Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wedding #3: Myles and Brittney!

Humans over the age of 35 lose about 7000 brain cells each day. (that explains my ditziness!) Dammit, I should have used a billion Strength Seeds before fighting Dogma and Zozogel in DRAGON QUEST VI - too late now unless I restart (so close to the end!) OR somehow figure out how to use ZST files! (I swear I knew this before when I was playing CHRONO TRIGGER last year...) Never mind, then. Doesn't really matter! Mom and Dad were LATE picking me up this morning, and I was surprised that Mom was driving. Apparently, Dad was sick and under the influence of Neo-Citran which he didn't want to take. HA HA! We discussed Havarti's growth, dropping Jon off at Tom Lee, clothing, Nerds, chocolate, and other things which I didn't really pay attention to. Went to see Grandma briefly, and I gave her half a mini-banana... the other half looked brown, so I threw that out. I ate another mini-banana, and in the time it took for me to throw the peel in the trash, she'd finished her apple juice! Grandma also recognized me, and had a rounder face than usual... apparently, this is a medical side effect. She said that Alan had visited her earlier, which is good. Maybe she has a lot of repetition! At least she fed herself some soup. We were off to Trinity church on 49th a bit early, but at least it was close by! Congratulated Myles in person, saw Peter and Holly, noticed Harmony with a crying Ayler (she had to bounce him all the time - maybe she missed the ceremony!), and saw Steph talking to her! Also said hi to Dorcas, who keeps forgetting our family connection to Myles, hahaha. We wondered which wedding photo category we'd fit into: probably #8, which was the groom's extended family. The ceremony was pretty traditional, right down to the vows. Brittney and her sister look REALLY alike! Saw a bunch of people whom I haven't seen since Harmony's bridal shower and wedding back in 2009, like Peter's parents! Dropped the ugfart off at Tom Lee while discussing Thanksgiving, teaching, making money, FAT DRAGON, Portland, Pho Thai Son and the supermarket next to it BURNING DOWN (Jeremy probably saw the remains this morning!), and more. At least I got to go home after Mom unsuccessfully looked for parking at the insanely busy Yaohan Centre! I didn't want to go for smoked chicken at their house, since I'm having noodles and downtime here!

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Bus pass application screw-up! / Warping into MINDS!

UGH. I COMPLETELY FUCKED UP when it came to filling out my bus pass application. Wonder if I can get another one... I should call Barry on Monday, I guess! Now I gotta figure out what to wear to this wedding... blah. The party is in disguise as soldiers in Prison Town... thanks for the uniforms, General Soldi of Reidock! We are warped into Masarl's mind, where two demons (Zuikaku and Shoukaku) are getting him to pledge his loyalty to Deathtamoor. "The great sage Masarl must be under the control of the demon emperor!" Masarl's sage brother Krimut can be found in Prison Town, and joins as a non-playable character so they can meet... contrary to Deathtamoor's wishes! The demon emperor also turned all the Prison Town villagers to stone!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

GREEN DRAGON in Leesport / Cute nephew!

Got my 2013 bus pass application in the mail today; I guess that's as early as I got it last year. I found some class leveling codes for DRAGON QUEST 6, so that'll save me SOME time. Still need to actually level up the characters, though! Spent about seven hours doing the code thing; called Eric to see whether he was going to potluck / movies at Pastor Bob's tonight. Since he said he was at his cousin's, he wasn't attending. NICE! MORE TIME TO GAME IT UP! A sign that Julie S. found in Ephrata, a small town in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania: "GREEN DRAGON!" (where her friend Nikki was trying to sell homemade bows) My big baby nephew is almost four months old. In this picture, he's currently dressed in an outfit for a 12-month old, and a hat for a 3-6 year old. Granted, the hat's a little big... Here's Drago (another secret character) at the front of the wagon near Clear Vale! Terry at the front of the wagon - you can get him after defeating the DEMON KING Duran! At Luisa's Place, the hero can't leave himself behind! You can also choose to dismiss recruited monsters from your party entirely: they'll return to the wilderness of the world. "Who will take Unkel's equipment?" is not a YES / NO question!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fuskering, funny Adam / Andrew, LIFECOD DOUBLE HERO!

Apparently, the random characters at the end of Photobucket uploads are a way to prevent "fuskering," and are the default for all new uploads. HOW ANNOYING... TOO MANY CHANGES! Adam and Andrew wishing each other a happy birthday via FB still cracks me up after a few years. They still live in the same house, but technology is cool for that kind of thing! I love these twins, even if they DID start out by calling me "Lassie" when they were ten. Ah, memories! Bad mood all gone now. :D A cute "online friends" picture that Kitty found: There are TWO heroes in Lifecod?! The elder says, "Eh... huh?! The hero is TWO PEOPLE?! Completely identical! I must be dreaming..."

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mario Tumblr / Longadeseo PUFF PUFF TIME!

A MARIO-themed picture which Julie S. got from Tumblr: Yurina, the Snow Queen of DRAGON QUEST VI: Longadeseo woman: "I hear strange sounds on the other side of this wall... maybe it's someone having sex, but what if it's a monster...? I'm so scared!" Longadeseo PUFF PUFF TIME! This makeover increases your style by five points!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mermaids, Dina, Denae, world map, magic map

Photobucket STILL isn't working all the time! Also, Blogger has finally changed their format for good. Ugh.

Hey, we're not anywhere on the World Map! (or the Magic Map, if we use it in the Real World)

The DRAGON QUEST VI party is escorting the mermaid Denae home from Pescani, where the fisherman Rob was hiding her when she became separated from her friends east of Archfiend Mudo's castle.

Denae's sister Dina and the other mermaids in the channel...

After we rescue the mermaids, we can use their Mermaid's Harp to travel underwater! The mermaids have wrapped the ship in a bubble!

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James, you are a fool indeed...

You are a fucking fool. Steven and I aren't close AT ALL. We see each other at church occasionally, and HE IS 16 YEARS OLD! Since you supposedly have another girlfriend now, FOCUS ON HER! I think I'm done with you. Who knows where you find all these girls who supposedly like you... not I!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Cactus Club soy Dijon salmon: Birthday Dinner #3 of 3

Some guy in a black SUV honked at me this evening while I was walking to the bus stop. It's not like I suddenly have "it," whatever that may be, so I don't know what to make of that. (no, I don't know any white guy professionals) Also, two people were polite and let me get on the bus first when I was just going to wait. Interesting...

Chrystal and I met each other at London Drugs, and we updated each other on life stuff like Facebook. She said she didn't mind taking transit, but it would take a while to get to the Keg near Ironwood AND get back! Instead, we walked to the Cactus Club since it wasn't TOO far away. Discussed soy Dijon salmon, salad, barley, mashed potatoes, Awana being hectic on Saturday, Grandma, registration / buying new handbooks / 40 T&T clubbers, Chris Lam being really dedicated, Danny also being an intern, Trinity / ACTS Seminary / Regent / UBC / SERVANTS, Emily and Mike going to Hong Kong with her parents, Havarti, Ayler, Yahoo News / Youtube, my birthday dinners, going for gelato / to Shoppers later, Stanley looking for guitar students to teach, and more. We both get sick of things (cereal / crackers...) if we have them TOO MUCH!

Went to Amato Gelato afterwards; she had strawberry gelato, while I had black forest gelato. Of course, I thanked her for dinner and ice cream! Then we went to Shoppers Drug Mart, where she thought I could go home because it was getting dark: nah, I was good for now! (but in a couple of months, I may not be...) I saw a sale on Chewy Chips Ahoy which expired TODAY: $1.79 is even cheaper than $2, so I insisted on buying her a box. I bought two for myself, as well as some wasabi edamame. (Japanese soybeans) Got home by 8:30, which is totally fine. :D

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Charlie is DEAD?! / Graboopi / Flying Bed and Clear Vale

I just found out that my Our Place friend Charlie died on his 57th birthday (8/23) in Greenville, Texas. Mike F. found the obituary online. He hadn't been in good health for a few years, but we still cared. I'll miss him! :(

Ack! It's a flying bed, and the party is being greeted by John's ghost! (after climbing the Wall of Destiny near Clear Vale to obtain the Fragment of Courage)

I had an epic LONG battle with endless Graboopi and Troll enemies; it lasted more than 90 minutes! (the Goopi and Graboopi monsters can call for help a LOT) End result: 33,377 experience points and 13,703 gold pieces! :D

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kwong Chow: Birthday Dinner #2

My parents picked me up to go to Kwong Chow, and we were there on time. Harmony, Ayler, Chinese Eric, Steph, and Lisa were there already! (Jon arrived later, from Ultimate) We had DOU MEW, ribs, beef, spicy prawns, and much more for dinner while discussing (crying) baby Ayler, sports, Manchester United, Portland, Copa Café coupons, Myles' wedding, FAT DRAGON, MOOSE POO paper, Ultimate, drooling, mini-peppers and spices, housing, Joey's, Steph not being impressed that she and Lisa weren't invited this year (they couldn't make it last year...), trips down to see a Mariners game right before Myles' wedding, and more. The parents and I went to Dogwood to see if we could have mooncake with Grandma, but she was sleeping. We said hi, and then left. Got home at about 7:30, which was good... it gave me time to do a bunch of editing!

Mom and Dad gave me Dempster's multigrain bread, skull mouse pad, skull notebooks x3, skull pen, skull memo pad, skull "poptical illusion" pen, Kwong Chow dinner, Toasted Coconut / Cashew Cadbury chocolate bar, Borders magnetic bookmarks x4, skulls bag, Japanese seaweed, sports socks x3, sapphire angel, panties x 10, "Love bites!" notebook, Guinness Book of Superstunts and Staggering Statistics, Judy Moody "mood journal," cooked pizza, toilet paper x12, voodoo doll keychains x2, and a card for my birthday. Interesting! I'd do a running tally of birthday wishes, but I'll just wait till the big BIRTHDAY WISHES post... less time-consuming work that way. :D

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ANGRY BIRDS / Musical HELP note!

Eric picked me up for church a little late, but that's how we roll. He still jokingly thought I was drunk from last night, but that so wasn't true! I asked him why he didn't SAY anything when he called to let me know he was here, but he was checking his tires since they sounded weird when going over the speed bump, and forgot that he had pressed the CALL button. Good, because I almost went all "Gordon Ramsay" on him like he said! Of course, I'd have to turn such a mode OFF when I got to church - and then Eric asked me WHY. Um, because Gordon Ramsay swears a lot at the contestants in HELL'S KITCHEN?! Got to church, and asked Jeremy where he'd been last night: seems the poor guy was exhausted after a long week, and was in bed. Of course I forgive him! :D

Talked to Auntie Allyn about Grandma, and said hi to Uncle Peter; he just got back from China! Said hi to Amanda when she wanted to see the cute kiddy presentation, of course. Talked to Andrew L. about last night, studying for midterms, studying in general while a friend's party at his place was going on below him (hearing laughter!), Thanksgiving weekend, weddings, "FML" situations (a HUGE midterm?!), and more. Auntie Ying and I agreed that we should get together - she did ask me about last night, then wished me a happy birthday. When I saw Auntie Catherine, she remembered that my birthday is tomorrow. I asked Geoffrey whether he got my email, and he said he forgot to reply! He did wish me a happy birthday, though - he'd been in Houston recently after Labor Day to spend time with his family, and gave me an update on his dad since he'd sent us some email about him. I congratulated Brian on his wedding while saying hi to Jane and baby Rebecca, then asked the ugfart where the baby was. He pointed upstairs, and mentioned that he still wanted to go to Fat Dragon. I suggested that we talk about it at the Kwong Chow dinner today since everyone would be there!

Talked to Auntie Doris about babies and the sleeping baby Declan for a while. After saying hi to Julie C. and Julie S., I went upstairs to see whether I could find baby Ayler. I found him under a rather colorful blanket which Mom had given him - he was awake and fed. Talked to him for a few minutes: "Hello, baby!" is getting a bit stale, haha. I should come up with more to say! When Jon and Harmony left, I said I'd see them tonight. At Toddler Sunday School, Shira and Evelyn tried a hula hoop... they seemed to be having fun after they colored!

David was building his house out of huge interlocking foam tiles as usual ("I don't need your help"), James was reading (he remembers who I am - and sat in my lap), and Ramen talked to me for approximately ten minutes about kindergarten / Sparks (Stanley is his leader) / (drawing) Angry Birds and pigs. His mom Jessie says that he had someone to talk to - yes, and I don't mind doing that! Eric came upstairs later to say he was leaving early, so I got him to help sharpen a pencil first. We discussed Friday's program (part 2 of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer movie at Pastor Bob's), DRAGON QUEST, music, bleeps and bloops, ZSNES erasing EVERYTHING, Ultimate, broccoli, ice cream, language, and more. I'll certainly get back to him!

Funny musical HELP note:

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Joey's on Broadway: Birthday Dinner #1

White Eric and I went to Joey's on Broadway for my birthday dinner! We discussed that Terry Fox run tomorrow, whether I was going to get drunk tonight, what I'd learned this afternoon (serial daters are BAD!), his mom's birthday brunch at the usual place (De Dutch), Chinese Eric and the BC Lions (I won't learn to be a football fan because of him!), Steph and Lisa's pottery gift being okay (as Steph had advised me this afternoon), belated birthday wishes from Steph, and more. When we finally found parking about a block away, we were walking by Loonie Plus when I thought I recognized Ed and Joan walking by. It was them, so we exchanged polite greetings. On Broadway, Chinese Eric came up to us and started talking about the football game which had just ended. Christon, Kevin, and Randal came a bit later, but we still had to be split into two tables! The chairs were a bit high - which white Eric was concerned about for me - but it was okay. Chinese Eric got me a $10 Karma Koin online gaming card; not because he was cheap, of course! (he wondered about the "money" email, but I said it was fine) Randal got me some fragile Chinese bowls, balls, and cool chopsticks... Christon simply got me a card, which is cool enough.

Talked about an online blog which Chinese Eric had read; seems this practicing Christian was doing porn on the side for money. Hey, I guess Christians do need cash as well. As Chinese Eric said, it's a good thing she wasn't a FULL-TIME Christian, but just practicing! I ended up ordering a double slush Long Island iced tea, and white Eric said that I *was* planning to get drunk! Oh, trust me - it may not be two rums or anything like that, but I would NOT "get drunk" and he knows it! Then he said "How about 'getting drunk' on the Spirit?" He knows that I haven't been that sort of person for years, either! (I allowed him to lead a prayer for the table, though) I ordered a steak and rainbow sushi, Chinese Eric had a California chicken burger (I had some of his fries), Randal had salmon, and white Eric had fish tacos. Discussed lottery winnings up front or in installments (the latter is better for money management), NHL video games, Team 1040 announcers, Giulio Caravetta, lockout possibility (for sure now), porn addiction, football, the Whitecaps, golf, baseball, soccer, Uncle Stephen / cancer / Randal's mom and her experience / chemo and its side-effects / "tingly" medicine, how Jon seemed to be settling into fatherhood (affectionate with the happy baby), Nathan / his mom / Ciel and Singapore / workaholic parents, Lisa / Harmony both disliking beer (but LOVING chocolate!), BIG weddings, and more.

I reminded Chinese Eric about tomorrow; yeah, 5:15 at Kwong Chow IS pretty early even for me, but we gotta keep baby Ayler's schedule in mind! Connie called Christon to see if she could get me on the phone; since his phone is easier to use than white Eric's, I was actually able to hear most of what she said in the restaurant noise! She wished me a happy birthday, at least - I knew she might not be able to make it because of babysitting! (probably Winnie's kids) I talked to Christon and Kevin for a bit about Steph, Lisa, Grandma, how I've been, true crime books, sugary Italian doughnuts with lemon, and more. Randal offered to buy me a chocolate soufflé so our table could share - okay, sure! On the way home, Eric said that he had the fun responsibility of doing sound tomorrow. Since I wasn't sure if I was still really buzzed or not - I thought the tile floor at the restaurant was steps for some reason - so I said that I wasn't THAT drunk! After that got sorted out, Eric still thought I'd be drunk tomorrow... I DON'T THINK SO! Also discussed true crime, HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, death threats, and more. Good times with good true friends, for sure!

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