Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pants replacements, BBQ chips, visual mythology, and more

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

ARGOSIES (220 points; 4W, 5W; a good deficit-erasing word!), FOVEAS (140 points; 5W, 2W) - against Joan H.
ASKED (197 points) - against Chris J. [3W, 5W, hook off FAN to make AN]

Went to the mall to get a bunch of stuff - panties, sweatpants, and green pants (no flat shoes!) from Sears; National Geographic Essential Visual History of World Mythology (National Geographic) from Coles (I saw Neal Stephenson's ANATHEMA in the bargain section there); two dark-colored men's shorts from Coast Mountain Sports (in case the ones from Mom aren't dark... buy one, get one half-off); plus One Step hand sanitizer (which actually smells BAD!), Simply Food mesquite BBQ chips, and a yellow pouf from Shoppers Drug Mart. Wasted a lot of time just walking around when I should have remembered THE MATRIX, haha. Also met Uncle Hansel in the food court, which was a little awkward. I used to like seeing people I know when I'm out and about, but it's just not that good lately! At least I'm home in plenty of time for the BORING_PEOPLE chat if there IS one!

Edit: Teunis just got back at 5:15 or so, saying he made an entry so I wouldn't worry. There was only one problem with his being back, haha. Discussed his steamer, Renaissance Books in New Westminster, door slamming, books, the Mayans, my new mythology book, my ditziness, movies, Mr. Creep, V FOR VENDETTA, FARSCAPE, Anne Rice / Christianity / gays, Neil Gaiman, hair, Russians, showering, and more.

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Are you a hologram or real?

High-scoring word of the morning:

CHI (250 points) - against Angela V. [two 5W]

Hmm... Teunis said he was crashing out at Kailee's at 5:20 AM, as per his latest entry. But he also seems to be here sleeping not two feet from me! Maybe it's a brilliant magic hologram which looks very real! I'm not touching "him," in any event - too creepy!

You Are Modern

You are optimistic and forward looking. You love living in this world.

You are drawn to the darker elements of life. You like a bit of grit.

Food excites you. You are definitely a foodie, and you're adventurous about trying new restaurants.

You are interested in a plethora of things. You love to learn.

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Ian, chaps, theories, and coy superheroes from Daniel and Marilynn

Interesting rack of the early morning: IANCHAPS, against Angela V. [read this as "Ian chaps"]

Bingo of the early morning:

THEORISED (106 points) - against Melissa R.

High-scoring words of the early morning:

THEORISED (106 points) - against Melissa R. [4W]
HYALINE (118 points) - against Marina T. [5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
COY (127 points) - against Michele H. [4W, 4L on Y used twice] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Here's another superhero tagging picture seen on Marilynn's page, this one made by sinsorium or Daniel:

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DAMN YOU, MR. CREEP! / Left and right

I just missed the 410, but the 405 was luckily right behind it; unfortunately, I discovered that a lens was missing from my Fit-Overs, so I had to toss those. Got to the usual meeting place a minute or so before Eric; as he said, "You're here before 6:30 and so am I! What's going on?!" (usually, one of us is LATE) He also said that before we got nourishment, we had to get a product. I joked that he was referring to Geoffrey as a product now, but he was really talking about the most-anticipated STARCRAFT 2. Off we went to Future Shop, but they didn't have it. I didn't care about going in with him, since it would be "a recipe for death" (his words) to stay in the car! Discussed Mr. Creep, the Lin's experience, the Night Market, emailing announcements, my reading comics (it's THE WATCHMEN in graphic novel form!), Hawkins Cheesies, and more on the way to church.

After stopping at Subway, he thought that I'd gotten annoyed again at the people who didn't know that I wanted my sandwich NOT toasted before they asked me about it. Nope, it's called being EMPHATIC. Also said not to engage anyone in conversation if we were eating, then backtracked and said it depended on who it was. I told him that everyone should think like me, but then he didn't believe THAT would be a good idea: "Paranoia? Being very untrusting?" Dude... you gotta be CAREFUL these days, man! I saw the table near the long bench before he did; at least Teresa moved over to make room for us! He went downstairs to the parkade since he'd forgotten his water bottle - good idea! Had our meal with minimal interruption; said hi to Darren, Ivan, Cindy, and Dianne, of course! (saw Mr. Creep around; dunno why HE was at church at least half an hour early...)

Alerted Auntie Rebecca to the presence of poop in a washroom toilet - GROSS! Got to the fellowship room and said hi to Jose, Carmen, and Martin. When tomorrow's church picnic was announced, Mr. Creep wanted to know who needed a ride. I thought, "Desperate for company MUCH?!" Once I learned that the Bible Study groups (environment?) were on "shuffle mode," I knew my evening wasn't about to be improved. I HAD TO BE IN A GROUP WITH MR. CREEP! Eric said that if I felt uncomfortable, I could always go join another group (he / Raymond / Christon / Vicky were also in it) - yes, but everybody had already seen me raise my hand when Pastor John asked whose birthdays were in the last third of the year! I swear, I'm never attending Bible Study again! Ugh!

Luckily, I thought of going to the bathroom to read the rest of THE WATCHMEN - it was kind of annoying to have to get up every few minutes to reactivate the lights, but that was still worth it. The bit of Bible Study that I did get through didn't improve my low opinion of Mr. Creep's intelligence any, however. Finished the novel (with its surprise / twist ending), and got back to everyone else. The room was locked for some reason, so I waited in the foyer area... Stanley noticed what I'd been reading, and said that he also had the novel when I said I'd borrowed it from a friend. I don't think he'd trust me with it, but it was okay!

Talked to Dylan for a while about camping and the Fellowship announcements; guess we both forgot what Eric had told us at the meeting about HIS taking care of them while Jen's in Cuba! (also talked to Shally and others about Hong Kong / the church picnic) I was surprised to see his wife Deb since I hadn't seen her before we all broke off into groups; she'd gotten to church late, which explains things. She said she had something for me: when she and Dylan saw Uncle John's Gigantic Bathroom Reader (Bathroom Readers' Institute), they thought of me. I thanked her, and Eric wondered what that was about - I said that it was a combination of Uncle John's Giant 10th Anniversary Bathroom Reader (Bathroom Reader's Institute) and Uncle John's Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader #12 (Bathroom Reader's Institute). He then said that I could give those books away now - true, but I don't know who would take them! To satisfy my inner OCDL, I'll have to buy another book this week to make my book numbers even, but Deb and Dylan won't need to know that!

I was bugging him to GO, so we finally left via the elevator. We went to get gas, and he also checked his oil and cleaned his windshield. Then he sang to me in an opera-style voice, informing me (among other things) that going to look for STARCRAFT 2 tomorrow would waste fuel and a trip out, and that #4 / Alderbridge (with a field hotly contested between city officials and the Aboriginals) wasn't that dark or cold. He's right about the fuel waste thing; I don't mind if he goes on Sunday after guitar lessons with the teens! Maybe I'll get new reading material or something... depending on what Phil or Nate tells him about the lessons, of course. Discussed Teunis and Kaili seeing DESPICABLE ME / INCEPTION / IRON MAN 2 at the drive-in tonight. ("See? You could have seen INCEPTION! Oh, they made plans without you AGAIN! IRON MAN 2 is stupid, anyway... I don't know anything about DESPICABLE ME except that it's a cartoon, but it COULD be good.")

Talked about superheroes / Batman / Robin / the Joker / Nathan thinking he might like to BE Batman / Jeremy / Jon and Harmony at Dave and Tiffany's wedding / fart smell (NOT ME!) / my possibly feeling abandoned because none of the NGS were there (that's why I stuck with Eric even when Mr. Creep was around, for as long as I could take it) / my mom NOT being here this weekend. He also said he guessed I wasn't there for the part of Bible Study in which Mr. Creep would like to do away with the "Do Not Murder" commandment, because there are plenty of idiots that deserve it. I said that it seemed like he was advocating suicide for himself, then! Personally, I didn't really mind Raymond being in the group - yes, he called me OBSESSED, but seriously. At least he LOOKS better than Mr. Creep does! I know, I'm weird! Saw a missed call from my mom when I got in; I am NOT in the mood to deal with that figurative headache, so I'll pretend I didn't know about it. I'm guessing Teunis was in after I left, because his small laptop is on his tiny table when the surface was empty before!

Trivia fact for Saturday, July 31: In what country were the terms "left" and "right" first used to indicate an individual's politics? In France. In 1789 when the National Assembly was convened, conservative delegates representing the nobility (who favored keeping the monarchy) sat to the right of the presiding officer. Delegates who were commoners and wanted to abolish the monarchy sat to his left.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Art, drinking games, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, and Superstore

Teunis and I discussed quick showers, Queensr├┐che, SILENT LUCIDITY, boiling sausages, frying potatoes, Ursula Vernon art / hypothetical drinking games, proper social responses to "I stink!" (there are none!), the movies, laptops, multi-tasking, watching THE MUPPETS as a family event, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, sleeping vs. watching movies (which he can't do without doing something else), therapy, knitting, English (upgrading), schools these days not really failing students, Kwantlen, Kaili going to the bookstore with him, grass jelly drinks, and more. I'd had a couple of crepes for breakfast; he remarked that they were filling, and figured the recipe must have worked then. Okay, sure... *shifty eyes* Guess he meant the sourdough!

When I called Eric to see what the plans were for tonight (6:30 is doable!), Teunis thought I was talking to him since he was turned the wrong way and didn't see me pick up the phone! Hahahaha! Told Eric the news from Adam: Superstore has been renovated, but there is no Subway! That's fine, since there's one like two blocks away. When Teunis left, I took a two-hour nap. Once I get home tonight, I might as well finish the BBQ popcorn since the flavor mix expires in August 2010 - pity the date's not more specific, haha. Commence the "loud" chewing, hehe... being respectful of triggers also works!

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Rainwear, hats smelling like smoke, WANTON not being WONTON

High-scoring word of the morning:

RAINWEAR (192 points) - against Sandra T. [two 4W]

Got Candy's package today - the only problem is that the Manchester United hat smells like cigarette smoke. Oh well, Candy doesn't have to know that I won't be giving it to Steph (or keeping it) for that reason, haha. Although a quick search shows me that I could just leave the thing out in the sun, if I don't trust the smell to air out by itself in five months' time!

Checking my email trash for something else, I also see that Mom wants to give me three more shorts - it's only good if they're a dark color, because I lost two pairs this past week (including the one she gave me last week) to the black menace! She's also looking into booking the Okanagan trip for me and Grandma - it most likely would be the week of August 7 to 14; two or three days maximum during that week. Of course, the first thing I think of is how the hell I'm going to catch up on LJ and FB when I'm back, unless the hotel has Internet access. At least my grandma is very unlikely to come down to the computer room and yell at me to go to bed, as my mom did in October 2006!

From said email: "The hairdresser next to New Jim Wanton is closed on Tuesdays..." (emphasis mine) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! On another note, Teunis needs to tell me when he decides to get up, otherwise he'll be giving me a heart attack when I hear noises in the kitchen! :P

This result makes me think of the Green Day song Walking Contradiction:

You Are a Contradiction

People accuse you of having a split personality, and it's completely true.

There are two completely different sides to you - as opposite as night and day.

At times, you are highly social and gregarious. But sometimes, you can be the biggest loner around.

Sometimes you are serious and studious, but other times you are carefree and wild. You're hard to predict!

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Crypto-enzymes, RPG on Skype, the illusion of company being around, seeds

High-scoring words of the night:

CRYPTO (180 points) - against Mary S. [4W]
QUERN (263 points) - against Cheryl P. [two 4W, hook off CON to make CONE]
ENZYMS (207 points) - against Amy B. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Kenny and I talked about Hien / being emo, red bean ice cream, support, sarcasm, gaming, blood games, RPG stuff, video cards, nicknames, Google Chrome / Internet Explorer / Firefox being slow, eating, being surprised that I was still on after his typing away for a long time, loud squeaky noises NOT being a fart on my end (I have a witness!), doing the dishes, Hien ignoring us, David being a typical bratty younger brother, and more. Teunis says the power is out at his mom's place, and told me a story about how their myriad candles had assured his family the brightest house on the block even when the power WAS restored, hahaha! We also discussed pasta sauce without ground beef or tomatoes, allergies, garlic, how bottled water is bad for you anyway, cooking, oats and granola bars, lactose intolerance, rosemary, sage, spices, oil, onions, pennies, and more. I wouldn't mind more Skype chats with Kenny, even if his RPG stuff does get in the way. Makes me feel like there's company about - and now I sound like an old lady!

Trivia fact for Friday, July 30: In the world of professional tennis, what is the significance of the word "seeded"? At tournaments, the top players are ranked based on past performance and then "seeded" - or spread - throughout the field of competition to reduce chances that the best players will face one another in the early matches.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zest, layoffs, raids, embers, Wordscraper glitches, saffron, Skype

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

TEMPEHS (900 points) - against Sandra B. [two 5W, 2W]
ZEST (320 points) - against Helen H. [5W, two 2W]
HONGI (120 points) - against Trey B. [4W, 3W]
LAYOFFS (126 points; two 3W; a good deficit-erasing word!), JUTTED (290 points; 5W, 5L on J; a good deficit-erasing word!) - against Jeff S.
RAIDS (208 points; two 4W), CYSTS (128 points; two 3W) - against Carolyn C.
CHASMY (125 points) - against Aaron L. [5W, 2L on H]
EMBER (230 points) - against Chris J. [5W used twice, 4W, hook off VIOLATERS to make ES] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
URAEMIC (103 points) - against Tonia Marie E. [3W used twice, hook off ROPE to make ROPER]

I found a temporary Wordscraper glitch where you can make two consecutive turns if your first word doesn't validate pretty much right away. The application will still think it's your turn even though you've just played a word... more opportunities for points is a good thing by me! And yes, I'm aware that this could be used against me as well!

Teunis only fully got up when Hester knocked at the door with the handyman in tow - the repair guy did fix one burner, and the other seemed to still be working. My good friend and I discussed funny posts, it being cool enough to cook late at night (ton of sourdough crepes with saffron and cinnamon to lend an interesting flavor / the dishes done!), the two post offices within walking distance (only mailing a letter), gay marriage / California / divorce, LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE, time limits, and more.

Also talked about sausages, Alice Cooper / Led Zeppelin / sex lyrics, Rhiannon's issues with smoke (allergic to ANYTHING?! - AIYA!), church stuff, the gay pride parade, and more. Tried to get Kenny on Skype once Teunis had gone, but as my luck would have it, HE had to go do some things. Ah well, at least there are always messages! Now we're in a phone call - gaming, weapons, boredom, fireworks, true crime / blogging / computer as addictions, CP slowing everyone down, pictures scarring people for life, etc. Good times. :D

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Pepto-Bismol, Vitamin C, finding corkscrew, French fries, onion rings

After waking up, I decided to go to the pharmacy next door to get some Vitamin C and Pepto-Bismol. I was running out of both items, and was pleased to discover that the Pepto was more than twice the size of the bottle which I bought from Save-On a while ago. The Vitamin C tablets are also twice the size - SWEET! I noticed Hester cleaning outside, and told her that the back two burners of my stove didn't work. (this is of course according to Teunis) She said she could bring the handyman this afternoon, so we'll see about that! Got home and found my corkscrew while I was putting things away - good thing I don't need to buy a new one, haha.

You Are Onion Rings

You are funky and full of flavor. You definitely have a strong personality.

You are willing to take risks and fall flat on your face. You rarely do fail, though.

You have a knack for what works. Everyone but you is surprised by your results.

You are always yourself, even though you're a bit quirky and offbeat. You wouldn't know how to be anyone else.

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Brown / "Jesus Loves Me" as BIOSHOCK music / Hollywood offshoots

High-scoring words of the night:

BROWN (146 points) - against Jessica S. [4W, 3W, hook off OAK to make ON]
REASSAIL (128 points) - against Nancy A. [4W, 2W]

I certainly wasn't expecting to hear Jesus Loves Me in the middle of BIOSHOCK, hahaha! Teunis helped me with the nozzle to my lime Windex when I couldn't turn it to the ON position myself, so that was a good thing! Teresa said that she would see INCEPTION with me; she just has to get Henry to babysit the girls - understandable! I also note that Dylan got Eric to do this week's announcements, so maybe I'll cut out the middleman next week and just email a reminder to Eric instead! He's the only other person with access to the Google Group, I think. HA HA HA... it's a trust / control thing. ;)

Trivia fact for Thursday, July 29: When it comes to filmmaking, what are Nollywood, Chollywood, and Dhaliwood? Nollywood is the Nigerian film industry; Chollywood is the Peruvian film industry (its name combines cholo, Peruvian slang for "nature," and Hollywood); Dhaliwood is the Bangladeshi film industry, based in and named for Dhakar.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Superhero Tagging

Here's a superhero tagging picture from Marilynn / headless_maids:

I also note that LJ has finally enabled a drop-down menu for your own tags, instead of just communities - SWEET! :D [of course, it only works in "update mode" and NOT "edit mode" - grr!]

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Using rope for garroting masked people from war! / Panda tagging

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

MEW (103 points) - against Rhonda P. [5W, 3L on M used twice, hook off LOATHE to make EM]
TAME (128 points; two 4W), ZA (4W used twice, 2W) - against Sabina A.
FEZ (172 points) - against Deni L. [4W, hook off SAWED to make FE / ED] {crazy homemade board}
WARS (120 points) - against Mary S. [4W used twice, hook off OBLIGE for a plural, 3L on W]
MASKERS (240 points; two 4W), SAYIDS (275 points; two 5W) - against Joan P.
ROPE (276 points) - against Jim H. [4W, 3W, 5L on P]
NONMEAT (1584 points) - against Michael H. [two 3W, two 4W]
GARROTER (112 points) - against Tracy W. [two 3W]

When Teunis got up, we discussed not being able to sleep, classes, physics, math, being out tomorrow, funny quotes, applications, Windows bugs, Linux, Adobe Acrobat Reader, pink cars being the least likely to get stolen, sourdough, and the kale / potatoes / garlic / onion dish in the fridge which will keep for a couple of days since there are no eggs in it. I had to do my laundry today after the past few days of merely thinking about it, to be sure.

Also discussed funny stuff, the economy, strange dreams, BIOSHOCK being a messy game (saving or killing mutilated little girls?!), Alex Haird being annoying, superhero trailers, and the Backstreet Boys as the Backdoor Boys. Kenny says that my Skype news is good (no more randomly restarting computer!), and that's he's always online for that. Sounds good to me... maybe tomorrow! :D

Got this cute panda tagging picture from Hannah Wong's friend Michelle:

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Purple potatoes from Best Buy, Jordan and Thomas in water, Robin dead

I had a weird dream last night: My friends wanted to make cake, so I went along with them. However, I got interrupted by an emergency phone call when we were in the process of actually putting it together. It was nothing IMPORTANT to me, but Dylan certainly sounded stressed! For his sake, I suggested to everyone else that we try to make one special item just for him. Everyone else was amenable to this, so we inserted only the BEST purple potatoes from Best Buy (WTF?) in a certain cake after ensuring that it wouldn't do anything crazy to the recipe. Once everything was ready, we were off to the fellowship hall (which somehow looked like a restaurant?!), where Dylan was in charge of a gathering. He said that there would be three special cakes in the food offerings, and only certain people were allowed to touch those! One of them was our potato cake, another one was orange with candles on it, and the other one had a lot of fancy tiers. After that, Mom was annoying everyone around her (especially me and my siblings) by wanting to switch tables - NO, we told her. She wasn't impressed, but there was nothing she could do.

When the gathering had finished, we all went into a nearby nondescript brown building to mingle. The walls were sea green, and the communal area downstairs looked like an industrial plant. There was an area where the kids were told NOT to go - the trains servicing the area would go there, and we didn't want them to die! Despite repeated warnings, Jordan and Thomas explored it ANYWAY. Rich was talking to some old ladies nearby, and I called him for assistance; nobody seemed to mind that I said, "RICH! HELP ME GET THESE KIDS THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS AREA!" (not even the myriad children or their parents!) He responded to the urgency in my voice, and helped me do just that. A while later, we spotted Jordan and Thomas in the water near the train area - this would have been okay had they not appeared to be in some distress! Rich and I helped them up, and then sternly told them to stay with me. They wanted to explore the nearby elevators and washrooms (boys!), so I went with them.

I was grateful when Jessica showed up, so I could leave them in her care. They went off happily enough, while I spotted Eunice and Pauline - they wanted to go to the very top of the building, where there was light. It was a taste of childhood as we went up the elevator to the top floor, then climbed the stairs to the balcony - we could see a veritable feast of sunlight as it played upon the trees and such! Later, I went to the floor with the cafeteria - I saw Ada, Ian, Sean, John, and the kids' grandmother in there. Little Aaron tricked me into accepting five huge hash browns from him, just when I was about to decide what to get myself. Then Andrew T. used the same trick to get me to accept five huge pancakes! During that time, the Lams seemed to have moved... but I found them, all right... yes, we could definitely finish all the food since the boys were eating machines!

Suddenly, someone rushed up to tell us all that Robin had died! Nobody believed him until he showed us the evidence on his laptop: why else would Robin's avatar be crossed out and replaced with the word "Corrected," he asked? It was also true that he had not borrowed any books from the library, as evidenced by the purple library lending logo. We decided to confirm by calling his sister, who told us the worst. Apparently, he had been talking a shower, then collapsed on the floor due to an undiagnosed heart condition! While we were trying to decide what to do, my dream ended. Almost no idea why I had it: Teunis and I were discussing Robin (and potatoes), but not in the context of death! Of course I saw the Lams, little Aaron, Jordan and Thomas (who won't talk to me these days - must talk to the boys in general while they still WANT to talk to me!), Rich, and Dylan on Sunday. Of course, I do admit to thinking that a certain person (or is that certain people?) mustn't touch any food that I've brought / touched already, but that's just me. (Eric, on this: "Do they have a DISEASE?!" YOU CAN'T BE TOO CAREFUL!) Who knows... I have a crazy subconscious! Phil C. also told us a story in 2001 about an intern who had indeed been taking a shower and then collapsed dead on the floor, but that was SO LONG AGO!

You Are Logical

You tend to be rational to the point of driving other people crazy. You are all about the facts.

You don't like to make a big deal out of anything. You take both good and bad news in stride.

You believe that the simplest approach is often the best approach. Why complicate things?

You know how to get down to business and figure out what needs to be done. You're good at processing information.

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I definitely meant it when I said you could stay as long as you NEEDED to!

High-scoring word of the night:

STAGED (238 points) - against Erica C. [two 5W, hook off SIGMOID for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Teunis came back with six eggs and thirty bottles of water - he said there'd been a price dispute, but the bulk price was better than the regular price. I didn't even really KNOW that you could get thirty bottles of water at a time from Save-On! Mainly because I've NEVER tested it out - way too heavy for me, and I strongly suspect Judy / Susan / Jodi / Mike / Roman / Dave / Barry would have KILLED me if I made them carry such an item from the car! I managed to fit them ALL into the fridge, despite his saying it couldn't be done because of the masses of stuff already in there. Trust me, I knew it could be done! Did some cleanup today, too - mainly throwing things away.

Turns out Teunis isn't going camping since Andrew and Jordan can't fit him into the vehicle; less stress / panic for him, and he has more time to use up the eggs / sausages / flour / other stuff. He's going to see DESPICABLE ME / INCEPTION / IRON MAN 2 at the drive-in at Aldergrove in a triple-feature... let's just say I will NOT be waiting up for him after Fellowship if it ends at 3 AM and it's an hour's drive away! (and he has to drop Kaili off at Surrey, too) We bantered about "parking" at drive-ins, haha.

Also discussed Robin's housesitting offer; that's one of the first things I remember about Dave (he was housesitting for someone when we all met him), actually. Talked about farm milk being richer than storebought milk, stirring fat back into the milk (almost the consistency of cream?!), butter, cream, tricks for tuning the guitar, speakers, and other things.

Later, Teunis said that it looks like he is housesitting for Robin's family in about mid-August, so will have to think about what to do at the beginning of the month. I understand that he doesn't want to overstay his welcome (and thinks it might be stretched thin NOW), but I assured him truthfully that it wasn't a problem! He thanked me for that, and said that he could make pies again if I happened upon any fruit - lemon juice can substitute for lemons, which is fine. Trust me, the only way he'd quickly overstay his welcome is if he were like my ex, and stayed home all day (EVERY DAY) to bug me about crap! We give each other space to do stuff, and that is fine! I'd say that I'm not just saying it to be polite, but things seemed to go downhill the LAST time I said that to someone... although of course, I really do mean it. :D

Trivia fact for Wednesday, July 28: What was pro football defensive end Michael Strahan referring to when he described the New York Giants Super Bowl XLII championship ring as a "ten-table ring"? It was so big that it could be seen ten tables away in a restaurant.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unthrone these hearts with axes! / Camping tomorrow / Corkscrews

High-scoring words of the evening:

UNTHRONE (116 points) - against Noelle E. [two 2W]
HEARTS (134 points) - against Shawn D. [2W, 4W used twice, hook off LOVER to make EH / RE, hook off POOF for a plural]
AXES (177 points) - against Rhonda P. [5W, 3L on X, hook off FACE for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Teunis is apparently leaving for camping (which takes four days) tomorrow night with Jordan and Andrew (plus 1200 others - just OUTHOUSES?!), even though he hasn't gotten ahold of the people he'd like. However, he did have a productive school-related phone call. Discussed a song that Krista would like, homo milk, singing, testing the microphone, kale and potatoes tonight, Save-On Foods, blocking out the surroundings if paying attention to music not heard before, expense, and eggs for crepes tomorrow.

Also discussed sausage, corkscrews (can't find mine - must get another one), Grace's ginger beer / Malta, showers, getting dressed, coolers, baking, status ideas, and more. He'll be back on Monday to take what I don't want, and then we'll see if he has a place to live yet or not! Gave him an exceedingly generous amount of money for the HEAVY bottled water that I wanted him to get for me, haha.

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Soured wifeys, mailing a Manchester United hat, and cousins almost the same age

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

AGAMA (3600 points) - against Toni S. [two 5W, two 4W]
SOURED (105 points) - against Jenny H. [3W, 5W, hook off ZEE for a plural]
WIFEYS (115 points) - against Wilhelmina H. [two 2W, 3L on Y, hook off YEA for a plural]

Candy says she mailed a package to me - a Manchester United hat for my sister (don't know how I'll explain THAT - maybe the next birthday!), and maybe a CD. She's forgotten what's in it since she's been meaning to mail it for some time; she's also warned me never to put hats in the dryer because they shrink, but I've figured that out by now! I also called Steph to let her know a few things, and she reminded me that she's going to Toronto for Dave's wedding - right! Pastor John sent us an email to say that SERVANTS wants us back to cook for them sometime in August - nice.

Soon after Wayland and his wife had their baby Camille, his sister Megan and her husband Andy had their baby Joshua! Yay for cousins who are almost the same age! Teunis and I discussed that, servers, various interesting / amusing stuff he's reading, Klingon translations (WHY?!), chewing on popcorn being loud for him, routers, scans, and more.

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Better pest control people! / Pooping Cat / SPF

The pest control person and Hester kinda woke us up; as in, we were separately trying to figure out whether to get up or not. Luckily, Teunis had the presence of mind to at least answer the knocking at the door while I was still getting ready. To my surprise, it was a different pest control person, who acted like we knew what we were talking about, and recommended that I clean up - sure, but what am I going to do with all my stuff?! (some stuff I might not NEED since I haven't used it in a year or more, so I certainly COULD purge it...) Even left us some traps for the silverfish, haha.

After they left, we discussed computers / drive thrashing / an LJ friend living with an HIV-positive diagnosis for 20 years, yet he does lots of physical stuff on a farm and such (excellent!) / memory-intensive applications and computer lifespan / camping / getting head together / mice / these "1%" stickers meant for outlaw bikers, and stupid athletic companies putting them on clothing without regard to the real meaning / goth stuff / Deviant Art / comics. Nice, nice... Angela can't believe Steph posted the "black poo" message on Youtube, but there's almost no such thing as TMI with the NG family, haha!

This is a very funny "pooping cat" icon; I need to email the image to Jeremy, who loves cat memes. Not sure this qualifies as a cat meme exactly, but hey. Why not?

You Are SPF 8

You enjoy being out in the sun more than most people, and the sun is generally kind to you.

You are aware that the sun can become too much of a good thing, so you do enjoy it in moderation.

You feel invigorated when you spend an afternoon in the sun, especially if it's not too hot out.

There's something about being outdoors that lifts your spirits.

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I hate that Asian mentality!

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[22:10:29] Flami: so how's the teaching?
[22:12:14] Corey: well, I still haven't heard from my ARC school (in over a month, except when they said thank you for a present we gave them, hoping to get on their good side so they'd at least TALK to us), and now Jane's parents are apparently tired of me causing them sooooo much pressure (by doing things on time instead of insanely early, and being "lazy" until it's time to do something)
[22:12:16] Corey: so who knows, maybe I'll just go home
[22:13:35] Flami: that's insane! what else were you going to say?
[22:21:58] Corey: I'm probably being lazy right now, since I'm in here watching a movie (for my movie class........ I need to prepare for that...) since they also seem to think me doing anything other than looking for a job is lazy, even though I go interview at every school I find out about
[22:23:15] Flami: that sounds really Asian, yeah...
[22:31:36] Corey: I thought Jane was finally relaxed (she always has tons of stress) for a while, and she went to bed early to get extra sleep, then I hear tons of screaming going on (like the first time I've ever heard her fight with her parents) ... and this morning, I asked her what's going on, and apparently they're tired of me putting so much pressure on them......... which means stuff like feeding me, and giving me rides
[22:32:12] Corey: so, if I'm less lazy, they'll need to give me more rides to more places, and they will complain. if I'm more lazy, they don't have to do anything, but they'll complain that I'm lazy
[22:32:31] Corey: the only reason they give me any rides right now is because THEY don't want me riding a bike at night
[22:33:20] Flami: yup, Asian mentality at its "finest"
[22:34:49] Flami: always need something to complain about... and if they don't want you riding a bike at night, they're doing you a favor which they'd expect you to be eternally grateful for
[22:40:52] Corey: I don't think they want me to be eternally grateful, but they just don't want to deal with anything. they think I can't take care of Jane, so they're getting mad about me not working enough... so, to fix that, they're going to help me LESS
[22:45:14] Flami: and that would help you and Jane HOW, exactly?
[22:52:41] Corey: either it doesn't, and they want me to leave, or they think that giving us lots of pressure will make things happen faster (which really only makes everything worse, but these people are stress factories)
[22:57:47] Flami: maybe they think they're teaching you to be self-sufficient, since you've been there for how long now?
[23:04:15] Corey: well, I'd love to be self-sufficient, but that's not going to happen until these schools actually give me some money and hours
[23:05:09] Corey: I was accepted by a kids school that would give me enough, but they're just wasting my time since they said "oh we don't REALLY have hours here," then they tried to let me work in another town instead, which would be okay if I could GET there... but I don't think I can
[23:05:30] Corey: I work in another town for one of my adult schools, but that place is only a few minutes away from the train station in that town, so it's easy to go there
[23:09:38] Flami: is that the faraway town with a lot of perfect people?
[23:16:24] Corey: perfect people?
[23:17:07] Flami: you said there was some town with a lot of people who had a character deficiency or something
[23:28:44] Corey: uh.. the students in that town are all really shy in class... I don't think I said there was a town full of perfect people
[23:31:57] Flami: that was it! sorry
[00:27:24] Flami: on another note, I can't believe my friend is having hot chocolate
[00:32:07] Corey: why not?
[00:35:32] Flami: IT'S HOT IN HERE!
[00:40:48] Corey: so take off all your clothes
[00:42:43] Corey: I'm 75% done with watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to find out where all the scenes are and writing down slang / idioms from the movie to explain. I hope I can just finish most of the class today and tomorrow... as in the whole movie, which is four weeks. I still have to think of some extra activities though other than just watching the movie...
[00:43:00] Flami: um, NO

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Cleaning up, asthma, cooking, silly music, and the Earth's oxygen

High-scoring words of the night:

ENVIER (122 points) - against Deni L. [2W] (a crazy homemade board)
UNHOUSE (126 points) - against Kelly W. [3W, 2W]
ASTHMA (208 points) - against Jenny H. [two 4W]
STYLI (108 points) - against Maureen F. [two 3W]
WEARYING (125 points) - against Lori H. [5W]
REVAMPS (425 points) - against Lennette V. [two 5W]
BEERY (300 points; two 5W), AMBER (110 points; 5W, 2W) - against Juanita O.
CLEANUP (102 points) - against Ashley S. [two 2W]

We discussed (Dutch) spices, mashed potatoes, ginger, garlic, sugar, (sea) salt, saffron, sieges, carrots / potatoes / onions and hutspot, fried rice seasoning mix, the Spanish Armada, putting vinegar in water to keep eggs from cracking, old tricks, heat, expired / sealed milk, clocks, the back burners not working, the timer working, green potatoes, nightshade, and more. Also talked about video games / cooking as a reaction to stress, anime, superheroes, archives, foods without sugar / corn / tomatoes / milk, silly music, and camping with no power / lots of alcohol / housing leads / Rhiannon.

Auntie Vivian's account got hacked - yikes! She seems adept at using emoticons, which is pretty good for her Internet literacy! (used one to convey being sad and angry at the same time!) Teunis says that he's seen TO WONG FOO (THANKS FOR EVERYTHING - JULIE NEWMAR) [in a redneck theater], but not ZOOLANDER... too bad that he doesn't understand why I find Frankie Goes To Hollywood's RELAX so amusing! I must be getting better since now I think it's too warm in here as per the usual.

Trivia fact for Tuesday, July 27: What is the primary source of the earth's oxygen? Algae.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Video of the BLACK POO message!

HAHAHA! Steph uploaded a video of Mom's voicemail message to her: "Daddy and I both had black poo the next day after we have food at Lin's. So he wants to know whether you had the same thing. It's like black, black, black... call us back. Bye!" Called Steph to tell her that I liked it so much, I reposted it! Also left a message with the ug, haha.

Teunis just got home - discussed building a trailer for camping (which he CANNOT leave his instruments in), food for tonight (apologies - cannot stomach anything like potato salad right now), sitting in the sun, going through boxes, leaving, cigarette smoke, perfume, diarrhea, tomatoes, the Night Market, cool microphones, phone calls, not getting ANYTHING done because of the trailer (ugh), "You know you're from Florida when ___", and more. Also discussed Krista buying Tums (toxic to him - I took them since I didn't want to waste them; SO ASIAN!), Kaili and Cat conspiring to get him to place "dragon / pillaging / burning" bumper stickers on the car, his needing to eat some protein / meat every day or he'll get sick (the vegans / vegetarians would have a field day with THAT!), diving goggles, a little sword given him when he was a guard at a wedding, milk, and potatoes.

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Boomier ousting eyelifts

High-scoring words of the morning:

EYELIFT (130 points) - against Jorge O. [5W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
BOOMIER (105 points) - against Judy W. [5W]
OUST (134 points) - against Earleen L. [two 5W, hook off HIRE to make SHIRE]

Note: LiveJournal Knitting Class Memegen, by CaptainVern.

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Teunis left just now - we discussed Andrew / Jordan / location changes / camping expense / phone calls / his instruments / storage before he did so. Good thing he checked his messages!

Your Colors Are Sweet

Your colors are soft and comforting baby blues, pinks, and purples.

You are a down to earth and kind person. You are happy to take care of others.

Your friends can count on you to be reliable and trustworthy. And you never let them down.

You are naturally kind and thoughtful. You truly like other people, and you give them the benefit of the doubt.

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Capstones, black consequences, cooking, and twins

High-scoring words of the night:

JAGRAS (160 points) - against Sylvia T. [5W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
CAPSTONE (115 points) - against Karen R. [5W]

Decided to call my mom to say that I did have black consequences from the Lin's dinner, then she talked my ear off about Grandma / work / her friend's suicidal thoughts / the break-in / an alarm system. After about ten minutes, I cut her off by saying that I was cooking. She doesn't need to know that I was not actually making noodles with eggs and sausage, haha. Teunis and I also discussed reading, ignoring things like TMI for the common good, fans, storage at 10 AM instead of 10 PM, starting the day at 8 AM, Surrey / Coquitlam, Clinton WAR (fake weapons and real armor?!), horror on old-time radio shows, my trying the MALTA tomorrow, self-esteem, and more.

Trivia fact for Monday, July 26: What was the name of Jethro's homely twin sister on the TV sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies? Jethrine. Both Jethro and Jethrine were portrayed by Max Baer Jr., son of one-time heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The alcohol is still doing a number on my blood vessels...

Eric called at 9:20, and we were soon on our way. We spent the ride discussing my "excessive" alcohol consumption last night (with two naps, even!), NOT drinking alone, illustrative death threats, a record of 21 on Good Friday 2006, and his playing games last night. Then we talked about my denying certain "entities" their person-hood... well, I did explain to him what went on with Dave! He says that it makes sense for one person because he actually DID stuff to me, but not Dave. "I'm sorry, Eric - but he's a man!" "Hey, *I* am a man!" I know, but I'm not talking about YOU, am I?! I said "don't be hating," which made him wonder why I was talking like Dave Wong or Korey - how should I know?! Then I said that Teunis and Kaili had stopped by - no tomatoes (deadly allergy) or anything beyond bread / cheese / chicken for THEM! ("They went to the Night Market - maybe she doesn't like stinky tofu!" "Apparently, they had tacos for lunch - when he got home after dropping her off, he had ice cream and alcohol (whiskey?) as a dinner!") Told him that Teunis wasn't going to church today - from there, we discussed weird people / Oakridge / Anthony / Jasmine. I was most emphatically against Mr. Creep, especially after what he said on Friday about wanting a handful of him... EW!

Got to church, and said hi to Dylan and Deb. Dylan definitely remembers the time we all went to the fireworks a few years ago, Vivian deciding to bus, getting stuck at the Skytrain station for two hours, and witnessing someone get arrested right in front of us! It's too crowded for us, especially if it takes us two days to recover! When I got into the sanctuary, Lesley said that my mom was looking for me, and that she was in the office. (Harmony said the same thing later) She was NOT in the office, but I did see a bag with my name on it at the front desk! It contained expired hot sauce (which I threw away since the date was Sept. 27, 2009 - CHEMICALS!) / a rat or mouse trap / a package of instant fried rice seasoning mix / the 1GB SD card for the digicam.

By the time I got the bag, I wasn't allowed in anymore since the congregation was praying. Talked to Lily about a ride to Jason and Karen's wedding / banquet - she has to help with the wedding, but I can certainly remind her closer to the date! We admired Hannah's hot pink nail polish, laughed at Gavin's hair, joked that Angus and Dianne needed proof that they'd given me a bulletin earlier, and more. When I got back into the sanctuary, I felt I should have taken aspirin - too late, but I remedied that a few hours later. Spent time just writing down tag prompts, and being very amused when Pastor John brought up killing people. Eric was right beside me, and he wasn't too impressed!

I saw Uncle Hansel while exiting the sanctuary after service, but I didn't dare ask him if he knows anyone named HARRY VAGG, haha. Saw Deb afterwards, and told her about the sermon material when she asked since she'd been upstairs with the little kids: you may think some people don't deserve to be Christians, but maybe you can pray for them and yourself. Difficult concept! Said hey to Adam, Hien, and others before I took my stuff upstairs. Saw Frances, baby Isaac, Micah, David, Rosenda, Ian, Gabriel, John, Olivia, and a bunch of other people upstairs. I was on my way back downstairs when I saw Eric, much to my surprise! (he never ventures upstairs on Sundays, that I know of) Asked "what brings YOU up here?!" to get the response of "Do you have an extra $20 so I can pay Cindy for the grad banquet ticket?" Sure, and why do you think I was stuffing a $20 bill in my pocket at service?! Hahaha! I admired Cindy's pen, but it was really Auntie Bessy's - at least I have a ride to and from the event, even if Eric volunteered to clean up!

Got back downstairs and participated in spoiling Mattias with blueberries; his mom Karen says that he kinda has an idea that there's a new baby coming. Abby wondered whether there was a baby in Karen's stomach, haha. Her brother Nathaniel amused himself by running around his dad Joe - Abby and Megan joined in the fun. I asked Joe about his summer plans - camping in Oregon next week sounds lovely! Harmony said that she and Jon had gotten home rather quickly from the fireworks yesterday, as they'd just RUN for the Skytrain station as soon as they were over. Yes, they do need to do a purge of stuff at their new place for sure! Jeremy said he'd gotten home at 10:48 - being on a bike would probably help, yeah! Says they missed me yesterday, but I told him that I decided not to bother with the crowds! (and I'd slow them right down, but didn't mention THAT) Dylan said to remind him about the announcements this week and next week - sure thing! We're getting OLD, and can't remember ANYTHING!

Amanda, Esther, Jesse, Conor, David, Evelyn, Benjamin, Amos, Ada, and Ashley were in Toddler Sunday School. The boys told me that Amos had a girlfriend named Samantha, so I asked whether they had girlfriends - "EWWWW!" with hands over their mouths was the reaction I got, haha. Conor said that Benjamin was his real friend from Nootka school - nice! Admired the kids' drawings of mountains, letters, flowers, people, and more. They seemed to listen to my story, which is fine by me! Eric was on his way to look for me, saying that everyone else had gone already - Christon, Dianne, and others went to e.tea, for example. Mom had to buttonhole me downstairs - I wanted to ask for Eric's protection on the way down to the parkade and up again, haha. As it was, he had to carry the huge garbage bag of clothing to the car and inside my place!

On the way home, Eric reminded me that alcohol dilates blood vessels - TRUST ME, I KNOW! I complained of feeling cold most of the way home, and he said that my new name should be Drunky McDrunkerson - I DON'T THINK SO! Yes, I know it was warm / boiling outside, but that didn't help me! (talked about Moist / ALF / Amsterdam on bus stop signs) Not even a nap or this hot water when I got up seemed to improve me any! Teunis got home after I got up, and said that he'd had a good time with Jasmine at Oakridge / the Bay / Queen Elizabeth Park. Says his mom adored her biplane trip, too - nice. Also discussed tea and laundry! I told Eric that I'd check the proof on the egg liqueur when I got home - 17.2% definitely explains my prolonged reaction to it!

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Sound coincidences, crappy radio stations, shivering in a WARM bed, 2010 Name

Discussed Kaili, Cat, Krista, Erik, coincidence of sounds, staying away from people whose names start with R (I got the humor!), dating, endurance for walking a lot, physical exercise with Jordan, my walking about a kilometre with someone, Poe's Hey Pretty (haven't heard it in a LONG time - he apparently had NEVER heard it!), Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers and OTHERSIDE, and other things before I went to bed last night. Says that the local Fort St. John radio station played the same N'Sync song five times in a row with two commercial breaks. I'm sure the station itself is utter crap just for playing N'Sync, hahaha.

Then I was totally shivering in my WARM bed at 6 AM or so. I felt better than I did last night, but still. Dunno what's with that! In fact, I stayed in bed about ten or fifteen minutes PAST my own alarm this morning, trying to determine if I'd be in sufficient shape to go to church today. Finally, I got out of bed, figuring that I didn't go on a HUGE BENDER or anything like Edwin and Alan used to do on Saturday nights. Right now, I feel less like dying! My brother would say I need to not gulp so much - probably a good piece of advice! Drank a bunch of water, too.

Your 2010 Name is Caroline Jessica

How modern!

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Zippy Chapters, Lansdowne, bitchiness, and posing nude in ads

High-scoring word of the night:

ZIP (425 points) - against Diane M. [two 5W]

Got up from my second nap of the night at around 11 - this would be when I heard the key in the lock. Yes, Teunis and Kaili were in - no, they didn't wake me up, since I thought my headache was almost gone! I got Kaili to sign my guestbook, and we talked about rings / Chapters not being in Lansdowne / the Night Market for a while - I apologized for the warmth of my apartment, but she said she liked it. (no skewers?!)

Then I asked Teunis if he were going to church tomorrow; apparently, he has plans to meet up with Jasmine, which confused Kaili for a bit. Clarified the LJ name - no, she isn't the one that she doesn't really like! Discussed making out, Jordan and her NOT dating despite what she thought, Alysha, boobs, being bi, Mr. Creep, being rude (yes, you can say bye more than once), mint chocolate chip ice cream, being snarky / bitchy and getting away with it because we're nice, being hungry / tired / wanting to go home, doing laundry since he's running out of clothes, and more. Interesting stuff, for sure!

Trivia fact for Sunday, July 25: What famous fashion designer posed nude in ads for his men's cologne? Yves Saint Laurent, in 1971. He wore only his trademark thick black-framed glasses in print ads for the fragrance YSL Pour Homme.

Edit fifteen minutes later: He's home sooner than I expected, and complained about cars cutting him off. Yeah, that's what you get around here with Asian drivers especially! Discussed shirts, laundry, Oakridge, bad routers, motherboards, hard drives, MULAN, Bruce Lee's teacher, DVDs, and more. I've had enough alcohol today, so won't be joining him should he choose to have an ADULT float! "It's getting hot in here... please keep your clothes on!" HAHAHAHA!

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