Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wide Face Kiss in the Forest!

Henry picked me up a little later, but that was okay. We chatted a bit about his sister, being up early, Trinity, looking after his nieces, fighting, being hyper, weekend plans, retreats, and more. It was busy in Awana today, what with registration and everything else! Talked to Margaret about bright blue bottle pops, greeted Golden, and had Sean tell me that it was too hot while I took him by the hand on the way to the car. He also said that the collection (of mini-skateboards?) equaled the garbage, while his brother Ian said something about being up at 6:30 to watch TV. I remember Panago Pizza, haha.

One of the kids (Vanessa W.) had another great Engrish article of clothing today:

BACK: "Wide Face Kiss"
LEFT SLEEVE: "Doctor of Forest"
FRONT: "Walk in Forest
(rather well-done fabric owl, with black buttons for eyes)
Naughty Kids
Companion Animal"

HAHAHA! I do find it disturbing that a seven-year-old kid is wearing a shirt with "Wide Face Kiss" on it, though!

Leslie's just got their Prison Name. I just got my Prison Name. It's Sweet Thang.

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve L., Steve B., Jane, and Darren:

Leslie took the What KISS song are you? quiz and the result is You are I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN' YOU. Passionate, exciting, romantic... you can rock and dance.

Leslie took the What's your LUCKY NUMBER? quiz and got the result: 5.

Leslie just took the "What is the name of the person you will marry?" quiz and the result is Dylan. Your guy will be funny and sweet; he'll be romantic and very determined to win you over time and time again. He will be forever faithful to you, even if both you and he move on. He will still love you, no matter what.

Leslie took the What Texting Emoticon Are You? quiz and the result is D=< You're the mad emoticon! Though usually in a good mood, you have a bad temper. The littlest of things make you angry. In your group of friends, you're loved, but you tend to take things very seriously. Your friends know not to kid around with you too much.

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Escape entombment and be crazy with rice cookers!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

INTOMB (1635 points; three 5W), ZOO (168 points; 3W, 4W) - against George M.
SCAPED (112 points) - against Leah B. [5W, 3L on C, hook off DUET for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Finally got removal for hearing, and a follow-up call! Found out that London Drugs sells a 3-cup capacity rice cooker for less than $10. Discovered that Ben N. unfriended me from Facebook - I was actually looking forward to reading his China adventures, but whatever. All I did was comment on a note, sheesh! I've updated my private birthday list as well, since Guy / Morgana / Emily T. / Terry (probably at the perfidious blackguard Raymond's instigation) / Jennifer F. / Jamie D. / Norman / Brenton / Bec / Cody / Bill S. / Tina unfriended me too. (Quirky coincidence: Guy's last name is Morgan, while Ms. Foley's first name is Morgana!)

Leslie just found out the meaning and origin of their name. LESLIE was found in our database 1 time. The meaning found for this name is "from the gray fortress." The origin of LESLIE is Gaelic.

Facebook quiz taken from Kelly:

Leslie took the How Crazy are you? quiz and got the result: 21% Crazy. (HA HA HA. I keep telling Eric that I'm not TOO crazy... :P)

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Gage, Gaylord, God, and Gulliver

Not having lunch with my mom's food people, since I have a lot of rice to use for my own purposes! Besides, I need to do something else which I was ranting to Corey about, haha. On another note, redrum is here again... yikes. :P

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.

Gabriel: The archangel who informed Mary of the virgin birth. Also the van-driving, sunglass-wearing leader of an obscure religious sect with a compound in the desert.

Gage: A device that enables the measurement of air, water, and other things.

Gannon: A rainbow-colored artillery piece.

Garland: Could become a pill-popping cross-dresser with a soaring soprano.

Garrison: Will annoy his friends by forcing them to stage radio variety shows in the backyard. Also will speak incessantly about some creepy lake that no one can find on the map.

Gates: No amount of money will make this boy attractive to women.

Gatlin: A special soul food made from cat intestines.

Gavin: Jaunty captain who piloted a cruise full of dysfunctional singles to Acapulco every Friday night in the late '70s and early '80s.

Gaye: An old name that unfortunately will no longer be associated with "happy."

Gaylord: Oh, who are you kidding? Why would you saddle a child with this?

General: Neighbor children will lose sleep over whether your bossy child will assign them to KP.

George: The first U.S. president and a dragon slayer.

German: A studious and hardworking child who, not being satisfied with the size of his room, will be prone to annexing other rooms in the house.

Gideon: The owner of all hotel Bibles.

Gilligan: Little buddy of a barrel-chested sailor and rumored petit ami of the movie star.

God: Ruler of the universe. Child may become confused when asked to spell his name with an em-dash in Hebrew school.

Goody: His name will be called with delight by older women who smell like talcum powder.

Grant: To give or acknowledge. Child may tend to have an affinity for charity or public radio stations.

Grover: A sweet, but somewhat dim-witted child with an inexplicable medical condition that causes strange blue hair growth and a croaky voice.

Gulliver: A man who is big when others are small, and small when others are big.

Gusty: Will be prone to uncontrollable and embarrassing attacks of flatulence.

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Here's how to save water when you use the toilet

High-scoring words of the night so far:

GROUPS (540 points) - against George M. [3W, 5W, 4W]
QUITE (272 points; two 4W), MAN [two 5W] - against Tia D.

Leslie's just got their Fantasy Name. I just got my Fantasy Name. It's Ophelia.

Leslie took the Are you smarter than a first grader? quiz and got the result: Pass! Congratulations! You are smarter than a first grader. :P

Facebook quiz taken from Jasmine:

Leslie took the Commonly Confused Words Test quiz and got the result: NOT Confused. Congrats, you actually have decent grammar and speak English WELL!

Poo nugget for this weekend: Wasted Waste - Americans flush down about three billion gallons of perfectly drinkable water every day, but there are lots of things you can do to reduce your potty's eco-footprint. If your toilet was purchased before 1984, it might be time for an upgrade. Older toilets use upward of 3.5 gallons of water per flush, versus 1.1 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush for newer models. You can cut those numbers down even further by flushing only when necessary. (Here, we refer to that scientific formula: "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.") Even better, new "waterless" urinals use liquid sealant instead of water, saving between 15,000 and 45,000 gallons of water per urinal every year.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheating, Chinese Eric, love nests, and flexible death predictions

High-scoring words of the day so far:

CHEAT (215 points) - against Jordan N. [two 4W, hook off AE to make HAE]
OPIUM (112 points) - against Natalie M. [two 4W]

Talked to Chinese Eric for a bit this afternoon - he's still here for an extended period of time! Discussed Jon, Harmony, Aaron, partying, "love nests," Facebook, hanging out, basketball, being flexible, work, Father's Day, shopping, golf, karaoke, bowling, and more. He says he's approved all the friend requests, but why is mine still pending?! Facebook even gives me an error to say that! So then he tried adding me, and it worked - I had the email and the notification to confirm that. While I was at it, I suggested Teunis for Nathan (thank GOODNESS the perfidious blackguard is NOT on either of our lists!), and asked to add Alicia. YAY!

However, I can't go out tonight. The stupid laundry wasn't dry after one round in the dryer, so I decided to make it two rounds. What do you know... it STILL wasn't dry! DAMN ANNOYING! Eric asked if I needed help, but I told him that it was still wet. No, I wasn't doing it on purpose... as if I'd do it just to avoid being in the same room with people. Still, it is a good excuse. ;)

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen and Amanda:

Leslie took the What % of your Life Remains? quiz and got the result: You've lived 49% of Your Life. Almost halfway through! (Not even 80? Man!)

Leslie just took the what is your weakest point? quiz and the result is loneliness. Most of the time, you have been left alone in your family or among your friends.

Leslie just took the "I can guess your eye color" quiz and the result is brown. Sorry if I'm wrong.

Leslie took the When will you DIE? quiz and got the result: Nov 25, 2042. (On my brother's 61st birthday. How unpleasant.)

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Dream of being an accessory to stealing edamame

Wikipedia's list of unusual deaths - I LOVE THIS STUFF! YAY FOR BEING MORBID! :D

I have a Friday date! Unfortunately, it's with the overflowing laundry basket... :(

I had a dream which involved my brother and sister asking for my help in distracting a storekeeper while they stole edamame in a white plastic bag. They legitimately bought strawberries, bananas, apples, and some other fruit first. Our parents and Grandma were waiting in the next room of this "cafeteria store" setup, but they didn't know what we were really doing. My sister said that I should get the TV Guide and pretend to look up movies of the week, so I did that.

Once they were successful in taking the Japanese soybeans, my brother said that I should get back to the parents before they suspected something was up. He lent me an epic book to read, so I took that and went back to the family. When my siblings finally got back, Steph said that she'd seen Rick at the north end of the other room. I asked her if she meant Jennifer's kid, and she indicated yes. I had to see him for myself, so I muttered "north... end... table..." to orient myself when I went to the McDonalds-like lineup.

Rick recognized me and said hi. He was in a football uniform and helmet with all the requisite pads; he looked burlier than your average Chinese early teen. He also called his little brother "Andrew" instead of "Amos," but that was okay. The dream ended when I was going to ask him to join us instead of sitting at a yellow-orange table all by himself. Weird!

Josephine S. invited me to a game of Word Twist, which reminds me of Text Twist. Ah, I remember those days of 2001 or so... :D

Leslie just ate an Inspirational Fortune Cookie from Fortune Products. Their fortune is: Decide what you want and go for it. (I tried that, and got rebuffed)

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Apparently, Zac Efron is my celebrity boyfriend twice over!

High-scoring words of the night:

HURTLE (137 points) - against Jenny H. [5W, 2W, hook off YA to make RYA]
PAH (139 points) - against David L. [3W used twice, hook off BECOME to make AB and HE]

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Laura, and Ryan:

Leslie completed the quiz Who Is Your Celebrity Boyfriend? with the result Zac Efron. He is a good basketball player... sensitive and loyal... loves you and his friends!!! (I only know who this is because I watched HAIRSPRAY. [and I've heard WAY TOO MUCH about HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!])

Leslie just took the Your Future Boyfriend? (girls only) quiz and the result is Zac Efron. Lucky. (AGAIN?! Sheesh. :P)

Leslie just took the "WHO IS YOUR PERFECT CELEBRITY MATCH???" quiz and the result is WENTWORTH MILLER. You love men who are outwardly dangerous, brooding, and mysterious... but with gentle, loving hearts. You appreciate his innate reserve, but love it when he opens up to you and shows his true passionate self. Your ideal date would be a ride on a fairy-lit horse-drawn carriage, then a private dinner at his house. Your ideal relationship would be filled with mystery and passion.

Leslie completed the quiz Which Member of the Griffin Family Are You? (Family Guy) with the result Peter Griffin. Freakin' sweet - you are Peter! You are curious, fun-loving, proud, and - at times - crude. You may not have the best ideas all of the time, but you sure think they are - and that's what's important, making you a pioneer in life! You have the mind of a child, basically, and a source of big laughs is when you don't realize you're doing something inappropriate. However, you have a loving family and great friends, who often join you when you get into trouble. Brash impulsiveness may be a flaw, but there's no one that can't say your heart is generally in the right place. You can be a bit flighty, but that just expands your horizons. Just avoid the giant chicken and all will be well!

Leslie completed the quiz What drug are you most like? with the result Acid. You are Acid. Definitely very conventional and very predictable - you probably own a minivan and beige slacks. Just playing! You weren't expecting that now, were you? Or maybe you were... you never know with someone like you. You're vibrant, creative, and well, insane. Your perception of reality differs from everyone else. Your relationship with the world is very love / hate. Not everyone understands you, which isn't surprising because you don't even always understand yourself. But there are times where you've figured out the universe. Temperamental? Yes. Bizarre? Unquestionably. But very, very intriguing.

Poo nugget for Friday, June 19: D.A.D.S. - The GI Hangover - The semisolid poo you experience the morning after a big night of alcohol consumption is due to ethanol's stimulant effect on your bowel's motility. It basically "revs" up the intestines so that the contents move through more quickly. This leaves less time for your colon to absorb water and results in a profuse, watery stool. Occasionally, the large carbohydrate load in alcoholic beverages can overwhelm your digestive enzymes and indirectly cause diarrhea. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ideal men, guns, firefighting, and September affection

High-scoring words of the day so far:

GLADLY (110 points) - against Emily S.-L. [5W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
HERBY (143 points) - against Josephine S. [2W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
FROGEYES (370 points) - against Tony K. [two 4W]
ENSKY (138 points) - against Fe T. [5W, 2W, hook off MAST for a plural]

This thing restarted overnight! Talking to Corey now about his new (Tomato) router and firmware. Also, Facebook says Ada accepted my friend request when I don't even recall asking her to be a friend on there! Either I must have done it a REALLY long time ago (stalking Michelle L.'s profile?), or it's just a glitch that worked in my favor. Odd!

Leslie's just got their Cuban Name. I just got my Cuban Name. It's Yelina Alfonso de Armas.

Leslie just had their name interpreted using Chaldean Numerology at Fortune Products. Leader. (#1) You are a natural leader! You have the ability to think and act for yourself. Determination, independence, and strength of character are some of your most admirable traits, and are your allies to help blaze your path on the world. The challenge is in trying new things. At times, you are not scared to try new things, so you stray from the well-beaten path. New methods or ideologies on tackling tough problems are your strength, and will continue to prove beneficial. Others admire and follow you on your fruitful path, as they too recognize your creativity and strength of character.

Leslie just ate a Love Fortune Cookie from Fortune Products. Their love fortune is: You will find the most pure love in one of your closest acquaintances.

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Ryan M., and Diane:

Leslie completed the quiz "What's your ideal man?" with the result The Comedian. You need a man who can make you laugh, someone who can break the ice, get the ball rolling. A man with wit, intelligence, and a sharp tongue would complement you well. He has to have a balance, not one to be a clown ALL the time, but humor has to be one of his biggest personality traits. Funny men are often overlooked because we don't take them seriously, but they are people too, and capable of being very caring, loving partners. He doesn't need to be a professional comic (but that wouldn't hurt), just a wise cracking smartass that keeps people on their toes. Serious men and men with little to no personality are far too abundant in your life. Try mixing things up with a jester of sorts.

Leslie just took the what's the best gun for you? quiz and the result is sniper. You have awesome aim and are very steady.

Leslie just took the "How much firefighting knowledge do you know??" quiz and the result is Probie. You got the basics down, kid. You just gotta put in the hours with the seasoned guys to earn your stripes. You'll be there one day.

Leslie just took "Affection based on month of birth" quiz. Leslie just analyzed their affection level. For Leslie, whose birth of month is September, below is her affection analysis:

- Suave and compromising
- Careful, cautious, and organized
- Likes to point out people's mistakes
- Likes to criticize
- Quiet, but able to talk well
- Calm and cool
- Kind and sympathetic
- Concerned and detailed
- Trustworthy, loyal, and honest
- Does work well
- Sensitive
- Thinking
- Good memory
- Clever and knowledgeable
- Loves to look for information

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Becoming a blouse, and physiological motor processes!

Bingo of the night so far:

BLOUSIEST (62 points) - against Natalie M.

High-scoring word of the night so far:

BECOME (122 points) - against Dave L. [three 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Poo nugget for Thursday, June 18: Round Two - Sometimes you finish defecating, wipe, pull up your pants, flush the toilet, and suddenly feel the need to sit back down on the toilet for Round Two. This most often occurs as a result of a normal physiological process called the migrating motor complex, or MMC. Occurring at 90-minute intervals, the MMC is a massive sweeping motion of the colon that quickly propels stool downstream. (picture a huge tidal wave crashing ashore) If one of these waves happens to "refill" the rectum after you thought you'd finished the deed, there's nothing to do but release the second edition. On the bright side, at least the toilet seat will be warm.

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Brown rice crisps, Cool Zero chocolate, and grapefruit hand sanitizer!

This thing just restarted when I was in the middle of editing stuff... UGH!

Went out to finally cash my refund cheque from the post office, and then satisfied my sushi craving from a few days ago for less than $10 at Jun Sushi while reading the news! After that, I went to London Drugs for some portable grapefruit / foaming hand sanitizer - of course, I exited with more than I wanted to get. Also got two Cool Zero chocolate bars (on sale), Gobstoppers (hey, I saw them in Canada! :P), some Rice Works brown rice crisps (Salsa Fresca and Parmesan / Sundried Tomato), and some gluten-free Hot Kid rice crisps in Wasabi and Cheese flavors. Almost lost my keys when I got home, but I found them in my other shoes... weird!

Leslie's just got their Twilight Name. I just got my Twilight Name. It's Alice Cullen.

Leslie's just got their Presidential Code Name. I just got my Presidential Code Name. It's Fire Truck.

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve B., Jennifer L., and Gretchen:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Kind of Drunk Are You?" with the result Blue Lantern - The Happy Drunk. Say hello to the life of the party. When you've had a few drinks, the number of friends you have in the world triples. Even that creepy guy in the corner is now your best buddy. There's always a smile on your face, even somehow while you're drinking. Let everyone else figure out how you did it because no one and nothing will ruin your good time. Raise another toast there Happy Drunk (your fifth of the night), and liven up the party!

Leslie just took the "What movie should you be in, and as what character?" quiz and the result is Pulp Fiction - Jules Winnfield. Is a description really needed? You are a badass motherfucker; you radiate wisdom and respect.

Leslie just took the "What will your husband's name be?" quiz and the result is Matt. Your future husband's name is Matt!

Leslie just took the "When Will You Get Married" quiz and the result is Never! You must not be the bravest person on earth! You should try to get in a relationship soon, so you have lots of experience for when you need to pop the question!

Leslie just took the "The Perfect Engagement Ring For You" quiz and the result is Unique. You are as quirky as they come. You march to the beat of a different drummer and always stand out in the crowd. No one ever tells you what to do! Become a fan of International Art Jewelers to have access to special savings and promotions!

Leslie took the Are you a Keeper? quiz and got the result: 46%.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dream: Severe punishments for listening to rock music?

I had a dream where I was forced into a restrictive environment - the punishment was very serious indeed for even listening to rock music. When the matron of this building (wearing a voluminous blue dress) told me that I couldn't listen to it, I remember thinking that I could just do it in the privacy of my own home. Then I was reminded by another person in charge that the Mormons were EVERYWHERE, so that would NOT be a good idea. Justin C. was also in this building, and I knew I could trust him. We devised ways to break out of the compound, but were met with numerous challenges along the way. I woke up when we were going to have another secret meeting about this! No idea what triggered it, unless it was that polygamy book I've been reading!

Facebook quizzes taken from Shannon, Jane, Laura, and Becky:

Leslie took the Which celebrity would play you in a movie of your life? (women only) quiz and the result is Reese Witherspoon. The polite, kind, Southern girl with true family values. You put your family and principles before yourself. Providing a steady home and being a good role model are two of your goals.

Leslie just took the "What Makes You Beautiful?" quiz and the result is You fancy the edgy side of beauty! A risk-taker by nature, you like to play around with beauty and fashion. You have fun changing your look to match your sparkling and wild personality. Whether you go for a wild hair color, glittery makeup, or an all-over black outfit, your style changes with your moods and shows the world what you're feeling. There's a fearless creativity in you that others admire. You don't pay too much attention to what others say - you like to find your own approach to life. And as soon as the world catches up to your style, you're on to something new. That's beautiful!

Leslie took the quiz "Which Super Heroine Are You?" and got the result: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! You're a typical sweet innocent girl who has discovered that you are gifted with the skills to fight vampires and demons. Despite your age, you will do anything to keep your friends and family safe. You are loyal and truly loved by those around you.

Leslie took the What 7 deadly sins are you?? quiz and the result is Pride. Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. You do it because well-meaning elementary school teachers told you to "believe in yourself." Your punishment in hell is you'll be broken on the wheel.

Leslie took the What Psychiatric Disorder do you have? quiz and got the result: Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD: You have a very hard time focusing, and you find it difficult to stay on task without your mind wandering. You probably zone in and out of conversations and tend to miss out on directions because you cannot focus.
* Impulsiveness: acting before thinking of consequences, jumping from one activity to another, disorganization, tendency to interrupt other peoples' conversations.[29]
* Hyperactivity: restlessness, often characterized by an inability to sit still, fidgeting, squirminess, climbing on things, restless sleep.[29]
* Inattention: easily distracted, day-dreaming, not finishing work, difficulty listening,[29] and motor clumsiness.[31]

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Did an HTML table all by myself - YAY!

Hahaha! It's now 3 AM, and I'm listening to the Matchbox 20 song of the same name. Quirky coincidence! :D

I just did an HTML table all by myself, with help from the W3C site and Corey. Tested it out on the Craigslist XYZ testing forum to see if it would work, and it did! Yay! Now I feel really geeky, or should that be nerdy? Can't decide...

[01:53:15] Corey: table tags make a table, tr is a row, and inside each row, td's are cells (columns, but technically they're not since you can have different amounts of them in each row)
[01:53:39] Corey: text for the cells goes between the td cell tags
[01:55:06] Corey: and apparently you can use instead of td's on the first row. (heading tags) ... I think that just makes the text bold automatically... you could do the same thing with bold tags, though
[01:55:28] Corey: that link explains it all pretty straightforward if you need more
[01:56:31] Corey: also click on the "Tables" and "Table borders" example links there.. it'll open up an editor thing where you can play around with the code and see what it does.
[02:05:59] Corey: that site is about the best place to quickly learn any HTML stuff (or tons of other programming things), and it's run by the W3C, the group that comes up with the HTML standards... so they know what they're talking about :P

Facebook quizzes taken from Laura, Jamie, and Veronica:

Leslie just took the Want to know how sexy is your name quiz and the result is Your name is the definition of SEXY. YOU HAVE THE MOST SEXY NAME IN THE WORLD. IT IS THE DEFINITION OF SEXY. YOUR NAME IS PURE SEXINESS.

Leslie took the The Rorschach Test quiz and got the result: Too Cute. You're sane, you're very optimistic, and surround yourself with cute things. You avoid horror and scary objects such as knives or insects, and embrace puppies and kittens with open arms.

Leslie took the The Ultimate Astrology Personality Analysis quiz and got the result: Virgo. You may seem cold and detached, yet at times you can actually be quite outgoing. This is because your perception is your reality. If you have a negative outlook, your life will include negative twists and turns, and you will often retreat into your inner feelings. If you have a positive outlook, your life will feel positive and you will be a more pleasant, upbeat person to be around. You are sensitive to your surroundings, but you don't like to analyze your feelings. You are inclined to tell people that everything is going well, even when it is not.

Emotions: You appear calm to friends and family, but inside you are always analyzing and thinking with a high degree of nervous energy. You can tire yourself out without even moving. You have a constant need to perfect, which can easily lead to you being perceived as picky and finicky by your family and friends.

Virgo Decisions: Some people might think that you are indecisive or slow to make a decision. In fact, you are just taking your time to weigh all the facts before you decide what you are going to do. You are very good at problem-solving because you like to separate all the elements, think about each one. and then slowly put them back together again to determine what they all mean. Your rational thinking often frustrates other people.

Family and friendship: You have charm and dignity, and you appear to be cheerful and agreeable. People seek you out to be your friend, but they sense that it is best to wait until you show you're ready. Once you do, they will appreciate your truthfulness, loyalty, and determination.

Romance: Virgos like planned dates – nothing spontaneous. You tend to embarrass easily. You worry about what is going to happen or be discussed on dates and in relationships. You don't like people probing your mind and asking you a lot of questions until you have formed a strong relationship with them. Even then, you do not feel very comfortable being asked questions.

Leslie took the How KINKY Are You? quiz and got the result: 13% Kinky. You are more traditional, and like to keep things pretty boring.

Leslie took the What Prince song are you? quiz and the result is When Doves Cry. Family issues! You don't wanna turn out like your mother or father, but this result indicates you're probably on that path! Be yourself while you can!

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Planets, power, constipation, a fez, and copyright violation

High-scoring words of the night so far:

FEZ (120 points) - against Evelyn D. [3W, 4L on F used twice, hook off ARENA to make FA] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
TAXI (168 points; 3W, 4W), TIERS (266 points; two 5W) - against Tia D.
COSINE (108 points) - against Carol W. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
WAFT (140 points) - against Shannon B. [5W, 4L on W]

COPYRIGHT VIOLATION?! I'll show you COPYRIGHT VIOLATION!!!!! I just won't go back, is all. :P

Facebook quizzes taken from Ryan M. and Laura:

Leslie just took the what power do you have? quiz and the result is Healing. You have the power to heal yourself and others. You have a pure heart, and always know what you are doing.

Leslie took the What planet are you from? quiz and got the result: You are from Mars. Mars is the planet of courage, force, and wisdom. The thorny paths and the conflicts are always stimulating to Mars. You are therefore a creature from Mars with great leadership potential, audacity, and agility. You used to live in a steel lot, and had a collection of the most advanced weapons and tools.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, June 17: Dr. Stool Says - Get Things Moving - If you're prone to constipation, you may want to steer clear of these constipating culprits: milk, cheese, yogurt, bananas, cooked carrots, white rice, processed and high-fat foods like French fries.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Exfoliate the roads with your vision as a donated bitchy writer!

Bingos of the day so far:

EXFOLIATE (66 points) - against Stacey T.
VISIONAL (4,296,925 points) - against George M.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

UKE (104 points) - against Bridget B. [4W, 4L on K]
DONATE (155 points) - against Andrea B. [5W used twice, 4W, hook off ABLE to make ABLED] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
VISIONAL (4,296,925 points) - against George M. [eight 5W]
ROADS (150 points) - against Donna D. [5W, 3W]
YOUTH (260 points) - against Susan C. [5W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Killed vending machine dragon with iced tea - also talked briefly to Vanessa H. on Facebook. Good to reconnect, sorta. (talked about beer, Erik, camping, HUGE wedding dresses, sushi, Seagrams orange cream swirl, etc.)

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane, Kelly, and Candy:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Crazy Writer Are You?" with the result Tom Wolfe. Ah, the life of a wallflower. You get to hang out with the most interesting people - radio DJs, hot rodders, hippies, Hell's Angels, Wall Street tycoons, frat boys - and are completely happy putting them into the spotlight. You're completely happy hanging back with your martini and your little notebook, jotting down all your little observations, in sight but out of mind. Sure, everyone at the party knows who you are - but do they know the real you? And, more importantly, if you want to fade into the background, what's with the bright white suit?

Leslie took the How BITCHY are you? quiz and got the result: Your bitch level is 30%.

Leslie took the What's your SWEAR WORD? quiz and got the result: BASTARD! Stupid Bastard. What a bastard. Bastard is your swear word of choice! (No... it's another word ENTIRELY!)

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Breaking windows to test the fire system = PrankNET!

High-scoring words of the night:

BRIM (100 points) - against Batsheva F. [4W, 5L on M]
AERO (122 points) - against Pam D. [3W, 2W, 5W]
WALES (540 points) - against Tia D. [3W, 5W, 4W]

Interesting rack of the night: DONSDINE (against Tony K. - read that as "Dons dine" - like the Mafia!)

I'll try my wild rice blend with some of Dallas' curry. This Weird News story made me think of Corey:

Source: Prank caller led to store smashing

ALBUQUERQUE (UPI) -- A pair of New Mexico fast food workers were hoodwinked by a prank caller into stripping to their underwear and breaking the restaurant's windows, sources said. The sources told KOAT-TV, Albuquerque, that the two male What-A-Burger employees received a phone call Monday night at the restaurant from someone claiming to be a representative of the fast food chain's corporate office.

The caller told the men to test the fire suppression system, and warned them to shed their clothes after they were covered by the yellow powder released by the system. The caller then told the men to break the restaurant's windows for ventilation, the source said. Some witnesses dialed 911 while the men used rocks to smash the windows. "He was actually talking to somebody on the phone, and he looked like he was nervous. He said, "OK, hold on," and he threw the first rock," one 911 caller said.

What-A-Burger manager told police $10,000 worth of damage was done to the store. "This situation is completely unacceptable," the vice president of What-A-Burger said in a statement Tuesday. "What-A-Burger is working with the Albuquerque Police Department to identify the individuals responsible for these actions, and will pursue full compensation for damages."

Corey's take on this:

[02:06:44] Corey: well, they haven't posted that one yet, but it's more than likely the PrankNET guys :P their hotel sprinkler pranks cost one hotel $50,000 worth of damage since it flooded a bunch of rooms
[02:07:36] Corey: these guys have been in the news for shit like that on 4-5 different occasions now... the newest ones say something like "they may be inspired by web sites about prank telephone calls"
[02:08:23] Corey: I hope that means the police just don't care enough to spend time looking into this, because if they can't figure out who's doing it, they're pretty crappy investigators...
[02:09:16] Corey: it's a dude in Canada, who posts videos on Youtube and invites people to listen to him make prank calls live on this chat program I've never heard of before, and even join in :P
[02:14:23] Flami: learning about martyrs: that's nuts. which program is it?
[02:16:23] Corey: Beyluxe... some chat program that has audio. so people listen to them prank people live, and can chat about it at the same time. I've never tried it out

Leslie's just got their Bond Girl Name. I just got my Bond Girl Name. It's Mary Goodnight.

Leslie just took the "what dress are you?" quiz and the result is evening gown. You are romantic, sweet, kind, loving, and are around loved ones a lot.

Facebook quizzes taken from Lisa B. and Jane:

Leslie just took the "What should your nickname be?" quiz and the result is Loonie. You may be weird, but you are worth a lot to your friends.

Leslie just took the "what celeb do you look like" quiz and the result is Ashlee Simpson. She could be your twin! (Yeah, right. Good thing I don't put much stock into these results!)

Leslie took the How Cool are you? quiz and got the result: 87% Cool.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, June 16: A Presidential Affliction - June 13 marks the birthday of Burrill Bernard Crohn, the first physician to describe the inflammatory condition of the bowel that now bears his name: Crohn's disease. Crohn and two colleagues from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City published their seminal paper, "Terminal Ileitis: A New Clinical Entity," in 1932. Included among its sufferers are former U.S. presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

I am not the catalyst behind the Russian volcano eruption!

Eric almost totally forgot about the Committee meeting tonight - that's priceless amusement! Called Dylan to advise him that we'd be really late, and to start without us. When Eric called me ten minutes later to tell me that he was on his way here to pick me up, I was still laughing - this caused him to ask whether I was okay. Of course! Hahahaha!

On the way there, we discussed various things such as his joking contention that I was responsible for some woman going into labor at the new Golden Ears bridge yesterday because I farted. Also discussed Oscar's, Maxine being an audiologist, ear doctors, my needing psychiatric help, chain reactions, saying "apartment" really quickly, leaving without me again (I saw him turn in as I came out - NOT TRUE), microwaves (his leftover dinner made me hungry even though I'd eaten already), his initially wondering why I'd called since yesterday's lunch made him completely forget about the meeting for some reason, his mom's reaction (being later is NOT a good thing!), and other stuff.

The meeting itself was fine - discussed Granville Island, money, restaurants, Gillis, exorbitant prices of things like knives on wedding registries, gifts NOT being brought to the States, Dylan's wedding, Alan and Tracy's wedding, and internal stuff. Johnny jokingly suggested a topless car wash as a church fundraising idea - NOT the image you want to project, man! Pastor John brought up venture capitalists, while Kevin just wanted to figure things out so he could write them down with the correct dates. I have at least three free nights in the next couple of months: June 26 (Eric's high school reunion), July 3 (Summer Conference), and July 24 (church picnic the next day) - those will be good, especially if I can get together with people! If not, downtime is on the agenda.

I also know that Sam's going to Manitoba to study law for two years (poor Emily Lam!), and that grad banquet is on Mike's birthday this year. Discussed Christon, Cindy, Dianne, barbecues, Sheena, Jason, Brian, Karen Choo, Janette, Nathan's move to England, and more also. On the way home, we discussed free nights / Jon's honeymoon / getting busy / the EVIL one / messages / crazy randomness / labeled parking spots / that Russian volcano explosion in the news / Utah's Black Diamond Equipment being robbed by someone looking for diamonds instead of sports equipment / avoiding people / Chuck / Emily Choi / rides / being premature / more stuff. Interesting times, for sure!

Mishearings of the night:

1. Eric: So did you read the agenda?
Me: Yup, yesterday.
Eric: Was it sent out yesterday?
Me: Pretty much. Did you?
Eric: Yeah, but I wasn't sure if it was sent out yesterday.
Me: ... well, that's fair enough if you didn't have a chance to SIT DOWN.

2. Eric: No, the Potato King is a figment of someone else's imagination. It's from Red Dwarf, not Homestar Runner or WOW.
Eric: No, RED DWARF. I've never listened to GWAR in my life!
Me: Oh, you might not like it. They have "slaves" feeding people like George Bush and Britney Spears to "giant maggots."

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Maybe the chips and salsa will be carved, Aggie!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

MAYBE (175 points) - against Shannon B. [5W, 5L on Y] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
AGGIES (256 points) - against Tia D. [4W, three 2W]
CARVED (112 points) - against David L. [4W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Interesting rack of the day so far: EGGALISA (against Tia D. - read that as "egg a Lisa," so the act of egging someone named Lisa... preferably with real eggs!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane, Kaitlin, Amy, and Natalie:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Friends Character Are You?" with the result Rachel. You are Rachel. Even though you are whiny and still somewhat spoiled by Daddy, everyone loves you, and no one could live without you. It takes you a while to understand jokes, but you're always the first to know the latest gossip.

Leslie just took the "What nickname best fits you? (Girls Only!!)" quiz and the result is Auby <3. You are very smart, lucky, and rich on the attractive side!!! You have the best comebacks, and you can be very smart-mouthed!! But even though you make people mad, you are forgiven easily because of your prettiness!

Leslie just took the "Who is your Prince Charming?" quiz and the result is the Beast. He has a very bad temper, but that doesn't lessen his love for you. And you will always love him, even with his temper problems.

Leslie took the What TAROT CARD are you? quiz and got the result: You are The Devil. Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Satan. You see the world as a struggle between light and dark. You suffer from ignorance and materialism. You have yet to understand that it is impossible to separate light from shadow. You doubt your future and your purpose. You are The Devil: darkness is the absence of light, and hides the goodness in you.

Leslie completed the quiz "For what BADASS crime will you be arrested?" with the result JETPACK-ORIENTED GUN CRIME. Is it a bird? Is it a- BANG! HOLY SHIT, IT HAS A GUN.

Leslie just took the "Which Vampire Are You?" quiz and the result is Armand (Amadeo). The Boticelli angel. Face of an angel, but experience beyond your years. You feel out of touch with the world, and so you prize your loved ones like no other.

You Are Chips and Salsa

You are energetic and a real go-getter. You can even be aggressive at times.

You love taking risks and taking the rewards. You are a true daredevil.

You can be a bit greedy in life, and you go after what you want.

You are courageous and edgy. You will do what others are afraid of.

Haven't had this in a while, maybe since last year's debacle!

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Dream: I drove my mom to a forest and left her there...

Had a weird dream where I was looking after a group of kids, and we lined up to see these great displays in glass counters at a market. The line snaked for blocks, and was rather long. While looking at some of the displays, I saw "[Sara H.'s last name in capitals] PORN" on a big sign. Of course, I wanted to shield the kids' eyes from this! When we got to our destination, I quickly distracted the kids with some water slides. After this, we were transported to a big blue house under cover of night. There was a kids' party going on, complete with party hats / cake / adorable kids with curly hair / quadruplets / twins. It was very fun!

My mom was also there, and eventually she got really intrusive and annoying. Eric, Steph, and I discussed what to do out of her hearing. We drove her to a forest on the pretense of "just going for a drive" (it helped that we saw a farmhouse with cows and pigs who could travel through time and fill voids in books) and left her there! My sister told me to keep a close eye on the ugly green car we'd chosen until she'd walked Mom into the forest a little ways. When she came back, she told me that I had to drive! Man, I was nervous, since I didn't know how to drive! It was a bit scary, and I kept worrying about crashing into the trees since the car didn't have auto-pilot. She encouraged me, and I finally made it to the blue house as a white-knuckle driver. Once we returned, Uncle Joel asked me whether I needed a ride with him and Auntie Cissy to another destination, this one in Richmond. I told him that I didn't, since we'd taken three cars there, including Eric's grey beater. The dream ended when we were picking our own mushrooms as dawn broke.

Interesting - not sure what the triggers were, except my mom's questions and my asking Uncle Joel / Auntie Cissy about the dark purple / dark blue choir robe samples yesterday. Finally, a change from the white ones they've been using for at least fifteen years!

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Elissa, Sarah, and Mary insist on their suggested domain

High-scoring words of the night:

INSISTER (120 points) - against Elissa K. [5W]
DOMAINE (352 points) - against Sarah T. [2W, two 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
VARVES (1120 points) - against Janice M. [5W, two 4W]
JAPERS (144 points) - against Mary S. [4W, 2W]
PROLE (208 points) - against Dave L. [3W, 4W, hook off ROLE to make PROLE]
EYRIES (172 points) - against Patrick M. [two 4W and one used twice, hook off QUIT to make ET] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Mary C. added me on Facebook, so that's a good thing. It's an example of the Friend Suggestion thing actually working out, instead of recommending people I don't know or no longer wish to associate with! Also wished Dennis a happy birthday - I remember him fondly. :D

Facebook quizzes taken from Chris R. and Erik:

Leslie took the Name Compatibility Test quiz. (Is it a name love match? Take this compatibility test to find out the love percentage between you and your crush.) Leslie's result is "61% Compatible." According to our name compatibility experts, your crush would get along pretty darn great - at least you're more compatible than incompatible. So get out there and find out if we're right!

Leslie took the Where Will You Be In 10 Years? quiz. (Wanna know what's going on with Older You? This quiz will predict your future.) Leslie's result is "Married With 8 Kids." You think that family's really important -- looks like you're gonna have your hands full with a big one. Start clipping coupons for diapers! Eight kids sounds like too much to you? Two words: birth control. But don't be too quick to shun the idea of a giant-sized family. The more the merrier, we say. (HAHAHAHAHA. I hope not! Eight kids?! NO WAY!)

Leslie took the What Starfleet Department Suits You? quiz and the result is Blue: Science / Medical / Counseling. You are best suited for the Science Department of Starfleet. In the Science role, your job would be conducting experiments and studying discoveries in space. In the Medical role, your job would be attending to ill or injured personnel as well as others in need. In the Counseling role, your job would be servicing the psychological and social needs of personnel. If you do not understand, you soon will. You like to solve things with your mind, and have a fondness for learning. You are a good listener, and are very observant.

Poo nugget for Monday, June 15: Doo You Know? - Burning Poop - In the Wild West, settlers burned dried buffalo poop to keep warm. Nothing like the smell of an open fire!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ebenezer, Eugene, Fifi, and Free

The computer restarted AGAIN!

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


E Ray: Advertised in the back of comic books, E Ray vision allows young boys to see through women's dresses.

Eagle: A symbol of freedom for the United States. The top rank of the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately, a name that is reserved for Native Americans.

Earl: A needlefish and an English nobleman's title. Sounds like "hurl," which is synonymous with regurgitation.

Earnest: Honest, sincere. Exception to the rule: if you feel it is important, you may be Earnest.

Ebenezer: Miserly curmudgeon who grudgingly accepts the joy of Christmas. God bless us, every one!

Einstein: Clever one with wild hair. One may never live up to the name, and will always be subject to comments like these: "Nice shot, Einstein" or "Who knows the answer, Einstein?"

Elder: Will get far more respect from the other children due to his long white beard and furrowed brow.

Elgin: Scottish lord who either stole the Parthenon marbles or spirited them to England for "safekeeping." Also used by police with Latin subjects: "Put down Elin and come out with your hands up."

Elijah: An actor typecast for life as a ring-bearing hobbit.

Elmer: A white glue consumed by preschool children, and used to fix just about any household mishap that doesn't require duct tape. Destined to chase, but never catch, rabbits.

Elroy: In the absence of his parents, will be raised by the robot maid. His only friend is destined to be his dog, Rastro.

Elvis: There is only one Elvis.

Elvoid: The complete absence of Elvis qualities.

Enigma: A puzzled child destined to spend thirteen years as a philosophy major without ever graduating college.

Eros: Short, chubby, naked baby with wings and a prayer. Tends to shoot at lonely people with a bow and arrow to inspire them to jump in bed together.

Erwin: The phrase used when beginning the story about how the car wreck was not your fault. Usually uttered after curfew has passed. Famed hunter of amphibious reptiles.

Espin: Only a sports fanatic with cable TV would consider this name for a child. Exception to the rule: if you are a professional athlete, and want the guys at the network to give you a little extra coverage.

Ethan: A thick sweater-wearing, curly-haired college kid who smokes a lot of pot.

Eubie: Someone new to speaking Black lingo.

Eugene: DNA strand believed to be responsible for math ability. Why not just give him a CPA, bow tie, and plain polyester sport coat? That way, you'll be done with it!


Falco: Pop star of the '80s known for his tight pants and unintelligible English. See also Amadeus.

Farmer: One who wears baggy trousers and floppy hats, and has an affinity for sheep.

Farteaun: The musical register of one's flatulence.

Ferris: A teenager who can get away with anything. Also, a bubbly expensive water.

Fifine / Fifi: A miniature French poodle that accompanies its owner to the salon and is dyed pink for special occasions.

Flavious: The Roman god of tasty meals.

Flavo: The short-lived '50s cartoon mascot on the glass jar of fish bouillon cubes. A Southweatern chef's special reserve, but not quite VSOP quality.

FoFo: Because PoPo was already taken.

Francisco: A sourdough lover and gay boy from the get-go. Exception to the rule: last name, Franco.

Free: Absolutely no charge. Better for a boy than for a girl, about whom it could easily be said that she just gives it away.

Fritz: A plump German exchange student.

Fritznel: Schnitzel made from Fritz.

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Zombie weapons and fat Asian hippes at Disney!

Heard about college students in Iran being beaten and killed for not supporting the crazy long-named guy over there who just "won" the presidential election to be "re-elected" - STOP THE HUMANITY! Billie told me about the peaceful protests the night of the election (a couple nights back), and she figured it might spiral into this.

Leslie's just got their French Name. I just got my French Name. It's Marielle Leveque.

Leslie's just got their Ice Cream Flavor Name. I just got my Ice Cream Flavor Name. It's Chocolate Fudge.

Leslie's just got their Turkish Name. I just got my Turkish Name. It's Nurcan Rustu.

Facebook quizzes taken from Valdimar, Kaitlin, David L., Jane, Alan, and Cathy:

Leslie completed the quiz "What does your sign say about you? :)" with the result V • I • R • G • O ~ The Freak. Dominant in relationships, Sexy, Someone loves them right now, Freak in bed, Always wants the last word, Caring, Smart, Intellectual, Attractive, Loyal, Easy to talk to, Hard to forget, Love at first sight, Everything you ever wanted, Easy to please, The one and only, Ultimate sexiness; Great kisser...

Leslie took the How FAT are you? quiz and got the result: 72% Fat.

Leslie took the What NATIONALITY are you, Really? quiz and got the result: I am ITALIAN.

Leslie took the How Asian Are You? quiz and got the result: I am: 100% Asian.

Leslie took the How Will You Die? quiz. (Don't be scared - take the death test. Because nobody lives forever. Sorry.) Leslie's result is "Peacefully In Your Sleep." You're smart, you're healthy, and you don't let anger or stress get the best of you. But even the best of us gotta go sometime. Wanna die in a more adventurous way? We recommend taking up one (or all) of the following hobbies: glass eating, chemical mixing, hijacking, or poking grizzly bears with sticks and calling them "jerkface."

Leslie took the The eSPIN Personality Test quiz. (If you haven't taken the eSPIN personality quiz, you still don't have a personality.) Leslie's result is "The Thinker." You're smart, and you know what? You totally know it. You value brains above almost anything else, which is pretty good. (Better than valuing, say, booties). But you also tend to get cocky about your own intelligence. Keep up with the intellectual pursuits, but don't be afraid to be wrong every once in a while. Seriously - stupidity can be cute!

Leslie completed the quiz "What zombie fighting weapon best suits you?" with the result Like Robin Hood, you have the BOW AND ARROW. A creature of precision, aim, and strength, you have decided to go Robin Hood on these zombies, taking from the undead and giving to the... uh... well, whoever, you got game with your on-target arrows, and probably some sweet moves for when you run out of arrows and beat them off with your bow. You are the sort of person who likes concentration, and when you do well, a grim little smile decorates your face. Take 'em out, Legolas.

Leslie completed the quiz "What 90's Nickelodeon TV show character are you?" with the result You're Doug Funnie! You're a good kid! You have a crush on someone at school, but you're pretty shy. You write about your day in your journal, and you like really cool bands, like the Beats! Even though there's this one bully at school, you find ways to not let it ruin your day. After all, your best friend is pretty awesome!

Leslie took the What is your Hippie Name? quiz and the result is Gypsy Willow Dusk.

Leslie took the what Disney character are you? quiz and the result is Winnie the Pooh. With many friends and a great big heart, it's hard not to like you. All you want is fun, some sweet food, and friends to share time with.

Leslie took the Do you belong on Jerry Springer? quiz and the result is The Oprah Winfrey Show. You belong on the Oprah Winfrey Show! Unless you are a Hollywood celebrity who is so famous that you are suing people on Xenu's home planet for downloading your sex tapes, you probably belong on the show because you have a dream that you want to be fulfilled. You have suffered in life. After all, not having a BRAND NEW CAR! is very difficult. You have never understood yourself fully, and neither have other people. The Oprah shrine in your room brings stares and weird looks, and people laugh when they see you reading Oprah's Book Club novels. You don't care. You must be one with the Oprah. One day, you will find your spirit. Apparently, it will involve watching a lot of TV and buying a lot of merchandise. Still, you believe in Oprah, and Oprah believes in you. Make sure you make out the check to Oprah Winfrey. She'll spend it on charities... and maybe a few mansions.

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Streaking, sledgehammers, popcorn, sausages, and more

The machine restarted when I was out - sigh...

This morning, my mom gave me a couple of beaded bracelets and a magnetic necklace from Auntie Chu - they're great for things which I'll rarely wear. Of course, I had to cut too much on the black one and lose some beads - sigh. (Hien helped me fix it after Sunday School) She asked me a few weird questions, but I expected that. Got to church and talked to Chuck for a bit about money-saving measures when you plan a wedding; I know Jon and Harmony had their family and friends do photos, decorations, and food! I was going to sit with him, but moved pews when the perfidious blackguard moved into ours. Instead, I sat by Joey and Emily, and talked to Citrus (and a girl named Tina) about traffic, naked people, and more. Not sure why people would streak, but I guess this is the weather for it, haha! Darren's back from Ireland, so it was pretty good seeing him! He asked me later if I was going to make it to his sister Erin's wedding - I can't, but my sister has to since she's a bridesmaid!

Chatted to Emily about going to Tropika last night, then interacted with some of the kids outside. Megan told me and Dianne that she really liked the popcorn, Benjamin / Joshua / Keenan were busy jumping on a metal covering, and I told Nathaniel to let his sister Abby have some popcorn as he was in her way. Recognized little Cori (I refuse to call her Corona, although I did wear my Corona Extra hat today), and asked her if she remembered who I was - she nodded, so that's a good sign. Told Eric what happened with my debit card, and confirmed that he'd be calling me tomorrow for the Committee meeting. One of the doors of the fellowship hall had something wrong with it - later, Benedict and Gabriel's dads used a ladder and sledgehammer to try fixing it. Dylan and Jeremy were quite interested in that, haha. Unfortunately, baby Mattias didn't like the noise, and cried whenever someone tried saying hi to him. Karen said he'd just woken up - fair enough!

Talked to Andrea about next week's bridal shower - of course she can give me a ride home! She was initially confusing it with Tracy's bridal shower today, and said she'd have to be home at 4:30... I was thinking, "4:30 in the morning?!" Her little five-year-old cousin is having a birthday party, and he finally gets his own bed! He outgrew his toddler bed some time ago, but has been sleeping on the floor for about a year due to lack of time and such to get a new bed. Apparently, he loves the cute sheets and everything else on his new one, so that's good! I told Hien that my redrum picture had been removed from Facebook, probably for being "too violent." She laughed at me, and said that somebody (not her!) had probably reported it - I figured as much, yes...

Said hi to Sonya, Sheena, Jen, Tony, Sonny, Karen Lew, and Lincoln - talked about job hunting, Jon and Harmony's honeymoon, exams, school, today's snack of cheese cubes / cocktail sausage / crackers (Jon would like that if he were here), summer plans, and other things. Went back inside and interacted with baby Allison a little, which meant saying hi to Julie / Mike / Joey / Sarah - not too bad! Talked to Chrystal: confirming a hangout date the week we're going to do it will probably work better! She said that she and Melia were looking at my Facebook wedding photo album last night, and she likes the dragon outfit - sweet! Maybe I'll wear it more often, although everyone will know that I wore it for the wedding... oh well.

Got to Sunday School almost in time for Auntie Fonda to get a phone call that left her crying, and which caused her to leave right away after she enlisted Auntie Bessy to help. I asked what had happened: she's been left emotionally and physically drained by her beloved cat's dying. Auntie Bessy guessed that the phone call was from Fonda's daughter Vivian telling her that the cat had died, or was very close to it. The cat was at the stage where it would just have bodily functions anywhere in the house, so of course Auntie Fonda had to clean it up at any time - she had to work and be a mother, too! Poor woman! Watson was crying for his mom, and little Margaret (with her nine-year-old cousin Alan in tow) was back. We managed to calm Watson down, and I talked a bit to the kids - Amanda told me to sit down because she was "making me something to eat" - sure, I can pretend to be enthused about pretend "air" food, haha!

After Sunday School, I gave one coffee wafer to Amanda's sister Hannah - she thought it was chocolate, and said she isn't allowed to drink coffee! I told her not to worry, since it wasn't real coffee! Talked to Stanford for a bit about Oscar's and such, and he actually told me to take care! One of my grandma's friends (Gabriel's grandma) said I should say something in English to my grandma every day - I don't think that'll help her retain anything! The afternoon was spent at Tsui Woo for lunch with Uncle Simon / Auntie Lana (who twisted her back when she picked up her grandchild) / Uncle Ken / Auntie Amy / two random strangers in dup-toi. (the younger one was literate enough in English to be reading THE PROVINCE!) I saw Ivan, Adam, Andrew, Darren's family (including Derek), and Auntie Helen at the restaurant, too. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent in a largely boring visit to Uncle Ken and Auntie Amy's apartment which lasted about an hour and a half too long. At least I heard some stories about her daughter Susan and HER kid Eden (born July 23, 2007), flipped through a bunch of photo albums of the kid, and had some coffee. Now I'm finally home to relax!

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Boiling Cinderella and a basketball

High-scoring words of the night:

GYRI (123 points) - against Bev O. [4W, 3W]
BOILED (31,250 points; five 5W), KNOWS (1120 points; 5W, two 4W) - against Tia D.
CANTONAL (190 points) - against Shawn W. [5W, 2W]

Which Disney character are you? (for girls!) by crombiebabe04

Spin Much?
by supernailbunny
First name:
Your talent:Vaseline smile
Your weakness:Dance
Most likely guard injury:Jammed finger
Number of solid catches:3,299,685
Number of drops:1,941,790

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