Saturday, September 03, 2005

Esther and Wes' wedding / banquet, hanging with Andrea, brain pattern

Esther and Wes' wedding this morning was relatively small... there were only about 125 people there. (I swear there were more people at the banquet than the wedding!) Before any of you quibble about it being a small number, that is small for us! (definitely smaller than her sister Anita's wedding ten weeks back!) It was also quite short... total time from the start to photos was about 45 minutes. They stuck to the traditional vows and run-of-the-mill music, although choosing the "wives must submit to their husbands" Scripture passage was SO Wes' idea... but not what he thought it meant, hahaha! (they got sent off to A Whole New World from Aladdin, though!)

Afterwards, Andrea and I had some curry fishballs and spicy Korean noodles at Yaohan before going around the mall for a while. We bought some chewy lemon candy and some green tea Pocky... I saw some Canada Pretz at T&T too! (I'll save some Pocky for the next time a certain person comes over, hahaha) We also bumped into our friend Irene and her mom, who were out pillow shopping: good thing Irene's back is kinda getting better from that long-ago car accident, although she IS trying to wean herself off sleeping pills. Afterwards, we went to my place for a scant few minutes so I could retrieve my wedding present.. yes, I made her sign the blue guestbook. ;) It had started drizzling by the time we left the mall, but at least God provided nice weather for the ceremony itself! We went to Andrea's place for a while to chill, after picking up some Fig Newtons from IGA. I watched Listed (the top 20 artists of the 1970s) and Motormouth on MuchMoreMusic... the latter is so hilarious, since it involves people singing in their cars without knowing they're being recorded. I should watch more stuff on Channel 35, yo! :D

We wrapped our gifts and talked a bit to Andrea's boyfriend Chuck by phone, then left after telling Andrea's brother Sherman goodbye. It was weird having a wedding banquet in a Metropolis / Metrotown restaurant... Fortune Garden is just as cool as the Sutton Place Hotel, where Anita and Jeff had their banquet in June. I talked to Frances, Daniel, Michelle, both Helens, Joe, Danny, Sophia, Brenda, Sarah, Vernon, and a few other people about pregnancy / fatherhood / cars / the music at the banquet (Chinese music, Brian McKnight, All-4-One, PM Dawn, 4 PM, Boyz II Men, etc.) / Auntie Cynthia and Auntie Tracy taking over for Frances at the toddler Sunday School (I'll still be around to help out, of course) / Awana coming up VERY soon (this Saturday... eek!) / Seal, Elton John, and the Backstreet Boys performing because they spent all their money already (on outfits, glasses, and such) / Hawaii trips (Elaine, luaus, and Diamond Head!) / babies / life / that perfidious blackguard Yazmine not being suited for me in friendship / other things.

The funniest table story of the night had to go to Joe: Erin's travelling in Europe right now, and she met this couple on her trip. The husband asked Erin whether she was an Eskimo, whereupon his wife got mad at him for possibly offending her... then she asked Erin whether she was an Inuit! Hahahaha... the Erin stories never stop even when she's not here! The runner-up for funny stuff HAD to be the waiter putting a crab claw in front of Vernon, who's ALLERGIC TO SHELLFISH! Of course, the waiter had no way of knowing that, but it was funny nonetheless. Vernon gave it to Sarah, who then gave it to Danny... he tried passing it on to me, but I was good for crab claws. ;)

The banquet was also pretty quick once it actually got started: two dishes at a time, three dishes at a time there... man, we were all stuffed by the time it was over at 10! All the speeches were nice... Wes is quiet, but I know he has a good heart. (they're both into sports and working out!) The slide show was pretty cool, and the "Esther and Wes" quiz game was hilarious! But then one of the "Lily and Lee" games was funny too... everyone dinged for Esther and Wes to kiss, but then one table had to come up and catch toast coming out of the toaster using just their shoulders! Frances, Karen, and Stella sustained very minor injuries... but Chung Yan and Karen were able to do it. Since Lily and Lee had to get rid of the toast and toaster, the former went to the couple who was married for a month, and the latter went to the couple who'd been married 50 years! Good times indeed. :D Now Sabrina's the only single sister out of the three... at 21, that should be the case! (just like Elaine's the only single sibling out of her four!)

(I really ought to confirm various plans with Sam and Chinese Eric tomorrow... eeep! Chinese Eric's just come online: 5-6 on Monday is just fine with me, since it's the last day we can possibly go to the PNE this year!)

Now Corey's trying to tell me that I'm full of it... riiiiiiiiiiiight. :P

Your Brain's Pattern

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"Who did YOU sleep with to get the chair position?" / Blog Color

Eric knocked on my window at 6:15, so we were off. He denied the existence of the Parisienne fart lever, and we heard 106.5 FM (the Christian radio station) play the same song twice in ten minutes... one gas station advertised their gas at 117.2, but it was really selling for the low low price of 114.8. (on the way home, we saw a gas station selling for 118.4... definitely not 104.2 at Knight / 33rd anymore, and these gas prices are how we're affected by the hurricane!)

The dinner was pretty good: Phil, Eddie, Vivian, Eric, Nathan, and others came up to David Fellowship. Silvester just ate with us, but that was okay! (Jon was undecided about which group to go to, but then he found out that he had to lead Daniel worship!) We talked about plans, moving, caffeine, Vivian's trip to France, hockey, Starbucks, McDonald's, food, school, Nathan's orphanage-building experience in Mexico, and other things. Phil mentioned that he'd started reading my blog and found it hilarious: he has to explain to his co-workers that he's not laughing out loud at THEM, haha. Dianne and Melia came back on the same flight yesterday: yay for friends returning! Later, Frances asked me if I'd eaten yet... uh, I was with you at the dinner! Guess I'm just not that noticeable, haha... but she did apologize, so things are cool. I finally got to give Stella her birthday card: she says I always remember, and that's true enough. We split up into groups and had a church / Bible-related Jeopardy game for the program: just a nice easy ice-breaker for us to bond. It was kinda funny when Randal said that our church used to be a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses... as Lillian could testify if she was still here, it really was the Bethel EFC. Vivian and I tried to dissuade him from giving that as the real answer, but no go. There was a newcomer to the church in our group, and I'm afraid the three of us kinda excluded her. =/ (at least it wasn't the quiet Steven dude, heh)

While we were having dessert, Teresa (who's kinda newish?) asked Eric what his name was again. Then she intimated that Eric was an Anglican... he's white, but that doesn't mean anything in those terms! As Eric said, he may be an AngloPHONE, but not that! What really made us give each other a look was when she asked us if we talked to each other on the phone every day.... uh, maybe at least once a week.... o_O (I dunno, maybe she's like Maisie and thinks we're going out... o_O ) Jon was demonstrating the art of good chest-slap sounds on Dave, Daniel, Eric, and Nathan while inviting various people to Sunday's Steam Works farewell for him and Vivian. I confirmed with Andrea that she'd be giving me a ride to Esther's wedding at around noon (she'll call before she gets here)... it doesn't make sense to go home afterwards, so we'll hang out in between times. (good thing the wedding's at 1 PM instead of 10:30 AM... I'd be SO drained, haha!)

Daniel and Michelle made reservations for twenty at Earl's (and got Melia to come from looking after Grandma), so a bunch of us went even though we were full from dinner and dessert. (Jon, Steph, and Dave were so full from Auntie Grace's dinner... there were 8 people, and she apparently made enough for 15!) Steph had fun telling Michelle about my alcohol-fuelled exploits: "Apparently she thinks family dinners are an excuse for free alcohol..." is NOT true! :P (let's just say it didn't help when I downed half my martini in one go because it would spill if I didn't... and when I took some Guinness and Hoeegarden :P)

Danielle said that she and Citrus had a birthday card for me: she thought my birthday had been Aug. 20 or something! No, they hadn't missed it yet... and I'll have to figure something out for my birthday soon! Danielle thinks that I have to organize my own things because everyone else is too lazy: they'll do things if other people do the organizing, haha. My sister invited me to dinner next week: if she's treating, I'll definitely be up for it! Since my brother's leaving on Wednesday morning, Mom might want to do something the night before if Jon doesn't already have plans. We talked about hockey, worship, the hurricane and the aftereffects on the people (the levee breaking / government response / shooting civilians / anarchy / rape / looting...), Daniel Fellowship, Steph being the chair by default (Jason can't, Vanessa flat-out won't, Melia's already the Awana director and they don't want her to burn out, and it'll look bad if Michelle's the chair since her husband Daniel is one of the counsellors!), Melia getting in trouble at Buckingham Palace for inadvertently going where she wasn't supposed to during the Changing of the Guard, etc.

Someone asked whether I'd gone to the PNE with Eric H. this week: we hadn't messaged each other, so no. We'd better use it soon, or Eric should since he bought the ticket! Probably on Monday then... I'll have to email him. When I got home, there was a "hi" message from him on my screen... he'd signed out already, oops. Guess we'll see what happens with that, haha. Good times with friends... and my weekend is going to be so busy, I won't have time to catch up with everyone here in online-land. But I still have affection for you, in varying degrees! ;)

Your Blog Should Be Purple

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Ice Cream... 5L in my small freezer! / Prank Calls

I have five litres of ice cream in my small freezer now... yay for London Drugs!

2L of blackberry extravaganza.
1L each of Rolo, Vanilla Oreo, and Coffee Crisp.

The Rolo will be for tonight's welcome dinner, and the Vanilla Oreo will be for Sunday's barbecue. So no, I am not a fatty... I do believe in sharing, after all. ;)

Although I should have bought some of the Häagen-Dazs half-litres too, since I don't think 1L is enough for at least 30 people... but at least there will be more dessert and food from others! However, I have no time to buy any more stuff this weekend... maybe tomorrow afternoon between the wedding and banquet, but I doubt buying more ice cream will be on my mind then! Eric says sugarless ice cream would be gross or chemically altered.. he'd prefer Rolo if he were still eating that stuff, haha. Maybe there will be fruit at the dinner, which he CAN eat... yay!

Corey's just said he'll pay me $20 if I can eat it all in under five minutes... haha, I don't THINK so! :P

He also said he used to go to a site that had a prank call where a guy calls a convenience store and tries to have them pre-melt some ice cream for him because that's the way he likes his ice cream, and he wants to come pick some up.... eww, haha. The same guy had a similar call asking a convenience store to pick out all the peppers for him on a burrito... and another one where he says he lost his pet caterpillar in there... he wants them to go look through all the shelves to find it. :P Corey wishes the site still worked so he could save those, haha... speaking of prank calls, I really oughta get that prank call CD and music DVD back from my brother before he leaves next week.

Yes, I thought this was worthy enough to be posted. Go figure. ;)

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Hurricane Katrina help, buying dessert, pee picture, Job Predictor, Friday plans

For every comment received, this guy will donate $1 to the Red Cross. Very sweet idea... thanks for the link, Erin!
(Edit: He's not, anymore. Still, a good idea!)

I need to buy one dessert item each for the Fellowship welcome program tonight and the Awana barbecue / orientation on Sunday night... so I guess I should take a shower and leave now instead of posting on the Internet, haha.

I have to find out from Corey if there's another link to that picture of a woman storing her kid's pee in a bottle. Tried linking to it last night, but it led to a broken image. I knew I should have Photobucketed it while I had the chance! Aiya. I've got him on the case now, haha. (Something Awful ICQ thread pranks, but the pictures have nothing to do with the prank!)

Job Predictor... apparently, my ideal job is as a sewage worker. Riiiiiiiight.

Eric just buzzed me to talk about tonight's plans. No, I don't have a way to get to Knight / Bridgeport (even if it isn't TOO far away from #4 / Alderbridge) since Dave's dinner starts at 6. Our dinner starts at 6:30-ish, so picking me up between 6-6:30 sounds good to me! Now he's asking me where I met "that Jasmine character from the Milestones / Wedding Crashers night"... hahahaha, good times! I told him that I met her the same way as I did "that Jay character," hahaha. (LJ forums!) It's all good with him, hehe. :D Anthony thought she was kinda weird, haha.. but not crazy weird. :P Despite what Eric thinks, LJ does not stand for Lacking Jam. (although that would be an accurate description of my place at the moment, heh)

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"New" Spoz links that I didn't know about...

While putting subject lines on my past blog posts tonight, I found that most of my Subwoofer links didn't work. So I decided to ask the person who would know....

Flami says:
my links are weird now... what's the new Subwoofer link and that playlist?
Spoz (I have nothing to write here.. I am an empty shell.. I am an empty peanut shell.. I am a nut.. going nuts! yeeHAR!) says:
your.. links.. are.. weird!? *raised eyebrow*
Spoz says:
does ANYTHING work properly on yer computer?
Spoz says:
new subwoofer song (remix) --> BK Recordings (check out the Grinny Grandad release)
Spoz says:
the playlist - Playlist
Flami says:
my links do not work now, no.
Flami says:
oh hey. Subwoofer Music? got yourself a new link? haha, cool
Spoz says:
oh sure..
Spoz says:
had it for almost a year now..
Flami says:
... and I didn't know about this?! haha, oh man..

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Band Name Blogthing / More Quizzes

Your Band Name Is

The Above Average Mamas

Can't believe it's September already... now, it's time to get some upkeep work done!

HAHAHAHA, Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends just came on the radio. How ironically fitting. ;)

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Dreams about lunch trays / New Orleans / Quick-edit pencils / "Say Anything!" meme

I had a dream last night that Erin's aunt Eva was with a bunch of us in the mall... she was discussing sexual awareness and puberty with us, of all things! We were also carrying moderately heavy lunch trays everywhere for some reason, and I didn't once feel like I was going to drop mine! (I always do in real life... darned gimpiness! :P) We went into a cruise ship-like elevator that magically transported us to home. I wondered how I'd get to an Awana function the next day, and Auntie Eva said she'd drive me. Yup, I was definitely surprised when she offered that... and then I remembered at the last minute that Sam said he'd do so. End of dream.

Interpretation: Last night at Steam Works, we were discussing 50 Cent / kids' early sexual awareness / puberty / how it was good to be innocent as long as possible (G-strings, anyone?). Also, we saw a waiter carrying several heavy-looking plates... one of Jeremy's friends was in a restaurant once, and the table ordered eight pints of beer. Right before the waitress got to their table, she tripped and liquid went flying EVERYWHERE. I thought that I would never be able to do a waitress job because of said gimpiness, but decided not to say so: that much is pretty obvious! As for Sam and Awana, I think that's obvious too: it's not that I'm *worried* that I won't get a ride on Sunday, but I do remember that he'll get back to me then! Oh, and Auntie Eva did drive me home on Monday night from seeing Dave, so that's why rides from her are in the dream. There was this time YEARS ago that Eunice's sister Winnie offered to drive me to church once, but I forgot and had my dad drive me instead... oops! Luckily, she didn't seem TOO mad / pissed off about it... phew! (but my parents gave me a verbal smackdown ANYWAY... sigh!)

I like going out at night, but catching up on things afterwards seriously messes up my sleep schedule. Time to cut losses...

New Orleans makes me think of Tragically Hip's New Orleans is Sinking and Better Than Ezra's King of New Orleans. Maybe I should start watching hurricane coverage on CNN now... or have it as background noise over the ApologetiX. =/

Yay for quick-edit pencils! That makes my next planned upkeep project much easier! :D

Meme from Lindsay: If you have anything to say to the person who posts this, say it to them. If you love them, tell them. If you hate them, tell them. Even if you have trouble saying whatever you want, do it if this entry is posted. You may never get a chance to, so just do it. Warning: Do not post this unless you really want people to do it. I expect good things, but I expect bad things as well: that is something you have to take into consideration. Not all of what you hear will be good.

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Almost went to Steam Works with my pants on backwards...

I called my brother earlier tonight since he was signing in and out of MSN like crazy... he said the Steam Works thing was tonight and Sunday. Since my Sunday is already totally booked (and I'll get a ride from Sam if he has a car... he'll get back to me on Sunday about that), I opted to go tonight. At least I didn't have to take the bus as I did the last time I went there!

On the way to pick Jeremy up, Jon and I discussed who he shouldn't invite to the Sunday Steam Works outing: the teenage Timothy girls, Sam, Chris, Ben, Melia, Vanessa, Emily, Jason, Amos, Anita, and the other leaders. He invited Eric M., but Diven declined. Jon also made me guess that he was listening to Sufjan Stevens: like I would know what he sounds like?! Apparently, he and Eric H. had gone for Pho dinner yesterday at the Richmond location of Thai Son where he talked about probation and his girl a lot... there's one near Jeremy's place! Speaking of Pho restaurants, PHO BICH NGA is no more... it's now Pho Bo Kwong or something. That name had definite mangling potential, let me tell you! ;)

Jeremy was almost blind from the darkness, and did a double take when he opened the passenger side door to see me sitting there! Jon then told him that everyone was welcome to call me Sarne... uh, people who at least know me fairly well, as Jeremy does! People have been leaving things at Jeremy's place a lot... even after a CRU gift exchange, there were miscellaneous things lying around. Eventually, he figured he might as well use the mug and soaps... and he even has two Bible Study guides which he couldn't get originally!

When we got to the restaurant, it was MY turn to not see anything since I didn't know where the entrance was... thank goodness Jeremy set me straight! We met Nathan and Brian there... Jon's friend Tally was almost stranded since Nathan gave her the wrong directions because he thought it was at the Yaletown Brewery before he got clarification from Brian! But she found her way there eventually! Nathan's trip to Mexico was definitely cool, but he's so burnt!

We discussed Nirvana Nut Brown Ale (which almost tasted like water), Coal Porter, and other drinks on offer. Then Nathan said that he'd found out from his medical doctor friend exactly what the Asian red-face gene is called... he has yet to email me with the name so I can put it here, but that's okay! (maybe I'll get the name from him on Friday) He definitely has a deficiency of that gene, even more so than most Asians... he gets really red, but none of us could really tell that tonight since he was also tanned.

When we heard some table singing "Happy Birthday," we joked that Tally should make up her own hit song and get tons of royalties from it. It was originally a children's Good Morning song with four verses, written by the three Hill sisters. We discussed their CRU friends, people around the Main / Hastings area post-midnight, Nathan and Brian leaving early (they'd just had Pho before this... Brian hugged me goodbye and told me to take care), Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, crowds of people at needle exchanges, the narrowest building in the world being here in Chinatown, people not caring about traffic signals, running over pedestrians ,Oasis, Dashboard Confessional, U2, the Weakerthans, the Decemberists, Broken Social Scene, organic Pho, Denys Arcand movies, beer with pearls, the highest gas price ever so far (116.9¢ per litre?!), etc.

It was a pretty cool time out... the first time I've seen Tally in about a year, and probably the last time I'll see Brian before Christmas!

As for what's referenced in the subject line: I did indeed almost go out with my pants on backwards. I was trying to find where my jeans pockets were, but thought I'd forgotten where they were. Then I clued in: "Ooooh... I put them on BACKWARDS! Good thing I leave in five minutes and noticed this BEFORE going out... phew!" *is a ditz sometimes, aiya!*

I also finally checked one of my Gmail accounts just now: my friend Erika sent me the Nails song 88 Lines about 44 Women! It'll help me remember this parody too, haha. :)


Deborah was a Catholic girl
she held out till the bitter end
Carla was a different type
she's the one who put it in
Mary was a black girl
I was afraid of a girl like that
Suzen painted pictures
sitting down like a Buddha sat

Reno was a nameless girl
a geographic memory
Cathy was a Jesus freak
she liked that kind of misery
Vicki had a special way
of turning sex into a song
Kamala, who couldn't sing,
kept the beat and kept it strong

Zilla was an archetype
the voodoo queen, the queen of wrath
Joan thought men were second best
to masturbating in a bath
Sherry was a feminist
she really had that gift of gab
Kathleen's point of view was this
take whatever you can grab

Seattle was another girl
who left her mark upon the map
Karen liked to tie me up
and left me hanging by a strap
Jeannie had a nightclub walk
that made grown men feel underage
Mariella, who had a son,
said I must go, but finally stayed

Gloria, the last taboo
was shattered by her tongue one night
Mimi brought the taboo back
and held it up before the light
Marilyn, who knew no shame,
was never ever satisfied
Julie came and went so fast
she didn't even say goodbye

Rhonda had a house in Venice
lived on brown rice and cocaine
Patty had a house in Houston
shot cough syrup in her veins
Linda thought her life was empty
filled it up with alcohol
Katherine was much too pretty
she didn't do that shit at all

Pauline thought that love was simple
turn it on and turn it off
Jean-Marie was complicated
like some French filmmaker's plot
Gina was the perfect lady
always had her stockings straight
Jackie was a rich punk rocker
silver spoon and a paper plate

Sarah was a modern dancer
lean pristine transparency
Janet wrote bad poetry
in a crazy kind of urgency
Tanya Turkish liked to fuck
while wearing leather biker boots
Brenda's strange obsession
was for certain vegetables and fruit

Rowena was an artist's daughter
the deeper image shook her up
Dee Dee's mother left her father
took his money and his truck
Debbie Rae had no such problems
perfect Norman Rockwell home
Nina, 16, had a baby
left her parents, lived alone
Bobbi joined a New Wave band
changed her name to Bobbi Sox
Eloise, who played guitar,
sang songs about whales and cops
Terri didn't give a shit
was just a nihilist
Ronnie was much more my style
cause she wrote songs just like this
Jezebel went forty days
drinking nothing but Perrier
Dinah drove her Chevrolet
into the San Francisco Bay
Judy came from Ohio
she's a Scientologist
Amaranta, here's a kiss
I chose you to end this list.

© 1981, 1984 The Nails

David wrote most of the music, Marc came up with the melody line, and George helped with the drum programming and atmosphere of the "RCA" version.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dream: Phil, his grandma, Eric, Jon, and plans / SillyBuddies

I had a dream last night in which I had to go around town with my family before a conference. We had our old Mazda MPV van, and we had to wait for my brother at a Chinese restaurant with red and gold dragons as decorations. Mom got impatient (as would happen in real life :P), and told me to wait for him at the restaurant while they did something else. "It's dark outside, but there are lots of lights at the restaurant and in the street! Besides, you aren't doing anything here!" Since she'd been making similar jabs at me all during the dream thus far, I cursed at her before gladly leaving the van. (I wouldn't audibly curse at her in real life, but she'd sure make those jabs!) As I thought, she immediately turned cold and refused to speak to me.

After going into the restaurant to wait for my brother, I saw a dodgy group of Chinese people at the front counter. They sang a couple of songs, then disappeared into the establishment. I heard a familiar voice, and turned around to discover my friend Phil and his grandma. Grandma was as she is in real life, in a wheelchair and with diminished speech capacity. (I haven't seen her at church in some time, and actually wonder how she is now!) I talked to them for a while before Jon came out, wondering where everyone else was. So I told him what happened, and he said that Eric M. would be driving us elsewhere.. yup, I was very glad to hear that news!

Mom pulled up then and expected us to just get in the van like nothing had happened, with the caveat that nobody should speak to me because of how I'd acted earlier and cursed her out. (I didn't really...) Then my brother turned mouthy (he wouldn't in real life) and informed her: "Well, Eric is driving us somewhere else... that way, we won't have to put up with your melodrama! Steph, wanna come?" My sister got out of the van (she probably wouldn't in real life) and joined the four of us on the sidewalk. We all went back into the restaurant as Mom made to pull away suddenly, but then the group of singing Chinese came out and accosted her. In real life, we'd probably help her no matter what, but then Eric called to say he would be at another entrance soon. After he showed up, we quickly drove away somewhere else. End of dream.

Interpretation: I think I've had a certain situation (my mom calling me a crazy bitch who deserves to go to hell and live life with such hatred in my heart like that) on my mind too often recently, and wish I had that kind of support from friends and siblings.

P.S. I just went up to the third floor of my building to give something to the new caretaker / manager, and it smells like there's something funky going on there... or maybe it's just my weird olfactory nerves. Either way, I'm glad I'm back on the first floor. =/

P.P.S. I need to call Andrea, Sam, and Jon tonight: Esther's wedding / banquet, Awana orientation / BBQ, and possible Steamworks plans. If Eric H. wants to go to the PNE this week or so, he'll catch me on MSN... much easier, and we prefer it that way! ;)

Hey, I've finally heard from Cathie Walker of Silly Buddies! I used to get her e-newsletters all the time, and then kinda wondered what happened to them! New site to play around with... oooh, SHINY! :D (must bookmark...)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Danel and spyware, posting at orgasm, word verification

I should put Chris' friend Danel's recommendations here for posterity:

"Have you checked for spyware? .-. That's normally what makes computers really slow.



Spyware Doctor 3.2

Seriously, if you don't download all of those and actually use them, it's your own fault for your computer fucking up for good, and that's what you get :|

P.S. When you get the results back, remove / fix every single one of them! Actually, just tell me how it goes. My AIM is: Ilaissez Faire"

Just copy and paste it, it's easy. ^^

She's cool because she's a friend of Chris'. :D

I was just reminded of a time when someone thought I did nothing but type on the computer all day while going about my daily life.

This was in a thread where people were wondering who the most prolific poster to that message board was as of 9 August 2002, and someone named RedDevil posted:

"I wonder who has the highest posts-per-day? Flamsterette_X must be up there, surely.

(Flamsterette_X, you're lovely... but I have a vision of you lugging a PC around with you while you go about your daily activities. On the loo ... tap-tap-tap ... at the supermarket ... tap-tap-tap ... moment of orgasm ... TAP-TAP-TAP! ;) )

Then Sarah Moore (lel) quoted that and posted: "I found that a bit too funny! While it may seem that way, I don't think that's the case, except maybe for the on the loo part. :D *ducks and runs* "

My old friend Adam Frey (Res Ipsa Loquitor) alerted me to this, so I posted this in reply:

"lel, it turned out that Res was absolutely correct when he told me that you had posted something about my posting whilst on the loo. (well, maybe not entirely correct, since RedDevil had posted the original comment, but I'll let that go)

For everyone's information, I do not go around doing this.. maybe if I had enough money for a laptop or a Palm Pilot that had Internet surfing capabilities (if there was such a thing)? Then you'd better all watch out, because I'd be transformed into a truly manic poster! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

To repeat: I do not post whilst on the loo. And as for posting while in the throes of orgasm, I'd have to say that was near impossible for most people. (which definitely includes me) So there you go.
" *laughs at the memory*

Oh, and I turned on word verification (captchas, basically) at my blog. That should cut down on all the lovely spam. :P

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Postcard from Charlotte / Residential Caretaker / Quirky Purchases

It seems that we finally have a new residential caretaker named Hester... I don't know about you, but that name always makes me think of Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter. (another book I have to read, sometime...) Apparently, all our concerns should also be documented in writing if we call her for anything so that the management can properly process our requests... okay then. *head spins*

Ooh! I also got a Colorado postcard from my friend Charlotte! It's got the Pawnee Buttes in Northeastern Colorado on it, haha. This is what she wrote: Hey Leslie! Here's a postcard that actually represents my area pretty well. It's usually not that green though, haha. Well, I hope you have an awesome day! Watch out for those Chrises! ;) Charlotte / Charshark Hahaha, I definitely will. :D Speaking of Colorado people, I should apologize to Corey later for zoning out on him last night while I wrote a plethora of names. :P (I'm listening to Alexis on Fire's Watch Out! album now... very fitting for what she told me to do, haha)

This afternoon, I finally got some Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies in the red bag for snacking on... I remember what Darren said, and will also have to talk to him soon, heh. I got some macadamia nut cookies, blackberry extravaganza ice cream, Danish Butterhorn pastries, chicken lasagna and corn dogs (I don't think I've had either before), spinach and feta quiche (never had that before, either... I have gum for the feta cheese ;) ), cherry yogurt, healthy stuff, plus a slice of cheesecake. Yummy stuff, to be sure!

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Australian accents, dinner, beef jerky, and toilets

A few things I forgot to add on my last post:

* I have good memories of Joe Downer.. he was from Australia, and we all thought he was cool since he had the cutest Australian accent! (even the Gr. 8 kids thought so, haha)

* My church friends Josanna, Lavone, Bonnae, and Dorothy Eang were pretty cool, too... I remember seeing Dorothy as a baby! Too bad their dad Floyd died of meningitis or something... their mom Genora seems to be okay, though!

* My mom got me some beef jerky from a place on Fraser St. Haven't tried it yet, but maybe soon.

* Apparently, I'm invited to dinner at Dave's place on Friday. That won't do for me, since the Fellowship is having dinner to welcome the newbies.. as Eric said: "A welcome dinner for me, hehe." Yeah, you and a bunch of others! *laugh*


What do you know. Almost a month after the new management comes in, my toilet decides to just not flush because the handle's loose or something. Lovely stuff, which makes me think of the GWAR song Jiggle The Handle. :P With the old management, I could call them and they'd send someone out within a day or whatever to fix it. (this happened a fair number of times) I think it's a good thing I left a window cracked open from when Kelly fixed it in February, plus getting my front hall lightbulb changed in May without it being my responsibility since I was so nice... and definitely a good thing I got my bathroom fixed in November! (the link goes to the description of what was wrong, since I obviously didn't find the fix important enough to note here or in my offline journal :P) As for the current toilet woes, I think I'll see if I can't get Mike to do something about it... although I bet that's not in his job description, haha. Nothing to lose by asking... o_O

Security: I should note that the window isn't actually OPEN. It's just not locked up so tightly that it utterly CANNOT be opened. ;)

Edit to add advice from someone which actually worked:

Oooh. In that case, the chain that connects the handle to the bulb might be broken. Lift up the lid on the toilet tank and then lift up on the bulb so it pulls the plug out of the bottom of the tank. When the toilet has flushed completely, you should be able to let go and it will fill back up on its own.

However, this solution = temporary. :/ If the chain is broken, it's probably relatively easy to purchase a replacement at Home Depot or Lowes or somewhere else like that... but I wouldn't count on Wal-Mart having anything like that.

If that doesn't work, then it's probably something you'd have to have someone who's actually licensed look at. No use flooding your bathroom / having a toilet that keeps running and annoys the heck out of you.

Hope that helped a little bit...

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Drinking / future kids / memories of people triggered by old photo albums and such

Before dinner, my brother and I made a beer run to the liquor store: SO MUCH CHOICE, AIYA! The dinner with Dave was pleasant... except for when my brother and sister took pictures of my red face. Hey, I only had some beer (LA FIN DU MONDE and some Amber Ale) and some Willow Creek wine... plus Hawaiian coffee to boot! (caffeine and alcohol is a VERY potent combination for me, mwahahahahaha!) But we did take a few pictures of Mom's FLAMING RED face, hahaha! ("Dave won't ever want to come here again... every time he does, Sarne goes crazy!") We discussed soccer, Steph's collection of 13 Canucks jerseys, hockey, baseball (Yankees vs. Mariners), Toronto, and Nathan's drunk pictures. (he was SO red!) I told Corey about our red faces: he thinks we're broken, hahaha. (the scary part is that he might be correct, so far as the "red-face Asian gene" goes... on the other hand, Eric thinks I need Alcoholics Anonymous even if I'm not an anonymous Asian :P) The best part was when we looked through some extremely old family photo albums... baby / old-school pics, anyone? No, I wasn't drunk when I started laughing out of nowhere, or accidentally spilled beer on my shirt. However, I did finish off Jon's beer when he wasn't looking... hahaha, I am not going to be one of those club people who do that all the time. ("Where's my drink? I just set it down two seconds ago...") :P

My sister told me to get pregnant since Mom wants grandchildren... uh, I'm a long way off from even having a boyfriend / marriage, thanks! :P She says she'll feel sorry for my future kids... I believe she thinks they'll inherit my craziness and tendency to laugh randomly. (ask Eric.. he knows this tendency VERY WELL, haha) "I know they're my nieces and nephews, but do I really have to SEE them?!" Uh, what about YOUR kids? They'll be all hyper and loud... o_O But we don't know about our brother's future kids... maybe they'll be musical and laid-back like he is? Lots of time will tell, I suppose... ;)

Some of the people in the pictures: Dawn (who almost always looked pissed off, and was as skinny as her brother Geoffrey is now), us three, Justin, Clement, Fidela, Megan, Wayland, Julie (SO skinny!), Denise, Brian, Tracy, Bryant, Sophia, Gloria Leung (I remember her siblings Kent / Roanna / Nina / Vicson), David Marr, Daniel, Leah and Lael Patrick, Ross White (my sister's elementary school friend), Zachary Weavill (my sister's first boyfriend, in kindergarten no less), Carol and Nadia Moutal (Steph saw Nadia somewhere recently!), Vivian, Karen, Edwin, Karen Grace, Jessica, Rachel, Kate, Erin, Derek, Darren, Phil, Melia, Yvonne C., Eugene, our cousins Yvonne / Aaron / Lillian, parents and family friends, Grandma, Chung Yan, Belinda, Frances Chan, Eleanor Chan (I remember her brothers Raymond and Ronald), Belinda, Byron, Evelyn Cheung, Susan, Jeas Town (he ate candles! His sister was named Sachaa, and his parents were Zeke and Anna), Eric M., his parents and brother Kieran, Trine Wildhagen, Brandy Whibbs (my first best friend... she was adopted), Kim Berlinger (those three were my elementary school friends), Shira, Carmen (those two were my brother's friends), Jason and Joshua Lyle, Eunice, her grandma and parents, Vania, Sean, Vanessa, their parents, Kelvin, and others. Dave definitely didn't want to look at the "baby in bath" photos, and was amazed that certain Polaroids held up so well over the years! Man, that brings back memories! I remember being jealous of Gloria / Frances / Evelyn / Belinda / Eleanor because I felt their names were prettier than mine... I wished I'd been named something else, haha. (like Cordelia... very ANNE OF GREEN GABLES-ish, haha)

Those pictures made me think of Jennifer / Yvonne Tso, Duncan / Deborah Sze, Cecil / Cecilia Mak (they lived RIGHT across the street from school), Ben Mayan, Kevin / Darren / Lindsay Walshe, Deborah Urtilla-Reed, Nathan / Jeffrey Goldman, Chris / Jeffrey Littlejohn, Kevin Dent, Kirsten / Kristal / Kevin / Karen George, Jennifer Bertram, Tiffany / Catherine Ho, Evelyn Li, Annette / Rebecca Gold, Jonathan / Tania Kung, Andrew Wadden, Andrew / James / Lauren Sutton (I remember their mom Peggy quite well), Manfred Lau, Grant / Brian / Lori Nishi, Carla and Ginny Nielsen, Leon / Cole Stephens, Dawn Sumner, Vanessa Dwyer, Serena / Cassy McKay, Garrick / Hailey Chan, Chelsea / Brady Whitteker, Richard / Steven Close, Heidi / Tenille Evelyn, Denise / Aaron Hui (their mom Patsy was involved in a real estate scandal), Sebastian K., Charity / Adam Siu, Rogelio / Rebecca Duran, Louise Hui, Ingrid / Mark / Michelle Hau, Josephine Hung, Mary / Cynthia Oishi, Pip Yang, Steve Hagemoen, Angela / Daniel Yeung (he used to love me or so he said, haha), Vanessa Lucas, Athena / Timmy / Tommy Chan, Terry / Stephanie / Christina / Amelia Myckatyn, Jason / Nicki Ackerman (I remember their pet tarantulas and such!), Darren / Nicki Mackoff, Jason Turner, Jennifer / Steven / Kevin Wong (all in my elementary school), Ajay / Aneil Agrawal, Jennifer / Ruth / Fiona Hanson (I remember their parents John and Mary), Trevor Cox (PJ / school friends!), Jamie Reynolds, Terry Kwong, Adrienne Tompkins-Lane, Shannon / Dana Warsaba (I remember when Shannon told me her parents were divorced), Jennifer / Angie / Maggie Fung, Ravina Johal (neighborhood / school people), Eryn Trent, Brandi Brownlee, Jaime Latchford (he used to call me Carrots, haha), Christina / Michelle / Athina Sdrakas, Deanna / Darren Baker, Ruth Piskackova, Henrieta / Kristina / Laci / Tatiana Paukov, Andrew Rollo, and Josephine / Patrick / Jennifer / Ryan Uy. (high school people and their siblings)

Sorry for all the run-on sentences and such. Sometimes I wish my memory was worse, haha. Then again, I wouldn't be the Birthday Queen without it... so scratch that, haha.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Billions of emails (well, not really...)

Just checked my email to find four from Lesley, and one from Auntie Rebecca: they're ALL about church-related events. At least I'm in the loop with that, haha. Joey, Andrew Tung (clubber into leader!), Lawrence (those two are Anita's brothers.. it's a sibling dynasty!), Jason Wong, Amos Wong (those two were my brother's former violin students, hehe), and Golden Wong (his sister is named Sylver, and his mom's named Moni... hehe) will be new leaders this year. We NEED guy leaders, so this was an answer to prayer, hehe. The Child Protection policy established by our church will be implemented in September 05. Accordingly, every leader (except for the new leaders, because they just finished the process) is required to fill out an information sheet and to attend an interview with Pastor Edward and Auntie Rebecca. We'll explore some aspects of your spiritual walk with God. So be prepared for that. (wonders if that applies to secretaries like me, haha)

Hey, I have an email from Henrik... yay! *goes to read and answer* My last email to him got lost in a server crash, but then he eventually found it in someone else's mailbox... how does THAT work?! o_O

Dunno what else I'm doing today... maybe going to see Dave at dinner in the townhouse, depending whether / when I get sufficiently caught up with the stuff I need to keep current with! If I don't have to wash curry dishes and whatnot, I'll be fine! ;)

I dreamed of stealing loads of bookmarks and stickers in a mall, as well as getting a friend (Eric?) to help me... no, we didn't get caught despite being obvious about it / an alarm kinda going off. Yeah, I'm not doing THAT again... I renounced such behavior years ago!

From Dream Moods: Stealing

To dream that you are stealing, denotes that you are deprived and where the stealing takes place (at home, the office, at school....) is indicative of your neediness. Alternatively, it may signify unrealized and unfulfilled goals. You may have set your goals too high.

Perhaps, perhaps.... but what am I deprived of in the mall? Besides all the "consumer whore" tendencies, haha.

LJ Friends Quiz by Alan V.

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Unbanned, Birth Order Predictor / More Quizzes

Apparently, I've been unbanned from RQ... no idea what I did in the first place to get banned, unless someone had a trigger-happy finger on the mouse. Oh well, I should just leave there ANYWAY... but whatever. I'll figure it out later, haha.

You Are Likely an Only Child

At your darkest moments, you feel frustrated.
At work and school, you do best when you're organizing.
When you love someone, you tend to worry about them.

In friendship, you are emotional and sympathetic.
Your ideal careers are: radio announcer, finance, teaching, ministry, and management.
You will leave your mark on the world with organizational leadership, maybe as the author of self-help books.

Man, this thing is WAY off... the oldest of three, here.

Take the quiz:
What Sailor Moon character are You?

Sailor MiniMoon / Rini
You are a spoiled little brat sometimes. But when you see your friends in danger, you are ready to fight for what is right!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Sailor Moon / Serena (You scored 1)
* Sailor MiniMoon / Rini (You scored 2)
* Sailor Mercury / Amy (You scored 0)
* Sailor Mars / Rei (You scored 1)
* Sailor Jupiter / Lita (You scored 0)
* Sailor Venus / Meena (You scored 0)
* Sailor Uranus / Amara (You scored 1)
* Sailor Neptune / Michelle (You scored 1)
* Sailor Pluto / Trista (You scored 0)
* Sailor Saturn / Hotaru (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Is it more than just Friends?

There's something there
There's definitely something there... I just don't know what. It could just mean you're the bestest of friends. Email me at .... and yes, I'm a chick.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* There's something there (You scored 2)
* Definitely (You scored 1)
* Just Friends (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
What body part are you?

You are an asshole.
You are the worst part of a shit-spewing tube. Your presence taints the body (SOCIETY?) that you are a part of. And you smell bad, too.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You are an asshole. (You scored 2)
* You are an asshole. (You scored 3)

Eh, fuck off then. :P

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Banned from RQ3

Hmm. Apparently, I've JUST been banned from RQ3 for some reason or other. It's happened in the last five minutes, I know that much. Oh well, there's always RQ2? haha (plus the RQ that I moderate elsewhere ;) )

I was kinda planning on leaving that community, anyhow... I think the most likely culprit was Martin, since he doesn't like me anyway. But it could have been any of the other mods, too... ah well. :P

Oh, and my blog is getting spam again. Joy.

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Keys in car / rambunctious kids / money and things everywhere!

Eric locked his keys in the car this morning, as he has a habit of doing... Dad to the rescue! We finally got going at 9:45, and got to church at 10:10... just in time for the little kids to be dismissed / the Scripture reading / the sermon. My sister was definitely looking at her watch when Eric and I came in... no, Eric wasn't really late as happened once before when he had breakfast problems involving cereal and toast! After service, everyone seemed to be giving belongings and money back to everyone else: Jon gave Chinese Eric some stuff; I attempted to pay my sister back some money, but nobody had change; Jon had no change, so he couldn't pay me back my change from Friday; Chinese Eric got a PNE ticket from my brother... it wasn't quite like the moneylending market in front of the temple in Jesus' time, so let's not go there, mmkay? :P

Time is moving pretty quickly: I asked Andrea if she was going to the wedding this weekend, and she said we could figure out rides later in the week. The day after, there's the Awana Leader Orientation / BBQ at Uncle Patrick's house: Auntie Vivian said that maybe Sam could drive me, as he lives in Richmond. I'll need to get in touch with him for sure! (it would be easier if I knew his email address / MSN, if he has it) Eric T. and I can't believe that summer's over again... for my birthday, I'll be doing Awana! I can't think of anything else I'll be doing that Saturday, but maybe I'll plan something in a week or so... organizing your own thing sounds bad, but it has been proven to work. ;)

I told Jon that Chinese Eric and I would be going to the PNE sometime this week, but of course we have to figure things out first. Jen asked me what white Eric was doing afterwards, since she needed a ride home. I asked, and he wasn't doing a thing... of course he had to hesitate and mock-deny her request of a ride home first! We all saw Winnie and baby Megan... she was so warm and sleepy! From there, it was on to the toddler class, where there were a LOT of kids! Thank goodness a few of the four-year-olds have or will be moving up: Ian, Carrie, Ethan, John, Gwyneth (still a bit of an attention whore), and maybe another kid. Ian's brother Sean is around two, and throws tantrums a lot... eventually, his mom Ada had to take him to the baby room! Little Hannah's baby sister Amanda cries whenever she's not with her sister, so Auntie Fonda took her to our class for a while. Irene caused disruptions by poking everyone, yanking at Gwyneth and Evelyn's craft hats, and fighting with Wilson. (although it was cute to hear Wilson telling Irene to sit on her mat, heh) Charissa was in a bit of a bad temper too, but her mom Ella (who's pretty pregnant) kept her in check. Man, the room will be less crowded with a few of them gone!

After that, I headed outside. Jen, Vivian, Karen, Dylan, Jon, Steph, and I got to talking about a possible Steamworks dinner for the guys: Pho and Bon's would still be Vivian's farewell dinner, Jon joked. Dylan spaced it as soon as Jen said something about moving up to David Fellowship: Karen and I knew what she was talking about! (he thought she said that she'd follow Dave to Toronto, haha) My siblings and I were fashionably late for the family lunch, and we talked to Dave about a lot of things. Erin's grandma Paula was there, and she looks great for a woman who wasn't really expected to live about this time last year when an ambulance crashed into her and a friend at a bus stop! (her friend died at the scene) This week will be a moderately busy one... we'll see what happens with PNE, Steamworks, and the busy weekend... outta here now to concentrate on my emails and friends pages!

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Dream: Lucas and Hannah's dad as Charlie Brown's dad?

I had a dream last night that I'd like to quickly share with you all before I go to church with my beloved friend Eric. :D

My church was holding a performance of some PEANUTS stories, and Uncle William (Lucas and Hannah N.'s dad and Uncle Stanley's brother, who left our church after the whole Pastor Glen thing went down in January 2004) was cast as Charlie Brown's dad. For some reason, Charlie Brown's family had the additional surname of Seifen... no, I haven't been reading about the Seifert quadruplets at Facts About Multiples lately! :P

Someone else was Snoopy in a purple bunny suit... I think that part was based on a Snoopy stuffed animal I have here in real life. (I got it at Easter once, and I'm looking at it right now) Julie S., Hannah W., and a few of the other kids wanted to sit near me so they could have some of my Lays rippled chips. That part is definitely based on all the times years ago when the kiddies would want me to buy stuff from the 7-11 for them!

The dream ended with Uncle William saying stuff about life, and us all cheering him on: "Go, Uncle William! Uh, we mean Mr. Brown-Seifen!" Hahahaha.

Oh, and the dream also had bits and pieces of various comics in color... most interesting!

.... is that the time? Must leave! Seeya later!

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Goals derailed / hanging out with Eric H.

My earlier stated goal of finishing the retro-tag for all my March 2005 entries didn't come to fruition, as Eric H. got on MSN and wanted to see if I could hang out tonight for some bubble tea / chilling time somewhere... he'd even come to my place and pick me up! Since I was feeling spontaneous and also wanted to get out of here, I readily agreed... and scored a ride to church tomorrow from Eric M. into the bargain! I have some family lunch thing tomorrow, so I can't avoid a certain person forever... oh well, I guess it won't be too bad so long as I'm not in the car ALONE with her anytime soon! :P Eric H. wanted to know if Jon could come too, so I called my brother: he was kinda tired, but wouldn't mind if we came over to hang out for a bit... of course we'd call before doing so! Eric also offered to treat me to the PNE sometime next week... those sound like good interesting times, haha. (like August 2003, haha)

Eric said he'd be here around 10, so I got a little worried when it was 10:20 and no sign of him. I decided to call him: after like fifteen rings on his cell phone ("dude! answer ya cell phone, yo!"), he finally answered... thank goodness he was close by! Turns out his parents wanted him to do something for them that took longer than expected, but there was nothing he could have done about that. We chilled at White Spot instead of at my place after getting something from McDonalds: it was better that way since it was still nice and quiet at the restaurant. He brought up Phil and Megan as long-distance inspiration... but then those two had a marriage plan and they still broke up! Kinda disheartening, but then they SEEMED okay with each other last week... of course, we can't know unless we're them!

We talked about Stephen, persistence, being slow to respond, Fay, what Nathan had told him, his perspective, processing issues, online talking vs. real life talks, and what his mistakes could have been lately. As a mark of thanks for my listening to him and all, the meal was his treat. Definitely got to talk about a lot of stuff, even if he didn't have Jon's guy opinion! I tend to take my time to process things as well, but sometimes I want instant answers... that might have been my failing a few months ago. We'll see about the PNE later on with his cousin... I have no idea when Jon works there this week, but Eric can pick me up if needed. That time in 2003, Jon was working there anyhow before Fellowship, so we got dropped off at the front gate. I remember we waited an hour and a half for Yazmine that time, too... at the wrong gate, oops. We're no longer talking because of HER "50 cent" delusion, and no, I'm not talking about the rapper.

Anyhow, that was certainly a good end to the night. I certainly don't mind being spontaneous the next time he asks me via MSN to hang out... I value time with my good friends! :D

P.S. Stevie Ray Vaughan / Double Trouble's Pride and Joy is so distinctive... you can figure it out from the first note! (as my brother said once)

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