Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kids overturning everything in the fridge... ewww!

During / after Awana, Melia found out that the church fridge was a big gigantic mess. EWWWWW. I can't believe the kids overturned EVERYTHING in the fridge! Cream, coffee, salsa, milk, juice... ick! I can still smell it now! Of course it was intentional. That's just stupid! Yuck! Chris, Sam, and others spent some time cleaning it... yuck, yuck, yuck! I am emphatically not hungry! Mike wanted to see it, but thought he'd better listen to Melia's debriefing first. Afterwards, I asked him if he still wanted to see the cleanup in progress. We got as far as the kitchen door before Mike decided he didn't really want to see it. Understandable! The smell was disgusting, dude!

I spent some time talking to Mike, David, Joey, Vanessa, and Emily. Mike asked me if David could bring his outing form tomorrow since he forgot it today: sure, if he remembers to give it to me. Then all I have to do is give it to Sarah or her mom: I hope I see them! I also gave David a package of the Excel Night Chill gum: he's a good kid, and used to be one of my favorites. :) Emily was talking about soldering with Mike: apparently, Mike and his friends made a big puddle of solder! Oh man, I have memories of IE (industrial education) now... drafting, woodwork, power mechanics, and such!

Joey asked if Steph would show up tonight, and was informed that she was seeing the Giants game tonight with a male co-worker. His thoughts almost immediately went to whether this person was more than friends with my sister... don't look at ME, since I know nothing! Vanessa gave Joey her blue jacket, so he wore it. He said that he'd look more like Vanessa if she also gave him her bag, so he got the bag... he was right, so Vanessa took a few pictures. Joey asked when Jon was getting back, so I told him the end of June. We spent some time discussing his weird food combinations before the cleanup was finished. After that, Sam and I discussed it on the way to pick up his mom from work, then went home.

Hey, I just realized that I can stay home next Friday due to the conference. That'll be okay, then. :D

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Cruise ship dreams / books / white diamonds / quizzes

I got ANOTHER white diamond on the word "blood" last night while playing Bookworm! I rock! :D Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use this one for any subsequent words as I found I needed to scramble the tiles very soon after... darned lack of vowels. =/

I dreamed that I was on a huge cruise ship with a bunch of my friends. We had fun exploring the ship, especially since there was a huge bookstore / library on each richly-appointed floor. I had a bunch of books to read for later on, and then my mom decided to get mad at me because I wasn't reading the books in alphabetical order by author. ("Look! You have something by Keith Palmer! Read that FIRST before you go on to the other books by Panzerotti and Phung! I'm taking those away from you, bad girl!") Then I got away from her and vented to my friends, who let me stay in the crowd where they were, listening to a comedian / Broadway show. After that, I looked after my friends' babies: one of them was a rather chubby little girl: so cute! Then I woke up.

I imagine this one was brought on by my book discussion with Randal last night, as well as the table discussing babies in general. Then again, the cruise ship part was probably brought on by Billy saying that he and Stella had been on a cruise with Winnie, Kenny, Helen, and Joe a few years ago. Apparently, their cruise ship had a LOT of stuff like a driving range / gym / ice rink...

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Dinner at the Cactus Club... "OMG, is that little Eric?! He's so TALL now!"

Myspace just made my browser crash. Thank goodness that I posted my entry in Our Place before that happened! All I lost were some tags, and I can easily recreate those! (I'd be saying "thank goodness for the autosave feature!" but I stupidly told LJ not to save the draft while posting my friends list placeholder entry :P)

Got a ride from Sam for tomorrow just before I left, so that's good. I killed time in Shoppers looking at various skin care products: Bioré, exfoliating stuff, cleansing products, etc. I didn't buy anything, since I just wanted to see what was available. Afterwards, I went to the Cactus Club. To my surprise, Billy brought Stella and baby Benjamin.. and Andrea came to eat with us too! We talked about Benjamin and babies in general: Nathaniel, Megan, and Olivia were our benchmarks of comparison, heh. Andrea said she'd tried to send me an email thanking me for the Bathroom Reader that I'd given her on Sunday, but it didn't work for some reason. She really likes the facts and stories, and called it a good silly book. Later, I asked Randal if he liked history and anecdotes: he does, but not so much BC / Vancouver history. Eh, the historical Bathroom Readers should still work well for his birthday present. (I need to go out and do some stuff anyhow... and I should ask Helen about Tuesday on Sunday, or email / call her, heh)

Karen got this silly idea to call Auntie Cathy to wish her a happy birthday (since her birthday was yesterday), right in the middle of dinner. That's fine as far as that goes, but don't ask me to multitask like that when I'm in the middle of eating! (cavatappi alfredo served with seasonal crostini... a new item on the menu, which was fine to try once!) As it turned out, Hansel said that Cathy was sleeping, but we left a message on the machine anyhow. Later, we discussed a family cruise, as well as the amenities on the ship. The guys discussed hockey for a bit, too. Then we got into how Karen felt anxious about the chocolate fondue for next Friday, along with the food setup and such for the program and the joint BBQ in a few weeks. It's kinda interesting how psychology and food go together, or at least they did during the discussion! (the balcony's better than the sanctuary for certain programs, beef / chicken / wings are good, money is a more practical gift than stuff for weddings, etc.)

Andrea hasn't eaten beef since she was nine because her grandma used to tell her horror stories about how the cattle would cry before you slaughtered them: they KNEW! Besides, her dad has gout... sort of a "I'll quit if you do!" Randal's still reading the Zen Priest book I lent him, and has a book by Henri Nouwen / Augustine's CONFESSIONS / THE HEAVENLY MAN / other things. Okay... he has a lot of books already, and I'm looking to ADD to the pile?! Haha, that's just what I do! :D

Afterwards, Karen gave me a ride home: seems she thinks that people will get discouraged because so many people are off having babies and doing other things on Friday nights. Perhaps that's true, but there will always be people at Fellowship: it won't DIE! :P She also said that Kevin was at a special family dinner since his mom's going on a trip, and expressed amazement that Eric was so tall now. ("OMG! Is that the little Eric who used to play with Jon?! We used to be taller than he was... now he's taller than we are!") HAHA, I should tell him that... at least she doesn't think we're going out like Maisie and Teresa did / do! :P Apparently, she and Frances and other girls think that my sister has a beautiful singing voice when she leads worship: "Tell her that... it'll build her confidence! She has a hyper energy, and it's different from your super-talented brother!" Haha, I'll get right on that. ;)

I checked my email, and found replies from Melissa ("Thanks for the birthday wishes! I've been distracted by my internship and hockey - who'd have thought the Avs would make it to the second round of the playoffs?!") and Sarah Rowlett. ("Here's my address... I've been out of town, so that's why the late reply! But you don't have to send anything!") Heh, I just might. I also have a few from Myspace... I know the people who want to be my friend there, at any rate. As for the group request.. it's a "hot or not" face community. Not my thing! Besides, it has a rather unsettling sound effect and music when I view their page.. no thanks! :P

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Blog catch-up, Friday Five on names

Definitely time to catch up on blogs! Gotta keep up with Spoz, Steph, Dawn, Jon, Vivian, and Dave at some point. ;) Let's see... last day in Marseille, flight HOME details (yay!), Montreal, shopping, being spoiled, weird new wave / goth band reviews. We also have poolballs, crazy band photos at the Austral and other venues, Dave's funny bubble tea poem, HOME ALONE, Nintendo, schadenfreude, questions involving where my brother's been and Fred (don't ask...), and pictures of eggs / durian / monks / Dawn's brother / other assorted things. Yup, all caught up now... just in time for a double cleansing, and going out to the Cactus Club with the Bible Study group! :D

Friday Five

1. Do you like your birth-name? Why?

No, because I got teased all the time about being a lesbian. It was even worse in junior high school when there was a GUY with the exact same name as mine!

2. If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?

I used to be partial to Cordelia (ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, heh), Eleanor, Evelyn, Belinda, Frances, Gloria, Roanna, Nina (people in my old Sunday School class and their sisters). Xenia, Tatiana (the saga of the Romanovs!), Taryn, Charmaine, Drina (people at school), and a bunch more that just sounded pretty (like Bronwen). Now, I think I'd like to change it (although not seriously) to Alexandra... but that might not go so well with my last name!

3. What names would you consider giving your children?

Possibly the ones above... and James, Christopher, Sebastian, Patrick, and Kevin. Maybe some more, too.. it always changes.

4. If you had a band, what would you name it, and why?

The Blockhead Hamsterettes... heh. Or maybe just the Raving Monkey Loons, if I don't want to steal Spoz's inspiration.

5. Is there a name that you completely hate? Why?

Yes. All those that are spelled like they come out of a random letter scrambler / random dictionary pages (for obvious reasons). I mean, really. Who in their right mind would name their kids Tymothee, Weyekin-Ilp-Ilp, Tyfanee, Gennifer, Curry, Downy, and other such monstrosities? Then again, we also have one unfortunate named Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K. (WTF?!) For more, see here. I blame the drugs and painkillers at labor / delivery!!!!

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No Pants Day, Myspace, stupid guilt dreams, Minnesota facts, quizzes

Today is NO PANTS DAY!!! I won't be "celebrating" it for very long, haha. There's no way I'm going to dinner with no pants on, kthx. :P

I've finally had to bite the bullet and join Myspace. :( I can't access "the newest Shiny Blogthings" if I don't. Sigh... at least I won't be spelling / grammar-challenged like most of the people are there, it seems.

I hate my brain and my subconscious. First, I dreamed about watching doomed children being pushed to their death in little carts: they were stuffed in these carts, and somehow knew what was happening to them. :( My siblings, Joey, and Emily were in the dream with me and viewing this on TV.. my dad told us that it was because their lives had lacked miracles, and there was no other choice. =/ I feel guilty for even having this dream... I'd never do that or watch it happen to kids! (or even wish for it!) Then I woke up with Here Comes Santa Claus in my head... it's not even near Christmas! *grumble*

Before in the dream, my parents had told us to clean up since they would be going out for dinner somewhere: Joey and Emily would pick my siblings up to go to school (?!), and Veronica and Ron would pick ME up to go to school. So we started cleaning up and were very surprised when we heard our dad asking what were doing: turns out it was 2 AM. No wonder nobody was home when we tried to get rides! Joey and Emily came over and then had to watch that depressing TV show with us... what the heck is WRONG with my brain?

At least now I have some time before I go out for the Cactus Club to get the song and dream out of my head! Gah!

This page of Minnesota facts (hello, !) reminds me of when the Dallas Stars were the Minnesota North Stars, and of this song that we had to play in Band. Appropriately enough, it was titled Minnesota North Star. Ah, the memories... :D

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Matthew Good and Final Fantasy together on YouTube! / Quizzes

Thanks, Natalie! This is GOOD! So good that it gave ME the shivers! Matthew Good's Weapon and Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children together!

Might as well include some more Zenhex forum quizzes here and in a past post... at least I'll be done sooner this way, and annoy you people less. :D

Note: LJ friends committing suicide / LJ SCA / LJ Players in Movie of my Life blogquizzes. (by Paul, Ashley, and Vid)

Note: Best sexual skill Kwiz Biz quiz, by lady_wintermoon.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blogthings and dreams of accidental change...

Oh, for goodness sakes. BOBUS is at it again. This is what he has to say in response to my "Yeah, whatever you say..." comment: "Good, you don't bother. User [name censored][number censored] un-banned from bobus. So please have your last word here" I don't bother about WHAT?! Other than the fact that I'm not going to bother with his particular brand of strangeness, of course. :P What a jabronie!

I dreamed that Kelvin and Evelyn accidentally gave me a bunch of change for Christmas in a bagged gift when I was looking through a bunch of presents I got from my mom's friends so I could write down exactly what I got. But then I remembered that they needed the money for their baby, so I should give it back to them. (they ARE having a baby in real life) Weird stuff, haha. But not quite as weird as those OTHER dreams about nose chips and such... even Eric said they were quite odd! (and I'd have said so even without that ringing endorsement of my subconscious! :P)

You scored 80% on Sentence Sense, 80% on Mechanics, 80% on Punctuation, and 100% on Spelling!

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Villains, vampires, and fairies... oh my!

Note: How High Is Your Sex Drive? / How much of a noob are you? / What kind of LJ villain would you be? Kwiz Biz quizzes. (by eva71, shiftypowers, and tea_chan)

Take the quiz:
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Vampire Name Generator

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Persephone Tussand

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Hot of blood, and running wild with the hungry wolves.

Fairy Name Generator

Your fairy is called Bramble Elfweb

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I thought this quiz went with the one right above it. :D

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cannibal Corpse, chocolate stagecoaches, Easter chocolate, and quizzes from a variety of sites / Bots

Remember that BOBUS guy I was complaining about a few days ago? He left a comment to me elsewhere on another journal of mine. "Russians are even worse than I am... I ain't no wack! You went in a wrong direction... even my kicking ass comment didn't fix it." First of all, his original comment did NOT kick ass! Second of all, I did NOT go "in a wrong direction," whatever the heck THAT's supposed to mean. I'm not exactly inclined to take his word on the first sentence, either. Weirdo. :P

You don't want to know what I dreamed about last night. Let's just say it involved what Corey and I were talking about prior to my going to sleep, as well as a meal of rabbit in a cafeteria for only $1.05. Just now, I told Corey about it... he was listening to some Cannibal Corpse album titled Barbaric Bludgeonings. (a song from it is titled Necrosadistic Warning!) He mentioned chocolate stagecoaches that he'd seen at some Wyoming buffet. "So think chocolate Easter bunny, but it's a stagecoach. I think it was very hollow since I think I had at least two and if there was much chocolate there, my mom would have never let me get two. :P Rabbit isn't good food. My sister had some and it made her cry. It was fried. She thought it was chicken. :P Someone told her it was actually rabbit... 'What? I don't want to eat a bunny!!!!' "

When I mentioned that I had a chocolate Easter bunny, he asked why I still had one. "Why do you still have it? Go bite its head off! Get the Butterfinger bunnies, they're good. Solid dark chocolate would also do nicely." Heh... I should have gone to London Drugs or Shoppers a LONG time ago for those, however! Oh well. At least now I don't have to worry about Eric H. anymore since I saw him online for a brief time earlier even if I didn't talk to him! :D I think I'll run riot in the Zenhex forums tonight, since I haven't done that before. :D (but I have to watch out for poor spellers.. ack! :P) Hey, they have a quiz forum.. sweet! Don't worry, I'll backdate the posts. :P

I also got IM'ed by another bot... it's related to those other bots of TheMissingHat.

Session Start (AlenaBrolxFlami:lilaznhottie604): Wed May 03 13:47:09 2006
[13:47:12] lilaznhottie604: my only supervisor is the jesus
[13:47:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: ..........
[13:47:46] lilaznhottie604: YOU SHIT BANDIT
[13:47:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: who are you?
Session Close (lilaznhottie604): Wed May 03 13:49:01 2006

Weird stuff, I must say... o_O

Leslie will go to jail for ...

Making lewd gingerbread men and giving them to carolers at Christmas

'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at

In the dark ages, how would Leslie die?

You would die on the battlefield, defending the country that taxed you and exploited your labour for the luxury of the nobility. Oh boy!
'How would you die in the dark ages?' at


Leslie will be haunted by...


To teach you how to make one hell of a deli sandwich
'Whose ghost will come back to haunt you?' at

You scored as Engineer. Military Engineer. Your job is usually overlooked... but without you, nothing gets done. While you're sometimes annoyed at this, you know the only time people come to you is when there's something wrong. You understand that you are the heart and soul of any organization with honesty and nice work ethic to boot.

"I need more Duct Tape!!!"





Combat Infantry


Support Gunner


Artillery / Armor






Special Ops


Which soldier type are you?
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Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are You?

You've been described as "the brains" of your family or group of friends. You're the natural-born "Mr. Fixit." You're also considered the most reserved, preoccupied with your own little thoughts and ideas. But that doesn't mean you don't hang with your family and friends! But, you still find it easy to get lost in your own thoughts... daydreaming often. You'd rather talk things out than fight. You long for a day when there's nothing but peace in the world, and when you can finally rest with your own thoughts. Violence is something the world could completely live without. One of your labels may be "true blue friend." You're strong at heart, and powerful in mind.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Leonardo (You scored 4)
* Raphael (You scored 2)
* Michelangelo (You scored 0)
* Donatello (You scored 5)
* Master Splinter (You scored 1)

I won...

You won $16,000!

Do you want to be a millionaire?

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What famous assassin are you?

You are a Ninja, the main fall of the medieval empire in Japan. You are a pretty famous assassin... taking down a whole empire and all.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* John Wilkes Booth (You scored 1)
* James Earl Ray (You scored 0)
* Leon Czolgosz (You scored 0)
* Charles J. Guiteau (You scored 0)
* Ninja (You scored 3)

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Which Mass Murderer Would You Be?(NEW PICS ADDED!)

Freddy Krueger
Revenge is the main motive here. You were wronged, and now it is time for others to pay the price. You are not someone I would cross.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Michael Myers (You scored 1)
* Jason Vorhees (You scored 0)
* Freddy Krueger (You scored 2)
* Leatherface (You scored 2)
* Ghostface from Scream (You scored 0)

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What Criminal Mastermind are you like?

Dr. Evil
You have money to burn. I don't know what type of evil it is, but it's a good one.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* ELORA!!!! (You scored 0)
* D.W (You scored 0)
* Dr. Evil (You scored 4)
* Cruella DeVil (You scored 0)
* The Wicked Witch of the West (You scored 0)

Ah, good ol' Dr. Evil. *demonic laughter*

You scored as You're Moony!!!. You're Moony! Easily the smartest of the Marauders, you're also irresistably adorable and sweet. A grown-up at heart, you don't always approve of your friends' pranks, but you don't stop them. Oh and you're a werewolf... um, maybe not... but you do have a big secret!

You're Moony!!!


You're Wormtail!!!


You're Prongs!!!


You're Padfoot!!!


Padfoot, Moony, Prongs, or Wormtail? Who are you?
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Drivers Test (Form AB)

Good job, you should be driving.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Pass (You scored 5)
* Fail (You scored 4)

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What flavor of chewing gum are you?

You hate everything and anything. Your goal is to kill all the people in the world. You are very suicidal and want to kill a person for looking at you wrong. You need psychiatric help. You are very withdrawn from the public.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Bubble Gum (You scored 0)
* Grape (You scored 3)
* Strawberry (You scored 0)
* Blue Raspberry (You scored 2)

.... not quite... but they didn't have any good answers on this one. o_O

Ever wonder why you exist?
Do you eat cheese?
How about pie? Do you like and eat pie?
You will buy a fruitcake for no reason for:$25,709,501
You never really liked pie:True
you suck on your cheese before eating it:False
you smell like:sharpie
you will buy a bunch of fish tomorrow. they'll die:True
you will ingest a bunch of paperclips and pencils:False
you will die happy holding a stuffed animal:True
the next thing you are going to have to eat is:pizza
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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, Visual Thesaurus, Silophone, Car Sex, Quiz

We have an explanation for what the heck happened to LJ, finally. I bet distributed denial of service attacks take some time to figure out.

Visual Thesaurus

The basic point is that rather than providing just a list of synonyms, the program outlines the words for you in a web, which lets you see which synonyms are closest to one another and how they relate to the word. First, type a word in the search box; it takes a few seconds to load, depending on your connection. Once completed, a new window will open with the search word in the center, close synonyms connected by solid grey lines, not-so close synonyms connected by dotted grey lines, and antonyms connected by dotted red lines. If you hover over or click on the yellow dots that connect the words, a box will pop up with a specific definition of the synonym as well as a few examples. If you click on the text of the word you're interested in, the map will shift, centering that word in the middle of the web with its synonyms scattered around it in the same way. All in all, it seems like a pretty spiffy program. :D

Silophone is something that Corey read about on Something Awful. He uploaded You Kicked My Dog! and other prank calls in order to hear them really echoey, and he thinks the overall effect is funny: "I'm trying to upload prank calls to hear them all echoey, but the uploads keep screwing up.. it says max file size of 1 MB. Well, I'm uploading You Kicked My Dog! which is a little under 1 MB. :P SA people are on there playing weird stuff at the moment. :P Lots of cartoon theme songs. You Kicked My Dog! worked! :P It says it's playing, but is on a 30 second delay. :P Haha... it's playing, but you can barely hear it since other music is going at the same time. Hahahahaha! In the middle of a bunch of music, "YOU KNOW DAMN RIGHT!" really echoey... "shat up! shat up! shat up!" There must be at least 5-6 things going at once. :P I like how you can't hear it, but once in a while, a crazy yell gets through. :P"

"You can put that straight into RealPlayer. It'll still probably be full, but it makes it easier to keep trying to connect. :P Just go to File -> Open and paste it in. If you're getting a server is full error... that's because it's full, and you need to keep trying. :P Haha... 411 and Noises is playing with nothing over the top of it right now." Note: RealPlayer required.

In other important news, I just insulted Corey with a string of words that I've never used on him before. He called me short and "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL." You don't want to know how I insulted him... except that it involved Goatse, the Giver, and orgies. Hey, HE started the Goatse stuff first! :P If you REALLY wanna know, IM me. ;)

EWWW. Asking people about locales for car sex is horrible. :P I can imagine what a certain ex-friend of mine would say if he were still on my list, too.. probably something like "But car sex is GOOD!" Um, no. Not that it's my business where people do it unless it's directly impacting me, but I'd delete the post were it my community. Unfortunately, the mod there probably won't... and she hates spelling / grammar Nazis, too. Two points against her, heh. But of course I'll just scroll on by the post as far as the community knows. However, I did show the link to Corey. Now we're talking about potential dangers when combining certain aspects of sex with driving. Good times, except maybe not! :P

Note: LJ Sex Life / LJ Friends Winning The Lotto / LJ House / LJ Birthday / LJ People blogquizzes. (by Bets, Chris, Sharie, and Alaura)

Your Name
Your Age
Your Gender
Which Hogwarts House Would You Like To Be In?
Are You A...
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head, and after a moment to consider, it shouts...Ravenclaw!!!
This Fun Quiz created by Nat at BlogQuiz.Net
Virgo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Commitment and my grandma, amusing Blogger comments, warnings on Excel Extreme gum

Called my grandma just now, who strongly hinted that I should spend some time with her tomorrow around the house. There are blogging issues with the parental computers, and my sister's laptop is now password-protected, but maybe I will. I didn't commit to anything definite, though: all I said was that I'd call her if I did, heh. That way, it's not like an obligation or something that I have to commit to.. it's more spontaneous-ish. ;) (and they say that men are the commitment-phobic ones, hehe...)

I got an email notification that someone named Monique had commented on my Blogger site. Once I found out who it was (sorceress_rin), I was amused. ["Wait a sec, I only use Sorceress_rin on my LiveJournal! Who are you?! (seriously, I was only doing a search on my name)"] HAHAHA! Of course, I posted a comment in reply (it's the post with all the duplicate names) saying that she knew me under another name. :D (as if the sameness of those entries didn't clue her in, hahaha...)

I just noticed that two of the newest flavors of Excel gum (all "Extreme") have warnings on them. Good thing I realized that the warnings were different for each flavor before I used up all the gum! Of course, it would take some time to use up 48 packs of gum (especially now that I don't necessarily give some to the kids every week at church), but still. Hey, it says the gum is sugar-free! I can theoretically give it to Eric, but I'm sure he wouldn't trust it... very understandable! Too bad Excel Extreme Voltage and Excel Extreme Shock don't have a warning on them, though. =/

Extreme Charge: "WARNING: Crying in front of friends is not cool. MISE EN GARDE: Pleurer devant vos amis n'est pas cool."

Extreme Fuse: "WARNING: Friends don't let friends chew alone. MISE EN GARDE: Les vrais amis ne laissent pas leurs amis mâcher seuls."

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Finished Thy Dungeonman 3!

Note: LJ Writing Centre Adventure / LJ Alter Ego / LJ Stars of Destiny blogquizzes. (by Sadie, Chris, and CH405)

I finally finished the Homestar Runner Dungeon 3 game (Thy Dungeonman 3) just now. It took me way too long because of weird font issues and annoying picture glitches. GRR!

I also wish LJ would stop being down / hiccuping. I'm realistic in that I don't expect such a large site to be functioning perfectly all the time, but sometimes it gets annoying / frustrating. I keep having visions of the January 2005 LJ Blackout, and that wasn't a good thing... totally unacceptable! =/

At least I managed to post this entry and my friends list placeholder at JUST the right time between hiccups... how lucky! :D

Bin Laden HATES you too! by Drunken Hero

Osama will end the blog of Flami in a torrent of hellfire!

I wish a sewer rat would come and bite you on the nads and give you the Black Death, Flami. I do hate your blog that badly.

Boys or Girls?
Ever played kiss chase?
You smoke?
Name a drug you like (or say none)
Ever had your ass slapped by a geek?
Are you fat?
What's your name?
You have this percentage of becoming one
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Aquarius Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Best Friend's Name
You AreM&M's... plain, but sweet and classic
You LikeReese's
People Like You
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Capricorn Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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