Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tootsie Pop lollipops, Inuits, Harrison, Amos, chocolate, and Indians

Henry picked me up at the usual time, and we talked for a bit about finding a job / his break / the nice weather before settling down to listen to music. At church, we were slightly late, but that was okay. I said hi to Chrystal and Golden (doing some origami cranes) - helped Auntie Vivian with some candy canes, Mott's Fruitsations, and Rice Krispie Squares. Chrystal isn't doing anything for Emily's wedding (which is probably better for her), and really appreciated the bag of extra candy! Mike K. said that Sean L. was talking more understandably now; this IS good, because he wouldn't have been doing this a few years ago with his condition! Talked to Ian, John, Victor C., and Winston about the stuff in the Awana store; the Tootsie Pop lollipops were turning everyone's tongues and teeth different colors, and Ian's actually matched his blue fleece jacket! For once, Harrison wasn't being a total snot, and showed me his green tongue! Saw Maxine (looking really pregnant) and Joshua, so said hi to them as well.

Told Mary to stop teasing Victor L. - it's okay if I put a friendly arm around him, haha! Henry was playfighting with Julie, who told me to poke him; he said I shouldn't because he drives me - I'm not fazed at ALL by that, hahaha! Amos said that the Tootsie Roll lollipops had chocolate in them, and that he was allergic to it - his mom Jennifer had treats in her bag for him just because of this sort of thing coming up! I was talking to Jordan and Thomas about hockey and badges when I had to leave. On the way home, Sean and Ian were discussing their Spring Break Mexican cruise / the world's most expensive chocolate / Indians ("they live in the hot!") / Inuits and how they get around and what they eat / bananas / the world's biggest lollipop / the world's tallest man... good times! When I got home, I noticed some instruments on the bed when they weren't here before - I don't want to know what that's about, unless Teunis was in while I was out. Who knows... now, more solitude awaits!

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Haiti, "oh my," $14 crab cakes, and exotic food

Called Steph earlier, only to get Lisa answering the phone; haha, oops. The school is still on strike; aiya! Steph says she gets off work at 6 tomorrow, so I should get Jon and Harmony to drive me to Tapenade, which looks really swanky from the online menu! (Crab cakes for $14?! I thought they were expensive at $6 when I was at the Cactus Club!) We also talked about Nate getting back tomorrow (he's here till May 9, doing research), Chinese Eric hopefully being less stressed, the Whitecaps (soccer), the Canucks, Lisa hopefully graduating, Teunis not being here at the moment (she doesn't need to know about the more unconventional arrangements), her leaving for Haiti on April 23 (back on May 1), and more. Left a message on Jon's phone, so we'll see how things go.

You Are a Coconut

You are a trustworthy and loyal person. You are a keeper of secrets and confidences.

You know that you have to be a friend in order to make friends. And that's why you have so many great ones.

You are warm-hearted, witty, and even irreverent. You have an outrageous sense of humor that gets people laughing.

People know they're going to have a blast when you're around. You bring the fun!

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More downtime RULES! / Kenny kicking ass on a firing range (REVENGE!) / Fools

I found out that Peter S. unfriended me on Facebook - and also that FFAF was an April Fool's joke. Just for that, I'm not participating in this week's! Managed to carve out some more solitary time by myself since I wasn't around when Eric called three times, heh - I think I was waiting for Kenny to message me about kicking someone's ass. Perhaps later on; I do know that I've wanted to call Chinese Eric for some time, so we'll see on that one!

Rewarded myself with two of Teunis' Easter chocolate malt balls, which I'd normally never touch even if he WAS around! The carrots and potatoes should do for tonight, tomorrow, and MAYBE Sunday breakfast. Tess also added me on Facebook, which is fine by me. Kenny finally signed on at 2 AM, and told me about kicking some guy's ass on a firing range; apparently, it involved being a good shot. Talked about revenge, guns, my interesting visit, relationships / jealousy / possessiveness, and more. Teresa tried getting everyone for April Fools more than 12 hours late; I agree with her brother that it should have been over at noon, no matter what his nieces (her daughters) have to say about it! (laughing?)

You Are Not Easily Fooled

You may have been fooled in the past, but you won't get fooled again. You're wise to the ways of the world.

If something seems fishy, you stay far away from it. And if you're not sure, you investigate.

You know how to protect yourself. You know how to cut through the crap and see what someone's truly about.

You may come off as skeptical and doubting, but you've found that your skepticism is often warranted.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Expensive crystals and caves in a dream / Meeting Tess and talking about poly

All I remember of my dream is that a bunch of us were taking a bus tour somewhere, and Melia / Emily / Vanessa / Mike T. / other people were in an expensive jewelry store with crystals. We were talking about caves and punishment, and then Melia spotted a crystal cave; we spent a lot of time checking out the jewelry selection! Then the store workers reminded us that our tour bus was waiting outside since it was 5 AM, so we all left to check out the rainy / snowy weather and sidewalks. I saw Eric M. in a car which was a hybrid of the Parisienne and Sunfire, waiting for me... I expressed concern over my luggage and things in the tour bus, but he got impatient and said we had to leave now; the luggage and things would be delivered to me at no cost later on. NO IDEA WHY I HAD THE DREAM! (although maybe my subconscious is telling me that Eric is getting impatient with me - no idea WHY, though!)

Teunis came by with Tess (tara_knight) at 2:30, and we spent half an hour talking about stuff like poly, long-distance, moving to California / the Silicon Valley, commercials, Guildford Mall, culture shock, long lists of people, Palmer, Kaili, Cat, Krista, my passion about things, sex, gold stars, books, their coming by when I was out yesterday, my sexy dreams, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, my low-tech blue guestbook, LJ / Facebook, my "filters," Aberdeen, Leviticus, dating, wheat prices, the yogurt drinks, instruments, and more. It was interesting, to be sure. Now I have my alone time back again, haha. Tess did try teasing Teunis a bunch, but I imagine that's par for the course!

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Serving hearts for breakfast / Teunis and sexy publications in a dream / David S.

If anyone pranks me for April Fools Day, I will cut out their heart and serve it to them for breakfast. UNDERSTOOD?! *death glare*

I couldn't resist taking a nap from 7:15 to 9:10; all I remember about any dreams I had was that Teunis came here without my express knowledge and consent to look up some rather sexy-appearing publications! OH MY! Got up, decided to discard the curry meat after figuring out that it was too tough for me to eat (also brushed and flossed), and found that the Canucks had won the President's Trophy for the FIRST time in franchise history! :D

Also, I had to laugh when David S. (omni_sinrilus) invited me to a game of Words With Friends, mainly because he sent the email to my Yahoo and Graffiti email addresses as well as my Gmail one! He figured I already had it, but I don't! Go figure, hahahaha! At least we had a good email exchange over it even if the game apparently can't be played on the computer, and only on the Android or iPhone! (said his phone was searching the bowels of his Gmail history, so that's why it got all my email addresses... that works!) If I ever get back into Wordscraper again, I'd totally send him an invite!

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Bubble Tea Tally

Note: LJ Magical Girl Sidekick: Utter Irony Version Memegen, by NoVisaOrIKillYou.


blueberry @ Big Orange (Wednesday, Mar. 9)
mango @ Big Orange (Wednesday, Mar. 16)
cantaloupe @ Big Orange (Wednesday, Mar. 23)

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Word Facts for Mar. 26-April 1, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Mar. 26-27, 2011: power corrupts - An oft-repeated observation is "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." The author of the sentiment, the British politician and historian Lord Acton, actually wrote "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely" in 1887. Not all power, then, is bad, though Acton added: "Great men are almost always bad men."

Word origin for Mar. 28, 2011: congruous - Something "congruous" congrues - that is, it agrees, which is another Latin-derived way of saying the same thing. We know the word mostly through its negative, "incongruous," which carries the sense of not quite adding up as opposed to merely disagreeing.

Word origin for Mar. 29, 2011: finagle - The word "finagle" comes to us by way of the dialect once spoken on the borderlands of Scotland and England, where it meant "to deceive or hoodwink someone." In American English, "finagle" has a softer meaning; it is often used to suggest charming or outwitting someone, without necessarily intending to do that person any harm in the bargain. Still, it first turns up in political slang, so maybe hoodwinking is the name of the game.

Word origin for Mar. 30, 2011: Netflix - Founded in California in 1997, "Netflix" is the world's largest video-rental company, wedding the U.S. Postal Service to the Internet. Its name is a natural blend; the "Net," of course, refers to the Internet, while the "flix" borrows from an old-fashioned term for the flickering images called motion pictures.

Word origin for Mar. 31, 2011: medieval - At its heart, the word "medieval" (from the Latin medium aevum, and its English kin "Middle Ages") represent a theological construct: the thousand-year period marks the end of antiquity and the beginning of the modern era, which in turn will end with the Second Coming.

Word origin for Apr. 1, 2011: anchorman - The lead broadcaster in a news or talk program is called an "anchorman" (or "anchorwoman," or sometimes just "anchor"), borrowing from the language of track and field, where an "anchorman" is the captain of a relay team. The term in the television sense first appeared in a news piece for the Washington Post in April 1949, referring to TV personality John Cameron Swayze.

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Burnaby dogs, SCA, strangeness, Caribbean rice, plus Specialty Chicken and Wonton House

Vanessa picked me up at 11, and we were off to Burnaby for her haircut - we discussed her car leaking water, the craziness at her job, her cousins wondering why she asked about stuff they posted on Facebook, cover songs, Chinese buns, the warmer weather (yet we saw someone in a PARKA!), Steph, Teunis, Krista, Korn, strange people / the SCA, Andrew, dietary sensitivities, the changes around town that she'd noticed, Walmart, the small dogs at the hairdresser's place, Wayne, living her own life independent of family drama, Fatburger, the road construction, and more. The dogs weren't too bad - small enough so I could deal with them, although Marty (yellow-brown) wanted a lot of affection / attention, haha! There was even a cute Pomeranian (red and yellow) - sucks that Sable (black one) has glaucoma, though!

Managed to finish half of my book, which amazed Vanessa when we left! After that, we went to the Caribbean market in New West - got spicy Caribbean rice and birch beer. (I can get ginger beer at London Drugs - no Peardrax and such for me because of money concerns) Then we went to Specialty Chicken and Wonton House for lunch - discussed Krista's mom, smoking, annoyances, hair length, Danny's / dim sum / #9 / hamburgers / noodles, my KNOWING what people are up to, Victoria, Easter, chocolate in the fridge, and more. Good times... now I'm just enjoying the solitude!

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Rebecca Black joke, Teunis leaving, Vanessa hangout, leather or lace

Before Teunis left last night, we discussed the modern MUPPET SHOW / Sandra Bullock / Tony Bennett / Cindy Crawford / hutspot / curry powder / hot chocolate / Tess / Greek names / cinnamon / anticipation and stress / Cat / sickness / Alice Cooper on the old MUPPET SHOW (which is funnier and more timeless) / SCA and medieval brawls / guitar for shortage of words (SERENADE!!!) / medallions in quests / WIND service vs. Telus and Rogers / additional billing. Vanessa buzzed me on MSN, too: Ladner, Burnaby haircuts, Richmond, Wayne sailing, White Spot breakfast, Caribbean rice at that store in New West, hanging out right now (bring a book?), traffic in the tunnel, 11, and more. NICE! (I still need to call Chinese Eric, so maybe tomorrow!) Also made long-range plans with Billie: the afternoon of May 29 (a Sunday) SHOULD work fine for me from a money and time standpoint, hahaha! Vanessa just called - if she picks me up shortly, this should be okay!

Hung to Mike K. - Which seat should Rebecca Black take? The front seat or the back seat?
Best Answer: The Electric Chair, because it's fry day, amirite?

You Are Lace

You are reserved about expressing your true self. You are shy.

You are a complex and deep person. There are many layers to who you are.

You are idealistic, and you don't really care if your ideals are unrealistic. You are a true romantic.

You do not like crowds. You'd rather be cozy at home with the one you love.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digital TV remotes, crab and butter, snails, meat, junk, and nutrition

When Teunis finally got up after I ate the spanokopita (spinach pie), I asked him about the Digital TV equipment, which he set up and read the warnings / instruction manuals for. He said it was Shaw's solution to the analog TV not being supported much longer - makes sense, and his TV from Rhiannon's is indeed a digital one. Thank goodness they included a universal remote, haha. He messed about with the remote, but figures it's been hardwired not to work till later.

Discussed 9/11, Spanish culture (dinner at midnight?!), his being unable to sleep, US terrorism / gang violence, Jordan, frying imitation crab in butter, (toasted) croissants (as lunch), hutspot (carrots and potatoes) with curried stew beef as dinner, Tess getting in later tonight / his being out overnight or for the next week, European textbook teaching law (original language - no translations), Eleanor d'Aquitaine, English-French animosity, lobster, snails, coffee, nobility vs. peasants, meat, nutrition, height, frog legs, health, politics / food history, and junk. Also talked about math jokes, Marilynn's frog dying, Karla's beef stew, change for laundry, loonies, quarters, breathing, sleep apnea, expiry dates, exploring, PETA / elephants, a good school memory, the Lower Mainland feeling like home, missing each other if he moved, and more.

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Traceable Shaw package, City Fresh, Safeway, and DETACHABLE PENIS

Went out in the rainy weather to go to Safeway - picked up a lot of medicine, spanokopita, cheap mango pop (42 cents?!), and other stuff there. Then we went to City Fresh for soy milk, shrimp crackers, spicy rice crackers, soy sauce, cheap imitation crab, and more; the last stop was Save-On for Doritos Munchies, eggs, milk, jellybeans, Easter eggs, butter, on-sale gum, on-sale deluxe pizza, and other things. Got home and discussed Tess, reactions, his foot, New Order being played at Sin City, stewing beef, cooking that pork roast, tech support, K-OS / Eminem / hip-hop, Eric Clapton's I SHOT THE SHERIFF, Randal, forgiveness, sin, and religion. Also talked about AC/DC's DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP (mondegreens!), Oingo Boingo's NO ONE LIVES FOREVER, GWAR's HAVE YOU SEEN ME?, King Missile's DETACHABLE PENIS, Rock 101, CBC, Randy Bachman, rappers, Dave Brockie Experience songs, ambivalence, funny quotes, Eric, the full fridge (scary!), cravings, and more prior to my going to bed. (discovered redrum had started - called Steph at work to tell her, haha)

When I was trying to sleep this morning, I heard knocking at the door - I ignored that since I heard Teunis taking care of whatever it was. Stupid Amacon! Later, I finally got up to find a box from Shaw at my computer. It says to "please open on arrival and set up today" - good thing I have a computer geek living with me for the moment, haha. Then again, it also says that the package contents are traceable and intended for the addressee only - OH SHIT! Once I opened it, I found out that it was equipment for Digital TV... hmm.

You Are Conscientious

You are a slow and critical thinker. You think through every step carefully.

You take your time and make sure things are done right. You hate to make mistakes, no matter how big or small.

You are constantly evaluating your life and trying to improve. You believe in continually making small changes for the better.

You pride yourself on being detail oriented. You never forget about anyone or anything.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aphex Twin, Marilynn and Janina in a dream, nightmares, AIR, and flirting

We discussed the names Loki and Chaos, red licorice, fried chicken, Aphex Twin, WINDOW LICKER, COME TO DADDY (pretty much a "WTF?!" video), Spoz, Veronica H., and more prior to my going to bed. I had a dream in which Marilynn was adopted by Janina as a very young kid from a white house (not THE White House :P) - years later, Janina was on her deathbed, and we all told her how much we appreciated her cards and thought of her as our real mom. WTF? When I got up, I was in the mood for Duran Duran / the Killjoys / New Order, so after an appropriate quiet time, I put those in. Later, Teunis and I discussed Safeway, City Fresh Market, a book which might help me understand his unconventional interesting family (THE FOLK OF THE AIR by Peter S. Beagle), nightmares, trickery, castles, his mom / uncles / brothers / aunts, billionaires, the vacuum cleaner (borrow the tape if you must!), the $30 guitar worth $1000, singing, musicians, blues, James Bond, ripping the Tori Amos CD, and more.

You Flirt Like a Woman

When you flirt, you tend to take things pretty seriously.

You're not always flirting for fun... you're judging someone's romantic prospects.

Your attraction goes more than skin deep when you're flirting. You only flirt with someone who's truly interesting.

Pretty people are a dime a dozen. What's on the inside is what's important to you.

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April is NOT tomorrow! / Durian / Prank Call Accomplishment

Teunis had to get up because the Hundred Mile House folks buzzed him on Skype, so that pissed ME off. Eventually, they were forgiven since they amused me because they asked whether his birthday / April was tomorrow... CHECK YOUR CALENDARS, hahaha! We also discussed servers, motherboards, UPS battery backups, power outages, the DRAGON AGE 2 player who got all annoyed because his character got hit on by another male, blueberry juice, curry and potatoes, a group called IN THE WOODS, stress / overload, the Canadian government, salt / water, Skinny Puppy, Tess coming on Wednesday from California and wanting to meet me (?!) drunken characters in THE WITCHER, La Casa Gelato, durian, ice cream (no vanilla), Poland and its treatment of red-heads, and more. I found a bunch of CDs which I forgot about, and then spent some time placing personalized tape over the CD cases so they'd be marked as MY property! Also, I *just* finished typing out a list of the things on Prank Call CD 2 from Corey - YAY!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thor, Loki, omelettes, appealing prank calls, and urban transportation

Before I went to bed, we discussed Thor and Loki walking into bars / Loki as a shapeshifter / his religion / the appeal of the prank calls to me (hey, Corey sent them!) / some of them being one step away from psychopaths / Rick Mercer on THIS HOUR HAS22 MINUTES / omelettes and peanut butter sandwiches.

You Are a Taxi

You crave success, and you don't mind indulging in luxury on your way up to the top.

You are analytical when it comes to making decisions. You like to delegate whenever possible.

You are a big picture person. You find getting caught up in details to be a waste of your time.

You are efficient and precise. You think logically and don't show your feelings - even when pressed.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

DON'T say "boobies" in front of the pastor, man!

When Eric picked me up this morning, he said "Good morning" - no such thing in MY world, man! I started ranting about skating and Eric's grammar when he said there was a "fair amount" of people there yesterday - YOU DON'T DO THAT! I then started in on my "enemies" and suchlike; I'm sure Eric doesn't want to hear about it, but it has to come out sometime! I figured he was doing sound because he called me before 9. For amusement purposes, I told him about the towel thing; he said he would have noticed the towels, so HA! When we got to church, I joined the group under the stairs - after telling Margaret how to tie her shoes, Jonathan was telling me, Lanie, Jessica, Margaret, and Stanley about an "I ♥ Boobies" sign he saw when Pastor Tom came up behind us. Margaret called Jonathan on it: "You sure you want to say that in front of the pastor?!" HAHAHAHAHA! (Stanley loved Jonathan's guitar, calling it the coolest he'd ever seen!)

I went into the sanctuary (saying hi to Jessie and Martin on their way out) and did a bit of reading for a few minutes, then said hi to Alan and Tracy (Alan's nephew Noah seemed sick) and Nathan too. Mr. Creep unfortunately was around, making various "helpful" suggestions to Stanley about worship - JUST GO AWAY! Got the pew virtually to myself since Christon was on the far side - Rich had an announcement about Pastor Tom working part-time since he lives in Abbotsford, and about Pastor Edward being an interim preacher after his resignation. When Pastor Tom wanted us to stand in silence, I wanted to SIT as per usual - I got out of there fast since I wanted to see Grandma. I told her that Harmony's birthday was coming up, and she told me that first she had to get back from the States - HAHAHA! Since I couldn't remember how to say "next week" in Chinese, I reverted to English. Then she wanted to have lunch with me, but I said we were leaving. I said that Steph was working, and she said that Steph loved her job, hahaha.

Decided to go into the fellowship hall until Eric decided to leave, so I stayed away from the coffee machine! (Mr. Creep was there...) I had a baby carrot and a buttermilk doughnut - Quan thought "Babeurre" (French for "buttermilk") said "barbecue," and Cordia laughed at her! Joey and Lucas were just having fun, haha. I saw little Cory, so asked if he wanted a carrot; then I saw his brother Nicholas and mom Helen. Helen and I agreed that the doughnuts WOULD taste better, hahaha. Citrus and Eric were talking about feeling sore - I later learned that they'd played hockey during yesterday's skating event. After that, Eric and I left right away - Helen, Nicholas, and Cory caught up with us at the stoplight... yup, Nicholas poked me, all right! I said hi to Nai Chiu, who was also there; he was talking to Enoch, whom I wasn't aware he knew. On the way home, Eric and I listened to various radio stations while he asked me whether I would be ready to be a SushiHolic next week - STUPID SUNDAY MEETINGS! HE HAS THE POWER AS CHAIR TO MAKE IT BE ON ANOTHER DAY!

I got home at 11:30-ish, and immediately went back to sleep. Got back up at around the same time Teunis got up for real (2:45), so that wasn't too bad. We discussed the Electric Light Orchestra, "future" music, songs stuck in your head, YOURS TRULY 2095, Queen, David Bowie, Britney Spears, new Thomas Dolby, silliness on LJ, Prince / Nirvana / Crash Test Dummies / Michael Jackson and their reaction to Weird Al's parodies, pancakes, and more.

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New washcloths, MSG, adding caffeine to juice, and wild lips

Decided to do some laundry so I can use my new washcloths and tea / kitchen towels, haha. At least Teunis noticed the kitchen towels when I asked him what was new around here, but didn't really notice the washcloths as they are my property! I asked him to "work with me," hahahaha - since I otherwise will never get a chance to do the whole "notice anything NEW?" bit, I had to do it at least once. We also discussed some new game the group played yesterday - apparently, they can do that AND visit at the same time, so more power to them? Talked about Starbucks, McDonalds, MSG, Western Chinese food as "white man's garbage," Wal-Mart, added caffeine to EVERYTHING at Starbucks (including the juice? gotta get your customers coming back SOME way...), Tim Horton's, being a responsible corporate citizen, and more prior to my trying to get some sleep! Eric just called, too...

You Are Wild and Wise

You are a whimsical and idiosyncratic person. You're very self-reliant and apt to do your own thing.

You are deeply intuitive. You understand the world better than almost anyone else.

You are very profound. You have amazing insights, and you're excited by theory and philosophies.

You're not just a thinker... you're also a doer. You produce valuable and original works.

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