Monday, January 10, 2000

People Who Have Been Over To My Place / Guestbook Entries for 2000

This is a list of the people who have been over here, and their entries in my low-tech blue guestbook for the year 2000. More entries to come, simply because I'm sure I can't fit almost six years' worth of entries into one post... even if people almost never come over anymore. :P

My visitors, in order of appearance:

Jon: 9
David M.: 2
Elaine: 2
Wes: 1
Esther: 1
Stella: 1
Billy: 1
Alex: 4
Andrea: 14
Jenny: 1
Connie: 1
Keith: 4
Anita: 8
Mel: 1
Frances: 4
Hon: 1
Alan: 3
Phil: 3
Lydia: 1
Eric M.: 9
Denise: 2
Justin C.: 1
Nathan: 5
Brian: 1
Sean: 1
Vernon: 5
Sarah: 2
Chrystal: 1
Dawn: 1
Vanessa: 1
Melia: 1
Daniel: 6
Steph: 8 (canucks94)
Eddie: 5
Emily Choi: 1
Ann: 1
Yazmine: 6
Nina: 2
Jen: 2
Erin: 4
Emily Lee: 1
Margaret: 1
Cindy Y.: 1
Jocelyn: 2
Megan: 1
Karen Chan: 1
Jason Y.: 1
Jeff: 2
Joe Yu: 5
Tim: 5
Dylan: 1
Tracy: 1
Michelle: 1
Eunice: 3
Dennis: 1
Maxine: 4
Lauren: 1
Mark: 2
Minli: 1
Helen K.: 3
Sohan: 1
Karen Kwan: 1
Maisie: 1
Josh G.: 1
Adela: 1
Eric H.: 23 (lddude)
Irene: 2
Sophia: 1
Linda Y.: 1
Palmer: 2 (palmer_kun)
Emily Chow: 1
Melissa: 1
Harmony: 1
Korey: 3
Dallas: 1
Billie: 5 (sianparis)
Krista: 2 (geek_dragon)
Teunis: 4 (winterlion)
Chuck: 1
Terrence: 1
Auntie Ying: 1
Kailee: 1 (empress_kailee)
Tess: 1 (tara_knight)
Jordan: 1
Cat: 1 (catmcroy)
Vanessa H.: 1
Andrew M.: 1

Number of Entries: 216
Male: 35
Female: 52
Total: 87

August 19, 2000 (Saturday)

Jon: "Hi, I'd like to have the Booty Burger combo, Bootysized, and a tutti-frutti booty flavored drink!"
David M.: "I'm here."
Elaine M.: "Yippee!"
Wes: "Woah!" (Esther brought him without my knowledge, and I was kinda miffed since I didn't know him that well. He even left one of his playing cards here, and I had to give it back to Esther the next Friday!)
Esther: "Congrats on your own place! Don't have too many parties, though."
Stella: "Great place, Leslie!"
Billy: "Congratulations, Leslie!"
Alex (K.C.): "Hi, Leslie."
Andrea: "Yay! Yay!"
Jenny: "Thanks for inviting us! Nice place... good for parties! :)"
Connie: "Thanks for having us over! Nice place to hang."
Keith: "FOOD!" (he stopped coming over after he and Anita broke up, of course)
Anita: "Congrats on your new place! :P"
Mel: "Nice place. Close to the hospital."
Frances: "Whatever Mel said." (her then-boyfriend signed for her, heh)

August 21, 2000 (Wednesday)

Andrea: "Hey, Leslie! I'm so excited for you and this new home God's blessed you with. May He continue to bless you with bless while blessing others through you. May you continue to seek His face and His truth, and find joy / peace / comfort in it. May you continue to grow in your love for God as you come to know His love more and more by His grace. Thanks for having me over for dinner tonight. Your tomato, corn, mushroom, tabasco soup was so yummy!!! Next time - dinner at my place, okay? I'll make you some mighty spicy stuff... curry? Anyway, God bless you, Leslie! Remember - I'm just 20 minutes away... so give me a call whenever, okay? Love in Christ, Andrea." (she drew a balloon with a smiley face!)

August 26, 2000 (Saturday)

Alan ("The Great"): "Your house is really cleaner than mine."
Phil: "Wow! This is a great place! I really like it! You've got so much space here! Congrats on this awesome step of independence! May God rest in your home. :)"
Lydia: "Nice place, simple and uncluttered. It looks like my apartment in Victoria where I used to live!"
Eric M.: "Great place. It seems slightly different than the first time I saw it. Last time, it was all empty. You seem to have filled it up well." (he was one of the people who helped me move from another place in June 2000!)
Denise: "You've got a really cool place. There's soooooo much space! (Lucky girl.) Thanks for opening your home to us!" (she wrote "KIT and HAGS! Grad 2000!")
Justin: "Cool... wassuuuuuup! Thanks for the hospitality!" (Denise and Brian brought him without my knowledge, but I was cool with it unlike the week before. We've known each other FOREVER!)
Nathan: "Wahhh!!!! This place is cool! In the words of Bruce Wayne in Batman movie... 'It's nice! Lotsa space!' CAMEL WELCOME!" (he drew a camel!)
Brian: "Way cool place! Wish I had a place like this!"

Sean: "I'm soooo tired! Just got back from my trip to Hawaii, but I had to make it to this housewarming party, so I said to myself... no matter what, I'm gonna make it to this event no matter how tired I am from my trip! Nice place: very spacey for a person to live in. May I suggest something? Start decorating the walls a bit to make it 'feel' a bit more like home (like putting some paintings or pictures). God has done so many things in each of our lives. May this be one of your milestones in life: your first apartment! May God bless this place as rich as the 'honey and milk overflowing out of the land' (I got this from the Bible). Anywayz, get more of these parties going on at your house. What a great idea! Housewarming parties - never thought of this myself. Thanks for the invitation, and I have no more to say but CONGRATULATIONS!"

Vernon: "Hey, this is a pretty cool place - and quite big too! I'm glad you found a place to stay by yourself. I think living by yourself is good - it teaches you independence, you get to enjoy the freedom, and you learn to appreciate your family more. If you need anything like help moving stuff or getting new furniture or anything, just let me know. I will definitely come by and visit more! :) Oh yeah, pleeze email your jokes to my home email account instead of work. Woohoo!"

Sarah: "Thanks for inviting us to enjoy your new place! I pray that God will bless your new home and make it into a place of fellowship. Take care, Leslie... and be sure to eat good food and get lots of sleep! (that's the mom in me speaking) If you ever don't feel like cooking, call me!"

Chrystal: "Wow, this is a neat place you've got here! Hope your neighbors are as cool as you are... hey, have you met them yet? Independence is a great feeling, huh? No rules... love your furniture, too! :) Hope to visit more, okay? Take care, Leslie! Love, Chrystal."

Dawn: "Hey, Leslie! What's up? Pretty cool place you have, and good idea on the party and everything. Well, have fun... and if you ever need anything, give us a call. Oh, and I'll get my brother to return the Guinness book of World Records he stole last time! Love, DW."

Vanessa: "Hey, Leslie! Thanks for inviting me to your housewarming party! I like your place! It's really nice! :) Oh yeah! Thanks for all those birthday cards you've given me! That's really nice of you! Talk to you later! Love, Vanessa. :)"

Melia: "Hey, Leslie! I'm so happy for you! :) Yay! Your own house! Yippie! Hee hee! Thanks for inviting me to your party! Sorry we came so late! Hope you're settling in well. :P Your house is very very warm and friendly! I really love it! Hee hee! TTYL! Love, Melia."

Daniel: "Time has shown us that good friends last a lifetime. It has been my fortune and blessing to have had you as my friend all these years. I trust that our relationship will continue to grow in the Lord as He shows us His will and his way. May He bless your new home with His providence as you continue to serve him faithfully. With His love, Daniel."

Steph ("Your BABY sister"): "Hey, Sarne! It's your Bayleafdic sister! I know you miss me by being so far away from me! Oh well, have fun living alone... even though it's away from me! Love, Stephanie." (she slapped Denise's butt HARD during a card game at that party!)

Jon: "Hey Fartlard, weird to see you and your booty inhabit an apartment space. Keep crankin' out those booty burgers, and make sure those tutti-frutti booty drinks don't get too raunchy."

Eddie: "Hey, Leslie! How are things in your new place? I hope you have settled in nicely. Thanks again for inviting me... it's a great pleasure. We should do something sometime since I know that I'm joining you in Daniel Fellowship. Anyways, best of luck with everything!" (he drew WWF logos and wrote "WWF Attitude!")

Emily Choi: "Hunno, Leslie!! Wuzzup?? Hee hee... I love your place... it's really really nice! I hope you enjoy your new place and have settled in well. Best of luck in the future and take care... God Bless! Love, Emily."

October 7, 2000 (Saturday)

Ann: "Wow! What a nice place you have, Leslie. Thanks for inviting me over - even for a short while, Thanks (and praise God) for serving in Awana, even though you have to wait for the last person to leave ALL THE TIME! God Bless you. Keep up your hospitality - it's a gift, indeed." (she drew musical notes and wrote "Firmly, Awana stands...")

December 20, 2000 (Tuesday)

Yazmine: "Great place! Thanks for inviting me. Too bad I couldn't stay too long, and unfortunately I can't make it for the party. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for keeping in touch and God Bless."
Nina: "You have a cozy home. Thank you for inviting me to your party. I wish I could stay later. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." (her brother Ricky gave me a huge pot for Christmas!)
Denise: "Hey there! Another party, huh, party animal? :) Thanks for the invite. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
Jen: "Hey, Les. Thanks for having this party at your place... hope you have a great Christmas and New Year's with your family! God bless! Love, me."
Alex: "Thanks for inviting me for the party, and for always remember sending me birthday or special occasion cards. Have a good holiday."
Jon: "Hey Sarne, guess what? Monster Magnet finally have a new album out! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Alan: "This has been the second time I've been here, and the second time I wrote in this book. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

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