Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boring_People Chat 7, Part 3 (08.21.10)

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Angel, AKA angelcerv25 me, AKA glowing_dragon NyquilSteve317 or nyquilsteve317 Emily Susan or ellysusan081 Mikaela, AKA embryogirl Mike, AKA spinpsychle GoldBalloon, AKA a chat infiltrator! MyCrisisX, AKA x_luminescence AKA Crystal julieiskeygrace, AKA Julie (keygrace) PrettyKitty51015, AKA Lauren (laurentums) Marsha, AKA bluemarz04 [21:52:21] PrettyKitty51015: I've heard both ways. Some people prefer the close-knit, some prefer the barely known shell of a person they can throw to the side when done. [21:52:32] angelcerv21: aussies seem a bit strange [21:52:35] angelcerv21: maybe they [21:52:39] guaaaache: why? [21:52:40] angelcerv21: are just more sexually liberated [21:52:48] angelcerv21: in the states, we are scared of sex [21:52:51] guaaaache: I'm really not interested in either [21:52:52] angelcerv21: yeah there's porn and such [21:52:56] PrettyKitty51015: Everyone is scared of sex. [21:53:02] PrettyKitty51015: It's astounding and bothersome. [21:53:07] guaaaache: I don't think you can really generalise [21:53:07] angelcerv21: but it says a lot when the government will only pay for abstinence-only sex ed [21:53:10] guaaaache: some people are exactly like that here too [21:53:20] PrettyKitty51015: exactly. [21:53:36] angelcerv21: and we wonder why our STD and pregnancy rates are skyrocketing [21:53:41] PrettyKitty51015: true. [21:53:56] PrettyKitty51015: we're the sheltered child striving to do things that aren't allowed. [21:53:59] angelcerv21: no one knows, especially the young ones, what proper and safe sex is when you don't want to be abstinant [21:54:10] angelcerv21: what stds look like [21:54:16] angelcerv21: which ones can be cured and not cured [21:54:19] angelcerv21: what a female condom is [21:54:25] angelcerv21: kids don't know this shit! [21:54:28] PrettyKitty51015: They don't, and it's sad. [21:54:29] angelcerv21: so i teach my youth a lot [21:54:32] guaaaache: a lot of people don't know that here either [21:54:34] angelcerv21: at my youth center [21:54:38] angelcerv21: make sure they have condoms [21:54:44] angelcerv21: know where planned parenthood is [21:54:55] PrettyKitty51015: I think it's necessary to do so. [21:54:56] angelcerv21: what is sex ed like in australia? [21:55:11] angelcerv21: this song.... [21:55:20] angelcerv21: my nuns didn't let me go to sex ed [21:55:34] angelcerv21: i think not out of morality, but out of the fact i wasn't male or female and they divide the groups [21:55:40] angelcerv21: they didn't want me to be a part of it at all [21:56:16] PrettyKitty51015: That's somewhat sad. They could've shown both. [21:56:40] angelcerv21: well, a little later father carson told me a little about what they were teaching, and how it was inapproriate for me [21:56:45] angelcerv21: because i can't relate to being exclusively male or female [21:57:01] guaaaache: we did have sex ed but it was pretty brief. don't know what it's like now [21:57:01] guaaaache: I barely remember, I was like 11. I think we just went through what happens in puberty [21:57:02] guaaaache: some things on sex and pregnancy [21:57:03] guaaaache: I started puberty really early though so a lot of it wasn't that new [21:57:03] guaaaache: I'd already had my first period when we were going through all those classes [21:57:06] angelcerv21: i think i was 14 when he told me about condoms [21:57:25] angelcerv21: wow, before 11? [21:57:40] guaaaache: what? we didn't get separated at all! we all stayed in the one room and learned everything [21:59:19] angelcerv21: they were horrified [21:59:12] angelcerv21: because I came home and knew how to cook crack on a spoon [21:59:01] angelcerv21: so father carson said "these are condoms," and I bet you already know what can happen with dangerous sex practices" [21:58:53] PrettyKitty51015: Why didn't they let you sit through that? [21:58:34] guaaaache: especially when learning about periods [21:58:27] angelcerv21: same with the DARE program - the drug thing. they didn't let me sit through that [21:58:16] guaaaache: the boys were immature [21:58:12] angelcerv21: and made to sit in the library [21:58:12] guaaaache: I think I would have preferred that [21:58:03] angelcerv21: so I was pulled right out [21:57:56] angelcerv21: they would separate the boys and girls here [21:57:50] PrettyKitty51015: oh, they separate us here. [21:59:44] angelcerv21: to them the drug education was much worse than the sex ed. They only pulled me out of sex ed because I wasn't male or female, and didn't want me to feel more alienated [22:00:13] angelcerv21: by the time i finally figured out what actual intercourse was, I had figured it out in the library reading smut novels [22:00:15] angelcerv21: i was 13 [22:00:32] angelcerv21: at 14, father carson gave me condoms, but I wasn't sure what good they would be for me [22:00:50] angelcerv21: i did my own sex ed most of the time, father carson encouraged me to do the research [22:01:09] PrettyKitty51015: hmm [22:01:10] angelcerv21: i think they were pretty nervous about it [22:01:25] angelcerv21: they felt no matter how they could teach me about sex ed, it would still alienate me somehow [22:01:33] guaaaache: I think sex ed should be taught way earlier [22:01:37] guaaaache: like, age 6? [22:01:40] angelcerv21: mother superior did say at one point, be very careful. Give your love where it's due [22:01:49] angelcerv21: and i think that made the most sense [22:02:00] angelcerv21: i don't know.... at 6, they don't know shit [22:02:04] PrettyKitty51015: you'd be surprised.. [22:02:09] angelcerv21: true [22:02:10] PrettyKitty51015: my aunt works at an elementary school [22:02:17] guaaaache: I believe they should know, that's my point [22:02:32] angelcerv21: some argue that the earlier, the better [22:02:38] guaaaache: partly, it would help with sexual abuse, etc. [22:02:39] PrettyKitty51015: she's seen girls with their hands down their pants totally playing with this new thing that gives them sensations they're unfamiliar with. [22:02:41] angelcerv21: the more likely they're going to be safe and smart about it [22:02:52] PrettyKitty51015: I think it should be taught as early as possible. [22:02:55] angelcerv21: i was masturbating at a very young age too [22:02:58] PrettyKitty51015: She teaches 3rd grade. [22:03:03] PrettyKitty51015: As was I. [22:03:12] angelcerv21: i would masturbate in 1st 2nd 3rd grade [22:03:24] guaaaache: and children might be better able to articulate what happened to them if they're abused [22:03:29] guaaaache: that's often a big problem, they don't entirely understand what's happening or whether or not it's normal [22:03:33] PrettyKitty51015: I agree. [22:03:39] angelcerv21: couple times, i got caught by my teacher, but i didn't see it as sexual yet. I just wanted "that feeling" because it felt good [22:04:01] PrettyKitty51015: That's how it always starts... [22:04:06] angelcerv21: so yeah the ignorance factor - removing that is smart [22:04:17] angelcerv21: i would need both hands [22:04:20] angelcerv21: to masturbate [22:04:27] guaaaache: why? [22:04:28] angelcerv21: so that made me more obvious [22:04:35] guaaaache: oh wait [22:04:38] guaaaache: nevermind [22:04:40] guaaaache: ha [22:04:41] PrettyKitty51015: lol [22:04:50] PrettyKitty51015: intriguing. [22:04:51] angelcerv21: well, I liked being able to hold my penis with one hand and my other hand playing with my opening [22:05:00] angelcerv21: i still masturbate like that [22:05:01] guaaaache: yeah, I realised after I asked [22:05:08] guaaaache: I don't masturbate at all [22:05:29] angelcerv21: i didn't get in trouble till i started taking boys and girls from the playground and making them take off their pants in second grade [22:05:32] angelcerv21: i had to see what they had [22:05:48] angelcerv21: the girls would get all fussy [22:06:00] angelcerv21: the boys, i'd have to wrestle down or bribe [22:06:10] angelcerv21: but i learned [22:06:14] PrettyKitty51015: haha [22:06:22] angelcerv21: i knew at 7, something was very wrong with me [22:06:40] angelcerv21: at least it felt that way, because i had girls parts and boys parts, and none of them looked like me! [22:06:58] PrettyKitty51015: well that's understandable. At 7, I wouldn't expect anything different. [22:06:59] guaaaache: must have been very lonely [22:07:15] angelcerv21: yeah, aggravating too [22:07:34] angelcerv21: I went into the nurse's office one day and took off my clothes, and demanded that she explain [22:07:46] PrettyKitty51015: aww [22:07:55] angelcerv21: when she gave me that used-up line "you're special," I flipped out [22:08:33] angelcerv21: so i got in more trouble making the other kids take their clothes off, and mother superior was horrified and i got my first suspension from school [22:08:53] angelcerv21: but then I was taken to the doctor who tried to lay it out for me and my 7-year-old brain [22:09:03] angelcerv21: doctors are my first memories [22:09:12] angelcerv21: being on tables with them checking out the area between my legs [22:09:29] PrettyKitty51015: wow. [22:09:35] angelcerv21: that was when i first heard the word "intersex," and was called that [22:09:43] angelcerv21: so I said what does it mean [22:09:51] angelcerv21: they said it's like i'm a little of both [22:09:57] angelcerv21: lots of types of intersex [22:10:06] angelcerv21: but i was special because i had girl parts and boy parts [22:10:10] angelcerv21: they really said it like that, too [22:10:23] angelcerv21: i hated hearing that i was "special" [22:10:30] angelcerv21: it bugged me, i felt like there had to be a meaning to it [22:10:36] PrettyKitty51015: yeah. [22:10:37] angelcerv21: they said my DNA was different [22:10:43] guaaaache: it is rather ambiguous [22:11:05] angelcerv21: i didn't know what they meant, so they said DNA is what makes a human and mine is special it's not girly or boyish [22:11:07] angelcerv21: they lost me there [22:11:25] angelcerv21: I'm XY/XO, by the way [22:11:28] PrettyKitty51015: hard to grasp... [22:11:28] angelcerv21: turner's [22:11:40] guaaaache: oh I know what turner's is [22:11:47] angelcerv21: yep that's me [22:12:04] guaaaache: weird how just hearing the title makes it easier to grasp [22:12:15] angelcerv21: they told me that was my condition [22:12:17] guaaaache: then the propositional network does its thing [22:12:20] angelcerv21: but that I was not damaged or diseased [22:12:27] angelcerv21: mother superior stressed this more than ever [22:12:33] angelcerv21: some doctors wanted to operate on me [22:12:36] angelcerv21: make me a boy [22:12:38] guaaaache: I think that's a very good perspective [22:12:40] angelcerv21: make me a girl [22:12:53] guaaaache: did you ever want that? [22:13:00] angelcerv21: no [22:13:12] angelcerv21: when i got into puberty, i thought about it [22:13:17] guaaaache: did you want to be a boy or stay the way you were? [22:13:19] angelcerv21: more the chemical aspect [22:13:30] angelcerv21: i wanted to be a boy, but i wasn't turning into one [22:13:33] angelcerv21: that what turner's does [22:13:47] angelcerv21: shuts off testosterone receptors, you get kinda girly, your voice doesn't change [22:13:47] guaaaache: yeah [22:14:09] angelcerv21: so i started thinking about testosterone, but i haven't made up my mind yet [22:14:29] angelcerv21: i'm afraid of the side effects, how it will mix with my psych meds, the cost [22:14:45] angelcerv21: my doctor already said she's not willing to give it to me [22:14:50] PrettyKitty51015: Why's that? [22:14:54] angelcerv21: so i would have to find another doctor [22:14:55] guaaaache: what does your voice sound like? [22:15:04] angelcerv21: tenor [22:15:08] angelcerv21: i like to think [22:15:16] angelcerv21: umm, i've had voice practice [22:15:22] angelcerv21: training to lower it [22:15:40] angelcerv21: but it takes concentration [22:15:43] guaaaache: does it go unnoticed or not? because some guys have sort of high voices [22:15:50] angelcerv21: if i don't concentrate, my voice slides up in pitch when i talk [22:15:57] angelcerv21: you seen Boys Don't Cry? [22:16:07] guaaaache: no [22:16:08] angelcerv21: some people notice, some don't [22:16:13] PrettyKitty51015: I have. [22:16:21] angelcerv21: it's a move that is awesome, based on a true story [22:16:24] angelcerv21: a trans man [22:16:34] guaaaache: I think I have quite a deep voice, but still sounds feminine. I'm not sure [22:16:36] angelcerv21: i have a higher voice like the character in that movie [22:16:41] guaaaache: oh, I will definitely check it out, thank you [22:16:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: HIGHWAY TO HELL! [22:16:55] angelcerv21: if i were raised as a girl and lived as a girl, i would sound deep too, i think [22:16:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've heard of the movie [22:17:05] angelcerv21: highway to hell? [22:17:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha... AC/DC is on the radio now [22:17:19] angelcerv21: oh, hahahahaha [22:17:28] angelcerv21: puberty was fucking scary [22:17:44] guaaaache: yeah [22:17:44] angelcerv21: by the time i was 18, i had these fucking little A cup boobs [22:17:47] angelcerv21: they came late [22:18:15] angelcerv21: but by the time i was 14 i had fluids coming out of me that hadn't before and my bipolar started getting kooky [22:18:17] guaaaache: the beginning was bad for me, I got boobs quite early [22:18:20] angelcerv21: i was diagnosed at 9 [22:18:38] angelcerv21: i read somewhere girls are getting into puberty earlier and earlier [22:18:42] PrettyKitty51015: As did i... [22:18:50] PrettyKitty51015: They are. [22:18:51] angelcerv21: when? [22:19:01] guaaaache: when, to what? [22:19:12] angelcerv21: when did you get periods and breasts? [22:19:19] angelcerv21: oh god, I had hips by the time i was 15 [22:19:23] angelcerv21: hips!! [22:19:54] guaaaache: um, I think I had slight breasts when I was 10 and got my period when I was 11 [22:20:00] angelcerv21: wow [22:20:07] PrettyKitty51015: same... [22:20:09] PrettyKitty51015: actually [22:20:10] PrettyKitty51015: which is weird. [22:20:11] guaaaache: I heard the first period comes a year after breasts start developing [22:20:13] angelcerv21: that's what... 4th or 5th grade? [22:20:23] guaaaache: 5th and 6th [22:21:01] guaaaache: I felt weird though, and thought I was the only one who had my period, so I pretended to have no idea about it [22:21:03] angelcerv21: i think i have some kind of ovulation cycle, i swear. I have a partial fallopian tube, but no uterus and an ovoteste [22:21:19] angelcerv21: and i have discharge now... when that started happening, it was just a nightmare [22:21:20] PrettyKitty51015: I knew it was my period... I was a very mature 10-year-old... [22:21:39] guaaaache: I knew it was my period as well [22:21:43] angelcerv21: how? [22:21:48] angelcerv21: did they tell you about it? [22:21:52] guaaaache: just didn't want anyone else to know I'd had it already [22:21:53] angelcerv21: i would have freaked out [22:21:57] PrettyKitty51015: my family had mentioned it. [22:22:06] angelcerv21: mentioned? [22:22:06] PrettyKitty51015: no one in my family actually had a sit-down discussion [22:22:14] PrettyKitty51015: just a "hey, this may happen, just let us know when it does" [22:22:22] guaaaache: I knew what a period was, I don't remember how / why [22:22:30] angelcerv21: they knew i wouldn't have that [22:22:37] guaaaache: probably my mum told me at some point [22:22:44] PrettyKitty51015: I don't even remember who told me. [22:22:58] PrettyKitty51015: lol but as soon as it happened, a phone call was made and I was stocked up on provisions. [22:23:00] PrettyKitty51015: lol [22:23:18] angelcerv21: i read books about human development and everything, but it was always about male / female. It was hard to find info about intersexed people [22:23:23] guaaaache: I stayed home from school for 2 days lol [22:23:25] guaaaache: I told my mum I'd do that every time I got my period from now on [22:23:36] angelcerv21: really? did she let you? [22:23:42] guaaaache: ahaha no! [22:23:57] angelcerv21: i figure having a period is hell [22:24:02] angelcerv21: blood, a week of it, pain [22:24:05] angelcerv21: good god [22:24:07] guaaaache: for me it's just annoying [22:24:07] PrettyKitty51015: my realization went as thus: "Oh crap, I'm going to have this for a long time starting now. great." [22:24:10] guaaaache: I don't really get cramps [22:24:29] PrettyKitty51015: Sometimes I cramp [22:24:26] guaaaache: it just smells bad and is messy [22:24:21] angelcerv21: most do, i hear [22:24:19] PrettyKitty51015: it varies... [22:24:19] angelcerv21: oh, that's good [22:24:42] angelcerv21: i know my now ex-gf would get bitchy and crampy and swollen [22:24:46] PrettyKitty51015: there's only been once or twice when I was crying and shivering because the pain was so bad. [22:24:56] PrettyKitty51015: alcohol seemed to be the only remedy... [22:24:59] PrettyKitty51015: which is awesome btw [22:25:05] angelcerv21: oh i bet [22:25:13] PrettyKitty51015: I'm irritable for a day [22:25:23] guaaaache: and the advertising for pads and tampons drives me crazy [22:25:23] guaaaache: they always take the 'HAVING YOUR PERIOD CAN ACTUALLY BE FUN' [22:25:25] guaaaache: no it fucking isn't [22:25:30] guaaaache: alcohol cures all, if only temporarily [22:25:32] angelcerv21: is it really true that chocolate helps? Of course, chocolate is so awesome, I would even eat it for pain or whatever [22:25:42] PrettyKitty51015: Chocolate doesn't help me.. [22:25:49] PrettyKitty51015: I don't actually want it most of the time, anyways... [22:25:51] PrettyKitty51015: Too sweet. [22:25:56] PrettyKitty51015: unless it's dark chocolate, then maybe a bite. [22:26:03] angelcerv21: mmmm it's my favourite food [22:26:05] guaaaache: but I heard it's actually better to refrain from consuming sugar, alcohol, or caffeine because it can make the symptoms worse for some people [22:26:20] angelcerv21: really? [22:26:23] angelcerv21: huh [22:26:34] angelcerv21: this is fascinating [22:26:34] PrettyKitty51015: The alcohol helps me only because it increases my blood flow. [22:26:41] angelcerv21: women really are the superior sex [22:26:55] PrettyKitty51015: And one drink calms the cramps enough to move. [22:27:05] guaaaache: I just like being drunk [22:27:08] angelcerv21: i drink alcohol for pain too [22:27:08] PrettyKitty51015: That too [22:27:15] angelcerv21: that's a timeless remedy [22:27:21] PrettyKitty51015: I'm a clingy drunk. [22:27:23] angelcerv21: whiskey is particularly good at quelling pain [22:27:29] PrettyKitty51015: I find someone and love them the rest of the night. [22:27:30] angelcerv21: clingy drunk? [22:27:34] angelcerv21: oh hahahaha [22:27:34] guaaaache: People are a lot easier for me to block out if I'm a bit drunk [22:27:36] PrettyKitty51015: I just want to hug and cling and nuzzle. [22:27:44] PrettyKitty51015: but it'll always be one person [22:27:50] angelcerv21: aw [22:27:54] angelcerv21: i miss affection [22:27:55] PrettyKitty51015: mostly friends... so they know. [22:28:03] PrettyKitty51015: I do too. [22:28:10] guaaaache: sometimes I've gone to my classes drunk [22:28:13] angelcerv21: i try to nuzzle with Mike, and he just wants to fuck me [22:28:15] guaaaache: I wonder if anyone knew [22:28:24] PrettyKitty51015: They may have... [22:28:24] angelcerv21: i let him once, actually put his penis in my opening [22:28:29] angelcerv21: which isn't really built for that.... [22:28:36] guaaaache: I remember that [22:28:50] guaaaache: the classes were unbearable and stressed me out, so I thought being drunk might help [22:29:00] guaaaache: I didn't get so drunk that I couldn't follow the lesson [22:29:02] angelcerv21: hahaha, really? I was so goddamn horny. He kept licking me and sucking me and doing all kinds of things to my parts [22:29:19] angelcerv21: you went to class drunk? I've only done that high [22:29:39] guaaaache: um, it was only once a week, these two classes I had on one day that were one after the other, I hated them [22:29:53] guaaaache: I didn't like the structure of the lessons or how we learned about things [22:29:54] angelcerv21: what were they? [22:29:58] guaaaache: it stressed me out [22:30:06] guaaaache: social and developmental psychology was the worst [22:30:10] guaaaache: the other was statistics [22:30:22] angelcerv21: i liked stats when i did it [22:30:35] angelcerv21: didn't like my teacher though [22:30:39] angelcerv21: i pretty much taught myself [22:30:41] guaaaache: the first class was on at 3 PM, so I had time to get drunk [22:30:52] PrettyKitty51015: I, sadly, haven't been to class in a long time and I miss it. [22:30:57] angelcerv21: that the hardest time of the day to be focused [22:31:05] angelcerv21: what do you do? [22:31:12] guaaaache: we had to do annoying socialisation activities all the time [22:31:24] PrettyKitty51015: Right now I'm between jobs. [22:31:28] angelcerv21: those are annoying [22:31:32] guaaaache: which I suck at and hate [22:31:35] angelcerv21: does that mean you're laid off? [22:31:40] angelcerv21: i hate it too [22:31:45] angelcerv21: i'm an independent learner [22:31:50] angelcerv21: and worker [22:31:51] PrettyKitty51015: No, it means I haven't quit the one I have to start training with the one I just got. [22:32:06] angelcerv21: i'm looking for work [22:32:09] angelcerv21: looking and looking [22:32:11] angelcerv21: nothing [22:32:20] PrettyKitty51015: I got really lucky with this one... [22:32:25] angelcerv21: yeah sounds like [22:32:30] guaaaache: I don't think it helped me learn. we had to play games for like an hour and a half [22:32:32] PrettyKitty51015: the one I have now was acquired through my brother... Hostessing... [22:32:49] PrettyKitty51015: But I applied at Books-A-Million like last week, and they called me within two days of finishing the application. [22:32:58] guaaaache: I need to go to the toilet, but I don't know if it's safe [22:32:59] angelcerv21: oh, i remember that [22:33:03] PrettyKitty51015: I'm excited because I'm around books all day... [22:33:06] PrettyKitty51015: :-) [22:33:07] guaaaache: ???? [22:33:10] angelcerv21: hahahaha, i was thinking the same thing [22:33:17] guaaaache: books are wonderful [22:33:21] guaaaache: but people are annoying [22:33:24] angelcerv21: yes [22:33:28] PrettyKitty51015: People are definitely annoying. [22:33:33] PrettyKitty51015: I get the run of the lot now. [22:33:39] guaaaache: "I'm looking for a book. it's red and has a horse on the cover" [22:33:48] guaaaache: "I don't know who wrote it" [22:34:04] angelcerv21: hmmm Black Beauty? [22:34:10] PrettyKitty51015: haha [22:34:14] guaaaache: hahahaha [22:34:16] angelcerv21: i read that when I was 9 or 10 and cried [22:34:26] guaaaache: I only saw the television series [22:34:41] angelcerv21: there was a tv series? [22:34:47] guaaaache: yeah [22:34:49] angelcerv21: strange, it's only one book [22:35:02] angelcerv21: they ought to do a harry potter series hahahahaha [22:35:04] PrettyKitty51015: Well, y'all... I'm going to possibly sleep now. [22:35:11] PrettyKitty51015: HARRY POTTER... I mean what? [22:35:22] angelcerv21: i loved harry potter [22:35:28] angelcerv21: it was my therapy, my escape [22:35:41] PrettyKitty51015: I'm waiting until it gets colder to go to The Wizarding World of HP in Orlando. [22:35:41] angelcerv21: in fact, i started to hate my world so much because Harry's looked so much better [22:35:50] angelcerv21: oh my god [22:35:53] angelcerv21: hahahahahahaha [22:36:00] PrettyKitty51015: Oh I'm lame, I know. [22:36:06] PrettyKitty51015: I need robes and a wand though. [22:36:09] angelcerv21: have you seen the HP rap video? [22:36:12] PrettyKitty51015: I have not. [22:36:26] guaaaache: I don't think the series is really based on the book [22:37:06] guaaaache: I am totally stuck up here now [22:37:11] PrettyKitty51015: HAHAHAHAHAHA [22:37:17] PrettyKitty51015: I'm not even 30 seconds in... [22:37:18] guaaaache: mmm:-( [22:38:24] angelcerv21: aw that sucks [22:38:34] angelcerv21: remodeling, how inconvenient [22:38:44] guaaaache: the top stair was just painted [22:39:02] guaaaache: but maybe I can actually walk on them, considering the guy painting them is [22:39:02] PrettyKitty51015: jump down it? [22:39:06] angelcerv21: if you go to the bathroom, hold your breath [22:39:17] angelcerv21: those fumes kill brain cells like video games [22:39:20] guaaaache: I already went in there twice :O and breathed [22:39:27] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:39:52] PrettyKitty51015: hahaha [22:39:56] guaaaache: I'm not going to jump down! there's like 20 stairs :O [22:39:58] PrettyKitty51015: The rap HP was hilarious. [22:40:02] angelcerv21: sit on our facebook, hahahahaha [22:40:04] PrettyKitty51015: ... skip down them? [22:40:08] angelcerv21: great, huh? [22:40:09] PrettyKitty51015: tip toe? [22:40:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: careful [22:40:13] guaaaache: I'm still waiting for it to load [22:40:17] angelcerv21: oh there's alena [22:40:22] guaaaache: leslie, you are so random [22:40:22] angelcerv21: yeah my internet is being shitty [22:41:07] guaaaache: I can still hear those pokies omg :-* [22:41:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: I like being random, Mikaela [22:41:38] angelcerv21: what is butter beer? [22:41:46] guaaaache: lol I'm just amused because you don't talk for ages, and then say something occasionally [22:41:53] guaaaache: butter beer? don't know, but it sounds terrible [22:42:00] PrettyKitty51015: They're making it like butterscotch-flavored soda. [22:42:04] angelcerv21: really? i think it sounds kinda good [22:42:05] PrettyKitty51015: or something. [22:42:11] angelcerv21: that and pumpkin juice [22:42:17] PrettyKitty51015: I don't know what they're doing with the pumpkin juice, honestly. [22:42:20] guaaaache: OH ACTUALLY I DO KNOW WHAT IT IS [22:42:22] angelcerv21: oh darn don't like butterscotch [22:42:26] guaaaache: now that I've seen a picture [22:42:50] guaaaache: it's a warm beer with some butter in it and it looks like a milkshake [22:42:55] guaaaache: hold on [22:42:57] guaaaache: apparently it's not too bad [22:43:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, haha. nice. [22:43:02] angelcerv21: what kind of beer? [22:43:10] PrettyKitty51015: warm beer? [22:43:14] PrettyKitty51015: *grimaces* [22:43:18] angelcerv21: yeah... [22:43:39] guaaaache: it's something they used to drink in england, maybe still do [22:44:04] guaaaache: it was on heston's feast [22:44:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: ew, warm beer [22:44:29] guaaaache: i'll find a video [22:45:05] guaaaache: regardez [22:45:31] PrettyKitty51015: oh.. [22:45:32] PrettyKitty51015: my... [22:45:42] PrettyKitty51015: AHHHHHHH I'm spoiling my HP experience!!! [22:46:02] guaaaache: HAHAHA I only just watched the Harry Potter rap [22:47:16] guaaaache: and I am addicted to Heston's feast [22:47:42] PrettyKitty51015: "Butterbeer.... very slight alcohol content and tastes a bit like less-sickly butterscotch"; it's carbonated, apparently tastes like cream soda with an extra thick layer of whipped cream on top. [22:47:48] PrettyKitty51015: this is straight from someone who came from HP land. [22:48:06] guaaaache: I can't remember if he ended up using it in the feast or not [22:48:14] PrettyKitty51015: They said the pumpkin juice tastes like mulled apple cider with spicy punches of cloves and cinnamon. [22:48:46] guaaaache: that sounds good [22:48:51] guaaaache: to me anyway [22:49:05] PrettyKitty51015: I totally cannot wait to go..... [22:49:23] PrettyKitty51015: Apparently for $30, I'll get my own wand. [22:49:53] guaaaache: I kind of want to make that butterbeer after watching that video [22:49:54] angelcerv21: phoenix feather on the inside? [22:50:06] angelcerv21: wizard street cred... [22:50:11] angelcerv21: butter beer forty's [22:50:15] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:50:36] guaaaache: "the recipe sounds UTTERLY revolting..." [22:50:47] angelcerv21: how the black guys in the video have their glasses and push them up, hahahaha [22:51:03] angelcerv21: h piddy [22:51:04] angelcerv21: hahahaha [22:51:18] PrettyKitty51015: y'know... [22:51:27] PrettyKitty51015: the recepie doesn't sound revolting to me. [22:51:38] angelcerv21: sounds alright [22:51:42] angelcerv21: heard worse [22:51:46] guaaaache: me either but that's what he said [22:51:51] guaaaache: I think it looks good [22:51:51] PrettyKitty51015: exactly. [22:51:57] PrettyKitty51015: I think I want some now. [22:52:12] angelcerv21: can you get it at the HP convention? [22:52:24] PrettyKitty51015: get what? butterbeer? [22:52:28] PrettyKitty51015: oh it's not a convention... [22:52:36] angelcerv21: that and pumpkin juice [22:52:40] PrettyKitty51015: it's an actual set of attractions at Universal Studios... [22:52:46] angelcerv21: oh i heard about that [22:52:47] PrettyKitty51015: Oh yeah, you can get both. [22:52:56] PrettyKitty51015: They opened earlier this year... But it's too hot to go. [22:53:02] PrettyKitty51015: I'm waiting for cooler weather. [22:53:15] PrettyKitty51015: and crossing my fingers for the great hall. [22:53:26] PrettyKitty51015: I have such high hopes... [22:53:38] PrettyKitty51015: They even sort you into houses and everything. [22:54:08] angelcerv21: ooooh i know I would be put in slytherin or ravenclaw. I knew when i read the first book [22:54:29] PrettyKitty51015: I'd probably be Ravenclaw. [22:54:53] angelcerv21: i want someone to make me a harry potter scarf but with ravenclaw [22:54:57] angelcerv21: colors [22:55:00] PrettyKitty51015: I'll send you one! [22:55:04] PrettyKitty51015: A rreeeaallll one [22:55:05] PrettyKitty51015: :-) [22:55:11] angelcerv21: oh you were making those! [22:55:14] guaaaache: I wonder what happened to ... [22:55:21] PrettyKitty51015: no no, I'm not making them... [22:55:22] angelcerv21: hahahah i also ordered a gaga doll from [22:55:32] PrettyKitty51015: I'm going to buy them. [22:55:32] angelcerv21: remember ? [22:55:33] PrettyKitty51015: lol [22:55:35] angelcerv21: he's gone too [22:55:40] guaaaache: um, my internet died? [22:55:58] angelcerv21: was that gay guy [22:56:07] angelcerv21: he deleted his account out of the blue [22:56:16] angelcerv21: kinda miss him [22:56:53] PrettyKitty51015: Y'know I should learn how to knit or crochet or something... [22:57:02] angelcerv21: i've thought of that too [22:57:04] PrettyKitty51015: The jewelry-making bit isn't enough. [22:57:07] angelcerv21: i don't know who would teach me [22:57:09] guaaaache: oh yeah, I did wonder what happened to [22:57:14] PrettyKitty51015: Either that or metalwork... [22:57:16] angelcerv21: i make hemp jewelry [22:57:24] PrettyKitty51015: I make all sorts of jewelry, hemp included. [22:57:38] PrettyKitty51015: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets... [22:57:39] angelcerv21: i haven't thought of other types of jewelry [22:57:43] angelcerv21: sell it at barter fair [22:58:02] PrettyKitty51015: I've only sold it to a few of my friends that know I make it. [22:58:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: I remember him [22:58:09] PrettyKitty51015: I made prom jewelry recently [22:58:11] PrettyKitty51015: it was fun... [22:58:12] angelcerv21: yeah he's been gone [22:58:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: like GAY gay, or just... not good gay? [22:58:18] angelcerv21: prom jewelry? [22:58:32] angelcerv21: no, he was a gay man, and he was with his boyfriend last i heard from him [22:58:32] guaaaache: never posts in boring people anymore [22:58:36] PrettyKitty51015: Made her a matching necklace / earring set. [22:58:51] angelcerv21: i remember her! [22:58:59] angelcerv21: yeah, been a while for her [22:59:00] guaaaache: she's on my friends list [22:59:08] angelcerv21: send her a note [22:59:13] guaaaache: but she never even comments in boring people [22:59:18] PrettyKitty51015: I haven't been around long enough to know all of these people you guys speak of. [22:59:22] guaaaache: well, she updates her own journal [22:59:33] angelcerv21: some people come and go [22:59:35] PrettyKitty51015: BP is my only friends list now. [22:59:41] angelcerv21: i wish had not deleted his account [22:59:46] guaaaache: there aren't many people from pre-spotlight times that I see anymore [22:59:51] angelcerv21: yeah [22:59:57] angelcerv21: except us hahahah [22:59:58] angelcerv21: nyquil [23:00:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha [23:00:02] PrettyKitty51015: I just have all BP stuff go to my inbox. [23:00:09] PrettyKitty51015: Makes it easier to read. [23:00:18] angelcerv21: that's interesting [23:00:23] angelcerv21: i filter my friends page [23:00:32] angelcerv21: look at communities and journals separately [23:00:32] guaaaache: used to not be a bitch [23:00:40] angelcerv21: because i know alena updates all the time [23:00:48] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha... I was gonna say :P [23:00:53] angelcerv21: so i have to have a separate viewing to accommodate her, hahahahaha [23:00:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: I update... a lot. [23:01:00] PrettyKitty51015: I don't have many friends that update anymore. [23:01:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: HAHAHAHA. thought so [23:01:13] PrettyKitty51015: They're so few and far between, it's not worth it. [23:01:23] angelcerv21: i've made many on BP mostly [23:01:30] guaaaache: and is less bitchy now [23:01:36] guaaaache: I think you update less now, alena [23:01:36] angelcerv21: some that don't [23:01:47] guaaaache: I remember people were pissed off about the 20 entries on ghost stories [23:01:50] angelcerv21: like this one guy who sends me messages a lot the past couple days [23:01:59] angelcerv21: he recently added me because he thought i looked cool and was good looking [23:02:15] angelcerv21: he feels androgynous and wants to take female hormones [23:02:41] guaaaache: androgyny ftw [23:02:54] angelcerv21: i think he's kind of hitting on me in some of his messages [23:03:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: there's a good reason for that, Mikaela... I think I got banned / can't post on there anymore [23:03:14] angelcerv21: what why????? [23:03:16] AlenaBrolxFlami: and yes, I remember the ghost stories [23:03:19] guaaaache: weird [23:03:20] angelcerv21: we need to clarify this with steve [23:03:20] guaaaache: where? on bp? [23:03:28] angelcerv21: yeah! [23:03:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: didn't you read that? or weren't we discussing this earlier? [23:03:35] angelcerv21: she hadn't come yet [23:03:43] guaaaache: Um, I don't know, just tell me anyway [23:03:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh yeah, that's right [23:04:27] guaaaache: so what happened? [23:04:34] AlenaBrolxFlami: okay... you know those name humor entries that I was posting? apparently, decided to be a bitch and post "make. it. stop." right before banning me / removing my posting access [23:04:59] guaaaache: is quite a bitch [23:05:10] guaaaache: I don't remember the humour entries, though [23:05:15] PrettyKitty51015: I was wondering what happened to those... [23:05:28] PrettyKitty51015: I browsed through them occasionally, and got a good laugh... [23:05:28] guaaaache: is like never around anyway [23:05:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: that's what I thought until she popped up in my last one [23:06:08] guaaaache: steve is the only mod who regularly posts [23:06:09] guaaaache: when did this happen, leslie? [23:06:18] angelcerv21: i fucking hate that bitch ! [23:06:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: a few days ago [23:06:47] angelcerv21: she never even checks out the community... she'll randomly show up and wreak havoc [23:06:58] angelcerv21: unfortunately, she made steve a mod, not the other way around [23:07:15] angelcerv21: oh my god... if i lost my bp, i'd have withdrawals [23:07:30] PrettyKitty51015: We could just make another one... [23:07:41] angelcerv21: there is bp2 i almost forgot about it [23:07:50] angelcerv21: people left it when the drama from died down the last time [23:07:55] guaaaache: my internet died again [23:07:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: did that, yeah [23:08:00] angelcerv21: but you're here [23:08:04] angelcerv21: yep [23:08:45] angelcerv21: i have an idea [23:08:47] guaaaache: so did I miss anything when my internet dropped out? [23:08:52] angelcerv21: but it's risky [23:08:52] angelcerv21: no [23:09:05] guaaaache: I didn't hear when leslie got banned [23:09:18] angelcerv21: i could make a post for alena - saying how glowing dragon is a staple on bp and it's bullshit she can't post [23:09:23] guaaaache: but I do hate for the same reason [23:09:36] angelcerv21: comments follow from others who agree.... [23:09:55] PrettyKitty51015: It could very well backfire, though.. [23:10:01] angelcerv21: i know [23:10:02] PrettyKitty51015: or she could stand her ground... [23:10:09] PrettyKitty51015: then we could... MOVE! lol [23:10:12] angelcerv21: then we leave and go to bp2 [23:10:16] PrettyKitty51015: Yeah. [23:10:17] angelcerv21: it's there still [23:10:34] angelcerv21: should we do it? [23:10:37] angelcerv21: I'll make the post [23:10:37] PrettyKitty51015: I say yeah. [23:10:41] angelcerv21: but you all gotta comment [23:10:48] PrettyKitty51015: I'm ready as soon as you post it. [23:10:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: do it [23:11:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, Mikaela - a few days ago [23:11:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: or you could make it a poll? [23:11:48] PrettyKitty51015: A poll would work, but comments would really do better, I think. [23:11:56] angelcerv21: yes [23:11:58] PrettyKitty51015: More outcry could be had. [23:12:08] PrettyKitty51015: More outrage. [23:12:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: would BOTH be overkill? [23:12:20] angelcerv21: all we have to state - and I'll put this in the post - is that we liked her posts, liked the name thing, and i always read when she posts trivia [23:12:32] angelcerv21: well, people could do more than just one post [23:12:36] angelcerv21: but a poll is overkill [23:12:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: okay - do it however you think best [23:12:43] angelcerv21: i could post, guaaaache could post [23:12:51] angelcerv21: pretty kitty posts [23:12:59] angelcerv21: the comments galore hopefully [23:13:04] angelcerv21: more than one post packs a punch [23:13:25] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [23:13:32] PrettyKitty51015: aww [23:13:42] angelcerv21: her internet isn't doing too well [23:13:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: hey, I really appreciate that [23:13:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: doesn't seem like it [23:13:48] angelcerv21: but she got the message [23:13:55] angelcerv21: that's okay [23:14:05] PrettyKitty51015: I think we'll do fine. [23:14:22] angelcerv21: i'm going to make mine in the morning when i've drafted it in my head [23:14:33] angelcerv21: you guys come up with something good [23:14:33] PrettyKitty51015: I'll post as soon as I get up. [23:14:40] angelcerv21: me too [23:14:49] angelcerv21: tomorrow's sunday...yeah nothing going on [23:15:05] angelcerv21: worst that could happen...we resort to bp2 [23:15:08] PrettyKitty51015: I think the comments will just stack [23:15:15] angelcerv21: yep [23:15:20] PrettyKitty51015: Exactly. at least we know a few of us will move if necessary. [23:15:25] angelcerv21: sometimes the strangest posts get a lot of comments [23:15:45] angelcerv21: k i'm gonna hit the hay as julie would say [23:15:51] angelcerv21: lovely chatting with you all! [23:16:00] PrettyKitty51015: Same to you! Sleep well! [23:16:04] angelcerv21: bye [23:16:13] *** angelcerv21 has left the chat. [23:16:23] PrettyKitty51015: and then there were two. [23:17:44] PrettyKitty51015: Three!!! [23:17:45] PrettyKitty51015: lol [23:17:54] PrettyKitty51015: Desperate to not find my name on it. lol [23:18:00] guaaaache: OHHHH yes I remember now, the names [23:18:25] PrettyKitty51015: I think I was reading the E one and found a name that was one of my friend's names. I laughed so hard. [23:18:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: you didn't miss too much - Angel saying she'd draft her post, BP2 moving action plans, Angel leaving [23:19:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: and Lauren? those were boys' names only! [23:19:38] PrettyKitty51015: wait wut? [23:19:49] PrettyKitty51015: Were you only doing boys names? [23:19:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: and no... your name is not on the L girl name list... [23:20:04] PrettyKitty51015: Sweet! [23:20:13] AlenaBrolxFlami: the boys' names came before the girls' names in the book [23:20:29] guaaaache: oh, angel left [23:20:35] PrettyKitty51015: ohh okay. Oh well the friend I was talking about was a guy... Eugene. [23:20:47] PrettyKitty51015: we called him Euey [23:20:48] PrettyKitty51015: which was odd. [23:21:10] AlenaBrolxFlami: that is odd [23:21:43] guaaaache: Mariah called me a moron in one of my posts [23:21:48] guaaaache: does she do that to everyone? [23:21:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: I wouldn't be surprised [23:22:07] PrettyKitty51015: Which one is Mariah? I haven't been here long enough to really know her... [23:22:15] guaaaache: her name is 'mariah' [23:22:23] guaaaache: and she almost never comments, so I'm not surprised [23:22:52] PrettyKitty51015: i'm still trying to learn who everyone is >.< [23:23:21] PrettyKitty51015: it's like walking into this room where there's X amount of people, and they're all talking to eachother and to me, and I have to keep their names and faces straight. [23:23:29] PrettyKitty51015: I swear I should take notes. [23:24:27] guaaaache: meh, you'll learn :P [23:24:47] PrettyKitty51015: eventually, yeah. Being that BP is the only thing I read on LJ anymore. [23:25:00] PrettyKitty51015: My actual friends all stopped using it, which is sad in itself. [23:25:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah [23:26:49] guaaaache: i prefer to talk to strangers [23:27:07] guaaaache: I'm more comfortable giving revealing information to strangers [23:27:16] guaaaache: though there are some people on bp who make me a bit uncomfortable [23:27:20] AlenaBrolxFlami: like? [23:27:36] PrettyKitty51015: *please don't say me* [23:27:41] PrettyKitty51015: I would feel horrible. [23:27:51] PrettyKitty51015: lol [23:28:24] PrettyKitty51015: Strangers tend to be easier to open up to. Less of a chance of something bad happening with them... unless you're going to be (insert bad thing) by them. [23:29:23] guaaaache: I'm not sure I should say who [23:29:25] guaaaache: I'd rather they didn't know [23:29:42] guaaaache: it's no one here [23:29:57] guaaaache: or who was here, at least for the most part [23:30:37] PrettyKitty51015: Just curious, why do they / he / she make you feel uncomfortable? [23:31:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, okay [23:31:12] guaaaache: mostly just the things they say and the way they say them [23:31:24] guaaaache: or particular attitudes which I might think are disturbing [23:31:33] PrettyKitty51015: hmm [23:31:40] PrettyKitty51015: interesting. [23:32:17] guaaaache: yep, there's one in particular who I think just plays devil's advocate for the hell of it, whether it makes sense or not [23:33:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: I see [23:34:47] guaaaache: if you try to explain your POV to them, they just said "that's nice" or something dismissive like that [23:35:13] PrettyKitty51015: I hate when people do that. Period. [23:35:32] PrettyKitty51015: But it's beyond my comprehension to actually not try to see another POV of something. [23:35:59] PrettyKitty51015: It's this weird innate thing that I need to do. Understand how people think / what they think. [23:36:07] PrettyKitty51015: .... that didn't sound creepy at all. [23:36:11] PrettyKitty51015: Great. Now I'm a creeper. [23:36:12] PrettyKitty51015: *dies* [23:36:56] guaaaache: No, it's a good thing. [23:37:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: I agree [23:37:17] guaaaache: better than saying people are stupid or conceited because they're not like you [23:37:41] PrettyKitty51015: I've always been the type of person where even if I don't agree with your views on something, I understand your reasoning behind it. [23:37:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: true [23:38:05] PrettyKitty51015: I'm a true "Let's agree to disagree" person. [23:38:31] guaaaache: which I've ended up dealing with a couple of times on bp by the same few people [23:38:32] guaaaache: me too, pretty. at least I try to be [23:38:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: me too [23:39:03] guaaaache: and if something offends me, I try to explain politely why [23:39:19] guaaaache: but people still seem to find that offensive in itself [23:39:29] guaaaache: like I'm trying to be controlling or something [23:39:31] PrettyKitty51015: that always kills me. [23:40:01] PrettyKitty51015: If I offend someone, I simply apologize for it. [23:40:22] guaaaache: for me it depends. if I don't get why it's offensive, I will at least ask why [23:40:32] PrettyKitty51015: Like really, is it so hard to keep the peace? I'm so anti-confrontation... [23:40:47] PrettyKitty51015: Well yeah, if it doesn't make sense to me, I'll ask. [23:40:51] guaaaache: even polite confrontations are hard for me, but sometimes it has to be done [23:40:58] PrettyKitty51015: if I can see how it may be offensive.... that's another story. [23:41:27] PrettyKitty51015: I was brought up to hush hush everything quickly [23:41:46] PrettyKitty51015: When actually arguing, my emotions get the best of me. [23:41:54] PrettyKitty51015: Internet arguing just makes me laugh. [23:41:58] guaaaache: yeah, I so don't succeed in that mindset [23:42:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: yup [23:42:45] guaaaache: I like the intellectual kind of arguing [23:42:45] guaaaache: lots of people can't seem to do it though, because they think they're being attacked [23:43:12] PrettyKitty51015: well, that kind of arguing keeps the mind sharp. [23:43:40] PrettyKitty51015: Quickly finding the information within your own mind on a nearly constant basis can be difficult. [23:44:04] PrettyKitty51015: I think those who think they're being attacked in an intellectual argument may need to excuse themselves from the intellecatual world. [23:44:05] guaaaache: yeah [23:44:05] guaaaache: hey... I have to get going now [23:44:05] guaaaache: I have to take some stuff to my friend's house [23:44:05] guaaaache: that is very true [23:44:06] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [23:44:12] PrettyKitty51015: WHOA [23:44:21] PrettyKitty51015: I got like... [23:44:26] PrettyKitty51015: all of those messages at once. [23:44:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: wow [23:44:51] PrettyKitty51015: And then there were two. [23:44:53] PrettyKitty51015: again. [23:45:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: what time is it where you are? [23:45:23] PrettyKitty51015: 2:40 [23:45:28] PrettyKitty51015: well 245 [23:45:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: it's 11:45 PM [23:45:35] PrettyKitty51015: by my computer's standards. [23:45:40] PrettyKitty51015: AM.... [23:45:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: got it [23:46:18] AlenaBrolxFlami: so... Mikaela left, and the chatroom is STILL showing "Users: 3" for me [23:46:37] PrettyKitty51015: Weird... [23:46:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: yup [23:47:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: I need to get going and prepare for bed... good luck with that whole posting thing [23:47:27] PrettyKitty51015: G'night! [23:47:29] PrettyKitty51015: sleep well! [23:47:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: good night - you too!

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Boring_People Chat 7, Part 2 (08.21.10)

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Angel, AKA angelcerv25 me, AKA glowing_dragon NyquilSteve317 or nyquilsteve317 Emily Susan or ellysusan081 Mikaela, AKA embryogirl Mike, AKA spinpsychle GoldBalloon, AKA a chat infiltrator! MyCrisisX, AKA x_luminescence AKA Crystal julieiskeygrace, AKA Julie (keygrace) PrettyKitty51015, AKA Lauren (laurentums) Marsha, AKA bluemarz04 [20:06:56] angelcerv21: show yourself! [20:06:58] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:07:15] julieiskeygrace: yeah i get pissy with God a lot.. in a "i'm fuckin trustin you here!!" kinda way lol [20:07:22] lol [20:07:43] angelcerv21: hahaha yeah I think god likes the honesty. Also God is a hermaphrodite [20:07:47] julieiskeygrace: really shouldn't swear at the big guy, but meh :-P [20:08:02] guaaaache: um. I think I'm trapped upstairs [20:08:10] angelcerv21: oooh that's intense [20:08:21] guaaaache: it seems like the stairs are being painted [20:08:29] guaaaache: and the bathroom was painted [20:08:44] guaaaache: these renovations are nice and all but sort of inconvenient :-( [20:09:02] julieiskeygrace: any windows you can climb out? [20:09:10] guaaaache: um, I guess [20:09:19] guaaaache: I'm not actually planning to go anywhere for a few hours [20:09:25] guaaaache: I'm supposed to be packing up my stuff [20:09:34] julieiskeygrace: ahh that's ok then i guess, kinda [20:09:35] guaaaache: and sort of... studying [20:10:24] guaaaache: I posted on bp complaining about my landlord and his last minute planning habits [20:10:32] angelcerv21: i wrote about my adventures with cops on BP and people are scolding me:-\ [20:10:46] angelcerv21: i know i was being crazy, i didn [20:10:51] angelcerv21: i didn't take my meds [20:10:51] Yeah, wtf was that post about? [20:10:57] angelcerv21: you read it? [20:11:05] julieiskeygrace: ooh i've not read the posts today, or yesterday actually [20:11:06] I read it and didn't understand it. [20:11:08] angelcerv21: i don't know what kind of mood i was in [20:11:20] guaaaache: he's been wanting to change the carpet upstairs for like 2 years and only told us last night that he's finally doing it on tuesday morning [20:11:28] angelcerv21: i got all manic i didn't take my meds and it was three in the morning with alcohol... [20:11:29] guaaaache: which is like a 2 days notice [20:11:31] Skipped medication. Drunken bicycling. Charged a cop car. Somehow got away. [20:11:39] julieiskeygrace: wtf!! [20:11:40] angelcerv21: yeah [20:11:57] angelcerv21: i'm either doing something crazy or sleeping because i can't stand to be awake [20:12:05] angelcerv21: last night i couldn't calm down! [20:12:27] angelcerv21: and it was like i wanted it...wanted them to fuck with me so i could fuck with them [20:12:42] huh? [20:12:43] julieiskeygrace: just wanted an excuse to flip out? [20:13:01] angelcerv21: i already was and then the cops flashed their lights [20:13:39] angelcerv21: it was hilarious at the time, i know i wasn't being smart but i can't describe it...i was even laughing when he pulled his gun at me because i reached for my knife [20:14:02] julieiskeygrace: you carry a knife? [20:14:02] if you want someone to handcuff you, try craigslist next time. [20:14:12] angelcerv21: he asked if we had weapons so we're like yeah we got our knives and reached for them... [20:14:22] guaaaache: i'm reading about psychodynamic theory [20:14:23] angelcerv21: luckily we didn't get arrested [20:14:29] guaaaache: this window is more interesting for now [20:14:35] angelcerv21: i only realized today how close we came [20:14:54] angelcerv21: psychodynamic theory....seems like i could use some of that [20:15:03] angelcerv21: yeah i always carry a knife [20:15:10] angelcerv21: a spring loaded blade [20:15:17] angelcerv21: flips right out like a switchblade but it's legal [20:15:17] julieiskeygrace: man that'd get you killed here.. [20:15:23] angelcerv21: why? [20:15:39] angelcerv21: i feel unsafe without my knife [20:15:41] guaaaache: does psychoanalysis even work on it's own? [20:15:43] angelcerv21: i'm not allowed to buy a gun [20:15:47] julieiskeygrace: just if you carry a knife here you're just so much more likely to become a target.. [20:15:48] angelcerv21: it's kinda outdated [20:15:59] angelcerv21: why? [20:16:00] i didn't have any more luck with shrinks than i did with god. [20:16:05] guaaaache: it seems like it would just go on literally forever unless you introduced something else like drugs/cbt [20:16:13] angelcerv21: exactly [20:16:24] angelcerv21: i had a good shrink when i was in the psych ward [20:16:29] julieiskeygrace: plus you can get arrested for carryin a knife and polis can do spot searches [20:16:29] angelcerv21: i was 16 then [20:16:32] guaaaache: so it's useful, but not on it's own? [20:16:39] angelcerv21: oh my god i'm 25 years old!! [20:16:41] guaaaache: julie, same here [20:16:47] angelcerv21: not on it's own I would hedge [20:17:07] angelcerv21: you can't carry a knife legally in scotland? [20:17:07] julieiskeygrace: yeah its kind of normal here that the only people that carry knives are the ones who've been stabbed [20:17:25] guaaaache: I think we have laws surrounding concealed weapons [20:19:17] guaaaache: even pepper spray is illegal [20:19:18] angelcerv21: so do we but even guns can be carried concealed if you pass the background check (which I don't):-( [20:19:18] julieiskeygrace: kinda of but not really... its legal if there's a reason for it, but its all to do with the "intent to use as a weapon" thing [20:19:21] angelcerv21: the cop asked us what we were carrying knives for [20:19:22] julieiskeygrace: like if you run down the road after someone with a glass bottle in your hand then you can get done for carrying a weapon [20:19:23] angelcerv21: but i'm like, i can't imagine not carrying it [20:19:24] mycrisisx: err, sorry to interrupt this weapon conversation but i was wondering if anyone can tell me which kind of brand of laptop is really good? besides Mac, because ill never be able to afford that brand. [20:19:28] angelcerv21: what about precaution? self defense? [20:19:30] angelcerv21: hp [20:19:31] angelcerv21: or dell [20:19:32] guaaaache: MACS ARE THE BEST SORRY [20:19:32] angelcerv21: i have a gateway that kicks ass right now though [20:19:33] julieiskeygrace: i have an acer, it was so cheap :-) [20:19:34] angelcerv21: yeah otherwise macs are the best [20:19:35] guaaaache: I have a dell as well though, it's quite good [20:19:36] guaaaache: but I prefer mac, it's easier to use [20:19:40] julieiskeygrace: this explains the whole knife thing in scotland quite well [20:19:41] angelcerv21: you can get a 4GB ram 320 GB hardrive hp for 500 bucks on [20:19:46] angelcerv21: oh ok [20:19:58] julieiskeygrace: but folk go about with freakin samurai swords here [20:20:06] angelcerv21: i have swords [20:20:07] guaaaache: what? haha [20:20:08] angelcerv21: daggers [20:20:09] julieiskeygrace: post videos of themselves on youtube with machetes [20:20:09] angelcerv21: rapiers [20:20:15] mycrisisx: okay, ty for the suggestions. [20:20:17] angelcerv21: oh i have 2 machetes [20:20:22] julieiskeygrace: lol yeah hang on i'll see if i can find you one of these cultural delights :-P [20:20:34] angelcerv21: also have an illegal butterfly knife, it doesn't leave the house [20:20:43] angelcerv21: i love blades [20:20:49] angelcerv21: i started collecting them when i turned 18 [20:21:02] guaaaache: has anyone seen that movie called Max & Mary? [20:21:03] guaaaache: I watched it last night. well, this morning [20:21:06] angelcerv21: is it good?> [20:21:11] NyquilSteve317: i love ham rolls [20:21:19] guaaaache: I think so. apparently it's based on a true story [20:22:07] angelcerv21: i can see myself being that desperate [20:22:06] NyquilSteve317: slice of deli ham, rolled with cream cheese and a green onion in the center [20:21:58] angelcerv21: wow [20:21:50] guaaaache: it's about an 8 year old girl who picks a random address out of the phone book, and writes to that person because she has no friends, and they write to each other for 20 years [20:21:26] angelcerv21: what's a ham roll? [20:22:16] angelcerv21: oh i do that with beef toilet paper meat [20:22:19] guaaaache: it's quite cute [20:22:23] guaaaache: it happened in the 70s [20:22:23] angelcerv21: no pig products for me [20:22:37] angelcerv21: i want to have a prison pen pal [20:22:39] guaaaache: the man she ended up writing to was a 44-year-old guy in new york who had aspergers [20:22:45] angelcerv21: oooh [20:22:58] guaaaache: it's the most accurate portrayal I have ever seen in a movie [20:23:30] guaaaache: and when she finally went to meet him he had died [20:23:33] angelcerv21: aw [20:23:44] angelcerv21: that's like a bad few movies risk doing that [20:23:49] guaaaache: because he had a problem with overeating so he was really obese [20:24:08] angelcerv21: does obesity happen in australia? [20:24:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: beef toilet paper? [20:24:16] angelcerv21: yes [20:24:24] guaaaache: but he inspired her to go and study psychology and get a phd etc [20:24:25] angelcerv21: carl buddig [20:24:30] angelcerv21: little squares [20:24:32] guaaaache: yes of course we have obesity [20:24:34] angelcerv21: like toilet paper [20:24:46] angelcerv21: like here in the states where 60% of the people are obese? [20:24:53] guaaaache: yeah it's about the same here [20:25:02] angelcerv21: damn [20:25:06] angelcerv21: that makes me feel better [20:25:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh yes, I've seen those in the stores here... and my sister was very surprised at the size of the people in Boston / Pittsburgh [20:25:08] julieiskeygrace: scotland's the fattest country in europe [20:25:09] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:25:21] angelcerv21: i am the one who can't gain any weight [20:25:25] guaaaache: I recently found out there is a sub category called "super obese" [20:25:31] julieiskeygrace: hahahahaha super obese :-D [20:25:32] guaaaache: which is even bigger than morbidly obese [20:25:34] angelcerv21: i ate a lot of food the past 2 days...still 95 pounds [20:25:34] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [20:25:42] julieiskeygrace: that makes it sound awesome [20:26:01] angelcerv21: i'm underweight [20:26:04] guaaaache: morbidly obese are people who have a BMI over 40, super obese is if it's over 50 [20:26:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: Jon Brower Minnoch would be super-obese, for sure [20:26:14] angelcerv21: i weighed this much in the hospital, i couldn't get my feeding tube out till I weighed 105 [20:26:23] guaaaache: I think the normal BMI is 20 or something? [20:26:35] angelcerv21: 20 what, pounds? [20:26:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, no [20:26:49] guaaaache: no the body mass index. I don't remember how it works exactly [20:26:53] julieiskeygrace: nah just 20 on the scale.. its a weird thing to do with your height and weight [20:26:55] angelcerv21: i'm not sure [20:26:57] guaaaache: something to do with the healthy weight range for the height [20:27:02] angelcerv21: i'm 5'7 [20:27:07] julieiskeygrace: it doesn't work though if you're athletic or big boned or anything [20:27:13] angelcerv21: yeah [20:27:16] guaaaache: yeah, I don't entirely agree with it either [20:27:27] guaaaache: the range gets smaller for taller people when it really should get bigger [20:27:35] julieiskeygrace: cause it doesn't take into account muscle density and all that [20:27:59] guaaaache: yeah, and taller people will have bigger frames (in general) and probably have heavier bones etc [20:28:34] julieiskeygrace: yeah its pretty off.. like this chick i know, she's about 12 stone and average height and she's apparently "obese" on it [20:28:39] *** mycrisisx has left the chat. [20:28:53] guaaaache: yeah, it's stupid [20:29:30] guaaaache: a girl at my uni is extremely tall and has a really big frame and is apparently overweight [20:29:31] guaaaache: but she looks thin [20:29:57] guaaaache: the smell of paint here is overwhelming [20:30:10] julieiskeygrace: yeah... and apparently they changed the scale overnight too... so that it made you seem heavier than you are [20:30:23] julieiskeygrace: is it properly ventilated? cause those fumes really aren't good [20:30:27] guaaaache: what do you mean? [20:30:44] guaaaache: the bathroom has been painted and has no window so the door kind of has to stay open [20:30:44] guaaaache: my room is right near the bathroom [20:30:51] guaaaache: and the stairs are being painted too [20:30:53] guaaaache: I feel a bit high [20:31:28] julieiskeygrace: like they just all of a sudden changed the way it was calculated, so an obese person became morbidly obese, and underweight person became average... that kind of thing [20:31:42] guaaaache: oh yeah that's right [20:31:47] julieiskeygrace: so people were going to their doctors one week, and then the next week were being told they had to be put on diets [20:32:23] guaaaache: because my mum used to be really thin, and was considered underweight... but now she's middle age and gained a bit and is now a little overweight, but she's apparently still in the right range [20:32:37] guaaaache: because it's changed [20:33:02] *** has left the chat. [20:33:08] guaaaache: oh no, everyone is leaving [20:33:10] angelcerv21: aw people are leaving [20:33:14] julieiskeygrace: yeah that's exactly it! [20:33:19] julieiskeygrace: yeahhh loads of folk are away [20:33:30] julieiskeygrace: i'm not tired, but i really need to get some sleep before work [20:33:42] guaaaache: where are you, julie? [20:33:57] angelcerv21: i'm a little hungover... that makes me feel a bit tired [20:34:02] julieiskeygrace: at my friend's flat [20:34:08] julieiskeygrace: i was super duper hungover today [20:34:11] guaaaache: the one without tea! [20:34:12] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:34:16] julieiskeygrace: yeah!! she has no tea! [20:34:16] angelcerv21: yep [20:34:22] julieiskeygrace: AND!!! a mouldy fridge!!! [20:34:23] angelcerv21: coffee? [20:34:26] julieiskeygrace: no coffee either [20:34:28] guaaaache: gross [20:34:29] angelcerv21: wow [20:34:38] angelcerv21: i can't go a day without coffee [20:34:43] julieiskeygrace: yeahhh... its so minging... she says she's gonna clean it, but i'm just like 'dude, boke' [20:34:44] guaaaache: neither can i [20:34:55] guaaaache: boke? [20:34:56] julieiskeygrace: i can get free tea and coffee in work though, so i'm alright [20:34:59] angelcerv21: minging? [20:35:11] guaaaache: gross, in other words [20:35:16] julieiskeygrace: lol yeah its like um.. if something gives you the boke, it's like it makes you feel sick [20:35:25] angelcerv21: interesting [20:35:35] julieiskeygrace: so you can use it as a verb, like i just boked [20:35:43] julieiskeygrace: or you can be like 'that's boke' [20:35:45] guaaaache: the scottish slang always trips me [20:35:49] angelcerv21: oontsenbadish - german for "repulsive" [20:36:00] julieiskeygrace: its a weird word, but its good :D scottish slang's so gooood [20:36:13] angelcerv21: what's some good american slang.... [20:36:19] angelcerv21: now i'm drawing a blank [20:36:22] angelcerv21: i know sign slang [20:36:34] guaaaache: I only know some of the common expressions [20:36:36] julieiskeygrace: haha yeah i think cause we see loads of american tv we get used to it [20:36:45] angelcerv21: i hate tv [20:36:57] julieiskeygrace: everyone in my work calls each other douchebags, and we all agree its a very american thing to say [20:36:58] guaaaache: like how "i know, right?" is seen as totally american, even though it isn't really [20:37:00] angelcerv21: i feel like i'm being brainwashed if i watch it [20:37:14] guaaaache: haha yes! douchebag is totally american [20:37:21] angelcerv21: interesting.... [20:37:29] julieiskeygrace: yeah! but tesco have borrowed it... EVERYONE in work uses it :-D [20:37:37] julieiskeygrace: "awrite ya douche" [20:37:38] angelcerv21: i always thought that was insulting to women because it's talking about douches [20:37:44] guaaaache: people here just say douche [20:37:49] julieiskeygrace: yeah we're a lot less bothered about that here though [20:38:03] julieiskeygrace: me and my pal were talking today about how you guys say fanny for your arse [20:38:04] angelcerv21: gold balloon where you at?? [20:38:05] guaaaache: I thought calling someone a douche is insulting because douches irritate the vagina [20:38:16] angelcerv21: no they clean it [20:38:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: don't ask them questions - they won't answer [20:38:26] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:38:32] guaaaache: but it's not necessary to clean with a douche [20:38:32] julieiskeygrace: and we say fanny for your front bum [20:38:38] guaaaache: it fucks up the ph balance [20:38:42] angelcerv21: fanny? arse? no we just say ass [20:38:44] *** goldballoon has left the chat. [20:38:50] angelcerv21: front bum? [20:38:56] guaaaache: we call 'fanny packs' bumbags [20:38:56] julieiskeygrace: yeah a vagina [20:38:59] angelcerv21: alena, you scared them away [20:39:05] AlenaBrolxFlami: GOOD! [20:39:09] julieiskeygrace: yeah we get a right laugh out of how yous say 'fanny' [20:39:09] angelcerv21: hahaha [20:39:17] angelcerv21: ass? [20:39:22] guaaaache: we say arse [20:39:24] julieiskeygrace: yeah, cause it means vagina here [20:39:28] angelcerv21: really? [20:39:31] angelcerv21: whoa [20:39:42] julieiskeygrace: we had this american teacher who used to tell us to "sit on your fanny" and we'd be like "but i don't bend that way miss!" [20:39:43] guaaaache: yeah, fanny is vagina here as well [20:39:50] angelcerv21: we say pussy, camel toe, twat, cunt, beaver, muffin... [20:40:00] julieiskeygrace: we say vadge [20:40:04] guaaaache: though everyone has adopted the more american shudder-worthy expression of pussy [20:40:05] angelcerv21: or that [20:40:13] guaaaache: or vag [20:40:17] angelcerv21: i like to refer to sex as fucking [20:40:27] angelcerv21: so crude but so accurate [20:40:30] julieiskeygrace: yeah we say most of them, plus vadge, vajayjay, clunge.. cunt.. [20:40:35] julieiskeygrace: haha yeah same, or shaggin [20:40:40] julieiskeygrace: for sex that is [20:40:42] angelcerv21: i know shaggin [20:40:48] angelcerv21: and snogging is making out, right? [20:40:50] guaaaache: a lot of people here have a problem with cunt for some reason [20:40:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: AUSTIN POWERS [20:40:58] angelcerv21: same here [20:41:02] julieiskeygrace: yeah but actually that one's kind of died out a bit, its more of an english one now [20:41:15] angelcerv21: Alotta FaJina [20:41:18] guaaaache: I hate 'pashing' [20:41:27] guaaaache: do people still say that? [20:41:33] julieiskeygrace: people usually say pulling now [20:41:36] angelcerv21: don't know that one [20:41:44] julieiskeygrace: "you want tae pull ma pal?" [20:41:53] guaaaache: HAHAHA [20:41:58] angelcerv21: what does that mean? [20:42:03] angelcerv21: blow job? [20:42:07] julieiskeygrace: basically would you like to kiss my friend [20:42:07] guaaaache: hand job I think [20:42:08] angelcerv21: something to do with the penis? [20:42:17] angelcerv21: oh ok [20:42:18] julieiskeygrace: nah if you pull someone you make out with them [20:42:24] angelcerv21: oooh [20:42:26] julieiskeygrace: but if you're out on the pull then you're out to get laid [20:42:29] guaaaache: that's very misleading [20:42:35] angelcerv21: yes [20:42:42] julieiskeygrace: if you pull someone off then that's you givin them a handjob [20:42:43] angelcerv21: i'm getting horny [20:42:46] julieiskeygrace: or a wank as we call it [20:42:56] angelcerv21: jack off as we call it [20:42:57] julieiskeygrace: hahahaha sexy talk on bp, who ever would have guessed [20:43:02] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:43:03] guaaaache: slang is too confusing. I don't think I use it much [20:43:07] julieiskeygrace: ahh yeah, that's a very american one [20:43:24] angelcerv21: i'm jacking off right now [20:43:28] angelcerv21: jk [20:43:30] julieiskeygrace: lol :-D [20:43:36] guaaaache: haha dude [20:43:40] angelcerv21: ever go on chatroulette? [20:43:41] julieiskeygrace: there was an awesome one people used to say in school... [20:43:49] guaaaache: I'm too afraid to [20:43:51] julieiskeygrace: emmm "you wantae nip ma pal?" [20:43:59] angelcerv21: suck on the penis? [20:44:06] julieiskeygrace: nope that one was kiss too [20:44:11] angelcerv21: i wish I could suck my own dick [20:44:13] julieiskeygrace: a sooky!!! [20:44:15] julieiskeygrace: that was it!! [20:44:16] guaaaache: oh I thought of one! [20:44:29] julieiskeygrace: GEEZ A SOOKY!! :-D [20:44:34] angelcerv21: what's a sooky? [20:44:35] julieiskeygrace: that's a bj [20:44:36] guaaaache: if you 'pick up' here, it means you were out somewhere and either made out or had sex with some random person [20:44:38] angelcerv21: oh ok [20:44:47] julieiskeygrace: ahhh yeah that one makes sense [20:45:06] guaaaache: I think that's country slang, though [20:45:09] guaaaache: I haven't heard it here [20:45:14] julieiskeygrace: a stoaner is a hard-on [20:45:17] julieiskeygrace: which is a boner [20:45:31] julieiskeygrace: ah yeah like "gonna go pick up some chick" [20:45:32] guaaaache: we say hard-on, never boner [20:45:42] julieiskeygrace: really? we always think americans would say boner [20:45:49] julieiskeygrace: like fogel in superbad :-P [20:45:58] guaaaache: I'm not american [20:46:02] guaaaache: so yeah [20:46:03] angelcerv21: boner is american [20:46:05] angelcerv21: and hard-on [20:46:08] julieiskeygrace: ah wait sorry, i thought that was angel that said that [20:46:13] guaaaache: haha ok [20:46:30] angelcerv21: i like to go on chatroulette [20:46:38] *** PrettyKitty51015 has joined the chat. [20:46:38] angelcerv21: lots of guys jacking off [20:46:39] guaaaache: do you see a lot of penis? [20:46:45] guaaaache: ok you just answered [20:46:46] julieiskeygrace: but yeah boner's defo the american one. is chatroulette really that bad? [20:46:46] angelcerv21: who is pretty kitty? [20:46:55] PrettyKitty51015: I'm obviously PrettyKitty... [20:46:57] PrettyKitty51015: lol [20:46:57] julieiskeygrace: i don't know.. [20:46:58] angelcerv21: no its awesome [20:47:00] PrettyKitty51015: haha [20:47:04] angelcerv21: who are you on bp? [20:47:05] PrettyKitty51015: Laurentums [20:47:08] julieiskeygrace: ahhhhh [20:47:09] angelcerv21: ok [20:47:10] julieiskeygrace: i know you [20:47:11] guaaaache: everyone I've talked to mentioned there was a lot of penis [20:47:17] angelcerv21: not tons but lots [20:47:18] julieiskeygrace: yeah i read a thing in a mag about it [20:47:21] angelcerv21: so you get to chatting with them [20:47:26] guaaaache: what's the differences between tons and lots? [20:47:33] julieiskeygrace: tons is more? [20:47:35] julieiskeygrace: i'd guess [20:47:37] angelcerv21: and when they think you're a girl (like they do to me a lot) [20:47:39] angelcerv21: they wanna see [20:47:45] angelcerv21: tons is more [20:48:09] guaaaache: but neither is specific and just implies an uncountable many? [20:48:12] guaaaache: um, never mind [20:48:13] julieiskeygrace: yeah [20:48:22] angelcerv21: so then i flash them my dick when they wanna see and say I'm a hermaphrodite! freaks them out every time [20:48:34] angelcerv21: awesome fun [20:48:41] julieiskeygrace: hahaha i was gonna say, i think i can see where that one was goin :-D [20:48:50] angelcerv21: then the gay guys see me as male [20:48:55] angelcerv21: and want to see my goodies [20:49:03] angelcerv21: so i flash them my cute and tiny little boobies [20:49:08] julieiskeygrace: d'awww :-) [20:49:17] angelcerv21: they get all bug eyed [20:49:22] julieiskeygrace: hahaha [20:49:23] angelcerv21: click to the next person [20:49:30] guaaaache: I heard in japan they have man bras for fat dudes [20:49:34] julieiskeygrace: omg really? [20:49:41] angelcerv21: hahahahahaha [20:49:48] julieiskeygrace: that's amazing and horrific at the same time!!! [20:49:49] angelcerv21: i'm really laughing [20:49:51] guaaaache: well... it IS japan [20:49:57] angelcerv21: hahahahahahahah [20:49:57] julieiskeygrace: yeah that's true... [20:49:58] PrettyKitty51015: Hey, fat guys need less movement too... hahaha [20:49:58] julieiskeygrace: :-D [20:50:07] guaaaache: where anything is possible [20:50:07] guaaaache: especially if it's weird [20:50:08] PrettyKitty51015: I had to get my bearings. [20:50:08] angelcerv21: i feel bad for fat poeple [20:50:09] julieiskeygrace: like 70% of the world's messed up shit is from japan :-D [20:50:19] angelcerv21: hahahahahhaha [20:50:33] angelcerv21: i think you weren't born fat...what did you do to yourself??? [20:50:44] PrettyKitty51015: They're just always coming up with new stuff. I think that's a goal they have. "I must come up with something new" [20:50:55] guaaaache: the pub next door renovated and extended their pokies room so now the noise from those machines can be heard in my bedroom all day and all night [20:50:56] julieiskeygrace: yeahh and it just gets mental! its so fun [20:50:58] guaaaache: I might kill myself once I go insane [20:51:05] angelcerv21: pokies room? [20:51:33] angelcerv21: it's the world that goes mad, not me or you. And yet i'm the one on medication! [20:51:45] PrettyKitty51015: I'm thinking it's something to do with gambling.... [20:51:50] guaaaache: you say that but you have no idea how annoying the sound is [20:51:52] angelcerv21: poker? [20:51:53] julieiskeygrace: yeah i was thinking poker [20:51:56] PrettyKitty51015: All I can think of is slots. [20:52:01] guaaaache: yes, slots [20:52:04] guaaaache: we call them pokies [20:52:05] PrettyKitty51015: ching ching ching. [20:52:26] julieiskeygrace: ha! yeah so do we! [20:52:23] angelcerv21: they're pretty cute [20:52:23] guaaaache: I thought pokies was bad [20:52:22] PrettyKitty51015: pugs! [20:52:18] angelcerv21: we have pug dogs [20:52:16] guaaaache: puggies! hahha [20:52:13] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [20:52:09] julieiskeygrace: ahhh we call them puggies [20:52:09] angelcerv21: i hate the noise [20:52:33] guaaaache: but puggies is funny [20:52:40] julieiskeygrace: yeahh or the one armed bandit [20:52:43] angelcerv21: my psychologist wants me as his guinea pig [20:52:46] PrettyKitty51015: I think they're both rather laugh inducing. [20:52:51] angelcerv21: some new therapy or treatment or something [20:52:56] angelcerv21: he said it's going to be taped [20:53:01] PrettyKitty51015: that's not odd at all... [20:53:02] julieiskeygrace: yeahh? [20:53:15] angelcerv21: right that's what I tell myself, not odd at all [20:53:20] julieiskeygrace: what so they can learn? [20:53:23] angelcerv21: it's a 10 week intensive thing [20:53:24] PrettyKitty51015: new treatment has to be tested, I suppose. [20:53:26] angelcerv21: yeah [20:53:39] julieiskeygrace: sounds a bit suspect [20:53:40] angelcerv21: they learn how to do it, see if it works... [20:53:45] angelcerv21: i wouldn't be the only one i don't think [20:53:46] guaaaache: it's not odd to be taped, is it? I've been taped before [20:53:51] angelcerv21: the fact it's taped is trippy [20:53:55] PrettyKitty51015: That's how they have to test every new treatment by any drug companies /etc. [20:54:04] guaaaache: but i think it was just for the purpose of referring back [20:54:06] PrettyKitty51015: It suddenly makes me think of these movies that are claiming to be documentaries... [20:54:17] guaaaache: it's in case they miss something at the time [20:54:22] PrettyKitty51015: Oh it makes sense to tape it. [20:54:23] julieiskeygrace: yeah that'd make sense, but surely just observing and taking notes would do that job? [20:54:28] PrettyKitty51015: Just almost surreal to think about it. [20:54:29] angelcerv21: i want my mood stabilizers! I'm either playing games called messin' with cops or asleep because i hate being awake [20:54:30] julieiskeygrace: unless they're looking for different things [20:54:42] guaaaache: they tape to be sure so they don't miss anything [20:54:49] julieiskeygrace: yeah i think you've had enough messin with cops for the time being angel! [20:54:51] guaaaache: something might not occur to them while taking notes etc [20:55:00] angelcerv21: yeah they want to be all thorough [20:55:08] angelcerv21: i can't believe they didn't arrest me last night! [20:55:16] julieiskeygrace: yeah i guess its sensible but i just don't like that idea [20:55:18] julieiskeygrace: i know! [20:55:20] angelcerv21: i was drunk and manic and laughing while they pointed guns at me [20:55:25] PrettyKitty51015: whaaaatt? [20:55:28] PrettyKitty51015: did I miss the story? [20:55:37] angelcerv21: i posted it on my lj and on bp [20:55:39] julieiskeygrace: man i still can't get my head around your polis having guns :-\ [20:55:43] PrettyKitty51015: I'll read it. [20:55:51] angelcerv21: your police don't have guns? [20:55:58] guaaaache: I don't think ours do either [20:56:01] julieiskeygrace: nope, just truncheons [20:56:07] angelcerv21: what's that? [20:56:10] guaaaache: or maybe they do [20:56:11] julieiskeygrace: and sometimes those tazer things and dogs [20:56:18] angelcerv21: yeah ours have all the above [20:56:19] julieiskeygrace: a truncheon's just a bat thing [20:56:30] julieiskeygrace: like to beat people with if they get jumped [20:56:40] angelcerv21: oh we call those beatin sticks I thought for sure i was gonna get that or a tazer or a gunshot or something [20:56:41] PrettyKitty51015: a baton... [20:56:55] guaaaache: I can't feel my feet [20:56:55] angelcerv21: all i meant to do was show him my knife [20:57:00] angelcerv21: he asked if i had weapons [20:57:03] angelcerv21: walk? [20:57:08] guaaaache: they're too cold [20:57:10] julieiskeygrace: haha beatin sticks [20:57:23] julieiskeygrace: socks? [20:57:38] angelcerv21: slippers [20:57:41] guaaaache: i'm wearing socks and shoes [20:57:43] julieiskeygrace: mmmm slippers :-) [20:57:50] angelcerv21: shoes are too restrictive [20:57:57] angelcerv21: like handcuffs [20:57:58] guaaaache: these are ok [20:58:01] julieiskeygrace: ooh you'll like that one... slippers in scotland... aka baffies [20:58:09] angelcerv21: baffies hahahahahahahahahahahahaha [20:58:23] angelcerv21: oh time to take my pill, i'm GOING to take it tonight! [20:58:27] guaaaache: what the hell scotland [20:58:31] julieiskeygrace: yeahh cause its for comin out the bath (which we tend to pronounce baff) so they're your baffies [20:59:02] julieiskeygrace: and your uh... your bathrobe you guys say? that's your goony [20:59:21] julieiskeygrace: or your hoosecoat [20:59:45] angelcerv21: al-oo-min-um [20:59:45] julieiskeygrace: aww yeah me neither! that "aluminum" way of saying it [20:59:31] angelcerv21: aluminum [20:59:25] guaaaache: I don't understand the american pronunciation of aluminium [20:59:48] julieiskeygrace: haha yeah! [21:00:00] angelcerv21: no it's better this way: a-loo-min-um [21:00:08] guaaaache: hoosecoat??? [21:00:09] guaaaache: aloooominum [21:00:12] angelcerv21: or like this: uh-loo-min-um [21:00:27] guaaaache: yeah, it's weird [21:00:27] julieiskeygrace: one of my favourite bands have a song that starts "i pronounce it al-u-min-ee-um, cause there's an I next to the U and M" [21:00:42] angelcerv21: no there isn't [21:00:49] angelcerv21: it's spelled aluminum [21:01:00] julieiskeygrace: we spell it aluminium [21:01:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: fewer syllables [21:01:03] angelcerv21: what, why? [21:01:13] angelcerv21: that is hard to say! [21:01:22] julieiskeygrace: al-yoo-min-ee-um :-) [21:01:26] PrettyKitty51015: maybe because we're used to our version Angel. [21:01:29] PrettyKitty51015: lol [21:01:33] guaaaache: we do that as well [21:01:33] guaaaache: we say al u min ee um [21:01:37] PrettyKitty51015: I just tried to say it once or twice and it was odd... [21:01:41] angelcerv21: pretty kitty where do you live? [21:01:44] PrettyKitty51015: Florida. [21:01:46] angelcerv21: ok [21:01:57] PrettyKitty51015: Freaking sauna of the states. [21:02:03] angelcerv21: i'm in the cold part [21:02:05] julieiskeygrace: haha wanna trade? [21:02:08] PrettyKitty51015: Please. [21:02:08] angelcerv21: washington state [21:02:13] PrettyKitty51015: I'm not meant to live here, I know it. [21:02:13] angelcerv21: no i wana trade [21:02:25] angelcerv21: i'm not meant to live in america i know it [21:02:28] julieiskeygrace: everyone should just live in scotland, its pretty :-) [21:02:31] julieiskeygrace: and its nice here [21:02:33] PrettyKitty51015: I'll trade with either... [21:02:41] PrettyKitty51015: Scotland? [21:02:42] julieiskeygrace: yeah [21:02:44] julieiskeygrace: bonnie scotland :-D [21:02:49] angelcerv21: i thought of a school in scotland to apply to but they don't have a psych program... [21:02:53] PrettyKitty51015: Angel, you take Scotland and I'll take washington. [21:02:58] PrettyKitty51015: lol [21:02:59] julieiskeygrace: which one was it? [21:03:04] angelcerv21: i think st andrews [21:03:07] PrettyKitty51015: then Julie can take florida. [21:03:09] angelcerv21: that really old one [21:03:19] julieiskeygrace: ahhh yeahh, they're very fancy shmancy up there [21:03:22] guaaaache: the writing in this window is so fucking small. I need to figure out how to make it bigger [21:03:30] angelcerv21: just expand it [21:03:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: Etymology of Aluminum on Wikipedia [21:03:48] angelcerv21: it looks like a great school but there's no psych program at least from what i learned online [21:04:52] guaaaache: *cough* UNSW [21:04:58] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:05:01] julieiskeygrace: yeah its one of the good ones.. tbh the only good one to go to in scotland is glasgow, its got the best reputation and its a nice school, or strathclyde university is also good [21:05:03] angelcerv21: oh yes that one i'm interested in [21:05:22] angelcerv21: the one is australia [21:05:29] julieiskeygrace: lol alena, they've got both... Aluminium [21:05:34] angelcerv21: funny, all these schools are cheaper than in the states [21:05:40] angelcerv21: hahahaha [21:05:42] julieiskeygrace: you saw strathclyde too? [21:05:48] angelcerv21: alena you come up with some funny stuff [21:05:50] angelcerv21: not that one yet [21:05:53] angelcerv21: never heard of it [21:05:56] angelcerv21: but glasgow yes [21:06:04] julieiskeygrace: ahh its the other uni in glasgow, its really good too [21:06:11] guaaaache: also, you pronounce water very differently in the US [21:06:16] angelcerv21: what one are you at? [21:06:27] angelcerv21: how is it differently pronounced? [21:06:30] julieiskeygrace: glasgow's good for the arts, and the oldey subjects like law and all that, i'm at glasgow [21:06:38] guaaaache: more emphasis on the t and r [21:06:50] angelcerv21: oh yes we say ER with every er word [21:07:03] PrettyKitty51015: true. [21:07:07] angelcerv21: that's why its fun to go into places and speak british and trip people out [21:07:08] guaaaache: we soften ts and rs a lot here [21:07:13] angelcerv21: there's slang for ya - trip [21:07:25] julieiskeygrace: lol yeah that's one we definitely don't use [21:07:43] angelcerv21: one can have a trip (acid, mushrooms) experience something trippy, trip someone else out [21:07:45] julieiskeygrace: only in relation to drugs lol like a bad trip which i'm sure is a universal one [21:07:50] angelcerv21: yeah [21:07:54] julieiskeygrace: lol ah yeah :-) [21:08:01] angelcerv21: but we expand it out to perfectly sober things [21:08:07] julieiskeygrace: ahhhh [21:08:12] julieiskeygrace: yeah that one we don't do [21:08:23] julieiskeygrace: we just have like "aww mann i was pure trippin" [21:08:28] angelcerv21: i saw a trippy this or that, he was all tripped out from the whatever... [21:08:39] guaaaache: everything seems to be pure this and that in scotland [21:08:46] angelcerv21: at barter faire, i take acid [21:08:48] julieiskeygrace: but more likely, we'd say something like "i was meltit" (like melted) or "i was chewin my face aff" [21:09:00] julieiskeygrace: yeah, pure's just one of those words we use all the time [21:09:14] guaaaache: i like reading irvine welsh when he writes in the scottish accent [21:09:14] julieiskeygrace: like how its stereotypical for americans to say like, we've got pure [21:09:16] angelcerv21: ewan mcgregor is fucking hot [21:09:19] julieiskeygrace: "pure dead brilliant" [21:09:31] julieiskeygrace: aww ewan mcgregor would get it so bad, i love that man [21:09:38] PrettyKitty51015: how can you hate him? [21:09:40] PrettyKitty51015: seriously? [21:09:46] PrettyKitty51015: he's too awesome [21:09:50] angelcerv21: only time i hear pure is when it's in reference to coke [21:09:54] julieiskeygrace: yeah irvine welsh stuff is pretty difficult to read, he writes specifically in edinburgh slang [21:10:08] angelcerv21: i've heard of that guy [21:10:16] angelcerv21: couldn't be as bad as clockwork orange [21:10:18] guaaaache: hmm, I only found it really hard to read for the first chapter, but you get used to it [21:10:18] angelcerv21: hard one to read [21:10:25] julieiskeygrace: hahaha that's the nickname for the subway in glasgow [21:10:27] guaaaache: reading out loud on the other hand is really fucking hard [21:10:49] guaaaache: I could not read clockwork orange at all. I will try again some other time [21:11:05] angelcerv21: couldn't read it? after a couple chapters you start to understand it [21:11:11] julieiskeygrace: i've not even tried to, i got told it was too brutal for me [21:11:12] angelcerv21: devotchka is a girl [21:11:15] guaaaache: thing is, in trainspotting some of the characters have slightly different accents so you start to notice it as you read [21:11:21] angelcerv21: mellovech is a boy or man [21:11:35] angelcerv21: the context helps you [21:11:35] julieiskeygrace: yeahh have you seen trainspotting? [21:11:41] angelcerv21: love that movie! [21:11:42] guaaaache: seen it and read it [21:11:45] julieiskeygrace: so good! [21:11:52] guaaaache: I needed the subtitles for the movie :-( so embarrassing [21:11:54] julieiskeygrace: ewan mcgregor gets his dong out again [21:12:01] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [21:12:05] guaaaache: he also climbs into a toilet [21:12:07] julieiskeygrace: lol part of trainspotting was filmed in a pub up the road from me :-) [21:12:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: YEAH! TOILET DRUGS MOVIE! :D [21:12:15] angelcerv21: cool [21:12:19] guaaaache: in the worse toilet in scotland [21:12:28] angelcerv21: there's a sign on it and everything [21:12:29] julieiskeygrace: its called the crosslands, haha yeah that one is actually in edinburgh [21:12:30] angelcerv21: that says that hahahahahaha [21:12:40] angelcerv21: have you gone to see the toilet? [21:12:46] guaaaache: are you talking about the one that was really gross? they were always in pubs [21:12:53] julieiskeygrace: i haven't actually... although i'd be tempted to [21:12:54] angelcerv21: at the beginning [21:13:00] angelcerv21: when he dives in to go after his drugs [21:13:05] julieiskeygrace: yeah where he takes the drugs and dives in, [21:13:07] julieiskeygrace: lol aye [21:13:12] guaaaache: which he shat out because he was no longer constipated [21:13:16] julieiskeygrace: hahahahaah yeahhh! [21:13:18] angelcerv21: hahahah yeah [21:13:21] angelcerv21: shat... i love that [21:13:25] angelcerv21: i use it more than any american i know [21:13:30] guaaaache: I like how sickboy went off dope just because he did [21:13:36] julieiskeygrace: lol yeah its a good one [21:13:38] guaaaache: and he had to interact with everyone sober and it was awful [21:13:42] angelcerv21: i love the end where he rips them all off [21:13:54] angelcerv21: remember the job interview? HAHAHAHAHHA [21:14:03] julieiskeygrace: yeah the end is amazing, haha i know guys that have done that for job interviews :-D [21:14:32] guaaaache: at the end of the sequel book he does that again [21:14:35] julieiskeygrace: yeah? [21:14:39] guaaaache: haha yeah! [21:14:56] julieiskeygrace: i've not actually read it [21:15:08] guaaaache: "do you have any weaknesses" *shakes head furiously* OH ACTUALLY YESSS! I'M A BIT EUV A PERFICTIONIST! [21:15:09] angelcerv21: moulin rouge [21:15:14] angelcerv21: ewan mcgregor looked his best [21:15:30] julieiskeygrace: aww he's just amazing in that [21:15:32] angelcerv21: and he was singing ooooooooohhhhhhh i melted [21:15:51] julieiskeygrace: you know he was pissed off he wasn't allowed to get his dick out in that? [21:15:51] angelcerv21: i'm supposed to be a guy but i really have no gender preference for hotness [21:15:54] angelcerv21: really? [21:15:56] PrettyKitty51015: he was so adorable in it. [21:16:04] guaaaache: have you seen that really long ad about Jack Daniels that Begbie is in? [21:16:07] angelcerv21: and of course star wars [21:16:13] julieiskeygrace: yeah cause he's got this famously big wang, he likes to get it out in every movie he can [21:16:14] angelcerv21: no! [21:16:23] angelcerv21: wang? HAHAHAHAHAHA [21:16:44] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know a few people with the last name of Wang [21:16:50] angelcerv21: HAHAHAHA [21:16:50] julieiskeygrace: and the bit where nicole kidman's ripping off his clothes and goes "ooh big boy!" he wanted to get it out but they wouldn't let him and he threw a hissy fit :-P lol yeah wang, is that another one? [21:16:58] angelcerv21: yes! I just thought of that [21:17:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: actually, my brother and his friend once knew someone from school - name of Jack Wang [21:17:12] angelcerv21: he almost could have done it [21:17:18] angelcerv21: wow [21:17:21] julieiskeygrace: hahaha awww that'd give us endless laughs [21:17:29] angelcerv21: i'm so glad my name is just a beaner name [21:17:38] angelcerv21: it could be something like milo harry balls [21:17:41] julieiskeygrace: beaner? [21:17:47] guaaaache: it's a common chinese last name [21:17:48] guaaaache: I can't find that ad on youtube :-( [21:17:53] angelcerv21: derogatory slang for a hispanic [21:17:54] AlenaBrolxFlami: Julie - Wang is a Chinese last name [21:17:56] guaaaache: I've only seen it at the cinema, not on tv [21:18:21] julieiskeygrace: ahhhh right, yeah i know a few people with the last name wang, but it means dick here [21:18:22] julieiskeygrace: :-P [21:18:28] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [21:18:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: ooh... there's this local store here called WANG ON BLINDS [21:18:41] julieiskeygrace: its kind of a silly one though, like 'willy' [21:18:51] angelcerv21: makes wang sound like a verb [21:18:56] julieiskeygrace: hahahahah [21:18:55] *** Bluemarz04 has joined the chat. [21:19:03] angelcerv21: oh we got another [21:19:19] julieiskeygrace: oooo another one [21:19:23] Bluemarz04: yep, i'm here lol [21:19:31] PrettyKitty51015: Yay! more people... not like I'm really talking a ton... >.> [21:19:33] angelcerv21: just took my ace bandage off....sigh.... [21:19:48] angelcerv21: 6 of us [21:19:48] guaaaache: I really want to go and see this movie called Le Hérrison [21:19:51] julieiskeygrace: i'm definitely going to have to hit the hay soon, though [21:19:57] angelcerv21: aw [21:20:03] angelcerv21: hit the hay... we use that [21:20:04] julieiskeygrace: its 5.20 AM :-P [21:20:07] angelcerv21: damn [21:20:09] julieiskeygrace: aw, do you? [21:20:12] angelcerv21: that is when i went to bed last night [21:20:17] julieiskeygrace: i like that one [21:20:18] angelcerv21: i drove rather tipsy [21:20:25] angelcerv21: my first time ever [21:20:26] guaaaache: I'm going to have to study and pack up my stuff soon [21:20:28] angelcerv21: i took the back roads [21:20:31] julieiskeygrace: oooh you'll like this one too, my dad says it for going to bed "i'm away to my scratcher" [21:20:37] angelcerv21: scratcher? [21:20:41] julieiskeygrace: yeah [21:20:48] julieiskeygrace: means bed [21:20:50] julieiskeygrace: kind of [21:20:51] guaaaache: I say "I'm gonna crash" [21:20:56] angelcerv21: i do too [21:20:59] julieiskeygrace: yeah, we say that too [21:21:13] angelcerv21: my cat has a scratcher, she literally scratches on it though, that's what it's for [21:21:15] julieiskeygrace: or 'i'm off to my kip' [21:21:16] guaaaache: your friend said that to you once, and you thought she meant car crash [21:21:19] angelcerv21: oooh got a joke [21:21:21] angelcerv21: joke time [21:21:27] angelcerv21: k so there's these birds in a tree [21:21:29] julieiskeygrace: yes!! i was thinking about that one there when you said it! [21:21:34] angelcerv21: this guy is washing his car under it [21:21:36] julieiskeygrace: god i wanted to kill her for that [21:21:41] guaaaache: I can't believe we remember that [21:21:56] angelcerv21: yeah that was a long time ago [21:22:03] julieiskeygrace: lol akno! i'm well surprised [21:22:04] angelcerv21: ok back to the joke [21:22:04] julieiskeygrace: :-) [21:22:11] julieiskeygrace: ok joke :-) [21:22:13] guaaaache: and then? [21:22:18] angelcerv21: so he washing his car and gets nervous that the birds in the tree will shit all over it [21:22:29] angelcerv21: so he tries to shoo them away [21:22:32] angelcerv21: they won't go away' [21:22:40] angelcerv21: so he goes in his house and gets a shotgun to scare them away [21:22:46] angelcerv21: he fires the shotgun [21:22:51] angelcerv21: and most of them fly away [21:22:56] angelcerv21: but there's this one little bird left [21:23:00] angelcerv21: he tries to shoo it [21:23:06] angelcerv21: he shoots again but it doesn't scare it away [21:24:26] angelcerv21: know why? [21:24:27] julieiskeygrace: why? [21:24:27] julieiskeygrace: he shot it? [21:24:27] angelcerv21: because that was a little deaf bird [21:24:29] julieiskeygrace: awwwwwww [21:24:30] PrettyKitty51015: awww [21:24:30] angelcerv21: my deaf friend Thomas told me that [21:24:30] angelcerv21: ok, got another one [21:24:31] guaaaache: I don't get it [21:24:31] angelcerv21: the bird didn't fly away from the shotgun blast like the others because it was deaf [21:24:32] guaaaache: was that a joke or just a story? [21:24:32] angelcerv21: ok nother one [21:24:34] angelcerv21: i think it was a joke [21:24:38] angelcerv21: my deaf friend told me [21:24:38] julieiskeygrace: after this, i'm off to bed then [21:24:41] angelcerv21: this one [21:24:42] angelcerv21: is real good [21:24:42] guaaaache: but why is it funny? [21:24:42] angelcerv21: wait one more [21:24:43] julieiskeygrace: i think its more awwww than funny [21:24:43] angelcerv21: yeah mostly [21:24:55] angelcerv21: k there's this mom and daughter at the zoo checking out the animals [21:25:04] angelcerv21: they walk along and see these two monkeys fucking [21:25:06] guaaaache: just go on don't worry [21:25:20] angelcerv21: "mommy mommy what are they doing?" the girl asks [21:25:23] angelcerv21: "oh they're just making cupcakes dear" says the mom [21:25:33] angelcerv21: they walk along [21:25:40] angelcerv21: and then see these two lions having sex [21:25:50] angelcerv21: "mommy mommy what are they doing?" the girl asks in amazement [21:25:59] angelcerv21: "oh they're just making cupcakes dear" says the mom [21:26:09] angelcerv21: they go home later and eat dinner and go to bed [21:26:18] angelcerv21: the next morning the little girl comes down for breakfast [21:26:32] angelcerv21: she asks mommy "you and daddy were making cupcakes last night, weren't you?" [21:26:37] angelcerv21: "yes how did you know?" says the mom [21:26:46] angelcerv21: "I licked some frosting off the couch" [21:26:50] PrettyKitty51015: OHHHHH [21:26:52] julieiskeygrace: =-O =-O =-O OHH!!!! [21:26:53] PrettyKitty51015: hahahaha [21:26:55] Bluemarz04: eww lol [21:26:57] julieiskeygrace: hahahahahahahahhaha :-D :-D [21:26:58] PrettyKitty51015: that's hilariously bad [21:26:59] julieiskeygrace: that's awesome! [21:27:15] guaaaache: that's so gross but funny [21:27:13] Bluemarz04: i second the awesome lol [21:27:07] guaaaache: oh god [21:27:06] angelcerv21: yeah pretty sick i think, i haven't heard one sicker [21:27:22] angelcerv21: hell yeah [21:27:26] angelcerv21: i love that joke [21:27:33] angelcerv21: i've carried it with me for years [21:27:49] guaaaache: I don't understand why people make up weird things, though [21:27:56] angelcerv21: what do you mean? [21:28:00] guaaaache: just tell the child they're having sex [21:28:02] julieiskeygrace: i've got one, then i'm off [21:28:04] PrettyKitty51015: oh i know. [21:28:13] angelcerv21: perhaps that's the moral of the story [21:28:20] angelcerv21: ok [21:28:21] angelcerv21: julie has one [21:28:26] PrettyKitty51015: true. [21:28:28] julieiskeygrace: its short and sweet :-P [21:28:32] guaaaache: that's another cute thing about that movie I told you. the girl thinks babies come from beer glasses [21:28:33] julieiskeygrace: what's red and bad for your teeth? [21:28:42] angelcerv21: what? [21:28:45] julieiskeygrace: a brick [21:28:51] PrettyKitty51015: hahaha [21:28:51] guaaaache: ha [21:28:51] angelcerv21: hahahahahahaha [21:28:53] angelcerv21: nice [21:28:58] angelcerv21: nice and literal [21:28:59] Bluemarz04: i like that lol [21:29:03] guaaaache: and she writes "where do babies come from in america?" [21:29:06] PrettyKitty51015: that was pretty awesome. [21:29:09] angelcerv21: where? [21:29:22] julieiskeygrace: also, two goldfish sitting in a tank, one turns to the other and says "How the fuck do you drive this thing??" [21:29:25] guaaaache: "in australia they come from beer" [21:29:37] angelcerv21: hahahahahahah tank i get it hahahahaha [21:29:53] julieiskeygrace: hahaha :-D i'm ashamed to say it took me AAAAGES to get that one [21:29:54] angelcerv21: jokes are great... wish i knew more than the sick ones [21:30:03] julieiskeygrace: i know some pretty horrific sick jokes [21:30:04] angelcerv21: here's one [21:30:09] angelcerv21: you like fishsticks? [21:30:13] guaaaache: I often don't get jokes [21:30:14] julieiskeygrace: hahahahahaha :-D [21:30:18] angelcerv21: like to put them in your mouth? [21:30:24] angelcerv21: you're a gay fish! [21:30:30] julieiskeygrace: i love that :-D [21:30:36] julieiskeygrace: is it kanye west that doesn't get it? [21:30:49] angelcerv21: yeah and he kills carlos mencia over it [21:30:54] julieiskeygrace: lmao :-D ayeee [21:31:11] guaaaache: huh? [21:31:15] julieiskeygrace: its in south park [21:31:18] angelcerv21: fishsticks / dicks [21:31:21] angelcerv21: play on words [21:31:28] angelcerv21: you like fishdicks / sticks? [21:31:31] angelcerv21: you're a gay fish [21:31:39] angelcerv21: a totally lame south park joke [21:31:40] guaaaache: who is kayne west though? [21:31:47] julieiskeygrace: it becomes the funniest joke in the world, but kanye west doesn't get it, he's a rapper [21:31:48] angelcerv21: a shitty rapper [21:31:55] julieiskeygrace: haha "shitty wok" [21:31:59] angelcerv21: hahahhahaha [21:32:02] angelcerv21: chitty chicken [21:32:08] julieiskeygrace: you want shitty beef? [21:32:14] guaaaache: "damn you mongolians, stop tearing down my shitty wall" [21:32:15] angelcerv21: hahahahhaa i always crack up [21:32:19] julieiskeygrace: hahahahahahahahahahah!!! [21:32:25] julieiskeygrace: i loved the mongolians one [21:32:31] angelcerv21: i love their take on asian accents in that show [21:32:34] julieiskeygrace: lol yeah :-D [21:32:43] angelcerv21: he actually builds the wall because he's chinese [21:32:45] julieiskeygrace: its like kim jong il in team america [21:32:49] angelcerv21: OOOOHHHHH [21:32:52] angelcerv21: brilliant! [21:33:02] angelcerv21: ronry....i'm so ronry.... [21:33:10] julieiskeygrace: so ronry and sadry arone... [21:33:10] guaaaache: hahah yeah! [21:33:20] angelcerv21: do we have a probrem??? [21:33:24] julieiskeygrace: hahahaha [21:33:27] guaaaache: "I'm the smartest, most handsome most physically fit, but nobody seems to realise it" [21:33:31] julieiskeygrace: FUCK YOU HANS BRIX [21:33:35] angelcerv21: and they do all those voices, mat parker and trey stone [21:33:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: that's SOOOOOO stereotypical [21:33:39] angelcerv21: brix [21:33:48] guaaaache: I like "it will be inebitable!" [21:33:49] angelcerv21: thats what makes it funny [21:33:52] julieiskeygrace: heeheee [21:33:56] julieiskeygrace: inebitabooowww [21:34:00] guaaaache: "what", "inebitable, open your fucking ears!" [21:34:18] julieiskeygrace: "just one more time?" [21:34:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: now that the infiltrator is out, I'm going to get naked [21:34:30] angelcerv21: the guy in his chair [21:34:37] angelcerv21: just wheeling around nonsensically [21:34:40] guaaaache: I like how his acting gets them in [21:34:42] julieiskeygrace: hahaha yeah JUST about to say that [21:34:45] angelcerv21: ooooh naked [21:34:47] angelcerv21: i'm topless [21:34:48] julieiskeygrace: and the bit where he's upside down in the chair [21:34:52] guaaaache: when he slowly waves his hand "I left it at home" [21:34:54] guaaaache: ok okay [21:35:01] angelcerv21: i took off my ace bandage and now my tiny little boobies are not all bound up [21:35:15] AlenaBrolxFlami: unlike Julie, I'm going to shower [21:35:19] guaaaache: I like their dancing [21:35:35] julieiskeygrace: why unlike me? [21:35:38] angelcerv21: that whole movie was just great [21:35:46] angelcerv21: cuz alena used to get called stinky [21:35:47] AlenaBrolxFlami: because I think you're going to bed [21:35:50] angelcerv21: but now you are julie [21:35:53] AlenaBrolxFlami: NO, ANGEL [21:35:59] angelcerv21: couldn't resist [21:36:03] guaaaache: "promise me you won't die" "i can't do that" "if you promise me I'll make love to you right now" ":O I PROMISE I WON'T DIE" [21:36:04] julieiskeygrace: ahhhh right... [21:36:08] julieiskeygrace: hahahahahahahahhh [21:36:18] julieiskeygrace: and then the following scenes... :-P [21:36:32] angelcerv21: did you see the american version where they shit in each other's mouths? [21:36:36] julieiskeygrace: =-O no! [21:36:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: but I will be back after a shower... bidding a pre-emptive "goodnight" to our resident Scottish lass :D [21:36:47] guaaaache: I like the song when he's riding around on his motorbike as well [21:36:49] julieiskeygrace: that's mankin lol cheeeeeers :-) night night [21:36:49] guaaaache: yeah [21:36:59] angelcerv21: night night [21:37:05] angelcerv21: you saw it guaaache? [21:37:17] guaaaache: "pearl harbour sucked a little bit more than I miss you" [21:37:17] guaaaache: yeah, I did [21:37:24] angelcerv21: oh man that was sick! [21:37:27] julieiskeygrace: yeah the "i miss you like michael bay missed the point, when he made pearl harbour [21:37:33] guaaaache: the whole movie was pretty sick [21:37:40] PrettyKitty51015: i laughed so hard at that movie. [21:37:42] angelcerv21: at first, it was banned, but then it became easy to, you guessed it, long live the internet [21:37:44] angelcerv21: me too [21:37:49] angelcerv21: i think it was brilliant [21:37:52] julieiskeygrace: i need you like ben affleck needs acting school he was terrible in that film [21:37:55] angelcerv21: like south park but better [21:38:00] PrettyKitty51015: hahaha [21:38:00] PrettyKitty51015: Matt. Damon. [21:38:02] angelcerv21: afflack [21:38:05] julieiskeygrace: i need you like cuba gooding needed a bigger part... he's way better than ben affleck and now... [21:38:11] angelcerv21: hahahahahaha [21:38:15] julieiskeygrace: all i can think about is your smile, and that shitty movie too [21:38:17] PrettyKitty51015: I still use that all the time. [21:38:19] angelcerv21: anybody got any more jokes? [21:38:22] guaaaache: I like when he's waving at them going "it's me! it's me" and they're like "what is he saying? looks like he's saying 'kiss me, kiss me" "SMART ASS MOTHERFUCKER" [21:38:25] julieiskeygrace: cause pearl harbour sucked.. and i miss you [21:38:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: wait - which movie is this? [21:38:34] julieiskeygrace: emmmmm i know some horrible jokes [21:38:39] PrettyKitty51015: hahahahah that's one of my favorites guaaaache [21:38:42] angelcerv21: team america [21:39:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah - never seen it [21:39:02] angelcerv21: america....fuck [21:39:02] guaaaache: and when he talks to them and his arabic is just "durka durka jihad" [21:39:07] angelcerv21: you should see it!!!! [21:39:11] julieiskeygrace: "SLAVERY- FUCK YEAH!" [21:39:14] guaaaache: slavery - fuck yeah [21:39:15] PrettyKitty51015: hahahaha [21:39:16] angelcerv21: hahahahahah i fuckin loved that! [21:39:18] julieiskeygrace: hahahah :-D [21:39:27] angelcerv21: that song kills me every time [21:39:29] julieiskeygrace: "pak shirpa shirpa muhammed jihad" [21:39:32] PrettyKitty51015: how can it not!? [21:39:55] PrettyKitty51015: My friend actually made a dvd of the movie on her computer and wrote some of the fake arabic on it. No name. Just the fake arabic. [21:39:59] julieiskeygrace: see the bit when the terrorist guy's like "you have balls, i like balls" [21:40:01] julieiskeygrace: lolllll [21:40:06] PrettyKitty51015: >.< [21:40:13] guaaaache: and the beginning when the little french boy is singing frère jaques [21:40:16] julieiskeygrace: hahahah yeah [21:40:45] julieiskeygrace: right, its starting to get light out! i am most definitely hitting the hay! [21:40:47] PrettyKitty51015: oh oh oh, don't forget about the rip into Rent. [21:40:48] angelcerv21: i brought america fuck yeah up on youtube... who wants it?? [21:40:53] PrettyKitty51015: Sleep well! [21:40:54] angelcerv21: oh yeah! [21:40:54] guaaaache: and when they're driving along later - "I love your balls!" [21:41:09] julieiskeygrace: night night everyone :-) [21:41:12] angelcerv21: night night [21:41:16] PrettyKitty51015: "AIDS, EVERYBODY'S GOT AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS" [21:41:33] *** julieiskeygrace has left the chat. [21:41:33] angelcerv21: there was a south park episode about that - jared and his aides [21:41:45] *** Bluemarz04 has left the chat. [21:41:47] PrettyKitty51015: YESSSSSSS [21:41:49] PrettyKitty51015: america!! [21:42:07] PrettyKitty51015: I haven't heard this song in a while, sadly. [21:42:19] PrettyKitty51015: Just as funny as the first time. [21:42:21] PrettyKitty51015: Except I can breathe. [21:43:01] angelcerv21: aids for children foundation [21:43:06] guaaaache: I like spotsworth [21:43:06] guaaaache: have you seen some of the other movies those guys have done? [21:43:40] guaaaache: have you seen Orgasmo? [21:43:49] PrettyKitty51015: no... [21:44:02] guaaaache: it's just another movie trey and matt made [21:44:07] guaaaache: they both act in it [21:44:13] guaaaache: it's really awful but so awful to the point of being good [21:44:17] angelcerv21: i want to see baysketball [21:44:31] angelcerv21: this song....who did it? [21:44:36] angelcerv21: matt and trey? [21:44:43] guaaaache: which song? [21:44:43] angelcerv21: the internet...slavery fuck yeah! [21:44:49] guaaaache: I think they write and play all the songs [21:44:49] angelcerv21: america fuck yeah [21:44:57] guaaaache: they have a band as well [21:45:06] angelcerv21: i know primus does the theme song to south park [21:45:45] angelcerv21: porno....bed bath and beyond [21:45:54] angelcerv21: bandaids, christmas [21:45:59] angelcerv21: oh my god hilarious [21:46:11] guaaaache: Orgazmo theme song [21:46:27] angelcerv21: sportsmanship...books [21:47:17] angelcerv21: oh i haven't seen this movie! is it available online? [21:47:29] guaaaache: Orgazmo is about a JW (Trey parker) who starts working in porn for some reason [21:47:35] guaaaache: I'd say so [21:47:53] angelcerv21: my internet is being all slow how irritating [21:47:57] angelcerv21: i have to let it load [21:48:03] angelcerv21: smoke time [21:48:06] guaaaache: and that's trey parker singing in that song [21:48:11] angelcerv21: guess what guys I haven't had weed in three weeks [21:48:22] angelcerv21: so i mean smoke a cigarette [21:48:59] angelcerv21: i was hoping to be piss tested for a job because i still desire it very much [21:49:19] angelcerv21: i was propositioned to do herm porn [21:49:27] angelcerv21: it was a shocking request [21:49:29] guaaaache: and? [21:49:33] angelcerv21: i said no, of course [21:49:47] angelcerv21: i mean i was kinda scared of the guy who asked [21:49:48] angelcerv21: he came to my house [21:49:59] guaaaache: someone randomly asked me to be a in threesome once, because someone decided they didn't want to do it anymore [21:50:04] angelcerv21: he said it was great for me to do it because I was "all natural" [21:50:10] guaaaache: it was kind of creepy [21:50:13] angelcerv21: yeah creepy [21:50:19] guaaaache: like it was way too casual [21:50:32] angelcerv21: but i know if i got into that they would make me take drugs, and i'd be a lot crazier than I already am [21:50:37] guaaaache: "hey would you be interested in being in a threesome tonight because our friend decided not to anymore" [21:50:45] angelcerv21: well, some people are into that [21:50:51] angelcerv21: i've been in a threesome [21:51:07] guaaaache: yeah but wouldn't you just organise it for a later time instead of asking someone you barely know to be the replacement [21:51:12] guaaaache: I seriously didn't know that person [21:51:18] PrettyKitty51015: haha [21:51:21] guaaaache: lol... Orgazmo [21:51:26] PrettyKitty51015: that is a bit odd. [21:51:31] angelcerv21: hmm yeah you want to do it with your close-knit type of people

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