Saturday, September 03, 2011

New duffle bag, jalapeno chips, and dark chocolate brownies

Turns out Mom called me to say Grandma was having a temper tantrum and refused to go out today. Fine by me - more time for games and shopping at London Drugs for the items I want MYSELF instead of Mom's picking it out for me with conditions! UGH! Good thing I didn't bus over to the townhouse, otherwise I'd have wasted more time! I went to London Drugs a bit later to buy pads, on-sale Tim's jalapeno chips, and on-sale dark chocolate brownies. Saw Michael Ho's mom on the bus, too! Then I went to the mall and wasted a lot of time looking at the selection of on-sale knapsacks at Sears, which definitely didn't suit my needs... also encountered a bunch of hyper kids, but it's all good! Went to Bentley's instead to get this Adidas duffle bag; yes, I know they're for exercise essentials, but I can always return the thing if it doesn't work well in practice at church tomorrow! Had a strawberry bubble tea at Big Orange while I was out, hah. Got home and threw a bunch of things away, and also decided to give these red / blue / grey Staples notebooks to the Mak kids.

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METAL SLIME DEFEAT! / Gaming is better than real life!

Called Jon briefly yesterday to update him on things like Harmony potentially being asked to join Committee next year, my hanging out with Grandma tomorrow, her chip-eating ways (he was also surprised!), the BBQ, and Eric's dinner on Sunday. Good times, like he said! Eric then tried to get me out last night, but NO means NO! I'm going to give these Hardbite BBQ chips to the Mak children (Emily / Nina / Gerard), since I really don't like the brand except maybe once a year. :P [which reminds me, I really do need another bag to replace the Aldo one]

Mom wanted me to come over right after getting up, but I don't DO that anymore! I need time to catch up on stuff, so thank goodness for her thrift shop plans which save me a bus trip out if she'll drop me and Grandma off at Aberdeen! We'll see how things go later on...

I defeated a Metal Slime in DRAGON QUEST 2 last night, too! They run away a lot, but pack a LOT of experience points:

(and twenty minutes later, I defeated another one!)

Your Friends Make You Sparkle

You light up when you're around others. You like the energy you get from being with people.

You are genuinely curious about and delighted by almost everyone you meet. You are a people person.

You have close relationships with your friends. They are like family to you.

You are a very social creature. You like having a large network of friends and acquaintances.

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Pancreas, lungs, and tripe with noodles! / Glasses fixing

Jon sent us an email saying there'd be a Sunday Dinner to celebrate Eric's 30th birthday - fine, I guess I'll go, hahaha. One thing I *won't* go to is Bible Study tonight; last time, I was totally bored and couldn't wait to get home! Mom and Dad picked me up late (after I answered Mandy's email in lieu of catching up), but they had Chinese sausage and a Lindt chocolate for me - still, though. We went to Empire Seafood plaza to go to Leung Kee: I had pancreas, lungs, tripe, and other assorted organ meat with noodles for lunch. Not so sure I'll have pancreas again knowingly, haha. Then I had to wait around for Mom to buy some stuff before we FINALLY went to the glasses store at Parker Place, where Mom proceeded to tell the old glasses guy about my prematurity - IS THAT REALLY VITAL INFORMATION?! She even thought I had to be reminded to thank him afterwards - I'm old enough not to be reminded! *grumble*

The repair was free, but of course Mom was Asian about it. She was also Asian about lunch, saying that at least we didn't have to tip the food court places! I know that, but would never have said so out loud! After getting some buns from the bakery and plums from the grocery store, we were off to London Drugs. She disappointed me by not getting Tim's jalapeno chips because they weren't as cheap as the Hardbite chips, which were also on sale. Oh well, I'll have to go back there later tonight or tomorrow and get that along with dark chocolate brownies before the sale runs out! Then again, I said I'd hang out with Grandma tomorrow; maybe she can get them for me, especially since she apparently can have chips for breakfast now since she really likes them! Thank goodness I was home before my FFAF weekly tradition, and barely had enough time to catch up and blog before 4!

You Are Tandoori Chicken

You have excellent people skills. You can talk to anyone.

You have a loud and outgoing personality. You love to be the center of attention, and you always speak your mind.

You are creative and hardworking. You are tireless when you get inspired.

You're proud of your courage. You are brave enough to try things others wouldn't dare to undertake.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Menopause tea, menstruation tea, birthday AWANA, Sushi Han, and Timothy's

Got an AWANA email from Auntie Rebecca; apparently, the new club year starts on my birthday. HAHA, oh well! That's what alternate birthday plans are for! She says we'll surely celebrate it then, so we'll see! Steph and Lisa picked me up later, and we went to Sushi Han for dinner. We discussed signing cards for both Erics / Jeremy / Jon / Christon, what we did today, jobs, Kate and Al's wedding, interviews, Dawn and Eni's wedding, udon, California rolls with mango, seaweed, udon, tuna and salmon sashimi on sushi rice, Samurai, gyoza, my birthday celebration, Nathan, heart stickers which mean NOTHING, the missing nosepad on my glasses which I didn't notice, the menstruation / menopause teas, yam ice cream, Teunis and me getting along better now that he's not here, Timothy's frozen yogurt, Grandma, snow, and more. It was a good dinner, and we went to Timothy's later for blackberry / peach / mixed berry frozen yogurt while discussing the chill in the air and dropping stuff off at Mom's.

When we got there, Steph gave the parents $2.49 wine and a big bottle of Kahlua while I went upstairs to talk to Grandma. Of course, she asked if I had a boyfriend yet... but then called me "good" for talking to her! I got back downstairs, and Mom gave me crackers / mooncake / Extreme Hot Sweet BBQ Pringles Chips / three 25-cent notebooks (back to school sale!) while saying she knows someone at Parker Place who could help with my glasses problem. Guess I'll have to call her tomorrow, so I should get some gaming in tonight! Dad also asked me whether I was potent - I don't want to know! We also discussed Ross, Surrey, 13 spoiled kids, Lloyd Robertson's last broadcast, Teunis, and more.

(yes, I'm aware it looks like weed :P)

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Dream about Staples and Maxine's kids / EARTHBOUND / Convertibles

After a confusing dream involving Teunis / smoking / running for a train at Staples / Maxine's kids being really stressed out and wanting me for comfort, I woke up with the EARTHBOUND ending theme in my head! Did the responsible thing and paid my phone bill, sigh.

You Are a Red Convertible

You like to surround yourself with beautiful objects. Aesthetics are important to you.

You enjoy excitement, change, and even chaos. No one would ever accuse you of being boring.

You are one of those people who actually likes to work. You enjoy feeling productive and doing good things.

You've never had a problem speaking your mind. You are extremely honest.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chocoholics Unite! / August 2011 Bubble Tea Tally

You Are Down to Earth

You are even-tempered and good-natured. You've chosen to minimize drama in your life.

When you feel something, you usually don't let it show. You keep your cards close to your chest.

You believe that no person is an island. You try not to need other people, but you are glad when they are there for you.

You are unemotional and calm. You don't let anything ruffle your feathers.


pina colada @ Big Orange (Wednesday, Aug. 3)
blueberry @ Big Orange (Monday, Aug. 15)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Discovered a missed call from a blocked number, so I called Chinese Eric to see if it was him. Auntie told me that he was in the bathroom (which I didn't really need to know...), but he did call me back immediately... I did have time to laugh about his location, though! Turns out I caught him at a bad time, since he was about to go to the doctor's! We did chat for about five minutes about Nathan's holiday / research / Dad meeting Ciel, my birthday email, his friend giving him tickets / coupons for a football game which are only good for this season (a possible birthday gift?), his having time next week (of COURSE I'll be free!), seeing his grandmother, testing, MSN, his health being more important than his making it out to the September thing if he can't, and more. Now, that was good!

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Downloading ROMs, Corey and typhoons, Steph, Lisa, words

Called Steph yesterday to see when she and Lisa were free for dinner; Thursday sounds good, as long as I bring the cards and remind her to bring that tea, which I also should pack so pictures can be taken! For some reason, I wanted to download roms myself last night... bring on the cheat codes, baby! (haha - I've beaten the games normally in the [very recent] past, so why not POWER IT UP?!) I also talked to Corey via Skype messages about Taiwan, China, air raid sirens, people dying when windows fell on them, politics, and more... he hopes to come home around Christmas, so we'll see!

[10:07:13 PM] Leslie: when are you coming back home?
[12:14:51 AM] Corey: Christmas, I hope
[12:16:26 AM] Corey: I'm sitting in the middle of a typhoon right now... yesterday, they cancelled my classes because of the typhoon, but all there was was a bit of wind... now it's super super rainy, with thunder and lightning everywhere.... the typhoon was supposed to be weak and basically on the way to bother China by now :P
[12:17:48 AM] Leslie: aiya - that sounds bad. meanwhile, the eastern US is in fear of Hurricane Irene, or was
[12:18:00 AM] Leslie: I'm living the ZSNES experience right now
[12:19:06 AM] Corey: I think that one was maybe worse than this... the part of Taiwan I'm in is one of the safest parts for natural disasters.. the south probably had a ton of problems, though. I know some people in the Phillipines died
[12:24:26 AM] Leslie: that sounds horrible, all right :(
[12:25:42 AM] Corey: someone died here too, like right by where I work, but it sounds like that was some sort of weird accident. a window fell out of a building and hit someone
[12:27:15 AM] Leslie: what?! oh man, that does sound like a weird accident... pretty crazy stuff
[1:17:55 AM] Corey: yay, now there's air raid sirens...
[1:21:42 AM] Leslie: hang on - I'm extracting files
[1:21:46 AM] Leslie: air raid sirens?! what is this, a war zone?
[1:27:56 AM] Corey: well, kind of...
[1:28:07 AM] Corey: China has missiles pointed at Taiwan from all over the place
[1:28:49 AM] Corey: they like to "test" the sirens a lot... so if they ever need to use them for real, I wonder if anyone will even notice
[1:29:06 AM] Leslie: I thought China and Taiwan were enemies, anyway... and yeah, I'd wonder the same thing
[1:29:46 AM] Corey: politics here are all centered on liking or hating China
[1:31:08 AM] Leslie: that's what I've heard

Your Word is Persistence

You are resourceful and capable. You have an ingenious way of getting things done.

You are prepared for whatever comes your way in life. You are highly skilled and highly adaptable.

Like everyone, you sometimes feel like giving up. You always remember that persisting pays off.

You finish most things you start. In general, you are very task-oriented.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm an admin again?! / Favorite Time of Day

Jeff D. made me an admin of the LiveJournal group on Facebook, and also added me; HAHAHAHA, how random! He says it makes sense since I'm one of the top users... hahaha, I'll go with that!

You Are Independent

You dance to your own drummer, and you like to live life on your own terms.

You do and say whatever you feel like. People are sometimes shocked by your outrageous behavior.

You have a wild and passionate side that you love to express. You have your own way of doing things.

You are a bit of a loner at times. You need space to grow and become who you really are.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finished DRAGON WARRIOR! / Slime / Sky Inspiration

I finished DRAGON WARRIOR 1, but am sick of level grinding for now. :(
(but no church is GOOD!)

Passion Inspires You

You tend to fall in and out of love quite often. Love tends to be a capricious thing for you.

Love sometimes moves you to do the craziest things. Love takes over your mind.

You have intense reactions to people and things. You can't control your feelings.

You have many muses and heroes. You act from the heart, and your emotions rule you.

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