Saturday, January 11, 2003

Committee retreat, David's cute cracker game

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DENISE! Hope you have a good one, and are studying hard at St. Maartin in the Caribbean! Love ya, and am still thinking about you over here.. hope to see you soon. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SABRINA! :) Hope you have a great birthday!


Yes, that's right.. I am now a member of a committee. Before you all shake in your boots in fear of me (haha.. like THAT would ever happen), it's a church Fellowship kind of thing. Today was the all-day retreat, where we planned things for a good portion of the year. I won't bore you with all the details (mainly because I can't really remember all of them.. operating on barely minimal sleep as I was), but at least my position on the committee has a name other than "Future Name." ;) I'm the administrative coordinator. Sounds important.. and it is. Basically... I have to make sure everything runs smoothly, email people announcements, set up the fellowship directory, make sure the prayer / worship sub-committees are doing their job, make sure attendance is taken.. plus whatever other stuff they make me do. Now that the roles and responsibilities have been redefined and clarified further, I think I have a clearer idea of what to expect. (even without any prior committee experience to hand)

I did my own version of "caffeine abuse" this morning, as I woke up way too early for my personal taste. (around 7:45) Once I'd actually gotten to the meeting room where we spent the day, I had three cups of (mainly) black coffee. That might not qualify as "abuse" by some people's standards (like Spoz :P), but since I hardly ever drink coffee... three cups of coffee were what I needed to at least be sort of awake-ish.

Some of the immediate / short-term effects of my own special brand of caffeine abuse?

1. I was drawing dodgy-looking treble clefs all over a sheet of paper. (something I've not done for years)
2. Curiously enough.. while my brain seemed like it was going a zillion miles per hour, it also seemed strangely blank and devoid of any thought. No idea why.
3. I was somewhat hyper, but it didn't translate into any weird antics.. sorry guys! :P
4. I was also somewhat restless / distracted easily / not paying attention.. but that could have been due to the meeting itself. (getting up from the table to go to the bathroom, getting stuff to eat / drink, walking around a LOT? yup, that was me)

We also deconstructed a LOT of semantics when we were wording our goals and objectives for the year. There was WAY too much stuff to be considered in how we worded these things, but it was important. Heck, we spent more than 40 minutes coming up with an objective that read: "Build authentic relationships." (and then we changed it.. I think..) Oh well.. can't do much about that.

After the meeting, I did have time to go to Awana.. it wasn't too bad for the first meeting of the year. Later on, my favorite kid wanted to play what he termed "the boobie game" with me. No.. I hadn't heard of this game before, and it's not what you think it is, either. :P It just involved David getting his package of crackers to land on the chair at the other end of the table. But in the different "levels," he had me try to block all of the crackers with his Awana handbook.. he's a cute, lovable kid. :)

That's all for now.. I'll be back later.

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Friday, January 10, 2003

LeeJam as an eager Internet freak

I've just heard that at least one of you eager freaks (LeeJam by name :P) bookmarked this blog so as to load on startup.. hey, if you want to read these insane ramblings when you first connect to the Internet, that's cool.. but there could be some better things to read.. then again, if you want me to influence how you think, then that means I have power over you.... WOOHOO!!! mwahahahahahaha.... yes, I'm feeling deliciously evil..

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Gordon Campbell getting arrested, and Jon going to Mexico with CRU

well, I got something to put here now.. I just heard that Gordon Campbell (our premier here in British Columbia) just got busted for drunk driving while on vacation in Maui.. he went to jail early in the morning, then got bailed out later on.. his court date is March 25.. what, does he *really* think he has diplomatic immunity or something? man, oh man...... (note: I linked to the thread, but I originally heard about it on the radio)

apparently, my beloved brother is going to Mexico on study break with Campus Crusade for Christ (herein afterwards referred to as CRU).. he never told me anything about the short-term missions trip to Acapulco last night on MSN.. but I figure he'll tell me when I need to know, which is fine with me..

so how do I know about this? simple.. when I tried to call him just now, my mom answered and said he was sleeping (dammit!).. and then she informed me that he was going to Mexico, yada yada.. but OF COURSE, I don't believe her.. I never believe her when she says anything.. hehehehehe.. (yeah, I know it's bad perhaps.. but you can't blame me for it, nuh-uh! :P)

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Nothing to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was interesting when Steph would bring you around.

Seems I don't have anything to put here right at the moment.. come back later when perhaps I'll have something a bit more substantive to say! :)

Scrabble strategy:

vowel dumps
Scrabble tips
wasting blanks

Scrabble game link (doesn't work on IE... stupid!)
Two- and three-letter words

Daily Bingo Update
Monthly Bingo Update

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Thursday, January 09, 2003

SDMB Birthday Thread Queen, and THE OSBOURNES

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAYLAND.. do something special there at Wheaton, eh? :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON.. I hope you have a great one! :)

I'm still happy, and that's what counts after all. :) dreamer has now given me the mantle of "SDMB Birthday Thread Queen," since she doesn't really like that place much. Some people at that place certainly seem to be against religion and God, and some others certainly want me out of there. Too bad for them, since I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.. mwahahahahaha. I do think that certain people there take away from my enjoyment of the place.. but they have their right not to like me, just as I have an equal right not to like them. So there you go. :P

No, I did NOT see that cute bagboy this morning.. oh well. The Osbournes are starting their second season on CTV, and I think I'll watch it. (Feb. 25) Why does that date seem so weird in my head? I have no idea.. in fact, for some reason, I'm sleepy now. Not enough sleep over the past few days, maybe? I think I'll go to sleep now.. there's no one online, at any rate.

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Being a coffee and alcohol whore

I have decided that I am a coffee whore.. also a bit of an alcohol whore. This is not to say that I drink a lot of coffee and alcoholic beverages like nobody's business indiscriminately. What it means is that when I drink any coffee or alcoholic beverages on the odd occasion, I don't have a favorite kind. Heck, I'm likely to skip all over the place at times. Viennese dark roast coffee one time, Irish cream coffee another.. mmm, I should use my Starbucks cash card soon. As for the alcoholic bevvy thing, I'm not likely to stick with one drink. I don't drink that often (and mostly at the wedding banquets or the odd restaurant outing).. so I'll have a Bellini one time, red wine / white wine / beer another.. or even a Napoleon Brandy. (though I only had that the once, at Billy and Stella's wedding banquet) I also happen to hold all my alcohol remarkably well, even WITH the Asian "red face" gene (no, I'm not bragging).. what the heck is that called again?!? But hey.. it's definitely all good! :)

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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Shaking computer screen, and "whoosh-whoosh" / Quiz Heaven stuff

I managed to contact the bus pass office today.. I should be all good in a few weeks. That's a good thing, for sure!

now, can anyone tell me why my computer screen is shaking all the time? that's weird.. and no, it is NOT an effect of my sleep deprivation.. newsflash: that is BAD for you, kiddies! so don't do it! (haha, yeah right!) At least I don't hear what seems to be the "whoosh-whoosh" of my heartbeat in my ears these days when I'm going to sleep.. or just experiencing an unnatural quiet moment! (yup, quiet moments are VERY unnatural for me.. :P)

For the record, I think of the Neil Young song whenever I hear / read the words HARVEST MOON... not of what I presume is an anime of some sort. :P

who are you going to marry

Tyler, Jake, Mark, Josh, Keith, Rocco, Tom, Rachel, a gay person ,Jr., Bob, Sam, Jessica, Briona, no one, Danny, Nick, Miguel, Alyssa, Gabrielle, Joey, Jimmy, Kevin, Jill, Ontario, Mike, Lenny
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Holy crap, that's a LOT of choice!

What will you get Shoved up your ass at a Party.

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Take your insults to a new level

Muffin cakes!
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You have a life!
Congratulations, you're on the better side and indeed have a life! Go do something with it!
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What Hair Color Are You

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What HM: AWL character are you?

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Which Harvest Moon Jack are you?

DS Jack
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What would happen to you in HM: A Wonderful Life?

Married: Lumina. Had: A son. Died: Naturally.
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You would date.................
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You are Jack
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How will you die in the Harvest Moon world?

Drunken bar fight with Karen
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you are smart
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BootyBase projects / Quiz Heaven stuff

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEL! Hope you have a good one.. and that my sister remembers your birthday! :)
Happy birthday, lel! :) Hope you have a good one!

I've stayed up all night, working on a project involving my large BootyBase (TM).. in actuality, my database. Certain people I know (Eric / Jon / Steph) just like to call it that. Then after I finished, I decided to send an email to twenty people at once.. heck, it's certainly easier than sending the same email twenty times! Later, I talked to some people (Spoz / Adam / Lee / Yazmine), and posted a bunch of stuff at certain message boards.

Oh yes, sex with trees is "dendraphilia"... according to what Spoz blurted out once. :D

What video game felony did you commit?

Ran around naked after playing the SIMS too long (and other things!)
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1 egg, 3 carrots, and a William Shatner autograph
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Quality film
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Extreme December Cats of the 21st Century
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Nathan Scott
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COOL! *thumbs up*

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Old Navy

Betsy Johnson

Juicy Couture

Free People


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I haven't even heard of half of these!

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Selita Ebanks
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Cameron Diaz
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JANUARY: relieved and calm
MARCH: strong and proud
APRIL: quiet & tired
MAY: lost in thought
JUNE: happy
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Your style is SURFER. Have fun buying some swimsuits.
Your style is SURFER. Have fun buying some swimsuits.
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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

MOTHER 1 Enemy List, #1-103

LJ equivalent on August 5, 2012.

This is a list of enemies in MOTHER 1. The STARMEN page helped! Plus, this GameFAQ walkthrough (SULFUR!) really was great. I found a map of Duncan's factory, too! Advent Desert Land Mine: Map Help. This text dump is amusing, too!

Notes to self: BUY A BOOMERANG FOR ANA INSTEAD OF A FRYING PAN. Don't dispose of the SUPER SPRAY in Duncan's Factory, as it can instantly kill insect enemies! Don't buy a Survival Knife for Teddy; the Basic Sword provides better offense. CHECK THE MAGICANT DRAGON TO WAKE IT UP! (over Level 25)

Lamp: It hovers in the air!

Doll: It stares back at you. [boss]

Rat: A big rat with a tail this long.

Centipede: Exterminate it with Insecticide.

Hippie: He looks like he could grow flowers in his hair.

Crow: Watch your wallet and count your change, he's a thief!

Snake: It might not be poisonous...

Stray Dog: I wonder if it carries fleas?

PseudoZombie: Watch out for further sneak attacks.

Redneck / Wally: He has a short temper, so be careful.

Gorilla: Don't let this primate punk pick on you!

Biopede: Its strong poison was developed in a laboratory.

Hyena: He who laughs last laughs best!

Crocodile: Don't accept his invitation to dinner.

Elephant: Don't let him stop and unpack his trunk!

Tiger: Watch those eyes!

Fly: Insecticide is effective.

Mr. Batty: Life itself is a puzzle to Mr. Batty.

Ghost: It's just an ordinary ghost.

Gang Zombie: Careful, his 'Smash Hit' is quite effective.

Starman Jr.: He is small, but it is obvious that he is a spaceman. [boss]

Territorial Oak / Big Woodoh: Should you fight or run?

Magic Snail: Its shell is unbelievably hard.

Woosh Swoosh / Foureyes: It's the optometrist's favorite!

Swoosh / Watcher: This enemy's face is the easiest to draw.

Swooshette / Momseyes: Momseyes will spot you for sure!

Papa Swoosh / Dadseyes: Watch your step: Dadseyes are everywhere.

Oak / Woodoh: An animated tree with suspicious actions.

Bonus Swoosh / Groucho: If he was a mask, someone might mistake your identity! [If you guard against the Bonus Swoosh / Groucho, it'll greet everyone politely and leave, which makes your experience points from the fight come out to 72 instead of three.]

Raeb Yddet: It has strong friends.

Sky Yddet: It has friends! [can only be seen if Raeb Yddet calls for help in battle]

Ulrich: This thing could not occur naturally.

Cave Master / The Fish: Strong against heat. Strong against cold. It appears to be protecting something. [boss]

Dragon: It seems to have an important secret. [boss]

Wolf: Watch out for those pearly whites!

Skunk: Hold your nose!

Lynx / Cougar: It is quite different from a pet cat.

Li'l Saucer: It's only as big as a dinner plate.

Bear: Somebody ate his porridge, and he isn't too happy about it!

Eagle: Its quickness is the source for its pride.

Barbot: Is it a malnourished robot?

Devil Car / Psycho Car: Hypnotism does not work on this car.

Death Truck / Mad Truck: Be careful of its exhaust if you're asthmatic.

Bag Lady: Her refrigerator-shaped body holds a heart of ice.

Mad Car: No one is in the driver's seat.

Devil Truck / Psycho Truck: Hypnotism does not work on this vehicle.

Fugitive: He can be found on the FBI's most wanted list. [somewhat rare; only around Merrysville and Reindeer]

Rope: Don't let yourself get tied up fighting this guy.

Gabilan: Something like this should not exist on the earth...

Tarantula: Poison, poison, poison.

Starman: A man from the stars.

Ultra Barbot / Death Barbot: It's the latest in the product line.

Nancy / Jane: Do not be tricked by her smile.

Omega Saucer: This is as big as a manhole cover.

Atomic Robot / Energy Robot: It's a walking fuel supply.

Rattlesnake: Where's that antidote?

Scorpion: It's poisonous, but Insecticide works.

Bio-Scorpion: Beware of its poison and Stone of Origin / Stone Spray.

Fireball: It looks like it jumped out of a comic book.

Old Robot: Hypnotism does not work on this robot.

Bomber: It's shaped like an egg, but is a little tougher.

Scrapper: It's ragged around the edges, but do not underestimate it.

Dr. Distorto: His twisted face covers his twisted mind.

Lone Wolf: It seems that it does not have any friends.

Bigfoot: Surprised? It really does exist!

Silver Wolf: Its marvelous silver coat glistens and gleams.

Polar Bear: His chair was broken, and he isn't very happy!

Red Snake: It gives good experience if it doesn't run.

Armor: It would be nice to have a suit of armor of your own.

Bionic Bat: Beware of its Stone of Origin.

Dust Ball / Dust Ghost: AHH-choooo! [bursts into flames upon defeat]

Zombie: Careful, he knows 'Brain Shock.'

BloodyZombie / Shroudley: An evil, caped zombie. Beware, its 'Last Strike' could be devastating.

Alarm Ghost: Don't alarm this ghost, he has friends!

Nasty Zombie / Mean Zombie: It attacks with its bare hands.

Arachnid! / Spider: You'll want to try Insecticide.

R7307: He is absolutely huge! [boss]

Titany / Titanees: It uses hypnotism.

Bison: A face only a mother could love.

Mook: It uses various PSI attacks.

Caroline / Kelly: Do not be tricked by her beauty.

Tough Croc / Crocodile: If he smiles, don't smile back.

Gull Bandit / Seagull: That thief!

Black Blood Gang Member: He's a real bad apple; stay out of his way.

Buffalo: Its father won't even look at his face.

Black Blood Gang Boss Teddy: Maybe he's not really rotten to the core.... [boss]

Blue Starman: His sole purpose is to keep passengers from passing through the cave.

Brainger / Cerebrum: What evil lab has manufactured this mobile brain?

Satania / Rockoyle: It likes to use PK Freeze.

Titanian: If you can beat it, that is great.

Mega-Borg: Special armor protects it from PSI attacks.

Grizzly: If you must sleep, don't borrow his bed!

Gargoyle: It has the awful Stone of Origin.

Nuclear Robot / Super Energy: There is plenty of fuel inside of it.

R7038: Is there any way to defeat him? [boss]

Mook Senior / Oh-Mook: Not only will it attack using PSI, it is a thief!

R7038xx: New and, unfortunately, improved. [boss]

Giga Borg: He only has PK Beam.

Last Starman: It's the strongest of the Starmen.

Suzie / Juana: She is good at, and not afraid to use, strong PSI attacks.

Star Miner: It carries, and likes to use, Bombs.

Last Borg / Omega Borg: He's as strong as an ox.

Giegue / Giygas: It's the final boss of the game. Since he's invincible, you must sing to defeat him. [boss]

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