Saturday, March 26, 2011

Advanced Time Calculator / Muppet Show / Rubber or Glue

I called Steph to see what she wanted, and I was right! Teunis and I just talked about frustration and such before he went for a walk - good thing, too. Later, we discussed the modern MUPPET SHOW / milk lasting till Tuesday / ice cream / bills / soy milk / a game called THE WITCHER radio shows going to his phone before he left. He did apologize, which I accepted - then he brought his guitar to gaming, for code inspiration.

I found a great Advanced Time Calculator!

You Are Glue

You can't help it... you're a sensitive soul. Words can hurt and even scar you.

You don't like to be criticized, and you can't help but take any and all criticism to heart.

You need to learn to shrug off what other people say. Guess what? They're often wrong!

Listen to your own voice and inner teacher. Deep down, you know who you are and what you need to do.

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Brunch, demonic attacks, Jeremy, Victor, phone vibrations, bromance, and phone usage

When Eric picked me up, he said "Evening," so (being me) I had to rant about that and plenty of other topics - like Mr. Creep, Randal, Raymond (who showed up tonight wearing PURPLE), recent engagements, skating, and more. He said that I spent a lot of time at home - I like it, and he should know that! I asked how many times HE'D gone out to spend time with people this week, not including tonight; twice seems kinda reasonable! Of course, he asked if I were drunk again - NO! In turn, I asked whether he was doing anything special on Sunday: brunch with relatives, which probably entails him leaving early. Hey, I can get home much earlier than I did LAST Sunday - sweet! When we got to church, the parkade was full - maybe it had to do with the praise and worship night I saw advertised on Facebook. By the time we got to our usual room, we saw Randal / Pastor Tom / Vicky / Carmen / Kevin / Christon in there - Raymond joined us later. We mainly talked about bloody discharge, uncleanliness, demonic attacks (I maintain a healthy skepticism), and more. Of course, I kept my eyes open and head unbowed / hands firmly on my lap while the rest of the group prayed; it wouldn't do for me to appear okay with whatever Randal or Raymond was talking about, har har.

After that, we had regular / BBQ chips from last week. I followed Eric downstairs while he got some water for hydration purposes - Victor said hi to me, so that was nice. We saw Jeremy on our way up, who asked if we'd just gotten there - nope! Since we had food, he joined us. We saw Dylan a little later - we talked about iPhone games, Facebook, that funny "nuclear reactor explained by poop and farts" to Japanese kids (I sent that to Jeremy), lining up for Apple products, and more. Eric wanted to ask people whether they were going skating tomorrow, but I kinda wanted to leave already. We got gas on the way home (131.9?!) while Geoffrey tried calling him - I said that if the phone vibrated in a special way when he called, I didn't want to know about their bromance, hahaha. Of course, Eric put THAT down to creative listening, and said that he'd arrange a dinner with him, Raymond, Randal, and Mr. Creep - NO THANKS! I also talked about milk, yogurt, expiry dates, and more - HE gets it! He reminded me to save money for the Committee Meeting next Sunday; got it! Got home and discussed rice / mustard / frozen veggies (dinner for him and tomorrow's lunch / dinner for me) / violence in movies / ripping CDs / Tori Amos' STRANGE LITTLE GIRLS (which he DOESN'T have) / phones / Steph calling / Mad Science books from Kaili / awesome stuff / Napster / Metallica / the Offspring / gum / Nine Inch Nails with Teunis.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ziploc bags, coding, freezer burn, and Hootie and the Blowfish

I was enjoying Matt Good and rice crackers when Teunis got home, so I quickly switched the music to Our Lady Peace. We discussed food safety, Ziploc bags, frozen veggies (I *do* have another bag - no panic needed!), bread, freezer burn, Chinese sausage, coding errors, references, Matt Good, high tenor voices, distinctive voices like Raine Maida, his making spinach noodles, walking to the mall to pay off his phone bill, ads, Hootie and the Blowfish, the MUSICHOUND GUIDE TO ROCK, Green Jelly, prank calls (don't play it around Kaili - can't tell the difference between real customers and prank callers), European strawberry non-alcoholic champagne for kids, trolls in a cartoon, and more.

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Same name syndrome with online people, Spoz, and favorite seasons

We talked about meeting online people with the same handle as you - like the one HE met who was a female in China! Of course, I had to tell Teunis about the time Spoz had looked up his own name in ICQ for laughs, and the time he said that there was another dude called Spoz in his MSN contacts who was also an aspiring DJ / musician type! Then Teunis said that the only other reference to his first and last name online who WASN'T him was some Dutch guy who had died in 1887 - freaky, haha! He slept in, but we had time to talk about rush hour, Spring Break, and traffic before he left!

You Are Grounded Like Fall

You are a total homebody. You like to have a place that centers you and grounds you.

You are warm and welcoming to an extent. You enjoy having others around you, but you also need your space.

You are organized and productive. You are good at formulating and carrying out plans.

You like to work hard, but you also value your downtime. You need time to yourself to simply enjoy life.

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Merzbow, shamans, ApologetiX, DRAGONLANCE, and durian!

Turns out I took a shower and changed the music from Matt Good to Merzbow at the right time, since Teunis got home literally ten seconds after that! He expressed amusement at the noise music because he apparently used to work with BBS stuff which sounded like line noise! At least I recognized it was a comparison and not an insult, hahaha. We discussed Megadeth, Danzig, his server's video card, Kaili and screws, Melt Banana, the Boredoms, his mom, socks, strangeness, awful stuff, his stepdad being sick, hot chocolate with brandy, Tess, Cake, the Butthole Surfers, Coolio, L.V., and the ApologetiX. Also talked about trademarks / copyrights, Utah laws, looking for broccoli in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, Myles and Brittney being engaged, cougars, IRON MAN, tacos for his dinner, noodles, his never feeling unwelcome here, respect, durian (Scott also likes the stuff), his religion, shamans / priests, war, Odin / Valhalla, and a movie that he just picked up called Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight with Kiefer Sutherland in it.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dennis Leary, Megadeth anthology, and blasting Matt Good

Woke up still in a bit of a bad mood, but that was mostly cured by playing Metallica and the Misfits... and Dennis Leary! Of course, I did apologize to Teunis a little later on, who seemed to take it well. He said he was going to visit Kaili / fix her laptop since she called at 2:15 AM for tech support (I know THAT didn't improve either of our moods any last night!), but wouldn't be back too late as she had school and such in the morning. Says he misses her; well, if he hasn't seen her since he left Rhiannon's, I can understand that! At least I cleared the dish drainer for the first time in at least six weeks, hahaha.

When he finally left at 2:40, I could blast Matt Good! I only did that for a while before leaving myself - after mailing Tara and Jennifer's cards, I successfully exchanged that Byrds CD for Megadeth's Anthology: Set The World Afire at HMV! When I was at Carlton's, they still had a lot of Christmas stuff at 90% off, and Hallmark Cards had removed their 99¢ card section in favor of Mother's Day cards - UGH! Went to the dollar store to get wedding cards for Emily / Mike, and Martin / Phyllis... also got a graduation (congratulations) card since I'm under the impression that Lisa is graduating, but I won't write in it until I confirm it with Steph. After that, I just went home... I found out that Nathan's getting back on April 3, and leaves on May 9, so plenty of time!

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Word Facts for Mar. 19-25, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Mar. 19-20, 2011: Purim - The most festive of Jewish holidays, "Purim" (from the Hebrew word meaning "lot" - in the sense of "destiny") commemorates deliverance from a plot by the Persian vizier Haman to annihilate all the Jews of the Persian Empire. It is celebrated with public recitations from the Book of Esther, the exchange of gifts of food and drink, singing and masquerading, and giving charity to the poor.

Word origin for Mar. 21, 2011: an offer you can't refuse - One of the best-known lines in movie history comes from the 1972 film The Godfather, when the Mafia kingpin played by Marlon Brando says of an adversary, "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." Said adversary does refuse, which earns him a world of hurt - and which puts the line into the vernacular almost immediately.

Word origin for Mar. 22, 2011: Asperger's syndrome - Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician, first identified the syndrome that bears his name, a form of autism, in 1944. He wrote several papers about the syndrome, arguing that obsession often accompanies greatness. "It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential," Asperger wrote. "The necessary ingredient may be an ability to turn away from the everyday world... with all abilities cannibalized into the one specialty."

Word origin for Mar. 23, 2011: Tuscany - How is that "Tuscany" and Etruria are the same words? The answer is that different peoples of ancient Italy called the people we know as "Etruscans" different things: some Truri, some Tusci or Thusci, some Etusci, some Etruri. In the late days of the Roman Empire, the Italian province came to be called Toscani, meaning "belonging to the Tusci," and so "Tuscany" it now is in English.

Word origin for Mar. 24, 2011: excuse my French - Do the French swear more than Americans or Britons? No. In 1936, back in the days when "bloody" - short for "by God's body" - was not spoken in polite company, a comic writer (Michael Harrison) wrote: "[It was] a bloody sight better (pardon the French!) than most." The phrase spread rapidly throughout British slang and came into American English during World War II, when hundreds of thousands of Americans were stationed in England.

Word origin for Mar. 25, 2011: book - Before paper, parchment, or vellum were widely used in northern Europe, scribes wrote on sheets of bark from the beech tree, which takes forms such as buch in German and boek in Dutch. In Old English, the word arrived as bok, the origin of the modern word "book."

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Carrots, chocolate, lemon juice, photos, and being forgettable

We discussed hutspot (he made that carrots / potatoes / onions dish in the summer!), hot potato salad (ditto), Save-On, onions having a strong scent (no wonder I could smell them!), the big pot from Rick and Nina, spoof songs, the warmth of this apartment contributing to melting chocolate (solution: put it in the fridge!), bad moods, Michael Jackson, lemons, lemon juice (which would keep way longer than an actual lemon), Chapters search engine, Kaili, problems, and more. Teresa said she wanted to see a photo of the finished product (after saying that 9:30 was way past dinnertime - trust me, I KNOW!), so I just told her to Google Image Search "hutspot" after I got pages of results!

You Are Forgettable

You shouldn't be forgettable, but sometimes you blend too easily into the room.

You are quiet and reserved. You don't ever want too act too boldly or rashly.

It's easy for you to feel overwhelmed. You are very sensitive, and you prefer to stick to your comfort zone.

Those who know you best know that you have a lot to offer. You are as kind and as selfless as they come.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updated Matthew Good collection, gourmet chocolate, shortbread, and more!

I went on a major shopping spree today after I did some important banking. Probably spent more money than I should have, but it's worth the cost... all I have to do now is mail Jennifer and Tara's cards (I need a US stamp), and get two wedding cards for Emily / Mike and Martin / Phyllis. Bumped into Marcel on the bus, which was nice: we talked about Elizabeth (busy with work at the funeral home), James (pursuing some kind of degree at Trinity?!), his mom (she's BLIND now?! EEP!), and hackers on his computer.

Staples: three 10-packs of good pens (half-price!)

Shoppers Drug Mart: a pack of four light bulbs (88¢ each), dryer sheets ($3 for 80 - since I'm now afraid of static half the time for some reason :P), an Easter card for Jennifer (tehgreenfairy) as it was the only one whose envelope would fit the New York sticker packs

Big Orange: a cantaloupe bubble tea

the Bay: blue washcloth, brown medium towel (replacements), on-sale "white chocolate with cranberry" shortbread, and on-sale shortbread with a milk chocolate centre (I saved money even though I didn't have a Bay card - SCORE!)

HMV: Hospital Music, 1995-2005: In A Coma, Vancouver, The Very Best of the Byrds, plus an HMV points card

London Drugs: three packs of index cards (a pack of 100 is $4 cheaper than a notepad!), kitchen towels (also replacements), dark chocolate Quadratini (haven't had that in forever), Japanese Bin-Bin rice crackers (ditto), Maxfield's Gourmet chocolate x2 (one for Jon and Harmony - thank GOD that their anniversary is past Lent!), Jon and Harmony's anniversary card, a new artsy mousepad (it DOES make a difference!), the 45-piece flatware set for Emily and Mike's wedding, and blue toothpaste

Got home, put stuff away, prepared other stuff, and talked to Teunis about coding (since 1992?!) / programming languages / various cover songs / Aqua's BARBIE GIRL / Bob Saget on a radio interview / R.E.M.'s LOSING MY RELIGION, Cannibal Corpse and others doing a cover of Peter Gabriel's SHOCK THE MONEY / REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.

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GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT / 3 AM ETERNAL / Elizabeth Taylor dead / Funky Front Doors

We discussed the past, nostalgia, words, Crash Test Dummies and HE LIKED TO FEEL IT, KLF's 3 AM ETERNAL, C&C Music Factory's GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT / THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM, William Shatner covering Pulp's COMMON PEOPLE, Merrill Bainbridge's MOUTH, the Northern Pikes, volume, R.E.M.'s DAYSLEEPER being a suitable analogy for here (our sleep schedules / times) these days, and more prior to going to bed at 4 AM. When I got up, we discussed apples / PARK LIFE / the Bloodhound Gang's THE BAD TOUCH (Discovery Channel?), Weird Al, the perfect gift for Emily and Mike's wedding (45 pieces of cutlery for $20 at London Drugs?!), Motörhead not being Radiohead, Oingo Boingo, Monty Python, Rocky Horror, the Rednex, Cotton Eye Joe, religion dying out, fried eggs, and plans. Paid my Shaw bill, too... then heard that Elizabeth Taylor died! Man, I remember first reading about her YEARS ago!

You Are Peaceful

You are a kind and gentle person. You are easy on yourself and everyone you know.

You are a true friend. Every single one of your friends feels valued.

You are a natural listener. You often help others with their problems.

You are very sentimental and nostalgic. You have an outstanding memory.

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Detroit Red Wings as tampons, Rasputina, Homestar Runner, Metallica, and Subwoofer!

Discussed ABBA, disco, the Beach Boys, tomorrow's plans, the Pet Shop Boys, a joke about the Detroit Red Wings being the Tampons, Daniel Sedin having a baby girl, the Spice Girls, Jordan insulting people at a construction site (they apparently enjoyed it), Rasputina, TO WONG FOO WITH LOVE (JULIE NEWMAR), Marilyn Manson (apparently Rhiannon knows him!), Homestar Runner (he's vaguely heard of it), Trogdor (references in webcomics), and triggers. We also talked about his being on stage with Amon Amarth, gas masks from industrial supply stores like LORDCO, Pemberton music festival, his mail, vegetarian noodles, Metallica's ONE, Dimmu Borgir, his phone stuff being resolved, chili sauce / fire oil, WORLD OF WARCRAFT openings / the Lich King, Megadeth, Nordic / metal / random directories, and weird music files which didn't play.

Conversed about a silver tablecloth with ducks, T. E. Lawrence, cranberry juice, manliness, blueberry juice, Viking metal, research, Bathory, serial killers, Metallica vs. KISS, Alice Cooper, the Buggles / VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR lyrics, one-hit wonders, Queen, and more. I was very amused when Spoz said that he didn't have any SUBWOOFER stuff - "any actual footage was all pre youtube (or pre "easy to upload / encode video" for that matter). and I don't have any songs up there either. probably a good thing too ;)" In my reply, I said that it was too bad - I could have added that stuff to my own playlists, just like I was doing with MATTHEW GOOD! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Convention, Eleanor d'Aquitaine, and nail polish

Spent a long time last night talking to Teunis about his phone, convention, Queen Elizabeth I, being unconventional in dress, the First Nations people, Japanese manners, Eleanor d'Aquitaine, poly / fetish people, cleavage / nudity, odd costumes, the club Sin City (which Cody told me about a long time ago), cancer, and more. Now he's put on the soundtrack to PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT... hmm.

You Are Popular

You're the type of person who's always been happy with who you are. You feel both intensely alive and totally at peace.

You are a study in contradictions. At times you're stubborn, but you're also willing to roll with the punches.

People gravitate toward you. You are bold and self-assured, but you are also totally unpretentious.

You are a joy and blessing to be around. People love you for being you!

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Matthew Good, Tudors, Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies, wrong stuff, and more

While I was listening to stuff from Hospital Music, Vancouver, and In A Coma 1995-2005 (cheaper at HMV than at Future Shop?!), I heard a door at 10:55, then someone talking... and THEN Teunis surprised me by saying something about chocolate. Oh dear... at least moving Andrew and Teresa seems to have gone okay, since apparently Jordan and the kids helped too! We discussed vacuum cleaners, Wal-Mart, Reese's peanut butter cups, his not having heard THE RAT WHO WOULD BE KING in a while, singing along to music, Crash Test Dummies, Brad Roberts' voice range, personal stuff, radiation, wrong descriptions on HMV sites, family, Kaili, relationships, Life in Tudor Times, maggots, and more.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Skype, video game dream, hearty crepes, book / magazine / newspaper

I got up in time for Teunis to leave for Andrew and Teresa's this morning (he was talking to someone on Skype), and he had made "decidedly hearty" crepes which you could roll up. Says the recipe didn't turn out perfectly, but at least he used up that egg white! All I remember of any dream I had: I was in some kind of video game with fire! Hahaha!

You Are a Book

You are a very intellectual and logical person. You like to think, and a lot of your thinking is quite deep.

You are both philosophical and idealistic. You think it's interesting to imagine how the world could be.

You enjoy spending a good deal of time alone. In fact, you tend to go sort of crazy if you don't get your space.

While you may seem distant, you care very deeply for humanity. You're trying to figure out how to save the world.

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Radiation, ghosts, Leahy, madras curry, slide guitar, yogurt, and conditioning

Teunis came home at 5:10, and we discussed ads on the radio / coding / ice cream / meat and vegetables for hearty crepes / wishing enemies a lot of help so they'd be far away / having a lot of beef at the public park near Mission / Easter / Christian traditions taken from pagan ones (that much I did know) / complicated family stuff / radiation on XKCD comics / drinking pee, Questionable Content (webcomic) / no lobster for me (not giving in!) / gays / his helping Andrew and Teresa move just down the block tomorrow. Hey, Andrew helped him move a few times (and was quite handy with the dolly this last time), so why not? We also talked about his yogurt still being good (ie. not past its expiry date), yogurt drinks, childhood conditioning ("if you ask someone to help you, you're making trouble for them!"), brandy, slide guitar, not being hungry, madras curry, apple pie, Leahy, old-time radio shows, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, not knowing you're dead / a ghost, and more.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Micah smiled at me again! / Create your own Pho!

When Eric picked me up, I told him half-seriously that his friend needed to be killed - THEY RUINED MY WEEKEND ROUTINE! (then I started talking like a hick while giving him the butter fudge) He asked whether I'd made arrangements for a ride home, so I said that I'd just hope people actually wanted to go for lunch! I told him that I don't let go of things easily, and he wondered whether I was talking about grudges OR whether this showed me that I might need to look into that! Uh, this was just a fluff Blogthings quiz, not a huge psychological test dealie! Then he wondered whether I'd talk to Randal today to show that I let bygones be bygones: I WILL NEVER FORGET! (he did say that the Keg was good... NO EVIL!) Was I interested in the mid-week get-together idea, he asked? NO! He started in on the "Leslie is drunk / The Cheat is not dead!" joke, and then wondered whether he could sing Christmas songs - NO! I told him that if he DID, he would get the same reaction an acquaintance of mine got when she sent me an invite to a NEW YEAR'S party taking place on HALLOWEEN: "Dude, check your calendar!" He wondered whether it was a wicked party, and whether she was a witch - I have no idea, although I do think she's pagan! I made sure he sat next to me during service after waving to Grace / Denise, too! (chatted briefly to Melia and Angus on our way to church) Of course, Eric bugged me by showing me the Riley Park skating insert... contrary to what Randal said at the end of service, not EVERYONE will skate if it's free!

I didn't feel like singing anything this week, so didn't... Daniel was his usual worship leader self, haha. After service, I asked Jeremy whether he was up for lunch later: since he was, I officially had other plans when my mom buttonholed me in the foyer, haha. At least she delivered on the cutlery and Sidekicks... I gave the Kraft Dinner and Cheerios away to Auntie Ying and Jessie, haha. I asked Jeremy where Jon was - on the other side of the room talking to Mr. Creep - DON'T WELCOME HIM, MAN! Choosing to ignore his presence, I gave Harmony her birthday card and chocolate now since they'll be in Portland next week, and gave Jon another card to sign. I SAW RICHIE, WHO'S IN TOWN FOR THE WEEKEND! Talked to Andrew, Lincoln, Phil (his hands were full with baby Micah, but he got an early birthday card anyway), Micah (he smiled at me when I played peek-a-boo!), Edwin and Jane, Cindy (she liked the religious stickers!), Dianne (she was up for lunch if it was outside!), Hung, Victor (the sleepover was interesting), and more people. Said hi to Lily and her kids Hannah and Gavin - Hannah will be going to Quilchena Elementary pretty soon! (she's 4.5 now) Melia gave me Emily and Mike's wedding invite: JULY 30, at Swan-E-Set! OH MY!

Alexis, Ramen, David, Evelyn, Ashley, Shira, a new kid named Eugene, Andy, Esther, and Anastasia were in Toddler Sunday School today. I threw away a whole bunch of felts that had dried out; these silly kids almost never put the lids back on! Andy chose not to go to circle time, so he and I had fun with the Etch-A-Sketch instead - he seems to like me, haha. Evelyn showed me a toy bee, and I interacted with the rest of the kids too. By the time we were done, Adult Sunday School still hadn't finished yet! (I said hi to Sean and Conor S. - they were kicking the black mesh since it was "cool") A while later, Martin drove me and Kevin to the Pho across the street from the old church, while Jeremy biked there - we would have beaten him there (he was stuck behind a bus) but for traffic! The menu has definitely changed since the last time I was there - colorful pictures, oh my! Raymond, Lesley, Cindy, and Dianne joined us later; we talked about a book Cindy wanted us to sign for Andrea and Chuck (she and Lesley are visiting them for six days during Spring Break - from there, I learned that Stella is expecting AGAIN), Dianne saying that their awesome couch and multiple yogurt choices in the fridge were major selling points, the GO train, the TTC, Pearson Airport, Create Your Own Pho, the "large" bowls not being so big (Jeremy and I will eat snacks this afternoon!), Martin's engagement / proposal, Dianne's experience in Ghana (chickens and goats running around everywhere and foraging for food - the people being so athletic and HARD-BUTTED), housing, reports, files, the Middle East, Libya's no-fly-zone, Superstore, health, and more.

After we paid and left, we spent a few minutes talking about the Canada Line stations and such - I should have accepted Martin's offer to drive me to Broadway Station even though I'd still have to take the #99 or #9, because my mom hailed me RIGHT WHEN I WAS GOING TO GET ON THE BUS! I got home faster, but she did ask what became of the big bag of stuff - I was downsizing, but she didn't need to know that I didn't keep the Kraft Dinner, either! Grandma says she eats Fillet O'Fish from McDonalds - I know that! Mom bought up the Banff bus tour - I'm not sold on it by any means, but at least I know when her cruise is: May 17-24!

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Kansas, Rush, Trapper Keepers, Corey, M&Ms, gay dream, Matchbox Twenty's PUSH

We discussed getting more apples, fuel, chicken, rice, frozen veggies, leftovers, Minute Rice not behaving, disconnection threats, the band Kansas / Rush being Mormon (didn't know that), tea, coffee, chocolate chai, Irish fighting songs / Catholics vs. Protestants / insults, and British Christmas songs. Also talked about Sting, the delightfully morbid PORTAL song, the Necromonicon, zombie songs, songs which make fun of STAR TREK, parodies, singing along to tunes, and more prior to my going to bed.

I had a dream which involved Jon coming out as gay to our father, who merely asked how this would impact Harmony. My sister and I were reading old colored newspaper comics like THE WIZARD OF ID at the table, and I looked at her - she didn't give any outward reaction. Later, he wrote us a note: "Hey, Lenten girl! I only did that to see how Dad would react - I'm not really gay, so see you at the church conference in the old pews!" Dad also made me go check the mail at 7:15 AM, with nothing but toy guns for protection - he thought there was something lurking in the shadows! I remember thinking sarcastically, "Thanks for the inadequate protection!" The newspaper boy had good aim, and managed to get the paper right in the mailbox hooks at 7:55 AM when it was just getting light out. Interesting dream...

I emailed Corey to wish him a happy belated birthday, including the 30th birthday card text. This is what he wrote back: "I didn't have a bad haircut. I didn't have a C64; we had a better computer, the Commodore Amiga. I did have a Trapper Keeper. I can't name all the New Kids. I remember styrofoam. Kelly was hot, definitely no crush on Zack." HAHAHAHAHA! I risked waking Teunis up by laughing at this reply, but I figure there was no harm done!

You Are a Brown M&M

You are a very emotional person. You are sympathetic and compassionate to friends and strangers.

You can be accommodating and attentive, but you never let anyone walk all over you.

You're nice, but you're also shrewd. People are constantly underestimating you.

You love easily, and you become attached quickly. Sometimes you are unable to let go.

Heard this on the radio this morning, too! YAY!

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