and must give the others away to friends, family, or whoever. Which one do you keep, and who do you give the rest to:

a 5,000-dollar gift certificate to Radio Shack? I get this one, no question. :P

a brand new yellow Jeep? Dawn.

an all expenses paid vacation for 2 to Italy? Mom and Dad.

lunch with N'Sync? Tracy.

a lifetime supply of Herbal Essences shampoo? Palmer... wash your hair, boy!

a 1,000-dollar check? Eric M.

a Palm Pilot? Billie.

an autographed pic of Shakira? Karen Choo.

breakfast with Kid Rock? Vanessa.

a shirt once worn by Jonathan Davis? Jon.

one round of mini-golf with Tupac? Sarah.

a phone call from Robert Smith (the Cure)? Candy.

a brand new washer / dryer? Lily.

free medical insurance for 1 year? Carol J.

1235. Who do you think you might have known in a past life? Corey, haha.

1236. Do you take vitamins? No.

1237. Are fake flowers ugly? No.

1238. White, Red, Pink, or Yellow roses? Red.

1239. What's the most deadly thing you can think of? Nerve gas.

1240. To-MAY-toes or to-MA-toes? To-MAY-toes.

1241. Out of all your friends, family, and the people you know... who is the most:

intelligent: Winnie.

happy: Andrea.

miserable: Michelle, because she never feels totally free of illness...

easily influenced: Jason.

cranky: Anita.

bitchy: Shannon.

evil: Olivia.

nice: Nathan.

1242. What's the best live musical performance you ever saw? Dunno.... maybe last year's jazz festival at Granville Island with the weird music. :D

1243. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? No.

1244. Kelly Osbourne or Madonna's version of Papa Don't Preach? Madonna.

1245. Can you change a tire? No.

1246. Have you ever put your fist through the wall? No.

1247. When do you feel at peace? When I can finally get to sleep.

1248. Do you have a place that is your own where you won't show anyone else? Sorta-kinda...

1249. Are you a part of any teams or clubs? Not unless you count Awana and Fellowship, heh.

1250. Is cheerleading a sport? No.

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Dreams of visiting Corey in Colorado, plus water waves / Lip gloss flavor, birth month meaning

I had a dream last night that I visited Corey in Colorado. My mom was there too for some reason, which was highly disturbing. I remember sitting on his bed (with a flower print bedspread?!) and staring at his computer screen, as well as talking a lot to him about stuff. Heck, I even remember the brown table with a white vase in the hallway near the soft pink wall. (man, this sounds as if he's a "girly man"... *laughs*)

Then there was another part to the dream where a bunch of people from church were walking around in a grassy field, and then a giant wave of water came up and threatened to suck them all away. People were even pushing people into the water so that they'd die... but I escaped unharmed. o_O

I don't want to know why, but then I kinda do... the first part's likely explained by all the hypothetical discussion this week of what Corey and I would do if I visited him. (checking out the spelling of the Pepsi Center sign (trip isn't worth it for that!), Six Flags, rollercoasters, staying at his place, stuffing pucks into our mouths, etc.)

I wonder what he'll say when I tell him that he made an appearance in my dreams again.... :P

For those of you who don't know, he's the Internet friend that I've known the longest... we met on ICQ on November 2001. :D

Note: LJ Friends Death Order blogquiz, by Cheezer.

Your Lip Gloss Flavor Is
Pineapple Pin-up

Your Birth Month is September

Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years.
You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian.

Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love

Your gemstone: Sapphire

Your flower: Morning Glory

Your colors: Brown and deep blue

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Revivification vs. being unkilled / Jasmine getting my book / Tonks and YM / Quizzes

I say that "revivification" sounds better than "unkilled." Corey takes the opposite stance... too bad for him, since at least 24 people agree with me, versus only about 10 for him. I'm going to make a couple of other polls too... :D

Yay! Jasmine got the Princess Jasmine bookmark and the Middlesex (Jeffrey Eugenides) book I sent her! :D

I got an unexpected buzz from someone named "dreampsixi" on YM. After breaking out my "belligerent mode" since they answered "who are you?" with "I am me, lol"... I finally got answers. Turns out she's Sarah (Tonks) from Our Place... haha, cool. :D

You Are Marsha Marsha Marshmallow Ice Cream

Outdoorsy and gluttonous... yup, that's you!

Mmm, this quiz makes me want some ice cream. I think I'll have some Breyer's mint chocolate chip... yes, again! :D

Your Winter Look is Urban

You can't imagine spending your winters any place but the city!

Your Christmas Costume Should Be
Red Nosed Reindeer

How appropriate, since I picked the reindeer over the snowman. ;)


You scored 76% Sociability and 23% Sophistication!

Yes, you're the period. You are the end. If there is going to be a beginning, it means you will be there, eventually. Without you, we'd all run out of breath. You love hanging around with simple, fun people -- you just don't get tired of them. Oh, sure, occasionally, for a brief time, you might have to stand aside for a question mark or an exclamation point; but how can you begrudge them their time in the sun? Everyone will always come back to you. And if you are often taken for granted, well, that just naturally goes with being the sort of person who is invariably there, doing his job, and making no fuss. You are a good person; never forget it.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 98% on Sociability
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 3% on Sophistication

Link: The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test written by Gazda on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

You scored 65% NES power!

What's better than being a robot with a gun for a hand? Nothing! Dr.
Wily is your nemesis, but you seem to have no problem thwarting his
evil again and again. Keep that arm cannon blasting!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 64% on NES power
Link: The Which NES character are you Test written by TheRealSamwise on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Questions 1151-1200 of 5000

I'm listening to George Thorogood right now, and talking to Darren and Corey. Ah, the good times... hockey and misinterpretations of the word "scoring." ;)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1151. What do you think of these diary names:

ToxicToast: Interesting.

//**Jessica Alba**//: GROSS!

N.Y.S: Depends what it stands for...

Collapsibleman: Reminds me of folding chairs, haha.

gemini_wish_star: Cool, but too girlish. :P

~CANDIE~: Kinda makes me want some candy. Maybe I'll have some more mint chocolate ice cream instead.

link: Stupid.

*})|({*: EW, no letters or numbers!

1152. What do you think of these entry titles?

me. back. home.: Emo.

x.Check Out My DDx: Who's the slut now?

ºÃËÆ¡­ : What the heck is THAT all about?!

The controversial Athens: Could be interesting IF you were really talking about Athens.

*sighs*.... ehh well: That's okay, I guess...

8/10/02: You need imagination, dude.

Left Alone: Lovely.

ordinary: Blergh.

1153. Have you wasted your summer? Did I? Maybe...

1154. Heads or tails? Heads!

1155. Were you ever in the first row of a concert? No.

1156. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who? Sure, lots of Canucks players. Ryan Walter, Trevor Linden, Gino Odjick, Pavel Bure (kinda-sorta), Dana Murzyn... I once met Lillian Vander Zalm, Bill's wife. (at Fantasy Gardens when Bill was the premier / prime minister)

1157. Have you ever been wrongly accused? Yes.

1158. Can you visualize whirled peas? Uh... no.

1159. Are there some situations where love just isn't enough to keep two people together? When does that happen? Yes, when you strongly disagree about things and you can't compromise.

1160. Do you have no attention span? Yeah, sometimes....

1161. Butter or Jam? Jam.

1162. Does anything hurt right now? No.

1163. When you wash your hair, do you blow-dry it or let it dry naturally? Naturally.

1164. Where does your family go on vacation? Places in the near States.

1165. Have you ever been to:

Newport, Rhode Island? No.

Dutch Wonderland? No.

Salem, MA? No.

Niagara Falls? The Canadian side...

Manhattan? No.

Disney? Disneyland.

Anywhere cooler? Not really.

1166. How much money did you make this year? Not answering.

Did you save it? I tried to... gonna make a better effort next year. I am an accountant's daughter, after all. haha

If not, where did it all go? Food, books, greeting cards.

1167. Sneakers with or without socks? With.

1168. Purple, black, or grey and paint-splattered sweatpants? Black. If it has to have paint all over it, at least let it be invisible!

1169. If you have AOL, what is your "You've got mail" sound? I will never have AOHell.

1170. What will you never have enough of? Love.

1171. Who can you only handle in small doses? Lesley, my mother, and Chris S. (Charlotte, Richard, and Amy will know who I'm talking about, haha)

1172. You are at a magic auction where you can bid on impossible things, but you only brought enough money to buy one thing. Out of these.. which would you buy?

salvation (entrance into heaven) <--- Can't really be bought, but maybe I'd try my luck at this first.

a guarantee that you will have at least 3 books published in your life <--- Second.

a new car, house, and boat each year <--- Fifth.

unending creative inspiration <--- Third.

ultimate compassion and acceptance of others <--- Fourth.

a trip into outer space <--- Seventh and last.

perfect health for the rest of your life <--- Sixth.

1173. In the above question... if finding perfect love was a choice, would you change your answer? Not likely.

1174. What food is so fattening or unhealthy that you would NEVER touch it? Deep-fried Twinkies / deep-fried cheesecake...

1175. Which do you love more, your country or your planet? My country.

1176. What do you think of:

ABBA? They're all right.

Bryan Adams? He's okay. I still remember fondly the time I confused Shannon about Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams... good times, hahahaha!

No Doubt? I dunno... kinda erk.

Moby? He's cool.

Alien Ant Farm? Eh...

1177. Are you logical? Yes.

1178. Do you think getting pierced / tattooed is unique, original, and rebellious? I suppose...

1179. Do you like the idea of a snuggle lobster instead of a snuggle bear (for the fabric softener commercials)? A bear seems cuddlier than a lobster.

1180. Are you a maniac? Not quite.

1181. How do you dance (slow, fast, lots of twists, 2 step, like a robot, break dance, hip-hop, shake the booty, stand and sway, bob head, roll around floor, bounce, skank, etc.) when you are in a dancing situation (club, party, dance..)? I would NEVER do a skank dance! o_O *looks horrified* Probably just shake my booty. Heh.

1182. Does an apple a day REALLY keep the doctor away? Not really.

1183. What music videos should everyone download? Metal ones, and classic ones with EDGE!

1184. Do you have any bug bites? Yes.

1185. What was the Berlin Wall all about? Separating East and West Germany.

1186. Do you like Björk? She's cool, sure.

1187. How about the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? Only vaguely heard of them.

1188. Are you afraid that one day a piano will fall on you? No, but that reminds me of what happened one day in the Band room to Nick Krusek in Gr. 10. The piano somehow landed right on his foot, the poor guy. =/

1189. Do you let sleeping lions lie? It's "sleeping dogs," and I try to!

1190. You've probably heard the phrase "much ado about nothing." What the heck is "ado" anyway? Stramash, bustle, fuss, trouble, bother, a rapid bustling commotion.

1191. I want yogurt. Do you? No, I just finished my orange-peach-mango Astro Jeunesse yogurt.

1192. When you grow up and get married and buy a house and decorate it... what color bath towels will you have? Burgundy or dark blue.

1193. Do you believe in Ooompa Loompas? Sure.

Imps? Not sure.

Trolls? No.

Dragons? Of course!

1194. Do you believe that Jesus Christ was a real person? How about Noah? Yep, they existed on this earth at one point.

1195. What sucks? Vacuums, haha.

1196. Do you ever think about suicide? I used to think about it, but now I'm happier and more content even if it doesn't seem like it at times!

1197. What is one luxury you refuse to live without? My computer, haha.

1198. Which Island in the Sun video (Weezer) do you like the best:

the one with the wedding, or the one with the animals? Don't know... haven't seen either, to my knowledge.

1199. Do vegetables taste better from the store or from your garden? From the store.

1200. How long have you spent on this survey so far? Since 7 November, so about three weeks. For some reason, it's seemed like a shorter time. Go figure, haha.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rob McVicker gets a chance in goal / Quizzes

The Canucks scored just 18 seconds into the eventual 5-3 game against Edmonton tonight (Josh Green's second in two games), but it was practically all Edmonton after that. Daniel Sedin scored for us and Ohlund had three assists... Jarret Stoll scored twice for them, and almost had a hat trick but for his stick breaking! There were no penalties in the first period, which doesn't happen too often. The Oiler dressing room attendant got hit by Cory Cross' flying puck, but he's okay: heck, Joey got his wisdom teeth pulled today too! (talk about playing hurt)

Alex Auld allowed 5 goals on 28 shots, so he got pulled in favor of Rob McVicker from Manitoba with 5:12 remaining. Carter scored after that, but it was a bit too late. Then McVicker went to the bench in favor of an extra attacker with 2:15 remaining in the game, so he had a brief NHL debut in relief for Vancouver. Speaking of goalies, Cloutier could be ready when the team makes their trip east. The team played with urgency in the last minute... why they can't do that on a consistent basis, I don't know. The three stars were Jarret Stoll, Raffi Torres, and Jussi Markkanen (their goalie).

Now they're 5-7-2 in Northwest Division games, and 5-8-2 on the road. We still lead our division, but only by one point. Shots on goal: 28-26 in favor of Edmonton. There goes our perfect record when scoring the first goal of a game... now we head east for a change of scenery and the teams we can only see via satellite now. In the first 27 games of the season, we've only faced 12 opponents... ten of those games we've played against Minnesota and Colorado. But we play the Oilers three times this month, and Rob McVicker has a perfect 0.00 GPA for us. (ha, silver linings!)

Yeah, the game was kinda like last night's game against the Avalanche in reverse... o_O

Sixteen Candles

Your life most resembles Sixteen Candles. You sometimes feel unappreciated, but you know that you really are. Your life is one crazy adventure and you have a soft spot for that geeky freshman.

What 80s Movie does your life resemble?  (Piechart) -

Take this quiz at

Tight genes!
You scored 18 neuroses and 18 psychoses!
You are ideal for repopulating the species after everyone else has overdosed on Prozac or blown up the public buildings. You are low on both scales and probably safe from an imminent mental illness. On the downside, your tax dollars and insurance premiums are supporting the rest of us. Cheers!

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 15% on neuroses

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 67% on psychoses
Link: The Are you Neurotic or Psychotic Test written by chickennibbler on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Sesame Street, compromising positions, Neurocam, Bookworm high scores, rides, quizzes

Sesame Street Encyclopedia

Shamelessly stolen from Spoz's blog:

"A South Dakota teenager has been caught in a compromising position with a female mannequin on display at a Sioux Falls arts center. Specifically, security guards found Michael Plentyhorse, 18, sprawled with the half-naked dummy on the floor with his pants and undergarments down. "There was inappropriate activity between him and the mannequin," said police spokesman Loren McManus. "That's the only way I know how to put it." Guards said it wasn't the first time they had noticed that the dummy had been denuded, either. Plentyhorse has since been charged with indecent exposure. If convicted, he could be registered as a sex offender. "People might say it's relatively harmless," commented Hope Matchan, of the prosecutors' department. "But I certainly would want to know if this person was my neighbor."


Neurocam... weird stuff. Oh, and just to help make things even MORE confusing, here's some snippets of info I've managed to dig up on all this..

1. There's a confusing article from Melbourne newspaper THE AGE that tries to look into it (and gets pretty much nowhere..) to quote in brief..

"Thousands would have passed neurocam's billboard, displayed in November on Alexandra Parade, one of Melbourne's main commuter thoroughfares. "Get Out of Your Mind," it urged. But the cryptic website it spruiked gave little insight, only the opportunity to register with name and email address. Clearly, however, the organisers had gone to some trouble to get their message out. The billboard would have cost about $10,000. Whether the whole thing is hoax, mind game, artistic experiment, sinister front, or clever marketing ploy remains unclear."

2. Here's a blog entry where someone lists an email assignment from these freaks..

3. Here's some images apparently found buried in an unprotected portion of the neuroscan website server..

4. Here's some more confused information..

Is this some kinda screwed-up secret society?
An ultra exclusive intranet cabal?
A deeper conspiracy involving freakish deformed monkey mutants and weather balloons?
Some crazy snuff film / Eyes Wide Shut stuff?
Some kinda retarded cross-platform interactive game, stealing ideas from THE GAME and FIGHTCLUB?
Or just a bunch of college fraternity peeps huffing glue?

All I know.. is it started in December.. in Melbourne.. it's still active.. and now the damn thing's worldwide..

Methinks more investigation is in order..
there's an underbelly of weird stuff afoot here.
If I disappear under mysterious circumstances, then I wanna letcha all know.. it's been fun knowing you guys.. and I'll miss you all deeply. If you receive this video tape, it means I have been assassinated.. there is no spoon.. there is no spoon.. choose the red pill, Neo.. (hahahahaha.. yeah, this IS screwed up)

Oh.. and if this turns out to be someone's idea of ART, then I'm idiotically jealous..

I got a new high score in Bookworm Deluxe: 1,465,020 / Level 32 / Bookworm Supreme on Thursday, 12.01.05! Not sure why I always do better in the action game than in the classic game... maybe I work well under the pressure of constant flaming tiles? *giggle* Oh, wait. I've now figured out why I seem to do better on the action games. It's because the flaming tiles don't come all at once and pile up at the bottom five or six deep. o_O

Must call Sam and Eric later for Saturday ride arrangements... I know Eric has guitar lessons tonight, so maybe tomorrow! It'll be so cool not needing a ride back home after Awana, and getting together with friends... I think this will be the first Fellowship Christmas thing I've attended in at least two or three years!

My sister (or more accurately, her friend Vicki) found a quiz (the SESAME STREET one) that I haven't taken yet.. good job, Steph! :D

You scored 52% Organization, 56% abstract, and 57% extroverted!
This test measured 3 variables.

First, this test measured how organized you are. Some muppets like Cookie Monster make big messes, while others like Bert are quite anal about things being clean.

Second, this test measured if you prefer a concrete or an abstract viewpoint. For the purposes of this test, concrete people are considered to gravitate more to mathematical and logical approaches, whereas abstract people are more the dreamers and artistic type.

Third, this test measured if you are more of an introvert or an extrovert.
By definition, an introvert concentrates more on herself and an extrovert focuses more on others. In this test, an introvert was somebody that either tends to spend more time alone or thinks more about herself.

You are somewhat organized, both concrete and abstract, and both introverted and extroverted.

I bet you didn't think you were Snuffleupagus. Let's find out why.

You are both somewhat organized. You have a good idea where you put things, and you probably keep your place reasonably clean. You aren't totally obsessed with neatness, though. Alloyius Snuffleupagus (and all Snuffleupaguses) is not sloppy by nature, but he moves so incredibly slowly that it is impossible for him to be totally organized.

You both are about equally concrete and abstract thinkers. You have a good balance in your life. You know when to be logical at times, but you also aren't afraid to explore your dreams and desires... within limits, of course. Snuffy generally has very basic interests, but he explores his abstract sensitive side when he plays his snuffleflute.

You both are somewhat introverted. Originally, Snuffleupagus was very shy, and was only Big Bird's invisible friend. However, as he has aged, he has started to build new friendships with new characters. Like Snuffy, you probably like to have some time to yourself. However, you do appreciate spending time with your friends, and you aren't scared of social situations.

The other possible characters are:

Oscar the Grouch

Big Bird

Cookie Monster



Kermit the Frog


The Count

Guy Smiley


If you enjoyed this test, I would love the feedback! Also if you want to tell me your favorite Sesame Street character, I can total them up and post them here. Perhaps your choice will win!

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 32% on Organization
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 64% on concrete-abstra
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 41% on intro-extrovert
Link: The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test written by greencowsgomoo on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Your Juicy Couture Look Is
Juicy Couture "Juicy ultra" velour track suit

You Are An Invisible Ex

You're so over your ex, you hardly even remember you have an ex.
You prefer to leave all of the baggage behind you - far, far behind.
As they say, indifference is the opposite of love!

Ed Gein
Your personality matches Criminal Profile 4081643.
Gein's desolate farmhouse was a study in chaos. Inside, junk and rotting garbage covered the floor and counters. It was almost impossible to walk through the rooms. The smell of filth and decomposition was overwhelming. While the local sheriff, Arthur Schley, inspected the kitchen with his flashlight, he felt something brush against his jacket.

When he looked up to see what it was he ran into, he faced a large, human carcass hanging upside down from the beams.


Your personality type matches the criminal profile of Ed Gein. Bizarre handicraft made Eddie into a celebrity. Author Robert Bloch was inspired to write a story about Norman Bates, a character based on Eddie, which became the central theme of the Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller Psycho.

In 1974, the classic thriller by Tobe Hooper, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has many Geinian touches, although there is no character that is an exact Eddie Gein model. This movie helped put "Ghastly Gein" back in the spotlight in the mid-1970's.

Years later, Eddie provided inspiration for the character of another serial killer, Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs. Like Eddie, Buffalo Bill treasured women's skin and wore it like clothing in some insane transvestite ritual.

While shocked deputies searched through the rubble of Eddie Gein's existence, they realized that the horrible discoveries didn't end at the missing Mrs. Worden's body. They had stumbled into a death farm.

The funny-looking bowl in his home was actually the top of a human skull. The lampshades and wastebasket were made from human skin.

A ghoulish inventory began to take shape: an armchair made of human skin, female genitalia kept preserved in a shoebox, a belt made of nipples, a human head, four noses and a heart.

The more the looked through the house, the more ghastly trophies they found. Finally a suit made entirely of human skin. Their heads spun as they tried to tally the number of woman that may have died at Eddie's hands.

While you may or may not be capable of performing the horrific acts he did, you loosely resemble (with some obvious exceptions) his criminal profile based upon your general motivations, preferences and behavior patterns.

Yeah, I've got you pretty well figured out by now.
You're into my style, so check out my fashion.

(Don't worry about losing your place on OkCupid. It will stay open in a separate window)

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 23% on WhichKillerRU
Link: The Serial Killer Test written by _Vanity_ on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

The Innocent
You scored 85% Purity, 11% Sexual, 3% Kinky, and 65% Moral!
You're as pure as an angel! There is so much more to life out there. You should go out and experience it!

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 85% on Purity

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You scored higher than 0% on Sexuality

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You scored higher than 14% on Kinkiness

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You scored higher than 71% on Morals
Link: The 1000 Point Purity Test written by darkman424 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Sports, Ripley's, and Guinness Books / Questions 1101-1150 of 5000 / Quizzes

Man, I can't believe it's December already... where does the time go? o_O

Translation by Paralink... not much better than AltaVista

I want two sports books: Stephen Brunt's The Way It Looks from Here, and Jim Robson's Hockey Play-by-Play Around the NHL with Jim Robson. Then again, maybe I want too much stuff... I also want the newest 2006 Guinness Book of World Records, and the newest Ripley's book (Planet Eccentric!). :P

Note: LJ MMORPG blogquiz, by Stephanie.

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1101. Was 2001 a good year for you? It was okay.

1102. Was 2002 a good year for you? I guess so...

1103. What did you look forward to in 2003? It's almost 2006, but I do remember looking forward to some nebulous trip that John was going to take. Yeah right! :P

1104. Did you know that by 2010, they expect to market a gene therapy procedure that will increase our lifespan by double or triple? Uh, no... that's interesting!

If this happened, would you have it done? Probably not.

1105. Would you rather die tomorrow, or have all your friends die? ME!

1106. I would do anything for love, but I won't do "that." What is "that?" Some weirdly perverted sexual act, I'm guessing... nice Meat Loaf reference!

1107. Have you ever drank the stars and counted some water? Haha, no.

1108. Ever caught a fish? Nope.

1109. Is it better to get too much or too little sleep? Too much, because at least you're rested then!

1110. Have you ever had insomnia? Yes, unfortunately.

If yes, how did you get to sleep? I didn't. I stayed up ALL night. =/

1111. He-Man or She-Ra? He-Man.

1112. What rhymes with "orange?" Nothing.

1113. Why do guys have nipples if they will never need to feed a baby? Here's your answer. Basically, all fetuses start off androgynous.

1114. Should there be a test before you are allowed to make a baby? Yes. This Canadian girl that Corey talks to would definitely fail... "Oh, trust me... babies aren't expensive! Besides, I can get $80 from the government and my boyfriend has a job!" Aiyoh. *rolleyes*

1115. Have you ever swallowed a penny? No.

1116. Are you a disaster? Not right now...

1117. Have you ever had a train running around the Christmas tree? No.

1118. Are you proud of yourself? Sometimes.

1119. Who should go to hell? Too many people to list.

1120. Is your eyesight 20/20? No.

1121. Why aren't you happy? Because things aren't perfect for me. Heh.

1122. Does it bother you when people touch you? Not most of the time, but I guess it depends on who you are and stuff.

1123. What makes you shake like milk (listen to the Cure's Let's Go To Bed)? Uh... nothing, I guess.

1124. Have you ever given away something you made? Yeah, like homemade birthday cards and stuff.

1125. Is it better to have kids when you are young or old? Old, but not REALLY old.

1126. What gets your adrenaline pumping? Seeing my friends do well, hockey games, fight-or-flight situations...

1127. Is hell all fire and brimstone, or is it personal for everyone like in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? Bring on the fire and brimstone, baby.

Or does it not exist? Oh, it exists all right.

1128. Do you ever talk about yourself in the third person? Heh, I like confusing my friends sometimes with that.

1129. What's your favorite radio station? What kind of music do they play? 99.3 the FOX or Rock 101. New rock in one case, classic rock in the other.

1130. What did you think of these movies:

Election? Haven't seen it.

Gone With The Wind? It was okay.

Fight Club? Haven't seen it.

Spider-Man 1? It was cool.

Virgin Suicides? Haven't seen it.

Resident Evil? Haven't seen it.

Signs? Haven't seen it.

Muppets From Space? Haven't seen it.

Pearl Harbor? Haven't seen it.

Halloween Resurrection? Haven't seen it.

The Dark Crystal? Haven't seen it.

1131. Is everyone special? You know, they say that... but I really don't think it's true.

1132. Are your toes:

painted (what color)? No.

manicured? No.

sparkly? No.

hairy? No.

soft? No.

wearing a toe ring? No.

Do you have hobbit-feet? No.

1133. Is there any place undiscovered in all the world? Probably.

1134. Whose picture would you like to paint a target on and throw darts at? Matthew Stewart or Shane McDermid.

1135. Is love all you need? Well, you can't LIVE on love... but sure.

1136. Wouldn't it be great if all school uniforms were neon pink, neon green, and neon orange? Interesting color combination... but sure?

1137. Are you adventurous? No.

1138. Are you afraid of mediocrity? No.

1139. I'm starting a band. What should its name be? Mutilated Misanthropes.

1140. What are 3 things you don't understand? People who willingly kill themselves with smoking, people who live alternative lifestyles, and people who suddenly renege on years of friendship.

1141. What are you on about? Right now, I'm talking to Corey about Denver / Fort Collins... and walking / driving times from there. Highly hypothetical visits rule, yo! ;)

1142. Has your diary ever been rated? Um... no.

1143. Do you kiss on the first date? No.

1144. Are you very liberal or conservative? Somewhere in the middle?

1145. What do you like about your neighbors? They don't bug me when I stay up past the wee hours of the night.

1146. Who's so wonderfully pretty? Helen Chen.. she has such nice soft skin!

1147. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. Did you clap? Yup.

1148. Ice cream cake or regular cake? Ice cream cake.

1149. Did you enjoy the movie Wayne's World? Didn't see it.

1150. Are you a Jim Henson fan? The Muppets were cool!

Blame all these quizzes on my looking at PinkFloyd63's (Janina) userinfo. :P

Some people think you're funny... but according to Mr.
Izzard, you are, and I quote, a crap joke. Oh, well.

Which Eddie Izzard Joke Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Brighten Up! Life isn't that bad!  Talk to an ob-la-di person...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!which BEATLES song are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

You're Summer! You enjoy the heat, and love to swim.
Tanning is your thing, and you love the beach.

Which season are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Strongly Cautioned. Some material in your journal may be inappropriate to younger or close-minded people. This signifies that your journal is probably inappropriate for pre-teens. People should be especially careful about adding you because they could possibly be offended. Rough or persistent violent talk is absent; sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent; some talk of drug use may be present from time to time in your journal. You may find a fair amount of sex talk here.

What rating is your journal?

brought to you by Quizilla

Drug and sex talk? Haha, as if. :P


What's your sexual appeal?
brought to you by Quizilla

you are a certified drunk

how drunk can you get
brought to you by Quizilla


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your serial killer name would be Diablo! You would
be a mastermind in what you do. You would come
up with perfect plans on how to do your bad
stuff, and send out your minions to do it for
you. That would prevent you from getting
caught, because for one reason, they would not
rat you out. Your real name might not be known
and you would be greatly wanted, because as
long as you're out on the hidden streets, there
will still be danger! You're the big guy / girl!

What Would Your Serial Killer Name Be? What Would the Public Know You As?
brought to you by Quizilla

Martyr: Your suicide note will explain how everyone
will be so much better off without you. Your
consolation is that all the problems you have
caused will magically disappear once you are gone.

What Kind of Suicide Note Will You Leave?
brought to you by Quizilla

Samuel Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain, is
your kind of writer. Like you, he has a deep
connection to his past and a lively sense of humor.

Who is your Literary Soulmate?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are best suited to Confucianism because you
value tradition, education and culture. Family
and social order are very important to you.
Master Kong (Kong Fzi) or as he is known to
most English speakers, Confucius, was the major
proponent of Confucianism.

What's Your Ancient Chinese Philosophy?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Modernity... you're all about efficiency,
convenience, and comfort. You enjoy taking
advantage of innovations and try to be
progressive and experimental.

****** What Time Period are You? ******
brought to you by Quizilla

A portrait of William Shakespeare drawn after his death
Your historical dream date is William Shakespeare,
although no one is quite sure who "Shakespeare"
really is..... This man of mystery has a way
with words and would immortalize you with his
pen. Unfortunately, he also likes to give his
children strange names (Hamnet, anyone?)... and
would probably only allow you the second-best
bed in the house. You can look forward to a
comfortable manor in Stratford-upon-Avon, and
some very good theatre tickets.

*!*! Who in history is your type? !*!*
brought to you by Quizilla

Katherine Hepburn
Your classic beauty icon is Katherine Hepburn, a
movie star known for her independent spirit and
intellect. Katherine wore pants before they
were in fashion for women, and took challenging
roles on screen rather than simply playing the
ingénue. Her make-up was minimal and her style
was crisp, clean and functional, showcasing her
talents and her determined personality.

Who is your Classic Beauty Icon?
brought to you by Quizilla

The New York City skyline
You should venture off to London or New York, two
bustling cities that share your love for
theatre and live music. The streets are full of
an eclectic mix of urbanites and tourists, the
night life is hopping, and you're set to have a
big city experience.

What is Your Perfect Vacation Destination?
brought to you by Quizilla

Benevolent King
Your leadership style is very democratic, and you
are most concerned with the idea of compromise. You
abhor violence and disunity, and try to bring a
diversity of people together. While this
technique can have good results and prevent
much bloodshed, your compromises may actually
leave everyone dissatisfied... and bring you
unpopularity and rebellions. You can succeed
with this leadership style if you happen to
rule during a fairly uneventful time... but in
times of conflict, you may need to take a less
idealistic approach and get your hands dirty.

What Kind of Leader Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Whether your style of humor is gross-out comedy
or the most elevated satire, you like to see
the absurd side of life. You are probably
well-liked because you don't take yourself too
seriously. Of course, people may also think
you're a buffoon, especially if you've modelled
your life on Adam Sandler. You could have
the makings of a comic legend - or some poor
kid's annoying uncle. Avoid pulling quarters
from behind children's ears and Hawaiian print
shirts at all costs. You have a habit of
getting naked at inappropriate times.

What is your Movie Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are scheming Lady Macbeth or Goneril of King
, all beauty and welcome on the outside...
but pure ambition underneath. You live for the
spotlight, and resent people who hold you back
from achieving your full potential. You're
definitely a capable woman, but remember that
all your striving for fame may come at a terrible price.

What Shakespearean Character Are You? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm a Betsey Johnson girl!
Betsey Johnson: You are where the punk world meets
the runway! Fun and funky and absolutely
unique in every expression of yourself! Rock on!

What fashion designer fits you
brought to you by Quizilla

you're sane

Are you insane or sane?
brought to you by Quizilla

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