Saturday, March 13, 2004

Erin's old birthday cards, hahahaha!

Fabian is Colin's brother and Lesley's nephew. (she has a lot of them, being from a huge family and all...)

I got an email from Erin about an old birthday card..
it was two years old, and she found it while cleaning..
just like Erin, I suppose.. more funny stories galore ;)
also saw Margaret on my way out of Oakridge Mall..

after I took a shower, I couldn't find my glasses anywhere..
I eventually had to make do with an old pair when I left..
Eunice picked me up at around 6:45, and we talked..
lost things really do just get up and walk away..
she needs time to feel comfortable with Eddie as friends..
his role at the funeral was a guy who spent time with her..
her new niece Avery being addictive; spring cleaning mess..
bugging Steph on MSN about people; MSN..
Hannah, her boyfriend Phil, Vernon, and Sarah..
the computer monitor situation.. they may have one extra..
updates, life in general, and just friendly talk is great!

saw Daniel, Michelle, and Vivian later on at the church..
Michelle was feeling chills and allergies simultaneously..
we discussed life, our weeks, allergies, and sickness..
Erin finally gave me the two-year-old birthday card..
Cordia, Chung Yan, Dylan, and I discussed piano music..
also the Timothy Fellowship movie marathon night..
plus worship and music from video games.. Final Fantasy?
Cordia's sleeping bag wasn't garbage, she told us..

I gave Jon the letter that was circulated Sunday morning..
he twigged the reason I didn't give it to him on Wednesday..
it was mainly because our parents were around.. not good!
Jon did ask why I was wearing my old glasses..
told him, Eric, and Citrus the story since they asked..
later, Dylan said that "propitiate" was his favorite word..
our usage was in a context of God's grace.. wooyeah!

afterwards, I talked to Fabian, Melia, Jon, Eric, and Nate..
Citrus said that Danielle was at some conference or other..
Eric brought up seeing the Passion on Tuesday with Des..
Nate will go along with us too, so that'll be good..
I thought that was a rather good idea, so we might do so..
Dave had just got back from seeing the movie..
we discussed desensitization to violence, and effects..
Melia and Citrus brought up metrosexuals and McDonalds..
everyone had a laugh over the old birthday card..
found out the movies for the Timothy marathon sleepover..
Finding Nemo, The Italian Job, and Pirates of the Caribbean..
(Timothy Fellowship is the one for the high school kids..)

we found out that Adela had never made it to Fellowship..
Sean was understandably worried, and called her..
Nathan said it wasn't time to panic quite yet, but we'd help..
Cindy and Dianne looked for her at the Skytrain station..
on our way to New York Steakhouse, Sean called us..
turned out Adela had gone snowboarding at Seymour..
she didn't tell anybody, but she'd done this before..
definitely understand our parents' anxiety a little better now!
talked about relationships, relief, and her apologies..

there were a bunch of people at the steakhouse..
Sean, Jon, Fabian, Nate, Eric, Hon, Eunice, Tracy, Alan..
Edwin, Erin, Justin, Dave, Adela (turned up later), and me..
since it was Fabian's birthday, we all sang "Happy Birthday"..
discussed relationships, Fellowship, school, updates..
seeing Dorcas and a bunch of Fraserlands people there..
food, money, the bill (not a paycheck, as per Eric!), life..
Dave and Jon being really cheap at grad school..
Jon saying Erin's embarrassing stories were sermon material..
worship songs, our tipping practices, the pissed-off waiter..
Nathan's trip to Shanghai, all expenses paid and such..
hanging out, the glasses story, various stories we had..
a surprise birthday party for Adela next Saturday..
Nate and I are in the same boat.. friends going away forever..
who would both happen to have parties on that day..
guess we'll see what happens.. make it to both! ;)

Eunice drove Jon and me home after the lovely dinner..
Z 95.3 changing formats to adult contemporary.. (no Clear FM)
sibling interaction, as I told Jon to shut up during the chat..
a Matt Good song NOT being "a Matthew Sucks song"..
the Spin Doctors, plans for next week, a jazz concert..
no Top 40 in the Vancouver radio market anymore..
bugging Ty, where my glasses could possibly be, etc.

believe me, I looked and cleaned up to try finding them..
I woke up at 4:45, irrationally fearful of a bug invasion..
if I didn't know better, I'd swear invisible gremlins took them..
either that, or real-life burglars.. not likely, but hey..
you just never know.. they aren't where I swore they'd be..
maybe it's time for a new pair, but I'd like to find the old ones..
the Awana leader dinner is later on today, too.. wooyeah! :D

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Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday Five: Last Things 1-2-3-4-5 / Finished the LOTR trilogy... Penguin Ball game!

About the only two productive things I did yesterday were to complete my Bible Study questions for tonight, and to finally finish the LOTR trilogy. Of course, checking my email and such is also productive, but that goes without saying. ;)

Oh, and here's a Penguin Ball game link that Spoz left in his blog yesterday. I fully intend to play this game and see copious amounts of blood... wooyeah! :D (yes, I'm twisted.. that's why you all love me :P)

Friday Five: Last Things

1. What was the last song you heard?

Led Zeppelin's Kashmir

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

Lost in Translation and LOTR: ROTK. (no, I don't see movies very often)

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

Lunch at Ricky's on Wednesday, lunch at White Spot yesterday, and a cantaloupe bubble tea at the Yuen-Yuen Café yesterday.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

Go to Awana tomorrow, go to the Awana leader dinner afterwards, remind Uncle Tim about the computer monitor, and help with the toddlers on Sunday.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

Eunice, Jon, my grandma, Vernon, and Dave.

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Mom is certainly brash / obnoxious!

last night, my brother told Mom that she was brash..
needless to say, she didn't know what that meant..
(her grasp of English is a bit lacking, shall we say)
Jon said that it was a nice way of saying "obnoxious"..
I wouldn't rescue her, as I thought it was spot-on..
she was extremely horrified, and protested to us:
"everybody likes me, what are you talking about?!"
newsflash: not everybody likes you, get used to it!
that was certainly hilarious, though.. had a good laugh ;)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Jon's uni grad photo session

right now, I'm at my brother's.. his uni grad photos are later..
said it was highly encouraged that I come to the session..
hey, it's my brother.. I would do that for him, at least..
not giving him the good letter in front of Mom, obviously..
we'll see what happens later on, of course.. hahaha!
by the way, I absolutely dislike makeup and Mom.. :P

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Bertuzzi and Moore

well, the hockey game yesterday was filled with mayhem..
listened to Sportstalk till 1 AM, and hung up on Yazmine..
(she's not a very loyal fan or a particularly good one..
once the score is tilted in favor of the other team..
she'll cheer for the winning team, and says they'll win..
I just had to hang up on her, although I did warn her!)
9-2 for the Avs, Linden broke the record, Fort Collins caller..
maybe today will be better for me and my true friends!

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Mom wants to skew my thoughts

my mother wants me to think that everyone disagrees..
I certainly don't think so, as I like this letter more..
it's certainly more in tune with my own thoughts..
kept a copy for Jon and discussed it with Eric M. briefly..
besides, I wasn't on "their" side in the first place!

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Weekly dose of encouragement?

church was all right today.. talked to Vernon for once..
also discussed things with Dave, Cindy, Maxine, and Eric..
Ethan actually said bye to me without prompting..
another letter was circulated today, but this one's better..
Uncle Tim forgot the monitor, so it's another week for me..
guess you'll have to see what happens later on..
hopefully, it doesn't rain like heck this week either!
I had Sam, Corey, Spoz, Stephen, and Steph last night..
that might tide me over for another week, who knows?
"weekly dose of encouragement," indeed.. very sweet..

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