Saturday, July 12, 2003

I'm irate now!

my feeling of disquiet has gone..
only to be replaced by irateness..
and THIS is what's set it off..
(or rather, KellyM and her posts..)

don't you DARE tell people that the whole world would be better off without them!
I'm NOT going to apologize for it, because I'm especially sensitive to that.. but I WILL defend people who I think are being put upon needlessly by people who think everyone should understand their particular situation in life without being told..
NOBODY should have to put up with being told those extremely damaging things! (or be told them at all, really)

if there's an unexpected degree of viciousness here..
TOO DAMN BAD.. you're going to have to live with it..
I *could* swear, but won't.. my rage is as FIRE..
and this time, I'm not kidding.. so BEWARE..

eh, that's enough incendiary rambling from me..
I think I'm going to spin Everclear now..
and then maybe go to bed at a reasonable hour..

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Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Demeter cologne sprays

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEREK.. I hope you have a good one today! :) Knowing you all these years has been cool.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been good getting to know you through the years.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN.. I hope you have a rocking one today! :) It's been great knowing you!

I had a great time out yesterday with Yazmine..
neat aromatherapy-ish shop (STAR FIRE) @ Horseshoe Bay..
they had all these different neat kinds of things..
like weird cologne sprays from the Demeter Fragrance Library..
(which were $26 for a 30 mL bottle.. is that normal cost?)
some of them (like "dirt") have even apparently won awards..
get a load of these weird scents:

sweet orange
creme brulee
sugar cookie
sweet pea
dulce de leche (chocolate and caramel, I think)
dirt (yeah, I can REALLY see that one as relaxing.. NOT!)
ginger ale
vetiver (whatever the heck THAT is.. a kind of grass?!)
Sex on the Beach (like the drink, I presume)
mint julep (another drink, I'm guessing)
chocolate mint
gin and tonic (yet another drink, I believe)
black pepper
riding crop (no idea what this one smells like)
lily of the valley

the ferry terminal was pretty neat and all..
(though getting there involved a 20-minute wait for the bus, and a bus ride that was at least 45 minutes long.. going back, we were so lucky to grab the bus just as it was about to leave)
later on, Yazmine and I went back into town..
we went to Pacific Centre Mall, and walked around..
she spent more money than I did during the day..
but I ate stuff faster than she did ;)

after that, she left.. so I hung out at Chapters for a bit..
I didn't buy anything, which might be a surprise..
(a non-inky word-search book was tempting, though..
maybe I'll have to get that next time or something)

my day still wasn't done, as I went to church to chill..
(or rather, sweat.. it was SO warm in the basement..)
talked to a bunch of my friends about various things..
Hon wanted us all to go to Red Robin's, so we went..
had a great time with my friends there, as well..

so all in all, a good day.. (if a little tiring)
Jon drove me home at around 1 AM..
(heard a lot about the Kobe Bryant thing on Team 1040)
praise be, my email finally was accessible..
I had 70 messages, of which I read only two..
(spam, SDMB mailer, actual email, jokes, newsletters.. it was the usual random assorted mix, really)

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Friday, July 11, 2003

Email inaccessible again

What is it with my email? I wake up today.. with the reasonable expectation that it should be accessible. (12 hours should make it so, right?) But no.. it's STILL not, despite my giving it some time overnight to shape up. I'm definitely annoyed at it now! Maybe it's time to change my email address again; changing it only twice in five or six years isn't that bad.. is it? If / when I choose to do this, and you're important enough.. I will definitely let you know! Yup, this goes for all the friends I actually keep in touch with. ;)

At least I'll be meeting Yazmine to try out the ferry terminal thing again today.. nothing should stand in the way. No too-cool weather (although that might be better than the summer boil that's sure to be outside), no near-conflicting plans, no nothing.. save something happening on my way over to meet her. It'll be so good to see her, too.. like I don't talk to her enough? :) Ah well.. at least this is one thing making me happy.

(yes, I know.. there was a double negative in the last paragraph, which you aren't ever supposed to use.. live with it, coz it's staying in there! :P)

Later, I'll probably still be up for some form of fellowship.. whether it be the actual program, or just hanging out with everyone (going to eat?) afterwards. Catching up with people you haven't seen since Sunday (or earlier) is always neat, and it might give me more cool memories.. always an awesome thing! :)

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

LN on a car!

I've just seen a car with my initials on it..
yes, it *was* a driving school car in front of us..
with both "learner" and "novice" signs up at the back..
but that was still a bit disconcerting..

my email is inaccessible yet AGAIN..
(I wish it worked so I could read a certain reply..)
the heater (of all things) is going crazy in here..
I'll have to see my parents more in two weeks..
it's too darned hot during the day now..
hmm.. what other one-liner complaints can I come up with?
probably some more, but this is it for now..
over and out.. see ya later.. *click*

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Chinese school and food

hmm.. another Cantonese class on the horizon tonight..
it'll certainly be interesting, as well as intensive..
maybe one of these days, I'll treat Steph to dinner..
a Church's Fried Chicken and a McDonald's are nearby..
even a Little Caesar's Pizza.. (yummy neighborhood, that)
all hail the greasy fast-food outlets!
or just the ones at W. 41st Ave. / Fraser St. ;)

okay, so it seems as though I'm cheap..
but I definitely can't afford to take her out to Kirin ;)
(that would be extremely expensive, indeed)
maybe Boston Pizza or Milestones..
(or Pho.. that kind of thing would SO be doable!)
I *did* make her a vague promise of that sort last night..
and if nothing else, I do my best to keep my word..
(as some of you had better damn well know by now..)

maybe sometime this month before class or something..
we'll have to find the parking first, coz it's VERY busy..
the restaurants are within walking distance, anyhow..
you should believe me if I say that kinda thing ;)

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Fidela, Clement, Bryant, Bathroom Readers, Fill-Ins, bubble tea tally

just got back from the mall..
my email finally works, which is very good..
now I can read about Spoz's Townhouse solo gig..
and get back to the LJ comments in there..
plus catch up on other newsletters I always read..

saw Fidela, Clement, Bryant, and a cousin of theirs at the mall.. I declined to try the guys' poutine ("The Works," as New York Fries calls it).. I have tried that stuff once in the past, and once is plenty enough for it, thanks!

(for those of you who don't know what poutine is: think fries, gravy, cheese, and basically a LOT of fat content all mixed together.. not the most appetizing thing in the world, though they apparently eat a lot of it in Quebec.. go figure)

got another Bathroom Reader at Coles, too..
(Uncle John Plunges Into Great Lives)
yup, I *am* a sucker for these things..
but they're cool enough, though!

also got a book of Fill-Ins..
think of a book of crosswords...
with all the clues already answered for you..
all you have to do is.. fill them in! :)
(used to go nuts on these years ago.. revisit them now, haha)

so if I'm hard to get ahold of, keep on trying..
I'm most likely holed up with Uncle John..
or I could be doing Fill-Ins, as well..
but I'll not be very far from the computer..
might welcome the distraction, too ;)

and since I'm over here anyhow..
it's time for the monthly bubble tea tally!


coffee {one litre} (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Tuesday, July 1]
taro {0.6 litre} (Fair Bee Bubble Tea) [Tuesday, July 1]
honeydew (Dessert Dynasty) [Wednesday, July 9]

yup, I consumed one just now at the mall..
I was back to my average monthly consumption..
although I really wouldn't complain if I'd had more ;)

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Waking up earlier, tap dripping, email inaccessible, computer clocks, music


1. Damn, is it really 1:30 PM? I should really go to bed earlier so I can (hopefully) wake up earlier! Not going to be any good on Friday meeting Yazmine to try the ferry terminal thing for the third time if I don't.. or really, at any other time.

2. Man, that dripping from the tap is really annoying me beyond all reasonable endurance.. I should call the manager to get that fixed. (already done, by the way)

Reminds me of the Cure's 10:15 Saturday Night:

Saturday night
Saturday night
And the tap drips
And the tap drips
Under the strip light
Under the strip light
And I'm sitting
And I'm sitting
In the kitchen sink
In the kitchen sink
And the tap drips
And the tap drips
Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip

For the telephone to ring
For the telephone to ring
And I'm wondering
And I'm wondering
Where she's been
Where she's been
And I'm crying
And I'm crying
For yesterday
For yesterday
And the tap drips
And the tap drips
Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip

It's always the same
It's always the same

3. Why is my email temporarily unavailable to me at least 20% of the time? I'll try to get into it (by verifying my password), and then it will spit this page back at me for my trouble: "999 -- This page is currently unavailable. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later." *sigh* Guess I'll try again in a few hours!

4. And once again, my computer clock is wrong.. it shows 12:55 when it should be 1:55. I did fix this, so no worries. (possibly a battery is loose somewhere in the drive.. eh well) Although I do remember the time it was 12 hours out, and one of you (Spoz) termed it "COOOOOOOOOL!" (with a smile) Yes.. well, all I can say is that it was a good thing I didn't have anything scheduled to do that time. (or today.. nothing changes around here, I tell ya)

perhaps a music change is in order here?
from Aerosmith to.. the Clash!
yeah.. that's gotta be the ticket..

(like anyone really cares what I'm spinning..
but this is MY website, so there! :P
as my sister would say: "Yaz got a PROBLEM with that?")

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Cheerfully working behind the scenes / Quizzes

I'm cheerfully working behind the scenes here ;)
(at least for a little while, since my head needs clearing)
just got back from Cantonese class..
it's so exhausting and hard to write!
(yeah, I know I said it was Mandarin class.. live with it :P)
turns out the instructor knows our grandma..
he plays mah-jongg with her occasionally..
very much a surprise to me and Steph..
still, not too bad.. kind of interesting, really..

Here are some quizzes! :D

You like real punk music!! Good. You know your music and hate crap like Good Charlotte.

Another punk quiz
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You're the normal smiley. What else can I say?
You're the normal smiley. What else can I say? You're normal..

The best smiley quiz
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You're BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY. You are one sore motherfucker. Always pissed off, always just a total asshole.

brought to you by Quizilla

Corey keeps telling me about GWAR... hmm.

Nature Unicorn

The Unicorn quiz
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Flower Quiz
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You seem to prefer polearms, and possibly large swords. You like to keep your opponent away from you while you poke and slash at them. This can be very intimidating, but watch out because if they can get inside of your weapon, you won't have much of a defense. Don't rely too heavily on wide swings because it leaves you open, but don't become too predictable with your movements either.

The Weapon Quiz
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Draco Malfoy
You're Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter!

The Brat Quiz
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You are stone. You don't have much of a purpose. You don't do much. You are just there.

Quiz of Elements
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Ooooh, ya... you're bonkers, but I say that in the best possible way. You're one of those people who see pink fluffy bunnies and talk to the pink elephants. You wouldn't hurt a fly, but watch out for the googles. They could land you a permanent stay in a nice padded room, but hey! At least you'll get one of the nice jackets. ^-^

The insanity quiz
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You are Weed. You are dumb and stoned and uh.... stuff.

You know you want to take me (Drug Quiz)
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you are funk all the way.... no way to get you unhooked from the mellowship in funky B major

music quiz
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You're an ONLINE JUNKIE! Get offline! It's people like you who screw up cable stuff, you net hog!

Stereotype Quiz
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Super Happy
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Computers Quiz
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a line of ninjas being awesome
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Ninja Quiz
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Thanks, Spoz! Love ya lots! :D

Feeling much better today, in part because of an amusing conversation I had this morning with someone who always manages to cheer me up. Props to this person, by the way. ;)

Here's a thought: I wonder what would happen if you gave the HULK a spliff.. would he shrink down to YODA?

Just a thought.. stolen from the Spozmeister, of course. ;)

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Monday, July 07, 2003

Matt Good is married now!

and this is for the person who thinks I'm obsessed with Matt Good.. who also thinks that I should go marry him and have like 10,000 babies with him:

Matt Good *did* get married to Jenn..
about three weekends ago, in fact..
so what have you to say about THAT, Spoz? :P

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Mood Music

MOOD MUSIC (no.. not THAT kind!)

Lately, I've been getting into the habit of "approximating" the IM conversations I have with the music in my CD-ROM drive. (it's very pleasurable to flip CDs in and out of that drive.. when you don't have 'em on repeat for added fun, that is) I'd listen to the radio, but there is no freakin' way that I want to hear that commercial for Playland during a break! Of course, I only have 125 CDs or so.. but it's still a good experiment in mood-matching. ;)

Of course, sometimes that's not possible.. try finding music for discussing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or circumventing copy protection on CDs. ;) (okay.. so you could go with the group Copyright, and a CD that does have copy protection on it like Radiohead's Hail to the Thief -- complete with about 1300 or so purposeful errors on it -- but I don't have either of those :P)

But I've found some things that seem to work well..

Embarrassment: play Big Sugar's Heated album. The title is very apropos, and I found myself doing that a couple years ago when I heard their single Nicotina (from their album Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready?) on the radio. (Rock 101) Upon hearing that, my face was as red as it ever got (no idea why).. worse than a beet or a tomato. Maybe it was because Big Sugar made me think of Eric.. at that time, I had a bit of a crush on him. (totally gone now, and replaced by great friendly affectionate feelings.. I've known him since 1986, after all :P) Yeah, Eric used to bug me a lot about Brothers & Sisters, Are you Ready? (particularly Track 6, which is Butterball), but it was all good. (this works whether I'm a bit or a lot embarrassed)

When feeling a bit down: Gin Blossoms' Outside Looking In. Not that all the songs on the album are depressing, though some certainly are. I'm just not one of those people who listens much to happy music when I'm feeling down, is all. Sometimes I will, if I need to cheer up right quick.. but other times? Nah, not my style. Might get me more down, but it's how *I* decompress. :P

When feeling like I need to get certain emotions out: Radiohead's OK Computer. It worked when I was still living at home, and it still works now. ;) Very much a cathartic album for me.

When in a summery mood: Edwin's Another Spin Around the Sun. I'll always remember going to Fellowship from playing Ultimate near Nathan's house a couple years ago, and having Sean blast this out of his car CD player. Makes me think of good summer fun with my friends on the beach, or just hanging out. :)

When feeling in a nostalgic "Eric memory" mood: any of the Big Sugar albums I have (Hemi-Vision; Heated; and Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready?), Creed's My Own Prison (he once borrowed this from me for three months), Collective Soul's eponymous album (yes, I did buy it for him a couple years ago; I knew he liked it, but STILL didn't have it.. despite it being out for years previously). I know he likes those particular groups (not insanely, but he likes 'em), so that's why those CDs receive play time. ;)

I'm sure I could come up with some more, but I bet some of you are wondering if there's a point to this blog entry.. sure there is! Earlier today, I was reading about a "really insanely gravelly chain smokin' hardcore gruntin' voice they get to do action movie trailers with.. a voice that'd make a throat lozenge advert run for cover." Upon reading that, I immediately thought of putting on my AC/DC Live! double-CD set, and those CDs haven't left my CD-ROM drive for the past five hours. :P Considering I got up at 2:40 PM today (do shush), that's not too bad.. and Brian Johnson does sorta have that kind of voice.. right?

So what'll be next in my CD-ROM once I get over this AC/DC kick? Who knows.. one of you message me, and we'll see what music I put on next. It'll be a cool experiment. ;)

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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Bash the crosswalk buttons into submission!

you know those buttons at crosswalk signals?
(the ones you press to make the light go green so you can actually cross the street without reasonable fear of getting mowed down by traffic on the other side of the road?)
well, here's a thought on them that I had..


I told that to Steph and Becky this morning after pressing one of those for them so we could drive across the street faster..
they gave me weird looks and said, "it's only a hunk of metal.. are you crazy?!? is there something wrong with you?!?"

nah, it's just how my mind works at times..
yup, I have a bizarre mind..
fear it, or not.. mwahahahahaha..

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The clock's still ticking... you mean the night's still young!


"The clock is still ticking.." -- Steph (my sister), trying to tell her friends that they still had plenty of time to watch movies after we had dinner. (Friday, July 4) [then I said, "the night is still young at 11.. yes.." .. which was the correct construct :P]

home from church really early..
we NEVER get out of there before 1..
since our parents just have to talk to everyone..
(we talk to friends, too.. but our parents take way longer)
definitely a refreshing change from the usual routine! :)

I also told my sister about that poor Indian boy..
(the one producing winged beetles in his urine)
she first asked what the heck he consumed..
(don't know.. maybe beetle eggs or something)
then shared my horrified / disgusted reaction..
"wouldn't that HURT?" she asked.. guess it must!

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Nice and quiet

it's so nice and quiet here with just my sister..
(if my brother were here, that would also be a good thing)
I'll be well away from here before the parents get back..
(that is, if I have any common sense and judgement)
hopefully, I'll stick to that resolve and resolution!

big ups and shout-outs to my friends, too!
you know who you are.. thank you all so much!
I definitely love you all, kiddies..
now I must fly out on of here!

[end slightly discombobulated rambling]

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Animals, people, characters, lovers, amusement park rides, emo, answers

Here is some more stuff from Quiz Heaven... yes, I'm a quiz junkie today. But that's not so bad... ;)

What animal are you during sex?

Take this quiz at

What is your action movie / TV show character name?

James Bond
Take this quiz at

What kind of person are you (ex. Goth, prep )

Take this quiz at

What is your lover's name going to be?

Take this quiz at

how emo are you?

So emo that even your emo friends don't "get" you.
Take this quiz at

the twin's answer for your life

you need to go out more.. maybe buy a dog and watch Phantom of the Opera tonight
Take this quiz at

What amusement park ride are you?

Gravitron - you'd rather be alone in space
Take this quiz at

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Crantini and Amusing Facts

okay, I finished my Crantini about ten minutes ago..
I don't have as much of the Asian "red-face" gene..
but all that could go out the window for hard liquor..
it's a good thing I don't drink it that often! :)

"HAHAHAHAHA.. I laugh regardless, coz I'm drunk.."
now I more fully understand that line from a friend (Spoz)..
I was doing it for a while earlier.. goofiness rules! ;)

oh, and here's an "amusing facts" site..
Your Portal for Amusing Facts
enjoy, kiddies! :)

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