Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Swedish friend Henrik's trip to BC and Washington! / Music Breed Quiz

My Swedish friend Henrik just emailed me... I figure he's back home from BC and Washington already. His trip sounds like it was quirky enough, however! :D

Hi there,

I'm back on this side of the "pond"... :)

Unfortunately, as things turned out, I didn't get to spend many hours in Vancouver... anyway, I've already started to plan the next trip, so see you then... :)

Here's a brief summary:

Day 1: After a loooong journey, we arrived at YVR sometime in the evening. After standing in line for hours, we got to the customs officer. She asked us where we were staying. "Bosman's hotel," I said. "We don't have a Bosman's in Vancouver... do you have a reservation there?" "Yes, and we've paid for it as well!" "Hehe... good luck!" All right, we went outside after we got our bags, to grab a taxi. "Where to?" the driver says with an Arabic accent. "Bosman's hotel, please..." I said. "And where this be?" I didn't know the address, only that it was supposed to be in downtown Vancouver... after a while he asks me to write it down, so I write "BOSMAN'S" in big block letters... "Aahhh... Buzzmens! I know this place!"... so it turned out it did exist... :)

Day 2: Our relative in Vernon had booked us on a flight to Kelowna, so we head out to the airport, after eating breakfast at a nice place two blocks from the Hotel. The woman there (of Asian descent) has lived in Italy and is glad to have Europeans there... Anyway, we fly to Kelowna in a small propeller plane, and land there at noon. Our relative is supposed to meet us there, but doesn't show up for a couple of hours... Finally she does show up however, and we're on our way to Vernon, in her old van with peeling paint, as she says (I would say flaking paint, but I've probably spent too much time in England). We check in at a new motel in Vernon, her house is too small (and it really was).

Day 3 - 5: Not much. She had to work for a couple of days more, so we're walking around in Vernon, which is a relatively peaceful place, so not much happens. At dollar store, I find some incense with the text "Cannabis" on them and a price tag of $2.00. I took a picture of that (on which you can only see the text Cannabis and the price tag), and it has made some people I know wanting to go there, when I showed them the picture... On the fifth day, our relative had a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner in her home, since she was going to be with us in the US during the Thanksgiving holidays. It wasn't like in the movies, she had chopped up the turkey to small pieces and served it with potatoes. The only thing that was new to me was the stuffing (which was of course separate from the turkey, since you can't stuff anything that lacks cavities... ;) ).

Day 6: Crossing the border. We drove up to the customs officer, he took our passports and told us, "It's gonna cost ya 6 dollars per person" and to drive past him and back up towards the door. We thought they were going to search the van, but once we got inside, it turned out they were doing some maintenance on the computer systems, so we were told to go back into the car and wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, we went back inside, and they gave us a form (which to my great surprise was written in Swedish) to fill out and sign. The questions on this form were yes / no questions and truly bizarre. "Have you, or anyone in your family, ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder?" "Have you, anyone you're traveling with, anyone you're supposed to meet or otherwise stay in touch with, planned to carry out any terrorist activities in the United States of America or any of its allied countries directed towards the United States of America, companies, or individuals residing therein?" These guys didn't look like they could appreciate a joke, so I didn't ask them what to do if I change my mind when I'm already in the US... nor did I ask for an eraser... :) Anyway, we tried not to laugh, and soon we were on our way to Omak, where we stayed at a motel.

Day 7: On our way to Spokane, we stopped to check out the Grand Coulee Dam and the "mighty" Columbia river, which accompanied us on most of the trip through Washington. I wasn't too impressed by the river, the Kalix river right here is not much smaller... In the afternoon, we arrived in Spokane and went to see two of our relatives at their home. My dad tried as best he could to sort out the family relations, who's related to who and how, and so on... I wasn't too interested and played with their three cats instead, which subsequently made me very ill - I'm allergic to cats...

Day 8: Tour of Spokane, and family dinner at a steakhouse. I met four more relatives, and all of them seem to be interesting people.

Day 9: Time to continue. Before we left, we stopped by at the evil House of Cats. I found out about Lake Isaacson, but there wasn't time to visit the lake this time. So, we took off, and I was glad I could blame the cats for the tears in my eyes... After a long trip along the Columbia river, we checked in at a motel somewhere in Oregon, not sure where.

Day 10: More traveling, a stop at a Winery. We got a bit lost for a while, and missed Fort Vancouver (WA) which we had planned to check out. Finally we found somewhere to stay for the night, not sure where... Could have been Longview...

Day 11: We went to check out the Pacific, unfortunately it was cold and rainy, so only the toes got a bath... Later, we went to see some graves of the first Isaacsons that arrived in the US (for some silly reason, they changed there name to the Jewish spelling).

Day 12: Continued on the journey, and ended up somewhere in the Seattle area, Kent I think the place was called.

Day 13: Visited the Museum of Flight in Seattle. That took a full day, so we just went looking for a motel afterwards. The car started to smell strangely, and as soon as we found a motel and drove up the their parking lot, it broke down totally and coolant flowed over the tarmac. Luckily, a garage was just across the road. The guys there were Vietnamese and spoke very little English, but they did fix the car... and they were very entertaining... "you chan' hooo!?" (do you want to change the hose?), "ight nah!? chan' hooo ight nah!?" (do you want me to change the hose right now?)

Day 14: When I checked out, the guy behind the counter thought I was Canadian, so apparently this is the point where my somewhat British accent had been totally eradicated. :) This day, we went in to Seattle, checked out the Space Needle, the I-Max theatre (a film about the Vikings as the true discoverers of America) and looked at the stuff in the Science Centre. In the evening we met up with two more relatives, also nice people, at the Outback Steakhouse.

Day 15: Drove back to Canada. Canadian authorities didn't even care to look at our passports, quite a difference from the US guys... we got to the airport in spite of the horrible traffic, and flew back to Europe. I think they stay was much too short, but my dad and brother thought this was the best day of the trip... hmm... :) I found some shotglasses with the text "Smoking in Vancouver" and a picture of a Cannabis leaf that I took some pictures of. I used these in an alternative description of the trip that you will soon see... ;) (I wrote it in Swedish first, so now I'm just going to translate it for my English-speaking friends....)

Day 16: At home, 02:30 (that's 2:30 AM), after being awake for 32 hours. I had no problems falling asleep....

(Day 17 - 22): Loads of work had stacked up... this is the problem with
being on vacation while everyone else is working... :/

The end.


Hey, he's emailed me the alternative version already... sweet! :D

Hi guys,

As most of you already know (or should know, cause I've told you ;) - and some of you have even seen me there, although not as many as I had hoped for), I've been on vacation in Canada. Here's the *alternative* version of what happened there.... ;)

I first wrote this in Swedish to my Swedish-speaking friends, so here's a translation for you lot... Some of the Swedes subjected to this email reacted with the words "Wow! I have to go there! Didn't know it was legal in Canada!"... while others uttered disbelief, saying that it can't be THAT cheap... but photos don't lie, right?

Remember: "There is no absolute truth, and this is the only absolute truth."

Some things would seem to imply that many Canadians are fond farmers, and in particular they seem to like vegetables...

Image hosted by

Our suspicion is confirmed at Dollar Store in Vernon. This is where you'd go for cheap vegetables!

Image hosted by

A game of poker at Starbucks in Vernon... (traveling is expensive, one has to finance it somehow!)

Image hosted by

After a few minor setbacks, I decide to change my tactics and buy my opponent a few drinks to wash down the veggies with...!

Image hosted by

After this tactical measure, the statistics improve drastically and the stakes are raised!

Image hosted by

We continue our journey towards popular tourist resorts in the northwest of the US...

Image hosted by

...but unfortunately it turns out to be illegal to bring agricultural products into the country, so we're forced to cut our visit short and quickly head back to Europe...

Image hosted by

At Heathrow, they still use Windows. The flight is delayed by two hours.

Image hosted by

I'd post an OK Cupid spelling test here, but there are spelling errors in the image I get in my result... talk about irony, and a deal-breaker when it comes to posting quiz results.

So here's another test instead:

You scored as classic rock.

classic rock




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"If you groomsmen don't wear black socks, I'll make you wear pantyhose at the wedding!" / Element I'll reign over

On the way to church, Steph and I discussed our mom's ultra-sensitivity to certain issues... yup, we should definitely be more careful what we say and how we say it! There was also this caller to the country radio station who wanted to know why there were lineups outside the Commodore when a certain artist wasn't playing till next week: that would be the 54-40 concert, and you should either call the right station or be more up-to-date on who's playing when and where! :P

All the fellowship groups got together to watch a video about a Tibetan man whose life was cursed because the spirits were angry at him (his baby sister and mom died from coughing up blood)... it was quirky because it had German subtitles and the A/V people couldn't switch it to English. That was preparation for next week's missions conference, which reminds me: I need to tell Melia (who's in Vegas right now for her cousin's wedding) that I'd be up for watching kids next Friday night if they need me. Since our group (me, Karen Choo, Ivan, Randal, Andy, and Kevin) was between studies and our new books hadn't arrived yet, we went out to eat at the Congee Noodle House. Erin and Stella joined us, and we had a good time there! We talked about people who used to go to our church (Florence [Karen's old friend and Erin's supervisor], Angela Quock, Sam Lau), unions, the strike, parking on Broadway, pharmacy, Jehovah's Witnesses (of course I brought up Sean's memorable quote: "How much faith does it take to believe in a fake religion?") , congee, yin-yang, our weeks, health inspections and complaints, reading, vacation, and other things.

After that, Randal dropped a few of us back at church... I went downstairs and talked to Jason and Angus for a bit. Then I talked to Karen Lew, Janette, Margaret, Daniel, Michelle, Sheena, Chalaine, and Steph when their groups were done with Bible Study. Janette and Chalaine were trying to come up with words that fit the "I before E except after C or as in WEIGH and NEIGH" rule.. I came up with "receive" and corrected Janette's misconception of "WAY?!" Brainfarts happen... I had to think for a while on that one, heh. That kinda reminds me, I need to get birthday cards for the Lau siblings in the future... Jason's is Dec. 14, and Janette's is Jan. 26. Margaret kinda complained about going around Metrotown for six hours with a group of guys to buy practicum clothing... Daniel brought up how none of the groomsmen at Dora's wedding had black socks, so Michelle threatened them: black socks, or pantyhose! (Daniel even had to give money to Brian Chan for some, heh)

I used Steph's phone to call Sam about rides for tomorrow: he can take me back and forth, so I can stay up late tonight! Supposedly, I'm hanging out with Chinese Eric tomorrow night for dinner and a movie... we'll see what time I get home since I know Sam and I will pick up Auntie Cissy from work too! Michelle, Daniel, Joe, Steph, and I went to Earls for a meal.. lots of eating out, heh. We talked about Fellowship / church vision, being yourself, #2, TMI, respect, my dad, getting lost while driving, the salty dry ribs, mango Sprite coolers, lack of originality when ordering, Citrus, Danielle, Nathan, Mandy, excitement, fantasies, prompts, Chris' phone number, and music. Definitely good times! :D

Here's an MS Paint picture that Palmer drew for me based on my interest of "bizarre happenings":

Image hosted by

Moon Goddess
Goddess of the Moon. Beauty, yet a sadness lurks
about you at times. But hey, pain is beauty,

What element would you reign over? (For Girls)
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Mailing, bad spelling, MS Paint, and quizzes

It shouldn't take three weeks to mail an important document!

Every time I see eos_girl post in the Vancouver LJ community, I cringe inwardly. Her spelling really sucks. I can't say anything about it there (else I'd get banned), but... this is why they made icons like this one. I can't use the icon there, either... sigh. Oh well... take a look and you'll see what I mean. :P

Icon: Image hosted by

Here's the latest MS Paint picture I made, based on a combination of my friend Andrew's interests: blue, 7-Up, Sprite, Yoo-Hoo (the chocolate drink), V8, and Sierra Mist.

Image hosted by

With that, I'm off to eat my dinner and take a shower before Steph comes to pick me up for Fellowship... Jessica's really tired, and apologized to me. Hey, it doesn't matter to me! :D

You scored as A Romantic. You're a romantic through and through. You may not ever have very many partners, but it's okay. You know that it's about the person who you're having it with, and that the sex is more of a fun byproduct - a very fun byproduct. You know how to make your partner happy, and that's what it's all about.

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The idea of this exercise is to understand exactly how dynamic a person's sexual orientation can be, as well as how fluid it can be over a person's lifespan. While a person's number of actual homosexual / heterosexual encounters may be easy to categorize, their actual orientation may be completely different. Simple labels like "homosexual," "heterosexual," and "bisexual" need not be the only three options available to us.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

50-50 jackpots, Canucks with four wins in a row, controversial goals, Friday plans, MS Paint pictures

I had a post here, but evil keyboard gremlins erased it! Ack.

First, I got five new icons tonight:

Image hosted by <--- I'm an LJ nerd and got one of these permanent account dealies a few months back... I'm sure Palmer will bug me about it, oh well. :P

Image hosted by <--- Anyone who knows me really well will know that I like reading. The sentiment's oh-so-true. Got this from .. Google searched for "100x100 book icons." ;)

Image hosted by <--- A quote from Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch priest, humanist and editor of the New Testament. Got it using the same method and from the same site as the last one.

Image hosted by <--- Got this from an Outlander community. :D

Image hosted by <--- Got this from a book icons community. ;)

Oh, I just have to highlight this icon I got some time ago:

Image hosted by

Note: I may want to check out Blogpulse sometime.

The Canucks won 3-2 against the Phoenix Coyotes tonight, setting a new record for their best season start. (6-1-1... wins, losses, overtime / shootout losses) Matt Cooke got a controversial game-winning goal (which he thought was never in doubt), and the video goal judges looked at it for a while and even called Toronto (where all the games are monitored at the NHL head office) for help in making their final decision. The net got knocked off the ice (but was still on its pegs) when the goal was scored, but it counted under the rules. Mick Magoo (one of the refs) was calling "NO GOAL" on it, since he thought the goal was put in with a skate... Dan Russell (Sportstalk host on CKNW), John Shorthouse, and Tom Larscheid looked at the NHL rulebook later, and decided that it was a game of inches. (milliseconds later, the goal might not have been one...) Speaking of John and Tom (the radio announcers), they won the 50-50 jackpot draw of $20,000 tonight: they just couldn't believe it or breathe for a bit after they came back from a commercial break... but they still had to call the last few minutes of the game!

The three stars were Ed Jovanovski (Jovo) of the Canucks, Curtis Joseph of the Coyotes (if he hadn't played so well, it could have been 4-0 at the end of the first instead of 1-0!), and Nolan Baumgartner (the Bomber) of the Canucks. Man, Joseph could have been the first star and I'd have had no problem with that! We also played against former Canucks Geoff Sanderson and Petr Nedved. Of course, the two coaches (Marc Crawford and Wayne Gretzky) had two different viewpoints of that controversial goal, heh.

There were also a lot of power plays and penalties, partially because of the new rules: lots of action makes for an entertaining game, but sometimes the new rules and stuff frustrate everyone. (I heard a clip of Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Tortorella swearing a lot while describing a cheap shot by Atlanta Thrasher player Eric Boulton on Paul Ranger of the Lightning [the Lightning won the game 6-0]... story here) Next up for the first five games: just Minnesota and Colorado. This is the last time we'll see Phoenix until late 2006, unless they make the playoffs.. the NHL schedule-makers had them play us two times in the first four home games.

In other news around the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins have gotten off to their worst start in 39 years: they've lost all seven games thus far, even with Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosbie. Todd Bertuzzi will get grilled by reporters in Colorado and Vancouver about our next few games, all right: Saturday will be the first Colorado-Vancouver game with him in the lineup since that sucker punch on Steve Moore. Tonight, a reporter asked him about the upcoming game: "Oh yeah, I think it'll be a good game." Dan Russell thinks that Bertuzzi should receive better coaching in that area ("I've dealt with it, and here are my thoughts...") as well as go through a few steps: first, he has to play Colorado (Saturday); then, he has to play IN Colorado (Oct. 27); then, he has to play a game with Steve Moore in it. (who knows when that will happen...)

But then, Bertuzzi's persona with reporters has never been the most sunny.... then again, people won't forget about it. There was some idiot woman calling into Sportstalk (the radio call-in show) blaming Steve Moore for the whole incident, and trying to compare it to her nephew's work-related injury. She thought people should try to move on since it was all Moore's fault... uh, Moore's MOTHER listens to the show! Luckily, people knew she was an idiot... a frustrated Dan Russell tried telling her that she sounded irrational (to say the least), but she didn't get the point. Aiya.

During the second intermission, I called Eric to see whether he was going to Fellowship or not. Since he'll be at a 54-40 concert tomorrow night, I'll see him on Sunday. So then I called my sister to tell her that I might not go: she remembered that Jessica could be her Richmond ride home since she buses from work for now. Then she suggested I call Jessica after her tutoring for a ride tomorrow, since I'm on her way: when I called Jessica, she said that she could give me a ride... I'll have to call her again tomorrow to confirm, which is fine with me. (my sister thinks that I could take the bus if Jessica can't give me a ride, but I'm too lazy.. haha)

Here are some more MS Paint pictures...

The one I made for Kyle based on his interest of "anti-Hot Topic" (yes, I knew he meant that he's against the store.. but decided to go for the laughs angle):

Image hosted by

The one I made for Jasmine based on her interest of "Apples to Apples" (yes, I knew she meant the game.. but decided to go for the laughs angle):

Image hosted by

The one I made for Palmer based on his interest of "questions":

The one I made for Shannon based on her interest of "sunny days":

Image hosted by

The one I made for Amy based on her interest of "one-sided conversations" (she meant "listening to someone talk on the phone, and not being able to hear the receiver," which was a spin on my original interpretation of hearing a conversation through the wall, but this was better... the only reason I know her mom too well is because I also have an Asian mother):

Image hosted by

The one I made for Charlotte based on her interest of "Toothpaste For Dinner" (yes, I knew she meant the comic.. but decided to go for the laughs angle):

Image hosted by

The one I made for Jared based on his interest of "alcohol" (he says he loves Sapporo Black Label, so that's pretty good for being a random pick, haha):

Image hosted by

The one I made for Courtney based on her interest of "Guided by Voices" (yes, I knew she meant the band.. but decided to go for the laughs angle):

Image hosted by

The one I made for Jeremy based on his interest of "swimming":

Image hosted by

The one I made for WeatherGuy based on his interest of "being a beer snob":

Image hosted by

The one I made for Haley based on her interest of "anti-vegan":

Image hosted by

The one Shannon made for me based on my interest of "photos" (the spacing's off since I had to erase an errant apostrophe from the word PHOTOS... I *hate* that error!):

Image hosted by

The one Kyle made for me based on my interest of "remembering people's birthdays" (it's crap quality, but he cares... so it's all good!):

Image hosted by

The one Charlotte made for me based on my interest of "bubble tea":

Image hosted by

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Happy Birthday, Claire Fraser! / Dark pants, and my 1920's name

Happy Birthday, Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser! I wonder what you'd inject me with, these days... :D

(yes, this is to a fictional character.. but I've not gone completely nuts :P)

I got myself some nice dark pants today, so I'm happy. :D

HOCKEY TONIGHT, which means I get to bug Corey or someone else about it... yes, even if they have no interest in it since I'm evil like that. ;)

Your 1920's Name is:

Tiny Amalia

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Brainfarts, Cruft, Hacker Lexicon, Quizzes

I just had a major brainfart and confused "circumstances" with "consequences."

Earlier tonight, I saw the word "cruft" in someone's journal entry. Here I thought it was a (really good) word that Jeremy made up for his blog one day... or at least, that's what Jon told me when I asked him about it in August 2004. Apparently, it's really hackish slang. Some theorize that it comes from "crust," with the whole long s ---> f thing. My source (Asa) heard it from other hackers, and the Jargon File... apparently, that's like the ultimate hacker lexicon. There go my illusions shattered... :P (just kidding, haha)

Note: LJ Battle Royale blogquiz, by Chris.

Take the quiz:
What Kind of hXc are you?

WildWood Core

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What element are you?

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definite nono

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* Gargoyles (You scored 0)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Deep sea creatures, Christmas wishlists, green poop, demons, and drunks

Corey told me to dream of certain things last night. Instead, I dreamed about deep sea creatures with their mouths wide open out to get me and my friends in the school halls. Not sure if that's better or what... o_O (he thinks I dreamed of killer meatballs that tried to eat ME, haha)

Now I have to figure out a Christmas wishlist. I know it's early days yet, but if certain holiday communities have posts again... yeah. Might as well do it now and avoid the rush? Haha, Spoz thought I was even more of a lunatic in 2002 for doing my Christmas cards in November... but I *am* an OCDL, heh. :D

If there really is a transit strike tomorrow or Friday, then that scuppers my tentative plans to hang out at Billie's and eat ghormeh sabzi. (memorably described by Corey as "green poop")

Session Start (AlenaBrolxFlami:mrptptpt): Tue Jul 26 19:38:26 2005
[19:38:39] AlenaBrolxFlami: booyah!
[19:39:50] mrptptpt:!
[19:46:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm going over to my friend Billie's house for some Persian food that I can't even spell :P
[19:47:33] mrptptpt: kebab? :P

that's what my Persian friend Matt makes usually... I'm sure there's other stuff that I don't know the name of... but he seems to go for things like hamburgers and stuff other times :P
[19:49:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, I can spell "kebab" :P let me just look it up in her journal..
[19:51:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: ghormesabzi
[19:59:35] mrptptpt: can't say I know what that is :P
[20:04:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: I don't quite know what that is either, but it sounds like something I'd be willing to try :P
[20:05:59] mrptptpt: how do you know it's something you'd be willing to try by the sound of the name? :P does that name make any sense to you? :P
[20:09:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, no... she's described it :P I forgot what exactly she said, though.
[20:13:25] mrptptpt: fish eyes and rabbit penis
[20:15:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: ew yuck
[20:18:22] mrptptpt: definitely
[20:22:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: Google Image Search for "ghormeh sabzi"
[20:25:05] mrptptpt: the first picture looks like a bunch of poop
[20:36:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahaha, why did I know you were going to say that? :P
[20:38:10] mrptptpt: because that's what it looks like? :P
[20:38:34] mrptptpt: then in the next one they're feeding greenish poop to a baby.. yuck
[20:42:28] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh, I'm quite sure it's not actually poop :P
[21:00:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: I looked it up anyhow... it's mainly beef
[21:05:55] mrptptpt: they should present it so it doesn't look like poop
[21:15:45] mrptptpt: Poop may refer to:
*Scatology and toilet humour
*Puppis (constellation)
*Part of a ship, e.g. Poop deck.
*Poop is also slang for information
*In the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon on Nickelodeon, POOP is an acronym standing for "People Order Our Patties" in reference to the Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab restaurant

(he used the Trillian definition things for that... those greenish lines that took a bit too long to process on this computer when I first encountered them)

david girl
You are followed by the Demon of Depression. The
Demon found you one day in a time of
vulnerability and now taunts you. Sometimes you
don't know why, but you are sad and can be
lonely, and often think that everyone hates you.
Your life is probably okay, but this demon is
telling you otherwise. The best way to make
this demon leave is to perceive more through
others' eyes, and find something that you are
very passionate about. Medication is a last

What Demon Follows you? ..:Interesting Pics:..
brought to you by Quizilla

You're a Wild Drunk

You can't get enough drink. Seriously, you'll just go puke and start pounding them back again!

Uh... yeah.. no comment...

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