Saturday, November 09, 1996


LJ equivalent on April 9, 2005.

I find the most interesting things on the Latest Posts page....

Bold the names you are e-pals with. Underline the ones you want to sleep with. Italicise the ones whose fearsome Internet powers you most fear. Blink the ones you know / met IRL. Change the color of the ones you've slept with.

BANLIST UPDATE: kcwriter's original post with the ban list has been locked, so I am copying and pasting all the names here for future reference. Are YOU on the list?

ban_set 05122025

ban_set 10fags

ban_set 1965f250

ban_set 1dgt

ban_set 1jameth

ban_set 1trustin

ban_set 33mhz

ban_set 8millionstories

ban_set ____pretentious

ban_set __mariposa

ban_set __zardoz

ban_set _citizenerased

ban_set _imthatgirl

ban_set _m0rbiidcandyy

ban_set _makemepure_

ban_set _meathook

ban_set _meow_mix_

ban_set _shatteredsoul_

ban_set _valkyrie__

ban_set a_bakes_u

ban_set a_the_files

ban_set abrasive_mantra

ban_set abrient

ban_set absinthedream

ban_set absolutegorilla

ban_set accebear

ban_set acquiesced

ban_set adameros

ban_set adamforest

ban_set agateway

ban_set akimiyumi

ban_set alannarama

ban_set alex_jon

ban_set allah_dot_com

ban_set altoidsaddict

ban_set altoidwhore

ban_set amandathegreat

ban_set amiboi

ban_set aml

ban_set anastasia_fall

ban_set andaluviandream

ban_set angelofsin

ban_set angelundrcover

ban_set animagus

ban_set anne_v

ban_set annifridfour

ban_set anotherday

ban_set anuanu

ban_set anubisblue

ban_set ariadne034

ban_set aric1

ban_set ariellabella

ban_set aristri

ban_set asabass

ban_set asdf_dot_com

ban_set asgoodasdave

ban_set ashi_moto

ban_set ask_forthesea

ban_set aspen

ban_set ass_

ban_set ass_cheerios

ban_set astounded

ban_set ataluta

ban_set atlaswalks

ban_set auntiesiannan

ban_set auri_

ban_set autumnmcbottom

ban_set aworldofviolets

ban_set azure_dream

ban_set b00mstick

ban_set b3wbz

ban_set babar_elephante

ban_set babblingbrook

ban_set babytitmouse

ban_set bacchianrevelry

ban_set back_flipz

ban_set backseat_alissa

ban_set bad_mom

ban_set banal_minutia

ban_set banyanbabe

ban_set barkis

ban_set basement

ban_set bassboytom

ban_set batmoon

ban_set baza_dekoy

ban_set bdinger

ban_set beach_bunny

ban_set bearboy

ban_set becke1084

ban_set belinus

ban_set benshan

ban_set big_dub

ban_set bigfatgreek

ban_set billyprior

ban_set bitchgetmybeer

ban_set blackbirdcd

ban_set blackcock

ban_set blindjinx

ban_set bluegypsy

ban_set bluelighter

ban_set bluemoonshark

ban_set bopp3r

ban_set bourguiba

ban_set boyzici

ban_set bramat78

ban_set brandismomjoy

ban_set bratflesh

ban_set bratgrl

ban_set brb1081

ban_set brend

ban_set brenden

ban_set brettro82

ban_set britannica3

ban_set bunkadoo

ban_set burnthisgirl

ban_set butterymufkin

ban_set buttonskitten

ban_set caffeina

ban_set calimtnredneck

ban_set candicide

ban_set captain_flappy

ban_set captainballs

ban_set carebearc

ban_set carloricci

ban_set carly_drove

ban_set catalyst

ban_set catsluvdmb

ban_set catwoman980

ban_set cazador

ban_set celesmaxwell

ban_set cellophane01

ban_set cemeterygates

ban_set cerealkillah

ban_set cerebralcrunch

ban_set ch

ban_set chaossix6

ban_set charlie_cat

ban_set cheetofish

ban_set chocolatemucus

ban_set chrisalibby

ban_set chrisjericho

ban_set chrisopotamus

ban_set chrissmari

ban_set cipster

ban_set cleanlikegod

ban_set cleverhandle

ban_set cloverkill

ban_set club_q

ban_set cndnsunshine

ban_set code_red_gurl

ban_set colonialsong

ban_set comicagony

ban_set comment_hor

ban_set confusedboy69

ban_set coolredelusive

ban_set core_2286

ban_set cornycrap

ban_set cow

ban_set cowboysuit

ban_set crackedxhalo

ban_set craftybiznatch

ban_set crayolacrime

ban_set crazyronnie

ban_set cryslea

ban_set curbsideprophet

ban_set cyanidekoolaid8

ban_set cyber_shane

ban_set cyns

ban_set daikon

ban_set dakota

ban_set dancingdrew

ban_set danger

ban_set dangerpest

ban_set danielspice

ban_set dantc

ban_set dante_sensei

ban_set dapirate

ban_set darkgreenextra

ban_set darkspin

ban_set dash

ban_set daydream

ban_set deathbgothic

ban_set deathwish_daisy

ban_set dedbud

ban_set deine_liebe

ban_set delara

ban_set deliciousbrains

ban_set demure

ban_set denverbearcub

ban_set derisio

ban_set dev_ilry

ban_set devilbox

ban_set devinluvsrussia

ban_set dexkumelv

ban_set dgt

ban_set dharmasatya

ban_set dick_clark

ban_set dildobucket

ban_set dildobucket_1c

ban_set dinomandah

ban_set dippydawg1932

ban_set disneyclint

ban_set dita1974

ban_set divadolly

ban_set dizzyspells

ban_set djmedieval

ban_set djmischief

ban_set doglike

ban_set doktor_zyklon

ban_set doktoravalanche

ban_set domingo

ban_set donnasmachine

ban_set doommuffin_chan

ban_set doyouhaveaflag

ban_set dquintas

ban_set drama_troll

ban_set dratmajorgold

ban_set drunkenxsmile

ban_set dryad271

ban_set duffey

ban_set duxwig

ban_set dyrnwyn

ban_set e_richard

ban_set east_meets_west

ban_set eblgorton

ban_set ed_salinas

ban_set eggorofls

ban_set egplant_dikeass

ban_set ek5320

ban_set electriclime

ban_set electrosoundwav

ban_set elhoserboy

ban_set eliaalariel

ban_set elite_whore

ban_set elliesbugged

ban_set elsabet

ban_set elysium3d

ban_set emirichan

ban_set emobus

ban_set emotioncapacity

ban_set emyloutaylor

ban_set enderu

ban_set endgame

ban_set enrogue

ban_set erabell

ban_set erinbaka

ban_set eurotrashgrrl

ban_set evil_kuntess

ban_set evilsibe

ban_set ex_notquitea946

ban_set faggeth

ban_set familyjules

ban_set fanless

ban_set fat_is_gross

ban_set fatana

ban_set feignedapathy

ban_set fianna

ban_set finestdrops

ban_set firstslayer

ban_set flabbinabbal

ban_set fluffybunnylove

ban_set fluffydude

ban_set fmulder4

ban_set foboat

ban_set foggy_dreams

ban_set fonem

ban_set forever_corky

ban_set foxx

ban_set frayed

ban_set freidenker

ban_set frischefische

ban_set frogger414

ban_set fsayre

ban_set funkhouser

ban_set futhyfuth

ban_set fuzzycub19

ban_set gaonmymind74

ban_set gatoloco

ban_set gavin

ban_set geminimystique

ban_set generic_troll

ban_set genno

ban_set georgeth

ban_set getitonthefloor

ban_set ggobs

ban_set ghettofinger

ban_set ghosty4

ban_set giggerota

ban_set gillen

ban_set girlpirate

ban_set girlvinyl

ban_set girlyunderwear

ban_set glorifallen

ban_set glytterpixiebat

ban_set godofvanity

ban_set goodboi

ban_set goremeister_666

ban_set gothere

ban_set gothic_diaper

ban_set graffiti_sucks

ban_set grandtursimo

ban_set granting

ban_set gres02

ban_set greyparade

ban_set grndflr

ban_set groovinmahoovin

ban_set guesthouse

ban_set gulsukat

ban_set guojennifer

ban_set gurlfriend

ban_set gusmacroy

ban_set gynocide

ban_set gypsy_dreams

ban_set haeleth

ban_set hailtothequeen

ban_set halfwaytree

ban_set happy_bday_ari

ban_set hardtogetover

ban_set hardvice

ban_set harpie84

ban_set hatameiwaku

ban_set hecatemacbeth

ban_set heiljustin

ban_set hellarad

ban_set hello_cola

ban_set helloradio

ban_set helter

ban_set hephaestionaz

ban_set hepkitten

ban_set herbaliser

ban_set heroine68

ban_set highwizard

ban_set hildo18121

ban_set hipotmeetkettle

ban_set hjarta

ban_set hobo_dick

ban_set hockeyfag

ban_set holdme_holden

ban_set hollaxatholly

ban_set homosaur

ban_set hooded_nubbins

ban_set hotcrab

ban_set howhite

ban_set huzzband

ban_set i_am_not_a_word

ban_set i_fk_elves

ban_set iamn0tpermanent

ban_set ibrad

ban_set icanbebrutal

ban_set iconoclast

ban_set idiots_abound

ban_set ifandonlyif

ban_set iheartretards

ban_set iljasono

ban_set ilovescabs

ban_set im_pretty_dull

ban_set immortal102100

ban_set imtheotherme

ban_set in_melancholia

ban_set incorrigible_

ban_set indiewriter

ban_set indolent138

ban_set infinite_chaos

ban_set ingenuemuse

ban_set injustifiiable

ban_set innout

ban_set interimlover

ban_set intervocalic

ban_set ipromiseuiwill

ban_set ironwrought

ban_set ishovi

ban_set issokay

ban_set itachi

ban_set italiangm

ban_set itzafurrball

ban_set iworshipsatin

ban_set j2thel

ban_set jackola

ban_set jacqueline1776

ban_set jakusx

ban_set jameth

ban_set jamievw

ban_set jason916

ban_set jasonchas

ban_set jaxed

ban_set jayfo

ban_set jayguevara

ban_set jaymosch

ban_set jaysinb

ban_set jcterminal

ban_set jcurious

ban_set jdredd5150

ban_set jedi_iwakura

ban_set jendurrfukt

ban_set jennae

ban_set jennifer_ever

ban_set jeremyjx

ban_set jerseyboy

ban_set jesus_the_gay

ban_set jjbond

ban_set jlbmedia

ban_set joeydi

ban_set john_got_back

ban_set john_kerry_2004

ban_set johnbot

ban_set jooge

ban_set jourdannex

ban_set jtari

ban_set jtron

ban_set jtzapp

ban_set julrikson

ban_set justoneshot

ban_set jymjones

ban_set kaaaty

ban_set kaiec0re

ban_set karlaanne

ban_set kasmo_sez

ban_set katersaurus_rex

ban_set katgirlie

ban_set katyloop

ban_set kayfive

ban_set keithbuff

ban_set kelism

ban_set kevinxone

ban_set kilcahodge

ban_set kill_queen

ban_set killhamster

ban_set killingword

ban_set killographic

ban_set kinkbotinator

ban_set kitanainfiniti

ban_set kittiejenn

ban_set kittybean

ban_set kko

ban_set kl8n

ban_set klokwise

ban_set korovamalchick

ban_set kozmickris

ban_set kristopher

ban_set kshatri

ban_set ktm

ban_set kw34hd1

ban_set kyleinaz

ban_set ladyfoxglove

ban_set ladymoon

ban_set leadfill

ban_set letsrollusa

ban_set levenator

ban_set liebe_fallt_nie

ban_set lieclose

ban_set lifetrack

ban_set lillydolecal

ban_set linejourval

ban_set lipho

ban_set liquid_sex

ban_set liquidexplosion

ban_set lisa_vs_sunny

ban_set littik

ban_set littletragedies

ban_set livetodie

ban_set lizard

ban_set lizzab

ban_set ljemissary

ban_set lmirugai

ban_set lo0ll

ban_set lol

ban_set lonebronxpunk

ban_set lordlucan

ban_set lostmarble

ban_set lostonearth

ban_set lovelessregrets

ban_set lovelies

ban_set lovesfool

ban_set lovesickeskimo

ban_set lovie2831

ban_set lowena

ban_set luke2k

ban_set lumenfidei

ban_set lumpinator

ban_set lupec

ban_set lust_in_phaze

ban_set m0rbid_lust

ban_set macboysf

ban_set madlizard

ban_set maggotdude

ban_set magicpointeshoe

ban_set maidden

ban_set mamarama

ban_set manicmutt

ban_set mankelly

ban_set marimba

ban_set maryizzle

ban_set matintin

ban_set matmanwa

ban_set matsky1981

ban_set mattieuperrin

ban_set mcclanesho

ban_set meaniepunk

ban_set meatsiebeastie

ban_set mediacart

ban_set meep_meep_62

ban_set meli_p

ban_set mementomori3813

ban_set mengus

ban_set meowmeowbutt

ban_set metebelis_3

ban_set methodgroup

ban_set mia_d

ban_set mickeytor

ban_set miss_dramatica

ban_set miss_emo_toes

ban_set miss_hyde

ban_set missabra

ban_set missfortune

ban_set missgreen

ban_set missreagan

ban_set mistahpat

ban_set mistressxenobia

ban_set mmm_watermelons

ban_set mmmmmmmmmmmmmax

ban_set moedeelicious

ban_set mollisaur

ban_set monalisaovrdryv

ban_set moogleray

ban_set moresoul

ban_set moroveus

ban_set morty_baby

ban_set mouthfullacap

ban_set mozzarella

ban_set mr_chicken

ban_set mrnoone

ban_set mrpunk2u

ban_set ms_peaches

ban_set mslgean

ban_set musicpsych

ban_set mwells

ban_set mykatisgoing

ban_set mylifeat

ban_set myvagina

ban_set n26

ban_set nabuca

ban_set nadsatshoot

ban_set nagel_77

ban_set natsukigirl

ban_set navarchus

ban_set nekokage

ban_set nerd__

ban_set nerdherder

ban_set netsirksmada

ban_set nevynbutch

ban_set newton

ban_set nicksfan

ban_set niftybitch

ban_set nightingal_echo

ban_set nihilanth

ban_set nikalissa

ban_set ninaf

ban_set nineinchsilver

ban_set nocturnalxwitch

ban_set nonamecub

ban_set northing

ban_set nostitchtowear

ban_set not_picking_up

ban_set notcoffee

ban_set notquiteable

ban_set novellas

ban_set nullcherri

ban_set occuring

ban_set octoberust

ban_set offsprng588

ban_set ohbutitsshiny

ban_set ohlawdy

ban_set oiloveujameth

ban_set oknows

ban_set old_age

ban_set omfg_i_r0x0r

ban_set omgwtfplz

ban_set one_point618033

ban_set only_the_sex

ban_set ontic_evil

ban_set opheliainlove

ban_set oraclestares

ban_set orphenadrine

ban_set otherguy

ban_set otownkidsonic

ban_set outcelgeist

ban_set oxehunden

ban_set ozgryph

ban_set pacificbeachboy

ban_set pacotelic

ban_set padpedpladuk

ban_set pale_lily

ban_set pantsgolem

ban_set paulflorez

ban_set penguins4me

ban_set pep_per

ban_set pepperanddigit

ban_set perhonen

ban_set permissive

ban_set pete_diddy

ban_set phuthman

ban_set pickadilly

ban_set pigeonfarm

ban_set pikakyosei

ban_set pimpin_pleather

ban_set pinch_of_hope

ban_set pinknblack21

ban_set pinknebula

ban_set pinksox4men

ban_set pipimadchen

ban_set pitamakan

ban_set pixelicious

ban_set pixiebitch

ban_set pjangel

ban_set plato4013

ban_set plyonsii

ban_set point_five

ban_set poko_ono

ban_set pookanutter

ban_set poopalicious

ban_set popcultureicon

ban_set poppy_kitty

ban_set porsche

ban_set power2freeze

ban_set princesskasell

ban_set princssnikki

ban_set pseudo_kemetic

ban_set punkflamingo41

ban_set pushmearound

ban_set quasidan

ban_set queen_phoenix

ban_set queenmargot

ban_set rain19

ban_set rallenta

ban_set randydandy

ban_set rapehamstor

ban_set rattycake

ban_set raventhon

ban_set ravingbubbles

ban_set realworldboy82

ban_set redteufel

ban_set rei_ayanami_iv

ban_set relaxing

ban_set resina_pride

ban_set revolt_in_style

ban_set rexservorum

ban_set rfjason

ban_set rhodamine

ban_set rickolis

ban_set rigbys_face

ban_set risingtofall

ban_set robynchick

ban_set rocketdays

ban_set rockninja

ban_set rocknkittyn

ban_set rollinmadman

ban_set roman_e

ban_set rootbeerkegger

ban_set rootology

ban_set rostin79

ban_set rotfl

ban_set rowdielou

ban_set rubyjazz

ban_set rushifaa

ban_set sad_pandas

ban_set sahara_dreams

ban_set sapphirebliss

ban_set sarahinvegas

ban_set sararhiannon

ban_set sassy_britches

ban_set sathethert

ban_set save

ban_set saving_a_day

ban_set scarlet

ban_set scarlete

ban_set scarlettx

ban_set scathedobsidian

ban_set scherif

ban_set scrambled_jane

ban_set seattleboi

ban_set seattleforge

ban_set seattlekev

ban_set seattlewolf

ban_set sebatical

ban_set seeker_of_thule

ban_set seethrumyeyes

ban_set selfsufficience

ban_set separated

ban_set serke

ban_set seth

ban_set seudpunc

ban_set sgtred

ban_set shadowseraph

ban_set shahrizai

ban_set shananagain

ban_set sheepsterboogie

ban_set shelita

ban_set shellicus

ban_set shidzerosha

ban_set shikou_mori

ban_set shirleycurious

ban_set shoppingqueen

ban_set shortonideas

ban_set shy_kitty78

ban_set sianath

ban_set silveriodine

ban_set sk8agrrl

ban_set skibum026

ban_set slapthatdonkey

ban_set slavedaeva

ban_set sleepingchild

ban_set snocat_

ban_set socerfool

ban_set soekarno

ban_set softly

ban_set spamhater

ban_set sparky2379

ban_set speakto_me

ban_set speedychi

ban_set spied_by_my_eye

ban_set spoofyzoof

ban_set squeakywheel

ban_set stabbity

ban_set starkravingfag

ban_set starlasoma

ban_set stilled_life

ban_set stormy_nights

ban_set strawbryfields

ban_set stupidfuckface

ban_set subbes

ban_set sugaree

ban_set summermicole

ban_set summerscsa

ban_set supergeeknerd

ban_set superjohn

ban_set superslowmo

ban_set supresmooth

ban_set surly

ban_set susyspeed

ban_set suthsayer

ban_set swaggerboom

ban_set sweet_tea_luv

ban_set tacit_gender

ban_set taintedpork

ban_set talkytina

ban_set tansei01

ban_set taral

ban_set tate206

ban_set tcgiant

ban_set teals

ban_set terso

ban_set teza

ban_set the4sakken

ban_set the_internets

ban_set the_jet_set

ban_set the_passives_

ban_set theantidrama

ban_set thecolourblue

ban_set thedweller

ban_set thegoddesskali

ban_set themoonfell

ban_set themuffingirl

ban_set theravenflower

ban_set thesparrow

ban_set thesweetdeal

ban_set thisontop

ban_set thrion

ban_set tiff_seattle

ban_set tiffeh

ban_set timessquarewa

ban_set tiny_universe

ban_set tkfour21

ban_set tmercenary

ban_set toddskillz

ban_set tokaro

ban_set tossedsaladman

ban_set towith

ban_set tr1x0r

ban_set tranquil_blame

ban_set trashytrix

ban_set triffids

ban_set trixie_wabbit

ban_set trouser_minnow

ban_set trrill

ban_set truna

ban_set tsunamicide

ban_set tuicanis

ban_set turdfergeson

ban_set turkeyphant

ban_set twiigy

ban_set tygerwings

ban_set tyrantlizard

ban_set umeko_pyon

ban_set understated

ban_set unknown_lj_user

ban_set unsung_zero

ban_set unsuspended

ban_set urnofthewater

ban_set usagiko

ban_set uwkyler

ban_set vanilla_pepsi

ban_set vanquishedart

ban_set vebelfetzer

ban_set vegasaurus

ban_set velvet

ban_set vetur

ban_set vicstarsky

ban_set vigormortus

ban_set violetchristmas

ban_set vitaminacetone

ban_set vixenerica

ban_set void_reality

ban_set vomited

ban_set voonplatz

ban_set vorpal

ban_set vulgar_shudder

ban_set wanderlusty

ban_set wannabelikemike

ban_set warmhardjello

ban_set wavethatflag

ban_set waynester76

ban_set wearingabeanie

ban_set weenieroastxl

ban_set weenphiend

ban_set weev

ban_set whattavick

ban_set wheresmyheadat

ban_set whitewavex

ban_set wickey29

ban_set wolfpup76

ban_set wonderduck

ban_set wondrousbeauty

ban_set wongjustin

ban_set wtfohnoes

ban_set wufeidragon

ban_set wyattgwyon

ban_set xaoswolf

ban_set xdearclaudiox

ban_set xerro

ban_set xkidmidnightx

ban_set xkissikx

ban_set xsupergoddessx

ban_set xtreyu

ban_set xvividxdreamsx

ban_set xxrosencrantzxx

ban_set you_are_not_me

ban_set yourshade

ban_set yruugrrl

ban_set zakmckracken

ban_set zarex

ban_set zatty76

ban_set zephyrb0i

ban_set zephyrcrow (he commented here!)

ban_set ziggens

ban_set zimsmadness

ban_set zoltrix

ban_set zume

ban_set _amaranthe_

ban_set _joi

ban_set adh

ban_set aggression

ban_set amaena

ban_set amyzon2313

ban_set andrewpants

ban_set android23

ban_set anewdress

ban_set annmariec

ban_set antigone_talbot

ban_set apotheon

ban_set auntiesiannan

ban_set aussieintn

ban_set aworldnervelink

ban_set babar_elephante

ban_set bardiva

ban_set batty_

ban_set bellwitch

ban_set boywithoutasoul

ban_set bradd

ban_set catsluvdmb

ban_set causticjb

ban_set cellophane01

ban_set chunkymonchichi

ban_set ciani

ban_set combichrist

ban_set cor256

ban_set crayolacrime

ban_set creepigurl

ban_set crotchgoblin

ban_set cryptoskunks

ban_set cylph

ban_set damnations

ban_set dangerpest

ban_set dankamongmen

ban_set darkspin

ban_set datule

ban_set deccasmooth

ban_set deictic

ban_set deificar

ban_set dethinwntr

ban_set devilbox

ban_set dgt

ban_set digitalboi

ban_set dizzyspells

ban_set djjensen

ban_set dmdm619

ban_set doctorno

ban_set donicer

ban_set dorkomatic4130

ban_set dprescott

ban_set duffey

ban_set egoremover

ban_set eightysix

ban_set encapsulate

ban_set endzeit

ban_set eurotrashprince

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