Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hockey hangouts are EXCELLENT plans! / Grammar Correction Cat

Chinese Eric said hi on MSN at about 9:40, which was the first thing in a bit to make me grin! Gotta love good friends! Turns out the "moving" thing was actually "helping out family friends, and family-related stuff" - PHEW! Of course I updated him on things around here! Talked about my parents' cruise / lost luggage, funny CRACKED articles, the Duncan Keith hit on Daniel Sedin (concussion / resulting suspension of only five games), my upcoming crazy weekend, Harmony's pregnancy, Nathan getting back, hanging out next weekend before the playoffs start (OF COURSE!), HOARDERS, and more. Always good to talk to him, at least. *grin*

He says the Vancouver game against Calgary on CBC next Saturday should be good, and he'll call to confirm on Friday or Saturday. SOUNDS LIKE AN EXCELLENT PLAN! Discussed EXTREME COUPONING ("raid those homes in case of war or recession, hahaha!"), MY STRANGE ADDICTION ("I'm happy we're on the NORMAL side!"), and other weird TV shows... he makes me laugh, and I like that! I'm not surprised that he saw an episode of EXTREME COUPONING where one woman had 54 family-size detergent bottles in her collection! At around midnight, we agreed that it had been nice talking to each other, and that it was also late. He bid me goodnight as per our usual "moon emoticon" thing, which I'd missed. YAY FOR GOOD FRIENDS!

Siobhan found this excellent picture, which is SO me:

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Purdy's, peace and quiet, hermitude, and crazy weekends

Went to Richmond Centre this afternoon to get a 3-pack of Purdy's chocolate hedgehogs for Lisa to try - I forgot that yesterday, and I certainly won't have time tomorrow! I secured my peace and quiet for my weekly tradition (which went faster this week for some reason) when I got home with an hour to spare, too! fate_envies_us unfriended me on LJ, but I guess that's normal.

I had to laugh when Eric sent me an email about how I'd signed out on MSN and my phone was apparently disconnected / off the hook. Hey, I'm SERIOUS about my hermitude, especially right before a crazy weekend with a wedding / wedding banquet / church / double baby shower / family dinner! I think I just might continue this into next week! Thank goodness the wedding is in the afternoon; Dad says they'll pick me up at about 1 or so.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keys, mushroom risotto, and 2-1 WIN over the Stars!

I thought I'd lost my keys, but that wasn't the case since I'd shoved them into my big bag in a rush before having to do something NOW... phew! Decided to try the mushroom risotto for dinner tonight: Chantelle and Laura LIKED that! The hockey game featured a penalty shot and a 5-on-3 for more than a minute... the Canucks won 2-1, which they NEEDED!

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Jalapeno bagels, birthday compliments, and dollar store items

A random foreign person tried adding me to Facebook; I DON'T THINK SO! Mike T. says it's the newest tool for spam - unfortunately, I'm not surprised! Mom tried to call me, so I had to call her back if I didn't want her bugging the heck out of me all week. She says that she doesn't want me to spend money (at least they understand that), but I want to do things independently as long as it doesn't bankrupt me! Luckily, I had the wedding and baby shower gifts for Dawn and Eni / Harmony / Jane under control, but I did need to get the cards! Am I obligated to get something for Jane? I guess I should, if just a token gift... it'll be understandable if my gift for Harmony is better, of course.

Before I left to do some banking, I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill. Also tried calling Chinese Eric again, but Auntie told me that they were MOVING (?!) - well, of course he can call me back tonight if that's the case! Got a jalapeno bagel from Tim Horton's (which was pretty good), and a lychee BBT from Big Orange after I did my banking. Went to the dollar store to grab a birthday card for Dad (I hate writing upside down on envelopes!), a birthday card which made me laugh, baby shower cards for Jane and Harmony, a duck baby photo frame for Jane, two Canucks stuffed dogs (for me and BABY DRAGON), and a few gift bags for less than $25. PRIDE!

The card which made me laugh: I don't usually send birthday cards that are full of compliments, but as it's you, I'll make an exception...

Happy Birthday from the kindest, greatest, most fantastic person in the world!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tagging work, intense matches, poly DYING!

Did some tagging work, so YAY for that! Cat unfriended me on FB, which is actually fine by me since she's poly. The Blackhawks won 2-1 in overtime during the Canucks game, and it was an intense physical match! Talked to James for a bit when I wasn't distracted by said game; also tried calling Chinese Eric since I *have* missed him, but wasn't surprised when nobody answered. Tomorrow, maybe! I need to run all my errands before 5, anyway.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Macarons, Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café, and SUGAR!

Got some cash from the bank before meeting up with Steph, Lisa, and Harmony for Macaron Day at Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café. Turns out I didn't need it because they all refused my attempts to pay them back, but I'll use some of it to pay Eric back what I owe him! Denise snooped, and helpfully gave me directions from the Sears to Burrard; YAY FOR GOOD FRIENDS! They kinda helped, but I still got lost from Blenz downtown... good thing Lisa saw me in the half-dark on their way! Thierry was PACKED, but we managed to get a table after waiting a few minutes. We had four different macarons (lime / hazelnut / pistachio / chocolate), a fruit tart, chocolate pastries, water, and a lemon cake slice.

Discussed Winners, Mom's dog idea, the Sunday family dinner, pregnancy and the "baby gymnastics," Jon's personality as a kid, Harmony's childhood persona, what the baby MIGHT be like (hyper?), Daniel and Michelle's baby Maddie, how you can't call your own child "ugly," Lisa's sister-in-law Nicole, Gabe and Vivian, looking at open houses just because, contracts, Whistler, strata rules on Christmas lights and decorations (Feb. 5 is PLENTY OF TIME!), lychee, strawberries, kiwi, and taking one for the team as far as sweets went. Also talked about Purdy's hedgehogs (Lisa's never had them?! - then I'll buy her one in view of her diet since there's a store in Richmond Centre), diets, weddings, Dad not taking the heat in Singapore very well, the vinegar and egg concoction (NOT "afterbirth" protein source since there are better ones these days!), the lards' travel, the respite centre, our afternoons, and more. Got a train home JUST IN TIME, but really needed to pee by the time I got into Richmond - this had inevitable consequences like laundry and a quick shower (I didn't even need those on the ultrasound day!) and a TMI phone call to my sister!

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Macarons not being macaroons, aspirin, headaches, #9, and Auntie Evie

Jon figured that the parents' flight was delayed or cancelled, but got Steph to agree to driving me home whenever it DID get in. End result: I said I'd stay overnight so Grandma wouldn't freak out. Harmony called with an offer to go with her, Steph, and Lisa for macarons; I said I'd see. I *do* need alone time at MY PLACE for sure, and if I don't get it, I'll be cranky! Good thing I packed aspirin gelcaps, as I developed a headache just before midnight, which meant bedtime!

Imagine my surprise when my sister woke me up out of sleep at 1:20 AM, saying that she could drive me home. I said that I had to get dressed first, but that would be a good idea! I swear, I was barely coherent! Managed to dodge a hug from my mom, haha. Talked to Steph on the way home about Grandma's confusion and her broken portable radio; I said I'd see about lunch today. Got home twenty minutes later, checked my mail (nothing too important), and unpacked before sleeping at 2 AM. Woke up at around noon, and called my sister who was five minutes away: sure, I was actually up for lunch with the lards at #9 with Flora as our waitress! (and Uncle Percy / Auntie Eva / Auntie Evie) Talked about my sister's and my understanding of Cantonese, my parents' trip, Auntie Evie's son Jason (he'll be here in June) and the Edmonton Chinese service, rides to Dawn and Eni's wedding on Saturday, Bryant / his mom Auntie Helen / Shirley / his past girlfriends, noodles, congee, grocery shopping, and more.

After that, my family went to Langley Farm Market. Discussed the weird TV shows I'd been watching (I "forced" Big G to watch INTERVENTION last night), Grandma's paranoia with the house key that Valerie left for me, bananas, onions, buying a LOT of ginger, that post-birth vinegar and egg concoction on the birth of grandchildren, Jon needing to cut down on alcohol consumption (a pint and a half of beer may have done me in yesterday), my being a really sound sleeper (sister had to SHAKE me awake), my knowing how to moderate my own beer consumption, Mexican tequila, and more. Then we went to Yaohan after a coffee stop at McDonalds: my sister and I saw pig snouts, entire pig ears, and entire PIG HEADS for sale at the supermarket! We also bumped into Pastor Edward! Mom bought $100 worth of stuff like noodles, Chinese buns, vinegar, on-sale seafood mixes (she said it was fine that I ate it - my sister liked the protein I got), oranges, crab, and more. At least she thanked me for doing stuff like watering the plants and taking the recycling / garbage out! Steph said I did a good job of looking after Grandma - hey, I'm not going to leave her alone to freak out!

I changed my mind about going to Macaron Day once Steph said they had coconut in them; I remember that from when Harmony made them. Turns out we were both confusing those with macaroons! When I got home, I was afraid that catching up would take forever, but it didn't take a zillion hours. (my strategy of not being on Trillian mostly worked; DARN MY FAST FRIENDS!) The transit directions to Thierry don't seem TOO bad, as long as I can figure out how to get there from Vancouver City Centre! (Harmony said it was just across the street) I have to get some cash out anyway, but I'll shower and such first. Also, I need to finish my library books and return them within a week. That should totally be doable!

Jason Russell (founder of Invisible Children) has a three-year-old boy named Gavin Danger and a one-year-old girl named Everley Darling. WTF at those names. o_O

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Monday, March 19, 2012

HOG SHACK, ribs, cornbread, Corey, and INTERVENTION

Jon got to the townhouse after teaching, and we went to meet Eric at the Hog Shack soon after. I was able to wish Corey a happy birthday via MSN before we left, and got a "thanks" message when I got home - YAY! We talked about forgiveness, Paul, making a sacrifice in eating candy, beer, Jeremy and Fred staying at the Whip for at least four hours yesterday night, grudges, ribs / cornbread / salmon / rice / chicken / burgers in five minutes, curling / ice sheets / Dylan / Randal / real-life interaction (not this Friday), my being red, pizza, Harmony, airport delays, and more. The food was pretty good, although the Canucks lost 2-0 to the Wild in a mostly boring game, no thanks to an empty-net goal in the last 30 seconds! Went back to the townhouse, where we ate oranges and listened to a lot of swearing on INTERVENTION.

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LONDON is not a baby name!

I was awake before Grandma; that's a first! Grandma's first question to me: "Where are your parents? Did your mom go to work?" No, you just have memory issues and don't know that they went on a cruise. Helped her with breakfast and the plants, then watched MAKE ROOM FOR MULTIPLES - one of these girl twins is named LONDON?! (the other is Layla) Grandma thinks 4:30 is too early for dinner. Too bad, as we have a Canucks-Wild game to watch! Also, Jon's teaching piano is apparently directly related to Harmony's pregnancy. HAHAHAHA!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Caesar's / Nail polish, 38KKK breasts, eating tape, and more

Grandma dropped her portable radio in the bathroom (why take it in there in the first place?!) - AIYA! Watched THE SIMPSONS and MY STRANGE ADDICTION: a lady addicted to drinking urine (and brushing her teeth with it), a lady addicted to her 38KKK breasts (holy plastic surgery!), a black woman addicted to eating tape, someone addicted to digging into her ears, and someone addicted to drinking nail polish. Grandma is NOT impressed with Nail Polish Lady, that's for sure!

We finally got going for dinner at about 8, but Caesar's is only across the street. She was under the impression that Dairy Queen still sells fish burgers, but I told her NO. We had sockeye salmon, salad, seafood soup, mussels, prawns, (garlic) bread, (hot) water, butter, tomato bruschetta, and more. Talked about bread and noodles at home, oranges, her "being able to walk to Steveston Village" (no), and Jon.

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Berman, vibrators, Calla NOT Kayla, binoculars, Auntie Grace, and Green Village

Surprised Eric this morning by answering the phone with "Wedding Forum - how may I help you?" Hahaha! We discussed many things on the way to church: weddings in general, good friends, Christian music / static / the Shell Busey home improvement show / 99.3 the Fox, his meetings after church today and next week, religion, funerals, morbid stuff, wedding shows, TLC, things working out after all ride-wise, how I was "drunk" / "getting married," flipping through a Henri Nouwen devotional (of ALL the reading material I could have chosen?!), and more. Since he opted to jaywalk when we parked, I went to the crosswalk and avoided an awkward encounter with Randal. I know it shouldn't be, but it still kind of is for some odd reason. As it is, he said "Morning" to me when I exited the Sunfire since he was passing by; I just said "hello" in response.

Got into the sanctuary, said hi to Joanna and Priscilla on the other side (it IS Spring Break!), saw Enoch, then noted Paul's presence. I was determined not to let him have the power to ruin my day, so reminded myself of that. Thank goodness he didn't sit close by, although he did say hi to MY friend Jeremy, whom I am protective of! (Jon also said hi to him) Talked to Nathan W. about his folding the bulletin in creative ways, and noted Jon talking to Jeremy about French Press coffee (incentive to attend Sunday School) and the Whip later. Gave Jon his envelope from Berman and Grace, and noticed that Pastor Bob mispronounced Calla's name as "Kayla" - I'm not even sure HOW that computes in his mind! There was also a very brief question and answer session after the offering; Eric later told me that the plan was to make it a regular part of service. Oh dear... more excuse to leave early!

Made sure to say hi to Grandma and tell her that we'd be going to dinner with Jon tomorrow, even though she won't remember. Auntie Eva wanted to make sure I knew the plans - yes, of course! Went into the fellowship hall and said hi to Deb, Auntie Soo, baby Ava, Adam, Andrew, Lawrence, Amanda, and others. Yes, my parents get back tomorrow from their South American cruise! Checked with Jon about stuff tomorrow, which was fine. Went upstairs and said hi to Mel, Frances, Micah (who wouldn't hold hands with his little friend), little Joanna, Benedict (who said the sleepover went as expected), Martin, Sarah C., Mei Lin, Auntie Vivian, and others.

Saw Jessie, Lanie, Rachel's grandma, new kids named Jared L. (3) and Natalie (1), Ashley (gave her a Kleenex when she cried), David, Evelyn, Ramen, Shira, and James at Toddler Sunday School. Played with toys, cars, Legos, binoculars, and puzzles; also indulged James wanting to touch the subtle bling on my blue sweater, and his seeming need to hold my hands. Learned that Ashley is allergic to hand sanitizer, which does happen. It was fun, and I had missed that whole thing.

Afterwards, I checked with Jon about his teaching at the HOHOHOs, and he figures that he'll start at 3 and be here at 4:30. All I gotta do is tell Grandma not to cook anything at least 20 times tomorrow afternoon, hahaha. Doesn't matter if Jon's invited Eric to the Hog Shack / hockey game plans, although we shouldn't count on Big G to pay for the whole thing! I said hi to Pastor Edward; when Auntie Grace (with Uncle George) spotted me, she gave me a big hug hello! (I'm sure Dave and Tiffany are doing well) Went to Green Village for lunch with Grandma, Uncle Eric, Auntie Brenda, Auntie Eva, Uncle Percy, and Auntie Paula - yes, I can understand Chinese!

After Auntie Eva filled up at the gas station (then bought oranges and milk at the nearby Safeway), she took us back to the townhouse. Grandma took her purse into the washroom - like I told Steph on the phone later, WHO'S GOING TO STEAL IT?! She also forgot where her room even WAS in the house. *sigh* Now she's cleaning while I'm watching UNTOLD STORIES OF THE E.R., KING TUT TOMB STORIES, and more. Some poor guy on this show has a vibrator stuck up his ass, and insists on anonymity. Good luck with that one! (especially since you need a gastroenterologist and anesthesia!)

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