Saturday, April 09, 2011

Flying Beaver? NO! Brown's Social House!

Steph and Lisa picked me up at 8:15, and we were off to the Flying Beaver, which was STANDING ROOM ONLY! We got ID'ed at the door, so it's a good thing I usually carry my ID with me! Called Denise, who was already in Richmond, so we went to Brown's Social House instead. Talked about the menu change, babies, black people, Haiti, tearing, stitches, Chilliwack, very sweet pie, key lime pie, calamari, the cost of adoption (Lisa's cousins must be rich - baby from China!), salad, halibut, strawberry / banana pancakes, milk, Grandma liking Brown's, Lisa's picture as a two-year-old, future playoff parties, Marble Slab Creamery / La Casa Gelato, Brian / Denise / Steph at Three Lions (or wherever) last summer watching World Cup games at 7 AM with coffee mugs because of alcohol laws, their sister Julie making us feel REALLY OLD ("she's 23?! that means *I* am not that age..."), and Twitter. We also discussed the Vancouver-Calgary hockey game (we won 3-2 in overtime), dry ribs, the Cactus Club service earlier being pretty slow, the game MASH, movies, blood tests, church tomorrow, Eric, Bellinis, social drinks, beer, Blackberry apps, Twitter, hashtags, Alan, Tracy, Hon, Florida, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Manny Malhotra, Denise's new place, lunchboxes, Batman, Cabbage Patch Kids, Vanessa, Fidela, Mike, old phones, Orlando, playoff parties, and more.

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Coupons, books, protein, inventory, milk, and Harrison

Mom called right when I was going to get ready, and bugged me about coupons for a bag full of books - she thought I could get Eric to drop me off at the library book sale, but I don't think it would be wise to have to bus home afterwards! (since I really don't want to have him hang around for more than is necessary) At least I got to ask about toilet paper, since we might kinda be running out here pretty soon; not before Tuesday, but you never know! Then she wondered how I'd take it home.... um, in Eric's car trunk?! *sigh*

Discussed clothing / treatment / protein / sugar / perceptions with Teunis, then I had to call Henry at 3:40 since he wasn't here yet - ah yes, I sympathize with his running late! Henry came ten minutes later, so we were on our way posthaste. At church, I helped Chrystal and Daniel (graduated!) with inventory and money while interacting with Jordan (needed a ride home) / Dominic and Samantha (careful of the bigger kids!) / Harrison (new friends) / Victor C. (knapsack) / Ian and Sean (bye) - interesting kids! Nodded hi to William during debriefing, and then joined in teasing Victor L. about his upcoming Easter baptism. John wanted Henry to give me a ride home, so that was fine - texting while driving, oh my! Now I'm home for a bit, although I was surprised to see Teunis here! Kaili had cancelled since she was still feeling sick; Teunis seems to be getting used to his new glasses, anyway. Discussed the band Kittie, System of a Down, the milk and Tuesday (12th, when it expires on the 11th - should still be okay), dinner, my plans, and other things.

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Yankee candles, disgusting productivity, cheating whores, and sisterly plans

Discussed Fort St. John, polygamy, jokes, dating rules, strength, cheating whores, the Norse, communication, "normal," and more - my head is gonna spin! Also talked about cravings, living cheaply, videos, and more prior to my going to bed. When I got up today, I showered and started the laundry before even turning on the computer - disgustingly productive, I know. ;)

Called Steph to see what the plans with Denise and Lisa for tonight were - I can definitely go home first, since that also means I get to eat and blog before drinks! Since she says it doesn't matter if I do that (I was thinking if they wanted to go to Vancouver, it might not), things should be just fine from that point of view! This also means that I don't HAVE to wear my themed hockey outfit, har har! (but I will anyway...) Teunis and I discussed his mom, his own plans with Andrew and Kaili, vodka, Russians, LJ and its internal server errors, and the storage locker.

You Are Lemon Lavender

You give everyone you meet the benefit of the doubt. You think people are basically good.

You can't help but wear your heart on your sleeve. You choose to see your sensitivity as a gift.

Your speech reflects careful deliberation. You make a practice of thinking before you speak.

You take an undemanding approach to life. Every good thing that comes your way is a blessing.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Pub plans tomorrow / No adultery here! / Earthquake NOT the apocalypse! / ZEITGEIST

Denise sent me a message right before I left about any interest in drinks with her, Steph, and Lisa after Awana - maybe not the most affordable thing right now, but SURE if someone gets me at the church! It's also the last regular season hockey game (Vancouver vs. Calgary), so I got my Canucks jersey and NHL hat ready! Teunis also said he was worried about his mom since she apparently hasn't been home all week, AND her voicemail box is full when she's usually quite efficient at clearing it out - yeah, that's cause for concern. Says Alex and Amber were both online in WOW, so that method works for wondering what's up! (he found out later that his stepdad had medical issues - NOT AGAIN!) When Eric called, I answered with "adultery-free zone; how may I help you?" Hahahaha! He wondered what was up with THAT greeting, while Teunis just thought I was being silly - er, I suppose!

As I was going out to the parking lot, I saw Eric pretending to leave, so I did the same thing. When I got into the car, he asked about my week, so I told him everything - yes, we did go have gelato, and I think Nate would enjoy the Terracotta Warriors statues! We discussed a LOT of stuff on the way to Kevin's, believe me! He, Kevin, Christon, Martin, Phyllis, Vicky, and I talked about the usual stuff (and blueberry tarts / Vaisakhi / aquarium water) during Bible Study - and (as usual) the prayer portion took too long for my tastes. Not that I have anything against prayer, but seriously - ONE SENTENCE SHOULD NOT TAKE MORE THAN 30 SECONDS! Apparently, Martin and Phyllis plan to get married on Oct. 22 - good luck with that! Christon reminded me about wings and such at Jeremy's - I can't make it due to the pub invite, Vicky's in Seattle (her sister got back from HONG KONG and wants to shop in Seattle; go figure!), Martin can't, and Kevin will be busy baking. THAT was the most unexpected answer, even with the explanation that it's his turn to do Sunday snacks! On the way home, Eric and I discussed the strictures of the Christian religion / interventions and why it's not necessary / worship seminars / hanging out. At home, Caroline reminded me to re-watch ZEITGEIST - I remember watching that when distracting myself from THE EVIL ONE back in 2007!

Phyllis: "The earthquake MUST be a sign of Christ coming, and the end times!" Um, no? It's just a NATURAL event with TECTONIC plates! While I don't necessarily disagree with the fact that there will be end times (and perhaps signs of such before the big event), I don't think it's a BIG SIGN OF JESUS CHRIST'S SECOND COMING!

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Extreme couponing, pronunciation, dialect, food around the world, sour MANGE

We discussed EXTREME COUPONING, the pronunciation of "coupon / Gouda / yogurt / Vancouver," Gay, dialects, soup, kimchi, smoking, studies, schizophrenia, Commercial Drive, his phone, poly / theferrett, SKY OPTICAL, coupons / promotions for cheap glasses (his are ten years old), a phone call from Tess, thorough disapproval, spicy Caribbean rice, What the World Eats, pizza on Sunday (Sunday dinners as "fancy dinners"?!), chicken, flowers, flour, deep-fried pineapple fritters, and more. I called Eric to see what time he'd be by enroute to Kevin's - 6:55 sounds good to me! Vanessa buzzed me on MSN to chat about Teunis / Krista / life, too.

Steph uploaded this picture because Lisa thought I'd like it - see if you can spot the unfortunate typo:

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Visiting, chopsticks, Magic Bra, family, no havoc, and playing card suits

Teunis got home five minutes after my last entry: we discussed visiting with Matthew, ranting, things they both enjoy, Jordan and his paintings (curtain rods work well for hanging them?!), Panties on Hoops and the fake Myspace page, chopsticks and chopstick covers for Jordan's niece and nephew (who are also Teunis' niece and nephew - his brother married Jordan's sister), and prank calls. We also talked about NOT creating havoc when he came in, exercise, yoga, Andrew calling him on Skype, Glen Beck / FOX News, boob gifts, the Magic Bra and Eric's reaction, splitting the pie, online job applications, and more prior to our going to bed. When he got up, we discussed LJ and Rhiannon.

You Are Clubs

You have strong insights about the world. You are quite wise and philosophical.

You are responsible and trustworthy. You are willing to be accountable.

You tend not to value organized religion. There isn't much for you there.

You are future-oriented. You believe that's where all the possibilities are.

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Lemon-lime pie with Jordan!

As advertised, Teunis and Jordan stopped by in the afternoon for lemon-lime goodness. We discussed exchanging things at Chinatown, his microphone stand / stick of bamboo, weights, exercise at his brother Matthew's, cinnamon meringue, apple pie, my low-tech blue guestbook / traditions, my memory for birthdays, Yaohan / Daiso, my being welcome to come with them (but I hadn't fully caught up yet!), BC ID cards, birthdays in general, diabetes, metabolism, diet / exercise, and more prior to their leaving. Yes, I know they like walking a lot - no problems there! Saw that Peter has added me back on Facebook; okay, then! Then again, I got a random friend request from some jabronie whom I don't know, so I'll ignore that!

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Word Facts for Apr. 2-8, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Apr. 2-3, 2011: just the facts, ma'am - A staple of television from 1951 to 1970, the series Dragnet was famed for its laconic detective, played by Jack Webb. Comics parodied the show with the line "Just the facts, ma'am," though Webb's character (Joe Friday) never uttered it. Instead, he said in an early episode, "All we want are the facts, ma'am," giving birth to a slight misquotation that has endured ever since.

Word origin for Apr. 4, 2011: metadata - "Metadata" is information attached to a digital file that is not strictly intrinsic to the file itself. Instead, it includes information about the author, the file's editing history, and the like. The word dates to 1983 in professional computer literature, from which it spread into the broader lexicon. The word "data," meaning a body of information, is about four centuries older.

Word origin for Apr. 5, 2011: restaurant - Does a chef restore a famished soul the way a conservator restores an old painting? Perhaps, for "restore" is the root meaning of the word "restaurant." The first known use of the word was in Paris in 1765, when a chef who had been working for the nobility opened up his own eatery in the French capital. The word entered English at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Word origin for Apr. 6, 2011: J.C. Penney - In the early 1900s, an enterprising young man named James Cash Penney bought a dry-goods store in Kemmerer, Wyoming, where he had been working. He changed its name from the Golden Rule Store to J.C. Penney Company. Then he relocated to Salt Lake City (Utah), and then Buffalo (New York), where he built a chain of shops that sold inexpensive goods of many kinds. As of 2010, the company had about 1200 stores throughout the United States, as well as others in South America.

Word origin for Apr. 7, 2011: riddle - An old word for speaking in English is rede, which turns up in the verb "to read." It often meant "to counsel," but in the sense of "riddle," which shows up in the language more than a thousand years ago... it means to counsel using oracular, hard-to-decipher speech. Thus, the word "riddle" (now meaning an innocent enigma) once had a more portentous, darker meaning.

Word origin for Apr. 8, 2011: moist - An import from French into English in medieval times, "moist" probably derives from the Latin mucidus, which means "moldy." Some scholars link it to the word must, meaning "new wine," but the first explanation is likelier correct. In either case, "moist" consistently comes in as one of the most disliked words in English, perhaps because of its clammy associations.

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Spicy pancakes / Actual Jordan WARNING! / Old Navy / White and Nerdy

When I got up, Teunis had already showered and made pancakes - some with spicy sauce, even! I asked if he had any plans today - he was actually going to go walkabout with Jordan (who was taking the Canada Line to get to Marine Drive since he doesn't have a multi-zone bus pass), and then asked if it would be okay to bring him here for some lemon-lime pie since he thinks Jordan would like the tart flavor. Since I approve of Jordan (and Kaili!), I said yes, and thanked him for the warning. Apparently, Tess isn't quite as organized as Jordan would be, since HE teaches time management as a hobby! Kaili doesn't know she's prioritizing, but no doubt IS - discussed theology, Regent, Trinity, seminary, Satanists, "mad Catholics / burn the witch!", Wicca, alternatives, feelings, distance, and more prior to his leaving. Vanessa buzzed me to say that she's leaving this hellhole for good in two weeks - it's good that she got a job on the Island! We also discussed the last week or so around here before she had to go get ready for Interview, Part 2. Since I didn't want the guys to catch me unawares, I took a shower right after Teunis left - better than losing track of time!

You Are Old Navy

You are a wholesome person. You live a low-key, low-drama, and healthy life.

You are emotionally stable. You understand what matters most, and you prioritize well.

You know where you're going in life... and why you're going there. Social pressure doesn't get to you.

You are dependable and trustworthy. Your friends know that you're solid and true.

For fun, I had Teunis take this quiz once I saw it in Kitty's (dutch_kitty) journal:

You are 56% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?

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Cornstarch spills, lemon-lime meringue pie, Mom's real birthday, and Shaw cutting off

While Teunis was telling me an interesting story about how the truckers up north all conspired to get Gordon Campbell to build them a new safer highway (every 30 seconds, have rigs pass him on hairpin turns!), the cornstarch spilled! Apparently, I shouldn't wash my clothes without brushing them off first, which is fine; just don't wash egg white with hot water since it turns to rock-hard consistency! The pie ingredients should be okay, he says - oh good. (he also made potatoes and carrots for dinner) He ended up having to take the dinner on the road, so of course he could borrow one of the glass Pyrex bowls for that purpose! Said he'd clean up when he got back, but I did the dishes anyway. (also discussed Boer meat pancakes and what he'd do for his birthday - probably not spend it all in this apartment, no!)

Noticed that Harmony called me - three hours later - so returned that call. Jon said that she was calling me to ask about Mom's birthday: it is definitely not April 6, although her Facebook profile lists it as such. I said it was probably the lunar calendar (her real birthday is May 14), which is what HE told her. Passed along Dave He's greetings, as well as the news that La Casa Gelato has durian ice cream now. Then I said that we'd gone to Chinatown and the gelato place; in response to a "bus?" inquiry, I said that Teunis can't really TAKE the bus because of his sensitivities to chemicals and perfume! Jon wondered about his "lady friend" - she is GONE now.

When Teunis got back, he said that he had to organize things since he was given even more books he has to read - hahaha, fair enough! At around midnight, the Internet cut off for some strange reason - he did various tech support things, and even connected to the Internet from his cellphone (very expensive!) so we could get the Shaw phone number! By the time we got the number and he ran a weird command on my computer, we didn't need it anymore since the problem was fixed about an hour later. (interesting - the computer said that I had a good IP address, and he didn't!) Discussed lemons / lemon zest, poly, limes, the juicer, his being settled here (music / ads / prank calls), meringue, hat-wearing etiquette, fear / Christian love, STAR TREK vs. STAR WARS, celeb news, stalking, wrongful dismissal, prostitution, sourdough, life changes, royalty, gum, Tic-Tacs, inspiring books, and more.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jade, vanilla Butterfinger bars, La Casa Gelato, pie recipes, and more

Teunis got up, and started talking about Chinatown - I'm totally down with that if it doesn't interfere with his plans for visiting Kaili. Apparently, she gets off work at 10, so there will be a big time gap! Discussed sharing his storage space with Kaili (reading taste is similar), eating, the King James Bible (he's not really a fan of even the NIV - the Message would be even harder for him!), religion, communication, jade shops, Tess' help in getting him job-ready, on-sale skin cream (Palmer's?!) / Tresemme hairspray / Garnier Fructis gel, parking, and more. After going to the bank, we were off to Chinatown: turns out both shops he wanted to go to were closed! We had an interesting time on this pretty day, discussing Napoli Italian Restaurant / me NOT dating / moizissimo and dancing with her (Russian couple who hated each other pushed into an arranged marriage) / his brothers / Jordan / cigarette smoke / Bon's / CONVOY / CB slang.

Then we went to La Casa Gelato: SO MANY FLAVORS, OH MY! White chocolate with blueberry / raspberry, blueberry cheesecake, wildberry jalapeno, gingerbread, chocolate sambucca, Bailey's Irish Cream, saffron, mango durian, Death by Mango, durian, jackfruit, jackfruit durian, la dua, vanilla Butterfinger bar, black sesame, cherimoya, and LOTS more! Discussed Richmond Centre / Kins Farm Market (lemons, limes, apples, and more), recipes, politics, Teresa not really interested in girls' night as she'd rather game, Andrew getting a job offer in Comox based on his making a tight turn with a bus (and he doesn't get why kids like him), mustard soup, webcomics (one about furries?!), Facebook feed stuff, and more. Got home and talked about SIN FEST comics, Kellogg's pie recipes, Jesus / the Devil / Chinese characters / Buddha, and more.

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Big chocolate bars, Janet, Julie S. and sisterhood, skirts

Discussed the biggest chocolate bar (4410 pounds - I can tell Ian and Sean on Saturday if I remember), expensive dinners ($225 or $900 probably involves alcohol), funny stuff, LJ being down again (this latest one even affects the dungeons and space adventures - NOT COOL), and blocking FB apps. Also talked about Julie S. listing me as her sister (yay!), remembering why I blocked Wordscraper (all the annoying ads which you can't remove!), his being on the programming list for Chrome, confusion about FB / LJ link comments, and more prior to my going to bed. Might as well post this while LJ is actually behaving!

You Are Detail Oriented

You are efficient and precise. You like to get down to business.

You choose your words carefully to make sure you communicate effectively.

You are concerned about others and the world at large. You worry a fair amount.

You are neat and accurate in any work you do. You take pride in a job well done.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dave on MSN / Teunis back / Dogs, unexpected Terracotta warriors, and morbidity

Dave He said hi to me on MSN at 2:30; it's been a long time! It's true he doesn't see The Raw Dog on there anymore since Jon rarely uses MSN, hahaha! He was just wondering about it since he never sees him on there anymore; this is the second time in 24 hours that I've had to tell someone to contact Jon via FB, but I definitely feel more comfortable telling that to Dave! He was off from work (5:30 his time), and the sun was still out; yes, Daylight Savings is cool for that at least. Of course I'll say hi to Tomlin and Harma for him!

Teunis said hi at 5-ish; I asked him how long he was back for THIS time. Permanently, he said - YES! (Eric's remark MAY have been right on the money on Sunday...) Said he and Tess had been busy the past week; oh, I'll just BET. "She sends her apologies for Sunday," he added - well, I'd hope so! I still think what I said to Eric was also right on the money! Discussed the Terracotta Warriors - he found some in a shop, thought of me, and bought them - family resemblance to soldiers and generals?! HAHAHAHA! Nate would like them! They'd gone to a museum showcasing Steveston's history (a dog as honorary mayor!), and apparently it made them both feel homesick for their childhood antiques!

Said he gave a monitor to Jordan in the name of downsizing, worked on his resume (don't lie on those things!), bought a new laptop bag, and talked to Kaili for a bit about a time travel book. Interesting... talked about matcha hard candy from T&T, California, hug protocol, being glad to be back, sushi, AWESOME roll, Krista, editing Mom's FB page, the Buddhist temple (I remember being inside!), and his shoes. We also discussed missing his food and computers (they ate out a lot), apples, potatoes, yogurt drinks, breaks from nightshades (including potatoes!), tiredness, Eric giving me the morbid PORTAL lyrics, Chinese food as dinner, baths, freezer burn, driving through Richmond / the Downtown Eastside, the Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, Jordan's stance against marriage (which is one I didn't know I had), Arabic headcloths for $10, the SLB emails, his birthday next week (payday = perfect timing!), Jackie Chan's Asian parent mentality, Asperger's, more engagements, dried squid, Vikings, jade ships, and more.

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Alan P. isn't getting Jon's phone number from ME! / Good sense of humor

LJ is still down, but it's okay. Alan P. sent me an FB message last night to ask for Jon's phone number. Since I'm a bit wary of just giving out contact info like that (especially to someone I don't really know all that well), I decided to call Jon to see what he'd have to say about it. Luckily, he picked up - he said to ask what Alan needed it for. Accordingly, I did - Alan replied back to say he just wanted to catch up: "Jon's always been someone I'm praying for and wondering how he's doing."

Told that to Jon, and then wondered if Alan wasn't on his own Facebook; he thought so. "He messaged you on Facebook?!" Yup, he did. I could have told him just to contact Jon via Facebook, but that might sound a bit rude - however, that's what Jon advised me to do. Good idea, as neither of us has any idea what he's up to! Maybe I'll add a smiley since it might seem less rude via text medium, hahaha. Alan says he wasn't sure if Jon used his Facebook; trust me, he does!

Hey, I can make this post via LJ!

You Have a Good Sense of Humor

You love to make other people laugh, and you're pretty darn good at it, too. You are downright hilarious.

You never let life get you down. When things go wrong, you can find at least one thing to laugh at.

You are a positive and upbeat person. You have a sunny disposition and smile for everyone you meet.

Even though you're funny, you still take your responsibilities seriously. You just take yourself lightly.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

LJ down, New York stickers, Eunice and Danielle, dark rooms

LJ is down, unfortunately! Asked Jennifer L. whether she got the New York stickers yet; she was totally going to tell me YES before she left for New Orleans, but she forgot. At least she thinks they're cute, and thanks me! I sent out a tentative SLB email, and Eunice and Danielle have already replied - Eunice is totally down for it, while Danielle IS in Ottawa and then Edmonton till after Easter. She does say not to plan around her (although she does miss those SLB madness days), so we'll see. Also did some laundry, since it needed doing.

Edit at 1348: LJ appears to be back up again! Stupid DDoS attacks! Also: WHO THE HELL actually puts their neighbors' washed laundry in the dryer FOR them when they're too impatient with how long they're taking to grab it?! At least when I do it, I pile the laundry ON TOP of the dryer machines!!!!!!!!!!!

You Are Kind

You truly feel for others. You are always imagining what it's like to be in someone else's shoes.

You are indispensable as a friend. You are the confidant, companion, and support system for many people.

You are affirming and supporting. You accept people where they are, imperfections and all.

You are warm and welcoming. You will go the extra mile to make someone feel included.

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Tapenade Bistro, good strategy, safer profiles, and green bling sweaters

I just missed the bus when heading out, so of course I cursed the Committee Meeting! When the next bus came, Jon and Harmony were on it - that's probably a good thing, since I had no idea how to get to the Tapenade Bistro! We discussed the cherry blossom festival this afternoon at Van Dusen Gardens (cherry blossoms will always remind me of Dave), the cold weather, naps, Committee Meeting, attendance, Steph / Lisa / good strategy to leave the country immediately afterward / the lards' possible reaction (they might calm down when she gets back), Randal's emails, and more. While we were walking in the alley to get to the restaurant, we heard a series of beeps just behind us - of course we took the ride from Steph since it was raining! (talked about Jose, beer, tequila, his engagement to Shally, Alan, and more) When we got to the restaurant, we looked around for the lards' car, but we couldn't find it - it was also strange that they hadn't called Jon or Steph. It turns out that they were there already, and Steph had received a missed call when we actually got inside!

We talked about Mom thinking that Teunis could be my boyfriend (which led to the "BAD NEWS" of Teunis' new girlfriend in California), Mom saying weird things, "Easter" dinner, Nathan, Lisa, lamb, the POO / LOG gifts, Jon and Harmony's Portland trip, Powell's bookstore, the world's youngest grandmother (a Gypsy wife of 23), someone finding a finger in Tim Horton's chili, Jeremy being a good person for me (er...), Michael and Juliana getting married, text message etiquette (lessons for Mom!), Myles and Brit getting engaged, fresh halibut, bread, my system for everything, bouillabaisse, and Groupons / refunds from Social Shopper because of massive customer dissatisfaction. Also talked about our actually NOT reading most of the emails that Mom sends us (since they tend to be forwards from Auntie Anna or Auntie Teresa - WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME?!), Mom's "dismayed horror" reaction to that, slapping me on the butt, dogs, Harmony and Steph thinking that I had feelings for Teunis (I don't think so, but if I do, they'd better be GONE right quick since I don't mess with THAT!), Mom thinking that I could change his heart / wondering if I ever wanted to see him again (unbeknownst to her, I gotta see him EVERY DAY from Tuesday onward...), Kate and her love for the Backstreet Boys, Liz, Carly, and more. Grandma complimented my green bling sweater, and was actually smiling when Steph took a picture of her and Jon!

Looked at the dessert menu even though we were going to have stuff at the townhouse later. Once there, we looked up border collies on the Internet, then decided to look at Mom's Hotmail account since she insisted that we needed to see "The Top 10 of Everything!" which was a forward from Auntie Teresa. Then we also apparently needed to see a forward from Auntie Anna which was a video about a goose named Maria who is in love with an old man! Steph and I went upstairs with Grandma while she put things in her room; we were afraid she'd forget to come back downstairs since her memory IS that bad now! Mom was otherwise occupied with tea, Napoleon dessert, black sesame dessert, and other things when Steph and I decided to creep Mom's Facebook profile - she hasn't added her yet, and neither will I for differing reasons! Her profile now has more photos for her friends to comment on; it's also safer since Steph removed her cell number.

While having dessert, we talked about Nathan / "Easter" dinner plans (could be as early as next week) / work / pay scales / Jon and Harmony not wanting to break Lent / Grandma thinking I should come over / the lards' New England cruise in May / the respite centre for Grandma / how it's easy to forget things if you don't do them right away / sleeping over / my passport / the Brontë sisters and tuberculosis or consumption / the GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO books / Dave and Yvonne getting married / being invited to Mike and Emily's wedding / Lisa. I observed Grandma doing dishes - two plates at once is really not the thing to do! Later, Mom gave us apples / potatoes / seaweed / Uncle Ben's rice... I declined her offer of candles. Just because she saw me buying them ONCE doesn't mean I like them! I could have been buying them for others or bought it once, only to decide I didn't like those! Then she told Jon and Harmony to hurry up and go to "Maury's" house - the four of us had a "WTF?" look on our faces, I'm sure! Turns out she meant HOLLY - and she did this a few times before we finally left!

We talked about / to Nathan ("his fervent admirers," indeed!) on the way to Peter and Holly's, then Steph and I just discussed THE BIG REVELATION! When I got home, I caught up on stuff - Teunis apologized for this morning, so I had to give him the text equivalent of a mother scolding her child for running into a busy street. He says he picked up something random / neat for me, so we'll see about that! Also says he's looking forward to returning here - I note he didn't use the word "home," when this should be like home to him! Oh, I don't know what to feel anymore anyway...

Denise also sent me a message about drinks before Steph leaves for Haiti. I think I'll respond to that later - I'm sure there would be people interested in coming to such an event, but my brainspace isn't up to processing that right now.

Here's the picture of me in the green bling sweater:

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sausage Egg McMuffins, adultery, SushiHolic, reading books to kids, and more

I only have half an hour to get this out... let's see if I can do this! When Eric called this morning to say that he'd be leaving shortly, I said: "Hello. You are talking to someone whose apartment is currently being invaded. Please leave a message at the beep... BEEP!" Of course, he wondered who would be invading my apartment; I kept it to "Teunis and a friend," knowing I'd tell him more later - THAT doesn't need to be said! Tess kinda apologized after that, but I wasn't really in the mood - nor was I in the mood to acknowledge Teunis' wish for a good day beyond a nod. (I was running REALLY late since Eric called again to say he was here) In the car, I talked to Eric about things; his listening did make me feel slightly better! I'm pretty sure they DO have an "arrangement," but that's none of my business really. At least the car ride wasn't about the usual subjects, except when he decided to break out DARKWING DUCK and DONKEY KONGA themes for me! (he also asked me about Friday - had to do it for downtime purposes, though!) He wondered whether I wanted SushiHolic later on; sure, why not?

Got to church almost on time, and quickly found a seat. When Jon and Harmony came in later, I made a mental note to ask them later about tonight. Communion came, and Randal was one of the servers - oh well, that didn't mean I needed to say anything back when he told me what the bread symbolized! After service, I learned that Jon and Harmony might transit to Tapenade instead - okay, then! Talked to Lincoln, Karen (who forgot her shoe inside the sanctuary - how embarrassing!), Jon / Harmony (signing a card), Jeremy (Lenting sounds of modern culture - so will check out the nuclear reactor video later today), Dianne (Calgary SNOW from David Horne's picture - wishful thinking "NO SNOW FOR THE TWO YEARS I'M THERE!"), Stanley (Sausage Egg McMuffins), and others while saying hi to Grace / baby Micah / Hung / Deb. I stayed away from the coffee machine while having a doughnut because Mr. Creep was in attendance again - I also had to plot my course out of the church later on since he was in the middle of my path while going down the stairs. Luckily, the church sanctuary was still open (they lock it after a while), so I cut through there while saying hi to little Sean. PHEW!

Went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School; saw Anastasia, David (who bumped his head on the wall), Evelyn, Brandon ("no dark!"), Jesse (really late), Ada, Ashley, Mattias ("NO! TRUCK! BANANA! ANIMAL CRACKERS! APPLES!"), Ramen, Shira, and Alexis. Spent time playing with them and reading them DORA books - so cute! Eric came upstairs later as I was reading to Shira - "I don't think she can read that fast," indeed! When I went downstairs, Jeremy invited me to lunch; unfortunately, I had the meeting! I met up with the guys at SushiHolic later; saw Daniel, Victor, Benedict, and Jason there with some of their friends. Victor said he doesn't think I know the others getting baptized with him at Easter - fair enough!

Dylan, Jen, Kevin, Eric, and I talked about programs / sushi / rice / attendance / Calla / Randal / Carmen / Jane / Gloria / Easter Sunrise Service breakfast / fall stuff. I'm not going to some things, that's for sure! Eric and I drove Jen and Dylan home later - at least the next meeting isn't on a Sunday, to accommodate Pastor Tom's schedule from Abbotsford! Diven does seem receptive to an SLB hangout when Nate is back, which is good. I'll send a general email tonight or the next day. (discussed adultery / sweater changes / bling / hockey / baseball) Called Jon to say I could bus to Tapenade, and annoyed Steph with the same thing!

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Eggs, apples, Victor, and SUNDAY INVASIONS!

Eric called me last night, but since I was busy typing up something, I didn't pick up. I did call him back when I was done; when he answered, I called him a very strange person! He wanted to know whether I'd be around tomorrow - I really hate Sunday meetings! I swear, I'm tempted to email everyone to say that! Used up some eggs and the apples, too - then learned via Facebook that Victor's getting baptized at Easter. Yay, I found a use for one of my Easter cards!

I also heard Europe's THE FINAL COUNTDOWN twice in 24 hours - not sure what this means! Sent a LONG email to Mandy (a_phoenixdragon) about a bunch of stuff, and my thoughts on it. Found a certain birthday card, which is good! Woke up this morning and was getting ready for the day when I heard talking coming from INSIDE THE APARTMENT - since I certainly wasn't expecting anyone at 8:15 AM, I finished up and then went out: IT WAS THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, and one of them even offered me some omelettes! HA - given how long it takes him to even THINK about making food, the leftover carrots / potatoes were fine for that! (it was Teunis and Tess in reality, not aliens...) I AM SO NOT A MORNING PERSON ANYWAY!

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You are solitary, but not a loner. You just value your quiet time - especially if that time includes a book.

You are a total novelty seeker, and you always appreciate new things to read about.

You are an idealist, not a realist. Reality is a little too boring for your tastes.

Besides being an avid reader, you are a writer. In fact, you are an excellent writer, and you have a lot to say!

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