Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hungary, Guam, Micronesia, and plumbers

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.

Popular Names in Hungary

Aside from Goulash and Ferenc Rahozzi, Hungary has introduced a slew of names for use with our children. These names all appear to be useful at first glance. But step carefully. If your child is slight, and more Aryan than Ashkenazi, a Boldizsar may backfire. These are the most popular names in Hungary, and as such, should be avoided.




Zsa Zsa

Popular Names in Guam, Micronesia, and the South Pacific

Granted the combined population of Guam, Micronesia, and Kinbati is less than a million people, but popular names in this region are still a difficult sell. Again, it is important to note that if you and your family stem from this region... by all means, name your child in some manner to reflect your heritage. Additionally, merchant marines and various commercial fishermen may use these names. However, these names should never be taken out of context and used cross-culturally, for obvious reasons. For clarification, the literal definitions of these names are listed here.


Aruniui: Man of the sea.
Babeldaob: The upper ocean.
Morelik: Living on the ocean side of the atoll.
Napo: Wave.
Ngiralmau: Deep end of the lagoon.
Soaladaob: One who likes the sea.


Abejar: Right there, at the lagoon side of the atoll.
Chubasca: Storm at sea.
Iull: Swell, on the open sea.
Taitasi: No sea.
Tadtasi: Having no sea.
Tasi: Sea, ocean.
Tsina: Her (or his) sea.

Famous Plumbers

Not everyone wants his or her child to grow up to be a plumber. However, for those who want to instill a strong work ethic in their children, time spent plumbing can provide a sound education. But step carefully. Naming your child to give him or her the best shot at becoming a plumber can be dangerous. Not every Thomas Crapper has overcome his curse and gone on to greatness. A few historical plumbers have overcome their given names and become famous for something other than their skills with a two-inch pipe wrench. Remember, the names below are exceptions to the rule, and should be treated as such.

Ozzy Osbourne: Prior to a brief stint in prison and a long career as a musician, Ozzy began his teenage years as a plumber.

Simone DeCavalcante: AKA Sam the Plumber, he began his career as a plumbing supplier for several well-known Italian-American families. This was prior to a three-year stint in prison and finally retiring in Florida.

G. Gordon Liddy: Prior to a five-year stint in prison and a successful career as a radio talk show host, G built his career as an FBI "plumber," cleaning out filing cabinets of opposing political parties.

Abdul Rashid Dostum: Prior to a brief stint as the general of the Afghan puppet army run by the Soviet Union in the late 1990s, Rashid spent his time drinking whiskey and plumbing, possibly at the same time.

Joe Cocker: Prior to a successful career in the music industry, Joe got by with a little help from his friends the gas pipe wrench and yellow Teflon.

Allan Williams: Prior to a successful career managing an unknown group of no-goodnik musicians from Liverpool in 1960, Allan plumbed effectively.

Lee Marvin: Prior to shooting Liberty Valance, Lee worked as a plumber's apprentice in New York.

Gabriel Byrne: Amidst a career as a cook, a teacher, a bullfighter, a toy factory employee, and a film star, Gabriel attempted to plumb his way through Ireland.

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Random Silverchair lyrics

Another restart! At least I was done editing posts...

Edit - It also restarted at 11:46 and 11:53!

Note: Your LiveJournal friends as Inuyasha characters! Memegen, by seanaholic.

What Random Silverchair Lyric Are You?
by silverfae
Name or Username:
Favorite Color:
Your Lyric is:And I love the pain

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#1 icon quiz

And another restart!

Note: Livejournal Piano Recital Memegen, by Jamie.

The #1 Icon Quiz. It Actually Works too. Plus, it has EVERYTHING. Tons of Icons! by Pyroette2020
Favorite Color:
Love Icon:
Mood Icon:
Cute Icon:
Sad Icon:
Funny Icon:
Random Icon:
Seductive Icon:

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The sudden VBS orientation saves Auntie Ying, at least...

Got out of the apartment in time to take the bus and the Canada Line connection. At first, I thought I was a bit early for the baby shower, but figured that I'd be punctual by the time I scouted out the Joyce Station bus stop near Oakridge, AND found out where Winnie's place was... this turned out to be pretty much the case. Said hi to Shirley (Bryant's girlfriend - yes, we did meet at Megan's bridal shower last year!), Andrea (it turned out to be a good thing when I said I couldn't make it to her lunch tomorrow), Cindy (told her that I had to leave early), Dawn, Steph, Vanessa, Emily C., Megan herself, Winnie, Jenny, Connie, baby Cameron (I fed him something - and helped wash his soccer ball in the bathroom sink), Jocelyn, and Winnie's daughter Megan with a pretty tiara. Had to be quiet when we entered the house since the kids were sleeping - briefly said hi to Kenny, too. We discussed Auntie Brenda telling a long-ago Sunday School class that she didn't like them at all since their parents were all church bigshots. In fact, she liked the previous year's class BETTER... way to keep an open mind, lady!

This is the direct antithesis to Auntie Catherine, who's always very gentle! Talked about Chung Ming's dinner tonight, the Awana BBQ with Memphis Blues food, Dave and Tiffany's wedding, Dawn's courses ending soon, Geoffrey, money, Erin's embarrassing stories, little Megan's drawings of the sun / grass / stars / moon / trees / holes / woodpeckers, big Megan's baby serving as a distraction, addresses, zebra / lion / animal / tree stickers, signing cards, presents, "spending calories," the kids' artwork, school, Andy, and more. I was thirsty, but didn't drink anything since I didn't want to REALLY pee on my way to church! Instead, I ate cake / grapes / ten cherries (little Megan had five for her own age) / cucumber slices / cherry tomatoes / lemon tarts. I also respected the boundaries of not going into the kids' play area - I could just look, heh. Steph asked Dawn whether she was going to Dave and Tiffany's wedding, since she herself is Dad's replacement because he doesn't like travelling!

When I made my excuses before leaving, Winnie and Cindy were politely concerned as to whether I'd be okay getting to the BBQ at church by myself - definitely so, since I had directions! Yes, I can keep on touch with Megan and Andrea (who's leaving for Hamilton at the end of the week) on Facebook! I thought the Joyce Station bus was going to LEAVE the stop when I saw it from a distance, so I hurried to get on that one... the driver told me "no worries," and actually seemed quite cheerful! A black baby saw me from its stroller, smiled, and waved - of course I smiled and waved back! SO CUTE! At the Skytrain station, I had to wait a bit for my connecting bus, but I did bring a book along. When the bus got there, the driver told me and a little Asian kid to wait till he got off the EMPTY vehicle - okay, then! So I got on the bus, and then this old East Indian guy wearing a turban sat RIGHT NEXT to me! Hello, sir?! This was an EMPTY BUS - you do not NEED to sit RIGHT NEXT to me! There were a few other EMPTY courtesy seats - I had to move across the aisle to one of those just so I felt relatively safe! What a moron!

I knew just where the bus was going, since Henry and I take that route to church all the time. Auntie Shirley let me in, and I went to get some water before I had to use the facilities. Said hi to Lanie, who was also headed to the washrooms. When I got to the fellowship hall, I saw Mike leading Jessica / Phoebe / Henry / Zoe / Jason Lam / Chris Lam / Sarah Chau / William / Steven Wei / David Ho / Sylver / Golden / Sabrina / Margaret / Lanie / Hilary / Michelle C. in a version of "Steal the Bacon" - with SKATEBOARDS later! (Auntie Rebecca, Auntie Kam, Auntie Vivian, Auntie Helen, and Melia were helping with the food - Julie C., Emily Lam, and I declined to play... and Martin came later) The food was pretty good... veggies and the ELVIS PLATTER! (pulled pork, chicken, bean sauce, BBQ sauce, cornbread, ribs, and other things) At first, Henry said he wouldn't eat anything since he'd had lunch before he came, but then changed his mind since he had no food at home because he's poor - I can understand not wanting to be hungry later! He said that he could give me a ride home, and he also said that he'd tried calling me earlier... oops.

Discussed a "sudden" Vacation Bible School orientation happening TOMORROW (Henry and I didn't get ANY emails on the subject - David said someone had CALLED him about it!), Jason and Margaret organizing the orientation (food will be provided), games, technology, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, Chung Ming (Julie: "THAT'S his name!"), how big Megan was by now, Melia thinking that she and Daniel were the only ones who liked mint chocolate chip ice cream, Superstore, Nathan being back now and looking better, Mike calling his sister a "sugar cone" (SO WRONG!), summer plans, the Canada Day BBQ, beaches, friends, camp, sponsorship, weird food combinations, beer, coleslaw, BMW, "REFOCUS" shirts, Melia taking a year's break for school reasons, gaming, education, elementary school math, bases, and more. Jordan and Thomas came in later because of Mother's Corner (Melia: "I remember THAT!") - Jordan told us that he'd help Auntie Rebecca hand out bulletins (which he called "flyers") tomorrow, so Chris said that he had to be good while doing that. He then said that he would go to heaven after he finished Awana, so he couldn't be a leader after that - okay, then!

Jordan also opined that Henry was too young to be the new commander, but Chris was the right age for it. Henry told him that he was older than Chris, so I guess we were wondering how that worked! Melia let us take some cornbread home - sweet! When Sam's parents were in the hall for some reason, I seized the opportunity to ask them for a ride tomorrow morning... I was only doing this because of the orientation, because I've never really helped out a lot at VBS, and want to refresh myself. There was that time at least ten years ago, where Adam and Andrew called me "Lassie," and where Carlie / Louisa / Hannah wanted to dump the leaders in the garbage can, haha. They can get Sam to call me at around 9:15, which sounds good to me... now, the only concern I have is where I'll sit. Jeremy's away! The orientation WILL save Auntie Ying, and that is also why it's a good thing I can't make it to Andrea's lunch tomorrow! On the way home, Henry and I discussed releasing your anger / generations / killing people / killing monsters / Memphis Blues / king crab / lobster. Got home to an email from Chris, telling us to wear our Awana uniforms tomorrow to show support for Children's Ministry Sunday - oh right, that's where we all stand up in the congregation! (but nobody wants to be the first to do so!)

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Rain and rubber

I miss the guys already, if only because I know we'd probably be going to the Jazz Festival tomorrow!

Rain Makes You Sleepy

You tend to move extremely slowly. It takes you a long time to adjust to change.

You tend to have your head in the clouds. You are a bit absent-minded, and you're often lost in your thoughts.

You have high expectations for your life, and you're sometimes disappointed. You wish that things were easier.

You prefer to be around a wide variety of people. You believe that you learn a little something from everyone.

You find peace when you are alone. You know how to balance your emotions well.

Trivia fact for Saturday, June 26: What rubber goods besides bicycle and carriage tires were manufactured by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company when it went into business in 1898? Rubber horseshoe pads and poker chips.

Edit at 1245: This restarted!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Xolani, Yo, Zelda, and Zestpoole

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Xolani: African for "please forgive," which is undoubtedly what you'll be asking your child to do for you after a lifetime of having to spell this name for people ad nauseam.


Yadid: The routine response to every mother's question beginning, "Have you... ?"

Yen: Japanese unit of currency. A female child with this name will, no doubt, take ironic joy every time some wisenheimer asks her how many of HER it would take to buy a candy bar.

Yo: A casual greeting. This name becomes extremely troublesome when paired with the greeting itself. "Yo, Yo! How's it going?"

Young'n: Hillbilly term meaning "small children." "I had four young'n until the twister done carried two of 'em off with the trailer house last summer."


Zelda: A telepathic princess kidnapped by the king of evil. A female child with this name will be driven insane by the endlessly looping and incredibly annoying theme music running through her head. Mommy and Daddy will most likely wake up one evening to see little Zelda standing over their bed with a kitchen knife preparing to slay the "minions of Ganon."

Zelpha: A yellow staining gas with a foul egglike odor.

Zeruah (zehr-OO-wah) - No meaning. But, it spells "HA! U R E Z" backwards in vanity plate style.

Zestpoole: A puddle of filth remarkable for its fresh, minty scent.

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Senile bums who mow the lawn when visitors with apricots show up / Jazz, excuses, and rentals

High-scoring words of the evening:

BUM (100 points) against Kathleen M. [4W, 5L on B]
SENILE (102 points) - against Wilhemina H. [4W, two 2W]
APRICOTS (116 points) - against Relina P. [4W]
MOWERS (232 points) - against Christie P. [two 4W, hook off HOIST for a plural]
VISITORS (169 points) - against Betty W. [4W, 3L on V]

What do you know... Arshad Khan is doing the same thing as Alex Haird. Are they TRYING to make me lose interest in Wordscraper!? Sent an email to Eric about his plans for this afternoon as far as rental cars and Christon goes - I'll just go home and read if he doesn't reply by the time I'm out of here. My Saturday IS pretty busy, what with the baby shower and the Awana BBQ! Actually, the BBQ gives me a convenient excuse to leave Megan's baby shower early. All I'd have to do is take the #41 Joyce to Joyce Station Bay 4 (last stop?) and then take the #27 Kootenay Loop (Bay 2) to the church intersection... SWEET!

Edit at 1830: Got home to an MSN message from Eric: He thought I'd have to arrange a ride with Ivan and Sam, but my plan was to stay home anyway. Called him to find out that he was already in Burnaby, so I just said I'd see him when he gets back from Portland with Jon / Christon / Jeremy.

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Upbearing epilogs, death anniversaries, histories, and coughing

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

EPILOGS (108 points) - against Carolyn P. [3W, 2W]
UPBEAR (768 points) - against Alice P. [two 4W, two 2W]
POSTWAR (114 points) - against Stephanie L. [5W, hook off STAB for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
FELTS (117 points) - against Michael H. [two 3W]
ABET (250 points) - against Cecilia S. [two 5W]

It's been a year since the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson! I remember the Internet stalled, heh.

Finally made it to the library - borrowed A History of Celibacy (Elizabeth Abbott), A History of Marriage (Elizabeth Abbott), and A History of Mistresses (Elizabeth Abbott) while I was here. The Asian guy next to me is annoying since he keeps coughing - I'm moving from FROST as soon as I finish one login, if there's a free computer by that time, and also if he isn't GONE by then! Edit twenty minutes later: Oh good, he's GONE! I glared at him a few times, for sure!

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Fire Dream / First Dates / Golf salutes

Restart, again. I had a weird dream, as usual when I can remember these things. Mom wanted to have a meal with us, but I was very reluctant. Harmony tried to guilt me into it, but I wasn't having any of that. Instead, I went to where the kids were... Eric T. wanted to make some blue licorice dough for Jordan, and Sabrina had a "WTF?" reaction. It seemed that the vanilla ice cream we'd bought the kids (and ourselves) wasn't enough for them, since they wanted crazy things! Later, we all decided to go to Zellers. Unbeknownst to us, my brother was in a back bathroom waiting to set fire to the place. It was done with a bunch of artistry - the fire just snaked up and down between the escalators, while everyone just froze in place!

You Fall in Love Quickly

You are yourself in relationships. You are very honest and real sometimes to your detriment.

For you, love is exciting and invigorating. Love puts a spring in your step.

You don't have a checklist when it comes to your perfect partner. You're open to whatever happens in your life.

You connect to others easily, and you want to figure out if there's a spark as soon as possible. You don't hold back.

Trivia fact for Friday, June 25: What was the "21-tee" salute offered at the 2000 U.S. Open in Pebble Beach, California? Twenty-one golfers lined up and simultaneously hit balls from the 18th fairway into the Pacific Ocean. This was done in memory of defending champion Payne Stewart, who had died months earlier in an airplane accident.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet wise crew eating and Georgetown

Interesting rack of the afternoon: IATECREW, against George M. [read this as "I ate crew"]

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

SWEET (1000 points; 4W, two 5W), RETAIL (5W, two 4W) - against Jayde M.
ENDURO (175 points; two 5W), OUTPRAY (132 points; 3W, 2W) - against Calvert W.
VAN (140 points) - against Cheryl M. [5W, two 2W]
WISEACRE (112 points) - against George M. [two 2W]
ANCESTRY (104 points) - against Marcy G. [4W]
SOULS (264 points) - against Linda D. [3W, two 4W - one used twice, hook off SIGN for a plural]
AWRY (103 points) - against Stephanie L. [4W, 2W, hook off OUTER to make ROUTER]

Yum, I smell my favorite cologne... brings back certain memories! Oh great... the guy next to me went for a smoke break, and now the cigarette smoke overpowers the cologne! I've actually seen him before; he looks like a much older, slack-jawed version of Pastor John!

Trivia fact for Thursday, June 24: For whom was Georgetown - the upscale Washington, DC, neighborhood - named? King George II of England, not George Washington. It was formally established in 1791 as a Maryland tobacco port, and was officially incorporated into the District of Columbia in 1871.

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Forgetting bank cards / Iceland / Sept. 11

I went out to run errands today after I paid my Shaw / hydro bills, and had gone to one bank before I discovered that I forgot my bank card which I needed for the OTHER bank. So of course I had to go back home and grab it before going to the bank and the library, but I did get a free copy of the newspaper from the bus! Turns out that Steph saw me crossing the nearest intersection to my place - she was out for lunch with the parents.

While I was trying to get OFF the bus, a woman who couldn't have been more than 20 years old tried getting ON. I had to GLARE at her; to her credit, she said "Sorry" (although she didn't LOOK it!), and backed off. What is WITH people?! Now I'm at the library on FROST, heh. Borrowed The Sagas of Icelanders (Robert Kellogg, Jane Smiley) and One Tuesday Morning / Beyond Tuesday Morning (September 11 Series 1-2) (Karen Kingsbury) while I was here, too. The first book reminds me of Valdimar (genkobar) and Tryggvi (handofme), of course! The old Asian guy next to me is annoying because he asks questions of the staff - I'm not doing anything wrong, but what happens if I have to do my "double login" and he's STILL asking questions?! Edit an hour later: Oh good, he's GONE!

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This thing restarted again!

You Are Warm

You are very interested in other people. You have a great deal of sympathy and compassion.

You are a confident person, and you're aware of the image you project. You act like you're in control even when you're not.

You are very comfortable around people, and you enjoy talking with strangers. You are approachable.

You are engaged and paying attention to the world. You are a good listener.

Ten years ago, maybe... now, I've learned to be way more careful!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vindalu, VulvaMae, Winnagene, and Wirt

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Valhalla: Where good Vikings go when they die. If you live in the Midwest, this name is to be avoided at all costs, lest too many Vikings fans try to find Odin's fabled hall.

Valva: A Korean knockoff of a famously safe Swedish automobile. Also, a lubricant used for race cars.

Vanilla: Flavoring made from the vanilla bean. Boring or bland. "She didn't really look hot, she just looked Vanilla."

Vanity: Feelings of excessive pride. Vain, futile, or worthless. A child with this name will spend hours staring at herself in the mirror while you are forced to wait in the hall when you really, really have to go to the bathroom badly.

Velvet: A fabric with a dense pile. A girl with this name will most likely be a stripper. See also Cinnamon and Butterfly.

Victoria: A girl with a really successful secret.

Vindalu: A spicy Indian curry dish. The name will spur memories of bad meals and projectile diarrhea.

Virtue: Moral excellence and righteousness. Much like the male name Lucky, this moniker is bound to become an ironic joke for the child. Those around her will do their best to ensure that she, in fact, has no virtue. See also Chastity.

Vixen: The female of a doglike species recognized by its pointy nose and ears, and renowned for its sneakiness. A malicious, fierce-tempered woman.

VulvaMae: The external genitalia of a female... Mae. The taunting will begin the moment the child enters kindergarten, and will increase steadily before reaching a climax sometime around Grade 6 and the introduction of sexual education. Popular nicknames for her will most likely be ClitorisMae and LabiaMae.


Waunice: The light version of a Mexican beer made from black-eyed peas.

Westie: Shortened name for the West Highland white terrier. A short-legged, mustached, long-coated female, generally of ill temper. A biter.

Whimsy: A quaint or fanciful quality. Female children given this name will have absolutely no ability to make rational decisions, and most likely will devote their existence to hunting for faerie-folk in the wilderness.

Whisper: To utter very softly. This child will have a knack for walking through a room completely unnoticed. Professions to be considered should include ninja and cat burglar.

Wilma: Wife of caveman. A child with this name will most likely marry a loud, verbally abusive braggart with a prominent forehead. He can only afford to buy her one outfit, and will make her propel the family automobile with her bare feet.

Winnagene: A genetic lottery. Let's hope she's a big winner to help her overcome this terrible name.

Winter: The coldest season of the year, often characterized by coldness, misery, barrenness, or death. A child with this name will, no doubt, be described as frigid later in life.

Wirt: A diminutive lump or protuberance found on the hands, feet, or genitalia. People will be reluctant to touch a girl with this name, afraid of catching her unattractiveness.

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Dumpy equations / Caller ID saving me again!

High-scoring words of the evening:

DUMPER (150 points; 4W, 2W, hook off WASPY to make WE), QUATE (177 points; 5W, 2W; a good deficit-erasing word!) - against Mario P.

Another restart, and Caller ID has saved me again - Auntie Ying tried calling me while I was busy reading. Her daughter Melia also emailed us about the Awana BBQ this Saturday - good thing I decided not to go to Chung Ming's dinner, since there will apparently be food from Memphis Blues there! Hahaha... of course, this makes my Saturday even busier than I thought, since I'll be coming late from Megan's baby shower. It should be good for escape, which is what I've been doing... fiction and Ireland, baby!

Edit - Also restarted at 9:50, 9:53, and 10:33!

Note: Your LiveJournal psychopath friends Memegen, by one_hit_wonder.

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The theme song of my entire life

This thing restarted, again. Had a shower and did laundry - feels fresh and clean!

Note: If LiveJournal Was A Cancer Ward Memegen, by suntansuperman.

The theme song of your entire life!!! by Ojust_pinkO
Your song::.:Collide
Who sings it for you::.:Your boyfriend

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This thing just restarted. Not surprised. Will start burying my emotions now!

You Are A Mild Insomniac

You aren't like the walking dead during the day, but you could probably use a little more sleep.

Even if you don't have trouble falling asleep at night, you tend to drag a little during the day.

Try to make sleeping soundly a priority. Cut back on caffeine. Make your bed and bedroom comfortable.

Just getting an extra half hour of quality sleep could make a big difference for you.

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Evites and traffic control

Stella sent me an Evite to a going-away lunch for Andrea and Chuck, possibly at Earl's - too bad it's this Sunday, and I kinda plan on not being at church since Jon / Christon / Jeremy / Eric won't be there! I'd have to find a ride - of course Sam and Ivan are back from camp now, so a ride there may not be a problem, but a ride back from the restaurant? I really don't know...

Trivia fact for Wednesday, June 23: When it comes to traffic control, what is a sharrow? An arrowlike marking - generally of a bike topped by a pair of chevrons - that is stenciled on roadways that are to be shared with bicycles. The term sharrow stands for shared lane arrow or shared use arrow.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tanning, pieces, walking, pretzel pieces, patience, and Caller ID

High-scoring words of the evening so far:

APIECE (204 points) - against Eli B. [4W, two 2W, hook off VANE to make AN / PE]
TAN (100 points; two 5W), POLKA (107 points; 4W, 2W, hook off GOAL to make AG) - against Callie S.
ISOTYPE (400 points) - against George M. [two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
CHINO (180 points) - against Laurie S. [3W, 5W]
FIESTA (1609 points) - against Carol K. [5W, two 4W]
UTOPIAN (135 points) - against Miriam B. [two 3W]

New rating record: 1828!

It was much warmer in the general library than it is in the computer room, for which I was grateful! The shuttle buses have made me lazy as hell; I won't even walk across the park if I can't help it! Where's the person of three weeks ago who gladly walked a kilometre (albeit with an hour's rest in between halves) with a friend? Nowhere to be seen, I'm afraid! I do love these Snyder's of Hanover pretzel pieces - jalapeno is the BEST flavor! Not quite so jazzed about the H.K. Anderson peanut butter-filled pretzel pieces, but they're all right.

Edit: I should work on my patience levels; just as I decided the bus wasn't coming so I should WALK home, I saw the bus passing me! Oh well, at least I got some exercise? Thank goodness I was legitimately out when my mom tried calling me, too! Yay for Caller ID! This thing restarted at 9:30!

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Catching up with writing bans

Note: Mean Girls - LiveJournal Style Memegen, by YoYoMaMa.

Interesting rack of the afternoon: WRITEBAN, against Alice P. [read this as "write ban"]

Bingo of the afternoon:

WASHRAGS (340 points) - against Annette-Tony V.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

CATCHUPS (280 points) - against Melissa M. [5W, 3W]
WASHRAGS (340 points) - against Annette-Tony V. [two 5W, bingo] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

I'm at the library now on COBEN, and LJ is not blocked in this cold room... for now, at least! Bonus: I'm using someone else's computer time, but will have to log in under my own numbers. I bet LJ will be blocked once I do, haha.

Edit, ten minutes later: It wasn't, but I will still be ever-watchful till 6!

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Patrick, Pete, Gerard, or Mikey?

Note: Your LiveJournal Demonic Orchestra Memegen, by FrostyBunny.

This thing restarted again! Edit - And again at 3:58 and 4:03! Off to the library...

Patrick, Pete, Gerard, or Mikey? by KakashiIsMine01
Favorite color
Pick one you like
Pick one you don't like
WhoPete Wentz
Where did you guys meetAt an autograph signing
Where do people usually see you twoAt the park, hanging out and talking
How long it lastedIt's still going on! Congrats to you!

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Repairs with no notice, AGAIN! / Beatles Love

Note: If LiveJournal were a playground Memegen, by _jellybean_.

I was going to leave, but since the guy came over (with NO NOTICE) to FINALLY fix the holes in the kitchen wall, I can't! He says it'll be a three-day process: today, drywall; tomorrow, sanding and more drywall; Thursday, painting.

Beatles Love by workingclasshype
You were born onNovember 14, 1942
You were secretly loved byGeorge
Your fave was
Your fave song isPlease Please Me

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Violent dreams, Barry, Teunis, cravings

I don't even want to know why I had a violent sex dream... o_O
Made two appointments with Barry, as well. Heard from Krista that Teunis is starting his trip down here tomorrow - yay!

You Crave Adventure

You don't need a lot to be happy, but the same old thing won't satisfy you.

You need to get your blood pumping and your heart racing from time to time. You live for adventure.

It's somewhat easy for you to get stuck in a rut, but luckily you are good at shaking things up!

You can find thrills in even the most boring situations. It's all about perspective.

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Taiwanese soy milk, "teaching," Justin Bieber the lawyer, and Thomas Paine

This thing just restarted! I might as well go to bed anyway...

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[21:01:23] Flami: mmm. peanut butter pretzels.
[21:01:41] Corey: butt pretzels
[21:01:46] Corey: I need to go eat lunch, I'll be back
[21:08:18] Flami: that's disgusting
[21:38:59] Corey: eating lunch isn't disgusting
[21:40:54] Flami: I guess it depends on what you had for lunch
[21:48:22] Corey: well, nothing disgusting. I'm kind of over this soy milk stuff they give me all the time here, but it's not disgusting, I guess
[21:50:34] Flami: have you had soy milk before going to Taiwan?
[22:39:38] Corey: uh, I think this is something else. they make it here at Jane's house, and apparently it's a Taiwan thing
[00:18:10] Corey: I met a 21st century Japanese person last night
[00:18:37] Corey: and Australian, Canadian, and I assume everyone else was from Taiwan :P
[00:14:33] Flami: I'm going to read the world's first novel!
[00:14:43] Corey: what's that?
[00:15:49] Flami: THE TALE OF GENJI... 11th-century Japanese court life
[00:17:46] Corey: sounds exciting
[00:18:49] Flami: well, of course it would be a 21st century Japanese person, unless they were reanimated or something :P
[00:18:59] Flami: what'd you do?
[00:19:30] Corey: went to some English class thingy with a guy I met at another English class
[00:22:03] Flami: exciting
[00:24:04] Corey: well, one of the girls there (other foreign people) said she knows someone that runs a school here that's always looking for new teachers, so it may end up being a good thing
[00:27:51] Flami: did you ever get hired at the place you were telling me about recently?
[00:35:48] Corey: which one? :P I did demos at a couple places
[00:36:51] Corey: one, yes, my classes there start in two weeks. the other I haven't heard from. the other one also has a shitty contract which basically has 100 clauses in it about how they can steal your money if they feel like it (at least from what I could find online), so I wasn't actually very interested in it in the first place
[00:37:44] Flami: what the heck?! that certainly sounds like CRAP
[00:38:35] Corey: a lot of schools here have stuff where they can take money away if you do bad things.. the bad things are generally stuff they could almost always make up stuff about, like students complaining
[00:39:02] Corey: they also like to hold your money for a month or two because they're afraid that the mean foreign people will get paid and leave them suddenly with no teacher
[00:39:32] Flami: HA. Has that ever happened?
[00:40:19] Corey: the people leaving part probably has
[00:43:06] Flami: okay.... would YOU do that?
[00:48:13] Corey: I don't know. they don't exactly give a shit about you here, so I don't know if I should do them any favors
[00:48:33] Corey: there's no loyalty, and they only care about making money
[00:48:55] Corey: they don't even tell you how to do the job they hired you for... they just tell you when to go teach a class.
[00:49:12] Corey: this new school seems like an actual decently-run business, so far, so we'll see
[00:50:00] Corey: Jane says even at "real jobs" as in big companies, they don't teach you how to do the job because they're afraid if you do a good job, you'll basically steal their job by being better. so absolutely no training unless you happen to work with someone nice
[00:50:13] Corey: I don't know how the hell their companies even function with that kind of atittude
[00:50:59] Corey: English teachers will help you because they're from other countries where people actually have souls, I guess? :P
[00:52:21] Flami: that does sound pretty crazy - no job training there, I guess!
[00:54:36] Corey: some schools have had me watch classes, and Jane's dad is amazed that they "let" me do that.... I'm annoyed because while they allow me to watch classes, they're not explaining a damn thing about how their classes work, or showing me their book, or anything actually useful... plus in the US, I'd get paid for that
[01:01:01] Flami: that is certainly frustrating - did you try explaining this to Jane's dad?
[01:05:54] Corey: that doesn't exactly work.... everyone here that wants to help me out is nice, but doesn't listen to a damn thing I say. they just want to feel important for helping me or something, and they tell me how everything works
[01:07:19] Flami: lovely... they don't really want to know about how you FEEL, I take it

Edit, since I got this one overnight: [01:44:13] Corey: not really, and then if I'm annoyed afterwards, people are upset with me since everyone was trying to help me out or whatever... which I am glad about, but it really gets on my nerves when people won't let me have any input on things

THAT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE MY MOTHER! "You shouldn't be annoyed - we were trying to HELP you!" Uh, no?

I just read about a Philadelphia lawyer named Justin Bieber - poor guy!

Trivia fact for Tuesday, June 22: For what trade did Revolutionary War hero Thomas Paine serve a six-year apprenticeship as a teenager in England? Corset making, which was his father's trade.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Restarts and Good Charlotte sex fests

This thing restarted, but it was lucky that I'd finished editing stuff FIRST!

Edit - And again at 10:50!

Note: Your LiveJournal Servants Memegen, by ass_.

Which GC / Mest sex fest are you gonna witness? by goth_tears
The BoysBenji / Chris
Did They Catch You?No - You blended with shadows.
Turn On?Yes - But not long enough.

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Asking normal banshees about overeating pixies on sunroofs / First Novel Ever!

Bingo of the afternoon:

MONGEESE (114 points) - against Sarah K.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

ASK (208 points) - against Wendy W. [two 5W, hook off BUNN for a plural]
NORMALS (184 points) - against Joanne M. [two 3W, hook off QUEST for a plural]
MONGEESE (114 points) - against Sarah K. [4W, bingo]
CAPIZ (110 points) - against Lisa H.-G. [5W]
SLEAZO (113 points) - against Carolyn P. [3W, 2W, hook off JOTTER for a plural]
BANSHEE (256 points; two 4W, hook off KA for a plural), BOPPED (240 points; 3W, 5W) - against Jonathan F.
EXCITE (160 points) - against Lorna M. [4W, 5L on C]
OVEREAT (195 points) - against Maureen W. [3W, 5W]
SUNROOFS (155 points) - against Wilhelmina H. [5W, 3L on F]
BASIN (183 points; two 5W, hook off CRANE for a plural), COZIE (114 points; 2W, 3W) - against Kelly H.
PIXY (120 points) - against Katy H. [4W, 3L on Y]
WYES (144 points) - against Kathleen M. [3W, 4W]
OBEY (202 points) - against Mary Lou B. [4W, 5W, hook off STING to make GO]

I can't get into George Eliot's Middlemarch for some reason, so I returned it to the library along with a few other books. Also went to London Drugs to get some aspirin, a notebook, banana bread Bear Paws, Snyder's of Hanover jalapeno pretzel pieces, digestive biscuits, and H.K. Anderson peanut-butter filled pretzels. Borrowed An Early Grave (St. Martin's True Crime Library) (Gary C. King); Sons and Lovers (D. H. Lawrence, Helen Baron, Carl Baron, and Blake Morrison); The Tale of Genji (Murasaki Shikibu and Royall Tyler); Criminal Acts 2 (Lee Lamothe); Always In Our Hearts: The Story Of Amy Grossberg, Brian Peterson, The Pregnancy They Hid, And The Baby They Killed (Doug Most); and Into the Water (Diane Fanning) while I was here - also picked up my holds. Now I'm on ALCOTT, and Steve L. (wrathchild) has recommended The Woman In White (Wilkie Collins, Matthew Sweet) and The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins) to me. "Middlemarch is an epic SNORE! For something from (roughly) the same period that has a plot, try The Moonstone or The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins." I've also picked those up. As I thought, LJ is blocked - time to post via email! The elevator is out of order, so the stairs it is even with this heavy load! Of course, Alex Haird is hassling me via Wordscraper, calling me a gimp / "hop-a-long." This guy is SAD!

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Somewhat violent dream / Sorbet!

I'm surprised this thing didn't restart overnight! I remember kidnapping my parents in a dream, and then cracking a cane over my mother's head while taking them to a DRAGON RESTAURANT across the rather busy street so we could determine their fate. NICE! Yes, I did read an entire 400-page book about violent crimes and assaults in the context of an RCMP sting before going to bed, haha! Kevin Thexton also added me to Facebook - good times at Palmer, for sure!

You're Sweet Because You're Zany

You've got a little zing to you, and people appreciate your edge.

You would never use your wit to hurt anyone, but you never pass up the opportunity for a good joke.

Your take on the world is a little unconventional, and you don't mind entertaining people with your observations.

You may not fit perfectly into the mainstream, but you wouldn't want to. You like being different.

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Period TMI / Dog breeds

Reading more period TMI at the moment. :D

Trivia fact for Monday, June 21: What are the Mudi, Sloughi, Xoloitzcuintli, and Leonberger? Dog breeds - all officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Note: Livejournal Farm Memegen, by concretenwater44.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finishing five library books!

I finished five library books tonight, and it could be six or seven before the night is out! Of course, this thing also restarted on me! Edit: And again at 9:28! Decided to at least call my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day, even if it was almost 10 - it's still on the day, haha. He wondered where I'd been - we were there, but left early. No, I'm not going to ask them for a ride home!

Note: LiveJournal in Aladdin Memegen, by genericdevil.

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Eric just called, and (as I suspected) he has to leave early for Father's Day brunch. I'm good with that!

You Are Real

No matter what, you are always yourself. You don't know how to be anyone else.

You are honest, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin. You embrace your faults.

You expect everyone else to be as transparent as you are, but you're not always so lucky.

You're in search of the good people in this world, and as you find them, you make friends for life.

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Waves, tranches, and helpful directions

Interesting rack of the afternoon: PINTRUDE, against Jane T. (read that as "pint rude")

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

WAVE (132 points) - against Sue C. [2W used twice, 5W, hook off ADMIRE to make WE]
TRANCHE (116 points) - against Susan A. [5W, hook off FUSE to make EF]
WAISTED (321 points) - against Nadja E. [two 5W, hook off DEAR for a plural]

This thing just restarted, but now I expect that. Ugh.

I LOVE THE POWER OF A NAP! TWO AND A HALF HOURS, BABY! The noodles and the tofu turned out almost like I expected, only maybe I need more water and cooking time whenever I decide to make it again. Since I have plenty of cubed tofu left, I should use it up for sure! Cindy sent me an email, hoping I'd had fun at Jeremy's last night, and noticing that I needed a ride to Megan's baby shower on Saturday. "I'm so bad - I'm not comfortable driving to and from Richmond yet!" She included the helpful information that Winnie apparently lives right across from the Oakridge Canada Line station, and wondered if that helped - YES, IT DOES! Then after the shower, I can go home and chill for the rest of the weekend! She even gave me directions and numbers since I was worried about getting lost - how helpful!

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Talking to Mr. Creep is SO not an opportunity for growth!

Not surprised that this thing restarted while I was out! When Eric picked me up today, I knew I didn't have to bring anything along - SO LIBERATING! We discussed how sleepy we were... it seems we didn't get to sleep till 2 AM or later! He also agreed to give me a ride home after service - sweet! Then I brought up my reservations about Dylan and Deb's event for THEIR FRIENDS - Eric tried convincing me that it was a way of expanding my social circle, but I was in full-on "avoidant" mode, haha. "You didn't know that Corey guy, and you didn't know that Billie... and it won't be awkward! Dylan and Deb will just be like 'This is Eric, Leslie, Vicky, Cindy, Carmen, Albert, Kevin, and everyone else... they're here because we told them about this evening.' Spiritual development! I know it's not FUN... but you don't have to tell these new people your life story. I wouldn't!" He knows I'm not a crazy hedonist by any means, but I am starting to appreciate FUN. (on the strength of one outing?!) When I thanked him for the ride, he said that he could make the ride unpleasant now I'd done that... thanks. *sarcasm*

Saw Martin and Benedict as we crossed the street to the church, and briefly talked to Jen on my way in. I was surprised that she was there at about 9:30, but she came with Christon, who was also doing the sound with Eric. Talked about Father's Day - her dad's in Toronto, so she won't be doing anything other than perhaps sending him an email later! Emily, Nina, and Gerard entered the sanctuary - I went in with them, and we talked about the beach / sleeping over at the aquarium (they were really envious of me!) / school / summer school / Auntie Bessy tutoring / the school I went to when I was little / school cafeterias.

When I saw little Nathan sit down, I said hi to Karmie on my way out of their pew. I went to my usual seat, and said hi to Nathan - I noticed Mr. Creep buttonhole Jon and Harmony. Decided to ignore that since it wasn't directly affecting me - Jeremy came in a while later, anyway. He'd gone to sleep around midnight, and was going to study after church - good idea! I had to keep from falling asleep during the sermon, as usual... but it was good. I just can't tell you what it was about, although the race riots / Rosa Parks / peaceful MLK protests in Alabama played a part! Talked to Connie and Harmony about allergies / Visine / Reactine, and was reminded of what my sister said yesterday about my "compassion" for allergy sufferers - well, I can't sympathize with them, because I don't have those!

Saw Andrea talking to Sheena (and Christon talking to Eric about Portland), so went inside the fellowship hall. Had a couple of chocolate-covered strawberries, and then listened to Kevin tell Dianne why the Pho last week might have been bad - Jeremy, Raymond, Eric, and I were interested in the Martin Luther's Revenge! She said that it would be awkward reporting the restaurant to the health department, especially since she used to know the owner / manager in high school! I also talked to Deb about her event - seems she'll leave the decision up to Cindy because she's our (fearless?) leader, but it IS free! She asked about last night's dinner, so I told her exactly how the email exchange had devolved into talking about diarrhea and Depends - she's heard enough about that from her brothers, haha! Thankfully, she only got the first email since Dylan forwarded it to her! I should get Jon to add her to the list, haha!

Allison came up to me with some cookies in a Ziploc bag, and bread in a paper cup - Denise agrees that she's cute, but SMART! She put her cookies in her pocket (Anita says that she always has to check the pockets whenever she does her laundry - STICKERS!), and then kept patting it to make sure they were still in there! Brian and I told Allison that we didn't want her food "this time," haha - baby Joanna was sleeping, Jeff said. I went into the fellowship hall to say hi to Keenan - his brother Joshua drank some half and half, but seemed to like it. Maxine told him to be careful around Grace and her baby in the tummy - baby Micah kicks now! Tim says he's recovered from his terrible cold last week... he thinks this is the first time he's ever lost his voice!

I was definitely ready to leave when Eric asked about that! On the way home, he tried convincing me that talking to Mr. Creep would be a FORTUNATE OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH, especially since he's now a regular attendee. "He did sign the sheet, but that was for KIDS' NIGHT, and it was NINE MONTHS AGO! You don't have to go out of your way to talk to him, but just when something comes up!" Then I hope something NEVER comes up! He needs to stop being so creepy first, man! He sang the LEGEND OF ZELDA theme song, and the DONKEY KONGA COUNTRY song - yes, I remember the latter from when The Evil One played it all the time!

I said that I'd talked to Deb about her event, and then he tried convincing me that Langley was only 15 minutes more than a typical ride to church. Yes, I know... but he'll have been driving a lot in the week prior to that because of the Portland trip! He figures Cindy will make the decision based on group input... well, I might still tell someone that I'm possibly free on that date, haha.Of course, Eric bugged me about that person, and sang my name a lot to tell me that I was a crazy weirdo. He wondered whether I'd be home a lot - that, or using the library computers which I prefer! Now I'm really sleepy - guess I'll try microwaving the instant noodles and cubed tofu when I get up from the nap I'm taking!

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Edison did NOT invent electricity! / Shea Stadium namesakes

This thing didn't restart when I was out, but did at 12:30! Edit: And again at 12:31!

Eric picked me up shortly after 4:30, and commented on my pink "AVEC DES COMPLIMENTS DE VICTOIRE" shirt. We spent most of the ride there talking about Deb's misguided idea for our small group outing. If they're really doing that (as per Cindy's email tonight), then I'm going to take July 2 as another free day. Eric tried telling me that people didn't seem too interested, but seriously. I can see why Dylan and Deb feel obligated to support their friends, but don't drag US into it! Yes, it's true that IJM's talk was thought-provoking... BUT THIS IS AN OUTING! I realize not every outing has to be FUN, but I'm slowly realizing the idea of FUN! I can imagine the conversation now... "So what did you do for small group outing?" "We went out to a local eatery, then walked around Granville Island - it was FUN! What about you guys?" "We HAD to go out to Langley to witness some talk - I wish I'd been with you!" No thanks! Eric says he and Christon are driving on the Portland road trip, so he'll be tired of heading out by then - that's what *I* was thinking!

Of course, Eric had already implied that I'd like a tattoo of Darkwing Duck the character - just because we passed a tattoo shop doesn't mean I'm thinking about body art, thank you very much! For some reason, we also touched on Mr. Creep... oh yes, because Eric warned me that the Friday ride this week would be weird because he was going to go to Christon's house, and then get the rental car for their Portland trip. I then warned him in turn that I might not even GO because I have no desire to hear Mr. Creep speak about ANYTHING, much less their service project! Since they're going to Portland, I might as well "forget" and skip next week! I also asked Eric what he was doing for Father's Day tomorrow... brunch, for which he perhaps might need to leave early. (he also needs to do sound) I've made a note to myself to ask him whether we're leaving early when he calls to let me know that he's on his way, so I can pack / leave stuff out accordingly. In French, he told me that he thought I should buy a new computer, and (in English) added that I should save up. I hope this machine holds on and survives till November, since I believe Chinese Eric could come through with the new machine built by a friend. We'll see!

We were the first ones at Jeremy's, and found him looking up stuff on the computer. He has a new monitor, and switched some buttons too. Told us that he'd lost six pounds this week from the diarrhea, and he'd been researching Internet memes on Youtube since he didn't feel like doing anything while he was sick. Card Crusher, Hitler, and other things... crushing business cards is SO RUDE in Japan! It was NOT a surprise when Harmony called to say she and Jon were running late! They arrived a little later, as did Christon / Steph / Jen / Wesley / Dianne. We discussed Pad Thai, chopping garlic, knives, limes, the World Cup soccer matches, Steph / Denise / Brian having a pitcher of beer EACH (and the resultant headache on the Grouse Grind later), email exchanges, spicy Tom Yum soup, cilantro, huge wild mushrooms, salmon, green curry, Fat Cat brewery / Red Devil ale / ginger beer, the last swing dancing lesson being next week, Riddim and Spice, Harmony reminding Steph about Father's Day, Brewery Creek, the family not celebrating Father's Day, the haze on the North Shore mountains, Nathan's dad selling the house soon ("NOOOOO!!!!!"), morbidity, jokes, and more. Yes, it was a lucky thing Eric and I didn't go to lunch with them at Pho... Eric would have had a tough time health-wise!

Steph forgot the breathalyzer, but asked if I got a Father's Day card... the answer is NO! Sure, my main problem right now is with my mom, but I still didn't get one. Too bad Kingsgate Mall was closed then, har har. We also discussed skin, hairy legs, effects, freaking out over insects, toughening her up, PAYING THE ULTIMATE PRICE, Jeremy calling me "Sarne" (as in "Sarne, that shotglass is going to tip..." - I strangely don't mind), maps, US money, durian, "live" shrimp (it was jumping off the counter when it was half-frozen!), files, dead bodies in the car trunk, Three Lions Pub at 7 AM, Ryan's golf equipment, Nate wanting to take salt to Europe, LOST, Ricola, inventors, the didgeridoo, vuvuzelas, Jamiroquai, Dianne's brain games on her phone, Christon forgetting about the new guy, cowbells, Faraday, durian gelato, Billy / Stella, Amato Gelato, girl Billie, Dylan's Powerpoint mistake with all the BULLETS, and more.

On our way out of the building, Eric started bugging me about being disappointed that someone hadn't made an appearance tonight. Since we were still inside and I didn't want to disturb anyone, I had to keep my normal reactions to whispers and quiet yelling. In the car, we didn't really talk too much, but I had to tell him that he was jumping the gun if he referred to having kids or to ENCOUNTERS, even though he says he's using it in an innocent sense! At my place, he tried getting Christmas carols in my head - I DON'T THINK SO!

The guys were talking about US money: Lincoln and Benjamin, and more. Dianne got confused since Benjamin is not a last name, so we had to explain to her what they meant. "Oh! Did Benjamin Franklin invent the lightbulb?" Jeremy gave her some more hints: "Without Franklin, we wouldn't have the guy who really invented the lightbulb..." Her response: "Who?!" He finally put her out of her misery by mentioning Edison, and her reply to that was "Oh... I thought he invented electricity! Wait, that's not right. Maybe I thought it was the apple guy... NEWTON!"

Trivia fact for Sunday, June 20: What hard-hitting major league baseball player named a son Shea after the first home stadium of the New York Mets? Clue: He wasn't a Met. Atlanta Braves slugger - and frequent Mets nemesis - Chipper Jones, in 2004, because of his hot hitting there. Another non-Met, former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin, named his oldest daughter Brielle D'Shea in honor of the stadium.

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