Saturday, February 07, 2004

$40 for dinner?! We should be eating panda meat or something...

Dave gave me a ride to the Macaroni Grill after Awana..
there were a lot of people that showed up: me, him, Sean..
Nathan, Eric, Des, Dylan, Vernon, Sarah, Denise, Brian, Edwin..
Citrus, Danielle, Gabe, Alan, Daniel, Michelle, Dawn..
Sean told us that 15 people had called him today..
they all had said they were coming, but decided not to..
Denise demanded names, and was compiling a hitlist..
Dianne, Norman, Eddie, and others were on it.. watch out!

we talked about a lot of things.. life, friends, updates, Jon..
how Batman maintained the Batcave with Alfred, taxes, email..
Sean's "ambiguity" when it came to a certain matter in life..
Dave saying Vivian needed to "tone down the emoticons" in the Fellowship emails..
Edwin responding to Dave's bugging him about his job..
"you're always so vague, and use lots of financial euphemisms!"
Nathan saying that his card was perfect for the metrosexual..
(it had Snow White and Jasmine from Aladdin on it, hahaha)
Daniel and Michelle's gift of a huge box of Chinese snacks..
the very expensive bill at the end for "all-you-can-eat"..
since there was a gratuity charge tacked on, it was $40..
Denise saying that Sean was not a heterosexual..
his reaction was one of acceptance, actually.. lovely stuff :P

Jon called to say that Dave should drive me to Dragon Ball..
he'd be there later to have some bubble tea, so we went..
Dave and I discussed the expensive dinner bill..
"for that price, we should be eating panda meat..
that, or an endangered species / exotic stuff..
totally kills my budget for going out to eat, you know?"
his reaction was right on the money.. pun fully intended :P
my brother showed up with his CRU friend Jeremy in tow..
I read a true crime book; they played Big Two and blackjack..
of course, we also talked a little about general things..
apparently, Jeremy's brother also reads crime stuff..

Jeremy had durian ice cream with pearls.. didn't smell that bad..
Jon said that they should make Ty smell "essence of durian"..
I had lychee, and Jon had green apple.. no water chestnut!
(Nathan had that once, and he said it tasted like oyster)
afterwards, we dropped Jeremy off at a bus stop..
my brother got into another car accident this past week..
it was his fault for colliding into a bus.. that's all he'll say..
so now we're down to one car yet again.. too many accidents..
I'll be at church REALLY early tomorrow.. um, yay?
eh well, at least I had this time with my friends tonight.. :)

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I should sleep earlier!

I really should sleep earlier on Fridays or something..
woke up with only about 45 minutes to spare..
a quick check of my email revealed multiples from Jim..
didn't really mind that at all.. answered one, at least..
left the rest till now, while I'm at the library..
hopefully I'll be able to plow through them all now!

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What's going on?!

Eunice said she had a family dinner to go to.. feels really bad..
no real worries there; she'd been trying to phone me all day..
since I wasn't expecting any calls, I put the Call Block on..
if Jon was supposed to email me as she said, I got nothing!
then I called Helen to make plans for next Thursday..
she hadn't heard from anyone regarding Sophia's place..
but she did offer to give me a ride, which was nice of her..
at least I know where I'll be that night.. having fun, aye?

I called Jon just now to see what was happening tomorrow..
while he was harassing Ty and his friend Jeremy, he told me..
Sean's dinner is at the Romano Macaroni Grill, which is sweet..
was last there in January 2003 for Jason's birthday lunch..
he turned 30 then, and Sean's now 24.. birthdays at the Grill..
Jon told Dave to drive me there.. should be lots of people..
since he has to teach at 8, he's not sure about afterwards..
but someone should be available to drive me home later..
so much for trying to save my money from now on..
suppose it'll be a cheap Granville Sushi lunch tomorrow..
definitely looking forward to tomorrow.. more exciting ;)

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Friday, February 06, 2004

Lots of email from Jim!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAM.. I hope you have a terrific one today! :) It's been great getting to know you.. ya goober. ;)

I'm just valiantly plowing through all this email right now..
does it surprise me that half of them are from Jim?
at least, it seems that way.. he keeps emailing me, too ;)
like I joked earlier, my head will explode with more of it..
of course, I'm glad he's back.. I think he's a great friend..
he felt instantly comfortable with me.. that's special..
wants to bug me via IM programs, too.. watch out, eh? ;)
I know I'm not calling him "Captain Prawn" anytime soon..
also got drawn into a discussion with Sam earlier..
mostly about drinking and tattoos.. interesting topics..
discussed the time Phil and Alan shaved their heads..
Melia had to convince Auntie Ying that it would look better..
if their heads were all shaved, rather than partially done!
definitely liked my birthday wishes to him in Chinese..
what can I say.. I try to be great to my friends, hehehe ;)

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Friday Five.. questions about daring

Friday Five: Daring Things

1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

Probably run away from home for a period of ten hours or so.. yes, I'm SO daring. :P

2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother / friend / significant other would never approve of?

Hmm.. I'd like to try an extended trip to the States / Europe (or anywhere, really) to meet my online friends. (my mother would NEVER approve of it!)

3. On a scale of 1-10, what's your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it's a lifestyle)

I'd say about a 2 or 3.. I don't really like hang-gliding or any other extreme sports, so those are out. Occasionally, I take mini-risks.. but I couldn't tell you when the last time was. I take them so infrequently, you see.

4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold / risky?

There was the time that I got up the nerve to ask Andrea why she felt the way she did about a certain situation. We talked about it, and grew closer as a result. :)

5. ... and what's the worst?

Possibly the time I told a certain oversensitive someone (in my humble opinion) what I *really* thought of his actions.. they were hurting other people besides me. I expected him to turn against me.. what I didn't expect was the backlash by people I considered to be reasonably friendly toward me at that point!

So, quite a few "friendships" lost over that incident. (and no, I'm not referring to anything that you people know about)

Yup, I'm boring. :P

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Curried chicken pasta

I tried the curried chicken pasta at Ricky's earlier.. it rocks!
spicy curry, tomatoes, twisted pasta, mango, and chicken..
at least the onion pieces weren't as humungous as before..
I'd definitely have this dish again, simply because it's cool..
went home and called Auntie Gloria to talk for a while..
her mom has liver cancer, and has an appointment..
it'll be on Friday the thirteenth to be exact.. oh my!
also asked Eunice if she was going to Fellowship tomorrow..
since she is, I scored a ride off her.. beats the bus, aye?
Jim's going to blame his next disappearance on Text Twist..
well, it's not MY fault the game's so addictive.. hehehe ;)

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The Giant Prawn is Back!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DYLAN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been truly great knowing you at church.

here's a story on a baby born with two heads..
just my kind of story, too.. not that I'm weird or anything ;)
well, okay... those of you reading this will know differently..
speaking of which, *is* anybody reading this crap?
speak up NOW, as I won't allow you to hold your peace..
hehehe.. never mind, I get like that sometimes!

in other news: "the Giant Prawn" is back on RQ, at least..
decided to issue that APB several moments beforehand..
I'm keeping it up there for laughs.. yes, I'm goofy ;)
managed to work in a reference to Big Sugar's Pretty Bird..
we'll see whether he responds to it or not.. busy, I know ;)

someone also wanted me to link them to Text Twist..
for good measure, I'll throw in Lenny Loosejocks Solitaire too..
depends what sort of games he likes, I suppose..
but both can be evilly addicting.. this I know for sure!
(and yes, I am going to cross-post all these links like crazy..
damn the person who taught me how to do that!)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Alan Cross: Greatest New Rock Moments #90-81

This is Part 2 of the 10-part series started last week. As my brother says, the list is bound to be subjective in some way. That reminds me, I'll have to send him these lists.. we were talking about it last Friday at dinner. Maybe I'll put it up in the Subwoofer music forums, too.. that's assuming they cooperate with my computer!

90. Sept. 14, 1998: Diamond Multimedia announced the release of something called the Diamond Rio MP3 player. It was cheaper than the Korean version, and the first to go on sale in North America. The record company association filed a lawsuit against them, but the judges didn't agree with it.. soon, MP3 players were everywhere. Frank Black endorsed it, after all.

89. Nov. 11, 1987: U2 thought they'd play a free and unannounced concert in the middle of traffic in San Francisco. The stock market had crashed three weeks earlier, and they wanted to stage a "Save the Yuppies" concert. They played 10 songs, and Bono spray-painted the words "Rock and Roll Stops Traffic" on a fountain.. the civic officials weren't happy with this act of vandalism. In December, he apologized and paid to have it cleaned up.

88. Radiohead launches their career via a happy accident. Thom Yorke wrote a song about a girl he wanted to go out with, in an alcoholic stupor. Jonny Greenwood didn't like the song at all, and did everything he could to sabotage the song.. putting scratches on his guitar, and loud chords everywhere. Their producer liked the song, and recorded them in secret one day.. the song was Creep, which turned out to be a hit.

87. Allan Klein decides to take the royalties / copyrights off the Verve's song Bittersweet Symphony, on the 1997 album Urban Hymns. He decided to split the profits from the song 50-50, between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. (both of whom had no problem with the obscure 4.5-second song sample the song was built around) The Verve got only a flat $1000 for the song.. Richard Ashcroft will rue the day he picked up that old album of Stones cover songs.

86. Apr. 26, 1982: Joe Strummer disappeared, and the Clash comeback tour had to be scrapped. He was gone for eight weeks, and wasn't telling where he'd really been when he finally showed up. Was it a publicity stunt dreamed up by the manager, or something else? Whatever it was, it marked the beginning of the end for the Clash.

85. Feb. 1, 1995: What happened to Richie Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers? He had lots of problems with drugs and so forth. His dog died on Jan. 14, and he and James Dean Bradford checked into a hotel on Jan. 31. James wanted to go out, but Richie didn't. He stayed in and talked to his mom about how he really didn't want to go on his promo tour.

The next morning at 7, he went to his hometown.. dropped off Prozac and some money. His car was spotted 12 days later, near Petrie Bridge.. a favorite spot for suicide jumpers. Seven years later to the day, he was declared legally dead. Nobody knows what happened to him.

84. Feb. 19, 1996: Michael Jackson was on hand to pick up his Brit Award for Artist of a Generation. While he was on stage for a performance, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp decided to go on stage and protest in his own way. Michael found it inexplicable, and Jarvis was arrested (but not charged with anything).. he said it was a form of protest at how Michael viewed himself as a Christ-like figure.

He had the nerve to say what everyone else was thinking! It generated worldwide publicity for weeks when Jarvis Cocker decided to crash Michael Jackson's performance, all right.

83. 1989-1990: The Stone Roses were the next big thing in Britain. However, their old indie record company pushed them a little too far. They wanted a piece of the hype and re-released a song called Savage Cinnamon, but negotiations got nowhere. Richard Birch and his girlfriend ran FM-Revolver, and their office and cars were painted all over by the band taking revenge. The band was arrested and charged, but the judge said that prison time might lead to a lot of notoriety.

82. Oct. 19, 1993: Pearl Jam got around to releasing their second album Vs. The week after, they set a record for album sales at 952,078. Guns N' Roses were the next-closest band, with sales of some 750,000-odd albums in the week after the release of Use Your Illusion 1 and 2. Grunge / alt-rock / modern rock had arrived, and the mind-boggling record would stand for years until Garth Brooks and N Sync shattered it.

81. Sept. 1, 1990: The Cure debuts a new album in a most unusual way. They'd set up a pirate radio transmitter on the roof of their manager's building, and CURE-FM was on the air.. but it had technical difficulties. On Oct. 6, they tried again.. and had a five-hour show interspersed with traffic / weather reports.

So there you have it! Stay tuned for the next eight weeks! :)

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RQ chat and J. Geils Band songs

today, I spent time in an RQ chat.. nothing new!
Rhett said that he was having pizza and bubble tea..
I thought the BBT part was cool since he's from New York..
so I asked him what flavor the bubble tea was..
he said it had no flavor, and it wasn't the green tea one..
my theory was that it didn't have any bubbles in it..
his answer was that it did, but had no flavor.. "sheesh!"
whatever you say, dude.. I'm not going to argue with ya..
especially since we've only just begun to IM..
still, though.. the question's not very hard to answer! :P

I can't believe Sarah thinks Centrefold is from the 90's..
she may have listened to it in high school / college..
but I think the explanation is that she was on an 80's kick..
that, or she's glommed onto a very similar song..
looked it up for her to make sure.. it was a hit in 1982 :P

earlier tonight, I was looking at a question on what our thoughts were at that time..
my answer was: "whether my brother's seen Big Fish yet"..
then I looked at the previous answers to that one..
someone mentioned a Kikkoman soy sauce flash animation..
for some reason, that made me think of an ex-someone..
he had mentioned it to me once while we were talking..
I'd seen it before.. courtesy of who, I don't remember..
but thank goodness it wasn't that particular person!

that sparked unwelcome thoughts and memories of him..
and of the avatar that he uses at a certain message board..
after I wondered what to do about this for a while..
I decided to listen to Collective Soul / Big Sugar / Creed..
(at least until the Alan Cross New Rock show tonight at 11..
the 100 greatest moments / events of new rock history)
music that will make me think of Eric and our good times..
replace the bad memories with the excellent ones..
it's working, too.. I can definitely feel the soothing relaxation..
Eric is definitely a great memory I'll always hold.. wooyeah! :)

although I do console myself with this fact among others..
assuming I'd have found RQ and its wonderfulness anyhow..
I probably wouldn't have time to talk to him! :P
I'd be too busy replying to stuff in my email..
catching up with the inter-related communities..
talking to the people in those communities over IM..
(speaking of which, the Giant Prawn isn't back yet...
might be time to issue that APB that I was musing about)
besides, I don't know if I'd be interested in him.. booyah! :P

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Big Day Out / Quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANTEL.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) It was great knowing you at school.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH.. I hope you have a good one today! :) This church stuff is painful, and I hope your wedding plans are all right for everyone.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH.. I hope you have a really terrific one today! :) Looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

got an email from Spoz last night in response to mine..
I thought I hadn't sent the Subwoofer forum PM on Sunday..
was way too rushed, so may have failed to actually send it..
turns out he did get it, and was way too busy to answer..
that happens, and I'm of the "no worries or pressure" camp..
says the Big Day Out was cool.. long story to ramble down..
maybe if I see him on MSN / ICQ, I'll ask him then..
you gotta love those good ol' Spoz-stories! ;)

I think I may have dated myself just now.. oh my!
Sam and I were discussing his mood of last night..
pretty easy to divine if he's got girls on the brain :P
gave him examples of music he could be listening to..
John Mellencamp's I Need A Lover.. (then on my CD)
the Stones' Brown Sugar or I Can't Get No Satisfaction..
Neil Young's A Man Needs A Maid, Girls by the Beastie Boys..
heck, even Centrefold by the J. Geils Band would do!

unfortunately, Sam's never heard of that last one..
I gave him some guitar tablatures and sheet music lyrics..
maybe my music knowledge is superior to his? ;)
I'm sure he could beat me in geek knowledge, though!
even my brother's heard of it, but then he likes music..
ah well, I'm sure it's just the warp and woof of life ;)

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

No invasive procedures! / Quizzes

well, I managed to survive without invasive procedures..
no drills, lasers, needles, or anything of that sort..
not even any Novocaine or numbness.. very excellent!
just a little incision where the filling needed to be..
plus some orange-and-blue light machine thing..
it certainly wasn't what I was expecting!
luckily, the cavity's black spot was very small..
and they used white filling, so it matched my teeth..
overall, it wasn't too bad.. but I wouldn't do it again..

went to meet Yazmine afterwards.. we didn't check email..
just sat and talked for a while, then browsed around..
I bought The Serial Killer Files from the bookstore..
also purchased 16 jumbo cookies and guacamole Doritos..
(those latter two items from Safeway, not the bookstore :P )
we had a good time just being together.. wooyeah!

if a certain person doesn't show up in my LJ by tomorrow..
I'm gonna have to do a takeoff on "Missing: A Little Shrimp"..
(Denise's joke for Dennis a few years ago, hahaha)
I think it'll have to be "Missing: A Giant Prawn"..
he *is* 6.3 to my 4.11, so that's how it'll have to be ;)

On the Politically Correct Quiz, I got 100%.

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Having a cavity filled

I'm going to experience having a cavity filled.. um, yay?
I had no idea of what to expect, so I decided to ask..
wouldn't really want to go into the situation blind..
and only find out stuff two minutes before the procedure..
according to this, I should expect drills / lasers / Novocaine..
definitely numbness and other wacky effects as well..
probably shouldn't expect to eat / drink for a few hours..
wonder what that'll do to my supposed plans with Yazmine..
the dentist office just called and wants me to go in early..
not at 3:15, but at 2:30 instead.. ack, I guess I'll deal..
maybe I'll be able to resume normalcy sooner, who knows?
suppose I'll see what happens sooner rather than later..
and yes, I will survive this one.. damn tired, though..
hope I don't have chronic fatigue syndrome or some such..
perhaps I'll have energy later on.. caffeine jolt, anyone? ;)

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Weird conversations turn personal... / Spacefem quizzes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEAN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been very interesting with you around. ;)

decided to message Sam with a "conversational fragment"..
if I can't bug Spoz with them, I'll bug someone else instead..
funny how the weird conversations always turn personal..
with Spoz, they just pretty much stay weird.. if he doesn't just get tired of the randomness, of course ;)
Sam and I covered a variety of subjects.. a good thing!
he let me look at his old entries from some time ago..
I felt strangely honored, so did that all in 90 minutes..
turns out that Sept. 2003 was bad for both of us..
because of varying (yet similar) reasons.. weird, eh?

his writings were powerful, and I found I could relate..
even if I've never experienced a breakup, or nerd games ;)
the emotions and feelings come through very vividly..
I told him, and he was very grateful.. never heard it before..

why do I always tell guys things like that? (granted, only twice)
yes, I did indeed tell Arthur that his chats were heartwarming..
he thanked me, blushed, and said he'd never heard it before..
which reminds me: I wonder where that dude is now..
eh well, guess I'll figure it out later.. 'twas fun, though!

I would have continued the conversation with Sam for a bit..
but I got blue-screened twice in two minutes.. I hate that :P
since it was then 2:10 AM, I decided to actually sleep..
good thing, too: I got awoken by the maintenance man at 11..
(the second week in a row it's happened.. leave me alone!
last Tuesday, it was personal delivery of rent increase notices)
at least the toilet seems to be fixed now.. but still..
definitely hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon!

Very interesting results...

I'm pretty damn hard core! Fear me!

you are cadetblue

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
the html color quiz

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

All the flavor results!

Here are all the results from the flavor quiz!

What Flavour Are You? Mmm, I am Lemon Flavoured.Mmm, I am Lemon Flavoured.

I am bitter and twisted. Expect from me acerbic humour and sharp commentary. While I may seem nasty at first, I'm actually quite good company if I like you, so long as you don't mind a bit of cutting to the chase. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I am Vanilla Flavoured.I am Vanilla Flavoured.

I am one of the most popular flavours in the world. Subtle and smooth, I go reasonably with anyone, and rarely do anything to offend. I can be expected to be blending in in society. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically-proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.

Tasting like nuclear waste is a good thing - nothing bites me, nothing eats me, few things even touch me. I appreciate the solitude my harsh exterior brings. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste a bit like Almonds.I taste a bit like Almonds.

Mmm, the taste of almonds - anathema to many with nut allergies, and a bad sign for many more, as my taste is not unlike that of cyanide. Am I good or am I poison? A risky thing to guess about. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Buzz buzz, I am Coffee flavoured.Buzz buzz, I am Coffee flavoured.

I am popular in the workplace, even though I am often bitter. I am energetic to the point of being frenetic; buzz buzz, out of my way. I tend to overwork myself and need periods of recovery time. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Tomato is what I taste like.Tomato is what I taste like.

I taste like nothing, except a tomato. I'm sometimes sweet and sometimes tart; sometimes juicy, sometimes crisp. The roles of a tomato are many and varied. I am an exception to all the rules. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I tashte like Alcohol.I tashte like Alcohol.

Heh. Heh. I taste like beer. I like beer. Buy me a beer. I'm not drunk, I can drink plenty without... What was I saying? Beer. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste of Death.I taste of Death.

Doesn't everyone want a taste of death? Well, they should. Most people deserve death. Keep away from me unless you think you're better than that. I probably won't like you. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Beef.I taste like Beef.

I taste like beef. I'm probably made of beef. You are what you eat, they say, and if the title didn't mean something else, I would be a beefeater. I think red meat is good for you. Puts hair on your chest. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Menthol.I taste like Menthol.

I am refreshingly different; some people don't appreciate that. My sharp honesty gets up some people's noses, while others really enjoy it. I am something of an acquired taste. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Hot hot! I am Curry Flavoured.Hot hot! I am Curry Flavoured.

I have a spicy personality. If you can take the heat, you'll love me, if not, I'll probably make you cry. I am not for the faint-hearted. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Warning: I taste like Gasoline.Warning: I taste like Gasoline.

I may not taste good, but I'm handy to have around if you want to breathe fire. I'm expensive, and sometimes cause disputes. I'm inflammatory, you see. Ha ha. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Smoke.I taste like Smoke.

I'm an unusual taste; I can be strong and potent, or I can be a mere hint, almost not there. I can blow away on the wind, or I can stick to your clothes that you left out when your neighbour was having a bonfire. I'm mean that way. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I am sweet, like Sugar.I am sweet, like Sugar.

I am all sweetness and light; fluffy bunnies and dancing fairies; happiness and joy. Too much of me will make you sick. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I am a subtle taste, like Pine.I am a subtle taste, like Pine.

I am a quiet, fresh taste, almost more of a scent than a flavour. You will be aware of me, but not quite remember me without being reminded. Not that I'm boring; on the contrary, I'm just a little outside the ordinary. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Love me or hate me. I taste like Marmite.Love me or hate me. I taste like Marmite.

I am salty and sharp. My abrasive edge greatly upsets some people, but others will gleefully endure it. For those willing to put up with me, I am a great source of emotional health and stability. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.

I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome. What Flavour Are You?

What Flavour Are You? Hmmm... Tastes like Chicken.Hmmm... Tastes like Chicken.

Am I chicken? Am I a frog? Am I human? All unfamiliar meats taste like chicken, and that's what I am, an unfamiliar meat. What Flavour Are You?

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Erin's actually on time for once.. wow!

we all teased Erin for actually being on time yet again..
says it was her New Year's resolution.. good one, indeed..
it helped that she had to pick a friend up from her house..
Jon would have been so proud of her if he was around..
talked to the usual bunch of people about stuff..
Dave's back from Disneyland, and he had a good trip..
Brian was carrying Julie's hearing test machine around..
she's doing a science project, and needs subjects..
Alan was doing American Idol impressions..
Sean has a birthday dinner on Saturday.. he'll call us..
he says that he's not good with email at all..
Adela's mom left her at church.. Erin's childhood, anyone? ;)
at least Jon and I got to hang with her a little more..
spilled the secret of Dylan's birthday to Adela later on..
not MY fault he forgets his own birthday some years!
got home to an email from Wolfie about the Asperger's kid..
pre-existing condition or no, his demands weren't crash!
hopefully, this week will be better than the last one was..
meeting Yazmine on Tuesday, at any rate.. that'll be good..
on to this next week's cavalcade of horrors.. wooyeah! ;)

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Hoodies and Corey's thoughts on a new pastor / Quizzes

Sam and I were discussing hoodies last night..
he desperately wants me to get one for some reason..
so I decided to email my sister to see if she'd buy me one..
she hasn't gotten me a Christmas gift yet, so this might suit..
got a reply from her saying that Square 1's selection is bad..
(Square 1 being this insanely huge mall in Mississauga)
Melissa says the selection downtown is better, so there it is..
Steph says I'd be swimming around in an XXL.. true!
but Sam did say to get it one size bigger for cold times..
since I love complaining about the cold, an XL will suffice..

I have to leave you with Corey's thought on a new pastor..
"get me to be the new one.. I'll talk about GWAR and stuff..
and how everyone should live to serve me and do my bidding..
I'll have minions like I did with my werewolf pack..
after a week or two, everyone will be reunified..
they'll have the common goal of replacing me..
I'll help you guys out by giving everyone a common cause..
plus, it would be fun for me.. can't miss that opportunity..
gotta use my status as a reverend for something :P"
that was just the funny thing I needed to cap off my night..
even if I *was* expecting him to say something like that ;)

Note: LJ Gender Tool by Hutta.

What Flavour Are You? I tashte like Alcohol.I tashte like Alcohol.

Heh. Heh. I taste like beer. I like beer. Buy me a beer. I'm not drunk, I can drink plenty without... What was I saying? Beer. What Flavour Are You?

So goth you're dead!
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You are WATER

Your inner element is one of great compassion and
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on and you provide them with the support they
need. You harbor an intense compassion for
others that is truly admirable. You are an
incredibly easy-going person who just goes with
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Your greatest strengths are your ability to bond
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times. Your weaknesses are your tendency to get
overly emotional on things and drive those you
care about away with your emotional outbursts.
Balancing your strengths and weaknesses is
crucial for you to achieve balance in your life.

Astrologically, Water is associated with the signs
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Sidhe. You are noble by birth, and tend to be proud
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